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Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".


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Relationships You Need To Be the Mom You Want to Be :: Heather MacFadyen [Ep 341]

Join me as I step into the role of guest on my own show! My friend Courtney Cleveland interviews me and we do go in depth on my first book, Don?t Mom Alone. **Now available wherever books are sold!**

We talk about how being a good mom isn?t about doing everything right to create a set of perfect trophy children?though every mom has felt the pressure to do just that and to do it all on her own. And how asking for help feels like defeat, but when we try to do it all by our own strength, we end up depleted, lonely, and ineffective.

We are not meant to do this alone! I believe moms can be empowered by God, supported by others, and connected with their children. With encouragement and insight, you can foster the key relationships you need to be the mom you want to be so we DON?T MOM ALONE. 

Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Don?t Mom Alone BOOK: Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for You and Your Kids!  Featured Sponsors:  Rothys: Get $20 off your first purchase at BetterHelp: Visit and as a DMA listener get 10% off your first month. 
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For the Mom Tired of Striving:: Ruth Chou Simons [Ep 340]

In this episode, I?m excited to welcome back Ruth Chou Simons. In her newest book, When Strivings Cease, Ruth invites us to rethink our preoccupation with approval and the striving that comes because we feel like we?re forever missing the mark. It offers a deeper, abiding understanding of what God?s generous, unmerited favor really accomplishes in and through us when we receive the gift of grace.

As a mom of six boys, an author and an entrepreneur, Ruth shares from her experience of feeling like she needed to strive to move forward as a creator and how learning to trust God through the experience of mothering in the little years made all the difference. 

?Sometimes I feel like a late bloomer, but there's no such thing in God's timing and God's economy of ideas and opportunities. And those 10 years of changing diapers and just keeping my children alive felt like things were happening so slowly. But God taught me more in the slow waiting, hidden moments of a season that didn't look the way I wanted it to. And those things are fruitful. They've created the fruit that you see now.?

We talk about how to reset when you feel striving taking over, how to stop ourselves from demanding perfection/striving from our kids and how to preach truth to ourselves when we need to be reminded that we can trust God instead of living in fear. 

Connect with Ruth:  Website:   Facebook:  Instagram:  @ruthchousimons  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: When Strivings Cease  [EP 23] Beauty creator. Unity builder. Mom. ?Ruth Simons  [EP 255] Become What You Behold :: Ruth Chou Simons  [Ep 278] Giving Kids a Firm Foundation :: Troy Simons Featured Sponsors: 


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Truth for When You Feel Like a Bad Mom :: Jamie Ivey [Ep 339]

Sometimes you have to preach truth to yourself when the days are long and you feel inadequate. And oftentimes we need a friend or two to point out the truth. Jamie Ivey is on the podcast today to be that friend for us. She brings us into her personal struggles as a mom and reminds us that we aren?t alone in the struggle.

?It brings me so much comfort that God is not surprised by our diagnoses. He is not surprised by our families. He's not surprised by our struggles. He's not surprised by our insecurities, but he is a God who's willing and ready to be with us in the midst of those.?

If you need a reminder that God made you to have your kids. He made your kids to be who they are with all their abilities and challenges. And he didn?t just create us and stand away distanced as we struggle in life. This episode is for you. 

We talk about Jamie?s new children?s book God Made You to Be You, but dive much deeper into what that message can mean to us as moms and how we can encourage our kids as they relate to others who are different than them. 

Connect with Jamie:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @jamieivey

Links Mentioned:  

Book: God Made You to Be You More at  [Ep 191] A Safe Place to Share Messy Stories :: Jamie Ivey 

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Helping Our Kids Foster Friendships :: David Thomas and Sissy Goff [Ep 338]

I?m excited to welcome back Sissy Goff and David Thomas to the show to talk about helping our kids foster friendships.  As licensed counselors, working at DayStar Counseling Center in Nashville, they provide support, encouragement & compassion to children, adolescents & families in need through counseling.

We talk about the nuances of boys vs girls in friendships, what to do if your kid is the bully, helping kids when friendships change or friends move, and how to take cues from our kids when it comes to their friendships

?It is really more important to prioritize teaching kids to be friends than to be concerned with them, having friends. And when it comes to our worries and fears about friendships, we can't have more emotion than they do over whatever's going on for them relationally. Often that will make them either feel like we're not safe to talk to, or it'll just make them dam up these feelings.?

Connect with David & Sissy:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @sissygoff & @raisingboysandgirls  Podcast: 

Previous Podcasts with David & Sissy:

[Ep 119] The Art of Nurturing Boys :: David Thomas  [Ep 141] Raising Girls :: Sissy Goff [Ep 160] Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas  [Ep 311] Getting Brave About Anxiety :: Sissy Goff  [Ep 315] Understanding Boys Better :: David Thomas

Links Mentioned:  

BOOK: Are My Kids on Track? BOOK: The Invisible String 

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Long Game Parenting :: Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson [Ep 337]

Their real names are Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson, but they?ve been blogging for a long time on the internet as Big Mama and BooMama. In addition to being authors and speakers, they also host the fun podcast The Big Boo Cast where they talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

They join me for a mom friends episode where we talk about parenting teens, launching kids to college and letting go of mom guilt. 

?If you were a bad mom, you wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about if you were a bad mom. So the fact that you're feeling that guilt is like, you love your child, you're showing up, you're trying to do all the right things. And you just have to trust that God's grace covers the rest of it because they're going to be things you get wrong.?

You won?t want to miss the fun and funny Melanie and Sophie. I consider them some of my mentor moms and they offer up a lot of candid advice and wisdom for playing the ?long game? of parenting. 

Connect with Melanie: 

Website:    Facebook:  Instagram: @melanieshankle   Connect with Sophie:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @boomama205

Links Mentioned:  

The Big Boo Cast   BOOK: Grace Upon Grace Journaling Devotional: Trusting God No Matter What [EP 12] The Antelope in the Living Room with Melanie Shankle [EP 58] Home is Where My People Are :: Sophie Hudson [Ep 273] Navigating Friendship :: Melanie Shankle 

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Weathering Life?s Storms :: Sally Clarkson [Ep 336]

Even without the overwhelm of the pandemic exhausting us both physically and emotionally, life inevitably brings storms our way. Storms that we can ride out with God or storms that we allow to sweep us away. 

Sally Clarkson, author, speaker and mentor of moms, joins me to talk about how to weather the storms of life with grace and hope. We talk about how some anchors we can put down in stormy times, pushing into friendships, filling our cups when we are depleted and parenting our kids through life?s disappointments. 

Sally also shares about how weathering life?s storms helps us care for others who are experiencing hard times better. 

?Sometimes in my life I think Jesus wanted me to grow up a little bit because it was in facing my storms, learning to walk through them that I was humbled. I learned a lot. I had more compassion for other people going through storms.  I feel like the story that you live becomes the platform for your compassion for other people.?

Connect with Sally:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  More Episodes with Sally: [Ep 54] How to Own Your Life :: Sally Clarkson  [Ep 107] Create a Home of Belonging & Becoming :: Sally Clarkson [Ep 149] Loving Your Difficult Child :: Sally and Nathan Clarkson [Ep 233] Cultivating Friendships in a World of Isolation :: Sally Clarkson  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Help, I'm Drowning: Weathering the Storms of Life with Grace and Hope PDF: A Written Lament - She Reads Truth WORKBOOK: Mourning and Dancing from She Reads Truth BOOK: This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson

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Self Differentiation and Why It Matters :: Nancy Houston [Ep 335]

Self differentiation, emotional enmeshment and emotional cut-off? We got some new-to-me terms to learn in this episode, but you?ll be very glad you stick with us for the definitions. And I promise there won?t be a pop quiz at the end. ?

I?m chatting with Nancy Houston, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist specializing in individual, marital, and sexual issues. We go deep on some important concepts that I wish I?d learned earlier on in my marriage. 

The big one is self differentiation. Who am I separate from motherhood and marriage? And how can I stay a healthy individual in those roles without swinging too far either direction. Nancy shares practical tips and breaks down big concepts to get us going down the path of self discovery. 

?Health is being able to hold the middle where we can have some grace for ourselves and one another. Where we can have some quiet. Until I can stop judging myself so harshly, I'll never stop judging you.?

Connect with Nancy:  Website:   Facebook:   Instagram: @asknancyhouston   Links Mentioned:   [Ep 206] Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Intimacy :: Nancy Houston  Positive Intelligence The Saboteurs  BOOK: Love & Sex: A Christian Guide to Healthy Intimacy Ripple Effects of Healthy Sexual Connection :: Francie Winslow Hula-hoop-o-logy :: Vela Tomba Featured Sponsors: Stitch Fix Kids: Schedule a fix today and get 25% off when you keep everything in your fix. Go to    Don?t Mom Alone Book: Pre-order a copy today. Feel out the form over at to get freebies like 6 exclusive convos with Heather and a free copy of the audiobook. Also get an invite to join her launch team. 
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How God?s Holiness Helps Mothers :: Jackie Hill Perry [Ep 334]

If God is holy, then He can?t sin. If God can?t sin, then He can?t sin against you. If He can?t sin against you, shouldn?t that make Him the most trustworthy being there is?

