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Story Pirates

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!


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Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey/Betsy?s Grand Slam

The Story Pirates have a garage sale, and something very important gets sold by mistake. Featuring two new stories: ?Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey,? a song about the joys and perils of portable trampolines, written by Bridget, a 9 year old from New York, and ?Betsy?s Grand Slam,? the story of a star baseball player who needs to learn one final rule, by an 8 year old from Texas named Paul.
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The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns/Attack of the Stuff (feat. Alysha Deslorieux)

Rolo holds a karaoke night competition in the hopes it will attract the Story Pirates to his struggling Bean Emporium. Featuring two new stories: ?The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns (feat. Alysha Deslorieux),? a 90?s R&B-style song about bakery snacks who hypnotize by Hannah, a 12 year old from New Jersey, and ?Attack of the Stuff,? a story about inanimate objects coming to life, by a 10 year old from Washington, D.C. named Annikah.
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The Monkey and the Ice Skates/Tissues (feat. Paul Scheer)

The Story Pirates welcome their old pal Franklin (Paul Scheer) to the ship. Wait. Do we even know a Franklin? Featuring two new stories: ?The Monkey and the Ice Skates,? an ode to NPR about the very first primate ever to hit the ice, written by Pacifica, a 9 year old from North Carolina, and ?Tissues,? a poetic tale of patience and belonging, written by an 8 year old from Massachusetts named Noah.
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Fun Crazy Weird Hair Store/The Mountain Fart (feat. Robin Lord Taylor)

An old friend finds their voice and the Story Pirates discover a surprising new planet. Featuring two new stories: ?Fun Crazy Weird Hair Store,? a rocker about a salon you can go to if you need a big change, by Silvia, a 9 year old from New Jersey, and ?The Mountain Fart,? a story about a town dealing with an enormous stink, written by a 9 year old from Virginia named Hannah.
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Humming/Time Trap

The Story Pirates are lost in space. Featuring two new stories: ?Humming,? a song about a simple habit that snowballs into a worldwide trend, by Emily, an 11 year old from Texas, and ?Time Trap,? a story about two siblings who travel to some very surprising epochs, by an 8 year old from Oregon named Jaeger.
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Quest for the Crystal Crown

In this special bonus episode about the new Story Pirates book, Quest for the Crystal Crown, Lee interviews authors Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White, as well as several characters from the book, including Hobbly Knobbly the wizard, Hot Breath the baby troll, Bloato the goblin and Donkeycorn, a half-donkey, half-unicorn. Get your copy of Quest for the Crystal Crown today at!
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The Puzzle Competition/Family Room Wars (feat. Billy Eichner and members of Freestyle Love Supreme)

The crew encounters a mysterious delivery man (Billy Eichner) with a dark purpose. Featuring two new stories: ?The Puzzle Competition,? a hip hop track featuring members of Freestyle Love Supreme about a high stakes championship bout, written by California siblings Talia, age 8, and Levi, age 5, and ?Family Room Wars,? a fantasy epic that takes place in a modern family room, by a 12 year old from Utah named Jaxon. 
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My Family Are Tigers/Winter (feat. Lake Bell)

The crew meets the owner of a cosmic zoo (Lake Bell) who has plans for a new exhibit. Featuring two new stories: ?My Family Are Tigers,? the story of a kid who grows up in a unique family, by Sophie, a 10 year old from the UK and "Winter", a song about a girl with an unpopular opinion who stands her ground, by a 9 year old from California named Lila.
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Quark Power/Spelling Sssnakes (feat. Danny Pudi)

The ship?s new virtual reality room lets Peter live out his greatest dream. Featuring two new stories: ?Quark Power,? a power pop song about subatomic particles, written by Aziah, a 10 year old from Australia, and ?Spelling Sssnakes,? the story of an insecure serpent who learns to compete on the big stage, by a 9 year old from California named Neela.
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Thanksgiving Road Trip Mixtape

In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates provide the soundtrack to your holiday travel with some of our favorite songs and deep cuts from the podcast.
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My Principal Ate a Worm/Backstage Dreams

Siegfried discovers a Gladiator Planet where he is challenged to battle in ways he never expected. Featuring two new stories: ?My Principal Ate a Worm,? a shocking tale inspired by real events, by Jonah, a 9 year old from Michigan and ?Backstage Dreams,? a dramatic story about big breaks, epic roles and a life in the theater by a 10 year old from New York named Thuy.
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Cucumbers 4 Life/The Family of Cows

