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The Dan Bongino Show

He?s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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The Biden Administration is Lying to You (Ep 1574)

The Biden administration is absolutely lying to you about the latest coronavirus data. In this episode, I prove it using their own data. I also address the real reason behind their push for a second covid fear campaign, and the reasons are ugly.  News Picks: Few people are buying into the latest round of mask hysteria. Our failed Surgeon General promotes mask hysteria, in another bizarre media appearance. The Biden DOJ threatens Texas.  Biden snaps at a Fox reporter for asking him an easy question.  The latest Michael Anton article about the left?s lust for revenge, and the RINOs who assist them. The tragic story of Anthony Bourdain. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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The CDC Gets Caught Red-Handed (Ep 1573)

The CDC, and the Biden administration, got caught red handed. In this episode, I discuss the scam they?re pulling in order to make sure you follow orders and put a mask on. I also discuss the REAL science behind ivermectin.  News Picks: The CDC ?justified? its new mask guidance based on a study that failed peer review.  Why is the FDA attacking ivermectin? Jen Psaki fumbles her answer on why people should wear masks if they?re vaccinated.  Are vaccine passports coming here? The Biden DOJ attacks states seeking to clean up their elections.  The Wall Street Journal story addressing the substantial damage to your child?s education from the lockdowns. Is your phone infected with Spyware? Here?s what you can do. Illegal immigrants are being allowed to fly without the documents you?re required to carry.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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Fireworks With Geraldo (Ep 1572)

I had another blow-up with Geraldo last night on Fox. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks about January 6th, and the latest coronavirus misinformation campaign from the Biden administration.  News Picks: The head of the anti-free speech group ?Media Matters? is a virulent bigot. Chris Cuomo loses his mind as GOP congressman calmly makes the case for coronavirus sanity. Medical schools are now denying biological sex.  Mask madness is back! Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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The Definitive Guide To Liberal Propaganda (Ep 1571)

This may be one of the finest articles about radical leftist propaganda that I?ve ever read. In this episode, I discuss the article and it?s conclusions about far-left propaganda.  News Picks: The new piece by Michael Anton, discussed in the show. This is spectacular. Democrats are trying to slip mass amnesty into the reconciliation bill. The ?woke? Olympics is getting hammered in the ratings. PayPal targets ?extremism? in a troubling new power grab.  Here?s how to keep spyware off your phone.  White people have the lowest life expectancy of any ethnic group in the UK. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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Biden Must Be Impeached (Ep 1570)

Did Joe Biden just commit an impeachable offense? I think so. In this episode, I discuss the emerging scandal. I also address the growing attacks on liberty using the coronavirus as an excuse. News Picks: Did Biden just commit an impeachable offense? The NSA confirms Tucker Carlson was telling the truth. Dr. Fauci is doing things that constitute a threat to national security.  How the Democrats turned into a neo-Marxist organization. This story indicates how powerful data monitoring and surveillance is. Dallas ?equity? group sends a ridiculous mailer out to wealthy parents in Highland Park.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Jul 24, 2021

The hallmarks of a not-free country.
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Stunning Video From The Past Predicted Where We Are Now (Ep 1569)

This shocking video from the past predicted precisely where we are now. In this episode, I discuss the video and I address explosive new evidence about the Delta Variant.  News Picks: Thanks for your support! The same Democrats telling you CRT isn?t being taught in schools, are sending out PowerPoints about how to teach CRT in schools. The same Democrats telling you they?re not trying to defund the police, are defunding the police. Data from India continues to blow up mainstream media narratives about coronavirus. Our ?justice? department is entirely broken. Mark Levin?s new book explodes onto the charts. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Another Big Tech Nightmare Exposed (Ep 1568)

Are you being tracked by big tech? In this episode, I discuss a troubling story showing how easy it is to track you using your phone. Also, I debunk a series of lies from Joe Biden?s town hall last night.  News Picks: Liberal bigots want to bring back segregation. Covid-Zero policies have been an atrocious failure. The NBA Finals did better without Lebron James. The scale of China?s prison camps is grotesque.  Are your apps tracking you? We must reign in our big tech censors.  CNN?s resident coffee boy is big mad about my new Fox Nation show. How much do the rich actually pay in taxes? The Pegasus story gets uglier. The JEC Senate report discussed in the show. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Free World Isn?t Free Anymore (Ep 1567)