I?m thrilled to have Jackie Hill Perry back on the podcast to share about her much anticipated book, ?Holier Than Thou?.

She walks us through Scripture, shaking the dust off of ?holy? as we?ve come to know it and revealing it for what it really is: good news. As it turns out, God being ?holier than thou? is actually the best news in the world, and it?s the key to trusting Him.

?Holiness is really abstract, but what does it have to do with me? The truth is it has everything to do with the way we live because the way we engage with the world around us is symptomatic of what we believe is true about God.?

We also chat about how Jackie doesn?t ?mom alone,? about her growing family and the holy calling of motherhood. This is a powerful episode! 

Connect with Jackie:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @jackiehillperry  Links Mentioned:   BOOK Holier Than Thou: How God?s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him [Ep 214] Gay Girl, Good God :: Jackie Hill Perry   FEATURED SPONSORS: Stitch Fix Kids?Try today at and you?ll get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! Hello Fresh?Go to and use code dma14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping!
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Body Awareness in Parenting :: Mary Van Geffen [Ep 333]

How we feel in our bodies affects so many facets of parenting-- and in some ways you might now expect. My guest Mary Van Geffen joins me to talk about 4 Ps that can help us practice body awareness as we work on parenting our kids (even the spicy ones) with empathy and connection.

?When in doubt I say choose connection rather than control. We're not going to have a lot of control and we don't have the time or the energy to follow through on things. So let's make sure we're connected because connection is the honey and it will help us to have more control.?

We go in depth on how paying attention to your Presence, Posture, Proximity and Phase of your Cycle can change how you parent and bring awareness of how to honor your body and rest when you need it. 

Connect with Mary:  Website:  Instagram: @maryvangeffen  YouTube:   Links Mentioned:   Embodied Motherhood Worksheet with 4 Ps  Coaching with Mary use code: PODCAST for $5 off Dr. Carolyn Leaf, neuroscientist Parenting Siblings School ? Join Mary?s Parenting Siblings School to treat jealousy, constant bickering, mean words, and tattling with confidence.  How To Stay Calm When Your Child is Acting Crazy PDF 

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Factual News, Flexible Thinking and Family Moral Imperatives :: Sharon McMahon [Ep 332]

News, politics and world events are on a 24-hour and 365-day cycle. Every second something new is happening and keeping up with the latest can be a full time job. Add on top of that the bias inherent in mass media and it can be hard to tell fact from manipulated fiction. 

Enter Sharon McMahon, a former high school government and law teacher on a mission to combat political misinformation. With her viral Instagram account @SharonSaysSo, she shares non-partisan facts about the US government and democracy in a way that is easy to understand.

Sharon talks with me about how to be flexible thinkers and to hear both sides of a political issue using the same critical thinking skills she taught her students in high school. We also chat about her motherhood journey and raising kids who can talk respectfully with people who have different viewpoints on the world and politics. 

But she doesn?t want you to listen to just her or any one person to learn the news of the day:

?I don't think it is wise to just look at one human, me or your favorite political pundit or anybody, and believe that person is right 100% of the time. It is still your job to consume and figure out using your own brain, the own skills in your head to determine whether or not that aligns for you and whether or not that actually is an accurate depiction of your feelings or viewpoints. So I always caution people. Don't take one person's word as gospel because all humans are fallible.? 

Connect with Sharon:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @sharonsaysso 


Links Mentioned:  

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Shifting Perspective on Hard Things :: Summer of Mentorship Week 6

In this episode, Jen shares what she?s learned about heaven (from co-leading a study for 100+ women). She also gives a super practical way to figure out how you can help a friend in need. Jen reminds us mamas to hold our children loosely. To realize we have the privilege of partnering with God, but ultimately how our children ?turn out? is up to him. 

And this. . .

It?s hard in the crisis to build that support system. Invest in women?s lives now. Not because you?re going to need them in case you have cancer. But that the time invested in friendships, meaningful friendships is worth it.?Jen

My biggest take-away from our conversation is to view my ?to do? list as a ?get to do? list. What joy to get to pick up my boys from school, to get to serve them meals, and to get to put them to bed!

Wrapping up this summer may we all see our everyday in light of eternity. Be grateful for all our ?get to?s. And invest in our sweet friendships.

Read more of Jen?s story:

Personal Blog

What we chat about: Jen?s surprise engagement, surprise baby and surprise cancer diagnosis. Hope for the mom with chronic sickness/trauma/heartache. What Jen?s learned about how friends help well. The truths Jen gained from studying Heaven last summer. Lessons for all of us to hold our children loosely. Dealing with temper tantrums and other challenging behavior when mom is sick. The value of building strong friendships. Links Mentioned: ?Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.? (Psalm 115:1) ?Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain,
 to the place where you dwell.? (Psalm 43:3) In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn ?Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.? (Colossians 3:2-3) Nobody?s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts & Jill Lynn Butelyn

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Encouraging the Exhausted Mom :: Summer of Mentorship Week 5

Mush brain.

That?s how I?d describe my mind after years and years of sleep deprivation.

Most young moms (especially if you had lots of littles in a row) know the challenge of forming a complete thought. Or staying focused during a quiet time. Or even having a moment alone with God.

I know Jennie understands.

Jennie is a sweet mom of two from Cambridge, England. She emailed me sharing struggles with sleep deprivation. Her son suffered from a serious of medical challenges leaving them with four years of interrupted sleep.

She knows the power of a strong relationship with God. But in this season has found connecting deeply with Him difficult given her exhausted, ?mush brain?. 

The mentor that I called to answer Jennie?s questions is the amazing Sally Clarkson.

Sally understands having children who don?t sleep and she?s been through her share of challenging seasons. From those experiences and others she began to mentor young moms and encourage other women to do the same .

In this episode, Sally helps moms move beyond traditional spiritual disciplines to experience God in their everyday moments. Inspiring us to find the goodness of God, by intentionally filling our lives with beauty and pleasure.

For the exhausted mom who longs to know God better, I hope this episode gives you peace, perspective and practical ideas.

Connect with Sally Clarkson:

Site :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest 

What we chat about:

Jennie?s Questions: 

How do I have a decent quiet time when I?m exhausted? What tips do you have for getting through challenging circumstances? Does a hard season have long-term impacts on your faith?

Sally?s Answers: 

Motherhood is a battleground. What we struggle through is normal and women for generations have experienced it. God created us to be in community. God is present through people. Build things into your life to enjoy the goodness of God.

Other topics we cover: 

Journaling prayers Breath prayers Physical rest vs. soul rest Links Mentioned: Jubilee Centre Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love** by Sally Clarkson MomHeart Groups How to Study Your Bible  ** by Kay Arthur (Inductive Studies) Lacey Dobrient, ?The Color Method? (Hear more about it from her interview on the podcast?Episode 63 HelloMornings Philip Yancy

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Breaking Up with Perfect :: Summer of Mentorship Week 4

If you've ever strived for perfection, then you know how it feels when you fall short.

Maybe you aren't the one carrying a list of all you "need to do to earn God's love." But more the type who carries a "Never Good Enough List? with all the reasons you'll never be able to earn His love.

Either way, Amy Carroll, (author, speaker, Proverbs 31 contributor) is on the podcast this week helping us break up with perfect.

In this episode (and in her new book), Amy helps us recognize the lies we have been believing and the Truth to set us free.

Lies like: "I was created to produce perfection" or "People are obstacles to my tasks" or "If I have the right stuff, my life will be perfect."

My favorite quote from our conversation was:

Only when I end my own pursuit of perfection can God do a perfecting work in me. --Amy Carroll

 May you experience a supernatural freedom from the struggle to be perfect. May your friendships deepen, your family be strengthened and your awareness of God's love grow as you stop striving and surrender to His gentle heart work.

