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The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He?s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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The Bongino Brief - Apr 10, 2021

The so-called "gun show loophole" doesn't exist.
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You?ve Been Warned, The Second Amendment Under Attack (Ep 1496)

Joe Biden is either really dopey, or he?s an unrepentant liar. In this episode, I break down the lies behind his outrageous gun confiscation proposals, pitched during his Rose Garden speech.  News Picks: Here?s the link to my full 60 Minutes interview on the Second Amendment. You have to produce an ID to board a plane, but not so for some illegal immigrants.  Hiring managers are discriminating against Trump supporters. Biden is lying about gun shows. Again.  What are ?ghost guns,? and why is Biden targeting them? Did the Clinton ?assault weapons? ban work? Nope!  It?s time to stop using the incorrect ?fire in a movie theater? analogy.  Fans are tuning out woke sports. Wyoming signs voter ID into law. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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60 Minutes Gets Wrecked Again? ((Ep 1495)

Biden is making a massive push to confiscate your guns and your money. In this episode, I expose the hypocrisy of the left on gun control. I also address the coming tax hikes and the hypocrisy of leftists who refuse to pay taxes themselves.  News Picks: Why won?t the liberal media pursue answers regarding the death of Brian Sicknick. Murder rates jump back to levels not seen since the 1990s. Election fraud prosecutions are at an all-time high.  Biden is planning to move on gun control. ?Gun control? in Australia is a myth. There are more guns in Australia now than before the confiscation law.  Woke hiring managers say endorsing Trump is a reason to be disqualified. Copyright Bongino Inc
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Tucker Carlson Strikes Again (Ep 1494)

Tucker Carlson destroyed this Republican Governor last night for caving to the liberal pressure mob. The video is priceless.  In this episode, I discuss the clip. I also address the growing problem of cowardly corporations selling out conservatives.  News Picks: Tucker absolutely wrecks another RINO. Whenever Democrats lose a policy debate they accuse their opponents of racism.  DHS deleted the press release announcing the arrest of a suspected terrorist at the border.  Trump was right again! DHS may start rebuilding the wall.  Fauci struggles to explain why COVID cases are dropping in Texas. The Texas Governor has a great idea regarding election integrity. Billionaire Jeff Bezos wants his taxes to go up. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Three Point Plan To Defeat The Liberal Spin Machine (Ep 1493)

Tactics matter. In this episode, I discuss a three-point plan to take the fight to the liberal spin machine on the election law changes. I also address the video of the Biden White House desperately trying to backtrack from a controversy they started.  News Picks: Marco Rubio slams the hypocritical MLB commissioner asking him if he plans to keep his membership at a Georgia club.  The hypocritical MLB picks Denver for the All-Star Game. 72% of Americans favor requiring photo ID to vote. Terror watch list suspects were caught at the Southern Border.  Is China minting the digital currency of the future?  Border towns cannot keep up with the influx of illegal immigrants into the country. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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MLB Strikes Out And Ron DeSantis Hits a Homerun (Ep 1492)

Every American needs to hear this message from a prominent sports star about the race baiting going on in the country. In this episode, I discuss the explosive video and I shred liberal misinformation about the Georgia voting law. I also address the latest media attack on a prominent GOP Governor.  News Picks: Watch: Pastor orders police to get out of his house of worship.  Major League Baseball boycotts Georgia a day after expanding a deal with communist China.  Trump saw a historic jump in his share of the Hispanic vote in 2020. The majority of families illegally entering the United States are not being deported. 60 Minutes tries to attack Ron DeSantis and fails in epic fashion. It?s important that we treat the media as the Democrat activists they are.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Apr 03, 2021

The reason liberals don't believe in objective truths.
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The Most ?Honest? Thing Ever Said On CNN (Ep 1491)

