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9to5Mac Happy Hour

9to5Mac Happy Hour

A weekly podcast discussing the latest in Apple and technology. Hosted by 9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall.


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Paramount+ premieres, Find My Items, iPhone rumor roadmap

This week join 9to5Mac's Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo to discuss Apple TV+ shows and movies, the launch of Paramount+, what's new in the recent batches of betas, loads of rumors that cover the next few years of iPhones releases, and more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Apple?s space ambitions, MacBook Pro ports, MagSafe battery pack

This week join 9to5Mac's Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo to discuss Apple in space, what ports might we see on the upcoming MacBook Pros refresh, where is Apple's MagSafe battery case, Benjamin's love/hate relationship with Apple Music Radio, and more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Zac Hall: Hey, man, how's it going? 

[00:00:01] Benjamin Mayo: It's going good. How are you? 

[00:00:03] Zac Hall: Not bad. Did you see the other week Apple lost an employee to a rocket company?

[00:00:14] Yeah, it really it's really crossed my, my two interests and Apple in space. And I'm very familiar with the company Astra that poached this employee from Apple who apparently was. Was on the Apple car team. That's that's according to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg just based on their public information, they were, you know, on basically what's the R and D side of it.

[00:00:35] Benjamin Mayo: It's higher included like special director of special projects group. So 

[00:00:40] Zac Hall: yeah. So something to drive, if 

[00:00:42] Benjamin Mayo: you're in the special projects group, you're either in AI or you're in car, 

[00:00:46] Zac Hall: right? Yeah. So this has Benjamin Lyon. And no, if he's gone from, from working on the Apple car team, as like you said, a senior director of special projects group, it seems pretty serious to to working for this company, Astra, which is.

[00:01:06] I think they're based in California, but they, they launch rockets out of Kodiak, Alaska, and they, they almost reach orbit for the first time in their last launch attempt. So, which was, it was a very big milestone for them. They, they got into. Into into space, but didn't re didn't quite reach orbit. But they're in the early stages of developing this rocket that they call rocket, which is a fairy, Apple only thing to do.

[00:01:29]I think the version of that almost restart, but it's called rocket rocket 3.2, because it's the third iteration of the, of, of this rocket. So 0.2. But, but yeah, you know, it was an interesting way of crossing over the streams and And it's, it's also, I mean, it's, I think it means the less for Apple, of course, because of the car team.

[00:01:46] We'll, we'll go on one person isn't going to make or break the car team at Apple. You know, it's, it's a, it's a very lively project all on its own. But it, but it does, it does probably mean a lot more for the company Astra and having this person be, I think like their hardware chief going forward chief engineer at Astra.

[00:02:04] So. It just kind of cool for me that there is someone in, in this, from this space world who's now, you know, for one will be much more accessible because they're not at Apple. And then for another, there they're involved in, you know, going from designing, you know, working on, on iPhones and that type of hardware to the eventual car project to literal rockets and things that got to space.

[00:02:29] So I really enjoyed this story. 

[00:02:31] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah, I'll tell you what I found funny about this thing is that like, they made a big deal out of it. I did a press release. Yeah. Like a press release, like some Apple copy, you know, coordination, which is very rare for like a non-executive. Right? Like it basically someone you never heard of having some sort of like Apple coordination as they're leaving.

[00:02:51] It's very odd. Like tech crunch had like a. You know, multi page interview with the person where he's talking about his history of, you know, working on like the first iPhone to the iPhone 10 and everything in between. And like, that was, that was just unusual, right? Like, Hey, you don't know me. See, like, people may leave snap all the time, but most of the time you never hear about anything.

[00:03:11] It's only if they're only, if they're on leadership page, then they get a new story. If not, then they're probably going under the radar, but this was like a thing. And like w Apple didn't even try to hide it. They're like embracing it and like thanking him for his. You know, for his tenure at the company or whatever.

[00:03:26] And like, as far as it relates to the applecart project, it's pretty clear, obviously that the. Goes requirements, direction, focus engineering talent. Like that's been in so much flux with the car when they've been flitting from doing, you know, making the car to just doing autonomous systems, to going back to doing the car.

[00:03:47] Right. Like, and the, the deadlines are changing around that. And whenever you're having a project, that's having so many like shifts in. In a destination, like you're going to have employee turnover at the same time. Like it's just inevitable. Like say if you're, you know, we had it back in 2015, 2016, when they, you know, put, put the brakes on the actually making the car and you saw the hardware engineers, they hardly even go off and do other things.

[00:04:11] And likewise here. You know, maybe lion's was like ready to ship a car in two years time, but then the project changed and the directions came just like, Hey, this is going to take another five years to get, you know, to get off the ground. So I'm going to go and do something else. Okay. It's just, so it's one of those things that when you have, and you know, we're not on the inside, we don't know if this is a product of like early misdirection of the thing, or if they just don't know what they're doing or, you know, they're all over the place, but a certain side effect of.

[00:04:41] You know, divisions or projects changing objective means that you end up having the people underneath and move around as well. Like just, just look at the leadership of the project that we know, how many times is Mark Gurman at Bloomberg have to report in a new leader of the applecart team. Like that's happened probably four or five times already now, like, and they brought back the, you know, Doug Farrow from Tesla and stuff, and like, it all just comes together.

[00:05:02] But It is interesting for show 

[00:05:04] Zac Hall: and looking at this story it kind of surfaced an older story from December, 2019 that I forgotten about because there's been no update to it, but it's a story from Bloomberg that Apple's researching ways to use satellites, to beam data directly between I-phones and the other devices and in the story you know, it's, it's basically, this is a, I think as you put it a five-year.

[00:05:26] You know, five-year out project that they're investigating and, and, you know, it's one of the typical R and D things, but there's kind of been no development to it. And that, that makes sense for something that's five years out, you know, or, or within five years. But it has been, you know, Let's see, it's been, it's been a year and a few months though.

[00:05:44] So yeah, this 

[00:05:45] Benjamin Mayo: report was like the end of 2019. So if you do five years on from that, you're basically 20, 25, which is, seems to be the key date now for everything. It's like the round glasses of 2025, the Apple Carl's 20, 25, Apple satellites are 20, 25. Anything's just 20, 25 until we know any more information 

[00:06:01] Zac Hall: about it.

[00:06:01] Yeah. The thing that I found interesting and revisiting this story about Apple's satellite ambitions is that one. Space X is. Kind of betting the company on something called Starlink, which is literally a constellation of satellites that are always moving so that you can always have direct access to these satellites wherever you are, and have internet access anywhere on the planet.

[00:06:24] That's the end goal there. Right now, it's very much in beta and it's it's spotty service. And they, they advise that you'll lose connection from time to time and speeds will slow down, but they, they, you know, they also launch batches of 60 satellites every couple of weeks or so. To build off this constellation of, you know, thousands of satellites.

[00:06:44] And so it seems on, on that measure, it seems way less far-fetched that Apple would be interested in doing something like that because of, you know, space X is interested in doing it because they are a rocket company and they launched things all the time. And this happens to be an area where they can have a consumer business, you know, if it pans out and 

[00:07:03] Benjamin Mayo: isn't like some crazy.

[00:07:05] You know, just pipe dream. They're like doing it right. It's like 

[00:07:09] Zac Hall: people are actually relying on Sterling for internet and rural areas right now. And in ways that they couldn't before first responders and native Americans and then, and even just customers and select markets where the service now. So it's, it's a, it's a real thing.

[00:07:22]And then the Amazon has this, this similar service I think it's called project Kepler. I might, I might be saying the, the K word wrong or misremembered misremembering it, but they also have a satellite service where even though. You know, Amazon's outgoing CEO. Jeff Bezos has his own space company called blue origin, which has a couple of rockets in development.

[00:07:43]They're, they're using Amazon as the vehicle for for their satellite internet service. And, and it's interesting because you know, what, what, what the Bloomberg report on is about, you know, how Apple will send community, you know, beam data between the iPhones and other devices. It's it's kind of point to point between iPhone, you know, or other device.

[00:08:04] Via satellite versus, and not necessarily the same as, you know, your internet services from this satellite provider, you know, and bypassing the carrier. I think, I think in a way it's more that if you have, if there's, it says the backup to your Siler service, if you can't get service, then the satellite service could be the backup for that.

[00:08:24]But, but if it seems, if it, if it works out that, you know, technology like Starlink and project capital are, are Or feasible then than it, it doesn't seem farfetched that Apple also a tech company like Amazon would, would have expired. Would, you know, Would want to experience in this field and be a major player in this?

[00:08:43]I don't know that it would ever replace carriers by it. I think it's certainly something that fits that, that the more I'm I'm informed on this stuff, the more it fits in with the vision of what Apple, you know, could be investing in what makes sense for the 

[00:08:55] Benjamin Mayo: company. Yeah. The 2019 report was kind of positioning it as like.

[00:09:00] You know, you're out in the middle of nowhere and you want to talk to people that are like, maybe back at base camp or wherever when you're on a hike and you know, you don't have phone service, but you could reach them via some sort of satellite connection. Right. But that was, Oh, a bit strange. The, the stalling results they're like, you know, happening now pretty impressive.

[00:09:18] You can get, you know, decent internet speeds essentially anywhere in the world, because it's just coming out of the. You know, just coming out of the sky, like that kind of thing, where you could short circuit the carriers definitely seems like something that would appeal to Apple in general. I mean, like they're not going to stop making mobile devices, right?

[00:09:38] Like they're making more of them. They're putting them everywhere. Like if you're in the ocean and you could use like an Apple watch, could just talk to a satellite where you're, you know, you're, you're out of range of the home phone signal, but you can 

[00:09:48] Zac Hall: actually, why there's no sailor and max yet they're waiting for the satellite service.

[00:09:53] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Or even like, you know, the glasses stuff eventually, maybe like if Apple could just post its own satellite cloud and just, you know, you basically pay Apple for satellite service and you can get. No, essentially as faster speeds as home broadband, but sent through the sky with a slightly longer latency of like, you know, 30 to 50 minutes seconds or whatever, that's more gonna service you for all sorts of things.

[00:10:17] Like I, it, it's definitely when, when this 2019 report came out, I was like, you know, what are they really going to do this stuff? This feels pretty far fetched, but Starlink is doing. A decent rollout, we're ready. And you know, they they're coming to the UK. I think then shit like people can get it. And if you, even, if you have home broadband, I can see some people being like, you know what.

[00:10:41] I'll get solid and said, just because it's faster and it's more pervasive, like, yeah. And right now the stalling one's expensive. I think it's, it's like 500 pounds to like set up and then it's like a hundred pounds a month, right. Compared to like, you know, you can get like Saudia pants, like 10 pound a month, but you know, it's the, it's the early days.

[00:10:59] And you can imagine that some point maybe like, I assume what happened longer term is that. Stalling stars, like sublicensing out the spectrum or other people that are satellites and you end up the equivalent where you have, where you have like a bunch of characters, but they're like a bunch of satellite carers.

[00:11:13] Right. And they do the same thing. Did you also see this week for the story that Apple has started? Its investment into 6g? Yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready. So that's a, that's like a decade away, 

[00:11:24] Zac Hall: but obviously yeah, satellite based, 

[00:11:27] Benjamin Mayo: maybe it is, maybe it is maybe eventually at some point. I gave five G didn't have the problems of you know, not traveling through walls.

[00:11:36] You eventually just like, when does it, it just all blends into one, right? You just have constant internet service regardless of where you are, whether that's service by cellular towers or satellite or whatever, like early test on six G is going to make it even more thinner wavelengths. So it's going to be even more harder to penetrate through walls and stuff, but that's a 10 years away 

[00:11:55] Zac Hall: issue.

[00:11:56] Yeah. And, and one more thing, I mean, with Starling, this is something that I wrote on space Explorer last October, but that, that Microsoft has, is doing a deal with, with space X Starling for servers, they call Azure space. So it's literally I think to put Azure in data centers and places that there, there is an otherwise, you know, high-speed internet.

[00:12:15] So you know, there's, there's a lot of ways that, that whether it's. It's Microsoft or Amazon or Apple that there's there's room for participation in this area. 

[00:12:25] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. And it's just funny to look at story that's that I don't see forgotten about to you reminded me of that back in 2019, we were like this thing stupid way, but you know, even just two years later, it's like, wow, this feels a lot more tangible now than it did.

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[00:14:27] Thanks again to unite for, for sponsoring the 

[00:14:29] Zac Hall: show. Yeah. Thanks unite. So Ming, she quo has. More specifics on which ports, which IO the MacBook pros with more parts will have. And, and I think, I think, you know, we, we discussed before, you know, will it be SD? Will it be HTMI? Will it be USBA? And I argued in favor of USPA at least one port, because it's common on other laptops that have USBC Thunderbolt three and.

[00:15:01] Apple still uses USPA work fits on, let them on another Mac. So the Mac mini and the iMac and, and the Mac pro. So but quota doesn't say anything positive on USPA. It just sounds like they're going to cut some holes on the side for eight Jim might SD card. Is that right? 

[00:15:17] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah, that's basically the, just like the original core report had, you know, all sorts of details, like the touch bars going away.

[00:15:24] They're bringing back MagSafe there's going to be. The re the restoration of IO ports. So users won't need dongles, but he didn't specify what the actual ports would be. You know, this is all coming in the new design Maverick. Pre-release where we're a couple of weeks later, he follows up with this report, which says based on supplier information.

[00:15:42]We believe that the machines will feature HTMI and SD counselor. What was interesting is that the the social report said like 75 to 90% of models will feature those ports. So it might be like an option or it might not be on every single configuration. I think like it wasn't entirely clear, but maybe like only the 14 inch one gets.

[00:16:04] You know, SD card slot, and then the six, each ones get assessed. These cards for an HD might as well. If you see what I mean. So it might not be identical across the board, but, or maybe it's even just like you, they don't even come a standard and you get them as add on options or something like that is not the way it was worded in the source report was like, these are the ports, but don't expect them on every single configuration.

[00:16:24] So it's an interesting, interesting little twist on the story. Like. On the one hand, it feels kind of crazy that Apple went on this like tirade for essentially five years and trying to kill off all this legacy IO. And they've like forced everyone to borrow the dongles now for USBC and stuff. But even today, there's still a huge dependency in the world on these.

[00:16:45] No quote, Lexi pause. I don't know if you can call them legacy, even because they're still very widely used. Like, 

[00:16:50]Zac Hall: Every, every monitor has airplay built in so that you can wirelessly beam to it. HTMI is pretty, pretty modern. 

[00:16:57] Benjamin Mayo: Right? And like, even if you look at it, Okay, so display port, right? It's probably the modern, modern display connector.

[00:17:07] Yeah. It can support the highest bandwidth and everything like that. And on brand new monitors, they will come with display point pers, which is USBC in, in shape. But there's so many monitors and televisions and projectors. In the world that it's going to take so much longer for that stuff to be like phased out to a relevancy.

[00:17:29] How HMI is just so useful. Like if I want to go into the front room and hook up the, you know, my natural, the TV, it doesn't have display ports in the thing as an HTMI port and Oh yeah. Just use airplanes for the Apple TV. Well, you know, a You know, one of the, probably what, like 10 million people total have Apple TV and to the stream, the, the, the airplay team mirroring is not the same resolution or quality as just plugging in directly.

[00:17:53] So it comes in useful if you're in a school environment or you're in a business environment, like, you know, back when we were in the office for real, what do these things have in their projectors? Yes. Some of them are, you know, deployed Apple TVs and stuff, but it's not universal. Like just having a Haitian myPort is so useful to so many people like, and yeah, you can carry around an adapter.

[00:18:11] But do you really want to do that? Like, for me, the, the, the post situation was, you know, amortized by the fact that, you know, I worked from a home office where I just have a Thunderbolt dock and it has all the old Alexio in it. And, you know, what's plugged into that thought about Doug, Hey, she might pause, started USB ports.

[00:18:28] And I even used the SD card slot in it sometimes. So if it was just natively in the laptop, I would definitely. Benefit because maybe I wouldn't even have to bore the dock in the first place. Like the dock has value in that you can only, you only need one port to plug in. Right. And can you can just Daisy chain everything or that one hub, including power and, and display outputs and the IO.

[00:18:49]But for a lot of people, they just don't need it. Right. You can just, a lot of people basically get away with. The power cable and HTMI, and that's it. That's all the level you use on the laptop for the entire lifetime for the thing, right? Like an SD card slot. We talked about this when the 2016 apropos was brand new, like.

[00:19:09] So shit, I had that funny interview. I was like, you can just get an adaptor for the SD card. It's just as good. Yeah. Yeah. He said 

[00:19:16] Zac Hall: that the Bolton reader is cumbersome, which is like, it's just like a classic PR strategy of like taking the problem and, and, and, you know, the problem is, is cumbersome to use an adapter and he describes it.

[00:19:28] The old way is cumbersome. Like why? 

[00:19:30] Benjamin Mayo: Right. The adapter is clearly more cumbersome than when the connector was built. When they, when there was just an SD card slot in the side of the laptop, like, and I. Never used an SD card slot, but plenty of people that buy mapper pros have cameras that still use IC card.

[00:19:46] It's not universal. It's not everyone. And a lot, you know, a lot of modern cameras use like compact flash or your camera, you know, you can just plug in USBC directly, but a lot of cameras in the world use to SD card. It was just, it's like, Hey, she might, it's just a fact. And if your camera doesn't use an SD card slot, you can just plug in using your adapter anyway.

[00:20:07] Like it's, it's like, it's hard to argue against it. Like it does feel, there is no argument that like, they went for this thing in 2016 and you, if you're going to do it, you just kind of have to embrace it and, you know, hold firm. But clearly they've faced enough market pressure to not need that. Like. Just give people hate.

[00:20:28] She made an SD card slot and people are going to be happy about it, you know? Mm. 

[00:20:32] Zac Hall: Yeah. Yeah. Th the fact that Apple markets map book pros to professional photographers, like they, they, they, they really want. People who edit photos and take photos to use method pros for that process. And then they're like, you know, just use a dongle.

[00:20:49]And I, I get it cause there's other, other versions of, of, of memory cards. You know, that are, that are, that are larger and thicker and, and not nearly as mainstream, but on a pro model. I think there's room for, for that. 

[00:21:01]Benjamin Mayo: Johnny ive extreme position would be. Don't make any more holes in this laptop than an incredibly necessarily, right?

[00:21:08] Like, and it wasn't just Johnny ive pushing the app, or there's loads of people doing it. But for pro prime machines that you're spending thousands of hours and you use day in and day out, you have to, you know, push the balance slightly, further away from for mistakes. And it's just a fact, these computers are not going to look as nice because.

[00:21:26] They're going to be uneven. They're going to have weird IO on both sides of different shapes and sizes. There's going to be a MaxDiff connector on one side of it. Like there is a nice beauty to the current mapper pros. We just have two USB suits on one side and two issues, PC posts on the other side, and it's identical and symmetrical.

[00:21:41] Right. But you know, you do have to use these things at some point. So you have to, you have to make that balance like on a Mac book air. Fine. Right? Like you can go for more style points, but if you're going to fight workstation map, repair machines, The ports clearly have value. Like Apple's back in 2016 did not work there.

[00:22:01] The dependency on stuff that isn't USBC is still way too high. Yeah. 

[00:22:05]Zac Hall: And I think I go through this process myself, where I try and remove, you know, clutter this in the way and try to, you know, have feet or apps on my dock and just have, you know, maybe the five that I'm using right now. And then. Launch the spotlight, the app that I need for the moment and then quit it when I'm done.

[00:22:27] And I always go back to the position of, well, you know, it is just easier to have the app right there in the, on the dock for whenever I need, I just click on it. And, and I do the same thing with like my favorite spar. Like right now I'm in a mode where my favorite spar I'm on Safari doesn't show.

[00:22:39]And, and it's okay, but, but I'm confident that I'll go back to a position where I have, you know, my folders visible on the browser. Right. You just navigate and click them from there. And it's that kind of thing. It's like, there's definitely a point where you can retreat too far with simplicity and you lose functionality in the, in the port situation is definitely that, especially in that You, you know, these, these Macs will look different because it's, it's, you know, expected to be a redesign, but you could, you could have the same modern looking max as before.

[00:23:11] But with, with, with these port, isn't it, that that the ports would, would be, you know, Would it have to have a trap door, like the first MacBook air had, you know, that kind of thing. It might be a little bit thicker, but, but also you, you know, they, they could be the same depth, but just play with, with the, with the illusion of, of how they, they, they temper off, you know, on the sides.

[00:23:31]So I think these will be popular. The, the, the inclusion of max safe is interesting because it doesn't seem like it's universally Welcome to back to have a port that's just for charging. I th I think the big benefit there is, is that you get your USBC port for data transfer exclusively, or for using, you know, if you have to use an adapter and that you have one port that just for charging, because if you do have, you know, four USB-C ports and you want to use all those than one using one, just for power as a shame.

[00:23:59]But. You know, Hey, I guess you'll free. He'll free up a lot of ports, but not having to have one for power and one for, for video out. And, and I don't think of display port as like the successor to HTMI, even if it is technologically display port in all of its shapes and sizes has always felt very active.

[00:24:16] It's just something that Apple uses. And 

[00:24:19] Benjamin Mayo: even though it's not like, right, right. Defacto kind of 

[00:24:22] Zac Hall: is. Yeah. Yeah. It's always gone through the shapes of what is the Thunderbolt port, you know? And, and, and, and before that, you know, what is the current mini DisplayPort? Whether it's it's many are full-sized and and, and so my experience with many of these plates board has always been it's from an Apple laptop, but how do I, 

[00:24:41] Benjamin Mayo: yeah, like the make safe situation, I'm definitely more negative on like, had she, my SD card.

[00:24:48] I probably use them once or twice in there, the license machine, but I'm not, I can understand why they'd run demand by so many people. Right? Like my laptop right now, it plugs into thunder about Darwish, pleasant, teach mind, pause, but the Mexico situation, I can't, I have no interest in maxi returning for that poor, like.

[00:25:06] Power only like, it just, it feels so wait, when you've got USB-C ports that can do power and data at the same time, I want to do the hog element of, Oh, now you can free up another one at USBC pause to just, you know, just for dedicated, challenging. I've got to say I've got an idea. Put more USB C ports on the thing instead, like I would get more value out of them adding a third, a third USBC port on the right-hand side and adding.

[00:25:28]Connect it back again, right? 

[00:25:29] Zac Hall: Yeah. That's a good point. And there are constraints with that, right? Like there's, there's often stream with how many, right, right. With how much you can live. I mean, you, you can literally fit ports all around it, but, but inside, can you can you have all the lanes for that?

[00:25:42] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. And we already see that could those kinds of restrictions on the  many, right? Where you get the limit or the mom AdvoCare, where you have limitations on Thunderbolt controllers, how many displays you can have and stuff like I understand it's not as simple as just putting, like, 

[00:25:54] Zac Hall: is that why max keeps coming back is because they can't have an input just because they can't have four USB-C or Thunderbolt ports on them, on a Mac right now.

[00:26:01] Why will they address that? Do 

[00:26:03] Benjamin Mayo: you think that they're going to, this is, this is a big open question right now. You get four Thunderbolt ports, right? Well, if they're going to add SD card and HTMI, is that going to be at the expense of the USB-C pause or is that in addition to. That's the question. Yeah.

[00:26:21] Like if you compare it, the old 2015 mapper pros, right. Which for all of the, behind the Mac, as the Apple, do you still see loads of them in use right there clearly. Yeah. Like we say it, like, they started this tirade five years ago in 2015, but still there are, they, you know, they sell millions of millions of laptops, but they don't th they don't sell it on the same scale as iPhone.

[00:26:43] So the turnover of the overall, like. Ecosystem is lower, right? Like there's still going to be more old. Th th right today there's more 2015  use. And they're all post 2015. My laptops. It's just that the, the, the, the, the cycle people keep blackout so long ago. Right? So the old 2015 Mamet pro had mag safe, two Thunderbolt ports.

[00:27:05] That was Thunderbolt two at the time, right. A USB port. And a headphone Jack on the left side. And then on the right side at a USB three port HTMI NSD card slot. So that was a total of eight pause. The station each today only has five ports. It has the four USB-C and the headphone Jack. So if you're going to, if you're trying to really reignite the passion of the 2015 motor by bringing back SD card and HMI.

[00:27:32] You can't really do it by replacing two. You, the USB-C is for those two holes. Right? Cause then you're only giving people two USB-C ports. Like that feels too limiting. I think it has to be an addition because if you have four USB-C ports, mag safe, and then you add HTMI and SD card, then you get back up to the eight number because you have the headphone Jack as well, which would match what the 2015 did like.

[00:27:57] If you start stripping them down, or maybe even if you only had USB-C ports. Right. Phil was more like that's the flip side of the pro workstation argument is that these pores support pro workflows like be able to output to like two displays at the same time, or, you know, super fast rate of raise of, of external stories.

[00:28:19] Like you can't, you can add back the, you know, the HTMI port, but you don't really want to give up a whole USB-C port for it. I certainly don't like. It's a hard balance and you know, nobody yet, including quotes actually said, this is actually the IO breakdown. He's just said, Hey, Charmaine SD cards, solid returning.

[00:28:36] Zac Hall: Well, what else is required for this cycle? 

[00:28:40] Benjamin Mayo: There was also a digitize report again for. A mini led. So this is this, these Maverick pros have so many things attached to them, as well as the redesign, as well as Apple Silicon, as well as the pores. They're also apparently, yeah, it'd be the mini led devices we've been hearing about Apple was interesting, many D for awhile.

[00:29:02]Digitize says the amp was expansion of our 14 inch and 16 inch mini led backlit mapper pro models in the second half of this year. So. As well as everything else, you get a brand new display technology. Current map books have OCD screens. They required backlights many led have no backlight and they're closest to.

[00:29:23] Because they basically have like localized backline. So they do have backlights, but it's like dramatically smaller AED. So the whole panic me thinner, you get higher brightness, you get better contrast. It's what you get on the pro display. XDR where they have like 527 demons zones. Right. But it'd be more like, A thousand dumb exams, you 14 inches or 16 inches.

[00:29:43] So it's even, it's even pushing, pushing that beyond. So it's getting closer to what, like an old led screen would offer you, but without the downsides of light burning, because it's not organic, it's just standard LEDs. 

[00:29:54] Zac Hall: Yeah, this, this is exciting because display technology doesn't change that often. And Mac laptops, you know retina resolution was, was the last big change to come to a Mac laptop.

[00:30:05]On the desktop side, you know, there is the XTR display and then on the iMac, you can now have that same optional coding where it's more matte. But, but on the laptop side, I mean, it's been, it's been retina. And then before that, I guess it was the move to LA. Maybe backlit backlit LCV I don't recall before that.

[00:30:24] I just, you know, so, so it was exciting to get to experience one of these display upgrade, you know path. So and it sounds great. I mean, having higher conscious ratio is a big deal, especially because this is rumored to come to the iPad this year as well. And if you're using an Ola display, you know, your iPhone, your Apple watch, then the Mac display.

[00:30:47] In the iPad display, just do not look as modern because the contrast isn't there, you know, blacks are gray, they're not black. And you know, brightnesses is more spread out. It can't be as, as localized. And so I love the sound of this technology that it's, it's literally just it's many more led backlights because they can be smaller.

[00:31:05] And it can be, you know, much more precise than before. It doesn't sound perfect, but I think it's I think it's an it's an affordable step that, that scales, so the price of a Mac book and, and, you know, we'll, we'll see what the long-term cost of that says, you know, what, what the, what the drawbacks are, but just in terms of improving from the current, you know, LCD a L led backlit LCD screens, that should be.

[00:31:28] Easy to notice just at a glance. 

[00:31:30] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Beyond this is the micro led stuff, which is purpose or lighting, which is exactly like, Oh, led, but not organic. Right? You don't have the regions of, of Deming, but that the micro led displays are much further away. There's still like three or four years out of like mass production use cases.

[00:31:47] So. You're going to have a wall of like the generations of mainly led screens for Apple's bigger, you know, like laptops and iPads, where they can't do early displays, but they want to keep pushing visual quality forward. And the 

[00:32:01] Zac Hall: good news is you get to use your your your Apple developer credit of $500 from the, the dev transition kit for this in the second half of this year, 

[00:32:10] Benjamin Mayo: when they funded the trend of the And one devices where stuff didn't get more expensive, it stayed the same price or a slightly cheaper in the case of the Mr.

[00:32:17] Mac mini cars. Sure. Yeah, that'd be really nice. Like if they, if the odd anyway, but if the 2020, while I pray was like $500 more expensive for like, Oh, okay. They've they've already set a nice precedent with the M one stuff where it's like, everything stayed the same price, all got slightly cheaper. So if they can carry on doing that as well as the different, you know, all these other changes, I'm going to be say, throwed.

[00:32:40] And 

[00:32:40] Zac Hall: by the way, Bravo for using your 2016 MacBook pro for, for what, what will end up being five solid years? And I 

[00:32:46] think 

[00:32:46] Benjamin Mayo: five years, yeah, the original plan was I was going to swap out in 2019, but then the 16 inch was like fine, but it wasn't as radical as hoping. And that was right around the time when like all miserable rumors were really.

[00:33:00] Kicking around. So it was like, Oh, I'll keep it holding out 2020. Right. They're gonna, they're gonna release the arm map of pro. Oh, okay. Well they did release laptops, but not quite the one for me. So, but this is this 2021. It's the time of the new day. 

[00:33:14] Zac Hall: This is an ad, right. Exercise and restraint. And I hope to one day model 

[00:33:18] Benjamin Mayo: you, especially for it, Peter who's keyboard is literally broken in 20 different ways.

[00:33:24] Zac Hall: Yeah. I'm not going to comment on, on how long I plan to use my Mac, but because I've gone through so many every year, but, but boy, do I strive? This is I, I I've been well I'm, I'm podcasting right now without a power adapter. I'm just, you know, I've got. I've worked a full day. I've got 58% battery left.

[00:33:43] It's crazy. I've been on the charger som, but on a day where I, I'm not under the power director at all, I will end the day after eight hours. I'll end the day with Over 40% battery, which is just nuts. Like it's so good. That's crazy. Yep. And then, and then lastly John Prosser has some rumors about what colors the next iMac will come in and iMac has historically came in.

[00:34:09] Well, I'm Mac used to come in lots of colors. The latest design of iMac has come in silver and then space gray for the pro version. W, what does Prosser say about colors for the next iMac? Is it going to come in like rainbow colors 

[00:34:22] Benjamin Mayo: or flowers, flower, power pink, or whatever that color was called the nineties.

[00:34:26] And that process says that it will be basically the same as the iPad airline up. So that'd be space gray, silver. Rose gold, green and sky blue. Obviously the iMac is getting redesigned this year a much needed long, but like iterate design for the, for the product line. And apparently is gonna come in cool colors too.

[00:34:43] Like this makes sense to me like the iPad air and the iMac kind of feel like. Similar-ish right. Like, and if they're doing it on the iPads, you'd hope they'd do it on the laptops as well. Like MacBook air, especially in that bouquet, especially. But sadly they don't have the color options quite yet on the air, but if they did a big redesign IMAX do a believer version, I'm sure that'd be cool.

[00:35:06] Do a green version, like say like I, if I wasn't buying the 22 of my mapper pro I'll be buying the 20, 21 iMac, like. Yeah. Apple has so many massive max coming out this year. They're just going to be like so good. 