The Story Pirates throw a pool party on a new water planet, revealing a multiplicity of surprises. Featuring two new stories: ?Cucumbers 4 Life,? a country song about vegetables and heavy metal, by Imogen, a 9 year old from the UK, and ?The Family of Cows,? a shape-shifting saga on the farm, by an 8 year old from Mississippi named Lydian.
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The Raccoon?s Very Hard Choice/Stepping Up

Rolo embarks on a spacewalk in a desperate attempt to retrieve a package from the space post office. Featuring two new stories: ?The Raccoon?s Very Hard Choice,? a latin-inspired song about choosing your favorite food, by Asa, a 7 year old from New York, and ?Stepping Up,? the inspiring tale of a senator?s quest to become President of the United States, by a 10 year old from New York named Eliana.
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Boo!/The Clock (feat. Paul F. Tompkins)

The crew?s exploration of outer space takes them to Game Show Planet, where a charismatic host (Paul F. Tompkins) challenges the Story Pirates to compete. Featuring two new spooky stories: ?Boo!,? a tale of trick-or-treating hygiene by Nora, a 7 year old from Florida, and ?The Clock,? a creepy story about a timepiece with a dreadful secret, written by an 8 year old from Washington named Lyla.
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Space Llama/Have You Wondered (feat. Lauren Lapkus)

A space caterer (Lauren Lapkus) helps the Story Pirates learn to like strange foods from other galaxies. Featuring two new stories: ?Space Llama,? a Bowie-esque spin on a classic folk tale about how the night sky came to be, written by Lindsay, an 8 year old from New York, and ?Have You Wondered,? a story about what happens when the Statue of Liberty fights crime, written by a 7 year old from Ohio named Theodore.
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Glowy and the Friend Adventure/The Big Chance (feat. Jeremy Sisto)

Having successfully exited the Earth?s atmosphere, the Story Pirates are greeted by the captain of the Intergalactic Space Friends Alliance (Jeremy Sisto) who comes bearing unique gifts. Featuring two new stories: ?Glowy and the Friend Adventure,? a laid-back beach ditty about a whale who needs a friend, written by two brothers from California named Clive and Silas, ages 9 and 7, and ?The Big Chance,? the story of a girl who must endure a high stakes test in order to reach her dream of becoming a doctor, written by Isabella, a 10 year old from Maryland.
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The Bear That Couldn?t Disco/The Slowest Elevator In The World (feat. Alex Brightman)

The Story Pirates are back with season 3! With the help of their new friend Nimene and her extraterrestrial companion Loofah, the Pirates prepare to head into outer space. Featuring two new stories: ?The Bear That Couldn?t Disco,? a synth pop tune about a bear who just wants to boogie down, written by a 7 year old from Rhode Island named Taylor, and ?The Slowest Elevator in the World,? a story about a truly extreme test of patience, written by Sam, an 8 year old from California.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Story Pirates Podcast Is Back For Season 3!

The Story Pirates return for a brand new season on October 10, 2019.
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SECRET LIFE OF PETS: The Knight?s Pet Dragon/Turtle Beach

In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates reveal the winner of the Secret Life of Pets 2 contest and thank everyone who sent in a story. This episode also features an encore of a fan favorite from last season, Turtle Beach, by an 11 year old from Utah named Regan. Be sure to tune in next week for an announcement about season 3 of the Story Pirates Podcast!
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CONTEST: Story Pirates + The Secret Life of Pets 2

Announcing a special contest with our friends from The Secret Life of Pets 2! We?re looking for kid-written stories about what happens when pets are left alone. We'll choose a story to feature on a special bonus episode of the Story Pirates Podcast, and one kid author will get a special visit from the Story Pirates! Not only that, but EVERY story that?s submitted will get a personal, handwritten note of encouragement for its kid author. Grownups, enter today at
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Pet Store or Food Store?/A Dinosaur Ate Me (feat. Mandy Gonzalez and James Monroe Iglehart)

In part two of our season finale, the Story Pirates learn more about their unexpected guest and find out where they are headed next. Featuring two new stories: ?Pet Store or Food Store?,? a story about a very confused business establishment, written by a 7 year old from North Carolina named Eli, and ?A Dinosaur Ate Me,? a mini-operetta (featuring Mandy Gonzalez and James Monroe Iglehart) that is a word-for-word adaptation of a story by a 5 year old from Pennsylvania named Nuala. 
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Banana Clown/Cats Sit On You (feat. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo)