Did this CNN guest slip, and accidentally speak the truth? In this episode, I discuss the explosive segment where a CNN guest addresses the real reason behind the shutdowns and the push for vaccine passports.  News Picks: CNN analyst urged Biden to tie vaccinations to American freedoms.  The hypocritical CEO of Apple calls out Georgia, but stays quiet about China. NPR promoted a flat out falsehood regarding the Hunter Biden scandal.  Georgia lawmakers cancel a tax break for Delta after they spread misinformation about the new election integrity legislation. Why are Democrats promoting a tax hike for the ?rich? while simultaneously promoting a tax cut for the rich?  Now they?re cancelling Obama. Project Veritas captures disturbing video at the border. Hundreds of thousands flock to Rumble to watch the Trump interview banned by YouTube. Amnesty is already here.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Biggest ?I Told You So? in American History (Ep 1490)

In this episode, I discuss the most troubling video I?ve seen in a long time. It?s a frightening explanation of how to destroy the United States from the inside.  News Picks: The Russian defector (Yuri Bezmenov) video every American must see. Is Biden already granting amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants? Biden?s vaccine passports sounds like a precursor to China?s social credit score.  Details emerge about the alleged extortion plot against Matt Gaetz. Biden is proposing the largest tax hikes in decades.  Getting rich off of getting ?woke.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Latest Images From The Exploding Crisis At The Border (Ep 1489)

The illegal immigration crisis at the border continues to explode. New pictures emerge which show the devastation at the border. In this episode, I discuss the crisis, and the growing scandal about the origins of the coronavirus.  News Picks: WHO investigator admits he took China?s word for it on the lab-leak theory.  Governor Kristi Noem kills ban to ensure only women compete in women?s sports. Unsealed recordings capture the plot to ensnare Papa John?s CEO.  The ?Equality? Act is another salvo in the war on people of faith. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Tucker Wrecks Juan Williams in Must-See Video (Ep 1488)

Tucker Carlson absolutely destroyed Juan Williams in this must-see video. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks. I also address the outrageous push for ?vaccine passports,? and the pushback by this conservative Governor.  News Picks: Liberal media networks go all-in on gun confiscation messaging. Governor Ron DeSantis fights back against vaccine passports. Why are liberals going all-in on racism? Nancy Pelosi is still trying to steal an election.  Red States are leading in economic growth, again!  More on the corporate boycotts plaguing America.  Coyotes tell Univision that business is booming thanks to the hapless Joe Biden. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Mind Blowing Video Captured At The Border (Ep 1487)

In this episode, I compare the very real chaos of the Biden administration, with the media-driven fake chaos of the Trump administration. I use video and media reports to prove the case and debunk the rhetoric. I also address the Hunter Biden/Secret Service story using information I received from a source.  News Picks: Two teen girls charged with murder in carjacking death of Uber Eats driver.  A must-read explanation of the coming debt crisis. Yes, your taxes are going up. Thank Joe Biden. The Hunter Biden - Secret Service story discussed in the show today. Troubling video from the growing crisis at the border. President Trump is headed to the border. Two weeks after Texas reopened and dropped the mask mandate, COVID cases are dropping.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Mar 27, 2021

Demonstrating how liberal totalitarian (cancel) culture has become cannibalistic.
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Trump Did It Better (Ep 1486)

Joe Biden?s press conference was a total disaster. In this episode, I discuss the evidence that Biden is in worse condition than advertised, and I present conclusive evidence that he is lying. Also, I interview Governor Kristi Noem about the controversy surrounding her refusal to sign a bill preventing men from competing in women?s sports.  News Picks: GOP voters are done supporting politicians who turn on their interests.  Joe Biden blatantly lies about the Trump tax cuts during his press conference. Goldman Sachs is in a fight with its woke employees.  Is this story about Hunter Biden and a handgun for real? Obama era lieutenants are back in key Justice Department roles. Support for voter ID laws is massive. Al Sharpton disgraces himself. Again. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Biden?s Latest Move Is His Most Radical Yet (1485)