Is the free world still free? This is a serious question given where we are. In this episode, I discuss the growing body of evidence that the free world is collapsing into totalitarian chaos.  News Picks: Did this science journal pull a story on masks because it didn?t toe the Democrat line on masks? Did the FBI have a role in the plot against Whitmer? More on the FBI entrapment story. The US Women?s Soccer Team gets wrecked after kneeling for our National Anthem. Did Joe Biden use private email services too? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Why Are They Hiding The Pegasus Scandal? (Ep 1566)

Why are they hiding the massive Pegasus spying scandal? In this episode, I follow the money. I also address the REAL data behind the covid risk to kids.  News Picks: What is Pegasus? Follow the money.  The Matt Ridley blog post about the infectious nature of the coronavirus variants, which I discussed in the show today.  Twitter communists suspend Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Democrats want your young kids wearing face diapers. Biden is desperately backtracking on his Facebook threats.  Media joker admits they?re full time liberal activists. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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What is Pegasus? (Ep 1565)

What is Pegasus? This is the biggest story of the day. In this episode, I discuss the troubling revelations about this new surveillance tool.  News Picks: What is Pegasus? Governments are increasingly pressuring social media companies to pull down content. The coming coup article discussed in the show. The media has lost all of their credibility. And they did it to themselves. Democrats don?t support science as they continue to support face diapers for your kids.  Brian Stelter gets REKT on his own show! France goes full totalitarian in their panicked effort to promote Covid hysteria.  Is your child speaking like Peppa Pig? Don?t miss my new Fox Nation special. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jul 17, 2021

Why is it so hard to call out communism?
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A Dangerous New Attack On Your Liberties (Ep 1564)

The Biden White House makes their most outrageous move yet against your civil liberties. In this episode, I discuss the dangerous new territory we?re in. I also address the Soros connection to the ongoing covid fear campaign.  News Picks: The JAMA study about the dangers of masks on your children. The Arizona audits reportedly found potentially thousands of duplicate ballots.  The Biden administration is working with Facebook to engage in censorship. Hapless LA officials reinstate a mask mandate because they?re losers.  A rebellion is brewing in Australia over their draconian lockdowns.  More evidence that Wikipedia is a farce. The ?woke? Major League Baseball all-star game crashes and burns.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Why Won?t The Democrats Call Out Evil When They See It? (Ep 1563)

Are Democrats communists? It certainly looks that way. In this episode, I discuss the disgusting inability of the Democrats to speak out against communism in light of the Cuba crisis. I also address the Biden administration?s troubling attacks on your civil liberties.  News Picks: Here?s the real truth about Cuba.  Even the left-leaning AJC admits there were significant issues in Georgia in the 2020 election. The Biden administration wants to police your texts, and their denials ring hollow. The frauds at Reuters are widely mocked for being hypocrites.  Ron DeSantis strikes again! Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Horrifying Video Emerges From Cuba (Ep 1562)

Disturbing video emerges out of Cuba which you all need to see. In this episode, I discuss the freedom fight in Cuba, along with the latest absurdity from Fauci meant to frighten you.  News Picks: Here?s what?s really in the Texas voting bill.  Inflation is exploding. Trouble ahead? Our debt is exploding, we?re going bankrupt.  GOP Congressman introduces a resolution to support the freedom fighters in Cuba, and zero Democrats sign on.  Fifteen ?celebrities? who have promoted Cuba.  Inside Fakebook?s data wars.  The White House knows that inflation is about to explode, how will they respond? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Shocking Letter Surfaces About The 2020 Election (Ep 1561)

A stunning letter emerges which will make you look at the 2020 election differently. In this episode, I discuss the letter and I address a Politico article about the left?s disturbing push to read your text messages. Are your emails next?  News Picks: There?s a civil war brewing within the GOP. Is the Biden administration planning to monitor your text messages?  Federal judge retracts his opinion after a liberal?s racist texts emerge.  The libs are having a really bad week.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Tale Of Two Americas (Ep 1560)

