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The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He?s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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When is Enough, Enough? (Ep 1292)

In this episode, I address the explosion in violence in New York City and in other liberal run cities, along with the pathetic efforts to blame it on President Trump. I also cover the arrest of this confidante of Jeffrey Epstein and the people who should be worried about it.  News Picks: Kayleigh McEnany unloads on the pathetic media during the briefing.  Violence rages in New York City as Nero DeBlasio fiddles. Illegal fireworks light up the California sky in defiance of the tyrants running the state. New gun owners say they bought their firearms because they?re afraid police they won?t reach them in time.  Companies that boycott Facebook continue to advertise on Russian social media platform.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Trump 2020 Campaign: An Interview with Jenna Ellis (Ep 1291)

In this episode, I interview Trump 2020 campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis about the state of the campaign. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Raw Video Will Bring you to Tears (Ep 1290)

In this episode I address the most raw, emotional, television moment that I?ve seen in a long time. It happened on the Sean Hannity show and we should all watch it. I address the silent majority building as evidenced by exploding gun sales.  News Picks: Are the polls on Trump to be believed? Some GOP Bushie swamp rats are selling their souls and supporting hapless Joe Biden.  Gun sales are exploding as Americans rush to defend themselves.  Incredible job numbers for June as the economic comeback continues. CNN?s Chris Cuomo gets wrecked in his own interview.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Most Powerful 2 Minutes of TV I?ve Seen in Awhile (Ep 1289)

In this episode, I address the most powerful few minutes of television I?ve seen in a long time, and which every member of the Republican Party should watch. I also address the possibility that we could be looking at another huge 2020 election upset in favor of the Trump campaign.  News Picks: Please, READ THIS. Biden wants to destroy the suburbs. You?ve been warned. Are we being set up for another surprise Trump win?  Beware of the ?enthusiasm gap? in the 2020 election. It could cost us the election! Coverage of my heated debate on ?The Five? yesterday.  Despite liberal hysteria, Georgia just hit a three month low in Wuhan virus infections.  Missouri man defends his decision to draw a firearm to defend himself.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This One Issue Could Change Everything in 2020 (Ep 1288)

In this episode I address the catastrophic decision by this big city Mayor which could change everything. I also address what happened in the Supreme Court and how it will change the 2020 election.  News Picks: 7 times Chief Justice Roberts was a leftist hack.  Bill DeBlasio confirms he plans to cut 1 billion dollars from NYPD budget.  Yale dismisses demands to change its name following a cancel culture uproar.  Police reform and the making of a racism narrative.  The Des Moines Register publishes the truth about police use of force incidents.  Biden tells donors he plans on hiking your taxes.  Prominent environmental activist has a change of heart? Democrats delete a deranged tweet targeting Mount Rushmore over ?white supremacy.? ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Another Fake News Bombshell Collapses (Ep 1287)

In this episode I address the explosive fake news bombshell planted in The NY Times this weekend. I discuss the tech tyrants outrageous suspension of this conservative superstar. I also address the stellar response to the riots in Oklahoma, contrasted with the explosion of violence and chaos elsewhere.  News Picks: Three members of the Minneapolis City Council, who voted to gut the police force, now have private security.  Is the latest leak to The NY Times about the Taliban/Russian bounty credible?  The liberal media doubles down on their deranged attacks on Parler.  Listen to this distressing call from a woman with a child in the car, as she is surrounded by protestors. The deranged media is STILL trying to blame conservative media for the Wuhan Virus. The liberal war on history continues. This time at Princeton. Oklahoma authorities charge rioters with terrorism. This isn?t Seattle!  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Culture War: An Interview with Michael Knowles (Ep 1286)

In this episode I interview Michael Knowles, host of the wildly popular podcast ?The Michael Knowles Show.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Who is Really Behind This Chaos? (Ep 1285)

In this episode, I discuss the catastrophe ahead if we lose the 2020 election. I also discuss the four things the media is hiding about ?Black Lives Matter.?  News Picks: Is the media causing panic and hysteria over Texas coronavirus infections?  Four things the liberal media won?t tell you about Black Lives Matter.  Who?s really behind Black Lives Matter? As twitter doubles down on tech tyranny, users flock to Parler.  The brain drain from the NYPD has begun. The warning signs are everywhere.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Don?t be Intimidated. Fight Back. (Ep 1284)