Joe Biden isn?t hiding it anymore. He?s now openly talking about destroying the country through radical transformation. In this episode, I discuss the disturbing plans. I also address the Biden administration?s attacks on the Second Amendment.  News Picks: Democrats are ignoring the evidence about universal background checks.  The nutty Ninth Circuit rules Americans have no right to carry firearms? This is insanity.  FBI statistics show that knives kill far more people than rifles every year.  Jen Psaki hilariously claims she isn?t familiar with the claim that Hunter Biden received money from a Russian billionaire.  Joe Biden threatens to destroy the country with a strong push for his liberal agenda.  Liberals are lying again, income inequality is not growing. Fakebook wants to change section 230, for its benefit. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Gun Grabbing Begins! (Ep 1484)

Joe Biden and his cabal of liberal totalitarians are moving to confiscate your firearms. In this episode, I discuss the latest leftist efforts to destroy the Second Amendment and I debunk the outrageous talking points they?re using to advance their agenda.  News Picks: Here?s the link to record a video about why you like the show. Thanks for considering. Biden moves to confiscate guns.   The ?assault weapons? ban didn?t work. Here?s the evidence. Here?s the list discussed in the show of suspects the FBI was warned about, and failed to stop. Barack Obama stirs racial animus by attributing a racial motive to recent attacks. Al Sharpton piles on with misinformation. The video piece in the show today about the ?black militia.? Marcio Rubio says there is ?stuff flying over military installations we can?t identify.?  Another perspective on the Kristi Noem/NCAA controversy in South Dakota. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Tucker Takes On Kristi Noem In Must See Video (Ep 1483)

Is Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota finished? Or does she have a point? In this episode, I discuss the uproar over her refusal to sign a bill involving transgender participation in sports. I also address some troubling new developments in the framing of General Mike Flynn.  News Picks: What happened to Governor Kristi Noem? The sordid tale of the framing of General Mike Flynn keeps getting uglier.  Elon Musk absolutely wrecks Bernie Sanders. Liberals say ?follow the science? when it?s convenient. But do they mean it? Trump senses an opening to expose Biden for his immigration policy failures. The tax rates on NY City residents are about to explode.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trump, The Border, and UFOs? (Ep 1482)

This latest proposal by the hapless Biden administration is going to pour gasoline on the exploding crisis at the border. In this episode, I discuss the latest developments on this, and the stunning video by a prominent liberal acknowledging the growing threat of cancel culture.  News Picks: New emails surface about the election in Georgia.  Breaking: Trump advisor says the former president is getting into the social media business. Months after the 2020 election and courts are now recognizing irregularities in the 2020 election.  Coverage of an incredible interview with Trump?s former intelligence director where he acknowledges the existence of UFOs. The immigration disaster at the border is about to get even worse because of this outrageous proposal by the Biden admin.  They were warned: Portland sees massive increase in homicides following police cuts.  Bill Maher calls out liberal segregationists. The article discussed in the show which related the PR battle against smoking, to the Second Amendment. The left is cancelling itself. Grab your popcorn.  Medicare for all would be a disaster. Here are the facts.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Mar 20, 2021

What should Trump 2024 look like?
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Fireworks Erupt On Capitol Hill With Fauci (Ep 1481)

Senator Rand Paul absolutely destroys Dr. Fauci in a tense exchange on Capitol Hill. In this episode, I discuss the fireworks, and I address the latest media conspiracy theory about the Hunter Biden laptop.  News Picks: Yes, Trump is moving the needle on the Hispanic vote. The evidence is clear. More evidence that the Hispanic vote is moving toward the GOP. Who is Ken Dilanian working for? The NY Times reports Biden is quietly copying Trump?s immigration policy.  The data is clear on the effects of the minimum wage. Don?t be deceived. A Harry and Meghan ?go fund me? face-plants in spectacular fashion. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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I Have A Big Announcement (Ep 1480)