Connect with Amy:

Breaking Up with Perfect :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest 

What we chat about: The events making Amy aware of her perfectionism The impact a mentor had in Amy's journey to lose the list of perfect The supernatural work God did on Amy to break the shell around her heart, to feel His love The two perfect super moms in Amy's head--torn between two ideals. The destruction of friendship when perfectionism enters. The different types of perfectionists and their lists: good girl list or the never-good-enough list The possibility of passing on perfectionism to our kids. Links Mentioned: Courtney DeFeo--our connector Breaking up with Perfect Dr. Caroline Leaf Proverbs 31 Ministries The Opinion Blender--didn't mention in podcast, but found it on Amy's site. . .such great advice Discussion Questions: Have you had friendships end because of your struggles with perfection? When friends go through hard times do you wonder how to be a good, imperfect friend?  Do you have a mentor? Is there someone you wish you could meet with? Could you make a plan to meet with her once in the next few months?  Could you relate to Amy?s struggle to feel God?s love and having a list of things you have to do to be right with God? What areas are you striving for perfection in motherhood? Who is your mental ?ideal? mom? Earth-mama, right-on-schedule mom?  Which type of perfectionist do you relate to?the good girl list or the never-good-enough list? Need to measure up or will never measure up? Or do you swing between the lists?  What have you found helpful to break up with perfection? Featured Sponsors:

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Identifying Your ?Wifestyle? :: Summer of Mentorship Week 3

Our first year of marriage was HARD. And we hit another rough patch (a.k.a. the ?come to Jesus? days) after our second son was born. I took all the marriage advice I could get.

For all you mommas out there looking for a little marriage help, I?ve invited Jen Weaver on the show to talk about her newest book, ?A Wife?s Secret to Happiness?. This episode originally aired on March 6, 2017. 

Jen is an adorable millennial who knows God?s Word and isn?t afraid to hit the marriage topic head on. She shares some great insights on a few controversial issues. But more than anything she helps us identify the marriage habits (a.k.a., ?WifeStyles?) that are attracting or denying the blessings God has for our marriages.

What we chat about: What is a ?wifestyle?? Habits that can attract or deny the blessings God has for our marriages The slightly-controversial topic of ?submission? Making room for your spouse to lead and space for the Lord to speak. What about when your spouse isn?t walking with the Lord? Wifestyles: ?braided? or ?frayed? What Jesus asked Jen. Wifestyles: ?doubtful? or ?decided? When you go through a relationship winter after a new baby Hebrew convo about ?chayil?and Proverbs 31 woman who is a wife of valor Connect with Jen Weaver:

Website :: Instagram 

Links Mentioned: ?A Wife?s Secret to Happiness? by Jen Weaver *** Francie Winslow (ep 61-Power of Sex in Marriage &ep 138 Ripple effect of healthy sexual connection) Discussion Questions: Discuss the idea of submission the way it?s described in the episode.  How can you choose to make space for your spouse to lead in your relationship? In what ways do you lead? Do you feel frayed or braided with God right now? How can you rebraid your attention back toward God? What was your most recent relationship winter? How did you come through that? What are your Proverbs 31 wife superpowers? How do you use your strengths in a way that blesses and doesn?t hinder? Featured Sponsors: Rothy?s ? Don?t miss this great opportunity! Get $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. Thrive Market ? Go to  Join today to get $20 off your first order AND a FREE gift!
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Mentoring Mom Insecurities :: Summer of Mentorship Week 2

This special episode was recorded at our first Live Event held in 2017. Guests, Kat Lee & Wynter Pitts shared their mom stories. And encouraged with audience with thoughts on mentorship, friendship and dealing with fear and insecurity in motherhood. 

What we chat about: Kat Lee and Wynter Pitts? motherhood stories Dealing with insecurities in motherhood The importance of having mentors and deep friends in the motherhood journey Mentors don?t have to be older than you or available weekly. Find a way to make mentorship work for you. Think of areas you are struggling with and look for someone who excels in that area to mentor you, no matter their age Start or join a DMA podcast club as a way to connect with other women You can be a mentor too! Look for younger moms who need encouragement. We are never alone because God is with us, but it?s hard to remember that when life gets crazy. Kat and Wynter share what helps them remember God in the midst of life. ?Should is not a sustainable why.? Don?t just do things you SHOULD do if you don?t have a good reason for WHY. Helping your kids develop healthy friendships and community Not trying to over control your children?s lives and praying through how involved you should be in their friendships Hope for dealing with irrational fears and grief Giving yourself permission to be honest with God when you aren?t coping well and realizing that he is good despite your circumstances Connect with Kat and HelloMornings:

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram

Connect with For Girls Like You:

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram

Links Mentioned: Music sung by Elena Pitts--"Even when it hurts" by Hillsong UNITED "HelloMornings" Book* by Kat Lee Start a DMA Podcast Club Paul David Tripp?s devotional, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional ** Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Lite Wrap** (aka "The Blardigan")   She Is Yours: Trusting God As You Raise the Girl He Gave You **  by Wynter Pitts

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Resolving Sibling Conflict:: Summer of Mentorship Wk 1

"They just keep fighting!"

Summer, for us, means lots of unstructured time together as a family. Which is great. . . until it's not.

Perhaps you can identify. Maybe you see yourself in one of the following situations:

Situation #1 - The kids are fighting - again! The harder you try to make it stop, the worse it seems to get - and the kids seem more and more resentful.

Situation #2 - One minute they love each other and the next minute they?re arch enemies. The older they get the louder and angrier it gets. You hate the way this affects everyone?s mood, including your own.

Situation #3 - Time-outs, required apologies, and firmness temporarily curb the fighting, but it soon comes back with more intensity.

Situation #4 - Your young kids are beginning their rivalry and you worry where it?s heading if you don?t learn some better strategies.  (copied from Sibling Conflict Online Course description).

Jim & Lynne Jackson from are back to equip us in training our children to solve conflict well. And instead of just wishing they would "just stop fighting", to recognize the gospel work of guiding our family to reconciliation.

Jim & Lynne have been on the show before sharing their fabulous 4-layer framework for discipline that connects (Listen here to Episode 80 & 81). And again helping connect in any situation (Ep 98).

Today, they are talking us through The Peace Process. A simple but effective way to guide our kids to a lifetime of reconciled relationships. Here's their great graphic with the four steps moving us from "crazy mountain" to peaceful reconciliation (Click here to print your own copy):

Conflict is inevitable. Instead of just getting frustrated and annoyed, I've found having a plan to reconnect hearts and train empathy so helpful. I also loved all the phrases Jim & Lynne modeled to use as we guide our children through the process. Here are some of my favorites (I'll be bookmarking this page and referring to often):

"Sounds like y'all are having a hard time. Do you need my help or are you able to work it out on your own?" "Solving brains won't work until we're calm. Why don't we each find a comfortable place. How long do you need? 5 min? 10 min? Then we'll come back together to work this out." "Did you hear that? How does she feel? Do you like that what you did made her feel that way? You two are listening to each other. How does that feel?" "Your big feelings are a gift. And they are an even greater gift with you can use them to help understand other's big feelings." "What's going on? What was important to each person? How have you solved this problem before? Would you like to think of ways to solve the problem or do you want me to help give you choices on how to solve it?" "Are there four things you could say that are kind and true about that person?"

Lastly, if you need more help learning how to guide your kiddos through the peace process, check out Jim & Lynne's new SIBLING CONFLICT ONLINE COURSE. I'll be working through it this summer. Join me!  USE DMA20 to save 20% off. 

What we chat about: Considering your own baggage/sibling situation as you rush into your kids' conflict. Are we trying to get conflict to stop or teach reconciliation? The four steps to "The Peace Process".  A real life example of applying peace process. How training in reconciliation helps our kids in their future marriages and relationships. Helping our kids learn how to solve the problem of the conflict (a 3-step process). A scenario of a more empathetic child in conflict with a more strong-willed child--growing specific skills in kids. Addressing the differences in your kids outside of conflict. Help for the mom who has a child with special needs in the sibling mix. Connecting with others based not on experience but emotion. Tips for conflicts that happen right before you have to leave the house. Connect with Jim & Lynne:

Connected Families Site :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest

Links Mentioned: Free Discipline that Connects handbook Building Empathy in Kids (Part 1) and Building Empathy in Kids (Part 2) article "Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ." (Ephesians 4:15) "Suppose your brother or sister has something against you, go make peace with them." (Abbr. Matthew 5:23-24). "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." (Matthew 5:9 NIV) "You?re blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That?s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God?s family." (Matthew 5:9 MSG). Need one-on-one parent coaching? Click here Peaceful Mothering DVD


What is your process for sibling conflict to management in your home right now? What are some ways you and your child can calm down in the heat of conflict? How could taking a mom "time out" help you can down? Discuss how seeing conflict resolution in light of your child's future relationships (think coworkers and future spouse) can help you see why these skills are so important to learn now. Guiding your kids with questions as they resolve conflict helps support them make better decisions. Think of a few questions you could ask for common disagreements. Think about each of your kids and help make a plan for their individual personalities for conflict resolution.


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The Screen Struggle is Real :: Arlene Pellicane [Ep 331]

It?s summertime again and in the absence of formal school your kids may be looking forward to unstructured time and more access to screens. As one of the first generations to parent kids in the age of smartphones, we can choose to be on high alert to how healthy our kids' digital habits are and help them set healthy boundaries.

My guest Arlene Pellicane shares strategies from her book Screen Kids and from her own family life. They have a ?no phone, no gaming, no social media? policy for their kids and she shares the research and practical reasons behind why. But, wherever you are with screens and your family, this time of year is a perfect time for a reset. 