Did the Obama administration get the idea to take down General Flynn from a television show? This may sound strange, but the evidence is powerful. I also address the stunning comments by the NY head of Black Lives Matter. Finally, I discuss Twitter?s war on conservatives and how we?re fighting back.  News Picks: Bombshell: Obama directed the corrupt operation against Mike Flynn. Conservatives are taking a stand against twitter and jumping to Parler. As Parler explodes, the liberal media attacks. Out of touch celebrities demand studios divest from police departments.  Black lives matter leader threatens to burn down the system.  Did the Obama administration rip off lines from the TV show ?The West Wing?? ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This is Not About Statues! (Ep 1283)

In this episode I address the real reasons the radical left is tearing down our culture, and inanimate statues. I also discuss the bombshell news about General Flynn and the involvement of Barack Obama.  News Picks: The case against General Flynn has been dismissed! The media blows it again! They got caught pumping another hoax.  The liberal media are garbage. And everyone knows it. Look at this poll.  Why does the FBI keep ?finding? new exculpatory material in the Mike Flynn case? Oregon orders masks to be worn, except if you?re a Minority concerned about racial profiling.  Liberal corporations are boycotting Facebook? The DOJ has been on an indictment spree for violent rioters and anarchists.  Rhode Island is changing its name? Here are the real world consequences of the death tax. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Bonus: The Bongino Brief - 6/23/2020

There is a new way to get Dan Bongino for your Alexa device, it's called The Bongino Brief. Here is today's sample, with instructions on how you can get it for your Alexa device.
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Are We Looking at an Election 2020 Nightmare Scenario? (Ep 1282)

In this episode I address the potential for a 2020 election nightmare which would tear the country apart. I also address the riots in front of the White House last night. I discuss the latest outrageous media attack on innocent civilians trying to defend themselves.  News Picks: Hundreds of New Jersey Republicans received ballots listing only Democrat candidates.  Liberal activist promotes the destruction of Christian statues.  Left wing NPR falsely calls the victim of an attack by rioters a ?white supremacist.? Murder rates are skyrocketing as police pull back.  Left wing writer pushes an insane conspiracy theory on twitter. The tech tyrants strike again.  Are luxury companies preparing a mass exodus from Manhattan after the riots? Did the fired SDNY attorney drop the ball on Biden corruption?  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Bonus: The Bongino Brief - 6/22/2020

There is a new way to get Dan Bongino for your Alexa device, it's called The Bongino Brief. Here is today's sample, with instructions on how you can get it for your Alexa device.
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Deeply Disturbing Video Emerges of this Leftist Activist (Ep 1281)

In this episode I address the disturbing video of this radical activist and her ties to a destructive ideology. I address the Trump Tulsa rally, and what the media is mis-reporting about it. I also address the explosion in violence in NY City after this disgraceful policing decision.  News Picks: Margot Cleveland?s explosive Spygate article is an eye-opening exposé about the role of spy Stefan Halper.  This is the story of the ONA whistleblower that you need to read. As predicted, shootings surge in NY City after this critical unit was disbanded.  Brett Favre embarrassed himself, and the NFL, by making this outrageous claim. Dunce AOC bragging about sabotaging and interfering in an election is peak-AOC.  Did US taxpayers pay, through the ONA, pay for the Trump team to be spied on? Now the statue vandals are coming for Teddy Roosevelt. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Race, Policing, and the 2020 Elections. An Interview with Kira Davis and Scott Turner (Ep 1280)

In this show I Interview Editor-at-Large from RedState Kira Davis, and Scott Turner from the Trump White House?s Office of Opportunity & Revitalization. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Real Reason Why The Media Wants to Stop the Trump Rally (Ep 1279)

In this episode I address the real reason that the liberal media wants to stop the Trump rally. I also address the dreadful Supreme Court immigration ruling and why it could give the President an advantage when leaving office. Finally, I address the latest efforts by Twitter to sabotage the Trump campaign.  News Picks: The liberal media?s hypocrisy on protests, versus Trump rallies is a sight to see. They will do anything to stop President Trump from holding his rally this weekend.  Twitter escalates their war on President Trump.  Facebook removes a Trump campaign ad. Is China preparing for a devastating EMP attack? Those Kente cloths the Democrats wore in their kneeling protest have ties to the African slave trade. The Supreme Court?s DACA ruling is outrageous. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This is a Disgrace! (Ep 1278)