I have a big announcement and I?m incredibly excited to share it with my audience first. In this episode, I also discuss the latest conspiracy theory being pumped by the left in order to assist them in unraveling the country, and the latest strong move by this growing force in the GOP.  News Picks: Ron DeSantis strikes again! Second Amendment Rights are under attack in Florida.  Democrats, without evidence, rush to blame the attacks in Atlanta on ?white supremacy.?  How ?woke? white liberals are turning Minorities into conservatives. No, the latest DNI report doesn?t say that the Hunter laptop story is Russian disinformation. Yes, the Biden tax hike will hit people making under 400k.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trump Hints At What?s Next (Ep 1479)

Will Donald Trump run in 2024? Trump dropped some hints in an interview last night. Also, I address a bombshell story out of Virginia which is clear evidence that the fight is coming to your door.  News Picks: Teachers target parents in Virginia for speaking out against racist curriculum.  The latest DNI report appears to be politically motivated.  Is there a media depression going on right now without Trump? Liberals are bringing segregation back.  The ?woke? Grammys suffer a huge ratings collapse. After ?woke? lunatics push Piers Morgan out of his morning show, the ratings collapsed. The media outs the source responsible for the latest fake news story about Trump.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Debunking Liberal Tax Hike Madness (Ep 1478)

Biden is about to blow up your tax bill and crush the economy. In this episode, I debunk ridiculous liberal myths about the Trump tax cuts and other tax cuts in the past. I also address a stunning retraction by the fake-news.  News Picks: Biden is about to crush the economy with a massive tax hike. The Heritage Foundation report on tax rates and tax revenues discussed in the show today.  The article about the Bush tax cuts discussed in the show today. Taxes are a ?deadweight? loss. Here?s the evidence. The Washington Post?s fake Trump quote is a lot worse than you think.  Washington Post ?fact-checker? humiliates himself in botched ?fact-check.? Joe Biden is getting ready to shove a massive tax hike down your throats.  Nancy Pelosi is trying to steal an election, yet the liberal media remains silent. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Troubling News I Heard About The Biden Border Crisis (Ep 1477)

In this episode, I discuss an explosive tip I received about the crisis at the southern border. I also address another massive media correction about the 2020 election. Finally I address the secret ways big-tech monitors you on the web.  News Picks: Trump was misquoted again, in a story about the Georgia 2020 election. Four hidden ways big tech sucks up your data.  Tom Cotton absolutely destroys Biden nominee during a hearing.  The hapless Brian Stelter humiliates himself yet again.  Gas prices continue to surge under Biden. Is inflation going to crush our economy?  The criminalization of free speech continues around the world.  Liberals want to give the corrupt media a enormous handout. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Mar 13, 2021

What would a war with China look like?
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Biden Tries to Erase Trump (1476)

Joe Biden used his first national address to blast out fake news and take cheap shots at Trump. Also, what would war with China look like? I discuss a troubling article which lays out the details. Finally, I address some good news on the foreign policy front.  News Picks: This is terrifying. A leaked war game exercise showed us ?losing fast? to China. What would a war with China would look like?  Joe Biden takes veiled swipe at Trump during his first national address.  Eight RINOs vote for the latest gun grabbing bill.  An interesting article about the difficulty of cracking into the podcasting space. Ted Cruz destroys the fake ?fact-checkers.?  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Show Will Cure You of Your Liberalism (Ep 1475)

If liberals are correct, and government spending and high taxes make us all better off, then why not spend and tax even more? In this episode, I address these questions and the anti-intellectual nature of liberalism.  News Picks: Here?s the tab for every American for the disastrous coronavirus ?stimulus? bill.  Our massive federal debt is spiraling out of control.  The House passes the outrageous 1.9 trillion dollar pork bill.  Economic freedom is evaporating in the United States. Is a major tax hike coming your way? The border crisis is out of control.  A solid explanation of the ?seen versus unseen? phenomenon in economics.  This The NY Times article is a disturbing portrait of the cannibalistic nature of cancel culture. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Video Can Change Your Life (Ep 1474)