[00:35:19] Zac Hall: Yup. Yup. And there's still room for improvement with like face ID and cellular, but just not this year, 

[00:35:25] Benjamin Mayo: that's the problem.

[00:35:26] They bought themselves so much time by making the M one ship. So good. They're like, we don't need to worry about face ID. That's coming down the road. You can buy, you can buy the East generation now and we know you'll be happy with it. Yep. All right. Happy hour. This week is also sponsored by Amazon pharmacy.

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[00:37:36] Zac Hall: All right. So we talked about maxi earlier and it's returned to the Mac, but there's, there's also a different kind of Mac life that we use today, which is max from the iPhone 12. And and, and there's, there's a story from Bloomberg, from Mark Harmon about a potential Mack safe battery pack. Is that 

[00:37:52] Benjamin Mayo: right?

[00:37:53] Yes. So there were some like vague code references that people were finding, talking about like battery pack stuff. And then Mark followed up with a story on Bloomberg. Which is the Apple is supposedly developing a Mac safe battery pack accessory for the iPhone 12 phones. Obviously right now there is no like Apple smart battery case.

[00:38:14] Which they've done in previous years. And I think last year they released them in January. So it's now the end of February. And we still haven't seen that from Apple. They, the Mexico physician is they did do is like the leather wallet and the, you know, they're just standard snapping cases and the you know, they did the sleeve and stuff like that.

[00:38:29] But in terms of battery cases, Apple does not have any official Badger case currently for the iPhone 12. The idea is, is that instead of. The traditional cases, Apple's trying to get out this max safe battery pack thing. But of course, Bloomberg says that it might actually turn out the Apple can't ship this thing, so they might never do it and they might save it for a future year.

[00:38:49]But the idea is that rather than a Badger case, Apple will make a mag safe. Like a magnetic battery pack that kind of looks like the hump from a smart Badger case, but it's standalone and it just snaps on the back of the MagSafe connector on the back of it F and 12, just like the leather wallet does.

[00:39:07] Right. And one of the prototypes that's being developed supposedly uses like rubber casing that obviously lines up with the materials they use in. Small battery cases. However big says the accessories face development issues. Apparently the actual like hardware works, but the software can erroneously report that the backpack is overheating, even when it actually isn't and basically goes and says, it's not clear if Apple will be able to resolve these, these issues in a timely fashion to get out for.

[00:39:36] You know, the iPhone 12 cycle maybe if it's not possible, that just means Apple won't have any sort of battery accessory this year. Cause they were planning on shipping this battery case. Right. But they now they can't do that. So they might just not have anything in the cannery to go. Or maybe they're making the smart edge cases just in case and they'll have them available if the maxi thing isn't it.

[00:39:57] Isn't there like you've used smart battery cases at the palace. Right. Zach, would you be interested in. Not the case, but just a magnate battery. 

[00:40:06] Zac Hall: Yeah. I think the, the appeal is in the battery cases or if you're a non case user, you know, They're the bulk of your cases to use, not just because of the battery, but because it's a full case on the device.

[00:40:19] So there is some appeal in having, you know, if you use your phone with no case or a case that you'd just prefer more than the battery case. Th th there is, there is some appeal in having a magnetic battery that charges, you know, if it can charge then And in a decent amount of time and not be too much of a drawback from being a wired in battery, then that's pretty good.

[00:40:41]It is, it is. Mysterious part in that, you know, w where do you hold the phone? Do you hold it from the phone part or do you hold it from the battery part? And is it annoying to decide that, and are there situations, you know, if you put it in your pocket, does that kind of a no-go, whereas you could put the battery case into your pocket and there's no chance of it slipping off.

[00:41:03]And also. It's not impossible for others to already address this market. And so what is Apple going to do? That's different than, than other, you know, magnetic batteries? One thing I was thinking is it's. It's probably more apples and more than Apple's interest to make a version of these for each size phones.

[00:41:24] So you're not a wallet is the size of the wallet, no matter which phone is kind of designed to fit on the many and then scale this way up to the pro max. 

[00:41:31] Benjamin Mayo: So though there, the wallet is like the width of the iPhone, 12 mini. And so on that different phone, it literally just like fills the entire back of the device.

[00:41:38] And then on the pro backs, it just sits in the middle of like a little Island. Right. 

[00:41:41] Zac Hall: And so, yeah. Probably what would happen is they'd have one version that is the same way it's defined by the size of the mini and then scale. And then it just fits on the other phones. But I think that'd be too bad, especially with the mini isn't quite the popular phone, you know, it's, it's, it's one fourth of the phones in the lineup.

[00:41:59]So having, having one that does specially made, because they do that with the smart battery case, right. They've got a case made just for the phone size and the battery capacity varies because of the, the phone size 

[00:42:09] Benjamin Mayo: varies. Yeah. That, that, and that's why I think they're more likely to do per model battery battery.

[00:42:16] Packs. Right. So I've heard them say Badger cases because the iPhone 12 mini batteries is a little smaller, so it can have a smaller battery and still give you a full charge. Whereas the pro max, you can't, it's unlikely that you can have the same battery pack size as what would fit on the back of the mini, but actually better fully charge the probably max, like there's a reason it's not Badger case.

[00:42:34] You'd have to be fit to the size of the phone in the batteries for proportionately bigger as well. 

[00:42:39] Zac Hall: Yeah. The, the, one of the appeals here though, would be that if you don't change phone sizes, like you don't go from a pro max to a many the next year. And even if you do then in theory, there's, they're still compatible.

[00:42:52] Like you, you could in theory, put a pro max size battery in the back of a mini and just supercharge it, you know, more than you need. It wouldn't be visually the same, but, but if the charging. Lines at the same way, which I don't see why it wouldn't, that's the same size and then it could be compatible. And, and you, you move on from the problem of this, this battery pack, you know, whenever you upgrade, you need to upgrade your battery pack.

[00:43:15]And also that, that Apple doesn't make new battery cases at lines. They're always months off from the phone matching which is. Interesting, you know, I guess it's just that the phone is priority. And then you get to the accessories after that and the, in the battery cases and the highest priority. And in this case, at that there's, you know, pre production constraints or issues with development of the whole thing in general.

[00:43:37]But if you had just one battery case that you could reliably use or one battery pack that you could reliably use, whether it's your iPhone, 12 pro max or your iPhone 13, many that would be compelling. 

[00:43:50] Benjamin Mayo: Okay, firstly I do think there's a reason why the battery case is only slightly delayed and it's because half of the pair of upgrades and new phones these days, it's like you get an hour extra battery life.

[00:43:59] Right. So it's kind of weird. It happened was like promoting the extra battery life on the phones and then immediately at the same time, bringing up battery cases, like it feels a little off it's like Apple bringing out. The iPhone 12 and then also bringing out like a waterproof band for it just as, even though they say that it's like water resistant.

[00:44:16] I don't know. It's like a weird clash. So that's always been my thought on why the battery case. It was like two months later, three months later maybe they just don't prioritize it as much and they just get mad when they can, but it's been a much of a pattern now for like four years where it feels like they intentionally just hold it back a couple of months.

[00:44:32] And my solution for a battery pack that is universal, that can work on the iPhone 12 and 13. Is all the external battery packs that exist in the world already. Like, this is why I think the max safe battery pack is kind of less like appealing to me in my head because you can get a portable battery pack that can.

[00:44:52] That has charging if you want to charge by wireless. And it has loads of ports in it. If you want to shut out all this stuff, like you can get one portable battery. That's about the same size as the iPhone, and it can charge your iPhone. It could charge your iPad. It can even charge your laptop or your charged Nintendo switch.

[00:45:05] Like it's so much more versatile than, you know, a little hump that you have to magnetically snap to the back of your phone. And you can only charge your phone, like with a smart battery case. You're getting Julia too, right. You're getting the protectiveness of the case and you're getting a battery carried around you.

[00:45:20] But if you're just going to have. My neck attaching a battery. It's like, well, you still kind of need a case, really, if you're worried about that stuff, like the appeal to me seems more limited. Like how big is this MagSafe battery going to be like, it's gotta be somewhat chunky, right? For them to actually give you a decent amount of charge.

[00:45:38] So it just seems like a better solution to just have a portable battery with you in your bag that you can plug into literally anything and use it year after year after year, regardless of. You know how the actual phone changes. 

[00:45:51] Zac Hall: Yeah. I agree with that. 

[00:45:53] Benjamin Mayo: All that being said, and despite Apple supposedly having issues, getting this out of the door, anchor is literally going to release one next month.

[00:46:02] They, they they're up on Amazon. Now. You can already, pre-order a anchor battery magnetic pack for the iPhone 12, which is kind of insane, but we've seen a few of these from different people, but they've always been on like Kickstarter or, you know, like those kinds of like small websites or from brands you literally don't know, but anchors like respectable or huge name in March.

[00:46:23] You can pre-order it now is coming out in March. It's called the anchor Powercor magnetic 5k wireless power bank. It's a 5,000 million power battery. That's magnetic. So it snaps on. The back of the FM 12, they say it can charge a iPhone 12 mini to zero to 112 to zero to 95. And I turned pro pro from zero to 97 iPhone to a pro max from zero to 75%.

[00:46:46] So the fact that you can't like fully charge a pro max kind of shows to me, like another reason why the battery cases A better option just because you can fit more capacity in them. You don't have to worry about the space and all that 

[00:46:57] Zac Hall: stuff as well. A bigger battery, but anchor, isn't making one for the pro they're making one for all the 

[00:47:02] Benjamin Mayo: phones.

[00:47:02] Yeah. And you have a bigger battery. It makes it even heavier. Like part of the problem with the battery cases, you get so much weight with them. Right? And like, if you're going to have that much weight, you might as well get the protectiveness of an actual case at the same time. That's kind of where I come down on.

[00:47:18] Zac Hall: I think that I think the battery cases, a lot of commitment because you, you always have it on. Even when the cases, dad, it's still a big, a big case that you have on it, unless you take it off and then you change the case and there's appeal in having it just be a battery pack and having it wired in. You know, you can do that.

[00:47:38] That's, that's the practical way to go, but there is something kind of neat about being magnetic and taking advantage of Mac safe so soon. So w w with that being said, like, I would definitely consider that the anchor solution If, if I had, you know, battery can train the shoes, I think I'm all right, right now that I'm just not out and about enough to, to, to need my battery to charge more than it is.

[00:47:58] But but it's a cool product and it doesn't seem to be exorbitantly priced, you know, and, and, and all that. Just wait for the Apple one. Yeah. I'm glad that it exists though, 

[00:48:07] Benjamin Mayo: but you can, then you can compare it open price.  just while we're talking about like random accessories you know, how Apple gets like Belkin and Logitech to do its day at work and make all the stuff that has no interest in doing okay.

[00:48:21] Belkin is releasing what they call the sound foam connect, which is basically like an airport express. But for our play too, obviously Apple discontinued the airport express what the Belkin sound foam will offer is a 3.5 millimeter mini Jack, a headphone port audio in as well as optical digital audio.

[00:48:39] And you connect a speakers to it. And it is an airplane to receiver. So you're basically getting the airplay part of the airport express in a little device from Belkin, which is cool because like the airport express. That was one of that's, one of the last things added to it, right? Like randomly offered, they discontinued it, they made it airplay compatible, but they actually make it anymore.

[00:49:00] So it was like, damn well, you still can. But now it seems like Apple is officially alliancing Belkin to make, you know, the modern equivalent for it as well. 

[00:49:10] Zac Hall: Yep. Yeah. Airplay two is a very big addition to the airport, express it and, and, and it's just kind of an add on feature to a base station, right?

[00:49:19] It wasn't that wasn't the main thing it was, it was meant for, it was just. You know, what if we made speakers networkable and, and they did that and it, and it turned out that was pretty cool. And, and, and it's, and it's, it makes sense that they're, they're relying on Belkin for this, because I do have home pod and home pod, many, especially in home five minutes, that's pretty Sprig a deal.

[00:49:39] So them doing this accessory through Belkin do another pricing for it. 

[00:49:43]Benjamin Mayo: It would be sold for around a hundred euros, so that's about it. Okay. 

[00:49:47] Zac Hall: So that that's pretty. Okay. So that is pretty pricey considering it's an adapter that doesn't happen networking side to it to make your, make your well, I mean, in terms of it being a Bay station But, you know, I guess that's the, that's the times we live in being able to add airplay to, to your existing home theater system or something without having to upgrade the whole system is, is, is, is pretty good.

[00:50:08] Yeah. 

[00:50:08] Benjamin Mayo: What would it do? So the airport express out, it was like 79 or something. Nine $99. I believe it was 99. Okay. Yeah. Sam was actually a wifi, if you want to use it for that. 

[00:50:18] Zac Hall: Right. That was the main purpose was that you could extend your network with it. You know, you could be your only base station. If you have a small, you know, home or apartment, or you could expand your network if you had a larger home or apartment and, and, and.

[00:50:32] With this, there's no networking side to it. It's just the airplane part. And you, and you can buy airplay two receivers that you can plug in, you know, any speakers into that, that have standard speaker connections. But in this case, if, if you are happy with your existing system, there's a need to spend three or $400 or more on a new receiver.

[00:50:51]This is, this is pretty cool because then you get the ability to turn your system into, you know, part of your. Siri, play music everywhere, set up or play it in this room. You get to assign it to a room in the home app. And you know, that that's, that's really useful. So you don't have the built-in voice input like you did with the home pod, but, you know, you're, you're, you know, beaming music from your iPhone.

[00:51:09] You can say, play this there and it will work. So about time, this thing came to market or is coming to market. 

[00:51:16] Benjamin Mayo: Yep. High power is also sponsored by audible star. Your auto subscription today. to five Mac to get one book a month with your audible credit. And the first 30 days are free finding the time to sit down and read a book.

[00:51:32] You know, it's just hard or you put it off as much as we all want to read more. It just never really happens, but listen to audio books is so much more convenient. You can do it whilst you're working exercising, or maybe just cooking dinner. Enjoy great stories with audible. Zach, I know you're a big user of a bow.

[00:51:48]What have you been listening to recently? Yeah, 

[00:51:51] Zac Hall: I love water bowl because I look and I've got, you know, just today I lost that. I had three credits built up over the past few months and it's like, Oh, I need to go and turn those into books. And it feels really good to, to do that. You can find things like creative selection by kin Sienna, you know, which we discussed a while ago when that was brand new.

[00:52:07] And that gives me some insight into Apple. But if you want to mix things up, then I'm listening to a book called why we sleep by Matthew Walker, which is like over 13 hours long. But it's, it's interesting, you know, as you think about the Apple. Watch and sleep tracking. You might wonder why, why should I do this?

[00:52:21] And, and this book is kind of helping me get answers to that. Also if you're a fan of the movie, the Martian, you know, where I think it was Matt Damon who turns, well, you know, the movie, the Martian that's that was first a book by Andy ware and he has a follow-up book called RMS that I just turned to credit into the book today.

[00:52:39] And it's eight hours and 57 minutes of books. I'm looking forward to listening to that. 

[00:52:45] Benjamin Mayo: Nice as well as all of your audible book credits or the bows recently launched its newest plan, which is called audible plus or plus includes full access to the audible plus catalog. That means for one monthly fee, you can listen to thousands and thousands of hours of selected audio books and podcasts, as well as audible originals that you can't find anywhere else.

[00:53:06] So to get started, visit Slash nine to five Mac or text nine to five Mac to 500, 500 to start your 30 day free trial or to five Mac. 

[00:53:20] Zac Hall: All right. So you had something you wanted to say this week about alpha music radio. 

[00:53:24] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah, we we've touched on this on the show. I think you mentioned it as part of like a bigger Apple music summit, right.

[00:53:29] But. The last like week or so, I was just chilling out. I was like, let's go on Apple music. Let's listen to something. I didn't wanna listen to the player there. So I was like, I want to hear something that's like, you know, hosted by someone. And then I found this like radio show at the host. I was listening to particular like Rebecca judge.

[00:53:45] She just does like, she's like a UK host. And she does like chart music and pop stars, like, and she was doing interviews and people were like, you know, this is nice. I wanted to do this. And then the next day I want to do the same thing and it. Just hit me. How fearing is the Apple music radio? Doesn't let you follow shows.

[00:54:06] It's like so close to being such a good thing. And they added, you know, a hundred shows whenever they did the Apple music radio revamp, you know, last year, but you can't follow the shows. You go on the radio tab, you have to scroll down and you go to , you find it. And then you play the episode. And then when you come back next time you have to go all the way down to wherever again, like they let you add playlist.

[00:54:31] They let you add albums. Just let me add a show. Just like if it was in an, if it was in a podcast format, you could just subscribe to the podcast or in Apple's current terminology, follow the podcast, but Apple music radio, it just doesn't let you do. And it's so archaic, like. I don't want much. I just want the ability to say, add this show by this host.

[00:54:52] And so then when they do new episodes, They can just pay it in my library feed or they can appear in the listen now section just right at the top, there's a new episode, click on it and listen, you know, if you want to get all fancy, maybe when you follow the show and it actually goes live, it could give you a notification to remind you to tune in live.

[00:55:09] But you know, I'm not fussed about that. I just want what I would get if these shows were offered yeah. In Apple podcasts, which is the ability to add them to my actual library. So I'd have to go and dig through the list of like a hundred hosts to find the show that I was trying to Institute every single time.

[00:55:25] And what makes it even more infuriating? Is that either an iOS 14.4. Or I was 14.5. They've changed the UI slightly. So before on the radio tab, it would have like the list of, you know, the stations. It would say schedule in text and they've changed it to a calendar icon, but that's all they've done.

[00:55:41] There's no function difference. You just click on the calendar. I can, it takes you to the exact same place. It takes you the exact same schedule that you can't follow. The shows on is so annoying. And like, I know you have this with, what's the show called that you like, because so much on after, after school radio with back office, the Mark opera show, right?

[00:55:59] I'm having it now. It's so mad and it it's like they've got hours, hours of hosted audio content in this app, but you just can't expose it on the main tab. Like please Apple, please fix it. 

[00:56:13] Zac Hall: Yeah. What do you think the reason for that is? I mean, surely engagement would be higher if they made it easier to tune in and follow shows.

[00:56:20] So 

[00:56:20] Benjamin Mayo: why like technical debt and that the Apple music app has never had the concept of like. Following or subscribing to something it's always just adding it to a library, you know, like, and they've, it's probably just limited by technology or limited by their current frameworks. And they haven't got around to like actually implementing the feature because I would also love to follow artists.

[00:56:41] And then when the artists new music come in, have it appear again in like the top of the list now section, and you can sort of, sort of do that, but it's not consistent. It's not reliable. Right. Like I would just want, I want to follow an artist. And then when they have new music seminar notification saying there's new music available from this artist, I want to follow the show on Apple music.

[00:57:00] And then when it's live, you can send me a notification or if it's just recorded. And I miss it live, just put the episode in, like, that's the thing, like the listen now tab is like recommendations, but it's not like a feed. So they don't have concepts of like, you know, what have you listened to? What, what have you listened to recently on red state?

[00:57:17] It's like those kinds of features that you'd find in like any podcast app, including Apple podcasts, they just don't have that implemented on the Apple music side and they need to get around. And, and yeah, 

[00:57:27] Zac Hall: so it's, it's, it's a good point. I have a single show on one of the three stations that I listened to every week and in love.

[00:57:35]And I. Properly turn off South Apple music radio, and it's done, you know, like, cause, cause the follow up shows and for me, and I'm not sure, I mean maybe there are more shows. I only found this one because I'm familiar with the artist and I just happen to really enjoy it. But. Th there's, there is no, you know, you listen to this, so you might like this.

[00:57:53] They, they even do the show. The episode, if you listen to it on demand as the recently played. So, you know, they resurfaced, like you're listening to an album, you know, it's in your library that they want you to, to be able to get back to it easily. If you've played it because you probably want to continue playing it or play it again.

[00:58:11] This isn't necessarily the same for a radio show, kind. I do one plate there and then set, you know, you add some music from it and then you'll listen to the music itself. So having it be there is not ideal. And it just reminds me of Apple music connect, you know, one, because what if they would have invested all the energy in that feature and put it into making.

[00:58:30] You know, radio, which was announced at the same, basically at the same time, you know, more integrated with alpha music as a way to add things to your library and, and, and, and follow. But also helped me to connect in that, you know, it just went away and, and, and, you know, we, we understand why it was.

[00:58:47] Another social network bucket for artists to use. And it was all launch activity and very few artists use it later because there were, they weren't things that were different from using Twitter or Facebook. No, you couldn't, you can post photos and videos, but you can't do like ticket sales are merged through helping me to connect.

[00:59:05] And those things I think are pretty critical and making it useful. But, but that same, the same idea though, of just following an artist. I mean, that was the idea there. And then at least they could say, Hey, wait, we have new music, you know, they have to actively do it. And I do get the alerts where it says this artist has new music waiting for you.

[00:59:22]A lot of times, but sometimes I rely on the new music playlist to learn that an art is that I listened to all the time has a new track out. We're just, you know, following the news to know that there's something new from an artist that I listened to it it's not consistent. 

[00:59:35] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. And like it was less a problem for Apple music radio when they only had, you know, five hosts, seven hosts away, whether, cause you could just go on the radio tab and all of them would just be on the main screen.

[00:59:45] But whenever they did the overhaul where they added so many more shows from, you know, their own, their own host expansion across Apple music country, Apple music hits and also just getting loads more celebrity shows on board. The list just becomes so long. Like you have to click on the radio tab, scroll down like two screens, just to find the thing where it says click on to see all shows by our house and then say, if you want the Charlie slough show, which I don't care for, but it's like, he was like on BBC radio before Apple hired him.

[01:00:13] You have to go on the hosted by artist screen and scroll all the way to the bottom. And they must be like, 50 rows before you actually get to what you want to click on. Like, just let me, even if you could just favor it and it just put it at the top of the radio tab, that'd be better than what we have now.

[01:00:27] Like anything that means you don't have to go and dig through five screens just to get what you want to see on a weekly basis. Yeah. 

[01:00:35] Zac Hall: I remember before, like at launch, I think it was the tumbler site for Apple music. That was kind of their go-to solution for, for seeing the schedule, the upcoming schedule.

[01:00:44] And then they have a schedule button for like the station and they recently changed it to be a calendar icon, but it's not to integrate with your calendar or anything. It's just, that's how you viewed the upcoming schedule. And you can't do anything with that. It's just you read it and that's it. 

[01:00:59] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah.

[01:00:59] It's of it's antiquated. It reminds me of a lot of the TV app, not having like a dedicated tab for the TV plus stuff, you know, like they'll get to eventually, but you have to, people asked after Mona for them to actually like prioritize. 

[01:01:13] Zac Hall: Yeah, I did write one piece the other week about after music, after afterschool radio on Napa music radio.

[01:01:19]And, and I, and I wanted a place to put the idea that we talked about on the podcast of man. It would be cool if I could, you know, subscribe to this show, listen to it in a, you know, in an on demand form. That's not go and hunt down, hunt it down have a delivered and even even better, you know, I would be interested in doing using this format.

[01:01:37] Myself. If I could use Apple music and other Apple music subscribers could, could listen to what I create, you know, commentary and music. And but, but it was just kind of an afterthought in his story. It was more about. Realizing. Wow. I'm looking at my recently added music. And so much of it has come from this one show on Apple music radio that has become kind of the way to discover music.

[01:01:57] I didn't know about or rediscover music. I used to love more so than any of the playlist. And that kind of goes back to the original idea of beats music and alpha music, which is human curated, you know, not just an algorithm, but, but something with a personal touch to it. And. And as much as you can do that in a playlist, you can really do it with the radio show where there's commentary before each track and then between songs.

[01:02:17] So you know, so I was surprised by that, but man, there's opportunity for, for, for improvement. 

[01:02:22] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. And switching gears slightly, do you want to talk about this eight cool thing they're doing with Siri? 

[01:02:28] Zac Hall: Yeah. I saw our friend, Steve Aquino tweet this out, a link to a study and a wall street journal story.

[01:02:34] And I wrote it up for nine to five Mac, but basically the Apple is training Siri to improve on a problem that it has, which is that. Right now, if you have a stutter and you speak slowly kind of non sequentially, Siri will interpret the gaps and, and speaking as you're finished speaking, and it responds to what you've said so far, and you can imagine how difficult Siri can be when you speak as it's designed to be spoken to, but then, you know, imagine the trouble it has.

[01:03:06] If it doesn't address the fact that you have a Sutter, and if you have a stutter that's pretty predictable and determining, you know, you've, you've, you've made You know, a partial command, but nothing complete yet. And that there's a pattern to it. And so far, Siri, hasn't been able to, to do that, to detect and adapt to something like that.

[01:03:24] And so it turns out Apple has. Published a study where they've collected just a ton of audio samples from podcast 20,000 audio clips from podcasts that feature stuttering to help kind of train their model. And they've also. You acknowledged that they can enhance this you know, training of series to detect a stutter and adapt to it by integrating voice models in the future and other methods.

[01:03:52] And that there's also an opportunity to address other Situations aside from, from, from a stutter there, there are other situations that'll have a different characteristic to a Sutter where it wouldn't, wouldn't be beneficial to use kind of the fixed that they're working on. And I don't think that they've got this in the wild yet, or that, you know, Siri will reliably react to a stutter and be as compatible as if you don't have a Sutter, but it's at least something that they're researching and working on.

[01:04:17] And You know, it's one of those things where it definitely fits Apple's vision of their products being accessible. And then just in the age of Siri and thinking about how mature Siri is, you know, regardless of how many features it has or how it compares to other voice assistance it's kind of surprising that, that this is only something that they've just now got to, or getting to, but, but certainly, you know, Bravo for tackling it.

[01:04:38] And in the piece they also talk about, you know, sort of what Amazon's doing, what Google is doing in the same area. And what Apple's response was is that the whole to talk feature where, you know, you hold down, this was added a long time ago, but you hold down the button for Siri and you keep holding it down until you're done speaking, and then you let it go.

[01:04:57] And then it acknowledges what you said that that's the solution today because. It, it doesn't react until you let go of the button. And so any amount of time could be spent with your, with your query. And that, that's fine. I think for like an iPhone and iPad a Mac, you know, the places that you use, Siri, you know, the Apple TV, because you can, you have the device in your hand probably, but for like a home pod, you can do that, but it's just not as convenient to, you know, walk over to the device and.

[01:05:25] And did the command versus, you know, speaking, held your finger 

[01:05:28] Benjamin Mayo: on the top of the home pod. Like who's doing that. Nobody. Yeah. Right. Yeah. 

[01:05:31] Zac Hall: And so to speak into the air is kind of how it's really intended to be used and the iPhone and iPad and Mac and Apple watch I'll have, you know, voice activated Siri as well.

[01:05:40] So it's a big feature that, you know, a segment of the market is missing out on that, that. Surely could be addressed. And thankfully now Apple's doing the research and working on it. So a feature version of stearic and can implement this feature. Sure. Yeah. And it's 

[01:05:56] Benjamin Mayo: not just about like working out when the person stopped talking.

[01:05:58] It's also about recognizing. The actual words and doing it better transcription of people that, you know, have pauses or, or have stuffed us in the middle of the words and stuff, right? Like it's not just the end of speech working like that is. And, you know, I have like firsthand experience with this as well.

[01:06:12] I guess you call it second experience. Like my sister has all manner of like learn difficulties and issues. And one of the problems is. Speech pronunciation. And so she dropped veg regularly, like has to pause and have a sentence and Siri cuts her off right. When she's talking to it, because it, it, it thinks he's finished or she'll say like, and I do this instead of, can I do this?

[01:06:31] Right. So she kind of dropped some of the constants pronunciations and voice assistance are not very good at that. Or it doesn't matter to him about Siri or Amazon or anything. Like there needs to be so much more development in this area. So like as voice. UI features come into literally every product, you know, from the TV to the home pod, to the iPhone, to the watch, to, you know, Apple glasses in the future, to the car, like all of the stuff they do for accessibility, you know, in, in visual, you, right.

[01:06:59] It has to come to, you know, speech understanding as well, because it's the same, it's the same thing, just abstracted to, you know, another domains and they getting more or less important. I understand it's a hard problem, but they need to work on it. So, and I agree when you said it's like, In a series been out since 2011 and it's taken in what, like a decade to start doing this kind of stuff, like who knows, but it feels, at least they're working on it.

[01:07:19] You know, like it's a good step in the right direction. Okay. Off final sponsor of this episode is tax expander. Thanks to our friends at smile software for sponsoring the show. Take your time back. With the power of text expander, repetitive typing, little mistakes, searching for answers. They're all taking precious time away from you and your team.

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[01:09:10] Zac Hall: Podcast. Thanks. Thanks Chris bender. Let's talk about Apple TV this week before we head off. There was a news story this week about the that, that, that Jon Stewart is working on for Apple TV. And this follows, you know, his career on, on the daily show which ended many, many years ago. And then he was going to HBO to do a thing with HBO that never materialized.

[01:09:33] And now Plepler from HBO is exclusively with Apple. And John Sierra is going to make this show. That will probably be a lot like what the other show is going to be. But for Apple TV and the news this week is that he picked a showrunner. For the series and kind of the creative team. So a couple of writers and the show runner has experience at CBS evening news and, and has won some awards and previously ABC news.

[01:09:57] So rather than have someone with a comedy background to be the executive producer and showrunner at somebody with a news background, which can probably inform what to expect from, you know, the serious tone of, of what the show could be. But there are also writers who have experienced with. Comedy specials and that kind of thing who are on his team.

[01:10:16]So that that's, but it also, it, I don't think fully realize that the show he does for Apple TV won't be anything like the daily show. And that was like at least a four day a week show that it's going to be. Not even weekly, but it's going to be maybe like, you know, it's going to be an hour long series of single topic episodes, 

[01:10:41] Benjamin Mayo: series of specialists, basically.

[01:10:43] Zac Hall: Correct. Yeah. And that's kind of a bummer if you're a John Stewart fan and you've wanted Apple TV to have, you know, something in the comedy around that's, that's not just a one off or, you know a series of one-offs. So I was just kind of bonded with that so that my question is why isn't the show going to be daily or even weekly?

[01:11:03] Why not have it be like every Friday there's a new John Stewart special, and maybe that will be the release pattern, you know, for like, Five episodes, but it just seems odd. I mean, there's this big commitment between Paul PLO, Leffler and Apple, and then John Stewart and Apple through this. And, but, but, but how, how much of an impact can it really make if it's just a few specials here and there, and it's not something, I mean, it's way less sticky.

[01:11:28] I think for the service to be that kind of the, the, the reporting I was looking at, it was like apples, you know, It's going to be a PR win for Apple because they're going to be able to win awards for, for, for this, for the specials content. Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's cool. That's good. It's something different from Apple TV, but currently but man it's, is there just not room for that, an apples to apples budget or do they think that, I 

[01:11:53] Benjamin Mayo: think it's probably appetite of Stuart, right?

[01:11:55] Like he did the daily show for a long time and then he gave it up for a reason. Right. He, you know, People people get burned out. They have fun. They want to go and do other stuff. Like they don't necessarily want to go back doing, you know, weekly episodes, daily episodes, like I'm sure. Apple and Stewart.

[01:12:12] I'm sure Apple would love to do like a weekly show with Jon Stewart if he was down for it. But they probably just couldn't come to agreement on, you know, availability and stuff. Like Apple is essentially getting stew out of retirement to be able to do this. Right. Like, so. They probably had to come to some sort of deal on what the situation was going to be.