?For our summer mindset, we all need a break and this could be a beautiful time to have some kind of different routine with our screens."

We talk about digital vegetables vs digital candy, reconsidering phones for younger kids, building real world skills for our kids instead of just digital ones and setting digital boundaries. It?s so helpful and I?m already implementing some of Arlene?s advice for my boys this summer. 

Know that you are not alone in this struggle. Together we can do this!

Connect with Arlene:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @arlenepellicane 


Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Screen Kids: 5 Relational Skills Every Child Needs in a Tech-Driven World BOOK: 5 Love Languages Of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively  Screen Kids in their Own Words ScriptSub by Erika Dawson (Faithful Moms) Gabb Wireless Phone

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Slob Clean Your Summer :: Dana K White [Ep 330]

Managing your home in the midst of motherhood is a challenge, especially when cleaning, organizing and decluttering don?t come naturally. 

My guest Dana K. White struggled for years to figure out why her home was so messy. She could get it clean, but it would take days and then in no time it was right back to where she?d started with piles of clutter, laundry and dishes. 

?I had always thought before, my home is not who I am, but now it was my identity and it was even harder. And that was when I really thought. There's something wrong with me. Like, literally I am broken in some way. I cannot do this thing that other people seem to be able to do so easily.?

God brought her to a place of breakthrough when she started an anonymous blog to get open and real about being a ?slob.? Through that, she started to discover some simple truths about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work for people who don?t love cleaning and organizing.

We talk about tips for how to start cleaning when you feel overwhelmed, how to only make progress when decluttering and more. It?s a great listen for yourself and to learn how to help the less organized members of your family. 

Here?s to making progress on our homes this summer! Stay tuned for the Summer of Mentorship starting June 21st. Great episodes to listen to while you clean and declutter. 

Connect with Dana:  Website: Facebook:  Instagram:  @aslobcomesclean  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind BOOK: Decluttering at the Speed of Life Featured Sponsors:  Rothy?s --Keep it clean with washable shoes and bags from Rothy?s. Plus they just launched men?s shoes, so make sure to check them out for the men in your life. Go to today to check out your favorites Thrive Market -- Go to Join to get $20 off your first order AND a free gift. 
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Your Body is GOOD :: Jess Connolly [Ep 329]

Jess Connolly has not always seen her body as good. It?s a struggle all of us can relate to. Whether it?s a concern over weight and external beauty or a physical disability or medical issue, there?s always something about our bodies that cause ?trouble.? 

Jess shares about her struggle with an autoimmune disease and feeling body shame from an early age. 

?I spent a few years treating that disease, as if my body was a huge problem that just needed to be solved or a project that needed to be completed. My healthier behaviors as a young mom weren't rooted in love, but in extreme frustration.?

And she takes us into her journey of asking God to give her a kingdom body mindset to break free of body shame. We talk about shifting our perspective on what makes a body good and so much of it comes down to a key question Jess shares:

?Do you treat your body as if it is loved or as if you want it to be lovable? Are you trying to make it good? Are you trying to treat it as if it is good? Because when I treat my body as if it was made good, and I want to steward that.?

For more on this, grab a copy of Jess? new book Breaking Free from Body Shame.

Connect with Jess:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @jessaconnolly  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Breaking Free from Body Shame Ep 132: Revelation Wellness :: Alisa Keeton 

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Let?s Talk about Sex :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson [Ep 328]

You asked and I?m so happy to have Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson back to coach us on how to talk with our kids about the topic of sex. I love their approach which is explained in their online course called Birds and Bees. It?s all about having multiple conversations over the years with your kids instead of having one big TALK when they are older. 

?What we want parents to do with the topic of sex is to not be afraid and be silenced, but to be equipped and have tools and phrases to say an age appropriate ways ? They're drip by drip, by drip conversations, because it takes a lot for them to absorb this information.?

Mary Flo and Megan take us through reasons why we should have conversations with our youngest kids about reproduction, birth and specific scientific terms for private areas. We chat about how to bring these topics up and answer questions that might make you nervous at first. It?s all about giving your kids accurate and honest information on this important topic.

?I know when parents first hear about this they think, ?I didn't want to talk to my kids about sex one time, why in the world, but I want to do this multiple times?? But it's just so much easier to do it in bite size, age-appropriate phrases and conversations and soundbites because that's how things are digested and absorbed.?

Connect with Birds & Bees: 

Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @birds__bees 

Links Mentioned:  

Birds & Bees Course New Birds & Bees Podcast

Previous Podcasts with Birds & Bees:

Ep 25: Birds and Bees? Oh, help me please :: Mary Flo Ridley  BONUS: When to Have ?The Talk? :: Mary Flo Ridley Ep. 153 Birds and Bees (Continuing the Conversation) :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson Ep 243: Preparing Now for Future Puberty and Masturbation Questions :: Megan Michelson and Mary Flo Ridley 

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Exploring Global Cultures at Home :: Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young [Ep 327]

Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young is an author and speaker who is passionate about helping people discover God?s glory in unexpected places. But in the midst of the Pandemic with her family?s long-awaited travel plans delayed and then cancelled, Dorina found herself struggling to see glory in the continued quarantine life. 

With a long winter break and nothing to look forward to, Dorina processed her disappointment with her husband Shawn and her three daughters. Shawn suggested bringing Hawaii home by having a luau and ordering in Hawaiin food and it sparked the idea of Global Glory Chasers, a cultural exploration program for families. 

Dorina and I talk about doing deep dives into the food and culture of international communities and how helping our kids engage with other races and nationalities gives them a global perspective on the glory of God

?Learning about cultures is actually an invitation for us to learn more about God's glory and how he has made each one of us into his image bearers.  We can't understand God, unless we're willing to listen to stories of people from different backgrounds. So we like to say we?re breaking barriers by breaking bread at home and by eating the foods of the different cultures.?

Connect with Dorina:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @dorinagilmore  Links Mentioned:   Global Glory Chasers Membership BOOK: Glory Chasers: Discovering God's Glory in Unexpected Places Ep 282 Many Hues, One Humanity :: Dr. Lucretia Berry
Link to episode

Going on a Soul 30 :: Kay Wyma [Ep 326]

In a world that seems to bring more and more division every day, how do we connect with other people in a deep, human way? Kay Wyma takes us into her story of how seemingly small acts of kindness, thankfulness and mercy have made all the difference for her and her family. 

?There are so many ways you can practice kindness that are outward acts of kindness. And then you'll start to realize kindness is picking up the laundry for somebody that I'm frustrated with, you know, that they could have done it themselves.There are kindness opportunities everywhere. Be kind to yourself for Pete's sake. At least one day a week. Actively do something kind for yourself.?

Learn about what Kay calls a Soul 30 and her new book The Peace Project. I love that this isn?t another thing for your to do list, it is more about HOW you do the things on your list. And when we practice kindness, thankfulness and mercy we can?t help reflecting the goodness of God to a world that needs it more than ever.   

Connect with Kay Wyma:  Website:  Facebook:   Instagram: @kaywyma 


Links Mentioned:   BOOK: The Peace Project: A 30-Day Experiment Practicing Thankfulness, Kindness, and Mercy

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Owning Your Motherhood :: Erin Moon & Courtney Cleveland [Ep 325]

Long-time friends Erin Moon and Courtney Cleveland join me to share their motherhood stories and how they?ve found their identity as moms separate from motherhood stereotypes. 

?There are so many ways to be a good mom and what it looks like for you doesn?t look like it does for me. And I really had to let go of the idea that I had to be the same kind of mother as everyone else... It was so freeing and it seems so simple. I mean, that's not even how humanity works. So why would motherhood be that way??

We talk about mom superpowers, viewing dinner as optional food exposure and the ridiculousness of keeping track of socks for multiple kids. Listen and laugh along with us as we take light hearted views on the daily grind of motherhood. I?m sure you will relate. 

Don?t Miss: Near the end Erin shares a great idea for creating your own ?fake Mother?s Day? on a different day from the actual holiday that I?m totally going to try. 

Happy Mother?s Day to you all! I pray you feel celebrated for all the unique gifts you bring into motherhood. 

Connect with Erin: 

Website:  Instagram: @erinhmoon 

Connect with Courtney: 

Website:   Instagram:  @courtclarkcleve

Links Mentioned: 

Silk Pajamas Bluetooth headband Fancy Sardines Summer Strategies :: Laura and Courtney [Ep 249]  Preparing Our Hearts for Easter :: Erin Moon [Ep 236] 

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Walking Thru Divorce :: Lara Williams [Ep 324]

The daily grind of marriage, parenting, and life wears on us all, but when your relationship with your spouse is no longer a healthy one, how do you choose to walk away? My guest and long-time friend Lara Williams brings us into her story of working through marriage infidelity with her husband and her long, painful journey to divorce.

