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The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He?s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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Are We Finished? (Ep 1636)

Covid didn?t finish us off, but THIS might do the job. In this episode, I address the destruction being caused by vaccine mandates. I also discuss the media trying to rescue Merrick Garland.  News Picks: GDP growth stalls, as the Biden agenda collapses.  Ironically, it?s not covid that crashed the healthcare system, it?s the vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates are causing garbage to pile up in the streets. Merrick Garland says he?ll keep targeting parents even after the school board group apologized for its letter.  ANTIFA is threatening attacks, and Merrick Garland is silent. Liberals politicians are scrambling to destroy federal employee?s retirement funds. China carries out a successful test of underwater explosives and they destroy a port.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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It?s Happening, And Soros And The Libs Aren?t Happy (Ep 1635)

The left is furious, and George Soros and the cat lady are leading the effort to strike back. In this episode, I address their latest plot. We also address Florida?s resurgence and a parent who refuses to be held captive by school board tyranny.  News Picks: George Soros is back! We are running record deficits, despite record tax revenue.  Inflation is exploding. Are vaccine mandates threatening our national security? Anti-cancel culture platforms combine to expand the free speech economy. Did the Biden administration vet the refugees from Afghanistan? The Biden administration ignored the malaise and focuses on a ?national gender strategy.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Disturbing Hidden Camera Footage Emerges (Ep 1634)

Project Veritas strikes again! In this episode, I address the stunning hidden video in this prominent Governor?s race. I also address the growing rebellion against vaccine mandates and cancel culture.  News Picks: Biden tells the Amtrak lie for the fifth time. Here?s what the rich really pay in taxes. The CNN coffee boy strikes again.  Are the vaccines making the problem worse? Biden releases a ridiculous ?national gender strategy.? Remain in Mexico may be in trouble. Reuters runs another hilariously dumb ?fact-check.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Join The Rebellion (Ep 1633)

The rebellion has begun. In this episode I address the massive disobedience campaign against the immoral, unethical, anti-science vaccine mandates. I also address the stunning comments by the Treasury Secretary about her economic plans.  News Picks: Are you a second class citizen in your own country?  The media is freaking out over ?Let?s Go Brandon.? The National School Boards Association finally apologizes for its outrageous memo. The wisdom of Thomas Sowell.  The best article I?ve read to date about the damage inflation is doing.  Ex Virginia Governor excoriates the Democrats over their treatment of Black Voters. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Oct 23, 2021

The growing danger of the radical left.
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I?m Not Backing Down (Ep 1632)

I?m not backing down, and the fight is getting heated. Also, I discuss a must-read article about the latest disturbing revelation in the plot against Trump.  News Picks: Was the DNC really hacked? Is this the next shoe to drop in the Spygate case? Biden retells already debunked story for the fourth time. Dave Chapelle is winning the war on cancel culture. Actor Alec Baldwin fired prop gun on a movie set and tragedy ensues. More on the Spygate debacle. CNN isn?t now, and never was, a serious news organization. Liberty-loving Maryland counties seek to secede from Maryland. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Dan Bongino Show Sunday Special

Dan talks with Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars about his best and worst deals, and what goes on behind the scenes when shooting the show. Next is Dr. Steven Quay, a virologist who has studied what exactly has been going on at the Wuhan lab and reveals that the Chinese may have been working on a virus called Nipah, which has an 80 percent mortality! Finally, Dan talks to Matt Walsh of the Matt Walsh Show and the Daily Wire about how the woke mob and the media are teaming up to destroy people. We discussed the firing of John Gruden and a horrible story out of Louden County where a father was arrested for trying to get answers about why a boy in a dress was allowed in the ladies bathroom to sexually assault his daughter.
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A Huge Announcement (Ep 1631)