[01:12:30] And like, we want you to do, you know, basically, like they probably went to him and said like, what would you be interested in doing for us? Right. Like, and they can't force his hand. He gets what they get. And even if it is just, you know, a special every month or so I still think that's like significant and people will come in to watch it.

[01:12:47] Like, it's very similar to like the, the things they do with the Oprah stuff. Right? Like Oprah doesn't have a weekly show. On affidavit. Plus she has like specials and documentaries and sometimes the detail sets at once and stuff. And that brings in the crowd and people watch it. Like, I think it's the same thing here.

[01:13:03] They'll probably try and do like 10 or 12 episodes a year, something like that. And there was a doing a podcast as well. So that's additional content to go along with it. Like at the end of the day, if you've already made millions of million dollars hosting, you know, prime time talk show, For the U S do you really want to do that for the rest of your life?

[01:13:23] Like, even if Apple offered him so much money, it was unreal. He's probably still going to turn it down. And they were like, look, this is what we can arrange. Let's do this. And I'm sure that we'll give it, you know, the budget and the resources to support it. And it will do well when it comes out in, in a bits and drabs.

[01:13:38] Zac Hall: Yeah. I, I guess, you know, in an hour long show is the equivalent of like three 20 minute episodes. So it's, it's, it's just something very different than, than, than what's already out there, I 

[01:13:47] Benjamin Mayo: guess, in terms of like, what would appeal? Cause obviously this is, you know, the daily show is obviously us predominantly, but if you go wider out, there is more, I think more like marketability for like, An hour long show that's maybe released weekly for three months or something rather than like a daily show of like 20 minutes each, because people don't have the, like a lot of people don't have the time or the bandwidth to watch every single episode.

[01:14:13] They want it to be more like. And, and hopefully the, like when you do a daily show, you have to make sacrifice in terms of, you know, what's in it, the show, right? Because there's just such a time constraint. If you're going to do things that are like more hour long, special type stuff, it gives you more scope to do, you know, bits to go out and about do more investigative journalism, kind of like, it's still going to be a comedy show.

[01:14:38] Right. But they probably want to try and do something that's more like meaningful or substantative rather than like the daily transactional, you know, his jokes for 20 minutes, you know what I mean? Sure. Like it's going to be a different type of show than what he's he, you know, he did on the day of the show, of course, but he's going to attract back John Stewart fans and it will be a new thing.

[01:14:58] Right. Like if they just, if they just did the day show again, I'm sure they get so much criticism for it. Just being like a corporate show or not as good as the old days. Like you can't just repeat the same thing, right. 

[01:15:09] Zac Hall: And, and maybe doing something that's more evergreen. So having a set of episodes an hour long each, then you've got, you know, five hours or so of something that new people can come to.

[01:15:20] And. The experience at once, and that was an appeal of the service. I just, it, and maybe that's because Apple TV doesn't mature enough yet to, to also, you know, kind of have the, the bandwidth for something that is more regular than this. Someone who came from the daily show comedian, Larry Wilmore he's he had a comedy central show of his own.

[01:15:43] Called keeping it 100 that I really enjoyed and it was canceled. And then he did, he did a brief stint for peacock, you know, NBC's thing. But I'm pretty sure that was just a limited run and not. And it was, I believe also it was nightly, but only for a limited run, it wasn't, you know, a, an ongoing thing for like a full season even.

[01:16:03]But, but having someone like that who obviously, you know, isn't John Stewart status, but has a voice, has an audience has a perspective. And then also has the appetite to do something, you know, nightly that would. Be really, I mean, I think I would turn up on every time at errors versus, you know, when there's a new series, I like the beat, you know, and I watch either weekly or Ben.

[01:16:27] So, and as a, as a monthly subscription, you know, even though it's in the bundle now and I think less about how much I'm paying for it it's, that's, that's more compelling I think is kind of the arcade. Problem that Apple has where the gaming service is filled with games that you can finish and be done with.

[01:16:46] And maybe you replay them, but, you know, they want to shift to this reportedly shift to this model where it's more, you know, content added regularly and you don't ever complete the game. It's just, it's you just have more levels, you know, that's that, but for TV, you know, I mean, the other, the other thing that they do is they have just second seasons and more seasons and new shows and new movies, but You know, what you're interested in can be, can be pretty narrow versus what they offer.

[01:17:10]And so having something that's just mass appeal and, and all the time would be pretty compelling. And I know it, it hasn't really worked for Netflix. Like they had a weekly live series with the comedian and I guess it just didn't have the numbers that, that Netflix wanted. But you can imagine that that, that Apple would just see it less as a numbers game and more as this is just one element of the service and.

[01:17:31] And it's worth keeping going. 

[01:17:34] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Like if John Stewart wasn't down for a weekly show or a daily show, maybe they should pursue some other talent as well. Like there's no reason you couldn't have more than one. You know, like if he's, if he's off doing, you know, 10 specials a year, you can still have a personality doing an episode a week or something.

[01:17:52] Yeah, like topical what current affairs stuff, because right now you've got Oprah exclusively and there's nothing wrong with Oprah. If you're into that, it's fine. But you know, to, to address what it is, demographics, you need to expand out. And one way to do it is to get John Stewart and then other ways to do it is to do different formats.

[01:18:07] Like actually weekly news episodes or daily news episodes. 

[01:18:12] Zac Hall: Yep. Anything that can be a podcast can be an Apple. I mean, this is, I think this is an idea that we're going to see. 

[01:18:17] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Like they're doing, they're doing it in both directions. They're making podcasts that can be TV shows and they can TV shows.

[01:18:22] They're going to be podcasts. 

[01:18:23] Zac Hall: Yeah, exactly. Anything that can be a podcast can be a, can be a TV show. And there's seems to be based on Mark's reporting that they're going to really pursue that, that You know, when original podcasts and becomes more of a thing with Apple. We also speak of Apple TV and podcasts.

[01:18:36] I listened to the first episode of the, for all mankind official podcast. And I was skeptical skeptical because you know, I've, I've seen the whole second season. I wrote my piece on it and You know, we've, we've, we've all seen the trailers and many people have seen the first episode. And as this episode comes out, know, the second episode would be available.

[01:18:56] But. I was kind of turned off by like the artwork, cause it's, it's the moon Marines with guns in the moon. And that isn't really how I described the second season as being about like, it's, it's there as like the cold war escalation, you know, but it's not the bulk of the season in my mind. And so I was thinking, nah, this really kind of cheapens the, the idea there.

[01:19:19]But, but you know, don't judge a book by its cover. I listened to the episode. And it had astronaut Garrett Reesman on who we've had on this podcast before. And I think it was, it was produced very, you know, it's a very well produced podcast is not too long. It it's pretty good in that it discusses, you know, this is who we're gonna talk to this week.

[01:19:38] This is what we're gonna talk about. And it's it's, it's at least the first episode is a lot less about the current episode of the week, but they'll get more into that in the future. They kind of did a thing at the beginning where they said this is going to be spoiler free. And then they later mentioned there's going to be a statement.

[01:19:54] With spoilers, but don't worry. We'll tell you first, you know, it's like, okay. But I, but I found it it'd be, you know, a good listen and something. I'll, I'll keep coming back to having seen the season already. You know, I haven't listened to all that visitor to the podcast yet. Just as they're released.

[01:20:08]But but I, I keep it on my rotation, but I also, I think just as much as I enjoy listening to people like Jason Snell, talk about the show. And, and he's doing an, a feat on the incomparable where it's him talking about each week of the show and, and that's probably more like for super fans. But I think, I think what Apple's doing with the podcast is, is, is.

[01:20:27] Plenty fine. That it's, it's compelling on its own and it can augment the show in that you, you get insights that you didn't have before. And each episode will have a different gas, so that'll be neat. But I don't know if you heard it, but I, I thought it was pretty good though for, for their 

[01:20:40] Benjamin Mayo: first to a little bit of it, but.

[01:20:42] I didn't finish it. No, like I, I like TV show podcasts. I like about the actual show. And they do the behind the scenes podcast. Right. Where it's like, here's how the scenes were shot. We had a tribal filming there. So we had to do this differently, which is more like what the breaking bad podcasts are and stuff like that.

[01:21:00] This is like, you know, it's like a space lesson, which is fine. Right. I'm not dissing it, but it, it, wasn't what I was like. Going in for, if you see what I mean. So the actual T plus episode, for sure, but this one, not really for me. Yeah. All right. 

[01:21:17]Zac Hall: And speaking of the first episode, you know, I can't quite make out it scene.

[01:21:23] So now after bending the first season or the second season but I did take notes on that first episodes and I kinda remember my take being okay, they're introducing a, you know, a new new class of, of characters and, and maybe those stories will be important in this season and future seasons. And there's kind of a conflict between the old guard and the new class.

[01:21:42]But what what'd you think of the, that the first episode? The second? 

[01:21:46] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah, it was good. Like they you know, they started with the, the the sunrise on the moon. That was cool. And then they did like the character development. You see where they are doing. I am terrible with names, but the, the woman who's now like in charge of the NASA unit, right.

[01:22:00] That we saw that she was in charge of the room before, but now she's not in charge of the whole thing. And it's like, cool, because she's got this responsibility now, but it also, it's kind of sad cause she's having to like sleep in the office and like have a breakfast, you know, while she's getting dressed, like it's the classic, like, you know, drama situations, which is cool.

[01:22:18] And then obviously it ends with the Th th th the, like the, the trauma or the tension of having to save the person who is stuck in the thing when the, the sun radiation is coming. And then Mary Cobb is that her name is something like that. My name, my naming ability is terrible, but the space astronauts who's like the, you know, the, the woman who was like leading the charge before modern Molly cob, that's the name.

[01:22:40] She has to go and say, the person who's like crashed in the middle of the field. And then it's like Oh, I dunno. Are we going to get out of the radio like that tent? Like I just love it. Like it was such a cool website. 

[01:22:49] Zac Hall: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I exactly, I liked it that they dumped bread into the space in the meeting and the episode.

[01:22:54] And then it's, like I said before it, the second season is very much, if you like the first season it's, it's, you know, continuation of that, where there's plenty. There's probably more space in the second season than the first, because they're, they're further along and their progress. Yeah. So they can be more advanced in space, but, but also there's plenty of on the ground conflict and relationships and drama and everything.

[01:23:17] And that that's, I was I'm, I'm happy that you know, that the trailer is, is obviously, you know, dramatic and that it's meant to be You know, kind of a thriller trailer and grab retention, but the season itself is, and as you can see in the first episode, I think is, is, is takes his time to tell a story.

[01:23:33] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Based on you not telling me what happens that the trailer through it aspects, I like finale stuff. That's the mind to reputation of what you've told me anyway. Nice. The only thing I thought was stupid is when they kept talking about de Mayo, instead of email, it's like. I get it like Yamaha, alternate reality.

[01:23:53] It's D mail, digital digital show. And as we did the alphabet lesson two weeks ago, D comes before E but like, it just felt kind of stupid. Like why, why did you call it D mouse? Just like they did the electric car thing early, which was cool. But. Just call it email. Cause they just say it like once it was like, Oh, you just got a new email.

[01:24:15] It's just really having to emphasize the law, which I thought was a bit corny. But there you go. Yeah. 

[01:24:21] Zac Hall: Me, the thing in the first episode that stood out that I didn't, that, that I, I thought I was just kind of criticizing is that the, the character of Joel Kinnaman at Baldwin, he just looks. I mean, maybe, maybe that's pretty practical, but they don't really age people very much.

[01:24:36] You know, they, they changed their appearance a little bit for the decade jump, but he just looks like comically older, like his hair, it doesn't look like the care, like the actor anymore. To me, he looks more like, you know, fake spray tan and, and, you know, artificial and gray hair. Yeah. And it just stands out 

[01:24:53] Benjamin Mayo: like, yeah.

[01:24:55] I I, cause I obviously, when we spoke about it before watching the episode or whatever on the show, you mentioned the aging thing of Kenema and I watched the episode, I was like, yeah, obviously it's like, not real. Right? Cause he's, you know, he has an age 10 years between a year ago, but it felt fine to me.

[01:25:11] It didn't, it didn't stick out to me at least. That's that's. 

[01:25:13] Zac Hall: That's good. So maybe it's just a me thing. So anyway, we'll say to tomorrow that is the happy hour podcast for this week. If you have any feedback, you can email us [email protected] You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at Apollo's Zack.

[01:25:27] That's a P O L L O Z a C and Benjamin you're on tour BS at MAA, and we'll be back next week. Bye everybody. 

[01:25:35] Benjamin Mayo: Bye-bye.

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Ads in Apple software, iOS 14.5 changes, Apple Music shareable lyrics

This week, Benjamin and Chance discuss the latest changes in iOS 14.5 beta 2 including shareable lyrics in Apple Music, as well as ponder the fate of the iPhone 12 mini and assess how much Apple services advertising and marketing is hurting the Apple software experience.

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Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Chance Miller @chancehmiller

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Benjamin Mayo: Okay. So Zach is out this week and in his place, you've got me as noise. Yeah. And we got a very special guest with, from nine to five Mac. We have chance Miller. Hi John. Hey Michelle, how's it going? It's going good. Now people may know you from the non-home Mac daily podcast, right? Where you did daily news update.

[00:00:19] It's very good. You can go and subscribe to that. Uh, but I think this is your first time on happy hour. Is that correct? 

[00:00:25] Chance Miller: This is my first time on the modern version of happy hour. Yes. Back in the old days, when we did the round tables with like 10 people, I was on a feed 

[00:00:33] Benjamin Mayo: though, just Mark. And they were a mess.

[00:00:35] Holy moly. They're still on YouTube. If 

[00:00:37] Chance Miller: you want to go find 

[00:00:38] Benjamin Mayo: him, I think, yeah. You can see me from my like university dorm room seven years ago. It's kind of crazy. Uh, but let's, let's jump in. We got some, we got some good stories too about this week. Firstly, something that we didn't quite catch. Uh, in last week's episode was about the iPhone 12 mini situation.

[00:00:54] There was a story that we covered, um, from counterpoint research that basically said that the iPhone 12 mini, uh, made up about 5% of total iPhone, 12 sales to date, at least here in, uh, during the January timeframe, uh, which suggests a weaker than expected demand for the iPhone 12 mini. Uh, this isn't the only report we've had to.

[00:01:14] This has been some supply chain reports. It says app has been adjusting, uh, it's kind of production orders, um, tailoring more towards the iPhone 12 pro. And I've been to a prime max motos with seemingly getting slightly stronger than, than they predicted. And the many orders getting carpet. Uh, the question really is, is like, you know, this is the iPhone 12, many of their most popular orphans.

[00:01:36] Well, obviously not right. Like you can just, I mean, Apple doesn't even market as such, like you'd expect the most program from 12 to be the iPhone 12, uh, the, you know, the, the standard run of the mill one, uh, the mini is there, uh, as a. No more price conscious option. But I guess the question that I even had and means that's talked about before, you know, before the phones were even officially announced, was, is the mini gonna get squeezed out too much?

[00:01:58] Like, are people going to be interested in a screen that is 5.4 inches on mass? Like every single time there's a new iPhone motto. You hear the people that are like, all I want is a small one. Just give me the same processor in a smaller size. But I think time and time again, we've seen the. That's more like the vocal minority than right.

[00:02:18] A large group of people, like w you know, historically Apple hasn't, uh, given people bigger phones, you know, in the last, you know, since the iPhone six, basically they did the iPhone se in 2015, and it seemed to do like so well, like the first month that it came out, but then it kind of petered off. Right?

[00:02:36] Like, and if you just look at all sales charts, like I'm sure the I fantasy hasn't represented a much more than 5% of total iPhone sales. Uh, you know, whenever it's been announced and they obviously didn't use MSCI last year, uh, the open 12 mini basically I think my question chances at 5% market share, right?

[00:02:53] Or 5% of iPhone 12 sales, is this, um, uh, a form factor that Apple's gonna worry about continuing, like, is there going to be an iPhone 13 mini or are they, is this a failed experiment? Like where'd you kind of come down on it. 

[00:03:05] Chance Miller: I mean, if you look at it from Apple's perspective, What the iPhone 12 mini does is it keeps the iPhone 12 starting price at that six 99.

[00:03:15] So last year you had the iPhone 11, which I think by all indications was the most popular iPhone and it was six 99. But this year, if you want to upgrade from the 11th to the 12th, you have to pay for the 12, which is now seven 99, 

[00:03:29] Benjamin Mayo: or even eight 29. If you got a subsidy, right? Yeah. 

[00:03:34] Chance Miller: So from Apple's perspective, you have this 609 iPhone and you could say iPhone 12 still starts at six 99.

[00:03:41] What an actuality live model, most people are buying is the higher priced ones what's help, which helps the average, average selling price, which is that metric that Apple loves so much. 

[00:03:51] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah, it's true. Like, I think one of the things that we kind of just talked about in this show before the phones were real, is, is Apple making like the iPhone 12 mini.

[00:04:00] Because, you know, it, it thinks there's a market for like the premium smaller size phone, or is it doing it just out of necessity? Like you say, to make sure the price points are still filled. Right. And so people that are only have six and nine, $9 to spend on the phone can still buy a mode, an iPhone rather than having to go and look at other options.

[00:04:16] Like. In terms of the small phone side of the, of the market. I think the fact that Apple launched the new generation se last year, or in 2020, probably already like captured some of the people that were upgraded in that year. And if you were like, Oh, we just want a small phone. Right. You go, people were already bought that se version, which is obviously even way, way cheaper, like three 99.

[00:04:36] Right. Uh, and so some of the demand for like the mini was probably cannibalized by that, but also more generally. People want cheap phones, but they want cheap phones with big screens. Like right. If you given the option, I still think people would pick the iPhone 11 over the 12 mini, just because the screen's bigger.

[00:04:54] And yes, the screen is not as nice cause it's not overlaid and it doesn't have 5g. But the, I found that the screen is bigger. It looks, it looks more impressive for most people that walk into a shop. They're like, do you want this small one? Or do you want the big screen when people are like, I want the big one.

[00:05:06] Like the, the amount of people that actually are like care about it fitting in your hand perfectly or. I think that kind of, that's a very niche user base. I think they actively choose smaller size phones and only actively choose a smaller ones. They actually choose smaller ones that are more expensive.

[00:05:23] Right. Cause people that just want a smart phone, most of them are going to just go and get the se people that are like, you know, I want the latest and greatest. And I'm not going to get the one with the biggest screen. You know, I think though that the, the amount of people there is quite small. Now I know that you actually have, you have the mini, right?

[00:05:41] Yeah. I have a mini DD. You use it like day-to-day or do you have a different, do you have the other 12? No, 

[00:05:45] Chance Miller: I use the, the 12 pro mainly I got the mini I think like lots of people. Cause I was like, Oh, I'm going to have a small phone. I'm going to love it. It's going to fit in one hand, it's going to have face ID on like the se.

[00:05:56] And it's cool. I like it. The foreign factor is really good and it's like a mini mini version with almost all of the best features. But I think in practicality of the 5.4 inch screen is just too small nowadays with how iOS is designed and how all the apps are designed. Yeah. It's definitely like, I think we're in a little bit of an echo chamber with a lot of people like in this community who say Apple should make a small phone and I don't really even think Apple was listening to that feedback when they made it.

[00:06:24] So then I think people in this community are like, well, why isn't it selling? We all want to do it. And it's like, well, nobody 

[00:06:29] Benjamin Mayo: actually wants a film that small. Yeah. So why do you think they made it just to fill the price point, right? The price 

[00:06:36] Chance Miller: point. Yeah. And I mean, modern Apple is all about having options at every price point in every form factor.

[00:06:41] I mean, look at the iPad lineup. It's confusing. Yeah. So I don't think it's realistic to expect. A one or two device, iPhone lineup anymore. Like I think the mini will stick around this year. I think we'll see a 12 S many or a 13 

[00:06:54] Benjamin Mayo: mini well, okay. Firstly, this year's success of the iPhone 12 mini sales probably don't determine what Apple's plans for the full iPhone of this year.

[00:07:03] Right? Because it's too late. Like the, the, the iPhone 13 generation, whatever you want to call it, 12 S 13, that plans for those of, you know, well, we're set in stone. Like. No, they're probably, they're probably basically decided about now. Right? So whether the 12 mini comes out of the gate, you know, less, it literally sold zero units, which clearly hasn't like, just because it's slightly underperforming.

[00:07:23] I don't think that's going to make Apple randomly change what they're going to do for this year. Uh, but I don't think it's necessary and we don't like it. It's now, you know, middle of February, we haven't yet seen. You know, reports that definitely say there is going to be a 13, many, or maybe they're just going to do biggest phones again, like we don't actually know, they could just carry on having the 12 minute around for people that want that size, you know, and then just only bump the higher end models maybe, or maybe they just bring out a.

[00:07:47] So that's the mini with the eight, 15 chip or whatever. Do you know what I mean? Like, 

[00:07:50] Chance Miller: yeah, there was a macro to car report that was like, it'll be the same form factor designs, which is just vague enough to kind of confirm that we'll get the mini again, but also like, well, maybe just the same form factor in the.

[00:08:03] Upper three. So 

[00:08:04] Benjamin Mayo: yeah, I think if you asked me to like bet on the line, I would say they're just going to have the same lineup as last year. But if you look especially without any other 

[00:08:11] Chance Miller: design changes 

[00:08:13] Benjamin Mayo: plan, really. Yeah. And they'll probably add some new colors or something just to spice it up a little bit.

[00:08:17] But if you look like further out, like, you know, I phoned 14, for instance, maybe at that point, the cost of 5g components, the cost of the early screen mean that they can once again, offer. And I found, you know, the base iPhone, that's a decent sized screen for the six 99 price point or around that level.

[00:08:33] Right? Like they have a real doubter at the moment where the, you know, the, the, the, the upgrade option from the iPhone 11 is $130 more expensive this year. Right. And yes, you do get. Slightly better features for that, for that price point. But I, I would argue those upgrades are mostly, most of the things people would actually care about.

[00:08:50] Like the other screen. I like it, but I think that's kind of echo chamber. Like, like people would rather save a hundred dollars and have another screen. Like that's my general take on it. No, just the general consumer market. Like I show, I remember when I got the iPhone 10 and I was like, Sharon to everyone I look at nicest screen is I see it goes to the edge or some people didn't even notice it went to the edge to edge of that weird what people like to see or wherever they're like, Oh, he's got face recognition.

[00:09:13] Yeah. Yeah. Look at the colors. You know, you've got nice contrast rated people that what, you know, like where's the home button. Yeah. They don't. Yeah, exactly. I want the home button back, like the, you know, the, the really nice high quality or led screens or not. Appreciate it, at least not appreciate it to a level where people were like, I want to pay a hundred dollars more for that.

[00:09:30] Similarly, 5g, you know, this has been a recurring topic on happy. I've asked stupid 5g is at least in my opinion, uh, like basically useless. And that's part of the reason that the iPhone is more expensive this year because they had to stop in 5g hardware. Like, I mean, you have, you said you got to iPhone 12, what'd you think about the 5g situation 

[00:09:51] Chance Miller: I have yet to experience the millimeter wave 5g.

[00:09:54] But in terms of what is it, sub six gigahertz, whatever. I don't know what Apple calls it, but that seems to cause more problems for me than it's worth, because if it switches from that to LTE, I have to go in and reboot or like toggle cellular on and off 

[00:10:08] Benjamin Mayo: now. 

[00:10:10] Chance Miller: So it's like, I 

[00:10:12] Benjamin Mayo: know I don't care for the 5g stuff.

[00:10:14] Yeah. That is kind of bad. Like, um, there's obviously been a fair few reports about how sub six can often be slower than, uh, you know, just standard 4g because. The frequency bands aren't quite there yet. So, whereas 4g, you could do like multiplexing and basically be attached to many, many antennas simultaneously with your, in the normal 5g zones.

[00:10:32] In a lot of places you only get in one, you know, one antenna connection, which means you actually get slower speeds, right? Oh, the seafood. If you find the magic pocket of 5g ultra wide band, then yeah. You can get a nice screenshot of having two gigabytes down. While you're outside, but even if you can get it consistently, like who cares if you've got taken compress down or not, plus UWB currently drains your battery faster.

[00:10:52] So it's just a whole pile of trade-offs. Right. And so when you just look at the lineup, it's like the iPhone 11. Which, you know, it looks like it keeps his appeal, right? Like even if they just sold, like if, if they hadn't done it, the mini and just taken the iPhone 11 and made it, you know, instead of six, nine, I made it 600.

[00:11:09] Right. And just carry it. And then just assume that was the middle of the middle rent that may be literally just have the iPhone 11, but with the eight, 14 chip in it. Right. So just change the purchase or nothing else. I don't bother the, Oh, that screen don't bother with 5g. Um, it may have been like a more sexual product line, like.

[00:11:24] At 5%, 5% of share of, uh, of models. You do have to keep this in context that like, you know, episodes what 200 million phones a year plus. So yeah, even just 5% is still like 20 million phones or something ridiculous. Right? Like, and most, most Android manufacturers that individual models of phones, they sell less than 20 million each.

[00:11:44] Right? Like. That's that's just what happens. So most, you know, Apple is scale. You have to recontextualize a little bit, and I think you've seen them do, you know, niche options across the product line. Like they offer a one terabyte iPad pro right. That very few people buy. So I don't think the mini's like doing because of that, but, you know, you've you, if you do it for the 12th generation, then you do it again for the 13 generation and people still aren't interested in buying it, then it's probably going to fade out the lineup or they'll do something else where they make like the se more appealing.

[00:12:13] Uh, to compensate. So we've had those rumors of like the  plaster. It's going to have like a stray screen, but rather than having face idea, I've touched ID on the side, right? Those kinds of those kind of rumors. Like if they put that in the line of, instead the dependency on having like, you know, the basics night, nine phone be a 5.4 inch iPhone, you know, that, that kind of dissuades that requirement somewhat.

[00:12:33] Chance Miller: And if you look at all of these reports to have said that the mini's selling a little bit worse than Apple expected, but the pro and the pro max are selling better. So in Apple's eyes, they're like, Oh, who cares about the menu? Like let's ramp up pro and pro max production and sell the more expensive ones there.

[00:12:49] I don't think they're worried about the men 

[00:12:50] Benjamin Mayo: and they're not worried. Yeah, exactly. Like the overall lineup seems to be doing pretty well. Yeah. I think you'd agree that like, The 12 lineup is pretty strong, right. Even though I think the 5g stuff's kind of stupid, like the iPhone 11 was still in such a good spot last year that, you know, just giving other screens across the board and you know, the new design species that up a little bit and you get the faster chip and then yeah, you maybe get 5g is a selling point in the shop.

[00:13:14] At least even if you don't use it in practice, right. Are you like happy with your twelves in general? 

[00:13:19] Chance Miller: Oh, I love the 12th pro especially the, like you said, the design is the best part and the mini's nice because it has that same design, but the glossy fingerprint back. And I do like the aluminum edges more than the shiny edges on the pro, but, but the 5g stuff too is like, so I live down here in Texas and we had no power for about 48 hours.

[00:13:40] And I was like, Oh, this is great. I got my 5g iPhone 12 pro like I can tether hotspot to my M one MacBook air. It's going to be so fast. Tethering is such an unreliable experience, even still 5g makes no difference. And when you have to reboot every time you jumped between a tower, it's. Basically unworkable.

[00:13:59] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. That's why they need to put Sadie modems in the laptops. And that, like, if you came to me and said, look now the Mac book as 5g got that makes sense. Right? Cause you could actually use 5g speeds on a laptop because you're doing more things than once at a time or you're doing sort of stuff on an iPhone, even if you can get consistent, reliable, fast 5g.

[00:14:16] There's really not very much that you can do that you couldn't do on a 4g connect now. Yeah. Whereas on a laptop or even an iPad, there's a little more scope there and it wouldn't 

[00:14:24] Chance Miller: even be, I don't even think we'd really be having this conversation if we didn't know that 5g was one of the biggest reasons for the whole lineup being more expensive.

[00:14:33] Benjamin Mayo: And you could tell it from their presentation, right? Like, yeah. Thinking about to what type, but there's a reason they said 5g 4,000 times, like. They know it makes, they spent a load of their feature budget this year, just on getting 5g out the door. Right. And so they, they had to show it in that light, even if in practice, it doesn't really impact in the same way.

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[00:16:13] It's also coming soon to Microsoft windows. That's to bird the inbox for all your tasks. Find out more [email protected] Uh, switching gears a little bit. In iOS 14.5, uh, Apple's actually been testing a new spot for, uh, an app store ad. So since 2016, Apple has been monetizing the app store with search ads.

[00:16:38] So when you go into the search tab and you type in a query. It's kind of like, um, Google ads, right? Where you see the, you know, the very top result is paid, is a paid, is a paid search result in most cases, and you get all these people bidding on it and supposedly the ad, this there is relevant to what you search for.

[00:16:53] And if you don't like this, the sponsored ad, you just scroll down and the rest of the ads are. You know, the usual quality of actual search, which is sometimes like sometimes when, when Apple search ads were first announced and it was like maybe the quality of actual search actually increased just because yeah.

[00:17:08] You know, like the organic search, isn't great. Right. It's fine. But it's not like fantastic. Whereas if you're a paid search, you know, the people that actually match relevant most relevant to the search queries generally appear at the top of the list, you know, in practice. I don't think that's really that part hasn't played out.

[00:17:22] Like there's. Yeah, loads of apps just appear or, you know, kind of pay for random search terms. They just pay for popular app names. When you know, the actual app, isn't very relevant to what you're looking for. Right? Like you can search for like Twitter and you see like Instagram, for instance, at the top, just cause they pay for it and that slot or like.

[00:17:39] Apple search ads of Congress become standard advertising. Right. And it feels a little slimy to me. The app was like, double-dipping on the app store search ads. Anyway, like they make so much money off of, um, getting their faith. They've sent car off, you know, paid apps and then net purchases. And then there was like, you know, We've also got some more real estate.

[00:17:59] It's all the abstract that we can also monetize differently. And this was right as they were announcing all their initiatives to double services, revenue by 2020, et cetera, et cetera. And so he came along search ads and I don't know how well search has done for them financially. They mentioned it. You know, every few quarters in the quarter earnings call, they're like, Oh, we set a new record for search ads, but they never specified numbers, obviously.

[00:18:19] So it's an a, from what I can imagine, it's maybe like a hundred million dollars a quarter or something in that range, like, you know, nothing to sniff out, but when your Apple scale. It kind of falls by the wayside. Uh, what's kind of frustrated me now is in 14.5, they're actually making the ads more annoying because not only now, do you get ads when you actually searched something in particular and at least you can extensively find something related to your search term.

[00:18:42] Now they're putting ads. Just on that main search tab page. So you don't have to search anything. And, uh, at the top of the list, you've got like the trending topics and then below those, like that list of suggested apps, uh, which has just look at apps you've already got installed and trying to adjust your other ones.

[00:18:55] So know originally it started out just as a discovery feature, right? Like we see you can still have these apps. Here's a few more that you might try, but now they've actually started advertising there as well. So again, the top row. In the app store search tab now, uh, under the suggested section can be an advert and just like search ads.

[00:19:14] It's just, you know, wave of whoever bids the most, it shows up there and you can download it if you want, but it makes me more like the ads aren't, you know, they're not like, like the worst of web ads, you know, the stupid banners with like, you know, duck Stein and who was a screen and stuff like that. Not that I'm sure he Civ, but.

