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Ask Pastor John

Ask Pastor John

John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.


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Why Did Jesus Choose Judas?

If Jesus knew that Judas would betray him in the end, why did Jesus choose Judas as a disciple to begin with?
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Finding the Confidence to Pray

The doctrine of God?s all-governing providence is not a problem for our prayers. It is our only hope for our prayers coming to pass.
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I?m Likely Going to Prison ? Now What?

Where is God when I face life-changing consequences for my sin? Can he really work for my good, even in a punishment as severe as prison?
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Should I Ever Pursue My Dreams?

Can we pursue our own dreams while also obeying God? Or do we need to give up our dreams in order to follow what Jesus is really calling us to?
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Protected from False Teaching

Joyful faith in the all-governing providence of God immunizes us against false teaching that exalts man and detracts from the glory due to God alone.
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Who Wrote the Bible?

The question ?Who wrote the Bible?? has a double answer: God and man. Humans held the quill, but God ultimately inspired their words.
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What Is the Meaning of Life?

When life just doesn?t seem to make sense, or even when it seems void of any meaning at all, what can help us to know our purpose again?
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Sustained Through the Hardest Suffering

God?s providence not only governs all things, but it gives us hope in our suffering. We can trust that our all-good God will turn every sorrow to joy.
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Why Is Baptism Important?

Jesus commands the church not only to make disciples, but also to baptize them. But why is baptism so important?
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My Teen Is Sexually Active ? What Can I Do?

What can Christian parents do if they discover that one of their children is living in serious sexual sin? Pastor John offers counsel on where to begin.
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The Root of Beautiful Patience

God?s all-pervasive providence is the key that unlocks enduring patience. He is always working more good than we can ever see.
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Do My Sins Hinder My Prayers?

Peter tells us that a husband?s prayers are hindered if he dishonors his wife. Is this just a marriage principle, or does sin always obstruct our prayers?
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Is My Happiness Moral or Not?

Does the presence or absence of happiness say anything about us morally, or is happiness simply a nonmoral state of affairs?
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Escaping the Fog of Triviality

In a culture filled with silliness and superficiality, seeing and savoring the providence of God protects our hearts from trifling with divine things.
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Has Porn Already Broken My Future Marriage?

Pornography distorts our souls. But with the transformation of the Holy Spirit and a hard, honest fight, there is still hope for godly intimacy in marriage.
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Before You Tweet Criticism: Six Considerations

Social media feeds are often infernos of insults and anger. How can Christians engage online in ways that make much of Christ?
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Everything Made Meaningful

Even the tiniest details of history move forward under the providential care of our sovereign, all-good God. Nothing is random. Nothing is meaningless.
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Why Did God Create Us?

If God doesn?t need anything in this world in order to be who he is, then why did he create the world at all?
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Am I Too Hard on Myself?

God has given us a high and holy calling in Christ. But can a Christian ever be too hard on himself as he strives to live up to that calling?
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Trembling at Sin, Marveling at Grace

Seeing and savoring God?s providence in our redemption fills us with wonder and trembling joy. We owe everything to his grace.
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Martin Luther King and His Partner in the Cause

Christian citizenship expands far beyond the country on our passport. We share a citizenship with those from every nation who call upon the name of Jesus.
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Is an Audio Bible Sufficient for Devotions?

Is listening to the Bible just as good as reading it? Or do we risk missing something if our Bible intake comes mainly through listening?
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Confronting Lukewarm Worship

When we see and savor the providence of God, lukewarm worship gives way to wonder, awe, and holy reverence before our majestic God.
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How Do I Bear with Immature Christians?

Faithful pastors long to see their churches grow up in faith, hope, and love. So, how does a pastor bear with those who seem to be going backward?
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How Often Should I Question My Salvation?

The Bible instructs believers to examine themselves, but does it tell us to what extent or how often we should question our salvation?
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What Difference Does Providence Make?