In this episode I address the outrageous decision to charge the Atlanta police officer, involved in the Rayshard Brooks use of force incident, with murder. I also address the John Bolton book controversy and the Supreme Court?s broken immigration ruling. News Picks: Atlanta police officers have reached the breaking point and they?re talking job action. Senate Democrats are suspiciously silent after Tim Scott?s legislation is called ?token.? The DA who outrageously charged the Atlanta police officers has made contradictory claims about the lethality of tasers. This is a great point about police use of force and the media. The police officer involved in the Atlanta incident conducted CPR on Mr. Brooks. This troubling story is the reason fleeing felons can present a danger to life.  This leader of the Never-Trump movement has some troubling issues. Facebook is trying to impact the 2020 election. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Hard Truth About Use of Force in Policing (Ep 1277)

In this episode I address the latest outrageous attack by the tech tyrants on conservative websites and content. I also address the Trump Executive Order on police reform and what it really means for our police departments. I also explain the difference between chokeholds and neck restraints.  News Picks: A huge announcement about my fight against the tech tyrants.  The ?woke? crowd is bullying corporations into submission.  Head Coach at OSU issues pathetic ?apology? for wearing a t-shirt. Tulsa judge shuts down efforts to stop the upcoming Trump rally. President Trump signs an Executive Order on police reforms. This 2016 article does a great job explaining the problems with the negative Trump polls. Although I disagree with some of the conclusions, this is a solid article on the police use of neck restraints.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Big Announcement About The Fight Ahead (Ep 1276)

In this episode I address the media?s disgusting misinformation campaign regarding the Atlanta police incident. I also address the tech tyrants latest efforts to crush the Trump campaign and what I plan to do about it. Finally, I discuss the latest disastrous decision by NYPD management, which will cost lives.  News Picks: Will there be a Trump ?landslide? in 2020? Hypocritical US Banks all-in on Black Lives Matter, while staying silent on communist China.  Communist Mayor DeBlasio instructs contact tracers not to ask about protest attendance. The economy is moving again. Retails sales jump by a record 18%. The big tech war on speech continues.  What? Boston may remove statue of Abraham Lincoln? ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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We?re Reaching the Point Of No Return (Ep 1275)

In this episode I address the controversy surrounding the police use of force incident in Atlanta, and the subsequent unrest. I clear up the misinformation coming from the media about the incident.  News Picks: District Attorney is considering a murder charge against the officer in the Atlanta incident.  Liberals are in a complete panic over Trump?s Tulsa rally. Never-Trumpers are liberal frauds. Nothing more. Yes, the radical left really means ?defund? the police.  Fed up Black business owners wrestle with the ?defund the police? movement.  CNN?s Chris Cuomo gets schooled on ?voter suppression.?  Why America?s economy will recover before China?s.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trumponomics: Whats Next for the Economy with Stephen Moore (Ep 1274)

In this episode I interview economics advisor for President Trump, and author of ?Trumponomics,? Stephen Moore. The book is available here: Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Fight is Coming to Your Front Door (Ep 1273)

In this episode I address the growing pressure for Americans to subjugate themselves to destructive liberal narratives. Please, this is the time for strength.  News Picks: Declassified intelligence shows they all knew that the dossier was garbage.  The Spygate colluders included the debunked dossier in the ICA despite knowing it was false. Congressional candidate banned from Facebook ads heads to run off in GOP primary.  No, we haven?t defunded education for years. This is another liberal myth.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Democrats Want You Silenced (Ep 1272)

In this episode I address the fireworks up on Capitol Hill yesterday over defunding the police. I also address the radical leftist?s takeover of a part of Seattle. Finally, I address the continued meltdown of liberal cancel culture.  News Picks: The disgraceful prosecution of General Flynn takes another bizarre turn. President Trump is restarting campaign rallies. President Trump takes a stand against ending ?qualified immunity.?  Democrat Rep Hakeem Jeffries and I clashed on Capitol Hill yesterday.  Troubling evidence emerges that the FBI was immediately aware of the connection between Hillary and the dossier. Radical leftists have taken over a part of Seattle, and they?ve already run into problems.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Special Announcement (Ep 1271)