[00:19:31] They're still kind of slimy. Like I, I could kind of put up with surcharges just cause yeah, you all searching for something, but now I was literally going to put an ad without me having to do anything, literally just going onto the search type, I'm going to see an advert. It was kind of, it kind of throws me off up the wrong way.

[00:19:46] And you know, the individual's kind of sensitivity to advertising, uh, is variable like, and obviously nine to five is spot. You know, we make our money through advertising. Right. But we don't also charge you. A thousand dollars for the phone and, you know, make money on all the in-app purchases and everything else and all the hardware that we buy.

[00:20:06] Right? Like that's where it kind of crossed the line for me is that it's like, you know, maybe it was products were sold more cheaply. I could pay the advertising, but the point is you're meant to be investing in a premium ecosystem with pretty much hardware. And now they're putting literal ads in front of your face.

[00:20:23] Chance Miller: See, I think I'm the opposite way. I think this new add on just the search tab is less intrusive than the search ads. Oh really? So I just went on my, in the app store right now and I searched Twitter. And the first, the top search ad result is Tik TOK. And then you've got Twitter. So like that gets in your way more than just going, like tapping the search tab and there's like suggested and it blends in.

[00:20:47] You don't even really notice it. Like it's not actively in your way. 

[00:20:51] Benjamin Mayo: I mean that's. Yeah, but you do see it like immediately, right. For them to do anything. Right. Do you know what if they had replaced the search ads with this suggested ad? Yeah, I take your point, but that's not what happening. They've got ads here and when you search yeah.

[00:21:07] So then you've got more as you've got more time, not only are they double 

[00:21:10] Chance Miller: dipping with the percentage cut. They're double dipping with the ads 

[00:21:12] Benjamin Mayo: now to triples. Yeah. I, you know, it doesn't feel a million stones away that they could start putting, sponsored our placements on the today tab. Right? Like, you know, as well as having the night's editorial, one of them could be a nice blue banner, which has sponsored advertisement, you know, by Headspace here or whatever.

[00:21:26] Like don't give him any ideas. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure they've thought about, right. Like, because, and remember all of the five tabs on the app store you've got today, games, apps, then you've got search, which has now got ads on both sides. Right. Whether you've searched or not. And then of course, you're at the RK tab, which they're also monetizing the subscription.

[00:21:42] So like they're certainly trying to get their money's worth out of the app store. Like that particular one instance of what is quite literally an ad kind of just started this thing I've been thinking about for a while and something that I see get back on Twitter a lot is that. Since, you know, Apple has been moving more into content services and maybe try and base the service revenue.

[00:22:02] They've started putting like emotions, advertising, marketing. Where do you want to describe the name in, you know, more and more places? Right? So, uh, like the one over one, I always see bring up Hill when people buy a new phone is in settings. So you see like the TV plus trial, you see an Apple or Katie for three months trial, you see a fitness plus trial.

[00:22:21] If you bought an Apple watch, uh, there it'll put your Apple care. Um, No renewal time. So if your applicant, if you're, if you've got 10 days left to buy an Apple care warranty plan, it will let you know about that too. And sayings, and then they send you push notifications about staff. And they're not ads per se because they're not coming from third parties, but they're like Apple marketing, right?

[00:22:42] Uh, yeah. And it's a hard, it's a hard one for me. Like I said, how much I hate the search ads, the, the, the, the kind of trial promotions and settings. I mean, you could tweet them and say like, ha app was putting ads in my settings app and you get a thousand retweets. Right. But if you actually get to like, what'd you think about them?

[00:23:01] I, I find them less annoying, like, because they, they all kind of doing you a service, even though you get a benefit. If it just, I guess if it was just like a settings row that said subscribe to Apple TV, plus now. Like that's literally just an ad. Right. But what, what those placements are doing is they are reminding you of a free promotion that you do have available to you.

[00:23:24] Right. So it's, you know, they, they say TV plus get it free for a year, bloody blow. Uh, you know, and I say this as a, you know, happy subscribers to TV plus. Right. But yeah, regardless of what the actual contents is, it's a bit slimy that they now appear in settings. Like I think if it was like a one-time reminder that you could.

[00:23:44] Easily dismiss. I'd be like fine with it. I think the problem with the little banners and settings is that there's not a clear way to get rid of them. Like what you have to do to actually clear them out is tap on them. So actually interact with them. And then when it comes up with like the full screen, like is more of a metaphor opportunity.

[00:24:00] Plus then you click the not now button and when you click not now, then it makes them go away. So if you, if, if, if, if you don't want to see them, You can do that, but people don't realize that that's how you do it. And that requires you interacting with the art to some degree in the first place. Right. So, yeah.

[00:24:15] Does it add a 

[00:24:16] Chance Miller: badge to the settings app still? I can't 

[00:24:18] Benjamin Mayo: remember. I believe it doesn't. I think the only thing that the badge comes up for is those kinds of setup. You know, and that has technically advertising for like Apple pay or Apple wallet or Apple card in it. Like, uh, but the, the free trial is one. I believe they don't batch the icon.

[00:24:37] I could be wrong on that, but I'm pretty sure they don't. Uh, the, the other problem is. I see everyone complain about stuff on Twitter all the time as an Apple, one subscriber. I don't see any of it because I'm subscribed to it. Oh. But I'm trying to think. Cause the altruistic customer here, like if the banners in settings, you could maybe just, cause I think what half the problem is people that don't want TV plus or don't want, okay, fair enough.

[00:24:56] Whatever they see the ad, but they don't realize you can get rid of it. So then it just sits around there for literally like three months while it's still valid. Right. So if they made it clearer that you could like dismiss them. So maybe if it just had a, you know, Equal button directly on that front page of the settings tab.

[00:25:12] So people could realize you press this and then it goes away. Yeah, that'd be more fair. Whereas currently it's like, you actually have to click on the ad and then say not now to get dismiss, which feels a bit, you know, a bit . Yeah, because it's like, you're basically going to click on the ad to get rid of it.

[00:25:26] Right. Uh, so if it was like one time only, it showed up in settings and you could press ignore and it, by pressing ignore it, like never showed up again, unless you went into the actual app. So for instance, in the case of the TV plus trial, it was shown settings and then you press ignore and then it would never know you ever again, unless you specifically went to the TV app and then on the TV plus tab over, it could give you the same spiel.

[00:25:48] That'd be fine. But as it stands, I thought it there's slightly crossing the line. In the sense that they just show his lines and it isn't clear that you can actually get rid of them. And then it kind of compounds because, and this part, I don't think it's intentional. I think it's just how the UI has evolved.

[00:26:02] Is that. Now you can get free trials for TV plus arcade, fitness, PLAs, and whatever else, Apple one. So you can actually have like that banner repeated like four times in science. So it just becomes ridiculous, right? Like if it was just one of them on their own fine, and that's originally what it was with Justin, it was Apple TV plus, but now they offer free trials for like holiday content services.

[00:26:23] So you buy a new iPhone, you can theoretically see three banners in the settings app, which if it's not obvious, you had to get rid of them. They'll literally sit there for three months. 

[00:26:31] Chance Miller: Like you said, I don't think. It's the same as the search ads. Cause you are providing a benefit like, Hey, you can get seven days free to this with your new iPhone or three months free or whatever it is, especially Apple TV plus like get your one year.

[00:26:46] But I think you've got to make it more intuitive on how to clear them and you've got to make it more intuitive on the renewals. And maybe even if they were deemed through settings, you don't automatically renew them or you have to opt in or something like that. Cause when you. Put it in the settings app.

[00:27:02] You say, tap here to get this. And then you're going to automatically renew them at this full price. Like that's what feels a little bit like a step too 

[00:27:08] Benjamin Mayo: far. Yeah, no, that's, that's very true actually. Like they are, because that's what that kind of is what crosses them into ad territory. Right. Because they're not literally just like tap here to get a year for free it's Tapir to get a year for free.

[00:27:20] But when the year runs out, we're going to automatically renew you and you pay four 99 a month for it. Right. So if they, if they were literally like tap here and you get a year for free, I'd have no complaints about them at all, because it's, and then they literally get a year for free. I think, to make them fairer in the scheme of things, it should more be like tapping on them.

[00:27:36] Cause you've got to make like, obviously, you know, Apple's doing it to promote a service, right? So you have to come to some sort of like middle ground. I think if it was like, Tap here to get here for free. And then when the trial ends, we don't automatically renew, but then we send you like another advert that like tells you to carry on this subscription.

[00:27:52] Right? And then you can choose to cancel it, or you can choose to renew it and they could send you an email or they could do like a popup screen on the iPhone. Give you a notification. You click on new CFOs, a screen experience. Uh, if that was how it worked, rather than automatically renew, it'd be a lot fairer.

[00:28:04] Cause then at least you're, you know, You know, you're not gaining subscribers just by people forgetting to cancel it. Right? Like you're getting them genuinely. And Oh, as a, as a trade-off for giving you three months of free at the end of the trial, Hey, here's low screen that says, now you can, um, you know, you can carry on subscription because remember they're not, you know, they're not out of the blue, given you a year for free, you have to buy the hardware in the first place to even qualify it.

[00:28:27] Right. So you have pay you to try, you know, you have pay through your phone and actually something I see on Twitter. Cause I have a tweet that column. Uh, that just searches Apple TV. Right. So I get, and I look at every now and again, so I just see the stuff that goes by and Apple TV. Plus, I don't know if you realize he's not that popular at the moment.

[00:28:43] So the actual column doesn't fly by. So you, she, you know, reasonably follow what's going on. And I say like, one of the things I see on there a lot now is people buy from twelves and they look, and they think they're getting a year for free, but they don't because they've already got a year for free with the iPhone 11.

[00:28:58] Um, but if you just look on Apple's website, the. And you can redeem once. Part of the deal is in the small print of the bone behind it's not in the top line. So if you just look where it says iPhone 12, the banners will say, get a year off a team, plus for free people, get their new phone. And they're like, Oh, so affair, I've just bought this out.

[00:29:18] And they even, and I get where they're coming from. Cause they even coming from the angle of light. I'm a loyal Apple come from it. I bought a new iPad, new Apple watch. I had a new ISO and you're telling me I can't get my year for free. Cause I've had it already. Do you know what I mean? Or my, or my daughter had it, you know, last year.

[00:29:30] Like, so all that kind of like, I'd say the small print staff, the removing the, you only get it once. That's what kind of crosses it into slimy territory. Uh, But I thought it was an interesting discussion, right? Cause they're not like strictly ads and you do, they see things that are way more agregious on like the Android side, like some Samsung galaxy phones literally have what I would call like banner ads where they're like full color, you know, product photography stuff, uh, and that, you know, hopefully Apple doesn't ever get to that degree.

[00:30:00] Uh, 

[00:30:00] Chance Miller: and doesn't Samsung also does the thing where if you have, what are they on? Like the galaxy? Yes. Nine, or I don't even know what the most recent one is, but if you have like the last generation one, they'll send you notifications saying, Hey, update to a three times though, right? Like I'm special education in the Apple store app.

[00:30:16] Benjamin Mayo: I think they send you notifications for it. Do they really? Yeah. It's time to upgrade your iPhone. Oh, nevermind. Then if you turn Apple store, if you turn Apple store up, no phones off, you won't get them. But you know, they're not baked into the operating system. Yeah. They're not baked into the operating system, but.

[00:30:33] Like the Apple store app. I dunno, like, again, that's a hard one, right? Cause you're down in the Apple store app to shop. Right. But it's kind of an ad, like, I dunno, like it's. The, the, these things will kind of tow the line. And I guess it's like, if it was just an isolated incident, you could put it off, but because they're doing this and this and this and this and ads in the app store and ads in Apple news and ads here and there.

[00:30:55] And I was like, it kind of becomes too much overrule when you are paying a massive premium for the hardware in the first place. Like at least with the Samsung phones, right. Generally you're paying less money. So you can, you know, you're getting a trade off there, right? It's kind of like the Amazon thing where you can buy the Amazon Kindle with special offers and it's cheaper, but you get ads on the screen.

[00:31:10] Like you understand the transactions happening. I feel Apple has gone just a tad too far. And they need to kind of reel it back a bit like either by, you know, making the, the terms of the trials more fair or by just even improving the UI. So maybe like when you get your iPhone, you set it up for the first time, you know, you're going through the wifi screens.

[00:31:29] Like if, if one of those SAPs are into is just, here's all your trials you can get. And then you like tap to apply on that screen. And then if you press. Scape it doesn't show him again. Unless you go into the actual apps, then you can say, look, you're teaching customers about something they might not know about.

[00:31:43] Cause there are like the little banners and settings do have genuine value for people that actually don't know because I've seen Petia tweets on my Twitter that complainant, Apple, I didn't know, I get a year free, but now I'm. Two days out of my 90 day eligibility period, and I can't get it. So like, there are people that generally want it.

[00:31:59] Right. So you do have to tell them somehow. And so maybe if it was in the South experience, it was just like one page in the server experience, which is like, here's all the Apple services. You can get them for Charles here, click, click, click, or you press skip. And then they don't change things. Like one thing that I hope Apple kind of does maybe is like, they make like an Apple one app.

[00:32:17] Which would have maybe just have, like, you can manage your account. It kind of shows you like an overview of everything you get through Apple one. Uh, and then that would be a natural place to put like trial offers as well. Because right now it's like Apple, one's kind of in settings buried deep, but if you just kind of want to know what you're getting for your money, it's kind of hard to find it.

[00:32:36] Right. Cause you have to go to like seven different apps now to actually find everything that you get in the upper one permit. 

[00:32:41] Chance Miller: What do you think about in the wallet app? Little banner, that's there to buy your Apple products, interest free with Apple card. I feel like 

[00:32:50] Benjamin Mayo: that's a step farther. See those cause I'm in Britain.

[00:32:53] Oh yeah. Yeah. But those, I don't know. I do again, some people might actually want to know that information. I'd say on those ones. It's like, they should show you once. And if you, if you opt out, they shouldn't show you them again, right? 

[00:33:08] Chance Miller: Yeah. There is an X, like a little in the upper right corner, but it always comes back.

[00:33:12] Not always, but inconsistently, it comes back and like I'm an Apple card user with products on financing. Like I know all about it. 

[00:33:20] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Like you don't need to be telling your retargeting's is not good. Yeah. Well, I felt, well, I actually think it's hilarious. It's like the news app, right? It has ads. Like, that's just what the service is.

[00:33:30] Right. It's just ads. Um, but half of the ads in there. Because Apple clearly doesn't sell out of inventory very well for Apple news, half the ads in their, their own ads for their own services. But I end up poor premiere. So I subscribed to them all. They show me ads for things I already pay you for, like the, in fact, half the ads, all ads news, plus, which it knows I'm paying for because I'm using it in the same app.

[00:33:52] I mean, like it's madness. I dunno, like. I just think they need to reevaluate their kind of approach this stuff. Like I'm sure some of it, like the fact that the three ads can stack up in the settings that was just kind of accidental relevant. They're like, ah, let's do it like this, but you know, if you don't fix it it's to your problem.

[00:34:10] Right. So I just wanted to kind of address that. Cause it's the fact that they've added a new ad in the app store tab. It felt like good time for it. 

[00:34:18] Chance Miller: Yeah, I don't think it's going to get any better, 

[00:34:20] Benjamin Mayo: but yeah, one thing you can say is that if Apple's content services. Do well, so like TV plus, like, okay, then there's less pressure on them to push themselves.

[00:34:30] Does that make sense? Like once they become popular their financials or whatever, it's so dependent on them that they don't have to like growth hack and like 12 different ways to make it happen. So like, if TV pause was as big as Netflix, You wouldn't need like that much advertising for it. Do you see what I mean?

[00:34:45] Like, it's kind of like a situation where once they become ready, once they, if they do become really popular, the, the amount of advertising you get, like should go down. It's just at the moment where they're trying to like, push everyone to do it. That they've, I think they've kind of crossed the line of what's reasonable and it 

[00:35:00] Chance Miller: doesn't help that by all indications.

[00:35:03] Especially like Apple arcade and news plus aren't doing well. 

[00:35:06] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. And, and, and TV plus is doing all right. But a lot of, because they're giving so many free trials away to people and they're spending the most money on it, like it's for however well is it is doing right. Is still small. It's definitely not the biggest, you know, it's nowhere near the biggest streams overs that there is, it doesn't have to be right.

[00:35:23] It gets to be one of the smaller players, but I think they probably want to like match HBO, max its performance. Right. That kind of level. Uh, and it probably isn't there yet. Especially as it may be, is there, or if you can't with the free trials, if you can't people actually paying for it, it's not, it's nowhere near that.

[00:35:36] Uh, and. They've spent so much money on content, right? That even if everyone, that commonly gets it for free with paying for it, they still wouldn't be making money on it. So there's in terms of a financial venture, it's still well in the red at the moment, but it's a long, you know, it's a long-term play, but like, whereas Arcadia news, plus they probably are profitable for him.

[00:35:55] It's just, you know, A couple of million, you know, a few hundred million, whereas TV plus is like, we have 30 million subscribers, but we're paying like $6 billion a year just on content. So it's like the numbers don't work out that way. Happy hour is also brought to you this week by unite for the platform that lets you turn websites into apps.

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[00:37:42] Thanks again to unite for, for sponsoring the show. I was 14.5. Beta two, ah, some cool little things in this, in this update, there is a new, a new SharePoint lyrics thing. And this is something where I almost feel like they've done way more than they would have to for what is a relatively small feature.

[00:38:04] You know, in, in, when you just say it's like, okay, you can share lyrics. Like when they added the VeriTime lyrics, I was 13. It was really, really cool. And obviously it promotes, you know, it's an improvement for Apple music. Uh, but it's, it's so good. And it's really good on the TV when you just play music in the living room or wherever, and you just have the lyrics fly by on the screen.

[00:38:20] It's great. What they've added in 14.5 beta two is that now if you long press on one of the lyrics, it then takes you into an Shashi. There isn't like a system standard Shetty. It's got custom UI where you can, it shows you like the spec, some lyric that you long pressed on and you can scroll in the same view.

[00:38:41] So the same that will sheet that pops up the lyrics are scrollable and you can select more and then you can share them off to, you know, messages or Facebook and stream or whatever, but it's like an entirely custom. Shashi, like they've actually gotten way beyond the amount of effort. I feel like it's probably even justified for this feature to make it happen.

[00:38:57] Cause like you, you don't pressure the lyrical and the main light now playing screen, it opens the share sheet, which then has a mini view of the same lyrics that you can kind of scroll it around and extend your selections. You don't want to share just like that one sentence. You can click on like four more and although there's a limit of 150 characters, so it's almost like tweeting.

[00:39:13] You have to like balance your balance, your character, count with how many lines of lyrics you want to share. And then. After you've used this wholly new UI they've obviously made, uh, which has a nice transition by the way, from the now playing to the share sheet, kind of smoothly moves the dorks over.

[00:39:26] Then you pick on an output option and depending on which source you pick, you get a different, uh, like shared results. So, uh, on Facebook or Instagram, if you share to them, they generate you like a custom story image. Which kind of puts the directs dead center. And it gives you a nice little gradients around the outside.

[00:39:42] They did this for just sharing songs and albums before, right? Like if you just share an album after music, you get this too, but now, but now it does it with the lyrics. Obviously the lyrics are written in the middle. And then if you share to the. A messages app. So you just, I met with someone with these lyrics.

[00:39:56] It will give you like the rich P you've used kind of like you see with, you know, if you share a link to a website wherever, uh, it has the name of the song, the artist, it shows the snippet of the lyrics that you clicked on. And even as a play bone, and when you press the play button, it plays that segment of the song back to you.

[00:40:11] So you hear that exact lyric line, uh, on the, on the other side, which is pretty cool. 

[00:40:15] Chance Miller: Oh, that's cool. It plays exactly from where you sent it. I 

[00:40:18] Benjamin Mayo: didn't realize that. Yeah, yeah, exactly where you are. Uh, and if you click on it, it takes you to that song, to those lyrics, I believe. Uh, cause they, they, they generating like

[00:40:32] So it's like a direct link to the exact lyrics. And this doesn't work yet. Like w it was kind of funny on a current Mac version. It doesn't have the play button. So it only shows you the lyric. It doesn't let you play it. Uh, even though like, messages is in a catalyst and big, so it's still not exactly the same.

[00:40:49] Maybe that's going to change in the future by it or whatever, but it may be, it will be like, um, We'll play music, which has finally come to macro and the latest release, but that's what five months on from mine miles, 14 hours a day. Uh, but if you just click on the lyrics, it takes you to music, to like the web, you know, the Apple music web app.

[00:41:06] Uh, but currently it says this link doesn't work or it doesn't, it doesn't, you know, just Evers out because it's one of these like special music, session, lyrics links. But presumably when this stuff comes out about those links actually resolved properly and you'll get like a web page, which also features, you know, that lyrics snip-it on it.

[00:41:22] It just feels like something 

[00:41:23] Chance Miller: you'd expect from Spotify, not Apple music. 

[00:41:25] Benjamin Mayo: So, yeah. Cool. It's a crazy amount of detail thoroughness they've done for something which they could have just like you long press on lyric and it just opens the normal share sheet with text. Do you know what I mean? Like, but they've gone like this crazy distance for it.

[00:41:38] I don't know. Yeah. It's cool. Don't get me wrong. Yeah. It's just kind of surprising. They went this far, like. Uh, I'm trying to think where else they use that kind of custom share sheet design. They use it in the photos app, right? Because it like puts your photos in that top section. You can stroll scroll between them.

[00:41:52] Uh, but I think that might be it and that, um, That feature of the share sheet is still private API. So it can only be as back was apps third-party apps, can't do that kind of thing. They have to like, you know, let you share in their own app UI. But when they show the share sheet, it's just the normal one that just has air dropping the apps below, but maybe in, I was 15 or something, and that opened up the API.

[00:42:13] So other apps can also do this because that'd be pretty neat. I don't know. How often would you use it? Like, that's why I keep saying it's like crazy how much they've, uh, how much effort they've gone to this feature. Uh, It's not very discoverable, 

[00:42:26] Chance Miller: either long press on the lyrics. Like I was 14 dot five beta two came out on.

[00:42:32] Tuesday. And I don't think it was until like Wednesday mid-morning when that somebody had actually discovered. 

[00:42:37] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. 

[00:42:40] Chance Miller: And these are people who are tapping through looking for every new feature. 

[00:42:43] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. That like, I'm sure when this comes out, they'll probably be like one of those little what's new cards and the music app that you can share lyrics.

[00:42:49] That's my long precedent. Right. And yeah. I would argue that actually this doesn't have to be a super discoverable feature because it is quite niche, right? Like the features that should be discoverable are things that are regularly used, like stuff that's like little shortcuts and little conveniences should, you know, there's an argument that stuff can be easily hidden by behind a long press.

[00:43:07] Right? Like, and if you, and you do it once you learn it or whatever, and then you go ahead, like the iPhone screen is not. That big that you could, that you can have buttons for every single thing you can do, right? Like, so I can understand them hiding it behind a long press. I just think it's kind of crazy.

[00:43:22] They've gone to this entire length where it's like, no, Nick, do you have to like select the lyric? Then you can extend your leg. Can you can, under your original selection, you can scroll all the lyrics in the share sheet view. But if you pass six lines of lyrics, it will say, Oh, you have to replace your selection because you've gone over the 150 character limit.

[00:43:36] Like they've added so much of UI. So this one thing, it feels kind of crazy, but for something that I might share alert, like once in a year, do you know what I mean? Yeah. But it's cool. They've done it. Like, don't get me wrong. I like it. Yeah. Something that we'll use more frequently. That's also new tap music in this.

[00:43:51] Bayer is they've added a long press, uh, sorry, not long. It's swipe gestures to the table rows. So if you're in your library and you see like a song and you just want to play it next or play it later in your queue, now you can just swipe to the left. Kind of like how you like swipe on mail, messages and email, right.

[00:44:08] And you, you get new options to just play an extra play later. These buttons were available, but you got to like long press on the row. Wait for that pop-up thing to pop up and then click on it, which is just like formal steps. And you want each one to like slap and quick. So they've got those swipe gestures.

[00:44:23] And if you swipe to the right, there's also, uh, buttons revealed for like adding the song to your library. If you're in just browsing around or download the song, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, that's something I actually use. 

[00:44:34] Chance Miller: Yeah. The better and easier access to the queue management is needed to be there for a long 

[00:44:38] Benjamin Mayo: time.

[00:44:39] Yeah. I believe they've also done some smaller changes just to make it clearer, what stuff's downloaded, uh, for instance, and, and what's, um, You know, what's off your device, what's on your devices kind of changes the, uh, it's, it's pretty good, uh, updates to Apple music or overall, like, it's kind of weird.

[00:44:56] It's just like, this is the highest, but five too. They've just got loads of random music changes, but there you go. They look to change the design of the pop-up menus a little bit. So yeah, like the 14 ones, like they did, they were lucky before, but they had this like kind of preview session from the top of them.

[00:45:11] They got rid of that now. So it's just faster to see the actions that you want to do. Uh, which is nice I'll and the, um, the Siri music player, stuff that we talked about in last week show that's gone. So they are too, it's not there. So I don't know if it was just added early and they can, they were testing it and they're not ready to announce yet.

[00:45:31] It was kind of weird. It showed up in beta one last week. Cause they never did like a press release about it because it feels like the kind of thing that you'd want to like talk about ahead of time. So, but in beta too, you can't do you can't change your default music service for Siri. 

[00:45:43] Chance Miller: So, and there wasn't even like an actual interface for doing it last time.

[00:45:46] Was there beyond 

[00:45:47] Benjamin Mayo: she was only in Siri? Yeah. So it definitely 

[00:45:49] Chance Miller: felt like something that might've just accidentally gotten left in 

[00:45:51] Benjamin Mayo: there. Yeah. And then we'll come back to it at some point with like a proper screen and stuff. I don't know, maybe. Yeah. Obviously they're going to do it. They kind of have to do it.

[00:46:00] I mean, they can't leak it and pay your one and never ship the feature. Let me put it that way. Uh, so it's going to come out at some point, obviously, you know, it helps them assuage them any trust, pressure and stuff, but hopefully when they do it, They actually comes out. They have like some unified saying screen, which is like, here's what we de force for all your Siri domains.

[00:46:16] Right. Because there's no reason it can be limited just music. They have Siri integrations for like task reminders, messaging and maps and you know, all sorts of stuff. So part they could do it like propane, like podcasts. Yeah. In a Siri default menu be a lot better because. They, they added default options for a web browser and email apps right in the system.

[00:46:37] But the UI for changing those is where too, because like to change your default browser, you have to go into settings and you'd go on Safari. And then if you have default browsers installed on your device, it will then show you a default browser option where you can change the Chrome or whatever. Like they need like an actual dedicated part of set of settings.

[00:46:54] That's dedicated to just saying default preferences. Plus all the, a web browser music style where browse and email stuff is still kind of buggy and doesn't work half the time. So they need to like shore that up. Actually, if they are. Yeah, the question is how much they 

[00:47:06] Chance Miller: want, how much focus they want to put on this.

[00:47:08] If they put it promptly in the settings app to easily 

[00:47:11] Benjamin Mayo: accessible. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if they're only doing it to like, literally just to satisfy the antitrust dot the I's and cross the T's for Laura, you know, for legal queries and yet they're going to borrow it, but I feel like they should embrace it and just do it as a yeah.

[00:47:26] Like let Apple music and Safari and an Apple mail compete on merits of. You know themselves. I mean, they're the default apps, but they get, they get an advantage because they're installed by default anyway. Right? Like, so they get a huge lead in that regard restricting their, like, being able to be set as the focus is just kind of mean, like they should just embrace it properly, uh, leave them as the default choices.

[00:47:47] If people aren't going to change the other stuff, that's enough friction there to give Apple some, you know, built-in edge and, you know, make the lawyers happy or whatever. Yeah. But, yeah. So hopefully when it comes, hopefully it will return at some point. I mean, they've done it for that, the home pod, right?

[00:47:59] Like you can do alternative music services on home pod, even though Spotify doesn't support yet as much as they like to complain that they weren't allowed to be on, uh, they still haven't shown any interest in actually doing it online. But Pandora, I think is the only one currently. But yeah, so convenience cooking without sacrificing on quality.

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[00:49:43] Also talking about other iOS 14.5 stuff in general, and there's new shortcuts actions for. Uh, taking screenshots changing orientation. Uh, so for instance, you could do like an automation with you open the YouTube app. It could turn on the orientation lock, and then when you exit the about, you could turn it off again.

[00:50:03] That's a feature that, uh, a lot of Android devices have had for a while. They call it like smart orientation log, basically just locks video in landscape. Uh, but then. Doesn't lock the rest of your device. Cause most of the time, what people want to use orientation look for is that they can watch like a video in bed and rotate to portrait.

[00:50:19] Right. And Apple doesn't have that. They just have orientation like on or off. Uh, but it's now with us too, you can claim the fake it by making a custom short cut with an automation attached. I dunno why you want to like take screenshots as part of your automation. But if you want to go ahead and do it now, you can even toggle 5g options.

[00:50:38] So you can maybe speed up it, toggling Sally. And I can look into this. You could, you could have a shortcut, which is like, fix my, my modem. And then you just shout, shout at Sarah and it will reset for you. Uh, they've added new emoji. This because the Unicode consortium kind of got their schedule got disrupted because of COVID last year.

[00:50:58] So now new emoji coming out in the spring, I believe that they're going to continue releasing new image in the spring now going forward, even without COVID the schedule around, uh, there's quote, 200 new emoji. I think it's more like 20 new emoji and then like 180 variants. Cause there's a lot of like skin to skin, tone options and staff and different variations of two people holding hands or whatever.

[00:51:17] Uh, but that's cool. No ammonia. Cool. Uh, they've changed their headphones, emoji from generic headphones to AirPods max, which is quite funny. Uh, I know you, you have AirPods max, right? Yes. You like him? 

[00:51:31] Chance Miller: I like him right now. There's some software bugs that are really annoying. That kind of really impact the experience, but.

[00:51:39] When they work, right. They work really good. 

[00:51:41] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Software bugs are unfortunate, but they're nice headphones. That's what his accent as well. We said he likes the headphones, but the pairing issues and stuff, they get 

[00:51:47] Chance Miller: in the way hearing issues and the battery drain is what the rail killer bug is right now.

[00:51:54] It gets pretty much a guarantee they're going to die overnight. 

[00:51:57] Benjamin Mayo: Oh, damn. That is not good. Yeah. I haven't bought any yet. Uh, I've been, I kind of want them, but I also. Kind of don't I dunno, like I've kind of just been sitting on the fence for a while and seen what, but now, now everyone's complaining about like charging issues and stuff.

[00:52:10] Um, yeah. I feel more satisfied and not jumping immediately. Uh, what source of funding and 14.5 is they've added a microphone privacy features to the 2018 iPad pro. So when they released the 2020 iPad pro uh, they made a big deal about the fact that the, um, the magic keyboard, when it's closed. It would turn off the microphone in hardware, right?

[00:52:35] So you basically have hardware disconnect for the microphone and that prevents any audio from microphone phone ever being able to get to an app somehow running in the background or something if they've like hacked your device. Well, that was originally introduced as like an iPad 20, 20 hardware feature.

[00:52:49] But as a 14.5, they're gonna make it. They're going to put similar functionality for the SmartFolio on the HGN iPad, the fortunate epidemic, the 11th tripod pro, and the 2.9 inch iPad pro as well. So basically it works with the SmartFolio now, as well as the magic keyboard, which is a bit random, but they did it.

