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The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He?s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.


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Unbelievable. They?re Really Trying This (Ep 1379)

In this episode, I discuss the hilariously awful attempt by the media to change their story about the Biden Crime Family. I also address the real reason the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation could change everything.  News Picks: ?Journalists? mocked for falsely claiming the Trump healthcare plan was blank pages.  CNN?s Chris Cuomo loses it on tv after getting busted for being a hypocrite. The Biden campaign is desperately trying to walk back it?s threats to the oil and gas industry. A big win for fair elections in Wisconsin.  Rumble is growing in popularity as people grow tired of YouTube censorship. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Media and the Left is Missing This, Again. (Ep 1378)

In this episode, I discuss this disastrous Joe Biden television interview and the fallout afterwards. I also address the massive political realignment happening as a result of the Trump presidency.  News Picks: 20 questions the media would be asking Biden if he was a Republican. More damning texts emerge in the case against the Biden crime family.  Rudy Giuliani lays out the case against the Biden Crime Family. Facebook is proposing another way to interfere in the election.  Is President Trump preparing today fore the hapless FBI Director?  Flu cases puzzle experts, as they hit rock bottom. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.?
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Interview With Rudy Giuliani & 2020 Election Special (Ep 1377)

In this episode, I interview Rudy Giuliani about the stunning new information regarding the Biden Crime and his theory about what the Chinese were really up to. I also discuss the upcoming election with pollster Robert Cahaly and Trump campaign spokesman Steve Cortes. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Trump Didn?t Just Win The Debate, He Destroyed Biden (Ep 1376)

In this episode, I discuss the disastrous debate performance by the hapless Joe Biden, and what this really means for the election. News Picks: President Trump?s strategy is becoming clear, excite the base! Hunter Biden?s former business partner details their shady business dealings. Joe Biden is absolutely lying about Ukraine. Tony Bobulinski blows the doors off of the Biden crime family scandal.  The desperate Biden campaign is trying to run away from the latest corruption allegations. Did Joe Biden take a bribe? CNN ?fact-checker? humiliates himself and his network. Weekly jobless claims are going down. This is good news.  ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Bombshell New Revelations in the Biden Scandal (Ep 1375)

In this episode, I address the latest bombshell allegations about Joe Biden?s pay for play scheme, and the deeply troubling connections between the Biden crime family and a number of swampy organizations.  News Picks: Breaking: Allegations emerge that Hunter Biden?s laptop has child pornography stored on it. Is Hunter Biden?s laptop evidence in a money laundering investigation?  Biden business partner flips on Biden. Joe Biden scored millions after he left office. Where did it go? This John Solomon piece describes the suspicious money trial behind the Bidens. Five things to look for in tonight?s debate. The Senate advances the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Most Disgusting Revelation Yet in the Biden Case (Ep 1374)

In this episode, I discuss the disgusting new revelations in the case against the Biden crime family. Biden should immediately drop out of the race if this new information is confirmed. I also address an astonishing comment by a former twitter executive regarding Donald Trump.  News Picks: Was the Biden family covering up child endangerment? The FBI and DOJ do NOT believe Hunter Biden?s laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.  Yes, Joe Biden WILL raise your taxes.  Democrats, scarred by 2016, fear a late Trump surge.  Twitter is clearly abusing section 230, here?s an interesting fix.  The Amy Coney Barrett vote will happen on Hillary?s birthday. Happy birthday! Unemployment is 59% higher in blue states than in red states. Here?s how the ANTIFA racket works. The Senate will vote on Amy Coney Barrett?s nomination to the Supreme Court on Monday. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Here?s What Trump Should Do During The Debate To Expose Biden (Ep 1373)

In this episode, I discuss the stunning new evidence about the Biden crime family case that the Democrats, and their media allies, cannot run away from.  News Picks: Computer repair shop receipt revealed, and it burns the dopey media narrative to the ground. The liberal debate moderator likely won?t ask about Hunter Biden?s emails.  Media hacks are using the ?unverified? excuse for ignoring the Biden crime family story. Chief Justice Roberts sold us out again. The debate commission keeps screwing over the President.  Joe Biden?s ridiculous tax plan makes absolutely no sense. The DOJ announces a historic anti-trust lawsuit against Google. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Biden Scandal Explodes (Ep 1372)