Shocking video emerges of a liberal Hollywood actor coming to terms with reality. In this episode, I discuss the video and the destructive new CDC guidelines regarding the coronavirus.  News Picks: The article discussed in the show which compares the war on smoking, to the liberal war on guns.  Yes, critical race theory is being taught in schools. Actor Matt Damon has an ?eye opening? experience while portraying REAL Americans. Kamala Harris slammed for suggesting Americans can?t operate a copy machine. How many people voted illegally in Georgia? Mel Gibson salutes President Trump at the UFC fight. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jul 10, 2021

Two tenets of Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory you need to understand.
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The Soros/Big Tech Misinformation Campaign Explained (Ep 1559)

In this episode, I discuss the link between George Soros, big tech, face masks, and the 2020 election. It?s all tied together.  News Picks: The JAMA study which addresses the dangers of masks on children. Why is Fusion GPS desperately trying to hide their documents? Democrats dug themselves a big hole with their bogus election narratives.  Libs are panicking over cameras in the classroom, which means it?s a really good idea. Twitter is becoming a tool of the Chinese Communist Party. Facebook is actively censoring science and they?re promoting misinformation.  Will there be an election audit in Pennsylvania too? Spike Lee isn?t telling the truth about the police. The study about police shootings mentioned in the show. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Get Away From The Libs As Quickly As You Can (Ep 1558)

Explosive new evidence emerges about another massive spying scandal. In this episode, I discuss the latest revelations and the liberal effort to cover it up.  News Picks: Was the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson? New information emerges. Don?t believe the liberal lies, evidence of big tech bias against conservatives is everywhere.  The FBI is out of control.  Red States far outpace blue states in economic recovery from coronavirus.  Sweden never mandated face masks and they performed exceptionally well. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Liberals Hate It When I Say This (Ep 1557)

Liberals instantly attack me when I point out this obvious truth about what they?re up to. In this episode, I discuss this, along with touching video of a popular athlete talking about the wonders of America.  News Picks: Are law schools teaching future judges and lawyers to be communist censors? The military is being infected with racist critical race theory. There?s a conservative PAC looking to take on liberal school boards.  Another strange turn in the January 6th case. Should teachers wear body cameras too?  Debunking another dopey liberal myth about firearm manufacturers. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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I?m Furious About This Video (Ep 1556)

Why are athletes so obsessed with disrespecting the country? In this episode, I discuss the latest troubling video. I also address the latest coronavirus hysteria about the Delta variant.  News Picks: The Pew Research study discussed in the show today that shows Trump made incredible gains with Hispanic voters. Rumble breaks its streaming record with 500,000 live viewers.  The Lee Smith article discussed in the show today, which addresses the growing influence of China in America. Parents are fighting back against critical race theory. The crime wave in Chicago is very real. About the pretense of knowledge. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jul 03, 2021

What are the three hallmarks of a tyranny?
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Is This How The NSA Is Spying On Tucker Carlson? (Ep 1555)

The NSA/Tucker Carlson scandal is exploding, In this episode, I discuss the growing scandal. Also, I address the troubling new story about the dangers of mask usage in children. News Picks: The mask study I discussed in the show.  A 2017 story about NSA ?traffic shaping? that you really should read. Joy Reid humiliates herself, on her own show. The panic about the ?delta variant? is unnecessary hysteria. Fakebook sends creepy personal alerts to user accounts. Biden?s plan to destroy the suburbs is a threat to communities.  The Supreme Court ruling on Arizona?s elections law spells doom for the Biden corruption agenda.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Massive Election Controversy Is Brewing (Ep 1554)