[00:53:07] Chance Miller: I do this on the magnitude. Aren't they? With a microphone 

[00:53:10] Benjamin Mayo: and the camera? Yeah. Well the camera cause it's closed. 

[00:53:15] Chance Miller: Oh yeah. I didn't know if it was an iMac too. 

[00:53:19] Benjamin Mayo: I don't think they do on the iMac. Actually I think the IMAX protection is just, um, like there's, I don't think there's hardware disconnect on the iMac.

[00:53:25] I think there's, it's the, it's the light that is independent. So when the lights on the camera's on, basically that's the, that's your protection on the iMac on the laptops. They do hardware disconnect the microphone, and I believe the Apple security document literally says the camera is obscured by the lid because it's shot, which is quite funny and not wrong.

[00:53:45] They're not wrong. Uh, just kind of random lost last week with, and sort of about the funny bug where the mapper pros would get to 1% battery and not charge anymore. There's now been a similar issue on the Apple watch as well. Apple should be getting stuck in powers of mode and not be able to get out of them.

[00:54:01] Uh, is fixed in software was said 0.3 0.1. And if your device, it has been afflicted by this, you can get your watch swapped at the Apple store. Oh, Apple sport. And then this is interesting. The bridge keyboards have announced new lineup. They actually have a full multi touch trackpad support. Right. Do you want to talk about this chance?

[00:54:20] Yeah. 

[00:54:20] Chance Miller: So the bridge staff came out last year. The bridge pro plus is what it's called. They shut it off at CES. And then. A few months later, Apple announced the magic keyboard, which really took the wind out of their sails because the magic keyboard and that's when they introduced full trackpad support.

[00:54:38] And I pedo S 13.4, I think. Yep. So the magic keyboard got multitouch trackpad support and the bridge didn't presumably because the bridge was using Bluetooth. So this week bridge had a press release and I've been trying, and you can now use those multitouch multi-touch gestures with the pro plus on the iPad pro, but only with iPad iOS 14 dot five.

[00:55:00] So bridge, won't really say what's going on here, but this strongly suggests that it's something with an iPad iOS that was previously preventing it from adding multi-touch to its Bluetooth keyboards. 

[00:55:10] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Cause if it didn't work before and now it does, right. You gotta imagine there's some, uh, software change.

[00:55:15] Is that right? 

[00:55:16] Chance Miller: And there's a firmer update too, for the ProPlus. So if you have one, you can update it and it works pretty well. Like I don't think of Bluetooth. Especially with third-party Bluetooth company, like bridge will ever be able to compete with the magic keyboard, but it's pretty impressive what they have done through a software update to a product that was announced over a year ago and whether or not it was because of iPad, iOS changes or something they did.

[00:55:38] Benjamin Mayo: I don't know. But the, the, the track pad experience on the bridge keepers before was kind of Mer, uh, now it's, and now it should be closer to like the magic keyboard experience. Right. Which I think is great because the magic keyboard could do with more competition. Like. It's a nice option, but it is very expensive, right?

[00:55:54] If you're just a right, a customer looking for something cheaper, if you can get like a cheaper option that has proper track pad support, we may only touch gestures. That'd be nice. Like the Logitech, um, folio with keyboard case thing, but you know, Apple kind of partnered with them with that. That uses the smart connected to connect, but the  is only one finger probably for similar reasons.

[00:56:16] Right. So I assume whatever has been added or changed in the operating system support bridge keyboards with four more, you touch, uh, other companies about to do it too. Like you're not some project thing. So now you, in the coming mint in the came months, you should be able to go on Amazon and find, you know, some off-brand keyboard, accessory for your iPad.

[00:56:33] That doesn't cost you. $329 are much the same price, the magic keyboards cost, right. To get, you know, a nice trackpad experience that isn't, 

[00:56:42] Chance Miller: I mean, the Apple pretty much came in to the category and I was like, this is the magic keyboard. It's the best. And sorry, you can't compete with us because you can't do multi-touch.

[00:56:51] So it's nice to see it come up to par and hopefully might kick some kick Apple into CA into gear to make the magic keyboard even better since they've kind of neglected it since it was 

[00:57:00] Benjamin Mayo: announced. Yeah. If you're like professional. Yeah. Hopefully both. If you're a professional, uh, iPad customer, it also might be cool to have like external trackpad accessories, you know, kind of like the magic trapper that you get on the Mac.

[00:57:13] You like have obviously the magic trap, people can pair with the iPad, but again, that's quite expensive accessories. You can get third party equivalents that do the same thing, but like half price or whatever. It's always nice to have competition there for sure. Because as much as I like. Apple is accessories now, even I don't start at the price and some of them like, they're just too expensive, you know what I mean?

[00:57:31] Especially for stuff like. Keyboards or travel cases to other, just get dirt and grime in. It's like, you want to keep these things for a while. Like when you're paying this much money for stuff, sometimes you want to pay slightly less money. Cause if the risk of them getting dropped or day, or, you know, destroyed, it is less, there's less pressure on your wallet when you have to get them.

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[00:58:54] So check out ladder today to see if you're instantly approved. Go to ladder hour. That's lad, D E R L I F hour. One more time. Ladder hour. All right. Uh, now I just want to touch on some stuff that has come up about the iPhone. Uh, 13, I guess, uh, everything Apple pro had a, a YouTube video that was curbing, you know, so-and-so leaks from a max wine bag.

[00:59:28] I, I kind of feel like. Max Rhinebeck has said a lot of stuff through everything, Apple pro and not all of it has come to fruition. Like his track record, it's kind of yeah. Hit or miss. So I don't want to like spend too long on these, but it's important to touch on, uh, they, he said basically that the next iPhone is going to have an always on display mode, which will basically show you a.

[00:59:46] Cut down version of that lock screen. So you'll get like the time always on, and maybe when a notification comes in, you can see how many, see reunifications directly on the lock screen with them to wake the phone up. Uh, which I think is great. Like one of the things we talked about in half year before is just like the Apple watch.

[01:00:02] Lock screen experience is the clock face, right? And the clock face is so dynamic. It does so many different things. Not only does it have it always on time, it can show you notifications. It can show you the weather, it can do all this stuff. And then you look at the iPhone lock screen. And you just get the time and you have to wait the phone up to see it, right?

[01:00:21] Like you can't put widgets on the Motrin right now. Like, so anything they could do to bring like the power of what the Apple watch can do, just sitting there to your iPhone screen, I think is great. And if they can do it via something, always on display experience, that'd be cool too. I mean, sometimes some Android manufacturers do this that you can get like always on time.

[01:00:38] And if you have notifications, you get a little badge on the screen and then when you wake it up, it shows everything, but I'd be down for this. I'd like always on, uh, on the, on the iPhone. What about you? 

[01:00:48] Chance Miller: So I wonder how I feel like it'll be, feel a little bit redundant with if you're also wearing an Apple watch.

[01:00:54] So like, I feel like my watch is vibrating with notifications and it's always lit up. I don't really want my iPhone screen to also be lit up and light up because the rumor was basically like, there'll be like a notification area on this. Yeah. So I don't know. Maybe if it could be like how they do it now, like you don't actually see the notification on your lock screen.

[01:01:12] If you wear an Apple watch. But then why even added in the first place? If I feel like the Apple watch negates the need. 

[01:01:19] Benjamin Mayo: I mean, obviously I know everyone buys Apple watches. Right, right. But I think it'd be cool to have the time like, cause it, cause it's not like full brightness. Right. If you just have it, like dimmed is fine.

[01:01:29] So like I wear an Apple watch every single day. Right. But if you, if you pick up your phone, it's still nice to see the lock screen there. Right. And I would hope it would be like. It would kind of be like, you wouldn't see like your entire notifications, but maybe you just get like, you know, like how the guy at the airport, the red dot, which tells you you've got notifications.

[01:01:47] Um, and again, you can turn it on or off if you don't like it wherever. But if they had that on the iPhone where it had like the time, and then it had a little red dot and maybe like the instant notification comes in it, you know, it flashes up with a banner on the lock screen or something that fades out again.

[01:02:00] And that can, that behavior can continue how it does. Now, if you watched the Nerissa dispose of your wrist instead of boasting your phone, But if you don't have the Apple watch near you or you don't wear an Apple watch, it can just give you that experience on the phone itself. Like those kinds of experiences are pretty common in high-end Android phones these days.

[01:02:15] So, you know, Apple used to compete in, in some way and they can do it, you know, nice and elegantly 120 Hertz refresh rate that keeps coming up permission display on their for this year. Really excited for that. I love promotion. Uh, and then supposedly ad ex uh, launching in March. I mean, just another day to tell you when the attacks are meant to be coming out, I'm looking forward to buying one of these and struck him or something.

[01:02:40] Yeah. Uh, They're going to be like tiles, but bow. So I'm down for that. I like just to just imagine a tall Bluetooth tracker, but it says ultra wide band integration in it too. And you get the entire find my network, which has like a billion nodes from all the iPhones and iPads and stuff, just sitting around.

[01:02:57] So you're going to get a lot of offline. Uh, beacons walking paths. Cause that's the thing with all the Bluetooth trackers exist on the market today. They're all like app connected. They're all have chicken and egg problems because the networks have to be proper enough for enough people to have them for the brain useful when they get lost.

[01:03:13] Right? Like, because you get like short range, like within 30 meters, you make the Bluetooth thing beep off. But part of the value of these things, if you actually do something. Someone else can find you a device, scan it, using their app and get it back to you. And since you're using tar you're, you know, you're banking on the who at the signs, it knowing what a tile is and downloading the tile app.

[01:03:31] Right. Whereas when Apple does it eventually with the air tags, when they do ship, whenever you just bring an EdTech near an iPhone, it's just going to go BBB bit. But this isn't, you know, Contact the contact, the real owner here. So like there's a lot of value just in the network effect. It's like a social network, but just the trackers.

[01:03:47] Chance Miller: So what do you think? And if air tags are in March and there's rumors of iPad pro in March, do you think we'll get an event event or press 

[01:03:56] Benjamin Mayo: releases or press releases? Probably like, cause I don't think the iPad update for the spring is going to be very big. Like I think they're going to have. Process a bump basically.

[01:04:08] And the mini mini led to screen on one of them. 

[01:04:12] Chance Miller: Yeah. That's what I still don't get is the rumors are the 12.9 and she'll get the mini led, but not the 11 inch. Yeah. Yeah. 

[01:04:23] Benjamin Mayo: I mean, higher end products probably cost some automate many of these screens at the moment. 

[01:04:27] Chance Miller: Yeah. I think the only thing that makes me think it might be an event is how much easier it is to have the virtual events.

[01:04:36] Then I'm calling everybody to Cupertino and PAC and full Steve jobs theater. You could do like an hour 

[01:04:41] Benjamin Mayo: long virtual event. That is true. Like they can do, they can do videos obviously way easier than, you know, properly. Like if this was a, if this was a normal time and the event meant you had to come in person, right.

[01:04:54] There's no way they would do it for our tax, that bump, uh, whether they do a video. Maybe like I kind of, even though, like, I still think Apple would probably. See it in their head is, would we do an event for these products normally? And if the answer is no, they're not going to do an event just because they need to do, they're going to do press releases.

[01:05:15] Do you see what I mean? Like, yeah, they can do press releases. Like they did the, uh, when they did the iPad pro 2020 update. They did them as press releases and that had the magic keyboard. Like there was arguably quite a lot to show there and they could record that as a video back there. And in fact, what they did is they basically recorded a little press video, but then gave it out to newspeople.

[01:05:34] Right. And then, uh, they watched it and reported on the news, but the actual consumer facing thing was just a press release. So. If that's all that's in, like the program 2021 update is, you know, spec bump, uh, and some, you know, maybe mini ID on the high end model. I don't think it really deserves a whole like hour long presentation.

[01:05:54] Say with air taxi is as cool as they are. Like they're just little accessories in the day. I think they would have loved to just pay them along with an iPhone event or something. But the timeline didn't work out that way. Then the question is, is there anything else ready for March maybe, but I can't really think of anything that seems to be on the docket, you know?

[01:06:08] There's a lot of stuff 

[01:06:09] Chance Miller: that we're still expecting. Like there's all the Apple's Silicon stuff, but we don't really know. And then there's the, the iPhone se plus, but I don't know if that's this year. Oh. And then there's the pot stuff. That's the other 

[01:06:23] Benjamin Mayo: big thing, I guess I oppose update Apple TV update at some point.

[01:06:26] Sure keep pushing, but none of that, but none of those things really seem like set for March at the moment, apart from them. I mean, even aesthetics don't feel set for March. How many times you've had dates for moon ever happened, but we've definitely seen like the software supports there in IRS, right?

[01:06:43] Like they have, they have all the little times and everything ready for it. So we're just waiting for them to. And I pulled the trigger just to round out today's episode. There's some Apple TV news stuff. The Forman kind podcast has been announced. This Apple's first official podcast for a TV plus show, which is pretty cool.

[01:07:00] Uh, last week they did the AR app, you know, as additional marketing. And now they've got a podcast too. In last week's episode, I said, what's the point of having all this cool bonus content. If they don't promote you, wouldn't put it anywhere. Uh, That point still stands, but they have added a link to the AR app from the forum and kind of show page and the TV app.

[01:07:19] So if you see where the episodes are and you scroll down, there is a link there with the little like banner for the augmented reality experience, which is nice to see because they haven't done that for like, The I messaged stickers for Dickinson or Snoopy in space or the wallpapers Ted lasso. They tweeted them once and then they last forever.

[01:07:34] So, uh, at least they knew they were wallpapers for Ted lasso. Exactly. Like it's kind of cool bonus content, but like no one ever finds it cause they tweet it once and then it's gone. But at least with the AR app, it does actually have a permit. Lincoln out from the format kind show page was a cook. They can still do more like, you know, if they know you're a follower for mankind, send you a little notification, like, Oh, now you can try and get ready for season two with our experience.

[01:07:57] Or maybe when you actually play finish an episode, it like promotes you to go and try the AR stuff. I've actually done the AR thing. At least the first couple of chapters of it. It's pretty honestly, it's pretty cool. Like, you know, you can, you're going to do it once and never do it again. But if you enjoy the show, You'll probably enjoy the app too.

[01:08:14] Uh, I've subscribed to the podcast. Uh, we'll see how it goes. Like, uh, I like some shows. I like their behind the scenes podcasts they do. And just, you know, talking about like, but it depends on what level that should do it because I like the breaking bad podcast, for instance, when he was running and on that show, they had like the writers talk about the scenes and they talked about like set decisions and.

[01:08:39] No cost and options and different ways they were thinking of doing it. Like it remains to be seen how much detail the four mankind podcast is going to have in that regard. Like, is it going to be. Like Apple sanitize. So you don't see any of the behind the curtain stuff, like part of the fun for like the breaking bag podcast is like, this is how the sausage is made.

[01:08:57] Right? Like we really struggled to take this show. We had to use cameras like this and get a crane. And, you know, those kind of cool, like behind the scenes stuff, or like, is that going to be in the format kind podcast or is it going to be more like, you know, this is where the show's going and talking with the actors and stuff, which, you know, can still be fun, but it's not quite what I look for in the kind of like, You know, television official podcast stuff, and it's 

[01:09:16] Chance Miller: kind of hit or miss with these types of shows too.

[01:09:18] Cause it's an Apple sanctioned podcast. So it's going to be hard to listen to it if they don't go too in depth on the, behind the scenes stuff, if they aren't going to also like, like it's not going to be critical podcasts. 

[01:09:28] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. 

[01:09:31] Chance Miller: They kind of have to go deep into something if they're not going to critique 

[01:09:33] Benjamin Mayo: it.

[01:09:34] I wonder. It's so great. I think there might, I think my guess is they're going to do less of like the logistics of shooting the show and it's gonna be more about like the history of. The space race, or what inspired them to do this kind of story. Right. So it'd be like, this is what Kenny was doing at this time.

[01:09:51] And we were, you know, we changed it in this way and you know, electric cars, obviously weren't a thing in the eighties, but we saw that NASA, uh, you know, is investing more in the space, race, the space continued, they develop electric car. Like I think that's probably what it's gonna be more about, like talking about like story beats.

[01:10:06] But what I want from a behind scenes podcast is like the nitty-gritty, you know, we were shooting this at 3:00 AM and it was snowing. Do you know, like mask, that's what I look for. And it was kinda, we're kind of balancing shows. And so, uh, it starts on Friday. We'll see, we'll see what it's like, but you know, I'll give it a go.

[01:10:18] Obviously I like for mankind say there's a good chance. I, I like the podcast and this is like the first of many, I assume that's going to happen, uh, as. Previously announced the Apple TV app is now on Google TV. This is like the latest generation Chromecast, essentially. Uh, speaking of the tweet, that column, that is one of the things that flies by quite a lot is people want to be able to Chromecast.

[01:10:42] They want to be able to call us to their, uh, Chromecast devices. Unfortunately, uh, this announcement or this release doesn't actually help that because it's only available in the latest gen. Google TV box, right. Which is a Chrome cast, but it's not what people would say. Like people just have the little Chrome called station four years ago.

[01:10:57] Right. And the Apple TV app store doesn't work with that. But if you're buying the new Google TV, which a lot of people say is pretty good and it's only like $50 or whatever, like when the reviews for that came out at the end of 2020, everyone was like, this is great, except it doesn't have the Apple TV service.

[01:11:11] So you can't see TV plus originals on it. Well, now you can, so there you go. Okay. So far, 

[01:11:16] Chance Miller: and it's just the TV app, right? It's not. Airplay to or correct kit. 

[01:11:21] Benjamin Mayo: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Just the, just the TV app experience, like what you get on the Amazon fire TV, for instance, although radio actually has an airplane now, but yeah, right.

[01:11:28] Yeah. Um, One kind of cool little tidbit that we kind of missed when the first round of TVs, the latest TVs SPDs came out is that now Apple TV can render 24 FPS content without frame skipping. So previously the AppleTV supported 60 Hertz refresh rate, uh, which is which doesn't divide into 24 evenly. So.

[01:11:51] Content would show it something that like 23.9, five seven FPS. And what that means is every so many, every 44 frames, you would basically just get a black screen for one frame. Now, most people in the world, they never noticed this stuff. This happens all the time. And, uh, But if you like an efficient Nardo, if you actually look out for it, you can kind of see that the video isn't quite as smooth as supporting 24 FPS content natively.

[01:12:16] And a lot of like Netflix content is 24 PS, for instance. And I even think a lot of the TV plus stuff is too. Cause that's kind of what 24 FPS is like what most feature films are recorded at. Right. Right. Uh, and the Apple TV was a great. You know, one of the Apple TVs like defining features is they supported all the audio formats.

[01:12:33] It was supported all the video formats, like double vision, first Dolby, Atmos, that kind of thing. But one kind of weird quirk of it is they didn't support a 24 SPS video output, but now on the latest tbsp as it does. So there, you can argue that. Yeah, it was kind of neglecting the Apple TV, but in this area they're delivering your new feature.

[01:12:54] And just quickly, finally, Apple also announced this week that they've made a deal with Skydance to create basically animation projects for TV plus a multi-year deal. Uh, their third, the deal includes a TV series, which is called the search for one LA. And it includes two feature films, uh, called luck and spellbound.

[01:13:15] Uh, these were originally coming out or to be distributed by paramount, but now Skydance server basically sold the rights to Apple as part of this overall deal. So there's more animation content coming to the TV. Plus, uh, this, this story is a little controversial because. Uh, Skydance uh, basically John Lasseter worked at Pixar, uh, until about 2018.

[01:13:37] When some allegations came out about, uh, sexual misconduct and, you know, uh, bad, bad stuff that you did while at work, uh, he wasn't like charged like by the police for it. But you did admit to, you know, like inappropriate touching and things like that. So he left that he left Pixar, Pixar fired him because of it.

[01:13:54] Uh, and then about a month later, Skydance hired him. So everyone who hates John Lasseter, hi, Hey, sky dance. You know, you can understand it. Uh, but of course, Apple seems to have turned a blind eye to that, and that you've came to this, you know, way surely hundreds and hundreds of million dollar deal, uh, with, you know, our company, which is obviously invoke, obviously back in the day, John Assa was tightly integrated at Apple because of the Pixar relationship and Steve jobs.

[01:14:17] Right. What do I think, do I think I'm surprised that Apple would make this deal? Not really like. Yeah, it's kind of bad, but they're basically just going to treat you, they're basically just going to have the arrangement of sky darts and never mentioned John Lasseter's name, basically. That's how they're going to play it.

[01:14:31] Right. It's the only thing. Yeah. The only thing that's 

[01:14:34] Chance Miller: weird to me, like you said, is the lack of time between when he was ousted from Pixar and then went to Skydance. There was really no time for. To kind of sit in the corner and think about what 

[01:14:44] Benjamin Mayo: you've done. Yeah. I mean, like, it's hot. I don't want to make this like a, uh, you know, a coach, like a web based coach or podcast, but yeah.

[01:14:52] You know, he he's his misdoings whatever. Fair enough to be charged with a crime. Right. So, right. He wasn't like. A criminal code, you know? I mean, like it's kind of one of those like weird cases or it's like, you know what, like, yeah, obviously he did some bad stuff, but no one can like pin him down and say like, you shouldn't work again.

[01:15:10] Look, you know, you should be imprisoned. You know what I mean? Like, it's kind of in a weird middle ground, but Apple's obviously just turned a blind eye to it and done it anyway because they need content for TV plus like, Oh, I. Just have to accept it and be like, look, I enjoy the films. I can't, I can't get too involved in who made them because otherwise you end up watching nothing at all.

[01:15:29] Cause there's plenty of miss, you know, misdoings happened in Hollywood, just like the iPhone is made by. People in China that don't have the best working conditions. You know what I mean? Like at the end of the day, it's bad and it's kind of annoying that Apple wasn't like, cause this was this guidance deal with remit.

[01:15:44] And yeah. I wonder if like, when it finally announced they were going to announce like John last I was leaving or, you know, he was like retired. Do you know what I mean? Something like that to kind of like compensate, but that hasn't happened. It's just basically like. The Apple press release is just like we made a deal with Scott out.

[01:15:57] So we went mentioned anyone that's actually at the company. And I think the 

[01:16:00] Chance Miller: more Apple and the deeper Apple gets into TV, plus the more this stuff's going to come up more and it's going to come up for people who are probably making content currently for Apple TV plus. So it's a conversation that has to happen, but.

[01:16:14] Benjamin Mayo: Like at some point in Hollywood, like you kind of have the deal with the devil to actually get stuff done. Right? Like otherwise you'd just never make anything. Cause everyone like loads of people and how they would have had bad experiences at one point, at one point in the yellow light, I don't know it's a hard situation, but Apple has clearly decided they don't care and they've just made the deal.

[01:16:32] So that's, that's the situation just like you can argue about like, you know, Foxconn work conditioning or the employees at the factory, we paid more and those arguments continue and you know, there are. You know, labor groups and people that can paint that stuff on a daily basis, but no Apple carries on contract in the iPhone to China.

[01:16:48] So it's just kind of the status quo by all that being said, I look forward to watching the movies because they look cool. 

[01:16:56] Chance Miller: He did a lot of stuff at Pixar cars. 

[01:16:59] Benjamin Mayo: Yes. Yeah. And, and the, the, the one LA TV series is described by Apple was the first theater that theatrically produced quality 3d animation show.

[01:17:09] So they're obviously gonna stuff, a load of budget into it. They basically think it's going to look as good as like feature films from Pixar, but it's going to be a TV show that's currently picked up for two seasons. So they don't to season order of it. And there are the press release who said more announcements between app and Skydance are to follow, uh, in the next few months, basically.

[01:17:28] So this is a multi-year Deere. You're doing, it's going to cover a lot of projects for sure. Yeah. All right. That is the happy hour podcast for this week. Thank you so much chance mailer for joining me this week. Uh, if people want to find your chance, where can they. I'm 

[01:17:46] Chance Miller: on Twitter at @chancehmiller and you can subscribe to nine to five Mac daily, which is the previous 24 hours Apple news in like five to 10 minutes.

[01:17:55] It's in Apple podcasts or overcast or wherever you listen. 

[01:17:59] Benjamin Mayo: It's pretty great. Uh, so check out chance to sure. Uh, I am @bzamayo on Twitter. I blog at and obviously on nine to five Mac. Uh, if you have comments or feedback for the show, please be nice. It was chance the first week, but you did great, but you can email us happy [email protected]

[01:18:16] We will be back next week. Bye everybody. Bye guys.

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iOS 14.5 Maps, Apple Glasses rumors, first TV+ AR app

This week Zac and Benjamin discuss Apple?s updated offer on the Developer Transition Kit, the stalled state of Apple Car talks, new features coming in iOS 14.5, Dan Riccio?s not so secret project at Apple, Apple?s first AR app for Apple TV+ shows, and more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Read More Default music player can be set to Spotify in iOS 14.5 beta Bloomberg: Dan Riccio's secret 'new project' is AR/VR headsets, Srouji expands role iPhone 12 mini sales continue to lag in early 2021, new data suggests Older Apple TV losing CBS All Access channel next month, AirPlay suggested CBS and Showtime bundle no longer available through Apple TV app, ahead of Paramount+ launch Apple offering free battery replacement for 2016/2017 MacBook Pro that won't charge past 1% Apple Glasses displays to use micro OLED; in trial production Apple Maps adding new Waze-like features for speed traps, accidents, and other road hazards Apple TV+ acquires movie rights to 'Dolly' starring Florence Pugh Fraudulent Website Warning gets privacy boost in iOS 14.5 Apple increases Apple Silicon DTK return credit from $200 to $500 For All Mankind S2: Come for the alternative space timeline, stay for the character drama [Interview] Hyundai and Kia confirm they are no longer in talks with Apple regarding Apple Car production 9to5Mac Happy Hour is live streamed on our YouTube and Facebook pages every Thursday at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT! Transcription Developer Transition Kit update

Zac Hall: [00:00:00] This week on 9to5Mac Happy Hour. We're going to talk a little bit about Apple car. A lot about IO is 14.5 features and some Apple glasses streamers. And then some Apple TV plus stuff has come up this week. So let's start out with the developer transition kit update. We spoke last time. Yeah. I mean, I broke the news to you about how like, you know, halfhearted the deal was, and, and then you broke the story to me on, on how they fixed it.

So what, what, what are the details there? Yeah. 

Ben Mayo: [00:00:47] Like. There was a very muted response, I think, to DTK thing. And, and look, we, you know, we're privileged people to even get the development of first place, so to be able to afford it right. But everyone was based on the precedent of what they did for the Intel to for the past PC to Intel position where, when the DTK went back, what got replaced was an iMac of equivalent value.

And then this. Pregnant comes along. Obviously they never promised it. Right. So you can't get too mad. Right? They, you said that the, the, the, the transaction was stated, you pay $500, you get to use this thing, and then we want it back done. But there was like, you know, is that what they're going to offer us a nice little bonus.

And I sit with, thank you. And what we got slapped with last week was a $200 credit that you had to use by the end of may. Which just feels terrible, like, especially as a, not me. Cause I didn't actually get any M one compatible stuff out yet, but a lot of the developers that do get that kit, they're the most dedicated people in the community they're rushing to support, you know, Apple's latest platforms on day one, often with the bad quality apps as well, right.

Just the bad, you know, just the bad quality developers or the people getting that care. And they're like, You coming off Aqua's biggest quarter ever. And what do they give you? They give you a tangible credit on something you paid $500 for. And you've got used by the end of may, before it could be an immediacy before WWC.

Any of the cool rumor stuff actually comes out and it's like, do you want to get this map book that you might've already bought? Well, incredibly. They actually had a change of heart. I can't believe they actually changed the moment, but on February 6th they sent out a new email and the new email basically said, we understand, we heard you, and this is what we're doing instead.

So rather than a $200 credit that expires at the end of may. Now all of us fancy developers can get a $500 credit. Which is the same price as what we paid for the drug in the first place and the credit doesn't expire until the end of December. So it runs through the end of this year, better than you'll get a dreamed of.

So now my forthcoming. Cool. M one X six inch mapper pro would have been $500 cheaper because I paid phones and I was a bit last year prepaid a little bit. I prepared. Yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:03:00] That's very good at that because it especially feels good. Like if they would've just on that had been like, Okay, cool. But because it was so half-hearted before, you know, it was more than half, but it was less than half the, the value that was like, Oh, this really is a good value compare because it was so low 

Ben Mayo: [00:03:17] before.

Yeah. And now we feel great about it. And they also clarified that for people that have actually already bought M one staff and they didn't need it, they'll be able to use the credit on any purchase in the Apple store that helps them with development. But I think it just basically means you can buy whatever you want with it.

No. Okay. So get you some AirPods, max, pay an extra $50 and get some AirPods, 

Zac Hall: [00:03:36] man. They really, they help with development. I mean, they do a lot of things with them. Yeah, 

Ben Mayo: [00:03:40] definitely. I'm going to make everybody, I'm going to make an edit buddy compare and go against Rambo. 

Zac Hall: [00:03:44] I'm going to make an everybody's to come back.

Ben Mayo: [00:03:48] No, but I'll be saving mine for the property. Okay. $3,000 end up having to spend or whatever on the 16th mapper pro at the end of the year. Good call. Like it's a nice, it's at least the, at least they listened to the community, right? Like there's been no, quite a lot of, you know, roundabouts of does Apple really care about the community?

Do they really care about the big PayPal? Did any come out the people that are giving them subscription revenue every five seconds, or did they actually care about like, you know, the small people, the indie developers and at least the fact that they saw this response and they. Did something about it? You know, it's got to make people feel good versus the kind of like sour taste in the mouth.

So I have indeed prepared the packaging as the email asks me to call now I await my email turf to send it back. Are you ready? 

Zac Hall: [00:04:29] Are you allowed to mail things in the UK right now? 

Ben Mayo: [00:04:32] That is a good question actually. Like, I mean, technically if they do a courier service, I can like drop it off at the door.

If they expect me to go to the post office, then I guess I'll have to negotiate with the British government that sending back at him. One developer kit is a, an essential 

Zac Hall: [00:04:47] service. Does he have to be the theater to do this? Basically? All right. 

Ben Mayo: [00:04:51] Let's go with, you have to return it promptly. I think like you get the voucher to use, but by the end of the year, but they want the thing back sent back.

What should it be? 

Apple Car Talks

Zac Hall: [00:04:58] This should be a reality, reality show. It's planet. What is it called? Planet of the apps? Here's season two. Let's talk about some Apple car stuff, because we spoke over the last few weeks about how Apple is talking with they slash Kia about manufacturing, the Bali of their car, just doing the, making the Apple cart for Apple 

Ben Mayo: [00:05:22] Foxconn of the iPhone, but for the cab.

Zac Hall: [00:05:24] Yeah. And Hyundai was pretty chatty about it. And then they were like, we're not actually working with them. Just really bizarre stuff. It seems that there's at least reporting this week that that all talks between Apple and Hyundai slash Kia have stopped. You know, we don't know if it's because of the chattiness in the press or, or what, but just this is all weird to me.

That's all I'm going to say. 

Ben Mayo: [00:05:48] I mean, maybe in the Steve jobs era, if a company said something slightly too early, They get caught off and never spoken to ever again. But yeah, it's a bit beyond the childishness of that nowadays. Like 

Zac Hall: [00:06:01] whatever. Well, it was reportedly buying beads and it was going to be for 3.3.