In this episode, I discuss the explosive new evidence emerging that the Biden crime family is an active national security threat. I also address the misleading polling data and the early voting data which appear to be good news for the Trump campaign.  News Picks: DNI Ratcliffe debunks the ?Russian disinformation? nonsense. Stunning new emails emerge in the Biden crime family case. This may explain why Facebook is eager to make the Biden/Ukraine story go away.  The most disturbing revelation yet in the Hunter Biden scandal. Biden campaign manager admits that they are NOT up by double digits in the polls. Early voting trends in swing states trending in a positive direction for President Trump.  Health data nukes the leftist narrative about Trump rallies.  Twitters censorship model is a disaster. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Bonus: The Bongino Brief - Oct 17, 2020

Something has to be done about the tech tyrants' interference in our election.
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The Real Reason This Liberal Megadonor is Spending Big (Ep 1371)

In this episode, I discuss the disastrous moderator attacks on Trump during the townhall and the simultaneous babying of Joe Biden by ABC. I also address the reemergence of George Soros in the 2020 election cycle.  News Picks: George Soros is back! Why didn?t the liberal hacks at Twitter censor these fake news stories? Remarkably, Joe Biden wasn?t asked a single question about his shady family business during the entire townhall last night. Lindsey Graham announces the timeline for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.  Savannah Guthrie blasted for atrociously bad townhall performance. The Joe Biden tax plan will be a disaster for the economy. What was George Soros up to in Ukraine? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Tech Tyrants Crossed a Line (Ep 1370)

In this episode, I discuss the latest bombshell emails in the Hunter Biden case. If these emails are authenticated then Joe Biden must step out of the presidential race. I address the outrageous speech suppression efforts by the tech tyrants in response. I also play audio of Andrew Cuomo admitting the coronavirus lockdowns are based on ?fear.?  News Picks: The Biden crime family story is getting worse.  Did Joe Biden cash in on his son?s shady business?  Big tech interferes in the 2020 election to help Joe Biden.  Twitter desperately tried to cover its butt after the N.Y. Post censorship fiasco. NY Times ?reporter? gets caught trying to blame conservatives for liberal calls to violence. Gaps appear in Biden?s schedule when the alleged meeting with the Ukrainian businessman is alleged to have occurred.  The word police are it again! Remember when Obama argued that the Obamacare penalty wasn?t a tax. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Explosive New Emails Surface (Ep 1369)

In this episode, I discuss the explosive new revelations about Joe Biden?s foreign corruption. This will shake and rattle the campaign. I also discuss a shameless assault by The NY Times on the election.  News Picks: Smoking gun emails emerge revealing how Hunter Biden introduced his Ukrainian business partners to his father Why was a company involved with Hunter Biden on an Obama administration conference call?  Senior FBI officials were texting each other about media leaks in the collusion hoax.  Something strange is going on with the unmasking investigation.  Transition Integrity Project founder calls for death of a conservative who exposed their plans.  Some good news for President Trump in the election data.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Here?s the Key to Fighting Back Against Big Tech (Ep 1368)

In this episode, I discuss the big tech tyrants doubling down on their wars on free speech. We have an option to fight back, and you must hear about it. I also address the Democrat?s ridiculous arguments in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings.  News Picks: Are the big tech titans breaking campaign finance laws?  Democrats get an unpleasant surprise on the Amy Coney Barrett hearing. Joe Biden?s cognitive decline was on display yesterday. The better Sweden does in battling the coronavirus, the angrier they get.  Tik Tokkers try to sabotage Trump tally and hilariously fail!  The FBI?s own spreadsheet documents the uselessness of the Steele dossier.  The NBA ratings are in a historic collapse. Get woke, go broke.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Democrats Push Two Insane Talking Points (Ep 1367)

In this episode, I discuss the Democrat?s total meltdown over the open Supreme Court seat. I also address the stunning revelation that a member of the Pelosi family has a heavy financial interest in the company involved in the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Wait, what? A Pelosi has financial ties to Crowdstrike?  Will the country survive if the Democrats pack the Supreme Court? Six things to watch in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. Democrats are attacking the Supreme Court because they fear losing power over the rest of us.  The Democrats are insanely arguing that filling an open Supreme Court seat is ?Court packing.?  Are the polls all wrong again? A must-read 2017 article about the connections between the Russians and Bill Clinton. About the Obama ?fixer.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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I Got A Crazy Call From The NY Times (Ep 1366)