Did you catch it? In this episode I address the huge announcement last night from the Trump team. I also discuss the devastating new revelations about Dr. Fauci.  News Picks: Breaking: Trump starts his own social media company. Jen Psaki hates you.  As I said, the Facebook ?whistleblower? was a trap.  The case against the Hillary affiliated lawyer in the Spygate case gets interesting. What is John Durham up to? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Don?t Let Them Break You (1630)

They?re trying to break you. The vaccine mandates, and critical race theory are symptoms of the cancer eating the country alive. In this episode I discuss evidence that people are revolting against the lurch towards tyranny.  News Picks: The John Solomon piece discussed in the show today. Terry McAuliffe is cracking.  Transgender group gives Netflix a set of ridiculous demands. Covid cases are plummeting in Florida and the media is strangely silent. Biden, and the liberals, screw the little guy, again. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Why I Did What I Did (Ep 1629)

It?s time for people to stand together against these outrageous vaccine mandates. In this episode I address my decision to fight back.  News Picks: Does Facebook allow posts on human smuggling, while censoring conservatives? Why is the Biden administration using late night flights to fly illegal immigrants around the country? Christopher Steele?s defense of the dossier is laughable.  Trump was right again.  The UFO story gets even stranger. The science of Remdesivir versus Ivermectin.  Politifact?s most embarrassing fact-checker humiliates himself again.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Explosive Connection Between Hillary And China?s Deadly New Weapon (Ep 1628)

What does Hillary Clinton have to do with the explosive story out of China this weekend? In this episode, I address the eye-opening connections between the Clintons and China?s deadliest new weapon.  News Picks: Hillary Clinton, Skolkovo, and hypersonic missiles.  The John Solomon story about Skolkovo, discussed in the show today. Discredited Christopher Steele still stands behind the ridiculous pee-pee tape. This Chinese military test should concern all of us. Lol. Amazon tries to prop up the reviews of the dreadful Fauci documentary. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - October 16, 2021

Identifying leftist traps
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Zuckerbucks, George Soros And The ?Movie Script? (Ep 1627)

In this episode I address the role of George Soros in the continued attacks on Donald Trump. I also address the growing Zuckerberg/Facebook election interference scandal.  News Picks: Andrew McCabe gets his pension back, despite his role in numerous scandals. Christopher Steele is back! Biden?s Chief of Staff blows it again. Why is Mark Zuckerberg so involved in local elections? Another fake ?socialist? actor shows his true colors. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Stop What You?re Doing And Listen To This Doctor (Ep 1626)

I interviewed a doctor on my radio show yesterday and it changed everything. I was floored by what he said. In this episode I address the interview. I also discuss the Biden Trojan Horse plan to ?solve? the supply crisis.  News Picks: Is inflation about to explode?  Studies say the Biden tax hikes will crush the recovery.  Were some of the world?s deadliest viruses shipped to China? Leaked Border Patrol documents show massive numbers of illegal immigrants released into the United States.  Katie Couric edits an interview with the late RBG in order to ?protect her.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Daily Mail Blows The Lid Off The Biden Scandal (Ep 1625)

Shockingly, the Joe Biden corruption story is getting worse. In this episode I address the growing scandal. I also discuss the disturbing story out of Virginia about a parent of a sexual abuse victim who was targeted by the Biden administration. News Picks: Explosive new details emerge about Biden family activities. Nancy Pelosi doubled down on IRS tracking your bank account.  Can America survive global elites?  Which is more accurate, Say?s Law or Keynes? Liberals only want ?free? stuff from government if it doesn?t involve new taxes. The Nets ban Kyrie Irving from the team until he?s vaccinated.  This Soros operative keeps surfacing. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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What Is Happening With The Flu, And Is Southwest Telling The Truth? (Ep 1624)