In this episode, I discuss a powerful video which can change your life, and motivate you to fight back against cancerous cancel culture.  News Picks: Half of the country now believes Biden can?t handle the job.  The ?stimulus? bill is a budget-busting disaster. A troubling Bari Weiss article about threat of cancel culture and the deterioration of our elite schools.  Bill Maher has a moment of clarity on identity politics.  Illegal border crossings are exploding.  Mumford and Sons musician leaves the band after the cancel mob cancels him for reading a book.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Worst Piece of Legislation I?ve Ever Seen (Ep 1473)

In this episode, I discuss the most destructive piece of legislation I?ve seen in decades. This bill will make it impossible for conservatives to win any elections in the future. I also address a potential big break in the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Insane things tucked into the HR 1 elections bill.  Biden can?t remember the name of his own Secretary of Defense.  Again! There is NO evidence of Russian ?collusion.?  A win for free speech on college campuses. Is the inflation menace peeking its ugly head? An optimistic note about American education? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Who Is In Charge At The White House? (Ep 1472)

In this episode, I discuss the bombshell new report which destroys many of the Biden administration?s false claims about ?systematic racism.? I also address the stunning new story proving once and for all that politicians are using the COVID crisis to advance a political agenda.  News Picks: Is hyperinflation right around the corner? This story about a major hack is deeply disturbing. It?s time to start talking about America?s coming bankruptcy.  The SEC follows the Chinese communist party model.  The Wall Street Journal article on policing discussed on the show today. The Left?s cringiest moments on race. Former police officer leads the effort to oust George Soros-funded prosecutors. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Mar 06, 2021

Debating gun control with liberals.
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News Headlines: Communists or Liberals? (Ep 1471)

Sadly, big tech and big business in the US are doing the heavy limiting for tyrants. In this episode, I discuss the sorry comparisons between China and the US on the freedom scale.  News Picks: The brilliant words of Solzhenitsyn. Senate advances the outrageously expensive 1.9T ?stimulus? bill. What is China?s social scoring system? China?s surveillance state should scare everyone. Big tech censorship is targeting non-profits now? Amazon goes all in on censorship.  China makes anal swabs mandatory for foreigners? Jimmy Kimmel loses it on cancel culture. Graffiti is back in NY. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Why Trump is Really Winning (Ep 1470)

In this episode, I discuss the explosive new article on this liberal website which explains, in detail, why Trump is an existential threat to the Democrats.  News Picks: A must-read Abigail Shrier article about the growing book-banning/cancel culture movement on the left. The crisis at the border is exploding as 108 illegal immigrants released by the Border Patrol in TX test positive for coronavirus. A disturbing spike in apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the border.  Scientists are struggling to explain the plunge in coronavirus cases. Now three masks? When will the madness stop?  China demands foreigners take the anal swab test. A fascinating New York Mag article about who voted for Trump, and why. This is good news for Trump supporters.  Biden wants to reverse everything Trump did, even to the detriment of his own agenda. The White House cuts the video feed after Biden tries to take questions. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Watch the Liberal Meltdown After This Announcement (Ep 1469)

In this episode, I discuss the absolute meltdown on the left after this big announcement. Also, I debunk liberal economic myths about the universal basic income, rent control, and more. News Picks: Here?s the chart measuring COVID deaths per capita by state. Texas Governor drops mask mandate, and liberals lose their minds. Disgraced CA Governor Gavin Newsom loses it after Texas opens up. Ratings for the Golden Globes crash through the floor.  The Biden administration knows they?re in trouble on immigration.  Rent control in Germany was a predictable disaster.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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How Is This Not a Front Page Story? (Ep 1468)