?And it was a process, but I think I finally got to that place where I could accept that divorce was happening in my life, but that's just it. It's happening. It doesn't mean that's who I am. And it doesn't just because God hates it. It doesn't mean he hates me. He loves me and I went through a process of washing those lies with the truth of what God says and he's so gracious to transform our minds.?

We talk about all the ways Lara and her husband worked to save their marriage, what it was like when saving it was no longer an option and how God met Lara in that place. Lara shares about parenting when you are walking through divorce, dating after divorce, and how the church can both help and hurt during this painful experience. 

I?m so thankful for Lara?s heart and how bravely she shares her story. She has graciously given permission to publish her email address if you or someone you know would like to reach out on this topic. 

Connect with Lara: 

Website:  Instagram:  @laragwilliams  Email: [email protected] Amazon Author Page

Links Mentioned:  

BOOK: To Walk Or Stay [Ep 246] Rebuilding from an Abusive Marriage :: Jeni B [Ep 195] Sinners Married to Sinners?How God Refines Us :: Cheryl Scruggs & Jae Carpenter BOOK: How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk  Lara?s New Project: Think True Things Lara?s Spoken Word??That?s Not My Name? 

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Inner Healing Prayer :: Jennifer Barnett [Ep 323]

There is often a disconnect from what we read in scripture and how we experience life. God say, ?I have not given you a spirit of fear,? but we keenly feel fear and anxiety. We know that God has taken away our sins, but we still feel like it comes between us and hearing His voice. 

One powerful way to work towards freedom in these areas is through a biblically-based program of inner healing prayer. My guest Jennifer Barnett of Freedom Prayer joins me to talk about inner healing prayer or freedom prayer, a powerful process that helps restore individuals to a more fruitful and fulfilling walk with God.

?Inner healing prayer is its own sort of type of prayer. If you're not familiar with it, we would say it's some really intentional time devoted to allowing God to remove anything that would hinder someone from a full abiding relationship with him. That could look like sin, wounding, ungodly beliefs, or lies that we believe about ourselves, God or other people.?

My experience with inner healing prayer has been so powerful and I believe it can be for you too. For more information on Freedom Prayer visit their website at

Connect with Freedom Prayer:  Website:  Facebook: 

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Six Needs of Every Child :: Amy and Jeffrey Olrick [Ep 322]

As moms we are often looking for parenting formulas and quick fixes to solve our latest parenting problems. When they are babies, following formulas for sleeping and eating makes sense, but as they get older and their needs change it gets a lot more complicated. 

We often turn to friends and mentors for advice, but that doesn?t always work or what works for one of our kids doesn?t for another and it can make us feel lost. 

Jeffrey Olrick, Ph.D. and his wife Amy Olrick join me to share a different way to interpret our kids needs using some practical tools and the science of connection. They offer an alternative question to ?What do I do??, asking instead: ?How can I be with this child??. They go through the six needs of every child and a helpful compass to help you find your way when it gets challenging.

?I think some of it is a fear that we have parents. If we lose the trail for even a moment that our children will be put in imminent danger. And we want to set parents free from that and say, no, actually that's actually going to be pretty normal to lose the trail. But you are still together and you're going to find your way back to firm footing with these six needs.?

This approach is teaching me a lot in my own parenting and I know it will help you on your parenting journey. To learn more from the Olricks, check out their podcast!

Connect with the Olricks:  Website: Facebook:  Instagram: @growingconnected  Links Mentioned:   The Growing Connected Podcast BOOK: The 6 Needs of Every Child. Featured Sponsors:  Hello Bello? Go to to get 25% off your diaper bundle order and 15% off any add ons like vitamins or wipes! StoryWorth?Give your mom the most meaningful gift this Mother?s Day with StoryWorth. No shipping required. Go to and get $10 off your first purchase. 
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Healing from Broken Friendships :: Shundria Riddick [Ep 321]

On a recent Instagram survey I learned that 68% of y?all have experienced broken friendships. I knew we needed an episode to help.

The last year has not been easy for any of us. So many things in our lives changed in response to the pandemic, political and racial tensions, and the loneliness of quarantine life. In the midst of everything, it has been hard to keep friendships healthy.

Licensed professional counselor Shundria Riddick is here to walk us through some healthy ways to work toward reconciliation and how to know when to walk away from friendship that is hurtful. We talk about setting healthy boundaries, having clarifying conversations, and how to analyze the health of relationships.

Connect with Shundria: 

Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @shundriariddick 

Links Mentioned:  

Relax Relate Release Group Therapy with Shundria [Ep 159] Healing Friendship Wounds :: Lisa-Jo Baker [Ep 289] Strengthening Our Friendships :: Susan Seay 

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Hosting a Simple Passover Seder :: Chris and Karen Katulka [Ep 320]

With Easter right around the corner, the traditional Jewish feast of Passover is also coming up. The Passover Seder, a ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover, is a powerful, symbolic meal to help both Christian and Jewish believers remember the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

My friends Chris and Karen Katulka walk us through all the elements in a way that is doable for families with young kids and still poignant for us as adults. You may be surprised all that you learn about how specific foods can serve as meaningful reminders of God?s redemption.

?And what you do is you eat the bitter herbs with matzah as a reminder of the bitterness of bondage that was felt for the Israelites. For us as Christians, you know, there was a point where you didn't know Christ, a point where you were separated. So that bitterness is a nice, fresh reminder of what was life like before.?

The Katulkas help make this sacred celebration accessible and understandable for families whether you?ve participated in the past or want to start a new tradition this year. Download their helpful Passover packet with recipes and more information.

Connect with the Friends of Israel:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @foigm  Links Mentioned:   Ep 217: The Gift of Celebrating the Biblical Feasts :: Amber Lee Get the Passover Seder Downloads More details on Passover from FOI Passover Haggadah


HelloBello ? Get 25% off your diaper bundle order and 15% off any add ons like vitamins or wipes: SoulCycle At Home Bike ?Get your SoulCycle At Home bike by visiting use promo code: DMA and get a complementary pair of at home Select cycling shoes with your purchase.
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Connecting Through Play :: Charissa Fry [Ep 319]

Licensed Professional Counselor Charissa Fry is back to help parents get the ?most bang for our buck? when it comes to one-on-one connected time with our kids ? PLAY!

Even if you?re a mom who doesn?t love playtime or you feel like you can?t add one more thing to your family schedule, listen in as Charissa breaks down how the benefits of special playtime far exceed the difficulties. 

?We follow the child's lead because it allows the child to feel seen, heard, understood, and delighted in like you care about what they care about. You're interested in what they're interested in. It also models cooperation. And it?s helpful with the power dynamic between a parent and a child.?

We talk about how to remove the teacher, parent and disciplinarian hats and enter into playtime with a positive and engaged attitude that can reap BIG benefits in our parenting over time. Charissa explains some of the ?rules? of special playtime that can help us reinforce positive behavior and give our kids permission to play however they want. 

I hope this episode leaves you encouraged to connect with kids through imaginative play. For more information, check out this resource from Charissa! 

Helpful Verbal Cue:

?Hey, in five minutes, we're going to have special playtime and you get to choose what we do together.?

Connect with Charissa:  Website: Facebook: Links Mentioned:   The Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry [Ep 260] Special Playtime Keys handout from Charissa  

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True Intimacy with God :: Mo Isom Aiken [Ep 318]

I?m excited to welcome back Mo Isom Aiken  to the podcast. She writes and speaks powerfully about how God has redeemed her own brokenness and set her on a path to challenge, encourage and equip other Christ followers. In this episode we talk about how each of us was made for true intimacy with God on a heart level. 

?The ultimate will of the Father is to know him intimately and to be known by him and to press into an intimacy with God that is all-consuming and not based on our doing as much as our being with him -- who we are, who he is. Allowing this intimacy that really takes us to think about marital intimacy, a vulnerable exposed, honest place that draws near to us. And somehow this rhythmic, you know, coming together transforms our heart.?

Mo takes us into her own story of God peeling back the layers of shame and her own twisted view of intimacy to heal the deep places of her heart. We talk about how God wants to do the same for each of us, but it?s a process. 

In this time when so many of us have lost the support that sustained us and distractions that hid our true feelings, Mo invites us to draw near to God trusting him and exposing our physical vulnerabilities to him. 

?If we want to understand the deeper layers of spiritual intimacy with God, we've got to be willing to work through the very physical layers of things that have impacted our life and story because everything in the physical is ultimately served to shape our perspective of intimacy overall and especially intimacy with God.?

Connect with Mo:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @moisom  Links Mentioned:   Books by Mo: Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot Fully Known: An Invitation to True Intimacy with God Ep 168 Broken to Bold :: Mo Isom Ep 260 Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry

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Supporting Students with Dyslexia :: Kerri Irvin [Ep 317]

When it comes to learning differences and special education diagnoses, it can feel overwhelming and defeating to see your child struggle. My guest Kerri Irvin is a dyslexia specialist who has worked with countless children, teens and adults to help them thrive and embrace their learning differences. 