In this episode, I discuss an insane call I received from a N.Y. Times ?reporter? about the Democrat?s calls for a ?coup? and a ?street fight.? They?re clearly worried that we?re exposing their nonsense. I also address explosive connections that nail these key FBI players to the wall. News Picks: This is a base election now.  The hack media struggles to connect Trump to the Whitmer kidnapping plot.  Another liberal media BS narrative collapses.  The Democrats hate it when you expose their coup attempts.  Has the second debate moderator already disqualified himself?  Twitter locks the account of Ric Grenell after voter fraud warning. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Are The Democrats Planning a Post Election Coup? (Ep 1365)

In this episode, I discuss Mike Pence?s destruction of the hapless Kamala Harris at the Vice Presidential debate last night. I also address the troubling evidence that influential Democrats are planning a post elections coup if Donald Trump wins.  News Picks: Are the Democrats planning a coup in the event of a Trump election win? President Trump rejects the ridiculous proposal for a virtual debate. Kamala Harris doesn?t want to talk about her extreme agenda. Kamala Harris still refuses to answer a question about packing the Supreme Court. NJ postal worker arrested for throwing out mail in ballots. George Soros is back! An update on my procedure yesterday.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.  
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The Drip, Drip, Turns Into a Gusher (Ep 1364)

In this episode, I address the explosive new revelations that Obama, Brennan, and the FBI knew about the framing of Donald Trump. I show excerpts from Brennan?s own book which are damning. I also address the debate tonight and why you should ignore conventional wisdom about who will win.  News Picks: My new book is available now and the reviews are terrific. Pick up a copy here: CNN reporter who criticized Trump for taking off his mask, was criticized for taking off her mask.  Mark Levin takes the gloves off and absolutely hammers Facebook. Here?s the real story behind President Trump?s motorcade from the hospital. John Brennan is busted. So is Comey. State Department officials were warned that they were illegally monitoring me, and other conservative personalities. Get woke. Go broke. NBA Finals ratings hit a new low!  Here?s what happens if the Democrat?s push for Washington DC and Puerto Rico statehood materialize. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Growing Threat of a Digital Coup by the Tech Tyrants (Ep 1363)

n this episode, I address the media meltdown over Trump?s recovery from coronavirus. I also discuss the real story behind the explosive new revelations in the Spygate case. They?re all caught. And they know it.  I also discuss the troubling possibility of a digital coup by Big Tech. This is a threat to our Republic. I interview Allum Bokhari about his new book ?#DELETED: Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election? News Picks: Please pick up a copy of my new book about the Obama ?fixer? and the deep-state plot to take out Trump. It?s out today! Pick it up here. Washington Post columnist totally melts down as Trump recovers from coronavirus.  President Trump leaves the hospital and some hilarious memes sprout.  Don?t buy the Secret Service stories about Trump. Here?s the real story. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Hard to Believe this is Actually Happening (Ep 1362)

In this episode, I address the worst responses from the radical Left in response to President Trump?s hospitalization. I also eviscerate two Joe Biden campaign claims that aren?t based in reality.  News Picks: Secret tapes of Melania Trump are released in order to damage her. It backfires big time. Unpacking Joe Biden?s many lies about the Trump economy.  An older article which accurately sums up the awful Obama/Biden economic record. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Oct 03, 2020

Challenging the narrative that Donald Trump won't condemn white supremacists.
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The Coup Plotters and their Tech Titan Partners (Ep 1361)

In this episode, I address the news about the President and coronavirus, along with the troubling liberal response. I also address the troubling links between the tech tyrants and the liberal coup plotters.  News Picks: President Trump tests positive for coronavirus.  CNN sickos politicize the news about the President?s coronavirus infection. Big tech titans are backing the coup plotters at the Transition Integrity Project.   A former intern to Joe Biden will moderate second presidential debate.  Unpacking Joe Biden?s many lies about the Trump job creation miracle. The economy continues to recover from the coronavirus scourge. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Hell No! Trump Should Not Do This (Ep 1360)