In part one of our season finale, the Story Pirates discover an intruder on the ship. Featuring two new stories: ?Banana Clown,? a hip hop track featuring Grammy Award-winning rapper Secret Agent 23 Skidoo about a guy who has a hard time finding the right job, written by an 8 year old from Massachusetts named Benjamin, and ?Cats Sit On You,? a song about cats sitting on you (and sometimes they take over the school), written by Alex, a 6 year old from California.
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The Mad Piano Player/The Aristocrats Strike Back (feat. Josh Gondelman)

The Story Pirates meet a gas station attendant (Josh Gondelman) who likes to tell excruciatingly long and boring stories. Featuring two new stories: ?The Mad Piano Player,? a song about a boy who plays an explosive piano piece for the king, written by an 8 year old from Dubai named Kenan, and ?The Aristocrats Strike Back,? a historical fiction story about peasants and aristocrats addressing inequality, written by Charlotte, a 9 year old from Nebraska. 
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Tape Ball Purse/The Girl With A Voice (feat. Bowen Yang)

When Rachel installs a ?Smart Ship?(Bowen Yang), the Story Pirates learn about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Featuring two new stories: ?Tape Ball Purse,? a story about a new product that will help you to not lose your keys but may also destroy the world, written by a 9 year old from Washington named Emily, and ?The Girl With A Voice,? a song about a girl who discovers she has a special power all her own, written by Etta, a 10 year old from Michigan.
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The Disgusting Water Bottle/Robotics Engineering Doll (feat. Colin Meloy)

Rolo builds an escape room on the ship to teach the other Story Pirates to work together. Featuring two new stories: ?The Disgusting Water Bottle (feat. Colin Meloy),? a song about finding a place where you belong even if you?re a little disgusting, written by a 7 year old from South Dakota named Norah, and ?Robotics Engineering Doll,? a story about the weirdest toy ever made, by Nava, a 7 year old from Rhode Island.
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The Amazing Adventure/My Big Project

 When the other Story Pirates discover Lee has been secretly writing songs, they encourage him to share his totally emo feelings with the world. Featuring two new stories: ?The Amazing Adventure,? a soaring ballad about sock puppets who travel the globe by Calvin, an 11 year old from Oklahoma, and ?My Big Project,? a story about how difficult it is to choose the right topic for a science project, by a 9 year old from Texas named Elliot. 
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BACKSTROKE RAPTOR - the new Story Pirates album!

The Story Pirates will be back next week with a new episode, but in the meantime, we are announcing our new album, BACKSTROKE RAPTOR! The first single from the album, ?The Giraffe Didn?t Know,? is out NOW and available wherever you listen to music. The follow up to our award-winning album NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, BACKSTROKE RAPTOR is our weirdest and wildest collection of songs yet.
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Vampire Kid/I Want Your Garden (feat. Natasha Rothwell)

A hot air balloon racer (Natasha Rothwell) challenges Rachel to confront her past. Featuring two new stories: ?Vampire Kid,? a story about a creature of the night who only wants to dance in the sun, by a 5 year old from Illinois named Sam, and ?I Want Your Garden,? a story about how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, by Kyla, an 8 year old from Massachusetts.
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Cheese Quest/A Diary Of A Corn Snake (feat. David Schwimmer)

Rolo?s old parrot Poochie (David Schwimmer) shows up with a shady business proposition. Featuring two new stories: ?Cheese Quest,? a song about the lengths one will go to for their food obsessions, by 11 year old Mylie from Utah, and ?A Diary Of A Corn Snake,? the story of a serpent with a rich inner life, by an 8 year old from Tennessee named Allison.
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Superbag/Some TVs Have Big Problems

The Story Pirates discover that an anonymous gossip blog is spreading hot blog goss about them, and Meghan vows to track down the writer. Featuring two new stories: ?Superbag,? a faux movie trailer about an unlikely superhero, written by a 7 year old from Alaska named Lydia, and ?Some TVs Have Big Problems,? the twisty-turny adventure of four siblings who find out the real meaning of too much screen time, written by Oscar, a 10 year old from Canada.
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Animal Week/The Doughnut Is Right