In this episode, I discuss the most dangerous move yet by the big tech overlords. Their new plan will destroy privacy online. Please don?t miss this show, your privacy depends on it.  News Picks: A dangerous new move by the big tech/media totalitarians to destroy free speech online.  A chilling article by a victim of the Brett Kavanaugh hoax.  Biden administration official denies the crisis at the border, is a crisis at the border.  This liberal bill will destroy the integrity of our elections. Biden?s gun confiscation agenda is a danger to your Right to defend yourself.  The thought police at YouTube suspend Rudy Giuliani for ?unapproved? thoughts and words.  Liberals in congress are now demanding censorship of ?unapproved? cable channels. Amazon goes all in on censorship.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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He?s Back! (Ep 1467)

In this episode, I discuss the bombshells in President Trump?s barn burner speech at CPAC. I also discuss the big changes coming, which will impact future elections.  News Picks: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis finish number one and two in the CPAC straw poll. President Trump vows not to start a third party. Media coverage of my viral speech at CPAC.  Serious election reforms are being discussed in these key swing states. Bill Maher slams the cancel culture cowards. Hyatt hotels stands up for free speech and rejects cancel culture. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Feb 27, 2021

Explaining economics to liberals.
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Faith and Religion are Under Attack (Ep 1466)

In this episode, I discuss the new liberal bill which will devastate your church and destroy your Right to practice your faith. I also address the medical mystery of our time - what happened to the flu? News Picks: What happened to the Flu? The ?Equality? Act has nothing to do with actual equality. Here are 9 election reforms states can implement to prevent mistakes and fraud. Here?s the CBO report on minimum wage discussed in the show.  Democrat Senator pushes a massive tax hike to pay for new government spending.  The 5 consequences of our massive debt problem. Our villain of the day story. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Two Issues We Must Fix If We Want To Save The Country (Ep 1465)

In this episode, I discuss the two things we MUST do to turn the tide on the left. These two things should be the centerpiece of every conservative campaign.  News Picks: The GOP finally moves on election reform.  Deplatforming alert! Go-Daddy too? Cancel culture is creating billion dollar opportunities for conservative entrepreneurs. Breaking news about the Spygate scandal.  Amazon supports censorship of books. North Dakota House passed a bill banning mandatory face masks.  Illinois lawmakers want to cancel this video game because of a spike in carjackings.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Deadly Consequences of the Liberal Misinformation Machine (Ep 1464)

In this episode, I discuss some disturbing examples of the liberal/media misinformation machine, and the deadly consequences that have resulted. I also discuss the troubling immigration policies being pushed by the Biden administration.  News Picks: Noted anti-Trump grifter David French steps on a rake, again.  Could the coronavirus be a distant memory soon?  A link to the full report on public perceptions of police use of force. A handy list of mainstream media falsehoods and propaganda. The Biden administration reopens the Trump migrant facility that the media criticized.  Jen Psaki thinks you?re an idiot, We can only ignore the iron laws of economics for so long. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Some Great News That Has Democrats in a Panic (Ep 1463)

In this episode: Finally, some good news! Is there a huge shift coming which will destroy the Democrat Party? Also, why is the Supreme Court ducking the big 2020 election questions?  News Picks: Blue collar workers flocked to the GOP during the Trump presidency. The broken Supreme Court denies a hearing on election integrity. Here are some clues about Donald Trump?s plans for the mid-term elections.  Here is Joe Biden?s plan to pack the courts. Here are five disastrous consequences of the mounting US debt. Teacher?s Union rep gives a callous statement about your children being shut out of school. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Is This The First Black Ops Presidential Campaign in History? (Ep 1462)