In this episode I address the continued media misinformation campaign about the protests and the Wuhan virus. I also address the hiding of this key Spygate player, and the potential reasons why. I also discuss this enormous threat to policing in America.  News Picks: There?s going to be a massive brain drain in America?s police departments.  The hapless WHO is now changing their minds, AGAIN, on the Wuhan Virus.  Los Angeles City Council member, who is advocating to cut the LAPD budget, had a security detail for herself. The kettlebell shortage of 2020! ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Stand up for the Truth (Ep 1270)

In this episode I address the Democrats? latest outrageous attack on the police and I debunk the myths they?re promoting to advance their cause. I also address the protests , the riots, and the debate over the Second Amendment. Finally, I address the latest efforts by the government to hide this key Spygate witness.  News Picks: The police reform proposals the Democrats are pitching are dangerous.  Attorney General Barr supports the ban on police ?chokeholds? unless officers are met with deadly force.  Four facts about police that you should consider.  The terror about asymptomatic spread of the Wuhan virus may have been overblown.  More fake news from the media about President Trump & George W. Bush.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn (Ep 1269)

In this episode I address the insane ?defund the police movement? and I debunk liberal myths about policing which are being used to fuel rage. I also address the inside story of the NYPD chaos and the Secret Service?s political fights. News Picks: Four inconvenient facts for police protestors.  NY Times opinion page editor resigns over the latest controversy. Lindsey Graham is being denied access to these two key witnesses in the Spygate scandal.  The strange case of Spygate player, FBI agent Somma. George W. Bush, Mittens Romney, and Colin Powell are going to support Biden. And no one really cares.  Are LA entertainment community folks buying guns for protection? The Florida Supreme Court shuts down a long guns ban. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Why Socialism Sucks. An Interview with Dinesh D?Souza (Ep 1268)

In this show I interview author Dinesh D?Souza about the growing threat of socialism in the United States. We discuss his new book ?The United States of Socialism? available here: Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Liberals Are All In On Chaos (Ep 1267)

In this episode I address the Democrats pushing to ?defund the police,? and the chaos that would result from this nonsense. I also address the epic failure of Rod Rosenstein to account for the Spygate scandal. Finally, I discuss the incredibly economic numbers which may indicate we?re moving back to prosperity.  News Picks: Finally, some good news on the economy.  Hillary?s press secretary tweets ?Defund the Police.? The inside story of the Tom Cotton op-ed in the New York Times.  The left wants to defund the police? This is madness.  Science is collapsing into a black hole of anti-Trump hysteria. Here?s the latest example. If protestors can march then why can?t churches re-open?  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Something Deeply Troubling Is Going On, Be Warned (Ep 1266)

In this episode I address a deeply troubling tip I received about the Swamp, and their ongoing battle against President Trump. I also address the disastrous Rod Rosenstein hearing on Capitol Hill, and the total collapse of the collusion hoax. Finally, I address the new movement to kneel before others to virtue signal.  News Picks: Rod Rosenstein melts down on Capitol Hill and exposes the collusion hoax.  President Trump fires back at Jim Mattis.  The institutional racism canard.  This hydroxychloroquine research paper on the Wuhan virus is getting torn apart. Was it all political? Firearms are flying off the shelves as Americans rush to defend themselves.  These states opened months ago, here?s what really happened there. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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My Apologies (Ep 1265)

In this episode I address the exploding controversy over this action by President Trump. I discuss the new revelations in the Mike Flynn case which will rock your core. I also address my appearance on Hannity last night and I explain what happened.  News Picks: Four ugly truths about the nationwide riots. Video of looters is being compiled for future arrests.  ANTIFA looters are destroying Black communities.  Our exploding national debt matters, and the problems won?t disappear because of the virus. Pathetic Democrat politician caught on hit mic acting like a fool.  Retired police captain was murdered and Facebook live documented it.  Say no to negative interest rates. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trump Takes Back the Street (Ep 1264)