?It amazes me the gifts that God provides for all children, alongside their challenges. For every challenge, an equally important, if not more significant, gift has been provided and their challenges, without fail, are gifts that support them with their talents and make them better learners and people.?

We talk about what dyslexia is, how students with dyslexia learn differently, ways to partner with your child?s teachers to help them succeed, and how to support friends who have children with learning differences. Kerri shares with passion and hope about how dyslexia is not just a learning challenge, but can be a strength. 

Connect with Kerri

Email: [email protected] 

Site: SK Designs for Learning

Links Mentioned:   The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity International Dyslexia Association Neuhaus Education Center Scottish Rite for Children Orton-Gillingham Academy Kerri?s List of Resources

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Bruce Learns to Label His Feelings :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 316]

?What?s something you?ve grown in but at different speeds??. After collecting listener questions, this question stood out to my husband Bruce. So instead of doing a general Q and A episode (in honor of our 22nd wedding anniversary), we decided to discuss Bruce?s journey in learning how to identify what he is feeling, labeling it and sharing it with others. 

Listen to how we learned to process our feelings through church small group. And how we?ve grown as a couple to express those emotions in a healthy way.

?I think a common theme through all of this is just having a really constructive, clear language to talk about things. It is not like any one of these methods solves things. It's not a formula. The more precise and constructive and simple we make this language,  the more effective communication can be.?

Here are the cards we reference in the show (see website show notes). 

More Episodes with Bruce: 20th Anniversary Q & A :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 242] The Right to Change My Mind :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 196] This is Us :: Bruce and Heather {Ep 145} Goals, Roles and Superpowers :: Bruce and Heather MacFadyen {Ep 112} When your Husband has a Demanding Job :: Bruce and Heather {Ep 38} Links Mentioned:   Steps into God?s Grace (12 step program) by Lynn Hoffman Recovery for Life :: Lynn Hoffman [Ep 129] BOOK: People Fuel by John Townsend

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A Lil Help with Boys and Screens :: David Thomas [Bonus]

David Thomas and I talked for SOOOO long in our interview because he's the BEST. The last part of our convo was specific to handling screen time with boys. The DMA team figured we could shorten the main episode by releasing this part separately. Of course, David and I did not cover every angle of managing technology (people write whole books on that topic). But I hope it helps you feel less alone in the struggle and empowered to do a few things:

Create a Family Media Plan (or at least use the media calculator)--see links below Discuss what creative things your family has done outside of screen time. After reminiscing, brainstorm new ideas. Ask your son about one of his favorite video games. Perhaps sit down and play one with him. Let me know how it goes.


AAP family media time calculator and Media Plan Among Us game Mafia group game Fortnite  Roblox List of Movie Recs by Raising Boys and Girls (a page on my site, not on IG for you non-Instagram peeps) Time and Space for Flourishing in a Tech World :: Andy Crouch [Ep 208]


Link to episode

Understanding Boys Better :: David Thomas [Ep 315]

Understanding the emotions of boys is a challenge no matter the age. Anxiety that presents as anger or distraction. Depression shows up as low-grade irritability. David Thomas returns to the show to answer listener questions about all things boy.

David is a family therapist and director at DayStar Counseling Center in Nashville. He has lots of experience counseling families and children and has a set of twin boys himself. We talk about teaching our sons about emotional language, going to counseling, helping sibling relationships, and managing boy energy levels.

?I think we need to be clear with boys. I think it's always helpful to use concrete language with them. When we're concise, clear, and concrete, those are kind of three rules of thumb, we can consistently be adopting. The mistake that I think we can make is we kind of soft pedal and dance around things.?

If you are a parent of boys, this is an episode for you! Watch for a bonus episode coming out later this week too.


Connect with David:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @raisingboysandgirls 


Links Mentioned:   Ep 119 The Art of Nurturing Boys :: David Thomas Ep 160 Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas  BOOK: Are My Kids on Track? by Sissy Goff & David Thomas Ep 260 The Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry BOOK: Best Friends, Worst Enemies by Michael Thompson BOOK: Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David Thomas Movies & Books Highlights from Raising Boys & Girls MOVIE: Just Mercy VidAngel BOOK: Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain BOOK: Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids by Susan Cain

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Talk to Your Kids about Race :: Kirsten Watson [Ep 314]

The topic of racial inequality and the need for reconciliation and education on race in America is a BIG. It can seem overwhelmingly big when it comes to teaching our kids how to be allies for people who are different from them. 


My guest Kirsten Watson breaks down why we shouldn?t shy away from these conversations, but how to show our children the importance of diversity and how to righteously fight for what's right. 


?As a believer, as my sister in Christ, the reason it's so imperative for you to have this conversation with your kids is because when it happens to my kid, when the joke is made, I need your kid to stand up for my kid. Because they know that my kid was made in the image of Christ and they know that God made us all different. That they would stand up for my kid, because my kid is any kid who is not white.?


Having these conversations with our kids and bringing it back to God's truth allows us to change the narrative and raise the next generation to continue to work toward racial unity.


Connect with Kirsten: 


Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @_kirstenwatson_    Links Mentioned:   Why or Why Not With the Watsons podcast Please Talk To Your Kids About Race (Podcast ep) Ep 216: Help Your Children Embrace Differences :: Dorena Williamson Ep 261: Racial Healing Starts with You :: Latasha Morrison Ep 282: Many Hues, One Humanity :: Dr. Lucretia Berry ?What About Gary? Season 7, episode 10 Black-ish Mom Life Today  


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Overwhelmed Beyond Your Strength :: Jackie Askvig [Ep 313]

My guest Jackie and her husband David always thought they would foster and maybe adopt. After starting a family of their own, fostering siblings for a time and having twins, a viral photo of a malnourished orphan in Ukraine changed everything. 

As Jackie and her family prayed for the boy to be adopted and cared for, God spoke to her heart.

?There were plenty of reasons that we could come up with, but no real reason that seemed good enough to say ?no? to it. So we committed to adopting him. We didn't even know what country he was from to start with people. God just said, that's your son.?

After committing to their first adoption, another boy in Ukraine in a similar situation came to their attention. He was soon to ?age out? of the adoption system and was desperate for a family. Again, Jackie and her family prayed and again God called them to adopt.

Listen to the episode to learn more of Jackie?s story and all that God has done from them simply saying ?Yes? to this assignment outside of her own strength. Another reminder not to overcomplicate motherhood, to watch how kids can flourish with love and care. 

Here are side-by-side pics of Miles and Jonah from the day of adoption, to 1 year and 2 year anniversaries. 

Connect with Jackie:  Instagram: @askvigsadopt  Links Mentioned:   Reece?s Rainbow Joy in Obedience: Adopting the Little Boy in the Pink Shirt The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis TBRI: Trust-Based Relational Intervention® Fostering Together Promise686 Care Communities

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Why Read the Entire Bible? :: Tara Leigh Cobble [Ep 312]

Have you read the whole Bible? That was the question my guest Tara-Leigh Cobble struggled to answer while talking to a pastor friend. As she thought back through her life growing up in a Christian home, being involved in church and now working in full-time ministry and she couldn?t say for sure that she?d really read ALL of the Bible. 

So she started a chronological reading plan to read it all, even the genealogies. But as she read, Tara had to wrestle with stories she?d never heard from the pulpit.  

?I was questioning the Bible because I was reading the Bible and I was questioning not is this true, but is he good? Yeah. Do I like him? My mentor said the places where you have difficulty with God lean in because the good stuff is on the other side of this. The good stuff is on the other side of this struggle.?

After completing her own journey of reading the full Bible and seeing scripture and God in a new way, Tara-Leigh created The Bible Recap podcast and book to help others encounter God through his Word. And she?s here to give us a pep talk for reading the full Bible too. 

?You behold the living God in scripture, and all of a sudden, instead of feeling burdened by your to-do list, you're going to be buoyed and carried along by the love of the God of the universe and by the person of who he is. And that's what I want you to take away from scripture every day, a vision of the God who loves you and who has already accomplished all that he requires of you.?

Connect with Tara-Leigh:  Website:  The Bible Recap:  Instagram: @taraleighcobble  Links Mentioned:   The Bible Recap: A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible Listen to the Bible on YouVersion

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Getting Brave About Anxiety :: Sissy Goff [Ep 311]

Sissy Goff is one of our favorite counselors to have on the show and she?s back with us to talk about her new guide for helping teen girls with worry and anxiety. But beyond that she offers hope and help for all of us as we experience hard emotions in the midst of this pandemic.

We talk about strategies for working through worry and anxiety for different ages and stages of kids and for us as moms. And Sissy reminds us to trust our instincts when it comes to helping our kids. 