In this episode, I address the outrageous demands being made for the next presidential debate, and how President Trump should handle them. I also address Jim Comey?s meltdown on Capitol Hill yesterday, and the connections he?s hiding.  News Picks: President Trump should NOT agree to new debate rules.  Presidential debate moderators want to be able to cut off the President?s microphone.  Jim Comey plays dumb, and he does it well. The worst of Joe Biden in 40 quotes.  This is clearly the dumbest ?fact-check? in the history of the cosmos. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Why Trump Won Last Night, Big (Ep 1359)

In this episode, I discuss the key takeaways from the first presidential debate. I also address the big revelations in the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Now we know. Hillary cooked up the collusion hoax, and Obama knew. Trump and Biden duke it out at the first presidential debate.   Chris Wallace is getting destroyed for his debate performance. Joe Biden was speechless when asked to name one police group who supported him.  Trump did agree to condemn white supremacists. Don?t believe the BS.  This may be the single dumbest ?fact-check? in the history of fact-checking.  Florida schools reopened and the Coronavirus panic-merchants predictions fell flat.  Read presidential policy directive 41 under Obama. ?Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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This Could be a Deal Breaker in the Debate Tonight (Ep 1358)

In this episode, I address the critical question about tonight?s presidential debate that could determine the winner. I also address the latest Hollywood and media effort to rewrite the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Can Biden keep his cool during the debate? Nancy Pelosi is already preparing the Democrats for post-election chaos.  What happens if one of the presidential candidates cannot take office? More evidence that Brian Stelter is the dumbest man on television.  A new movie about the Spygate scandal, and meant to rescue Jim Comey, botches key facts.  Trays of mail, including absentee ballots found in a ditch in Wisconsin. Joe Rogan is a target of the woke SJWs at Spotify. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Another Fake News Hoax Implodes (Ep 1357)

In this episode, I address the real reason the Democrats are panicking over the Supreme Court. I also address two explosive new pieces of information about the ongoing deep-state scandal to take down Trump.  News Picks: The N.Y. Times fake ?bombshell? about Trump?s tax returns, lands with a thud. Project Veritas exposes a potentially massive voter fraud scheme.  The FBI personnel involved in the Spygate scandal were worried about being sued.  Explosive new developments in the Spygate scandal. Did the FBI take information from a suspected Russian spy?  There was NEVER evidence of Russian collusion.  The Hunter Biden scandal continues to get ugly.  Behold! Perhaps the best police video ever.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Culture Wars: An Interview With Dinesh D?Souza (Ep 1356)

In this episode, I interview Dinesh D?Souza about the liberal culture war, the Trump movement, and his new movies. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Is This The Next Bombshell to Drop? (Ep 1355)

In this episode, I address the explosive revelation that the Clinton?s may be back on the DOJ radar.  News Picks: Is the Justice Department looking into the Clinton Foundation again? Remember this piece about the disastrous Clinton Foundation? Is this what the Clintons are hiding about the Clinton Foundation? Insane crowd screams at the President as he pays respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Are the Democrats Colluding With Big Tech? (1354)

In this episode, I address the collusion between liberal election-chaos groups and the tech tyrants. I also address a disastrous interview for Joe Biden when a journalist decides to do his job.  News Picks: Here?s the real story behind the death of Breonna Taylor. Two police officers were shot during the riots last night. Some republicans see gold in the Democrat?s unhinged response to the open Supreme Court seat.   Don?t fall for simplistic claims about the tragic California wildfires. Silicon Valley is toying with the 2020 election and they could be causing a catastrophe. New Yorkers are fleeing for Florida. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Some Personal News I Need to Share (Ep 1353)

In this episode, I address the explosive new report which has the Biden campaign scrambling for answers. I also address the troubling new evidence that the big tech companies are squashing conservative voices.  News Picks: Princeton?s cheap, empty virtue-signaling may prove very expensive. Bombshell new report shows Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from suspicious foreign contacts. More coverage of the Hunter Biden fiasco.  More evidence that Google is trying to crush conservative voices. The disgraced NY Attorney General is engaging in an unprecedented abuse of power by targeting the Trump family. Facebook?s election information blackout will hurt the democratic process. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Coup Plotters Are Panicking (Ep 1352)