Billion dollars. 3.2. Yeah. 3.2 million. And then it ended up just being three flat because of Dr. Dre celebration video. Yeah. 

Ben Mayo: [00:06:16] That was actually the reason, but that was like float around as the reason it's 

Zac Hall: [00:06:19] good head Canon. 

Ben Mayo: [00:06:20] Why not outside? Well, that's $3.6 billion investment that kids get, or you just spent half, not only getting 1.8.

No, but that's obviously not how it works. Right? Like, you know, Apple can't back down like. It felt, you know, cause Foxconn leaks stuff about the iPhone quite often, like we see those internal presentations where they're like the iPhone 12 is going to have 5g and they have a do a little PowerPoint slide for everybody and it leaks and you know, they never get repercussions of that stuff cause they haven't got a choice like they have to.

And if Apple wants us manufacturing of their car, They only have a very limited number of options. And if they've already basically signed the dotted line for, you know, a $4 billion deal with Highlander, they're not going to back out of that just because it leaked out to the price it's just unrealistic.

But I think what the truth here is because the news is basically like a client, Diane, the affiliate Kia basically. Did a legal fight in this week that said they had that they aren't in discussions with Apple and corporate and driving a car. So that kind of like flattened the idea, right. Even though crazily, we were just talking, the reason it popped up in, you know, even on the podcast so much was like, you know, CNBC and ruse were like saying, is it as if it was like a signed deal and it's going to be announced on February 17th, if you remember that.

Like, so the fact that those massive publications have got the wrong end of the stick, that's kind of crazy, but I don't know. I 

Zac Hall: [00:07:31] haven't due on that date. Yeah, 

Ben Mayo: [00:07:34] you're wa it's just a boring out February 17th. Now there's Apple car announcement. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what, obviously Apple is going to be making a car like, or at least they are currently again, looking to make a car based on this latest rumor.

It seems like the enthusiasm and the hype train is probably a bit premature. I think they're still gonna do it. Right? Like, but maybe it's not announced in February. Maybe it will be later in the year. Maybe they've found all those suppliers they're negotiating with maybe, maybe the high end icon and Kia deal was like on the table, but it wasn't like signed.

So then they'd been looking around talking to other people and now they'd like, you know, maybe found someone else for instance. So that's how I read it. Obviously it's like, you know, the automotive industries and our special specialty, but just in terms of like the Apple rumors fair, that's how I kind of see it.

But. Like, like as soon as there's a, if you're only in the anti-Apple car camp, as soon as there's a report, that's like, Oh, now they're not there to Africa. Everyone's like, Oh, I told you, so this is the Apple television set all over again that never going to make one. It's just all flummery and made up words and, you know, Chinese whispers, like it's not real.

You can't say that, like, you know, we just talked about that. Hide the poor chassis had a, you know, had a body and chassis, right? Like they're building this team out and they're going to probably not to make the next iPhone. Yeah, they're going to be making hardware, some hardware contribution to the car market at some point, maybe in five years, maybe in 10 years.

And I know as we still know just about all this there's, the autonomous driving aspect is still way underway. There was that. Did you see the filing that they released with the California government, that the number of hours or the number of miles driven by the Apple cart? You know, like prototypes basically doubled over 2020.

So they're obviously, you know, ramping it up and they're disengagement went down. So like they get in there. Right. And I assume they're trying to time it so that when the autonomous system is ready to go, it will be perfectly timed with the hardware being ready to actually ship the car. Yep. 

Zac Hall: [00:09:32] And even though we don't have anything for February 17th anymore, they send that one crazy river.

The day after February 18th. The next American Mars Rover will arrive at Mars and land. So now that you've got that vacancy in your calendar next Thursday. All right. Do you have to take a sponsor break here? 

Sponsored by TextExpander

Ben Mayo: [00:09:54] Sure. This episode, thanks to our friends at smile software for sponsoring happy hour. Take your time back with the power of text expander, repetitive typing, little mistakes, searching for answers.

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To this show, you can get 20% off their first year subscription. Visit To learn more and sign up once again. That's text 

Setting Spotify as default music service for Siri

Zac Hall: [00:11:37] Thanks. TextExpander. IOS 14.5. We discussed this last week that this software update that's in beta right now for developers and public beta testers things like the redesigned podcast app.

The ability to unlock your, your, your iPhone with your Apple watch on your wrist. If you're wearing a mask very, very useful, which last 

Ben Mayo: [00:11:55] week you hadn't used. Cause you didn't turn it on. Yeah. It's very 

Zac Hall: [00:11:57] useful when you turn it on. Yeah. Approached pretty well. It's a little bit weird whenever it says that your watch is not close enough to the phone, even though you're holding your phone and your watch wrist hand.

But yeah, last. But we still have new things to talk about. And I was fortunately five, some, some new things that have been discovered. So let's begin with Spotify. What's what's new at Spotify as it comes to iOS for two point. Oh 

Ben Mayo: [00:12:21] yeah. So obviously the HomePod supported third-party music services on it natively.

Very recently, right. And Pandora have adopted that. We're still waiting for others to do it like Spotify. And then if you go back to iOS 13 Apple added the Siri kit, media intense, which let you control third party music apps. Like you can do the, the Apple music app through Siri on the iPhone.

But there was no facility. And I was 13 up to now to be able to specify like, I don't want to use Apple music. I want to use Spotify predominantly. So if you just asked a generic music request to Siri, like, you know, play Taylor Swift, it would always. Go to Apple music. You'd have to explicitly say play Taylor Swift on Spotify for it to instead route the request to the Spotify application on the iPhone.

Right? What now? Well, wasn't actually announced, this is like a feature or thing. It's just kind of turned up in the, in the Bayer. So maybe it's like premature and they're going to take it out or they haven't decided it's going to ship yet or not. But what people have discovered in foreign 0.5 is that when you interact with Siri for the first time after updating with music, it'll actually prompt you.

To pick a default music service. And what it does is it brings up a little list on the screen of Apple music, Spotify, Pandora, all the, all the apps that you have installed that support the Siri kit, media intense. So all the apps that previously you could use via Siri by saying, you know, play this song on Spotify, I'll play a song on Pandora, or would those apps now appear on a.

It will list as part of the series. Have you experienced any happens one time, no cheesy D for music service. And so if you pick Spotify from then on, when you just a unqualified requests, like play this album, play this playlist, play this artist it weren't a full-time music anymore. It will, it will be as if you said on Spotify at the end of it.

So you're basically getting a default music service through Siri for the first time, which is pretty cool. It's also kind of strange. It just kind of popped out the blue, like it's like, Oh, here we go. Like, Oh wait, we're not going to read it. You announced it as a feature. I mean, already with Aras 14, they announced, you know, you can set your default web browser or default email app.

Right. And yeah, they work to a limited extent, but they do work, but you know, they've sneaked in here and offered it for music. The thing is they could offer this for like every Siri kit, domain you know, there's like messaging reminders, mapping, and navigation, and. So far in filling this Ivy only offers you default options for music, which spell it, but 

Zac Hall: [00:14:48] there you go.

I would love if it worked with the reminders. I mean, with the things that you could just use things as your reminders app, 

Ben Mayo: [00:14:56] and it would be to say on things every single time 

Zac Hall: [00:14:59] with things, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And also there's a really good example of this being used already with what Amazon does. With echo products and the Alexa app, because you set the category for your preferred.

Music streaming service and your preferred music radio service. So you could say, I want my on demand stuff to come from Spotify, but my streaming stuff to come, or my radio and an algorithm radio to come from Pandora. You know, I think there's probably more likely that you've got the same for both, but that's how far.

The, the ecosystem goes it it's an obvious next step, perhaps when UI for this, especially. So it's discoverable because it's of how do you invoke it now? You just talk, you talk to Siri and then it, you, you ask it to use Spotify and then it, then it. Suggested 

Ben Mayo: [00:15:46] for you. Yeah. Basically I think the way it works is first time you update the phone book five, whenever you next, make a music requests, it would say pick a default service, and then you choose it from the list.

Or afterwards you can like specifically ask Siri to change your default music service. And then it will give you the options. Or this is meant to give you the options. But yeah, like you're right. It's not very discoverable because if you, if you choose Apple music the first time, and then you forget, there's no like.

You UI to change it with the web browser and Safari stuff. If you go into settings and you go onto Safari, it says like default browser. And it says, you know, if you pick Chrome or something, instead as of the current beta, if you go into the music app where you've selected, like Spotify, it doesn't have any interface, they changed it back.

So they should definitely add that. And if they're going to keep adding more and more of these like default preferences, they need to like, Make us a dedicated section of settings where it just has all the stuff listed and you can tweak it to your heart's content. 

Zac Hall: [00:16:34] Yeah. They have a series settings 

Ben Mayo: [00:16:35] section.

So by the way, I think this has still has the same limitations as the HomePod music thing, where. Like, if you pick a third party service, it will try and use that for podcasts or audio books and music. Like it only knows this, the audio domain, it doesn't have subcategories beyond that. So it's a bit of an issue there.

Like if you're using Spotify for music and podcasts, when it's fine, right. Or if you only ask for music, like personally, for me, if I did use it, I use Apple podcasts at the moment, but if I did use a third party podcast app and I wanted to use Spotify, it wouldn't actually bother me. Cause I don't know. I never asked Siri to.

Play podcasts. If you see what I always ask her to play music, but I never I to play podcasts. I don't know why is it just a rally because it's not reliable. Yeah. I mean, that's probably one of them. No, I mean, right. Like it's so it, you know, it's better than nothing obviously, but ideally down the road they'd have like, you know, it doesn't need to be complicated.

You just have every single category and it says whap, you want to use by preference and you can still use the other ones just by saying their name. But it's a nice, they've done it. And obviously there's the antitrust thing having over here that this probably helps them assuage some of that criticism.

Maps getting Waze-style accident/speed trap reporting

Zac Hall: [00:17:41] Yeah. Something else that I, I discovered this week with Siri is I was on my motorcycle and I was using AirPods for audio navigation and a series set over the AirPods. Did you know, or you can now tell me about accidents along your out. And I was like, Oh, okay, cool. So then I tried it in the moment and I said, Siri, there's an accident.

And then gave me the definition of accident and asked me if I wanted it to read more. And I said, no, but it was okay. It it's the, the voice activated version of this new user interface that's in maps and maps has a little bit of a redesign in terms of the current you're you're. Now you're currently navigating screen.

I think everything's just, there's like more rounded buttons and it's just tweaked a little bit. But what they've definitely added in there is the ability to get feedback. Along the route to say. There is a, there's an accident that I had. There's a speed trap ahead so that if you're going to come around the corner and there's a police officer taking, you know, taking radar, then you can Mark that in the same fashion as what, as what the app ways does.

And ways it was a dependent and then it was bought by Google. And so now it's a Google property. Apple now has full control of their map data in, in many parts of the world. So this is, I guess, just one more example of, of where they go from, from there by owning their own data. And it's. Yeah. I, I don't, I don't expect it to be as robust as what yeah.

It's just because of the whole networking thing. I mean, it's just a beta right now, but maybe, you know, come iOS 15, Iowa, 16, this isn't in the wild and other people know about it. And the ability to do this. With Siri is useful because I believe to do the, do the report, an accident with ways you have to tap through the user interface or make a Siri shortcut for it, which who does that.

And so they have it, the ability to have it as a Siri command and say, Hey Siri, there's a, there's an accident I had is, is useful. I, once you get down the, the wording the right way, excuse that I didn't quite do it for some reason. 

Ben Mayo: [00:19:52] Yeah. So the, the categories that you can report for is accident, hazard and speed check.

That's what they call it. And so you've got a red icon, you got a yellow icon, you've got blue icon You like, this is cool and it's great. They're doing it. Cause you know, we've seen that when they control the data for their maps, they can offer better experiences. Right. And they've delivered that with a rural map data.

And if they can build on that with, you know, navigation, directions and smarter. Stuff there. It'd be great, but like, there is a kind of social networking chicken and egg aspect to this, where to actually the reason why he's valid, always not because you can report accidents it's because other people report accidents and then it routes you around them.

Right? Like, so for this to work well, this stuff actually has to be used. People have to report it. And so then when you go to you know, do a map, do a rooting with Siri on. Apple maps in the future. He actually gives you a better route because it can be informed by the upcoming accidents or the hazards.

Or even like, I dunno, I dunno how they're going to fully expose this yet. Cause this is just a beta for reporting, but like, cause for stuff like hazards and accidents. Yeah. Obviously it's going to just like route you around them. Right. And that's hopefully what you would do, but for something like the speed check stuff, is it going to like, I guess, I guess they have speed camera.

You like smokers on the map as a vice 14 anyway. Yeah. There's police 

Zac Hall: [00:21:12] markers for speed, for track, for speed cameras and then red light cameras. And then they also tell you, like, if you're actively navigating, CA will tell you as part of your directions red light camera had, so yes, I guess it may be, Oh, I don't know that that way is quite, does that I think weighs it has some of it.

It will give you an alert. Yeah, it, it notifies you. So th th but this will be good was once that it's actively in a non beta version of iOS and people are heavily using it 

Ben Mayo: [00:21:43] out of character for them to offer you to like, report speed cameras. 

Zac Hall: [00:21:46] I didn't set out 

Ben Mayo: [00:21:47] to me like, cause I feel like in the past, and maybe I've got the impression that that was the kind of thing Apple maps was never going to do because you know, Apple wants you to follow the law in all circumstances, but.

I mean, if they're going to show you the speed cameras on the map, they might as well let you have to use the report. It's big cameras as well. Yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:22:05] I mean like, well, remember when Apple went head to head with the FBI over encryption, you know, I know this is different, 

Ben Mayo: [00:22:13] but funny thing where it's like, because he's not on a mission to like break the law, but it's kinda like.

This helps you break the law. Do you know what I mean? Like, it's, it's a weird thing like Apple's brand to have, but the reality is every other mapping app that has, you know, user contributed data, crowdsource data offers the speed check stuff, so they couldn't not do it right though. 

Zac Hall: [00:22:32] Mainly maybe I'll get pulled out of the band and we'll hear your story about how it was, it was in Rogan turn, who included this stuff, 

Ben Mayo: [00:22:40] but yeah, like it'd be, it's cool that they've added the reporting and then we'll have to wait and see how they actually like expose it on routes to, you know, to actually be useful.

Yep. That's all 

New fraudulent website warning behavior

Zac Hall: [00:22:48] right. And then the last thing that we've noticed this week, and now it's 14.5 is how fraudulent website warning the setting works and I was watching the 0.5 because it's already there in previous versions, but how it behaves a different is that right? 

Ben Mayo: [00:23:04] Yeah. So I bet you remember the story, the background of this, because, but do you remember like, was it a year or so ago?

There was a big up that Apple was reporting. Web browsing hits to Baidu in China. Okay. And basically, so the safe browsing feature, this is existed for ages and this is on every browser, right? When you visit a website, it checks against a database to see if it's like. You know, bad, right? Or it's like a scam or whatever.

And if it's in the database, it can show that alert on the screen instead of actually taking it to the website. But to do that, you know how to do it, it's somewhat on private, right? Because it's basically having to send the website that you're on to a third party to validate it and send you back. The response now is more complicated than that because they like hash the around and they only send parts of it.

And, you know, they try and make it good. But at some level, You're sending every page, you visit somebody else. And this happens in the U S and most of the world through Google's fraudulent safe browsing service. It's used by Firefox. I think it's used by those browsers. It's used by Safari and then in China, because Google is blocked in China, they use the Baidu version and about a year or so ago, there was like a semi privacy scandal because it was like, Apple sending every website you visit to China, you know, that kind of, that kind of story.

What they've done in 14.5 is they basically taken the privacy protections to another level because now rather than. Safari browser contacting like the Google service directly. It first contacts like an Apple endpoint and the Apple endpoint contacts, Google abide you on the back end. So basically your IP address now no longer gets sent to Google or Baidu or whoever else they use for fraudulent search in the future.

So it's slightly more privacy preserving in that way, because. Your IP addresses any of it, getting to share to Apple because then they go and make the request for you for, to Google and to think anything. So it's an improvement. And as they continue to tout you know, they're focused on privacy and security.

It should be their prerogative to do this wherever they can, like tying down the hatches in every, in every single way. Like, if you want to talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk and this is a way to do it. 

Zac Hall: [00:25:12] Well, that makes sense to me. Do you think any other podcasts, Apple podcasts, podcasts for the iPod max every week?

Ben Mayo: [00:25:19] Talk about AirPods max every week, no podcast with poke us whip. It was nice every day. Yeah. So fine. Now I only know that you're the one that does it. So yeah, 

Zac Hall: [00:25:31] I just wanted to mention it because it's every week I'm consistent here. All right. Let's take a sponsor break. 

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Zac Hall: [00:27:24] ever seen the American office? Cause now that 

Ben Mayo: [00:27:26] you've got your own, I've seen the American office, then you have your own version over there.

I actually prefer the American office to the British one. Okay, cool. 

Details on Dan Riccio?s secret project

Zac Hall: [00:27:34] All right. Good to know. Let's talk about Dan Richie. O's secret project. We discussed this whenever Apple made their. No vague mysterious pressure leads to say that the Dan ratio is no longer going to be what the VP of hardware. And he was now going to be working on a, a secret project.

I think, I think the guesses were, were two things, you know, Apple glasses or Apple car, and then you can narrow it down and say, well, which one's more likely to happen, you know, sooner you know, domestic gas. And there's also w w w you know, our, our former colleague Mark Harmon at Bloomberg, he had reported this week that, that.

That reports on what it is now, just a guess, but, but based on reporting. So what is Dan working on? 

Ben Mayo: [00:28:16] Man? Go into Bloomberg. Dan Richo is transitioning to oversee the AR headset, the AR slash VR headset. He's on the team that's developing future Apple and VR headsets. There's obviously the reamer that is going to be kind of like a developer version or a super high end, like $3,000 headset coming in 2022.

You know, that's going to have super high resolution displays and it's going to be expensive. And, but the idea is this will come out and then down the road, they're going to do one that is like, actually, what's going to be as big as the iPhone. So, you know, like the Apple watch or larger ambitions, like the $3,000 headset is not going to have Apple watch ambitions.

And you know, that blue book report from a couple of weeks ago said they aim to sell one per store per day or something. So which is like 200,000 units a year, which then know that that is 

Zac Hall: [00:29:00] cheaper than some of the original Apple watch models. 

Ben Mayo: [00:29:03] It's true. Yeah. They're not going to come out where they are with the AR headset in solid gold.

Yeah. So Bloomberg says the Apple is hitting roadblocks and developing its AI has so, and that's the first one. So I guess Russia Rickio is gonna, you know, step back from his day-to-day responsibilities of doing or with Apple, hydro engineering. So we can help ship the. You know, the developer buy a prototype wherever you want to call it, industry focused one out the door.

And then after that's done, be able to move on to get the, you know, the mass consumer one on the way. Yeah. It says the app has informed staff that they also transitioned in the group. That's Connie work on in-house displays and camera technology under Johnny  control. So, so Ruggie is obviously the one that's managing Silicon design and the a team leader for, you know, the M one chips, the eight, 14 series, all that stuff, and motive, modems, currently charged practices and modems.

We haven't yet seen. The Apple modem come out, but that's obviously in development, that was last room. It's becoming like 20, 23, 20, 24. What's the hold up for 

Zac Hall: [00:30:08] max getting cellular is 

Ben Mayo: [00:30:12] if they wait too, if they really do wait to 2024 to give you a say about it, that'll be 

Zac Hall: [00:30:17] good. The, the low traffic. Cause there's like nothing in licensing fees.

Cause it's so, so low volume. 

Ben Mayo: [00:30:23] Yeah. The Goodwill of the  architecture transition will have more than died out. But yeah, that's interesting. Cause they're moving under his domain as the rumors that Apple are developing their own micro led displays. Right. They're going to ship fully custom displays, probably starting with the Apple watch.

At some point there's been on an offering that they've got a little like headquarters near, near like a dedicated building Apple park where they're like growing. Cause Marco lady's like organic. So you're like. Growing the screens, and then you work out to make one or two of them and it's like, Oh, this is great.

And then you've hit the problems of how do you make a million of them. So that's, that's kind of where micro led is sitting at the moment. It's like, you can make some in a lab and they look really cool. And then how'd you get you is up to actually be practical. But if that's going to reach his head, that probably means that probably signals this closer to being done because generally a lot of the time Apple like incubate something.

And then when it's like getting close to prime time, they then go and give it to lo. The head of the, the head of the group. 

Zac Hall: [00:31:22] Otherwise you're not going to waste that executives time on something that's R and D. 

Ben Mayo: [00:31:26] Yeah, like R and D projects, aren't going to get that kind of attention. Right. I think we saw the same kind of thing with the Apple watch or like the iPad, like the VPs that they work on the iPhone.

And then as the iPad got close to ship, they pick, you know, some of their favorite VPs to go and head up the iPad project to actually get out of the door. Same with the Apple watch. And obviously the same things playing out here where they are Those inside Apple hope that Ricky owes hardware expertise will help move past the issues that they're having.

But did you say work on the project is still being led by Mike Rockwell? So he's still leading what bimbo describes as well over a thousand engineers working on the AR and VR headsets, but. They hope that re that Ricky has influence is actually going to make a difference in getting the thing out the door.

And finally Bloomberg basically says that around last March Rickio had handed oversight of many, many of his responsibilities already, like electrical engineering, product design and project management for the iPhone. And most of Apple was other major products to John Turner's who don't obviously John Tony's and now they have the SVP of hundred engineering, but it seems like this, this transition has been long in the works and it started last year and now it's been formalized basically.

Very cool. 

Apple Glasses displays to use micro OLED

Zac Hall: [00:32:33] And, and there is this well, where are we in Apple glasses? I mean, what, what's your timeline that you think this is going to be more than just the $3,000 thing that 

Ben Mayo: [00:32:44] we, the problem with the, the real glasses, right? Is that. Current technology can't make them like, you just have battery problems.

Like if you want something to have a decent battery life, like if you want to, if you're gonna, if you, if you need to product that you're going to wear all day long, it needs to have all day battery. Is that the same? Probably with the Apple watch, right? Like. And people complain about the Apple watch battery life.

Like there is a limit on how much stuff people are gonna accept to be able to charge on a regular basis. And the very minimum for all that gas is, is you wanna be able to wear them all day long? Like you can't, you can't have AR glasses. Do you wear for like three hours and then even the trucks? Yeah.

Yeah. Like that's just stupid. Like people cause people that obviously, if you don't need glasses to see, it's like, okay, you've put in your bag, but people are gonna, they're not gonna carry two pairs of glasses around. Do you know what I mean? Like you just going to need. They're going to need to last a long time.

But to last a long time, you need bigger batteries, but then that means you kind of a slim and slender design, which they looks bad, so they can't be made. Right. That's the current issue with the air gas it's thing, like the headsets it's going to like HoloLens. Right. And that's just a big thing that, you know, you look like a a submarine controller with a, you know, the whole, the mask on and everything like, and that's fine if you're doing industry work or you're just playing games in the comfort of your own home.

Although I don't, I doubt that the $3,000 headset is going to be a big hit in terms of gaming at that price point. Just cause it's so expensive. Right. And, but if you're trying to make a lifestyle AR Garcia's product, no, I had set. There's a reason. None of them exist. Right? The closest you saw was like Google glass, but that wasn't anything close to the actual AR experience.

It was like a little screen that was in the top of the heads of display. Yeah. Heads up display. Yeah. The Google glasses. It was like an Apple watch that you could see by looking forward rather than looking at your wrist. Right. And maybe Apple does ship a portal like that sooner than anything else, but that's not going to be like, obviously what they want to do with like a proper AI and mixed reality AR experience.

So I think, I think they are project is like, Still years away. So when did Lynch join for the Apple watch? That was like 2012, 2013, basically. I, 

Zac Hall: [00:34:47] I, I, it had to be after 2013 because I started at 95 back in April, 2013, I think we both said, and, and 

Ben Mayo: [00:34:58] after that, so it was probably 2013, 2014, basically in the airport shipped.

No, he's gotta be longer than 24 because the airport was announced at the end of the year. Like, yeah. So it's gotta be, it's probably around 2013, probably sometime in 2013. So, I mean, if you work on the airport's timeline, you've got two more years, but yeah, but you can't just copy and paste that over to this cause it's good.

Different, different ball game. Right. But yeah, I think you've at least got two years. Let's put it that way. 

Zac on motorcycle helmet with CarPlay

Zac Hall: [00:35:23] Yeah. A friend Chaos Tiana on Twitter. Yeah, a few weeks ago he sent me a link to. A motorcycle helmet that I think in his words apparently works with CarPlay and the apparently is pretty strong there because it looked at it and it's called highlights.

I ride and the whole Apple glasses thing. Got me thinking about this again. What it is. Yeah, it's a six, it costs about $600 us dollars. You add it to any helmet I already have, and this is whole system that there is like Bluetooth and voice control. And speakers, which you can already do all those things with the helmet, but it also has one of those little tiny prism lenses that you have, I guess, angled so that you can see through it as you're writing and projected on Google glasses.

Exactly. Like Google us. And they, they work out in some way to project apps, like ways Google maps and they even show CarPlay projected. No, I'm not so sure how they achieve that. You know, I know that there's aftermarket ways to have wireless CarPlay on an existing car play system. And it's like, it runs a version of, of ILS on that little dongle and in a way that's not very trustworthy, but it works.

This thing, I don't have one to test it out yet, but it just, the, the premise alone to have a heads-up display, like, like this, or not, not even AR glasses, but this thing that attaches to your, to your helmet is just you put your helmet on and then you can see, you know, with translucency. So you, you see through it, but it's also on the road.

There's that? And that's something that you can. Apparently by today, I don't want to risk $600 on trying to get it, but that's out there and it made me think this is a thing that would be useful for, for, you know, the Apple glasses in the future. You know, definitely not the HoloLens version, but, but the long-term goal Because right now I'm navigating, you know, if you're in the car, not your phone or have a screen and your car screen.

I Mount my, my, my phone on the, on the handlebars and that works out really well, but sometimes the phone's in my pocket and I'm using the watch and that's a little bit too far from my comfort zone. And so this would be neat to have, and it certainly isn't the full CarPlay experience, you know And the other thing I, I, I stumbled upon today and looking at looking for the first thing that I lied.

I ride product. It's something called life map and it's still not really AR I mean, it, it tries what this does is it's, it's, it's a full motorcycle helmet. So the first thing you put on your helmet of any type, this thing is the helmet itself. And it's got this, you know, project, your bolts in the Google glass style.

And it overlays, I guess it looks at the road and overlays. Lane guidance on the road and that's this big thing. And it costs $2,500, which I thought about. So that was interesting to be the single obligation use of something like this. And then they promise availability in Q3 of 2022. 

Ben Mayo: [00:38:21] No, it's a bit, a bit of a wide off.

Then you could buy an Apple cart by that time. 

Zac Hall: [00:38:24] Yes, this says specific Q3, you know, usually you see like the first half, second half, or like two, one, you know, but say Q3 the first half of the second half of the year, we think we'll start this thing. But 

Ben Mayo: [00:38:37] that's what I hope they do on the Apple cart, by the way, when they eventually do make one, like as the.

Not just a heads up display, but like, you'd be a proper overlaid light. So you almost get like a mixed reality AR experience projected onto the road. We'd like, cause I always talk about how we need it on the Apple maps on the IFO, where you get the little augmented reality thing to point you left and right.

Which I still haven't shipped, but they should totally do like do that on the actual car. And then maybe if you're like sitting in traffic, you can like press a button and it zooms forward to the what do they, what do they call their Google street view? What's it code? Look around, look around. Yeah.

So, you know, you get stuck in traffic and you just want to see what you're getting to. You press a little button and then you know what you're looking at instead zooms forward. And you can almost pretend like you're already there. Like, that's what I want from the applicant. It's gotta be that cool. Like, yeah.

Zac Hall: [00:39:21] A friend, a friend of mine has a BMW SUV that projects out onto the road. We're not really under the road, but just on the windshield. And you see things like your, your. Miles per hour. And I guess they do there is that you don't have to look down at the dash. You'd just look ahead and you see those things, but it's not intrusive.

And it's just, it's kind of a neat, it's kind of a neat gimmick kind of a neat demo, but yeah. Yeah. I've 

Ben Mayo: [00:39:45] seen them, maybe those two they're there as a parallel, they're more like the Google glass experience, right. Where you get a little projection in the corner. Sure. And then the real deal was like, Yeah, it can actually just intellect it, superimpose over anything on the, on the screen, like interacting with the environment.

Yeah. Yeah. The all the investments we're seeing them do in Apple maps, whether it's their own map day, a look around car accident, reporting all of that stuff that all feeds into the eventual car product, right? Like, I don't think there'd be half as interested in developing these Apple maps features if they didn't have hardware ambitions to actually ship a car in the future.

Cause it's all gonna, it's all gonna go in there. And you're like, do they keep adding new features to CarPlay, which is great, but all that stuff's going to be rolled into like the actual Apple car eventually. Yep. 

Apple TV+ news

Zac Hall: [00:40:28] And on the topic of AR a couple of things for the Apple TV plus. So first I published my review of for all mankind this week.

So I've seen, I've seen all of season two. I can't say much about it, except that I very much enjoyed it. And then you can read my view review, which has no spoilers but just general sentiments about the season. And the bottom line for me is that if you like season one, You might've seen the trailer for it and thought this is going to be vastly different, but the trailer is.

You know, it's an action trailer and the show is, is a scifi drama. And so if you'd liked all the character development and interactions and stories and season one you get that same thing, but, but you know, in 10 years later in season two so I, I thought it was very enjoyable and I got to do some 

Ben Mayo: [00:41:14] interviews with him.

Can I ask you a question about that? You can if you're not there to answer, that's fine, but Is there. Cause the only thing I didn't like about forum kind season one is that quite a lot of it felt like a, a drama in the ground. Right. And it almost felt like it, it w it, you know, it didn't have to be related to space.

It was just like family, I, which is fine. And intuitions the story on season two. I know you're saying it's like, you know, the actions in the trailer and then there's the thing, but is it still like family stuff or is it more like, you know, like space, cold wall bowels? Do you see what I mean? Like, even if it's just talking about it, I would, I would 

Zac Hall: [00:41:45] say that there's as much like family drama on the ground again, but the further they go into the show, the deeper they're integrated within this is the space program.

These people work in this space program and that the drama is because of the space program. Not just because they're. You know, a family of three or four. And, and, and there's, there's certainly more space because they're further along 

Ben Mayo: [00:42:08] and they're yeah. The train has gone, like with guns walking across the moon, I want the moon conflict with the Russians life, big shoe out, you know, based on your description, it doesn't sound like that's quite, I would also say 

Zac Hall: [00:42:18] that that is something I mentioned in the review.

You know, the, the cold war was largely. Tension building up of what's going on, what could happen with nuclear weapons and that, that didn't and, and it's kind of this season is a bit like that too, where the tension builds up throughout the season. And then I also mentioned in the review that if there's one thing that I could critique about it, it's that it, it.

Well, a couple of concerns is if you do a 10 year jump every season, are you really going to have the same cast every year? You know? And, and the, as you can see, probably from the trailer, I imagined the way that the character at Baldwin, his age, wasn't very it, it, it caught, it took you out of the scene.