What REALLY happened with Southwest behind the scenes. In this episode I address the scandal. I also cover the reasons behind the disappearing flu virus. Finally, is a world war coming?  News Picks: Scandals from top to bottom in the Biden administration. What really happened at Southwest Airlines? Massive questions about the vaccine mandate.  The unexpected case of the disappearing flu. An explanation of the ?One China? policy. Ben & Jerry?s founder stammers through an answer when confronted about his hypocrisy. Gallery selling Hunter?s art saw federal Covid loan rise 150k to 500k after Joe took office.  Thomas Sowell got it right on the establishment swamp. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Is There Another, More Deadly Virus In That Lab? (Ep 1623)

I couldn?t believe my eyes when I watched this interview about a more lethal virus in the Wuhan lab. In this episode I address the scandal, and I cover the growing backlash to vaccine mandates.  News Picks: Explosive new information emerges about another, more lethal virus, and its connection to the Wuhan lab.  What is Nipah Virus? Why is the flu disappearing? A terrific explanation about why liberals are consistently ignorant about conservatives. Google is now openly colluding with leftist speech censors to destroy free speech. Is this border crisis being orchestrated? Fauci blows it, again! Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Oct 09, 2021

Attorney General Merrick Garland's intimidation tactic against parents.
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The Election Audit Video They Don?t Want You To See (Ep 1622)

Biden admits, on live tv, what the real purpose of the vaccine mandates is. Also, Mitch McConnell sold you out again!  News Picks: The jobs numbers fall far short.  Senate RINOs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the debt ceiling.  A disturbing article about the Durham probe, and their investigation of a ?tech executive.? Google and YouTube take censorship to the next level. Global warming is a hoax. This is the real border crisis! More evidence that masks don?t work. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Facebook ?Whistleblower? Exposed! (Ep 1621)

The Facebook ?whistleblower? has now been fully exposed! In this episode, I address the real reason she?s speaking out. I also address the latest Project Veritas video about the Pfizer vaccine.  News Picks: It?s a trap! Don?t fall for the Facebook ?whistleblower.? The risk of a major world war is grave. China is pushing and pushing. About that national divorce. Liberals are changing the names to disguise their CRT agenda. The Secret Service report on school safety. The hapless Treasury Secretary pushes to monitor your bank account. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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It?s A Trap! (Ep 1620)

Is the Facebook scandal a coordinated scam to censor conservatives and destroy free speech? In this episode I address the scandal and provide hard evidence that this is a scam. Also, are we headed for World War 3? The evidence is disturbing.  News Picks: The Facebook ?whistleblower? has some suspicious connections.  Was the DNC hacked? Or is this another scam?  The disturbing trend of Google ?keyword searches.?  Watch a fake ?fact-checker? get destroyed on live tv.  Is inflation about to get dramatically worse? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Shock Undercover Video Blows The Lid Off The Anti-Science Mandates (Ep 1619)

Explosive new video emerges about the vaccines and natural immunity. In this episode I address the scandal. I also address the Biden administration?s latest scheme to engage in mass financial surveillance.  News Picks: This is deeply troubling. The FBI and DOJ are trying to intimidate parents to prevent them from speaking at school board meetings. What really happened behind the scenes at Facebook?  Big business is finding out the hard way that Critical Race Theory is bad for business.  Is the Biden administration considering printing a one trillion dollar coin? Deranged leftists mock Casey DeSantis after breast cancer diagnosis.  Here are the tricks the Democrats are using to blow up the spending bill.  Did China know about the coronavirus months before the pandemic? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Let?s Go Brandon! (Ep 1618)

Is it time for a national divorce? This viral article makes a compelling argument. Also, watch this hilarious video where a reporter tries to cover up a ?f#%^ Joe Biden? chant.  News Picks: Breaking new study shows natural immunity persists for more than a year after a covid infection. Austin, Texas reaches an all time high after defunding the police.  The article about Hauser?s Law discussed in the show today. Is it time for a national divorce? Oh look, hospitalizations in the Northeast are increasing, just as we predicted.  US income inequality explained. All ?norms? were sacrificed to get rid of Trump. There?s no going back. Liberals school board tyrants want parents investigated for speaking at meetings. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Oct 02, 2021