In this episode, I address the explosive ties between these billionaire backers and the liberal?s planned post-election coup.  News Picks: Democrats tamp down threats to pack the Supreme Court. Joe Biden punts on packing the Supreme Court.  Biden refuses to release his Supreme Court list because it would be populated with radicals.  Biden?s ?Scranton versus Park Avenue? line is all BS.  The Transition Integrity Project is getting nervous now that we?ve exposed their plans.  Here are the billionaire backers of the coming coup. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Coming Chaos (Ep 1351)

In this episode, I address the political chaos unfolding after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  News Picks: History is on the side of the GOP in filling the Supreme Court seat.  The lunatic Democrats are threatening chaos if the Supreme Court seat is filled.  Confirm a justice now.  President Trump says he will announce his choice for the Supreme Court on Friday or Saturday. What is something happens to one of the presidential candidates before Election Day? Is there an October surprise ahead in the 2016 Anthony Weiner laptop case?  Twitter is promising to censor their election coverage. With Parler you can get censorship-free coverage. Read the Parler Pledge. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Full Interview with President Trump (Ep 1350)

In this episode, I welcome back President Donald J. Trump to the show. He answers questions about the troubling calls from leftists for a ?street fight? after the election, social media censorship of his account, his election chances, and on Biden?s lies about tax hikes and defunding the police. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Bongino Brief - Sep 19, 2020

Bonus content: how to get the Bongino Brief on your Alexa device.
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President Trump Returns to the Show (Ep 1349)

In this episode, I interview President Donald J. Trump about the coming election. I also show numerous examples of the media covering up the developing Joe Biden disaster.  News Picks: Joe Biden gets caught lying, again.  Leftist City Council members are shocked to see crime go up since they started defunding the police.  Princeton says racism is ?embedded? in their university so now they?re under investigation.  This is what I?m worried about. Biden is weak and AOC is already telling people they can push him to the left. More coverage of my fight against the tech tyrants at YouTube. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Who is Paying For All of this Liberal Street Chaos? (Ep 1348)

In this episode, I address the real money behind the left wing plot to destroy Americans cities and towns from the inside-out.  News Picks: I?m tired of YouTube?s nonsense. Here?s what I?m doing to fight back. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter caught on tape making troubling statements. More suspicious ties for the founders of Black Lives Matter. Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists arrested for trying to defend his home.  Is the CDC downplaying the effects of hydroxychloroquine? Bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris bailed out a man accused of sexually assaulting a child.  Bill Barr drops the hammer on violent rioters. Airlines are booking flights to nowhere? What? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Follow The Money (Ep 1347)

In this episode, I follow the money trail and I reveal who is really behind the Democrats? plan for post-election chaos.  News Picks: Follow the money behind the coming coup. What happens if the presidential election results in a tie?  Evidence emerges that Biden is using a teleprompter to answer questions. A theory about why the corrupt Mueller witch hunters deleted the contents of their phones.  PA judge sets the bail for rioters at 1 million dollars each. Excellent! Yes, ANTIFA is an organized terror group. Here?s the evidence. Remember when Obama purged the upper level ranks of our military.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Left?s Battle Plan for Street Chaos (Ep 1346)

In this episode, I address the Left?s dangerous obsession with street chaos after the presidential election. I also address the latest Adam Schiff, anti-Trump hoax to completely fall apart. Finally I address the most dangerous part of Biden?s post-election plans.  News Picks: Fake news CNN gets wrecked again on a fake ?fact-check.? Federal judge smacks down the ridiculous Pennsylvania lockdowns.  President Trump makes a move to win states he lost to Hillary in 2016. The school shut-down lobby continues to promote coronavirus misinformation.  Why Trump is winning over Hispanic voters. Peter Strzok continues to pump conspiracy theories without any evidence to back them up.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Stopping the Democrats? Coming Coup (Ep 1345)