The latest election controversy is a humiliation for the Democrats. In this episode, I discuss the disaster brewing in this election and I also address the real reasons why the mainstream media decided to cover the growing scandal regarding the bio-weapons lab in China.  News Picks: The Wuhan lab?s ?bat lady? worked with the Chinese military using US taxpayer money. Hack prosecutors in NY City are targeting the Trump Organization.  Are masks dangerous for your child? Here?s a new study. Biden?s new ?domestic terrorism? strategy sounds more like a political targeting document, than it does a national security one. The Air Force is dumbing down its physical fitness test. Staffers are running away from Kamala Harris. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Tucker Carlson Spying Story Gets Weirder(Ep 1553)

The Tucker Carlson spying story is getting really weird. Why can?t anyone in the government deny it? In this episode, I discuss the troubling new revelations, and I also address a new scandal involving the voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona. News Picks: Thank you for making the launch of a phenomenal success! Did Maricopa County just admit the voting machines have issues? A shocking article about the FBI?s possession of a secret ?memo.? Is the FBI using the NSA to spy on American citizens? There are massive irregularities in the NY City Mayoral primary.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Is The NSA Spying On This Republican? (Ep 1552)

Bombshell revelations last night on this Fox program. In this episode, I discuss the troubling revelation. I also address the Democrat?s ridiculous claims that Republicans are ?defunding the police.?  News Picks: Explosive new report says China discussed making bio-weapons to target certain races. Tucker Carlson accuses the NSA of spying on him.  Iowa teacher goes on wild rant because she can?t teach critical race theory. Democrats claims about the defund the police movement are pure BS.  Here?s a list of the Democrat cities that defunded the police. Illegal immigrant from Mexico prefer deportation so they can enter illegally again. The FBI lawyer who manipulated an email in the Spygate case, may be allowed to practice law again.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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China?s Communists vs. US Liberals, What?s the Difference? (Ep 1551)

Are there any differences between Chinese Communists and US liberals? Not really. In this episode, I discuss the similarities. I also address the stunning UFO report and I debunk another silly conspiracy theory about Ron DeSantis.  News Picks: Here?s the long awaited UFO report from the government. Former DNI Ratcliffe is troubled by the UFO report. Huge news in the ongoing war against big-tech, Donald Trump has joined Rumble. A stunning new revelation in the investigation of Julian Assange. The American left is using the same totalitarian tactics as the communist Chinese. And the Chinese communists are taking note. The backlash to Critical Race Theory is very real, and it could cost the Democrats big-time. The Biden DOJ is attacking election integrity in their lawsuit against the state of Georgia. But it?s likely to blow up in their faces. Our daily lives are being tracked and monitored by tech companies.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jun 26, 2021

The dangers of paying people not to work.
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Why I Refuse To Trust The FBI (Ep 1550)

Explosive new details surface about the FBI?s plot to frame Donald Trump. In this episode, I discuss the new evidence. News Picks: The mysterious Dong Jingwei story gets even stranger. Is he in China? More troubling questions emerge about the FBI?s role in Spygate.  Did Fauci protest Trump?s order to cancel the sending of tax payers money to the Wuhan lab? Is a Georgia election audit coming? It looks like it. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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China Is Desperate To Erase The Evidence (Ep 1549)

The coronavirus cover-up is getting uglier. In this episode, I discuss the stunning new revelation that China deleted key information that could?ve uncovered the mystery of the origins of COVID.  News Picks: Top scientist claims that Covid gene sequences were deleted from a database, possibly hiding the origins of the virus. Did the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton, know about China?s Wuhan Lab? One of the best pieces I?ve seen, debunking liberal talking points on guns. Did the ?assault weapons? ban actually work? The mysterious death of this Chinese scientist adds to the questions about the origins of covid. An interesting article about UFOs.  Does the Navy have high tech spoofing technology designed to fool enemy sensors? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The China Spy Story Erupts. Where Is He? (Ep 1548)

Is the Biden administration hiding a Chinese communist party spy? Why can?t anyone pinpoint his location? In this episode, I discuss the scandal and I address the dangerous influence of ?Zuckerbucks? in our elections.  News Picks: Did Zuckerbucks spoil our election? Where is Chinese spy Dong Jingwei? Has he defected? What does he know? An overwhelming majority of Americans want voter ID. Republicans demand answers on the use of private money in elections.  The parent-led rebellion against critical race theory is exploding across America. Did the lockdowns kill people? The rich got richer during the lockdowns. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Dear Liberals, Get To Work! (Ep 1547)