If Joe Biden was trying to destroy America would he do anything different?
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The Most Important Question Not Being Asked (Ep 1617)

In this episode I address the critical question being left out of the current political climate.  News Picks: Snitch culture is exploding.  Cargo ships are backing up in ports, in a major crisis. Communist Venezuela has descended into madness.  Explosive new report about the FBI?s procedures for spying, is revealed.  Joe Biden?s ten biggest lies. Pelosi doesn?t have the votes to pass her bankruptcy bills. Drunk man joins in a search party, searching for himself. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Implosion Begins! (Ep 1616)

The Democrats are at war with each other behind the scenes! In this episode I address the crisis. Also, I discuss the most ridiculous cancel culture story yet.  News Picks: Here?s what?s going on behind the scenes with the spending bill.  Additional evidence that woke culture is destined to eat itself alive.  The NY Times wants to redesign the American flag.  Psaki gets caught lying about public support for the 3.5 trillion dollar bankruptcy bill. The ugliest cancel culture story yet. Inflation causes Dollar Tree to break the buck. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Shock Video Of Massive Red Pills (Ep 1615)

Watch this video! It shows massive red-pills being dropped on vaccine mandates and the collusion hoax. In this episode I address the video along with a story about the dangers of the digital economy.  News Picks: Is cancel culture finally cannibalizing itself? Was the DNC really hacked by the Russians? Psaki does damage control after Mark Milley throws him under the bus.  Biden?s tyrannical vaccine mandate could result in $700k fines! Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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If Biden Was Trying To Destroy The Country Would He Do Anything Different? (Ep 1614)

Troubling new evidence that the Biden agenda is an intentional effort to destroy the country. In this episode I address the new Hunter Biden information and the troubling Biden bankruptcy bill.  News Picks: Now Georgia is opening an investigation into election malfeasance. Who really pays the corporate tax? The Trump economy blew the garbage Obama economy out of the water. The murder rate is exploding in the US. There?s another crisis brewing at America?s ports. Rescue worker is appalled that up to 1,000 Americans have been left behind in Afghanistan.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Troubling Election Revelations From Arizona And Deepstate Shenanigans (Ep 1613)

The Arizona election audit had some troubling findings. In this episode I address the new information. I also discuss the disturbing new connection in the 2016 plot take to take down Trump.  News Picks: Biden?s National Security Advisor is knee deep in the ?collusion? scandal.  The FBI admits to having informants at the January 6th protest.  There is NO southern border. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Dan Bongino Show - radio interviews

Some of the Dan's best interviews from the radio show during September. Dan talks to President Trump about the about the catastrophe the Biden administration had caused in Afghanistan among other topics. Next Dan talks with with Bill O?Reilly about the destruction the Biden administration is causing the country, and how the media have become dangerous. Finally, in a special interview before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Dan talks with Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell came on the show to talk about his experience at the Pentagon on 9/11 2001,
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The Bongino Brief - Sep 25, 2021

Liberals want to make you second-class citizens in your own country.
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This Is A Serious Crisis (Ep 1612)

Explosive new information surfaces about the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal. In this episode I address the new information. I also discuss the troubling new information from the Arizona election audit.  News Picks: Did Hunter Biden try to shake down Libya too?  A leaked copy of the Arizona election audit has some interesting findings. Ten questions the Arizona audit could answer today. Did Biden?s National Security Advisor commit perjury? Even some Republicans participated in the Russia hoax. The communists at YouTube are censoring official government proceedings. Parents are taking their kids out of disastrous public schools. Why did the CDC remove language on masks from its guidance? Ron DeSantis strikes again. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Chaos Is Erupting Around The Globe As Mandates Take Effect (Ep 1611)