When he was, you know, had like fake gray hair and like way too dark of a tan I mean that's realistic, but also it's distracting. But so there's the concern of, you know, are, are the characters that we're following and care about now? Are they going to be in future seasons? No, we'll see. And then the other thing is because it is tension building up the season and then near the finale that there's, there's so much happening all at once.

That it, you definitely get pay off, but it becomes hard to keep track of some of the things that's happening in your life. You know, it kinda, they, they, they don't spread it out across the show. It's, you know, they could have been like three or four arcs that they, that they had and that's the season. And instead it was cold war style buildup.

It really models the cold war, you know, as, as history. But it's, it's nice. And then the first, this won't even be a spoiler that, you know, I can totally see this in the first You know, a few minutes in the first episode, there's a new drill. Montage is only in that first episode, but it's just very entertaining.

If you're a fan of history to see all the things that happen differently, including John Lennon, narrowly escaping assassination. So it's, it's neat to see how many things are different. And of course, in the series a, in the season, Ronald Reagan's president, I think it was kind of an undertone, but in the first season, I think Ted Kennedy was president, which never happened.

He ran, but it didn't wasn't elected as president. And now we're back to reality. Maybe the timing of the years are off, but then the events are what shifted, but it's. I also think it's it's, you know, you don't have to care about space stuff to really appreciate it. It's it's the drama all on its own.

Now that this year, I know more about space stuff than I did a year ago when the first season was, was available. And I picked up on some of the Easter eggs, the trivia you know, there's, there's things like LC 39 C being a launch launch complex 39 C that's at the Kennedy space center.

There is one now. As a 2015 for very small rockets. And I think it's about to open soon, but in the seventies, eighties, there was not a C launchpad. There's just a and B. And the idea and the show is that they just, they just mentioned it. That there's about to be a shuttle taking off, right? No, from LCD United sea.

And it's to say that the shuttle program is so successful, that they have more launchpads at that one watch complex. And so if you're. Space fan and you know, the kind of the history there, those things will stand out as, as, as the trivia, you also see an eighties Tesla equivalent and, you know, things like that.

It's entertaining. So it's 

Ben Mayo: [00:45:27] it's it's Oh yeah. They can say, yeah, they released like a second, like feature at trader thing and there's like, Oh, cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:45:34] In the range of like comical, like 

Ben Mayo: [00:45:37] it's 60 

Zac Hall: [00:45:37] miles. Yeah. But so, so yeah, if you liked season one, I think this is it's the same chef from the same creators.

It's just the story continues and I liked that about it. So 

Ben Mayo: [00:45:47] seq, we can talk about your, you know, you've got your interviews and they go away our thing. Let's just do our last out of the show.

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For All Mankind Season 2 interviews

Zac Hall: [00:47:30] Thanks LinkedIn. Yeah. So but I've seen, I also did interviews with some of the casts and creators from, from mankind. And it was really cool experience. It's the first time I've ever done something like that before. And I had mentioned that a previous episode, but now they're now they're published.

And I would promote like the things inside of them, but I haven't actually listened back to them besides. Doing it a little bit of editing for the video. My plan was to listen through and transcribe and include as quotes in the, in the article. But then, because the video is hard, but it turns out editing videos, clips together and is easier than transcribing and listening back to half an hour of interviews.


Ben Mayo: [00:48:05] better on the 

Apple TV AR App

Zac Hall: [00:48:06] YouTube channel. I think it, I think it worked out well. And then lastly on for all mankind for this week, at least because I guess next week will be a couple of days away from the, the season premiere. Apple has released their first augmented reality app connected to Apple TV plus.

So this was reported as, as, as a remember, like the last August or so from Bloomberg that Apple was working on some kind of director's cut materials, some bonus materials for Apple TV plus content. And the first version of it is, is from mankind time capsule. And it is an iPhone and iPad app uses AR kit.

There's even a couple of parts of it that require the LIDAR sensor on the iPad pro. 

Ben Mayo: [00:48:46] And I've asked why they added the LIDAR scanner, Apple TV plus bonus con Oh, all that 

Zac Hall: [00:48:51] time. And the iPhone 12 pro and I from told pro max and what the app is, is th the name kind of suggests what it is. It's time capsule.

You're the character I can raise again. I, I, you know, this is the comeback. I wish it were so that this is the alternative. This is alternative timeline aspects 

Ben Mayo: [00:49:09] of it, a couple of your iCloud account information. It's 

Zac Hall: [00:49:12] like iCloud for your Mac. That would be amazing. No, it's, it's set in, it's set between the two decades.

So I think problem in kind isn't one ended in the. Well, early seventies, I think seventies. Yeah. And this picks up in the early eighties. And so it's, it's, it's the character, Danny Stevens. Who's the son of Gordon Stevens and Tracy Stevens, both astronauts. It it's, it's some of his teenage years because he's, he's a character who's in season two.

Sort of prominently versus being, you know, a kid in the background and the first season based on that decade job. And it's a, it's a cool AR demonstration. You're going through a kind of a box of trinkets and, and there's some storytelling involved. There's theme music. They have the same person who made the same composer and made the music for the show.

Do the under music for the, for the app. There's some, some music like some Bob Dylan licensed to kind of put it in the, in the time that it said. And and the AR kit. So it looks cool and it works well. And there's some, some keys on the screen that you interact with where you like slice up in a cookie or, you know, open this envelope, that kind of thing.

There's a little Mac. I was gonna say there's a little bit of an Apple cameo. This happens in the season as well, where the Apple two makes an appearance as like the computer of the day and the eighties. And that's normal, but what's not normal is that there's email and they call it D mail. For digital mail and they say it's a predecessor to email.

But I, and that makes sense to me an email. Okay.

yeah, these are four E. Yeah, exactly. And you know, that's what happens when this base program flourishes, I suppose, is that you get email before you get email, so, okay. They're gonna have next, 

Ben Mayo: [00:50:54] the end phone. And doesn't come before I have to it. Doesn't no, that's not right. Why can't it do the alphabet? 

Zac Hall: [00:51:04] J K L M H I.

Yeah. Yeah. It's yeah. He nailed that joke. 

Ben Mayo: [00:51:14] He fell bad. Yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:51:15] But anyway, the app is available. It's in the U S only I think, I think people were saying it's in the UK as well. Now it's going to be available in more markets. Sarah and they say, but it's interesting. I mean, they, they, they. And a little bit of a panel discussion with Ron Moore the Cirque creator.

And he, he said something that was interesting, which has that the news cast that they use in the show and for all mankind, you know, they're obviously fictitious, you know, newsreels. But they, they, they write a bunch of those and that's one of his favorite things as a history buff. And they only get to use a fee because otherwise it would be a show about newscast.

And this was a way to recycle some of those because there's a newscast in the app experience and he likes, he likes those. So this was a way to use that. I asked if there's gonna be a more of these. You know, for season two, as it's available or feature seasons. And the answer was really, we'll see how it goes, how the reception is with this one.

So I guess if it's a diet, no, but if it's popular yes. And, and putting it in more markets in the U S will certainly help. And, and you don't have to have seen. And you have the seasons to really enjoy the app. Cause it's, it's a cool demonstration of AR 

Ben Mayo: [00:52:23] anyway. Cool. Like even if throwing content exists, it's just called a little thing to play around with.

Right. It's like an AR demo. It's like playing table tennis or whatever, like, like might come with this latest, cool bonus content. Right. But. If it's like, because he's, he says, it's not, it's not, it's not integrated into the actual TV app. It's just like, you have to go download it from the app store. Right.

Zac Hall: [00:52:42] And I imagine at some point they'll promote it, but right now it's, you know, the, the press got a link to it. And then you read the press story and click the link to it. I was looking at before the show and without, without reading my story to find that I couldn't find it on the app store yet, maybe that changes as they promote it.


Ben Mayo: [00:52:58] these listed on the Apple's developer account, at least. So it's helpful, but like, What you need to have is like in the TD app, when you scroll down to the bit where it says bonus content, that needs to be as well as the little extra videos they have there and used to have a link to the AR experience, or when you like finish an episode.

So you've watched, you know, you've watched your finished the season even, right. You finished season wonderful mankind, and then they should have, look, now you can enjoy this extra AR experience. It's like the special features on a DVD, right? Like it has to be integrated into thing you're watching like.

Apple has done a bit of this already with various kinds of multimedia bonus content. They've done wallpapers, Ted lasso. They've done. I met your sticker packs for Dickinson and Snoopy in space, but. They tweet about once and then they go on forever. Like they're on the street. Th the sticker packs don't even listen to rap was do I break out?

They're made by some third party company and they're just lists. So you're never, literally never going to find them. Right. At least the foreign mankind one is under Apple's account. So that's an improvement, but they need to be like actually integrated into the TV experience. And it doesn't need to be like, You know, annoying or just in the way, but maybe, you know, in the right format kind of season two on the little, like, if you've watched for mankind before it could give you a little notification, it's like, you know, get ready for season two, enjoy the AR experience at Loretta or you do, or afterwards you just finished an episode.

It's like, okay, now you've enjoyed this. You could watch the next episode right now. Or why don't you try this on your phone? Or, you know, Or if you've finished a concern, you know, now go and share with your friends and tweet, tweet us and chose Susan, and you stick it back in and stuff like that. Doing the extra bonus content, things are good, even though even the wallpapers, like the headlights hope was a great idea, but that needs to be like in the TV app.

So you can scroll down, see the wallpapers and then. No, from within the TV app set the wallpaper, right? Like not this thing where it's like, Oh, we're just going to upload these photos to Twitter in the right font file format. So not only do you have to like, see the tweet once when they ship it, then you have to say the image of your photo library, then set it as your wallpaper.

Like, you know, you've got to do all the steps put together. And the thing that worries me when they say, Oh, we'll see how the reception isn't, if we do more or whatnot. But obviously if you're never going to promote the things or you never can actually have integrated the core experience, they're never going to be popular.

Like you have to do it's chicken and egg. Right. You've got to do the, you got to do the work upfront and then integrate it all together. 

Zac Hall: [00:55:02] Yeah, hello. A little bit concerning there. And I would have asked him, I would have asked how they planned it, promote it, but it was a second grader. It's not Apple.

Yeah. What are they gonna say? And they were, they were happy that it's, you know, it's on Apple's platform with the ability to, but it's all users. So that's neat. And I actually haven't checked out. I haven't used the app yet because and, and the couple of hours I had access to the, to the story before it came available we, we were just on the demonstration of it, but not the, not able to use the app.

So because it requires a LIDAR for at least one or two scenes in the app experience.  I'm looking forward to that because there aren't a lot of things that require LIDAR. If you just want a good example of the LIDAR sensor on my iPad or iPhone, you know this is, this is one sure way to do that.

Apple TV+ purchases Dolly movie

So I'm looking forward to trying that out. So one of them mentioned this week is a movie that Apple has purchased for Apple TV plus called Dolly. Have you seen this story? 

Ben Mayo: [00:55:57] I've seen the story. Yeah. Yeah. I can't actually remember what happens, but they, they, they acquired the rights to a package of a movie called Dolly.

And the, the concept of the movie is basically it's a robotic assistant that's standing trial in core. Yeah. And it's not about Dolly pollen because whenever she, I saw the headline, it going to be a Dolly Parton biography, 

Zac Hall: [00:56:19] because they've had so much, they've got the Suzanne news. They've got the time to walk thing, but it's, it's not it's it's.

I mean, again, I guess the name is like a doll, but it's a robot, you know, I don't play on that. I just, it sounds weird. It just, it stood out to me is I think 

Ben Mayo: [00:56:35] different this coming in, I robot the a will Smith movie. So on along those lines, kind of a little. Yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:56:43] Is it that the, that the robot kill someone though, and then it's like, I didn't do it or something.

This is, this is from our story. Dolly is a scifi drama inspired by inspired by Elizabeth Elizabeth, their story in which he robotic doll kills us owner. And shocks the world will ask you for a lawyer claiming she's not guilty. The film has elements of both classic courtroom drama, and Saifai so as weird, he may be, it'll 

Ben Mayo: [00:57:07] be really interesting and different defending Jacob, but with robots.

Sure. Yeah, 

Zac Hall: [00:57:11] definitely. Yeah. It's definitely, 

Ben Mayo: [00:57:13] I like courtroom dramas and I Saifai. So if they can do well. Cool. Yeah. 

Apple TV 3 losing access to CBS All Access

Zac Hall: [00:57:17] All right. We'll see how it goes. And then there's news we've we've been discussing the Apple TV three that their generation Apple TV, that Apple sold. For a hundred dollars for a few years, and then for $1,600 at the very end of his life for a few months, and we discussed the last week or so when this box lost access to YouTube, but it's going to be losing access to YouTube in March.

And we'll be airplay only for, you know, probably the biggest app on the platform. And obviously I bought the Apple TV four and five, the HD and the 4k versions now. And they've been out for a while, a 

Ben Mayo: [00:57:45] long time, but Rosa 

Zac Hall: [00:57:47] so long in the tooth but the, the latest casualty on Apple TV. Three is CBS all access users of that box and no longer have access to that.

And it will be airplay only. So that's one more for Apple TV, three with, with, I think your point is a good one in that there's no clear replacement for the a hundred dollars streaming box, or if you paid $70 for it, even that price you've got to look at you know, $35 streaming sticks as their replacement, Apple just doesn't have a replacement in this category yet.

Ben Mayo: [00:58:16] Yeah. And, and when you know the Apple TV three still used by millions of people. When the little notifications pop up on your screen, saying YouTube is going to stop working in March CBS sites, you can start working in March. Do you think they are blaming YouTube? Do you think they're going to blame Apple?

Like, so not only are they furious Apple for intentionally making their hardware obsolete or that's at least how they see it, right? Like technically it's a bit. Like this all stems from the fact that the third gen Apple, Apple TV never had an app store. Right? So all these, all these things that are stuck in the space that we, the foam, where of what they had back in the day.

So they, when they do big, major new initiatives, they never get, they never, I like the 

Zac Hall: [00:58:48] feature phone equivalent of a streaming box. 

Ben Mayo: [00:58:50] Yeah, it's kind of like the old iPods, right? Like where they just kind of like they ship, this is what they have and then slowly the stuff doesn't work anymore. And that was a mistake of Apple.

They should have done an app store on the opportunity way before 2015, when they did the original Apple TV. And they wouldn't be in this problem, but Hey, yeah. 

Zac Hall: [00:59:04] Especially when they had like so many and you could only, you could show her hide, you couldn't like remove or add. 

Ben Mayo: [00:59:10] Yeah. Like, and now. It's even worse because people are mad.

They're like, Oh, you know, you'll make your making my box worse. And then they go and look at buying another one. They're like $150. This is ridiculous expensive. Cause they remember buying it for a hundred or 60 or whatever. I said, they go by Firestick very understandably. So it was just a bad situation.

CBS All Access + Showtime bundle with Apple TV+ can no longer be accessed

Zac Hall: [00:59:29] And also CBS all access related. A few months ago there was this really nice bundle that if you subscribe to Apple TV, plus. Then you can have, you can purchase a bundle from CBS that has CBS, Alexis, and Showtime for $10 a month. And so I, I think CBS all access is to knowledge month on his own.

So you basically got Showtime at no extra cost, $10 as well. Yeah. So if you were an Apple TV plus Trevor, so it's pretty clever, you know, it makes you want to be an Apple TV plus subscriber, or if you already are, it's a award, it's a treat. And for me, I paid for an Apple TV plus. And CBS, CBS all access.

So it was a no-brainer to do two opposite to the bundle because then I get time. I had no additional cost that bundle went away and it's not, it's not weird while there's this paramount plus coming to replace CBS, all access as their streaming service versus, you know, kind of a back how August CBS stuff, some of the new stuff.

And then, you know, a few originals. So it's going to be kind of goes from being a channel to being a whole service of its own. And so it makes sense that the bundle goes away. It is funny though, that for me, I never got to actually pay for Apple TV plus because the free trial has been extended so many times that, you know, I do the bundle as you pay for Apple TV plus.

And one of the two things, when you get the third one for free it's just been, I paid for $10 a month for CBS all access. And I got, you know, the other things just shut up there, so that's too bad. But you, you, your, your hunches that. We, we probably won't because CBS all access is it can be a channel, an Apple TV time.

Internal, it can be a channel that you subscribed through Apple TV directly or through Apple TV. And you know, that, you know, deal a, a subscription through the other app or anything. And it plays directly in the app. It's a very good experience, but your hunch is that that's going to go away because paramount plus, because it's kind of Netflix level, it won't be a channel within Apple TV.

It'll be its own. Sarah. 

Ben Mayo: [01:01:22] Yeah, we saw this happen last year with HBO, right? Like HBO was like the flagship TV channel. And then when they launched HAPE spear max, they removed the channel and now no one new can actually sign up to HBO through Apple TV channels. You get the app integration, HBO, max. So it shows up in up next.

But when you actually want to go and watch something, you then get your act out the TV app. And if you're going to the HB Mayo max experience, it's really annoying. Like you just won't be able to watch everything in one place. And. The TV that doesn't let you do that unless you're either watching an Apple, Apple content or channels content.

Zac Hall: [01:01:54] My favorite thing about channels is on the map. There's not a lot of apps in me. If you have an M one Mac, you're not going to have a good HBO experience and you're not gonna have a CBS Alexis app at all Sanford time. So by doing Apple TV channels, it's in the TV app and you can save it. You can offline download it.

And it's a good experience. Works with picture in picture is not. A web browser involved and that goes away whenever there's not, you can't pay it. Yeah. 

Ben Mayo: [01:02:19] And it's a consistent UI that's with everything that you're using, right? Like it's not like, you know, a lot of different silos. But unfortunately, due to everyone wanting to like, you know, make their stand with their own services Apple TV channels are going away as fast as channels on their third generation.

Apple TV are like, they're just dropping like flies, unfortunately. And this one was the result of a. A promotional deal between Apple, that they literally made a press release about. Right. Like I can't deal. And the it's going to last five months. Cause that was August and it's going to be going away. So it was kind of a stupid situation, but it's sad.

Like, I don't know what they're going to do with this here, the app. Cause at the moment, like. It's like the place for everything put into one place, but it doesn't make you a good spirits. You don't get Netflix at all and all the channels are just disappearing. So they might as well just make it like Apple.

Yeah. Yeah. The Apple, the actual Apple TV app, not like an aggregator thing 

Zac Hall: [01:03:08] other than I think I agree with that. Fortunately there's that, but there are a bunch of small channels that are never going to go away. And, you know, the Nickelodeon thing is like that.

MacBook Pro 2016/2017 battery replacement

Oh, well last thing I wanna mention this week, before we go away is because it affects, I think your Mac could be affected as this MacBook pro battery replacement program for the 2016 and 2017 models.

Is is yours effective because you've got a 

Ben Mayo: [01:03:32] 2016. Is it 2016? My battery seems to be okay. Okay. Wow. Okay. And how it has been, because obviously it's now four years out to the battery jury depleted. So if you actually unplug it, you only lost her about an hour off battery on battery, but this, this is not exhibiting the problem that this replacement program describes, 

Zac Hall: [01:03:53] which is that the battery can't charge past 1%.

Is that right? That's probably a good thing. The better place to program, you know, when the M one Mac has as bad or wherever for years, just going to be like you only like five. 

Ben Mayo: [01:04:04] Yeah. You already get five hours. This is a really funny bug though, because it's like, if you get affected by it, you have to send your.

Laptop physically into Apple to get it fixed. But if you haven't been affected by it yet, Apple says you can just update to 11.2 0.1 and you won't be affected by it, which you 

Zac Hall: [01:04:24] presumably 

Ben Mayo: [01:04:25] did. I've done that. Yeah. So, so a software bug causes a permanent hardware fault. Breaks your battery. Yeah. And so if you, so if your battery was stuck at 1% and you update 11.2, but one, it would still be stuck at 1%.

And that's why, so you have to have a, it's a hardware problem to cover up a software full. They don't say the reason for it. I have to assume there was some like weird logic error with the optimized battery charging stuff. Cause they introduced that on the map pretty recently. Right? Like it's gotta be something to do with that.

And then. No, it's sent a way to message down to the battery. You control it. It doesn't let it charge past 1%. So then they have to go and like, they don't specify exactly what's wrong with it. It just says, you know, there's an experience with the battery, not charging. I shamed me when they take it into app and get it fixed.

They're probably not replacing the battery. They're probably replacing like, you know, the little microcontroller that like cha you know, he's in charge of powering. The battery will charge you the battery. Right. That'd be my guess. But the 

Zac Hall: [01:05:16] battery would be nice though. Yeah. And that's four year old machine.

Ben Mayo: [01:05:20] Yeah. I mean, this dish, don't worry. I've had petty replacement programs. I have alleged before, or was allegeable for like the butterfly keyboard situation, which is now, cause that was, that was, that was four years. Wasn't it? They gave you four years to get that fixed. So I'm now filming outside the window of that.

Zac Hall: [01:05:35] Th when they say don't buy for a generation products, like the 2016 pro. Is that example. Yeah. 

Ben Mayo: [01:05:43] It's like this batch, like this 1% battery charge. It's like the smallest footnote on the list of problems with the 2016 mobile Crow. Yeah. 

Zac Hall: [01:05:52] All right. Nice. Thanks everyone. Who tuned in live to listen on back and on Facebook as well.

And if you enjoy the show and you don't subscribe already, we, we are well podcasts, overcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, Amy, we appreciate you subscribing and joining us back every week. We, we bright guys live on Thursdays at 4:00 PM Eastern time. And then you can 

Ben Mayo: [01:06:16] follow us in the Apple podcast app.

Now that's 

Zac Hall: [01:06:19] a, that's a new feature that's coming in the beta version. And now it's out of beta is subscribed, becomes follow. Which gives you room to subscribe monetarily in a different way, or it's just, maybe it's just differently way of doing it. But anyway if you have any feedback for the show, you can email both of us together at happy hour at podcast at night.

What is it now? What's the email. 

Ben Mayo: [01:06:43] I just need just happy 

Zac Hall: [01:06:45] probably. Yeah. That's that's it we'll definitely, definitely work. It used to be different. Madigan. 

Ben Mayo: [01:06:53] I know I 

Zac Hall: [01:06:53] need a lunch or something and you can follow me on Twitter. And Instagram at apollozac Benjamin. You're on Twitter at bzamayo. And we will be back next week.

Bye everybody. 

Ben Mayo: [01:07:05] Bye-bye.

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iOS 14.5 beta features, Apple Car dealmaking, Ted Lasso award season

This week 9to5Mac?s Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall explain the fate of Apple?s Developer Transition Kit program, iOS 14.5 beta features, iPhone 13 hardware rumors, Apple Car developments, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Read More Apple asking developers to return DTK Mac mini, offers $200 credit for buying M1 Macs AirPods Max ear cushions now available to order separately for $69 Hands-on: Unboxing and first look at standalone AirPods Max ear cushion sets Limited-edition Black Unity Apple Watch Series 6 and Sport Band now available to order Hands-on with Apple's new Black Unity sport band Apple releases first beta of iOS 14.5, watchOS 7.4, and more to developers What's new in iOS 14.5? Podcasts app redesign, Reminders sorting features, more iOS 14.5 adds support for unlocking your iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask iOS 14.5 beta brings support for casting Apple Fitness+ workouts with AirPlay 2 Apple giving out Apple TV+ credits to paying customers as free trials extended Apple working on 'Apple Card Family' for multi-users iOS 14.5 beta enables worldwide dual-SIM 5G support iOS 14.5 beta suggests new financial health features coming to the Wallet app Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.2 with fixes for Bluetooth, external display issues, more How to use the new 'Unlock with Apple Watch' iPhone feature Apple TV+ platform tops viewership record with debut of original movie 'Palmer' iPadOS 14.5 brings emoji search and new landscape boot screen to the iPad Apple looks to spur News+ growth with new affiliate program Apple releases first macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta for developers macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta brings new Support menu with details on warranty coverage and AppleCare Apple adding support for stereo-paired HomePods as default sound output with macOS 11.3 beta Hands-on: macOS 11.3 beta 1 changes and features [Video] Bloomberg: Apple testing in-screen Touch ID for 2021 iPhone, AirTags coming this year WSJ report corroborates that the 2021 iPhones could feature in-screen Touch ID and Face ID Apple mixed-reality headset: Two 8K displays, $3,000 price tag Apple Car specs? 160 mph, 300-mile range, 18-minute charge CNBC: Apple and Hyundai nearing Apple Car deal, first version will ?not be designed to have a driver? Apple rumored to sign $3.6 billion deal with Kia Motors for Apple Car partnership Second report says that Apple Car production would be in the US; Hyundai nervous Apple taps Porsche's VP of Chassis Development as 'Project Titan' car production rumor heats up Older Apple TV will require AirPlay for YouTube video playback starting next month Apple TV+ acquires hot Sundance film 'CODA', in record-setting $25m deal Apple TV+ receives four Golden Globes nominations for ?Ted Lasso? and more ?Ted Lasso? receives three WGA Award nominations as season 2 production continues
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Premium MacBook Air, iOS 14.4 release, AAPL earnings

9to5Mac?s Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall unpack the newest MacBook Air rumors about a thinner and lighter model with higher performance, iOS 14.4 and Apple?s latest software updates and new features, Dan Riccio?s mysterious new role at Apple, and the company?s big earnings results.

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Bloomberg: Apple to launch ?higher end? MacBook Air with thinner bezels as soon as later this year, brings back MagSafe charging

Face ID for Mac ?developed? by Apple but not coming soon; 5G same

iOS 14.4 now available with Apple Watch Unity face support, bug fixes, and more

iOS 14.4: How to label Bluetooth devices as a speaker, headphones, hearing aids, more

Apple says iOS 14.4 patches 3 security flaws that ?may have been actively exploited?

watchOS 7.3 now available with new Unity watch faces, ECG in more countries, more

Apple officially launches new ?Time to Walk? feature for Apple Watch and Fitness+

Apple unveils limited-edition Apple Watch Series 6 and more for Black History Month

Apple releases HomePod Software Version 14.4 with new Handoff experience, more

macOS Big Sur 11.2 RC now available with Bluetooth improvements, M1 Mac fixes, more

macOS Big Sur 11.2 RC 2 now available as a public release nears

Apple engineering SVP Dan Riccio transitioning to oversee ?new project,? John Ternus takes lead of hardware team
Link to episode

Apple?s first AR device, iPhone 13 notch, Unity Apple Watch face

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss what came out at CES this week, Samsung beatS Apple to AirTags, Apple's first AR device, 2021 iPhone rumors, and more on this week's episode.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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MagSafe and more coming in 2021 MacBook Pro, redesigned iMac and Apple external display rumors

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall unpack the latest 2021 rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg including redesigned iMac, MacBook Pro, and Apple display hardware.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Bloomberg: Apple testing in-screen Touch ID for 2021 iPhone, AirTags coming this year

Bloomberg: Apple testing in-screen Touch ID for 2021 iPhone, AirTags coming this year

Apple again extends Apple TV+ free trials, subscribers now get free access until July 2021

Bloomberg: New iMac with Pro Display XDR design coming this year, cheaper external display also planned

Apple begins blocking M1 Mac users from side loading iPhone and iPad applications

Comment: Can the 2021 MacBook Pro reports be right?

Bloomberg: 2021 MacBook Pro to charge faster via MagSafe, ?redesigned MacBook Air? also planned

Kuo details 2021 MacBook Pro: new design with squared-off sides, MagSafe connector and IO return, Touch Bar removed
Link to episode

Apple Car shifts to reverse, 2021 product rumors, Fitness+ audio workouts

9to5Mac's Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo discuss the latest Apple news of the week, including new rumors about Apple's car project, loads of hardware rumors across this year, and new features likely coming to Apple Fitness+.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Read More

Tim Cook mourns ?sad and shameful? day, says ?we must complete the transition? to the Biden administration

Monica Lozano appointed to Apple's board of directors

Belkin Boost Charge Pro is the best MagSafe combo charger

2021 16-inch MacBook Pro with miniLED screen: supply-chain

ProMotion and always-on display again suggested for iPhone

iOS 14.4 beta suggests guided audio walking workouts coming to Apple Watch

Apple rumored to adopt GaN for smaller charger designs

iPhone 13 rumored to feature LiDAR scanner in all models

Kuo: Apple to release AirTags, first AR device, new AirPods, and more in 2021
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Apple?s 2020 in review

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss the latest with 5G UWB in the wild, iOS 14 Shortcut triggers, and Apple's 2020 in product releases and service updates.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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AirPods Max review, Apple TV+ anniversary

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss changes in watchOS 7.2, new features in HomeKit, HomePod audio with the Apple TV, the first anniversary of AppleTV+, and Zac's impressions of the AirPod Max.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Privacy nutrition labels, Apple Fitness+ launch experience

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss Stadia for iOS, App Store privacy labels, Facebook's reaction to new tracking permissions, Apple TV+ in iOS 14.3, Tim Cook rejecting a series on Gawker after Apple bought it, and the launch of Apple Fitness+.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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MagSafe Duo experience, iOS 14.3, AirPods Max announced

9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss the launch of Apple's new MagSafe Duo charger, the upcoming launch of Apple Fitness+, new features in iOS 14.3, high-end Apple silicon Mac expectations, and the surprise debut of Apple AirPods Max.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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MagSafe Duo released, best apps of the year, Apple product mystery

Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss how Apple's new leather sleeve for iPhone 12 works, MagSafe Duo launching, Apple Music Replay versus Spotify Wrapped, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air rumors for 2021, Apple's apps of the year choices, Apple Fitness+ launching soon, and a mystery Apple product possibly launching on December 8.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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macOS Big Sur review, redesigned MacBooks, Apple Black Friday

This week Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall discuss the latest Ming-Chi Kuo rumors of redesigned MacBooks and Apple Watches, our time spent with macOS Big Sur so far, Apple's plans for Black Friday, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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HomePod mini and M1 Mac hands-on

Benjamin and Zac discuss the first few days with the all-new HomePod mini and M1 Macs, macOS Big Sur experience, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Apple M1 Mac event impressions

Benjamin and Zac discuss Apple's major M1 chip event where it unveiled the first Macs to switch from Intel processors to Apple Silicon.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stories

iPhone 12 mini reviews: A small and powerful phone, but battery life is questionable

iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews: Major camera upgrades, 6.7-inch display could be too big for some users

HomePod mini reviews: Impressive sound quality and design for users in the Apple ecosystem

Apple unveils M1, it's first system-on-a-chip for Mac computers

Apple unveils all-new MacBook Air powered by Apple Silicon M1 chip

Apple announces new Mac mini featuring Apple M1 chip, cheaper $699 price

Apple announces 13-inch MacBook Pro with faster performance and longer battery thanks to M1 chip

MacBook Pro and Mac mini still available with Intel chips for now
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Apple Silicon Mac event expectations

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo discuss iOS 14.2, new HomePod features, what to expect from Apple's November 10 event, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stories Apple releases iOS 14.2 with new emoji and wallpapers, HomePod Intercom support, more Hands-on with iOS 14.2 RC top changes and features [Video] Apple releases watchOS 7.1 with expanded ECG support, headphone level alerts, screen issue fix iPhone 12 mini MagSafe charging tops out at 12W, Lightning accessories limit power for all models Pandora gains HomePod integration and Siri support ahead of HomePod mini launch Apple announces special event for November 10: ?One more thing? Apple TV app coming to Xbox One, Series X, and Series S next week Rumor suggests Apple will announce TestFlight for macOS next week Rumor: 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air likely first Apple Silicon Macs Bloomberg: Apple to announce three new MacBooks with Apple Silicon at next week?s event Apple launches recall program for some AirPods Pro units due to ?sound issues? How to check if your AirPods Pro are eligible for free replacement Alleged photo of AirPods 3 parts shows AirPods Pro-inspired design First iPad Pro with mini LED display likely coming in Q1 2021, new report says
Link to episode

Apple One premiers, ARM Macs near, iPhone 12 reverse charging

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo talk Apple One bundle, AAPL earnings, Apple Silicon Macs, iPhone 12 features, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stories: iOS 14 beta users are being notified with a constant message about a non-existent update Apple begins rolling out Apple One services bundle starting at $15 per month You can now get up to 4 TB of iCloud storage Apple announces fiscal Q4 2020 earnings: revenue of $64.7 billion, more Tim Cook teases ?more exciting things? still coming from Apple in 2020 Three versions of A14 chip, says Chinese report: two for Apple Silicon Macs macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 beta includes references to 3 unreleased Macs ahead of Apple Silicon Apple invites macOS developers to special labs ahead of 1st Apple Silicon Mac announcement Apple FCC filing hints at hidden reverse wireless charging feature in iPhone 12 New AirPods coming in 2021; AirPods Studio delayed; possible new HomePod T-Mobile announces TVision live TV service starting at $10/month, Apple TV+ and Apple TV 4K promos Apple TV+ renews record-setting comedy ?Ted Lasso? for a third season 83 Minutes of Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman Riding Motorcycles ? POV From Long Way Up | Apple TV+ Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart to launch current affairs series on Apple TV+ Report: Apple considered $400 million deal with MGM for latest James Bond film Report: MGM considered moving James Bond to streaming but Apple/Netflix balked at $600m price tag Eve Light Strip becomes first accessory to support HomeKit Adaptive Lighting in iOS 14 Apple refreshes its Clips app with new UI, horizontal support, HDR recording on iPhone 12
Link to episode

iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Air 4 hands-on

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo discuss iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Air 4 day one launch, Apple TV on PlayStation, Apple Music TV, HomePod OS 14.1, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and HomePod mini impressions

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo unpack Apple's iPhone 12 and HomePod mini event.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Last minute iPhone 12 leaks and October Apple event expectations

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo preview Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 event on October 13.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 297: AirPods Spatial Audio, iOS 14.2 emoji, Apple TV on Xbox

Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo talk AirPods and Spatial Audio in iOS 14, Apple Maps expansion in the UK, the latest updates to iOS 14.2 beta, Roku gaining AirPlay 2 and the Apple TV app, TV+ coming to consoles, and much more.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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iOS 14 mania, Apple Watch Series 6 experience, iPhone 12 naming

Benjamin and Zac discuss the launch of iOS 14, best features, Home screen customization trends, new features in iOS 14.2 beta, Zac's experience with the all-new Apple Watch Series 6, and new rumors about a 'mini' iPhone 12.