Get to work! The Democrats are now the anti-work party. In this episode, I use the wisdom of Thomas Sowell to destroy destructive liberal arguments about the dignity of work. I also address the real reasons behind the crime wave in liberal cities.  News Picks: Welfare doesn?t work, here?s the evidence. George Soros is back. Why companies aren?t listing jobs in Colorado. Does ivermectin work? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Nancy Pelosi?s Latest Scam is Peak Hypocrisy (Ep 1546)

Nancy Pelosi and AOC are at it again. In this episode, I discuss the biggest messaging mistake the Republican Party can make. They have an opportunity to speak out about the dignity of work and strike back against the latest AOC/Pelosi scheme.  News Picks: A fascinating analysis of the conditions that led to Trump?s exceptional performance with Hispanic voters.  Trump is proven right again! This time on ?climate change.? Crazy liberals push another insane conspiracy theory about an accident at a parade in Florida. A liberal guest pushed a debunked talking point on my Fox show. Here?s the truth. A BLM co-founder is at it again. These new allegations are deeply troubling. The lockdowns destroyed the middle class. Pope John Paul on the dignity of work. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jun 19, 2021

Justice is dead.
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Did A Spy Defector From China Prove Trump Right? (Ep 1545)

Explosive new information emerges about a spy from China who defected, and provided bombshell information about the coronavirus coverup. In this episode, I discuss the new details, along with a new story about the coming collapse of critical race theory.  News Picks: George Soros is back! More shocking information about the 2020 election coming out of Georgia. Trump?s excellent plan to take back the schools from CRT racism. The group promoting racist critical race theory has Marxist ties.  Americans are waking up to the dangers of racist critical race theory.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trump Strikes Back (Ep 1544)

Trump strikes back! In this episode, I discuss President Trump?s interview on Hannity last night where he unleashed on Biden.  News Picks: Georgia has some explaining to do with these latest revelations about absentee ballots. Are your kid?s face masks harboring dangerous pathogens? New jobless claims rise to 412k. We are winning the fight against racist ?critical race theory.? Biden loses it on CNN ?reporter.? The UFO story is getting stranger. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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What Was The FBI Doing? (Ep 1543)

Explosive new details surface about the FBI?s activities in days prior to the January 6th Capitol Hill incident. In this episode, I discuss the breaking details, along with the latest troubling developments in the Covid coverup. News Picks: What did the FBI know about January 6th? The Biden administration falsely claims that white supremacist terrorism is a greater threat than ISIS. North Korean defector is stunned by cancel culture in the US. Atlanta suburb wants to escape from the city. Why are liberal climate alarmists buying water front property? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Troubling New Evidence That Justice Is Dead (Ep 1542)

Justice is dying. The examples are everywhere. And it?s the same deep players killing justice. In this episode, I discuss the troubling details behind the treatment of the January 6 prisoners as compared to the kid gloves coddling of ANTIFA and BLM. I also show how the same deep-staters are behind these scandals.  News Picks: Reporter goes off script on live tv and claims she?s being muzzled in this viral clip.  Jon Stewart steamrolls Colbert and explodes on the Wuhan lab leak. Some teachers are openly advocating to teach racism in the classroom. Merrick Garland is worse than we imagined. Senator Johnson is speaking out about the outrageous treatment of the January 6 prisoners. Teen influencer speaks out against abortion. Arizona AG fights back against the DOJ. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Troubling New Details Surface About The Wuhan Lab Leak (Ep 1541)

The foreign media is doing the work our American media refuses to do. In this episode, I discuss the latest troubling detail to emerge about the lab leak theory. I also discuss the latest person to intersect with the Clintons, and turn up dead.  News Picks: The top ten media lies about Donald Trump. Did the US government help create a communist China bio-weapon? Reporter who broke the Clinton/tarmac story is found dead. History has proven President Trump correct. Why is Merrick Garland so afraid of the election audits? Not one inch to ?Covidstan.?  Demystifying the ?multiplier? myth. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Jun 12, 2021