The world is on fire, as protests erupt over vaccine mandates. In this episode I address the protests around the world, and the national security crisis in the United States. I also address the disturbing new proposal by the Biden administration to spy on your bank account.  News Picks: An important article from May that clearly shows the Obama administration fabricated the whole Russia hoax.  It?s way past time for a big tech breakup. Hamptons Howard Stern continues his descent into irrelevance. Hilarity ensued as residents of AOC?s district answer questions about taxes. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Another Democrat Scandal Explodes (Ep 1610)

Another Democrat scandal explodes, and the media can?t hide it. In this episode I address the troubling new information. I also discuss a new study showing that school lockdowns are abusing children.  News Picks: A troubling new study about the effects of school closures on mental health The FBI knew about the Hunter Biden emails in December of 2019. Clear data showing that the government is a destructive economic force.  Pathetic Kamala Harris piles on hard working Border Patrol agents after the fake ?whip? scandal. An excellent piece about the masking of children in schools. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Explosive New Detail In Clinton Collusion Indictment (Ep 1609)

There?s an explosive new detail in the Clinton Collusion indictment that you must hear about. In this episode I address the troubling details. I also address the latest fake news scandal at the border.  News Picks: An explosive piece on the Spygate indictment that you must read. Where is Spygate prosecutor John Durham going from here? The media invents another fake news story about ?whips? at the border. Historian says current times are equal to the Civil War. Footage shows AOC maskless and being waited on. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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An Online Investigator Exposes A Troubling Connection (Ep 1608)

An explosive connection found by an investigator I trust. In this episode I address the disturbing details. I also address latest poll showing Democrats are obsessed with living in fear.  News Picks: This Spygate piece from The Federalist is worth your time. The tax data about what the rich actually pay. Seven ways the Democrats are hiking taxes on the middle class. Even Bill Maher has caught on to the ?the rich don?t pay their fair share? scam. Has AOC?s ?tax the rich? dress designer paid taxes herself? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Sep 18, 2021

We are in a Cold Civil War with the left.
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Is Hillary In Serious Trouble? Or Is This Another Headfake? (Ep 1607)

Is Hillary Clinton in danger of being exposed in the Russian collusion hoax? In this episode, I address the troubling details. I also debunk Biden?s latest BS on taxes.  Tax the rich? We already do! The Michael Sussmann indictment explained.  Why is Joe Biden punishing Florida and restricting the distribution of monoclonal antibodies? Here?s the ?Liberty Score? link discussed in the show. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Was Pelosi Involved In A Coup? (Ep 1606)

The Mark Milley scandal explodes. Three questions that must be answered. The rebellion has begun. In this episode I also show video of people fighting back against leftist tyranny.  News Picks: Did Mark Milley go rogue? The evidence is damning.  Did Mark Milley tell military officials not to follow President Trump?s orders? Is the Durham probe heating up, or is this another headfake? Occupy Democrats suddenly supports evictions.  What?s in the Democrats? pork spending plan? Biden hires a group to bring illegal immigrants back to the United States. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Did We Witness An Act Of Treason? (Ep 1605)

Were the Democrats involved in a coup? Did Mark Milley commit treason? In this episode I address the disturbing evidence.  News Picks: New book claims Mark Milley betrayed the President.  ?Defund the Police? squad members pay a lot for private security. Genealogist finds evidence Joe Biden?s family owned slaves.  Is the Biden Administration trying to shut down doctors prescribing antibodies? The polls look really bad for Biden. We don?t have a taxation problem, we have a spending problem. It?s not how much, but what you eat. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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A Shocking New Study About Covid Goes Viral (Ep 1604)

A shocking new study about covid emerges, and it shakes up the Internet. In this episode I address the study and I breakdown the devastating effects of the coming Biden tax hikes News Picks: A news study shows that the covid hospitalization numbers can be misleading. Americans spent more on taxes than food, clothing and healthcare combined. Confiscating the wealth of all the country?s billionaires can?t pay for the Democrat?s spending plans. Here?s what the ?rich? pay in taxes. The NY Times quietly deletes their ridiculous Hunter Biden claims. More than half of US states are fighting Biden?s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. Democrats can?t possibly pay for their plans without taxing the middle class. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Are We Already In A Cold Civil War? (Ep 1603)