In this episode, I discuss the reason Trump?s speech this weekend at CPAC is a seminal moment in election history.  News Picks: Supreme Court to decide election law cases.  Trump to speak at CPAC. Is Trump preparing for a 2024 comeback? YouTube goes full tyrant and takes down a Trump interview. Democrat congressman attacks small businesses in an interview about minimum wage. Did John Kerry openly violate the Logan Act? Nikki Haley ruined her career. Others contemplating a run for the presidency should take note. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Feb 20, 2021

What made Rush Limbaugh so popular?
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A Rising Star in the GOP? (Ep 1461)

In this episode, I discuss the growing number of Americans who want the country split up, and the reasons why. I also discuss the disastrous new immigration policy being proposed by the Biden administration. News Picks: The dreadful Charleston Gazette article discussed in the show today. The latest Biden immigration proposal would be a disaster for our immigration process. Open borders policies are crushing border towns and cities. The Democrat?s gun grabbing begins! Why is the US spending money on ?gender equality? in Afghanistan? Politics is infecting every component of American life. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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?Don?t Doubt Me? (1460)

In this episode, I discuss a personal story about Rush Limbaugh and his impact on the country. I also address the stunning amount of misinformation being propagated about the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill.  News Picks: Here are the 20 greatest quotes from the great Rush Limbaugh. Disgusting, filthy, subhuman Hollywood ?celebrities? celebrate the death of Rush Limbaugh. Sadly, sometimes parody becomes reality.  The Glenn Greenwald article discussed in the show today. Here are some stunning numbers comparing the Florida response to coronavirus, with the dreadful California response. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Biggest Lie of All (Ep 1459)

In this episode, I discuss the REAL story behind the ongoing crisis in Texas. Liberals are lying to protect their Green New Deal dreams. I also discuss the enormous lie Joe Biden told last night on CNN.  News Picks: Trump goes nuclear on McConnell. Where are the ?fact-checkers?? Biden and Harris continue to openly lie about the vaccine. The fascist NY Times? speech police are at it again.  Fascinating data about Florida?s handling of the coronavirus. Interesting article about the Wuhan lab-leak theory. Ron DeSantis absolutely shreds the hapless Biden administration. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Here?s How Trump Can Save The Broken GOP (Ep 1458)

In this episode, I discuss the 3 steps Donald Trump can take moving forward to save the Republican Party. I also address the growing calls for a ?truth commission? from the tyrannical left, and their media chums. News Picks: Hapless media poser Brian Stelter helps a tyrannical freshman Democrat push a dangerous ?truth commission.?  Here?s what Donald Trump can do to reinvigorate the GOP. This is why you never apologize to the left.  All of a sudden, Democrats want strict signature matching in an election. The Supreme Court slated to consider election 2020 lawsuits.   Be very wary of politicians who want us in a permanent state of coronavirus panic. Why a wealth tax is a really bad idea.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The New Rules (Ep 1457)

In this episode, I discuss the tactics we MUST adapt to defeat the radical left. I also address the disastrous new policies being pushed by the hapless Biden administration. News Picks: Cancel culture hits a fever pitch as tyrannical liberals smell blood in the water. Here?s what the Democrats were really hiding by changing their minds on impeachment witnesses. President Trump?s impeachment attorney absolutely destroys the media in this clip. Ted Cruz asks impeachment managers if Kamala Harris incited a riot.  Why corporations continue to surrender to the radical left. The defund the police fiasco fully collapses. Biden pushes a radical firearms confiscation measure. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Feb 13, 2021

Why the media will eventually tell you the truth after lying to you forever.
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They Can?t Cover Up This Coverup (Ep 1456)

In this episode, I discuss the troubling story about the war on free speech that should have tyrannical leftists questioning everything.  News Picks: The Twitter tech tyrants strike again. Inflation is about to explode as the federal budget deficit explodes. Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock is under investigation for alleged voter registration misconduct.  Why are the feds looking into the GameStop incident?  After Twitter bans Trump, China bans the BBC. Stunning new report shows the depravity of NY Governor Cuomo. Texas mom shows us all how to really tackle.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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