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Apple Watch Series 6 & SE, iPad 8 and iPad Air 4 event

Zac and Benjamin unpack everything announced at Apple's September 15 event where Apple Watch Series 6 and SE were revealed, iPad 8 and iPad Air 4 debuted, and Apple One bundle and Fitness+ premiered. Tune in at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT:

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Stories Everything Apple announced during its September event: Apple Watch Series 6, new iPad Air, and more Follow

Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad event expectations

Apple's September event is official, but iPhones aren't on the agenda this month. Zac and Benjamin discuss what we can expect from iPads to Apple Watches, when we'll see iPhone 12, and much more. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT:

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The lantern on the bay: Apple Marina Bay Sands illuminates Singapore

Apple rolling out custom-designed ?Apple Face Mask? to corporate and retail employees

Peloton launches new ?Bike+? exercise bike featuring Apple Watch GymKit support

?Apple One? subscription bundle confirmed by Apple Music for Android ahead of Sept. 15 event

Apple officially announces Apple Watch and iPad virtual event for September 15

Bloomberg: Apple September event focused on iPad and Apple Watch, iPhone 12 won?t be announced until October


Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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iOS 13.7 released, two new Apple Watch models, Apple TV+ AR

Join Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo from 9to5Mac to discuss this week's top Apple and technology stories. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT:

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Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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iPad Air 4 design, Apple Watch GymKit, iPhone 12 rumors

There's a new iPad Air 4 on the way, Apple Watch GymKit is real, and Benjamin and Zac unpack the week in iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 rumors. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT:

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Stories Alleged iPad Air 4 pamphlet shows new full-screen design, Touch ID power button, USB-C Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad models appear in Eurasian filings iPadOS 14 now lets you interact with Siri and apps at the same time Report: Apple TV+ to add augmented reality bonus content next year Apple reportedly acquires VR startup ?Spaces? Users can now create Shortcuts to switch accounts on Apple TV with iOS 14 and tvOS 14 Rumors: Images claim to show iPhone 12 Pro Max camera features, 120hz display settings, notch size Apple releases iOS 14 public beta 6 with time picker changes, Spatial Audio toggle, more Bloomberg: Apple developing ?less ambitious? wireless charger following AirPower cancellation Apple updates iMovie for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with new filters, soundtracks, and more Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X update with proxy workflow improvements, performance upgrades, more Judge temporarily restrains Apple from blocking Unreal Engine, Fortnite ban upheld for now Which U.S. states are using Apple?s Exposure Notification API for COVID-19 contact tracing? Follow

Zac Hall @apollozac

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

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Fortnite provokes App Store fight and ?Apple One? services bundle

This week on 9to5Mac Happy Hour, Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall unpack the rumored Apple One bundle, the App Store removing the popular Fortnite game from Epic, and much more.

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Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):


Bloomberg: Apple services bundle to launch in October alongside iPhone 12, called ?Apple One? iOS 14 can automatically redirect web links to Apple News+ for premium articles Fortnite removed from App Store after Epic Games added direct payment option Facebook iOS gaming app launches with no games; condemns Apple policy Report: Apple to launch TV+, Showtime, and CBS All Access bundle next week Apple warns White House about severe implications of banning WeChat 9to5Mac Watch Time: Season 3 coming in September

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 289: Schiller retires, iMac design refuses to retire, iPhone 12 parts leak

This week on 9to5Mac Happy Hour, Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall make sense of Phil Schiller's "Fellow" retirement, the new nano-texture (option) iMac, this week in iPhone 12 part leaks, and much more. Sponsored by Space Time ? check out the 9to5 Network's new space news podcast!

Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):


Apple veteran Phil Schiller transitions to new ?Fellow? role, Greg Joswiak promoted to SVP of marketing Apple updates 27-inch iMac with new 10th-gen Intel CPUs, T2 chip and a 1080p webcam Alleged OLED display for upcoming iPhone 12 surfaces in leaked image iPhone 12 chassis rumored to feature a ring of magnets, perhaps for mounting to a new charging accessory

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Face ID on Mac, Apple confirms iPhone 12 delays, antitrust hearing

Apple has a unified gift card system, Face ID Mac evidence piles up, Digitimes backs Apple Watch Series 6 reporting, MacBook Air refresh clues, Apple's informative antitrust hearing, iPhone 12 release clues in Apple earnings, and much more.

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New Apple Gift Cards can be used in Apple Stores and the App Store Exclusive: Want Face ID on the Mac? macOS Big Sur suggests the TrueDepth camera is coming Digitimes: Apple Watch Series 6 to include blood oxygen sensor Regulatory filings reveal new 49.9Wh battery from Apple, could be for updated MacBook Air Apple says all developers treated equally, yet documents show Amazon Prime Video pays half the usual App Store commission Internal emails show how an Amazon ad prompted Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller to block in-app purchases of Kindle books on iOS Apple announces fiscal Q3 2020 earnings: revenue of $59.7 billion, more Apple confirms iPhone 12 will launch 'a few weeks later' than usual Apple TV+ scores its first-ever Emmy nominations for ?The Morning Show? and more Apple TV+ announces 'The Oprah Conversation' interview series debuting this week Universal inks deal that will bring new movies to iTunes just 17 days after theatrical debut

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iOS 14 beta 3 changes, iPhone 12 specs, iOS apps on the Mac

This week on 9to5Mac Happy Hour, Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall talk iPhone 12, iOS 14, ARM Mac apps, and much more. Sponsored by LinkedIn ? check out our offer to support the podcast! 

Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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New benchmarks and details about iPhone and iPad apps emerge from Apple Silicon Macs What's new in macOS 11 Big Sur beta 3? Battery icon change, new screenshot sound effect, more Braided Apple iPhone lightning cable pictured, expected to ship with iPhone 12 Report: Apple held ?preliminary? talks with Arm about an acquisition, but not planning a bid iOS 14 beta gives us a glimpse of the system interface on the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Rumors: iPhone 12 battery capacity, release potentially delayed until November What's new in iOS 14 beta 3? New Music app icon, Clock widgets, more Apple launches Security Research Device Program to help researchers find security vulnerabilities in its devices Apple defends 30% App Store commission with new study as antitrust threats loom iPadOS 14 changes and features - Apple Pencil powers up 100% carbon neutral supply chain by 2030, says Apple

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iOS 14 privacy, iOS 13.6 released, the state of the Apple Watch

This week Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall unpack privacy features in iOS 14, Apple's first tweet, iPhone 12 and the braided USB-C cable, the latest Apple Silicon Mac expectations, iOS 13.6, and much more.

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Apple's official Twitter account hacked in widespread cryptocurrency scam LinkedIn sued after being caught reading users? clipboards on iOS 14 iOS 14 clipboard notifications are annoying, but developer adoption of a new API will improve the experience iOS 14: What do the orange and green dots in the status bar mean? Apple releasing iOS 13.6 today with Apple News+ Audio, Car Key feature, more How to subscribe to Apple's free daily news podcast Apple News+ sees another free month promotion as audio stories are set to launch Apple partners with Verizon to offer free six months of News+ for new iPad buyers Leaker claims iPhone 12 will come with new Lightning to USB-C braided cable Kuo: New Apple Silicon Macs will include redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2021 Report: Apple TV+ beats its viewership records following release of 'Greyhound' Apple TV+ picks up Justin Timberlake drama 'Palmer' and new thriller 'Echo 3'

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Introducing Space Time, a Space Explored podcast

Space Time: Will Pomerantz, Virgin Orbit VP of Special Projects, on Stennis Space Center?s name

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iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur impressions

This week Zac and Benjamin discuss the iOS 14 public beta, two weeks using macOS Big Sur and the latest OS updates, favorite under-the-radar features so far, and much more.

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Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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iPhone 12 charger rumors, Force Touch on watchOS 7, shifting Arcade strategy

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss Apple?s Developer Transition Kit ARM Mac mini, rumors that iPhone 12 won?t include a charger in the box, Apple Watch losing Force Touch in watchOS 7, Apple Arcade?s shifting game strategy, and new Apple Card features.

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WWDC 2020 impressions: iOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS Big Sur and tvOS 14

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss Apple?s major WWDC 2020 keynote, including what?s new in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS Big Sur, and tvOS 14.

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Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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Everything Apple announced in its WWDC keynote: iOS 14, Apple Silicon, macOS 11 Big Sur, more Apple unveils iOS 14 with new home screen design, widgets, picture in picture, more watchOS 7 for Apple Watch: Sleep tracking, face sharing, new workouts including dance, hand washing detection, more Apple announces Mac architecture transition from Intel to its own ARM chips, offers emulation path

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WWDC Preview: iOS 14, watchOS 7, and more

This week Zac and Benjamin preview WWDC 2020, iOS 14, and much more.

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9to5Mac Exclusives Exclusive: iOS 14 to include overhauled Podcasts app with ?For You?, bonus content, more iOS 14 to include built-in translator in Safari, full Apple Pencil support on websites Apple working to replace Messages app on Mac with a Catalyst version iOS 14 code reveals iOS 14: Apple developing ?Clips? feature for using apps without requiring full downloads iOS 14 code reveals updated Activity rings for Apple Watch in upcoming kids mode on watchOS 7 iOS 14 code reveals Apple working with BMW on futuristic ?CarKey? iPhone feature ?Find My? features found in iOS 14 code include new notification triggers and AR mode iOS 14: CarPlay wallpapers, deeper Apple Store integration in Maps watchOS 7 to include new ?International? Apple Watch face with multiple country flags iOS 14: Major accessibility features, Alipay Apple Pay, wallpaper app integration, more iOS 14 to include new homescreen list view option with Siri suggestions and more HomeKit in iOS 14: Face recognition, Apple TV audio, Night Shift for lights iOS 14 reveals iPhone 9 and updated iPad Pro details, new Apple TV remote, AirTags, more Apple developing new augmented reality app for iOS 14, testing Apple Store and Starbucks partnership Apple Watch Series 6 and watchOS 7 to include ?Infograph Pro? with tachymeter, SchoolTime and kids mode, sleep tracking, more iOS 14 icon leak reveals first look at Apple?s high-end, over-ear headphones with AirPods features Apple Watch blood oxygen detection feature found in iOS 14 code snippet WWDC.Tempo.Run

Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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iMac redesign, ARM Mac transition, WWDC plans

This week Zac and Benjamin are joined by Mark Gurman to unpack the long-running rumors that Apple will switch from Intel to custom-designed chips in Macs, a new rumor that Apple has a redesigned iMac coming at WWDC, new changes in iOS 13.6 beta, Apple's plans for WWDC week, and much more.

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Bloomberg: Apple to announce its first ARM Mac chips at WWDC, as it starts transition away from Intel Bloomberg: ?Very limited? number of Apple workers returning to office beginning June 15 Bloomberg details how Apple Park staff will return during COVID-19: elevator limit, masks required, more Rumor: Redesigned iMac to be announced at WWDC with thin bezels, AMD Navi GPUs and T2 chip Eurasian regulatory filings list upcoming iPhone 12 models and likely redesigned iMac Apple renames beta again, introduces ?beta 2? of iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 What's new in iOS 13.6 beta 2? New changes/features [Video] iOS 13.6 adds new toggle to automatically download future software updates Apple discontinuing iBooks Author and iTunes U, here?s what you need to know Apple debuts new Apple Watch Sport Bands and silicone iPhone cases for summer Apple to add 0% interest Apple Card payment plans for iPad, Mac, AirPods and more

Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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Rumored iPad upgrades, Apple News+ Audio hands on, more iOS 14 leaks

This week Zac and Benjamin take 9to5Mac Happy Hour live on video for the first time to discuss the upcoming Apple News+ Audio feature, evidence of an Apple bundle in code, iPad Pro and iPad Air 4 rumors, and much more.

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9to5Mac Watch Time 24: A conversation on race with Ish ShaBazz (In memory of George Floyd) Killing of George Floyd: Tim Cook memo to all staff Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out on George Floyd's 'senseless killing' in open letter on racism and equality Apple temporarily closes US retail stores in wake of widespread looting and protests Boarded up Apple Stores become unofficial canvases for peaceful protest Apple Music joins wider music industry Black Out Tuesday awareness campaign with app takeover Apple Music's Zane Lowe brings interviews with iconic artists to new podcast iOS 13.5.5 code provides evidence of future Apple services bundle in development Here's our first look at new Apple News+ Audio hidden feature in iOS 13.5.5 beta First look: Apple News+ Audio in iOS 13.5.5 beta [Video] iOS 14 to include built-in translator in Safari, full Apple Pencil support on websites Report: iOS 14 will support all iPhones that run iOS 13 Report: Fourth-generation iPad Air to switch to USB-C, iPad mini sticking with Lightning Fast 5G and mini-LED in iPad Pro models Q1 or Q2 2021 [Update: Apple explains] Apple doubles cost of RAM upgrade for entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro iPhone 12 launch in october, says new supply-chain report Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge set for World Environment Day this week Stacktrace Podcast 086: ?Into the void of the internet?

Here?s the live stream for today?s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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Apple Store at the curb, macOS 10.15.5, Apple TV+ expansions

This week Zac and Benjamin discuss the state of Apple Stores during the global pandemic, updates to Apple's Exposure Notifications API, macOS 10.15.5 and new battery features, new details about Messages for Mac on macOS 10.16, loads of Apple TV+ developments, and much more.

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[Update: New pictures and video] Leaked images may show redesigned Leather Loop for Apple Watch How to jailbreak iOS 13.5 on a Windows machine using Unc0ver jailbreak More than half of Apple Stores worldwide have reopened A look at the new Pro Display XDR fine-tune calibration settings in macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Apple acquires machine learning startup Inductiv Inc. to improve Siri data Voice dictation on iPhone much slower than Pixel [Video]- 9to5Mac Apple reaches deal for upcoming Martin Scorsese film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro HBO stops participating in Apple TV Channels, users directed to HBO Max app COVID-19: Here's every open Apple Store Apple TV+ now includes all classic Fraggle Rock episodes, orders full season reboot [update: official] HBO Max now available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV Quibi for iPhone updated with AirPlay integration for big-screen viewing Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with new Battery Health Management feature Switzerland first to release COVID-19 app using Apple and Google Exposure Notification API Apple will reopen over 100 US retail stores this week, most with curbside or storefront service only How to jailbreak iOS 13.5 using Unc0ver on macOS Apple working to replace Messages app on Mac with a Catalyst version iOS 14 code reveals Apple TV+ roundup: ?Little Voice? premiere date, Daytime Emmy nominations, series about Gawker Bloomberg: Apple seeking new boss for original podcasts effort, plans TV+ tie-ins Icon Garden podcast - Zac appearance Space Explored joining Seth Weintraub?s 9to5 Network

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Zac is traveling this week. Chapters will return next week! Thanks for understanding!

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iOS 13.5 release, iPhone 12 EarPods, Apple TV+ back catalog

Benjamin and Zac unpack the release of iOS 13.5 and the Apple/Google Exposure Notification API app adoption, Apple Watch 2020 Pride bands and faces, Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction that iPhone 12 won't include EarPods in the box, Apple TV+ potentially buying a back catalog of content, a new Tom Hanks film coming to the service, and much more.

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Apple releases iOS 13.5, here are the new features [Update: Now available] watchOS 6.2.5 enables ECG and Irregular heart rhythm notifications for Apple Watch in Saudi Arabia New Apple Watch faces: 2020 Pride and rainbow Gradient [update: more] Apple releases two new Pride Edition Sport Bands for Apple Watch Looking for the new Rainbow color on your Apple Watch? watchOS 6.2.5 may have lost it Kuo: Apple may not include EarPods headphones in iPhone 12 box to boost AirPods sales Bloomberg: Apple TV+ tops 10 million subscribers, company buying TV show and movie back catalog to expand service Apple TV+ inks $70 million deal to premiere upcoming Tom Hanks film ?Greyhound? Apple TV+ comedy 'Mythic Quest' set to debut shot on iPhone quarantine episode on May 22 ?The Joe Rogan Experience? to become a Spotify exclusive, leaving Apple Podcasts Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge set for World Environment Day next month

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00:00:00 ? iOS 13.5 now available

00:23:50 ? Apple Watch 2020 Pride faces and bands

00:34:28 ? iPhone 12 EarPods

00:48:15 ? Apple TV+ back catalog

01:04:25 ? Apple Podcast originals

01:09:00 ? Yobi B3 HomeKit doorbell

01:18:30 ? Apple Watch Activity Challenge

01:21:35 ? Wrap up

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AirPods Studio, new iPads rumored and iPhone 12 Pro exclusive features

Apple closes deal to buy NextVR, Logic Pro X gains Live Loops, exclusive new details on AirPods Studio, Kuo on iPad size updates, iPhone 12 features, and much more.

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Exclusive: NextVR acquired by Apple (Updated) Apple touts ?broadcast quality? of iPhone cameras as Hollywood adapts to at-home production Some iPad Pro users complaining that the Magic Keyboard causes excessive battery drain Massive Logic Pro X update hits today with Live Loops, more Rumor: ?AirPods Studio? name and $349 price for Apple?s over-ear headphones Exclusive: AirPods Studio to feature head and neck detection, custom equalizer settings, more Powerbeats Pro likely gaining four new colors including Cloud Pink and Lava Red Kuo: New 10.8-inch iPad and 9-inch iPad mini on the way, Apple Glasses in 2022 'at the earliest' Apple News+ audio stories planned; publishers fear the worst Rumors: iPhone 12 Pro to feature ProMotion high-refresh rate screen, improved Face ID, 3x rear camera zoom Space Pod: Astronaut Tom Cruise, NASA Human Landing System, SpaceX Demo-2

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00:00:00 ? NextVR deal closes

00:08:56 ? WWDC TV

00:12:26 ? Magic Keyboard battery drain

00:24:17 ? Logic Pro X

00:28:31 ? AirPods Studio

00:38:49 ? Powerbeats Pro 2020

00:45:03 ? New iPad sizes, Apple Glasses

00:56:46 ? Apple News audio

01:09:22 ? iPhone 12 ProMotion, 3x zoom

01:19:22 ? Space Pod teaser

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iOS 13.5 beta 4, the ?new? 13-inch MacBook Pro, making a HomeKit house

Benjamin explains a recent Facebook bug, iOS 13.5 beta 4 brings changes to Exposure Notification, Apple unveils WWDC 2020 dates, 13-inch MacBook Pro switches to Magic Keyboard, Zac recaps recent HomeKit updates, Apple TV+ reaches half a year, and much more.

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PSA: Facebook SDK bug causing several popular apps to crash right now [Update: Fixed] iOS 13.5 beta 4 revamps COVID-19 exposure notification opt-in interface in Settings Apple Watch and iPhone can automatically send vital Medical ID info to first responders in iOS 13.5 Emergency SOS  Medical ID  Apple kicking off week of virtual WWDC on June 22, jackets and pins for Swift Challenge winners Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, doubles SSD storage Kuo: 14.1-inch MacBook Pro joining lineup after 16-inch redesign, new iMac Pro in Q4 Review roundup: 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro is a 'strong and safe bet' but also the 'awkward middle child' [Videos] Six months on, Apple TV+ features creative original shows but service remains confusing for newcomers Ground Control to Major Tom: NASA shooting film in space with Tom Cruise

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00:00:00 ? Facebook

00:12:48 ? iOS 13.5

00:22:32 ? WWDC20

00:40:58 ? 13-inch MacBook Pro

00:55:30 ? HomeKit

01:31:22 ? Apple TV+

01:47:25 ? 9to5Mac Watch Time Virtual 5K

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iOS 13.5 beta addresses COVID-19, AirPods rumors, HomePod mini

iOS 13.5 arrives in beta, Apple's Exposure Notification API is ready to combat COVID-19 risks, Face ID and Group FaceTime are making changes, Zac has more thoughts on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, iPhone SE has a missing feature, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts new AirPods, Apple announces earnings results, and much more.

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Apple releases iOS 13.5 beta with first version of its COVID-19 exposure notification API iOS 13.5 beta makes it easier to skip Face ID if you're wearing a mask Busy Group FaceTime call? iOS 13.5 lets you turn off automatic face zooming iPhone SE lacks support for Haptic Touch on notifications, and it's not a bug Kuo expects 'AirPods Pro Lite' to be Beats, AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 as soon as next year Bloomberg: iPhone 12 to feature smaller notch and share design cues with iPad Pro, half-size cheaper HomePod later this year Rumors: Apple-designed game controller, iPad with under-screen Touch ID, smaller iPhone 12 notch pictured Apple announces fiscal Q2 2020 earnings: revenue of $58.3 billion amid COVID-19 concerns Tim Cook expects iPhone SE to attract Android users, 'it's faster than the fastest Android phones' Apple working on new Apple Card financing options for products other than iPhone Tim Cook: iMessage and FaceTime saw record daily use in Q2, Apple News reached 125M users Apple Stores in Australia and Austria will reopen in 1 to 2 weeks 9to5Mac Watch Time Podcast 9to5Mac stickers! Zac on Today in Space podcast NASA taps SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics to develop human landing systems for Artemis moon mission Astronaut Reisman on Twitter 9to5Mac Happy Hour 261: An interview with Astronaut Reisman, ?For All Mankind? consultant for Apple TV+

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00:00:00 ? iOS 13.5

00:09:49 ? Face ID and masks

00:15:21 ? Group FaceTime zooming

00:20:51 ? Magic Keyboard followup

00:31:32 ? iPhone SE followup

00:36:05 ? AirPods Pro Lite

00:41:47 ? HomePod Lite

00:47:01 ? AirTags Expensive

00:52:59 ? AAPL Earnings

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Magic Keyboard for iPad, Apple Music on Samsung TVs, 23-inch iMac

Zac has hands-on impressions with the Magic Keyboard for iPad, Benjamin has an update on the Logitech trackpad, Apple has a new Mac battery feature, and there's a 23-inch iMac update rumored.

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iPhone SE launch, magnetic headphones rumors, contact tracing explained

Apple releases its Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, Logitech starts selling its own, Mac Pro feet and wheels are rolling off the shelves, Apple has a brand new iPhone SE available to order, Bloomberg reports new details about Apple's high-end, over-ear headphones, and we explain how Apple's contact tracing works.

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Stories we discuss in this episode:

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro now available to order, ships next week Apple officially unveils rumored 'iPhone 9' with iPhone SE name Apple donating portion of PRODUCT(RED) iPhone SE proceeds to COVID-19 relief Apple makes the Radeon Pro W5700X MPX Module available in custom Mac Pro builds AirPods Pro ear tip replacements now available to order from Apple Online Store Apple releases leather and silicone cases for new iPhone SE, priced from $35 Apple now sells Mac Pro wheels and feet from $299 to $699 2020 iPhone SE includes Wi-Fi 6 and Express Card support but skips Ultra Wideband chip New iPhone SE replaces iPhone 8, Apple discontinues iPhone 8 Plus without replacement Google Classroom app flooded with 1-star reviews as students react to working from home Apple makes Apple Maps mobility data available to help health authorities mitigate COVID-19 spread iPhone and Android COVID-19 contact-tracing: Public health authority apps only, can be disabled by region, multiple iOS updates required Google, Apple building COVID-19 tracing into Android, iOS - 9to5Google Bloomberg: iPhone 12 to feature smaller notch and share design cues with iPad Pro, half-size cheaper HomePod later this year Bloomberg: Apple over-ear headphones launching ?later this year? with swappable magnetic parts Subscribe, Rate, and Review 9to5Mac Happy Hour!

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00:00:00 ? Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

00:04:52 ? Logitech Trackpad Keyboard Case

00:14:57 ? Mac Pro feet and wheels

00:18:49 ? AirPods Pro tips

00:19:51 ? iPhone SE announcement

00:36:05 ? More on iPhone SE

00:56:29 ? Magnetic headphones

00:59:02 ? Contact tracing explained

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iPad Pro LiDAR, iOS 14 wallpapers and widgets, App Store clips

Benjamin and Zac dive into LiDAR on the new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard weight and availability, a new ARKit app called Pocket Rocket, iPad Pro's new hardware disconnect feature, new iOS 14 wallpaper and widget features, a new app clips feature, Watchsmith for Apple Watch, the new Quibi video app, and what's happening with HBO on Apple TV 3.

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Stories we discuss in this episode:

Pocket Rocket is a SpaceX launch tracker that puts spacecrafts in the palm of your hand using ARKit 2020 iPad Pro first model with microphone hardware disconnect privacy feature Apple iPad Magic Keyboard is up for preorder on Amazon, don?t trust the May 30 release date Moshi iVisor for 11-inch iPad Pro Moshi iVisor for 16-inch MacBook Pro Leaked iOS 14 screenshot shows new wallpaper settings, beta code reveals Home screen widgets iOS 14: Apple developing ?Clips? feature for using apps without requiring full downloads Watchsmith is a must-have app for unlocking new Apple Watch features with dynamic complications HBO Now stops working for 3rd-gen Apple TV at end of the month, here are your options Subscribe, Rate, and Review 9to5Mac Happy Hour!

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00:00:00 ? iPad Pro LiDAR

00:23:17 ? iOS 14 wallpapers and widgets

00:37:42 ? App 'Clips'

00:48:23 ? Watchsmith for Apple Watch

00:58:22 ? What's Quibi?

01:05:49 ? HBO on Apple TV 3

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Amazon skirts App Store rules, Apple buys Dark Sky, iPhone 9 is iPhone SE

Benjamin and Zac unpack the week of news including more features coming to iOS 14 and watchOS 7, Siri for Spotify on Apple Watch, Apple's COVID-19 app, the Amazon Prime Video App Store situation, new AirTag leaks, Apple buying Dark Sky, breaking 2020 iPhone SE news, and much more.

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Stories we discuss in this episode:

9to5Mac Happy Hour 257: Our first product memories and Apple?s decade in review iOS 14: Keychain password manager to gain new 1Password-like features iOS 14 code reveals updated Activity rings for Apple Watch in upcoming kids mode on watchOS 7 Review: This adapter turns standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, and somehow it actually works Spotify launches Siri support for Apple Watches running watchOS 6 [Update: Now available globally in App Store] Facebook kicks off long-awaited Messenger for Mac rollout Apple launches informative COVID-19 app and website screener in partnership with FEMA and CDC Amazon Prime Video now lets users buy TV shows and movies in the app, seemingly struck special deal with Apple Apple references unreleased AirTag item trackers in new support video What Apple buying Dark Sky could mean for iOS 14, iPad and Mac, and developers Apple purchases hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky, ending API and killing Android apps Rumor: Apple developing Touch ID fingerprint biometrics for Apple Watch, Series 2 will not support watchOS 7 Exclusive: iPhone 9 launch imminent, 2020 ?iPhone SE? in red, white, and black with up to 256GB Subscribe, Rate, and Review 9to5Mac Happy Hour!

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00:00:00 ? Anniversary!

00:02:30 ? iOS 14 iCloud Keychain

00:07:15 ? Apple Watch activity tracking for kids

00:11:35 ? Apple's Logic leak

00:13:55 ? Wireless CarPlay Adapter

00:19:22 ? Spotify for Siri on Apple Watch

00:20:31 ? Messenger for Mac

00:24:21 ? COVID-19 app

00:29:56 ? Amazon

00:53:39 ? iPhone SE 2020

00:58:06 ? AirTag

01:35:58 ? Apple Watch Touch ID

01:39:47 ? iOS 13.4.5 beta

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iPhone 9 Plus, Apple CarKey, iPadOS 13.4

Benjamin and Zac discuss Apple's first theatrical release film, iPhone 9 and iPhone 12 rumors, the latest 9to5Mac exclusives from iOS 14, iOS 13.4, and more.

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Stories we discuss in this episode:

Watch now on Apple TV: The Banker movie, Amazing Stories starring Robert Forster, Carpool Karaoke with Stranger Things cast Hands-on: What?s new in iOS 13.4? An awesome productivity update for iPad users [Video] ?Find My? features found in iOS 14 code include new notification triggers and AR mode iOS 14: CarPlay wallpapers, deeper Apple Store integration in Maps iOS 14 code confirms Apple planning ?iPhone 9 Plus? with A13 as larger version of rumored entry-level model iOS 14 code reveals Apple working with BMW on futuristic ?CarKey? iPhone feature App Store rules are preventing game streaming services from reaching iPhone and iPad users Subscribe, Rate, and Review 9to5Mac Happy Hour!

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00:00:00 ? The Banker

00:09:23 ? iPhone 9 Plus

00:22:40 ? iPhone 12 camera

00:31:15 ? CarPlay wallpapers

00:38:52 ? New Find My features

00:46:20 ? CarKey and BMW

00:55:10 ? App Store and game services

01:01:47 ? iPadOS 13.4

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