The plague of stupid smart people.
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Liberal CNN Anchor Gets Wrecked By Conservative Star (Ep 1540)

The disturbing COVID cover-up is getting uglier. This troubling new piece uncovers why the ?science? was corrupted, and who did it.  News Picks: Beijing?s useful idiots. The congressional black caucus is blocking a black GOP member from joining.  Ron DeSantis strikes again.  BLM advocate claims to be a Marxist, while living in a million dollar home. Job openings hit a record hit, yet the unemployment bonuses keep coming. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Did Bill Barr Prevent A Catastrophe On His Way Out? (Ep 1539)

Did Bill Barr save the country from a massive blackmail scandal? In this episode, I discuss compelling evidence that he did.  News Picks: Another anti-Trump hoax gets debunked.  Why banning ?misinformation? is a really bad idea. An interesting look at the explosive growth of conservatives podcasts. The threat of inflation is growing.  If liberalism is so wonderful then why do liberals keep fleeing blue states?  A hilarious list of Lebron James? lies. Biden?s energy gift to Russia. Here?s the ?journo-list? article. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Another Bombshell Drops About The Corona-Cover Up (Ep 1538)

Bombshell new study shows that Trump was right again. In this episode, I discuss the latest breaking story about Hydroxychloroquine and the conspiracy to hide the origins of COVID.  News Picks: The troubling timeline behind the plot to hide the origins of the coronavirus.  Hunter Biden gets caught using racist language.  The Democrats are lying! Voter turnout was up in 2020. Here are the numbers. Americans largely oppose critical racism theory. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Key To The Lab Leak Theory Is Dead? (Ep 1537)

Another bombshell in the lab leak story. Why did this key figure in the lab leak story turn up dead? In this episode, I discuss the new information.  News Picks: Was the coronavirus a bio-weapon? Did we fund a Chinese bioweapons program? The FBI was behind this encrypted app the entire time. Unanimous Supreme Court upholds immigration law. Study shows liberals are moving out of liberal cities.  The three biggest threats to America right now. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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An Explosive New Detail Emerges Which Could Explain the COVID Origin (Ep 1536)

What did China know about the coronavirus? A shocking piece in the NY Post alleges that the Chinese communists are hiding something big.  News Picks: A stunning NY Post article about the origins of the coronavirus. Twitter widely mocked for claiming it?s fighting for human rights. Were taxpayers dollars used to fund a Chinese bio-weapons program? North Face is mocked for their unbelievable hypocrisy. A big upset happened in this Texas Mayor?s race. Yale psychiatrist unleashes a racist tyrade. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - June 5, 2021

Taking on Fauci's comments about science evolving by presenting arguments based on evolving science.
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Are They Hiding The Biggest Scandal Of Our Lifetime? (Ep 1535)

Is there a criminal investigation going on involving the lab-leak? Was it a bio-weapon? Do not miss this show.  News Picks: Is there a coverup going on with the lab leak theory? Former CDC Director getting death threats for speaking out about the lab leak theory. Susan Hennessey does not belong in the Department of Justice.  This UFO story is stunning.  The mass exodus from liberal California continues. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Fauci Keeps Digging (Ep 1534)

The Anthony Fauci scandal continues to get uglier. In this episode, I discuss the latest troubling revelations about his odd behavior.  News Picks: Biden is lying about the threat from ?white supremacy.? Is the JBS attack a dry run? Liberals are total frauds on ?global warming.? Liberals don?t know much about police use of force incidents. More evidence that AOC is a fraud. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Fauci-Gate Explodes (Ep 1533)

Fauci-Gate explodes, as troubling new emails are released. In this episode, I discuss the disturbing emails and I also address the big Biden lie. News Picks: Did Fauci ignore warnings about coronavirus data? Another humiliating face-plant by the increasingly ridiculous Washington Post. Fauci-gate is getting serious. Biden lied about Trump?s tax cuts and the ?one percent.? More evidence that liberals don?t know much. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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