What difference does seeing and savoring the providence of God make? Pastor John explains why providence overflows with practical implications.
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Can I Take a Vaccine Made from Aborted Babies?

Several vaccines in current use are developed from the cells of aborted babies. Can Christians use these vaccines in good conscience?
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How Do I Become Passionate About Bible Reading?

Regular, disciplined Bible intake is not optional for God?s people. It is God?s plan for preserving us and bringing us safely to glory.
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Eight Years of APJ, and What?s Ahead

At the end of another year, Pastor John reflects on 2020, the world of Ephesians, and the need for a new tidal wave of God-centered teaching.
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Should We Talk More About ?Following Jesus??

In the Gospels, Jesus repeatedly tells people to follow him. But why doesn?t that call ring out in the rest of the New Testament?
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Is Christmas Too Pagan for Christians?

Christmas offers an opportunity to look upon the incarnation with fresh amazement. But does the timing of our celebration just reflect pagan tradition?
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Why Did Christ Need a Body?

In the person of Jesus Christ, we encounter incarnate Deity. But why did he have to take on flesh that first Christmas?
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Do We Have the Exact Words of Christ, or a Paraphrase?

Do the Gospels give us the exact words that Jesus spoke, or do they give us a paraphrase that captures his meaning?
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Does Joy Come After Suffering, Or in It?

Faith does not shield us from waves of sorrow. But it does plant our feet on a rock of immovable joy. And when the waves leave, the rock remains.
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The Sweetness of Christ in 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, Pastor John describes the one reality that shaped everything else for him: the experience of sweeter fellowship with God.
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What Happens to Non-Christians Who Take the Lord?s Supper?

What happens when unbelievers eat the Lord?s Supper ? either because they think they are believers or because the church has welcomed them to participate?
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Christian Marries Non-Christian ? How Does a Church Respond?

How should pastors respond to a Christian who marries a non-Christian? And what might repentance look like in such a situation?
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Fight Sin Like a Victor, Not a Victim

When Christ gives you new life by the Spirit, you are no longer a victim under sin?s power, but a victor who has the strength to triumph.
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How Do I Battle Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can make us feel like frauds in the workplace ? like we are never good enough and always about to be exposed. How can we respond?
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Did Jesus Say We Are gods?

In John 10, Jesus quotes from Psalm 82, saying, ?You are gods.? Does this mean human beings are gods, or is something else going on?
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What?s Keeping Me from Seeing Jesus?

By nature, we all want to be made much of. Until that craving for praise is laid to rest, we?ll never know the joy of making much of Jesus.
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Can I ?Name It and Claim It??

God can do far, far more than we can think to ask. But that doesn?t mean whatever we wish lines up with his sovereign plans to bring us good.
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Critical Race Theory, Part 2: The Root Problem (Special Episode)

How should Christians respond to critical race theory? In a special episode, Pastor John explains the theory?s goals, assumptions, and root problem.
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Critical Race Theory, Part 1: The Relationships (Special Episode)

Critical race theory is a divisive topic among many Christians today. In a special episode, Pastor John explains why we should be careful in how we talk to each other about it.
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Ten Effects of Seeing and Savoring the Providence of God

When we see and savor the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God, we cannot help but show the worth of his providence in all of life.
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Have You Seen the Providence of God?

Immersing ourselves in the ocean of God?s providence helps us to know him, fear him, trust him, and love him as we ought.
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God?s Providence in 2020

In January 2021, John Piper releases his newest book: a 750-page study of the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God.
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Does God Regret Making Me?

We know that God is committed to saving his people. But does he ever become so frustrated with us that he regrets having made us in the first place?
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What Makes Us Want to Move and Travel?

Our cravings can take us to new spouses, new jobs, or even new cities or countries. But there is only one place we?ll find the satisfaction we seek.
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My Wife Is More Spiritual ? How Do I Lead Her?

As a husband, I know that God calls me to lead my family. But what if my wife is more capable and more spiritually mature than I am?
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