In this episode, I address what we must do immediately to stop the Democrats? coming election coup. I also address the media panic, now that the coup has been exposed. I also address the outrageous Biden response to the attempted murder of two police officers in Los Angeles and how this should be a redline in the 2020 election.  News Picks: The details of the Democrats? coming coup.  Stopping the coming coup. How Twitter plans to help Team-Biden steal the election.  Sick savages show up at the hospital treating two ambushed LA deputies screaming ?we hope you die.?  NFL ratings are collapsing. Get woke, go broke. Why are liberals trying to bring back segregation?  Here?s one of the violent criminals Kamala Harris helped bail out. Remember in 2017 when Spygate investigator Peter Strzok texted about collusion, ?There?s no big there, there.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Spygate Special With Devin Nunes & Carter Page (Ep 1344)

In this episode, I discuss new revelations in the Spygate scandal with Devin Nunes and Carter Page. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Worst TV Interview I?ve Ever Seen (Ep 1343)

In this episode, I address the live meltdown on Fox News by a Biden media hack when questioned about Biden?s atrocious coronavirus response. I also address another explosive development about the corrupt Mueller probe. Did they wipe their phones out to hide their text messages?  News Picks: Unbelievable! The corrupt Mueller team wiped their phones of the data before turning them over. Joe Biden?s media hack melts down on Fox News. Questions multiply about Biden?s use of scripted questions and answers at events Adam Schiff is at it again. He?s found a new ?whistleblower.? .  Professional sports is taking a reputational beating since they turned ?woke.? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Another Day, Another Fake ?Scandal? (Ep 1342)

In this episode, I address the latest media faux-outrage campaign against Trump. I show video evidence that this is another fake news event. I also address the shocking turn of events in the Spygate case as the lead investigator changes his story, again.  News Picks: Peter Strzok admits he got caught in a lie.  Meet the hatchet man involved with the coming coup planning in the event Trump wins.  Inside the privileged lives of the NY City rioters.  Debunking another dopey ?study? spreading coronavirus hysteria. Is there a hidden Trump vote out there? The NFL is being run by idiots. Karl Rove?s piece about the Left?s Covid memory hole. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Who is the Puppet Master Behind This? (Ep 1341)

In this episode, I address the coming coup being organized by the left and the grotesque effort by the media to blame the leftist street-chaos on conservatives. I also address breaking news about John Brennan and his role in the anti-Trump coup effort.  News Picks: Liberal gaslighting about the chaos in the streets is reaching epic proportions. Columnist warns that you ain?t seen anything yet if Trump is re-elected.  The entire Rochester Police Department management staff resigns following the death of Mr. Prude.  More police managers are going to resign if the rush to blame continues. Disney thanks the Chinese Communist Party bureaus near the site of detention camps. The evidence is piling up that the lockdowns were a huge mistake.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Democrats are Calling for a ?Street Fight? (Ep 1340)

In this episode, I address the Democrats? plan for a ?street fight? during this critical post-election time frame. I also discuss the disastrous Peter Strzok interview about Spygate, where he repeatedly lies. Finally, I show a video of the sign thief that stole two Trump signs from my house.  News Picks: Here is the Wall Street Journal article about election deadlines that listeners are asking about.  President Trump calls out the military-industrial complex. Trust in the media is evaporating at a rapid pace.  Joe Biden once joked about China helping him become president.  Potential Biden AG nominee has some serious issues. The AP finally acknowledges that mail-in voting could be a big problem.  Major flip-flop for the Harris-Biden ticket. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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The Coming Coup (Ep 1339)

In this episode, I address the explosive article about the Democrats? coming post-election coup. They?re not even bothering to hide their plans anymore. It?s frightening. I also discuss the sophisticated disinformation campaign being employed by this former military leader to destroy Trump.  News Picks: A troubling piece about the potential for a coup after the November election. Are our enemies preparing for an EMP attack around the election? Journalists new tool - using ?confirmed? sources to mean the opposite.  Is Stanley McChrystal leading a disinformation campaign against President Trump? Spygate conspirator Peter Strzok continues to humiliate himself. The FBI Spygate plotters are lying about Manafort?s contacts with this former Obama administration official.  Kamala Harris goes back to the Russian collusion hoax, again.  American Airlines allows employees to wear Marxist, terror-group BLM pins. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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They?re Admitting Election Chaos IS The Plan (Ep 1338)