Are we already in a cold civil war? In this episode I address the troubling question. Also, I dissect the many issues with the vaccine mandate. News Picks: Winning the ongoing cold civil war.  Biden gets booed at Ground Zero, and then says more offensive things.  The grotesque LA Times gets caught smearing Larry Elder. Hapless CNN analyst humiliates herself yet again.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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The Bongino Brief - Sept. 11, 2021

The way the left talks about economics is becoming increasingly disturbing.
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Joe Biden Embraces Tyranny (Ep 1602)

Joe Biden has crossed the line. The vaccine mandate he is pushing is condemned to fail. In this episode I address the reasons why.  News Picks: Joe Biden demands you get a vaccine unless you?re in the USPS.  Texas hospital bans Ivermectin for covid patients. Inflation is running wild. White House Chief of Staff undermines the Biden vaccine mandates with one tweet. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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A Racist Attack Is Caught On Tape And The Media Is Silent (Ep 1601)

Shocking video of a racist attack on a candidate emerges, and the media remains silent. Why? In this episode I address the attack and the latest insane policy proposal from the Biden administration about the Afghan refugees.  News Picks: Larry Elder is attacked in California while campaigning, and the media is largely silent. New emails show the teacher?s unions pressured the CDC on covid guidance. Biden is proposing a financial surveillance tool that will destroy your privacy.  Bidenomics is a grotesque failure. Biden is pushing out Trump appointees to military boards. Reed Galen is a grifter. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Joe Biden?s Really Really Bad Day (Ep 1600)

Can it get any worse for Joe Biden? In this episode, I address his really bad day yesterday. I also discuss the latest media Ivermectin meltdown, and the Texas abortion law meltdown.  News Picks: Highlights of my interview with President Trump. Biden is still leaving people behind in Afghanistan. Americans are ignoring Fauci, and living their lives. Hapless Joe Biden to reveal another plan for covid on Thursday.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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I Swear To You, There's An American Awakening Happening (Ep 1599)

Another "journalism" site gets caught publishing fake news. In this episode, I address the scandal. I also discuss the troubling new story about the Wuhan lab leak and the brewing Biden State Department scandal in Afghanistan. News Picks: Explosive new reporting details the extent of coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab.  Rolling Stone gets caught publishing fake news, AGAIN! The Biden State Department tries to steal credit for evacuating Americans.  The Harper's story discussed in the show about the "misinformation" gift. Do the ?rich? pay their fair-share of taxes? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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Dan Bongino Labor Day Podcast Special

Select interviews from the Dan Bongino Radio Show from the past couple of weeks. Dan interviews Gen. Jerry Boykin, who was involved with the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia. They discussed the terrible tactics in our pullout of Afghanistan. Dan talks with former Navy Seal Jocko Willink about leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan and the lack of accountability from leadership. Finally Dan talks with Pennsylvania Senate Candidate and former Infantry Captain who served in Afghanistan, about the botched withdrawal from that country and what we can expect to happen in the coming years. 
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The Bongino Brief - Sept 04, 2021

Joe Biden's lies and gaslighting.
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Institutions Are Collapsing, But Here?s The Good News (Ep 1598)

A left wing outlet published an explosive piece on the mask tyranny going on. In this episode, I address the article along with the continued implosion of the Biden agenda as their credibility craters.  News Picks: Disgusting USA Today ?fact-checker? smears Gold Star families. The costs of wearing a face mask are real. Where are all of these missing ballots?  Yes, the counter culture revolution has begun.  Amazon doubles down on speech suppression. We MUST build a parallel economy. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
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