In this episode I address the organized ANTIFA insurrection against the United States. I also address the latest attempt by the tech tyrants to destroy conservatives and the President.  News Picks: Suspected ANTIFA member has mommy and daddy walk him into the police station as he turns himself in. More tech tyranny as Twitter censors free speech from a lawmaker. Is Facebook about to fold to the Left and start censoring political speech? This Florida sheriff has a warning for the rioters. They should take him very seriously. Flynn transcripts confirm that Mueller?s team lied to the court. The DOJ unloads on the judge in the Flynn case.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Isn?t a Protest Anymore, This is an Insurrection (Ep 1263)

This isn?t a protest anymore, this is an insurrection. In this episode I address the protests which have been hijacked and have now evolved into an insurrection.  News Picks: Despite claims otherwise, most of those arrested are residents of Minnesota. Despite media claims otherwise most of the rioters and agitators are leftists.  Disgusting. Celebrities are donating to bail out looters and rioters. These riots will not exhaust themselves. Jail records from Minnesota show that most arrested have Minnesota addresses. The exodus from Twitter has begun.  My appearance on Fox and Friends about the rioters. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Deeply Troubling Video Emerges from the Riots (Ep 1262)

In this episode, I address the exploding war between President Trump, and the Twitter tech tyrants. I also address the riots in Minneapolis, and the only way to stop them.  News Picks: Did the Minneapolis police officer, and George Floyd, know each other? MSNBC reporter says rioters are not generally unruly as building burns behind him.  Twitter doubles down in their fight against President Trump.  The story behind the Trump Executive Order on social media bias. Deep-Fakes are going to become a huge problem. Planned Parenthood personnel admit some disgusting things while under oath.  Remember when Barack Obama describes rioters as ?thugs?? MSNBC?s Chris Hayes gets wrecked when he tries to compare Michigan protestors to the riots in Minneapolis. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Obama Order That Changed Everything (Ep 1261)

In this episode I address the explosive Obama Executive Order which has escaped media scrutiny in the unmasking scandal. I also address the death of George Floyd and the rioting in Minneapolis. Finally, I discuss the media?s desperation to spin the Coronavirus tragedy in blue states.  News Picks: President Trump takes action against the tech tyrants today.  The January, 2017 Atlantic article about that suspicious Obama Executive Order. The Pew Research Center outrageously tries to spin the disastrous Wuhan Virus response of the Democrat Governors. New York deletes the web page containing the controversy nursing home order by Democrat Governor Cuomo. Was Cuomo cooking the books to downplay his deadly nursing home policy in NY? Bombshell new study suggests half the uninfected population may already be immune.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Tech Tyrants Declare War on Trump (Ep 1260)

In this episode I address the troubling new developments in the tech tyrant?s war on conservatives and Donald Trump. I also address the infamous Russia ?hack? of the DNC - did it really happen. Finally I address Americans fighting back against the outrageous lockdowns.  News Picks: Twitter ?fact-checked? President Trump?s claims about mail-in voting fraud. But they must have ?missed? this New York Times article. This 2018 article shows the far-left political leanings of Twitter.  Explosive new revelations about the Andrew Cuomo nursing home scandal are emerging.  MSNBC gets wrecked on camera.  This Federalist article documents the connections between Soros, Jones, and Warner.  Protests in Minneapolis a after the death of a man a police officer had pinned down.  Where's the evidence of the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Was The ?Hack? Another Hoax? (Ep 1259)

In this episode I address the economic development that has the Democrats terrified about the 2020 election. I also address that infamous Russia ?hack.? Did it really happen? I discuss the tech tyrants new moves to silence us. Finally, I address more explosive evidence indicating Obama knew about the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Obama knew! He was the ringleader. The Facebook tech tyrants are at it again. The twitter tech tyrants strike again too! Sorry media hacks, but you?re not ?victims.? Are we headed for an incredible economic rebound? Who is really politicizing the Mike Flynn case? ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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What Are They Hiding? They?re Lawyering Up. (Ep 1258)