In this episode, I address the troubling opinion piece in the Washington Post which should have everyone on high-alert. I also address John Brennan throwing the Obama administration under the bus. Finally, I interview Don Trump Jr. about the endless attacks on his family by the Left.  News Picks: John Brennan throws the Obama administration under the bus in this Washington Post opinion piece.  Wisconsin locals rip Joe Biden?s visit.  Our deficit is entirely out of control.  Pro-Looting book requests that you don?t loot pro-looting book.  Here?s the link to Don Trump Jr?s new book. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Exposing the Left?s Disturbing Plan for Election Day Chaos (Ep 1337)

In this episode, I address the Left?s troubling plan for Election Day, and post-election chaos. I also address the fiery interview on CNN between Attorney General Bill Barr and Wolf Blitzer where they battle over voter fraud and the liberal riots.  News Picks: Disgraced Nancy Pelosi throws a struggling hair salon owner under the bus. Disgusting NY Governor Andrew Cuomo threatens the President.   This NY Post article about voter fraud is frightening. Explosive new revelations about the Obama appointed US diplomatic staff In Ukraine monitoring American citizens.  Woman, who may be Portland?s next mayor, says she is ANTIFA. Bill Barr wrecks Wolf Blitzer in CNN interview.  Facebook is at it again. Pro-looting book requests you don?t loot pro-looting book.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Watch Confused Joe Biden Debate Himself (Ep 1336)

In this episode, I show footage of a confused Joe Biden debating himself. Biden is so confused he takes opposing positions on the same issue! I also cover this explosive story about Nancy Pelosi?s hypocrisy.  News Picks: The crazed Washington DC Mayor wants to relocate the Washington Monument. Fraudster Nancy Pelosi gets a haircut, ignoring the rules! Why Democrats are encouraging riots around the country.   The NBA ratings are completely collapsing. Get woke, go broke.  The ?judge? in the Mike Flynn case continues to humiliate himself in front of the entire country. The Democrats are preparing to cause election night chaos. Here is their battle plan.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Are Polls Being Suppressed to Hide Trump Support? (Ep 1335)

In this episode, I address the ongoing collapse of the Biden campaign, and the mounds of evidence that he?s in real trouble. I also address latest troubling video to emerge from the street riots in Portland.  News Picks: Joe Biden began his campaign by praising ANTIFA. Unbelievably, the appeals court rejects Mike Flynn?s effort to force the misguided judge to drop the broken case against him. Joe Biden attempts to speak in complete sentences, with mixed results.   Fact-Check: Joe Biden says he is not banning fracking. Really?  Four trends showing President Trump may be in solid shape in November.  Are positive Trump polls being suppressed? Andy McCarthy?s excellent piece about the FBI lawyer who plead guilty in the Spygate case. Debunking yet another silly leftist conspiracy theory.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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They Are NOT ?Protests? (Ep 1334)

In this episode, I discuss the street riots and who is behind them. These are NOT protests and anyone promoting that nonsense is lying to you. I also address a stunning article about how liberal fraudsters commit election fraud.  News Picks: A stunning insider?s account of voter fraud and how it?s done. Violent leftist rioters commit a murder on the streets of Portland.  Democrats have been encouraging violence for a long time, beginning with Barack Obama.  The Mayor of Portland is a fraud. He turned down federal help.  Who is funding these violent riots in American cities? Questions are emerging about the CIA?s conclusions about Putin?s intentions.  A terrific Andy McCarthy article explaining the role of the FBI lawyer who pled guilty to manipulating evidence in the Spygate case.  Are more declassified documents coming out in the Spygate scandal? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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Chaos Outside The White House as the Liberal Rage Mob Attacks (Ep 1333)

In this episode, I address the stunning close to the Republican National Convention and I give a first hand account of what it was like. I also discuss the bombshell dropped by Nancy Pelosi about the presidential debates.  News Picks: Nancy Pelosi finally says it! Joe Biden shouldn?t debate. Because he can?t. Trump destroys Biden in his GOP acceptance speech. Racist Democrats continue to insult Black conservatives. It?s disgusting.  Obama and Biden back the NBA?s boycotting of itself.  The NBA can?t even boycott itself.  CNN can?t get out of their own way. It?s embarrassing.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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