?You are not alone. And as a mom, your gut is your superpower. You are so intuitive and trust your gut on what's going on with your kids and, and have a few people that you trust a lot that you can talk to. Definitely talk about it because anxiety left untreated only gets worse. I'm seeing so much more in the pandemic that it's spilling over into depression.?

She also reminds us that asking for help is a brave and often necessary step for helping our kids learn practical ways to fight back when worries come up.

Connect with Sissy: 

Website: Podcast:  Facebook:  Instagram: @raisingboysandgirls Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Brave: A Teen Girl's Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety Ep 141: Raising Girls :: Sissy Goff  Ep 160: Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas Bonus Ep: Raising Worry-Free Girls :: Sissy Goff Feelings Chart BOOK Raising Worry-Free Girls Featured Sponsors:  Uncommon Goods--get 15% off at FabFitFun--get $10 off your first box using code: DMA10 at
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Finding Yourself in Motherhood :: Amber O'Neal Johnston [Ep 310]

Amber O?Neal describes herself as a homeschooling mama using Charlotte Mason principles in an atmosphere where ?Charlotte Mason wears an afro.? She joins me to talk about how she unexpectedly found she loved homeschooling and working to help her kids love themselves and others.

?The Holy Spirit is the supreme educator and the Holy Spirit will speak directly and work directly with our children just as he does through us. And that was a total reframe for me because it gave me a lot of freedom and released a lot of pressure for me when I realized that I'm actually not the supreme educator, I am a guide and I'm going to come alongside my child and that my job is not to teach in the traditional sense of teaching, but more to act as a guide.?

Amber shares why she?s creating resources for her children and others to share books and history from people of color and the journey she?s been on with her children as she encourages them to embrace their skin color and cultural history.


And her resources and the Charlotte Mason principles aren?t just for homeschooling mamas. She has book lists of great things to read with your children to give them a more holistic view on black history, poetry and culture. 

Connect with Amber:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @heritagemomblog  Links Mentioned:   Amber?s Heritage Packs and more Book Recommendations from Amber About Charlotte Mason Featured Sponsors:  Acorn TV --try it for FREE for 30 days use code: DMA Function of Beauty-- get 20% off first order at
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Safe Conversations :: Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt [Ep 309]

Harville Hendrix, PhD and his wife Helen Hunt, PhD have been helping couples for years as therapists, authors and speakers. They are on a mission to share the concepts of safe conversations with the world. They join me to share how their method can help us have more effective in-depth conversations with our spouse and children.

This works every time. It works with parents, with children and couples. It is something that we now know scientifically that if you mirror another person back accurately and with warmth and no judgment, something will happen inside of them. Something marvelous.

They model a safe conversation for us and offer a lot of encouragement and hope for couples who are struggling and how ?Conflict is future growth waiting to happen.?

Harville and Helen have an amazing offer for DMA listeners. Use code DMA on their site at to get 50% off your choice of SC Essentials or the Ultimate Couples Bundle, both courses will receive free tickets to a live workshop of your choice, a $196 value.

Connect with Harville & Helen: 

Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @harvilleandhelen 

Links Mentioned:  

Safe Conversations courses:

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Redeeming Shame through Community :: Dr. Curt Thompson [Ep 308]

Our kids begin to feel and respond to shame as early as 15 to 18 months of age. Those early moments can begin a lifelong struggle with feeling unworthy, inadequate and unlovable. Shame also disintegrates us (separating our thinking brain from our feeling brain) and isolates us from others. 

My guest is Dr. Curt Thompson, a psychiatrist and expert on the effects of shame and how to find freedom from the lifelong negative messages that come after us and our family.

?One of the things that we notice about shame is that because we are immobilized and we are hiding, shame does not actually ever allow us to move toward God. This is why we have to have someone come and find us. This is why when our children are experiencing shame, we have to go and find them. This is why it's important for us as parents to have others who are coming to find us.?

YES! Moms don?t let moms sit in shame. We can choose to seek out others when they are stuck in the shame cycle. Who are your 2 or 3 moms that will help you tell your story more truly? 

Dr. Thompson walks us through some practical ways to build in memories and physical reminders to work against shame in the future for both ourselves and others. And throughout our conversation he points back to how God doesn?t leave us to deal with shame alone.

?The beautiful thing is Jesus isn?t worried about our kids. He's not worried about your mothering. He's delighted. He knows how hard this work is and he knows that we will do it imperfectly. Even when we have our worst moments in which we foist to shame upon our kids or when our kids experience shame against everything that we're doing to try to combat it, God is saying: ?I'm not worried. I never run out of options.??

Connect with Dr. Thompson:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram: @curt_thompson_md  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: The Soul of Shame  BOOK: Anatomy of the Soul Featured Sponsors: Pretty Litter-- Get 20% off your first order at with promo code: DMA  Thrive Market -- Orders of $49 or more ship free. Get 25% off your first order and a FREE gift at
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Worth Repeating // Kirk Martin (Calm Parenting)

I love Kirk?s realistic approach to parenting. He understands what your home dynamics are like. And gives practical tips. After listening to today?s episode you will have at least three different ?tricks? to apply.

Most of all, I?m thankful for the new perspective he has given me. Kirk helped me recognize how emotionally invested I was in my boys? behavior and freed me from the need to regulate their behavior for them.

The last couple days I?ve enjoyed the boys more. I?m also less tense and frustrated when we are out in public. In fact, I may need to go back and listen to this episode more than once, so it sticks!

This episode originally aired in May of 2015

Kirk came back on the show multiple times. Check out additional episodes here.

What we chat about:

Kirk?s realization that he needed to focus on his own behavior and stop trying to fix his son?s strong-willed behavior. The switch he made from training 1500 kids in his home to training parents to calm themselves. The one thing you can do today to de-escalate a tense situation in your home. How to calmly handle your child?s meltdown

I can only control one person in life, and that?s me.

How motion changes emotion?helping little ones calm down b/c they don?t know how to ?think? their way out. What to do in the middle of Target aisle 3 when your child freaks out Handling a tantruming child when his siblings are fighting and another needs help with homework and dinner is cooking (Heather?s daily 5 pm reality).

If you don?t care enough about yourself, to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually. . .why would anyone else care?

How sometimes parents want good behavior so badly, they are too invested in it and give children too much control. How to be an impartial giver of wisdom. Write down your emotional triggers & do the opposite of what you normally do.

Connect with Kirk:

Site :: Twitter :: Facebook :: Podcast

Links Mentioned:

CDs/DVDs 888-506-1871?Toll Free Number for Frustrated Parents

Become a DMA Insider! Join me and Bruce in 2021 to discuss StrengthsFinder! How it impacts your marriage, parenting and career. You're invited! 

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Worth Repeating // Christy Nockels (Christmas Ed)

This episode originally aired in Nov 2016

Today?s guest is Christy Nockels, Dove award winning musician and mom to three children. In 2006 she made the God-led choice to step away from the music industry, for a time, to pour into her family.

In 2016 she released the solo Christmas album, ?The Thrill of Hope?. With a blend of classic Christmas carols and original pieces, she has crafted a beautiful addition to our Christmas music collections.

In this episode you?ll hear the inspiration behind the songs, ?Amaryllis? and ?Wrap This One Up?. . .both stories gave me goosebumps. I won?t think of the Bethlehem shepherds the same way again. And the winter blooming amaryllis reminds us the hope Jesus brought . . .

Our King has come, He?s with us now & He?s making all things new again. That?s the thrill of hope.

What we chat about: How motherhood takes you from peaceful quiet times to sock-and-underwear prayers The secret of simple scripture and open dialogue with God Christy?s new album ?The Thrill of Hope?- her first Christmas album! The message of the amaryllis for those with heavy hearts in the Christmas season How ?wrapped in swaddling clothes? may have meant much more to the shepherds Christy?s song on the new album that makes her listeners ?ugly cry? Links Mentioned: Psalm 37:4-7 ?Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.? The Glorious in the Mundane podcast ?The Thrill of Hope? available on Christy?s site or Amazon** Ellie Holcomb PDF of ?Amaryllis? lyrics I made. . .

You are invited to become a DMA Insider! Join us over here and get bonus content. Including live Mentor Moment Q&As. In 2021 Bruce and I will lead Insiders through a StrengthsFinder Series. Learn the 101s of StrengthsFinder. And how knowing your Strengths impacts your marriage, parenting and career. 

Merry Christmas!
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Worth Repeating // Sally Lloyd Jones

This is episode originally aired in Nov of 2015. 

Our copy is duct-taped and well-loved. . .

My oldest son beamed telling me how he?s read the whole Bible in a couple weeks. . .

It?s sold almost 2 million copies. . .

Children (and adults) have been wooed by the story of their Great Rescuer. Of His ?Never-Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.?

And now ?The Jesus Storybook Bible? is even more accessible.

This week?s podcast guest, author Sally Lloyd-Jones, chats with me about her newest project. . .