Siegfried the Viking leads the Story Pirates on a spooky trip to the Isle of Monsters. Featuring two new stories: ?Animal Week,? a klezmer tune about what happens when animals start to talk, by Ronan, an 8 year old from Rhode Island, and ?The Doughnut Is Right,? a twisted game show with an odd host, written by a 15 year old from Canada named Reayah. 
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Maybelle?s Treats/The Mystery of the Materializing Kitten (feat. Timothy Simons)

A very official inspector (Timothy Simons) arrives to make sure the Story Pirates? ship is up to code. Featuring two new stories: ?Maybelle?s Treats,? a mini-musical about a girl who has to fight for her right to eat sweets, by Brynne, a 10 year old from California, and ?The Mystery of the Materializing Kitten,? a noir-style mystery about a feline who has mastered time and space, by 10 year old June.
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One Little Pink Rose/I Lost My Tooth In Hollywood

When Peter gets stuck in a time loop, his most precious snacks are put in jeopardy. Featuring two new stories: ?One Little Pink Rose,? an empowering rocker about a flower who learns to stand tall, by a 9 year old from Tennessee named Zoey, and ?I Lost My Tooth In Hollywood,? the dramatic tale of a tooth who finds fame but never forgets their roots, by Alice, an 8 year old from California. 
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The Story Pirates + Circle Round: All That Glitters

The Story Pirates Podcast will be back next week with a brand new show. In the meantime, we wanted to share an episode of Circle Round, a podcast from our pals over at WBUR that features folktales from around the world. And guess what?  This episode of Circle Round features Lee, Peter and Meghan! Hope you enjoy it and we?ll see you next week!
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Jeff the Goldfish/George and Billy the Boghog

The Story Pirates decide to have a party where everyone tells their deepest, darkest secrets. Featuring two new stories: ?Jeff the Goldfish,? the story of a fish who aspires to leave his tank, from a 9 year old in the UK named Rowan, and ?George and Billy the Boghog,? the story of a motivational warthog who sends people on journeys for no reason, by Ridge, an 8 year old from Arizona.
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Turtle Beach/Carl and Steve BFFs (feat. Dax Shepard)

A hard-nosed detective (Dax Shepard) visits the ship to investigate a possible theft and everybody feels a little weird about it. Featuring two new stories: ?Turtle Beach,? a feel good beach party song about a mythical place where turtles laugh and play, by an 11 year old from Utah named Regan, and ?Carl and Steve BFFs,? the story of an unlikely midwestern friendship, by an 8 year old from Illinois named Ellis.
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How The Beaver Came To Canada/President Worm (feat. Claire Danes)

When a conspiracy theorist (Claire Danes) boards their ship, the Story Pirates must convince her they are not from outer space. Featuring two new stories: ?How The Beaver Came To Canada,? a Joni Mitchell-inspired folk song about a beaver who takes to the friendly skies, by a 4 year old from Canada named Maytal, and ?President Worm,? a funky ode to the nation?s first flying leader, by Oliver, an 11 year old from the UK.
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The Quest for the Golden Bananas/Pigduction (feat. Franchesca Ramsey)

The Story Pirates face stormy weather when a super sad lost cloud (Franchesca Ramsey) has a full on meltdown while hovering over their ship. Featuring two new stories: The Quest For The Golden Bananas, an Irish punk song about an ambitious cucumber seeking fame and glory, written by an 11 year old from Belgium named Noel, and Pigduction, the story of an pig farmer/inventor whose thirst for innovation leads him down a dark path, by an 8 year old from India named Vivaan.
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I Love Cats/The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof (feat. John Oliver)

When a 40 foot tall squirrel (John Oliver) threatens to break delicate tchotchkes and handcrafted chairs on the ship, the Story Pirates must convince him to let them help them. Featuring two new stories: I Love Cats, the tale of an introverted feline who is willing to sacrifice 1/9th of everything to save the king, written by a 7 year old from Washington, D.C. named Andrew, and The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof, a hip hop fable about how the world?s most famous wizard got his name, written by a 14 year old from Utah named Jonah.
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Helen?s Pizza Ria/The Creation Of Chicken Parm (feat. George Salazar)

Just in time for Valentine?s Day, the Story Pirates have an episode all about something they love: pizza! Join the crew as they learn the ins and outs of interstellar travel with a cosmic pizza delivery guy (George Salazar). Featuring two new stories: ?Helen?s Pizza Ria,? about a woman who teams up with a dragon to make delicious business decisions, written by an 8 year old from Maryland named Gwen, and ?The Creation of Chicken Parm,? the tale of an innovative chicken who discovers that toppings aren?t just for pizza, written by a 10 year old from Massachusetts named Sierra.
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The Boy Who Hated Kisses/The Pancake Habit