In this episode I address the increasingly bizarre case against General Mike Flynn as the judge in the case lawyers up! I also cover the explosive growth of podcasts as evidenced by the latest Joe Rogan deal. Finally, I address the Biden team meltdown over this video.  News Picks: General Flynn?s name was not masked, he was targeted directly. The ?judge? in General Flynn?s case lawyers up.  The FBI launched the collusion hoax probe based on the flimsiest of evidence.  Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele to target General Flynn? Why Joe Rogan?s 100 million dollar deal matters.  Seven abuses of power by local governments during the Wuhan Virus crisis. President Trump aims to cut red tape for doctors.  A big win for the patriotic Michigan barber who fought to stay open.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Biden Bombshell (Ep 1257)

In this episode I address the explosive Joe Biden tapes, which the media is ignoring. I also address the disturbing reason Barack Obama targeting General Flynn for destruction.  News Picks: Here?s why General Flynn was a threat to Barack Obama. A thorough detailing of the Mike Flynn targeting scandal. Team Biden panics as the Biden/Ukraine tapes leak.  The hapless Kamala Harris introduces a ridiculous resolution demanding we stop calling the Wuhan Virus from China, the Wuhan Virus from China.  The Russian collusion hoax was a fraud from the start. Doctors in California are seeing more deaths from suicide than from the Wuhan Virus. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Interview With General Flynn?s Lawyer Sidney Powell (Ep 1256)

In this episode I interview General Mike Flynn?s attorney, Sidney Powell about the framing of her client. Sidney is the author of ?Conviction Machine? available here: Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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They?re Covering Up For Obama (Ep 1255)

In this episode I address the stunning reemergence of the Obama fixer. I discuss the obvious effort to cover up Obama?s role in the Mike Flynn targeting scandal. Finally, I address the media?s disgusting treatment of the Florida Governor and his efforts to fight the Coronavirus.  News Picks: The Obama Fixer is back! This article from March shows how deep the Obama fixer is in the dossier scandal.  It?s outrageous to continue to drag on the Mike Flynn case. Obama, Mike Flynn, and the Iran deal.  The Florida Governor unloads on the hapless media. The media face-plants again on the Florida ?scientist? story. About that Florida ?scientist.? The hapless Virginia Governor is living the high life on tax payer money.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Real Story Behind the Infamous Susan Rice Email (Ep 1254)

In this episode I address the disturbing new information emerging about the infamous Susan Rice email to herself.  News Picks: Shocking new information emerges in a newly declassified Susan Rice email.  Was Susan Rice throwing Jim Comey under the bus? Is the Biden team concerned about the leaked phone calls alleged to involve Biden? The media is forced to defend Fox after attacking Fox. California city declares itself a sanctuary city from the lockdowns. Where does the Florida governor go for an apology? ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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A Biden Bombshell? (Ep 1253)

In this episode I address the emergence of stunning new evidence implicating Joe Biden in a quid pro quo scandal. I also address the FBI hiding this key witness in both the Spygate and Mike Flynn scandals.  News Picks: These two FBI agents MUST testify in front of Congress. Why did Attorney General Barr say he wasn?t looking at Obama & Biden for potential criminal charges? The mainstream media?s influence is finally waning.  Debunking the latest anti-Trump hoax about the firing of the State Department IG. The Oregon lockdown order is ?null and void.? This is a list of Joe Biden?s trips Ukraine.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Obama Can?t Hide. He did this. (Ep 1252)

In this episode I address the stunning connections that prove that the Obama administration was behind the framing of General Flynn.  News Picks: The lockdowns are ending because America says they?re ending. Are the mistaken Wuhan Virus models the most expensive mistake in American history.  Despite relentless attacks by the media, President Trump?s approval rating is spiking.  CNN ?journalist? gets busted removing mask. Here are ten Mueller actions worthy of an investigation.  Kayleigh McEnany schools another foolish reporter. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Obama Did It (1251)

In this episode I address the astonishing set-up of General Mike Flynn, and I produce evidence that Barack Obama was behind it.  News Picks: Who leaked General Flynn?s name? This Epoch Times article addresses more questions in the Mike Flynn case. President Trump bets on lockdown revolts in swing states.  CNN gets caught lying, again.  Barstool Sport?s Portnoy unleashes on the ?lock it down? crowd. The Democrats refused to put their new ?whistleblower? under oath.  This distinguished naval aviator saw a UFO, we should take him very seriously. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Is Just The Beginning of the Spying Scandal (Ep 1250)