Same great content, new design, new title. . .for a new audience. ?The Story of God?s Love for You? is now available. For the person you never would have thought to give a children?s Bible. The person who needs to hear:

?It?s not about rules, so keeping them God will love us. Or heroes we?re supposed to copy so God will love us. It?s about a God who loved us before we even knew Him. A God who will move heaven and earth to be with His children.? ?Sally Lloyd-Jones

In this episode, Sally shares a little of her background and the inspiration behind ?The Jesus Storybook Bible?. We also spend time talking about how God uses stories to reach our hearts.

Sally knows how to speak grace and the gospel message. Her words will feel like a deep cleansing breath. Her books are daily reminders of grace. The grace we long to show ourselves and our children.

Connect with Sally:

Story of God?s Love for You :: Site :: Facebook :: Instagram

Join our DMA Community: 

Become a DMA Insider. In 2021 Bruce and I will lead the community through a StrengthsFinder Series. Learn the 101 of StrengthsFinder. How knowing your strengths helps your marriage, parenting and career. 

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Worth Repeating // Jess Connolly

"We can feel isolated ? that?s real, but we can?t stay there. We have the entire trinity on our side, the Father loving us fiercely and making a good plan, the Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf, our coheir Christ interceding and making a way for us.

Don?t believe the lie that it?s all on your shoulders, and it?s all up to you and you have no clue where to go or what to do.  He is a very big God, and what?s better ? He is incredibly near." --Jess Connolly, A Naptime Diary

This is an edited, republished episode from April 2015. 

In this episode Jess openly shares about her bouts with depression. She offers three ?helps? for the gal struggling to have hope. I nodded with agreement at everything she says. 

Especially the clinging to intimacy with God part. The praying out loud, walking around your house reading Scripture part.

Cuz motherhood is no joke. There is an invisible battle raging all around us. We aren?t alone. Like Jess said we have the entire trinity on our side.

Connect with Jess here:

**Starting in 2021 Don't Mom Alone Insiders in our Patreon Community will begin a "StrengthsFinder Series". Learn the 101 of StrengthsFinder, how it impacts your marriage and parenting and get direction for your life pursuits. Go to to learn more. **

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How to Have Healthy Conflict :: Lynn Hoffman [Ep 307]

Between the pandemic and uncertainty of this last year and all the pressure of the upcoming holiday season, there is a lot of potential for conflict. My friend and mentor Lynn Hoffman is here with some timely advice on how to engage in this inevitable conflict in a healthy way.

We talk about doing some inner work when you feel hurt by someone or see conflict on the horizon and Lynn shares some stories of how examining her own heart and feelings have made all the difference in her own relationships. 

?It?s about recognizing that I'm a limited human being and I have a limited amount of emotional capacity. It is not infinite. So it's my responsibility. Not somebody else's to pull back and spend some time with the Lord.To do some inner work to really figure out, okay, what's going on with me and what do I need at this moment??

Whether you find yourself in new, hard places of stress and conflict or fear the constant repeating of old woundings when interacting with family, this episode is for you. 

Questions to ask yourself in conflict:

What happened? What do I think about this situation and person? What did I want (expect)? How do I feel (now and any related past feelings) Links Mentioned:   EP 129: Recovery For Life :: Lynn Hoffman Lynn?s Book: Steps Into God's Grace: Spiritual Formation through God?s Word and the 12 Steps of Recovery EP 250: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Family :: Dr. John Townsend

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Santa or No Santa :: Ep 306

You know who is coming to town. The big man in the red suit is everywhere this time of year and each of us grew up with different traditions on how to engage with and celebrate Santa. 

My assistant Sarah-Jane and I chat about what it was like for each of us growing up with and without Santa and how we acknowledge the jolly yuletide figure with our kids without taking the focus off Jesus.

Sarah-Jane shares how her family adopted a separate holiday in December, Saint Nicholas Day, and I talk about playing the ?Santa Game? with my kids. Wherever you fall on the ?Santa spectrum,? we hope this conversation gives you grace to celebrate Christmas with your family with or without Santa being a major part (and give that same grace to others).


?Isn't it so great that God doesn't work the same way as Santa? It?s because we're so naughty that we got the gift of Jesus. It's the opposite. So I would, as a teaching moment to reemphasize the glorious grace of Jesus. Instead of thinking, I can't do Santa because it takes away from the grace of Jesus, the good news is we have a different option.?

Links Mentioned:   Saint Nicholas Center Veggietales- Saint Nicolas: A Story of Joyful Giving Buck Denver: Who is Santa Claus? Light ?Em Up  The Star from Afar The Shepherd on the Search Using Santa to Teach Grace [BLOG POST] 

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Celebrating Advent :: Tsh Oxenreider [Ep 305]

As a mom of three small children, author and podcaster Tsh Oxenreider found Christmas a bit overwhelming and as Charlie Brown would say, ?too commercial.? Year after year she found herself dreading the season and looking for simple ways to refocus the holiday on the things that mattered most. 

After living overseas for a year with her family and switching to a more liturgical church, Tsh found the centuries old observance of Advent to be the perfect way to slow down the crazy season of Christmas. She joins me to introduce Advent if you are new to it and to talk about the beautiful new Advent guide she created.

?This is for us, this is to reset our hearts and our focus to that which is the true reason we celebrate Christmas. So the thing I love about celebrating Advent in our culture is that it feels pretty counter-cultural in a world that both is focused on the gifts and is focused on the consumption parts of Christmas.?

If you?ve ever wanted to know more about the liturgical practice of Advent, this is the show for you! Tsh shares a lot of practicals and perspectives about why celebrating this separate season can help us prepare for both the celebration of Jesus? birth and the eventual time when Christ will, one day, make all things new.

Connect with Tsh:  Website:  Instagram:  @tshoxenreider Twitter:  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: Shadow and Light: A Journey into Advent Biblical Feasts with Amber Lee  Advent resources from Tsh Other books from Tsh

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Forgiving What You Can?t Forget :: Lysa TerKeurst [Ep 304]

Do  you  ever  find  yourself  replaying  and  reliving  the details of the deepest hurt in your life? My guest today has endured a devastating, public heartbreak ? and she has wrestled with the lingering,unresolved pain which followed. Author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst joins me to share part of her  journey of  learning to forgive what you can?t forget.

?I don't want to make this sound more clean and pretty than it actually was. It was hard. It was horrific. It was terrible. And walking out something as devastating as an affair in a marriage created tremendous burden and tremendous hardship. But I will say that one commitment that I made that was really important was that I can feel hurt, but I don't have to choose to live hurt. Or perpetuate that hurt into other people.?

Lysa shares vulnerably and offers advice for anyone who feels stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain. We talk about the huge help a Christian counselor has been both for Lysa and her children throughout this process and how she delved into what the Bible really says about forgiveness.

?The Bible never says that people have to forgive and forget. It actually says quite the opposite. If we can be healed of it, it is actually beneficial not to forget because it becomes a testimony that can be used in powerful ways. And that's part of the good that God can bring in our story. I think how we know that we are experiencing healing is the way that we tell the stories of our lives.?

Connect with Lysa:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @lysaterkeurst  Links Mentioned:   EP 45: 5 Schedule Sappers and How to Stop Them :: Lysa TerKeurst EP 131: Uninvited :: Lysa TerKeurst, Kay Wyma & Courtney DeFeo  BOOK: Forgiving What You Can't Forget

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Praying as God's Daughter :: Molly Rhodes [Ep 303]

As a long time believer, my friend Molly just couldn?t see much value in prayer. With her always on-the-go personality and her full life raising three boys with her husband, taking the time to sit in silence and pray seemed unappealing. Besides, doesn?t God already know what?s going to happen? 

But, something shifted in a big way for Molly as she started to learn more about the Holy Spirit and met a friend who prayed with power and conviction and talked about really having a relationship with God. 

?I would say that my prayers were very polite and just formal at best and just really few and far between. So I really did just kind of blow the lid off of the box that I had him in regarding prayer and just gave me this fresh perspective of going to him and communing with him?  I started to see it as this right and this privilege to pray as God's daughter.?

Since then, Molly has seen God move in powerful ways in her life through the humble act of prayer. She shares just a few of the stories of how God has used her ? just a ?normal mom? ? to minister to others around her, even door-to-door salespersons! 

If you are feeling discouraged or need a boost in your prayer life, this is the episode for you! I pray Molly?s story gets you excited about talking with God in a new way. 

Links Mentioned: 

In Light of Eternity :: Jen Clouse [Ep 100] More on Prayer:   Listening to the Lord :: Kelsey Phillips [Ep 279] Praying the Scriptures :: Jodie Berndt [Ep 194] God-centered Prayer (part one)  |  DMA blog post God-centered Prayer (part two)  | DMA blog poast God-centered Prayer (part three)  |  DMA blog post

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