Thanks to the repairs of Siegfried the Viking, the Story Pirates new flying ship is ready for lift off! But before they can shoot off into the stratosphere, the Story Pirates must supply their ship with a magic ingredient. Featuring 2 new stories: ?The Boy Who Hated Kisses,? a bluesy rock number about a kid with clear boundaries, written by a 6 year old from Missouri named Victoria, and ?The Pancake Habit,? the story of a girl whose spontaneous culinary activity cause her family and friends to stage an intervention, written by two sisters from Oklahoma named Zoe (age 9) and Eleni (age 6). 
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A Hamster's Workday/Backstroke Raptor

The Story Pirates Podcast is back for a new season! After spending several months on a deserted island, Captain Rolo and Siegfried the Viking must convince the rest of the Story Pirates that it?s time to set sail again. Featuring two new stories:?A Hamster?s Workday,? about a day in the life of a cute rodent who happens to be a big deal editor, written by an 11 year old from New York named Nina, and ?Backstroke Raptor,? a musical homage to the B-52?s about the coolest raptor in the raptor pack, by a 7 year old from Virginia named Ben.
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NEW SEASON ANNOUNCEMENT: the Story Pirates Podcast is Coming Back on January 31st, 2019!

Lee finds an old radio transmitter on the island and uses it to make a very exciting announcement! This mini-episode also features a bonus interview with kid author Phoebe Wolinetz, whose story idea is the basis for the new Story Pirates book, Digging Up Danger, out January 15th!
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Bonus: Calling All Mapmakers! Submit Your Ideas For The Next Story Pirates Book!

We're looking for ideas from kids for our next book with Random House, including kid-drawn maps of a fictional world! Parents go to to submit your child?s story today. And stay tuned for announcements about our next season!
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NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE: Story Pirates? new Album Preview

The Story Pirates have a new album and it?s out now! Today?s episode previews some of the featured songs. Listen to NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE wherever you find music today!
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Summer Bonus: Silly Monster Problem/Will Wants 300 Bucks/Star

It?s almost time to set sail, but the Story Pirates have another summer bonus episode to listen to while they pack. Today?s episode features two previously unreleased stories: ?Silly Monster Problem,? by an author from Switzerland named Anne, and ?Will Wants 300 Bucks,? by a 1st grader from Colorado named Jacob, as well as a new version of a greatest hit from last season, Star.
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Teacher?s Guide: Characters With Big Dreams/Make Your Problem Huge

In today?s summer bonus episode, Lee visits a new part of the ship and makes a clever new friend who introduces two lesson plans that parents and teachers can use to help kids write awesome stories while they listen to the Story Pirates Podcast! ?Characters With Big Dreams? will help writers create a character as spectacularly ambitious as Glitter, the guitar playing horse in the song ?Nothing Is Impossible? (found in episode 12) and ?Make Your Problem Huge? will help writers create high stakes problems for their characters to solve, like in the story ?Triple Power? (included in this episode). Download these FREE lesson plans today at and don?t forget to leave us feedback so that we can make even better resources for the classroom.
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Summer Bonus: The Hungry Rock/A Girl With Superpowers/The Chessmaster

Sure, it?s September. Sure, school has started. But summer hasn?t technically ended! At least it hasn?t for the Story Pirates, who have a new summer bonus episode just for you.  Today?s episode features a brand new story from Savi in Oregon called The Hungry Rock, as well as two greatest hits from last season, A Girl With Superpowers and The Chess Master.
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The Story Pirates + Brains On!: Dr. Weirdo and the Boring Unicorn

The Story Pirates take a break from summer bonus episodes to team up with Brains On! for a special collaborative episode. Featuring a brand new story called Dr. Weirdo and the Boring Unicorn, written by a Virginia 3rd grader named Lucyna, as well as a special Brains On! segment about why jokes are funny. Be sure to listen our companion episode over at Brains On! for more Story Pirates + Brains On awesomeness!
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Summer Bonus: The Person Who Could Not Spin/Sandwich Day/How To Make A Basketball Plant

Question: Who has two thumbs and wants another summer bonus episode of the Story Pirates Podcast?  Answer: A cute dog. With thumbs. But you can listen too! Today?s episode features some greatest hits from last season: The Person Who Could Not Spin, Sandwich Day and How To Make A Basketball Plant.
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