In this episode I address the disturbing new evidence that emerged showing that the spying scandal on Mike Flynn and the Trump team was more widespread than previously believed.  News Picks: Brennan, Clapper & Comey are on the scandalous unmasking list. New jobless claims continue to explode. ?Judge? Sullivan goes all-in on tyranny and appoints another judge because he failed. The Supreme Court has already ruled on Amicus Briefs, and it isn?t good for ?Judge? Sullivan.  A powerful piece by Andrew McCarthy about the atrocious behavior of the judge in the Mike Flynn.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Mike Flynn is a Political Prisoner (Ep 1249)

In this episode, I address the troubling new revelations about the behavior of the judge in the case against Mike Flynn. I also address the real reasons behind the Democrats? continued push for lockdowns. Finally, I address troubling new information about this key figure from the impeachment hoax.  News Picks: Does John Brennan have a reason to be sweating? Rush Limbaugh unleashes on the Democrats. The Democrats new ?tracing? Bill should scare anyone concerned about civil liberties. The atrocious judge in the Flynn case does his best to continue to destroy Flynn?s life.  The judge in the Flynn case is a disaster.  Respected journalist calls the collusion hoax ?the worst journalistic fiasco he?s seen in 50 year news career.?  Why Obama era officials are panicking over the unmasking list?  The new Pelosi bailout bill is an abomination.  Despite the media hate, both the Florida and Georgia governors are performing well.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Big Lie Exposed (Ep 1248)

In this episode I address the troubling new information about the framing of General Mike Flynn. I also address the big question ?was there a FISA warrant on Mike Flynn?? I discuss troubling new information about what China did to cover up the Wuhan virus in the early days of the outbreak. Finally, I address the latest move by the text tyrants to suppress free thought.  News Picks: Who leaked General Flynn?s name?  The FBI used useful idiots in the media to set up and frame the Trump team.  Facebook doubles down on tech tyranny.  Is the CDC inflating the number of dead from the Coronavirus? Debunking Obama-era DOJ official Mary McCord?s nonsense. MSNBC hilariously suggests that Russia is behind the dropping of the Flynn case.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Obama Knew, Everything (Ep 1247)

In this episode I address the stunning new information about the alleged ?Russian hack? of the DNC, and the troubling revelations about Obama?s role in the targeting of Mike Flynn.  News Picks: Barack Obama?s staged ?leak? about Mike Flynn indicates how scared he is.  The intelligence on the Wuhan lab is devastating.  The leftist media screws up again and deceptively edits a clip of Bill Barr. A 2018 article about the infamous ?The White House is running this? text. A 2018 article about the infamous ?potus wants to know everything we?re doing? text.  A 2019 article about the infamous ?speak with one voice text.? This April article addresses the Trump Tower meeting and the interview of the translator. A 2019 article about that alleged Russia ?hack.?   ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Destruction And Redemption of General Flynn (Ep 1246)

In this episode I address the bombshell revelations in the General Mike Flynn case.  News Picks: Finally! The DOJ drops the case against General Mike Flynn. Troubled Mueller prosecutor Van Grack withdraws from the broken Flynn case. Media tyrants are losing it over the exoneration of General Mike Flynn. Another anti-Trump conspiracy falls apart.  Why was this Pentagon a list investigated in January, 2017?  Why did Steele delete his emails on January 5th.  The Washington Post article referenced in the show. Liberals are melting down over the Flynn exoneration. The unemployment numbers are devastating. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Lying Adam Schiff Is Exposed And He?s Panicking (Ep 1245)

In this episode I address the explosive new documents, which have sleazy Adam Schiff in a full panic. I also address the latest reason the Democrats are giving for bankrupting America and keeping it closed.  News Picks: Sleazy Adam Schiff is panicking! Why was the Mueller team investigating the already discredited dossier?  This January 2020 National Review article covers the serious problem with last two FISA warrants.  Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack is in big trouble.  Troubling new information surfaces about the targeting of George Papadapoulos.  The Texas Governor and Attorney General need to do more to support jailed business owner Shelley Luther. Jobless claims continue to spike.  An interesting article about Coronavirus and hydroxychloroquine. Liberals keep promoting the myth that blue states subsidize red states.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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