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Join VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, speaker, pastor) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology, and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.


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Episode 446: ?Too Black?... Hip Hop Superstar Lecrae on His Relationship With White Evangelicalism

Filling his songs with faith and the theology of respected white leaders like John Piper and Tim Keller, Lecrae became a darling of white evangelicalism.  When he spoke out against racial injustice in 2017, all that began to change. Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, record producer and Christian activist Lecrae sits down with Phil to talk about being called ?too Black,? Fallkirk Center co-founder Charlie Kirk?s recent attempt to ?cancel? him, and, in the midst of it all,  why he still has hope for the church.

Plus - was that really a golden statue at CPAC??  Seriously??

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Episode 445: You Might Be a Christian Nationalist If... & Transgender Identities with Preston Sprinkle

How do you know if you?re a Christian nationalist? Kaitlyn Schiess is back with Phil and Skye to unpack Samuel Perry?s top 10 indicators of Christian nationalism and they add a few of their own. They also discuss why there?s so much overlap between Christian nationalism and Christian fundamentalism. Plus, Phil explains how the evolution of contemporary Christian music reveals what?s happened to the American church. Then, Skye talks with Preston Sprinkle about his new book ?Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say.? They discuss what extremists on the Right and Left get wrong about the transgender conversation, and what a pastoral, not just a theological, response looks like. Also this week, a more accurate covid test is being used in China?but there?s a downside.

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Episode 444: The Ravi Zacharias Revelations & Leaving the SBC with Charlie Dates

Here we go again. The evangelical world is shocked by another leadership scandal. This time it?s the report that famed apologist Ravi Zacharias sexually abused women for years before his death in 2020. Kaitlyn Schiess joins Phil and Skye to discuss the story, and why so many ministries fail to investigate their famous leaders or take abuse allegations seriously. Then, Skye talks with Charlie Dates, senior pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, about his decision to leave the Southern Baptist Convention in December. Believing the SBC?s desire to overcome its racist past was genuine, Dates had to convince his historically black church to align with the SBC in the first place. He explains why he was wrong and what it means for the future of evangelicalism in America.

This week's Bonus segment:

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Episode 443: False Prophets, Judgment, & Gen Z with Joshua Packard

Before the 2020 election, many self-identified ?prophets? within the charismatic movement decalred God had revealed to them that Donald Trump would win. Millions of followers believed them. How are they now reconciling their divine revelations with reality? The Holy Post crew looks at another failed prophecy in the 1840s that changed American Christianity. Also this week, Phil deputizes Mike Erre as his pastor to determine whether his sarcastic response to a Twitter critic violated Jesus? command against judging others. And sociologist Joshua Packard talks with Skye about a comprehensive new study on the faith of Generation Z, and why few churches are prepared to engage them. Plus, forced monkey labor.

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Episode 442: Christian Nationalism & the Good Life with Derwin Gray

Evangelicals used to believe the way to transform America was through revivalism. Increasingly, they now believe it?s through revolution. Why are so many buying into Christian nationalism? What is it? And what can we do about those caught in this heretical gospel of political domination? Phil, Skye, and Christian discuss the issue. Also this week, Dr. Derwin Gray?former NFL player and lead pastor of a multiethnic church in North Carolina?joins Skye to talk about his new book on the Beatitudes, ?The Good Life,? and why Jesus was the happiest person ever. Gray also unpacks why so many pastors are afraid to talk about race and politics. Plus?nano chameleons and scientists teach vegetables to send emails.

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Episode 441: Biden?s Inauguration & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner

Was Donald Trump good or bad for the Republican Party? The GOP lost the presidency and the Senate, but in 2020 the party gain seats in the House and Trump also got more votes than any Republican candidate ever! Conservative columnist and veteran of three Republican administrations, Peter Wehner, joins Skye to talk about the future of the party after Trump, and why evangelicals are the group most easily seduced by political power. Also this week, Kaitlyn Schiess joins Phil and Skye to discuss Biden?s inauguration, and to answer listener questions like?Why do so many conservative Christians oppose environmentalism? Why is there a split between older and younger Christians regarding Christian nationalism? And, why do the same leaders who say ?We should be courageous enough to die for our faith? exhibit so much fear over cultural and political change?


Kaitlyn?s Twitter Thread

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Episode 440: Southern Shame Culture & How to Fight Racism w/Jemar Tisby

Jemar Tisby (The Color of Compromise) rejoins Phil to discuss his new book, How to Fight Racism. Actual, real steps to be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Plus David French posits that the American church has been infected with something called ?Southern shame culture,? which sends Phil on a journey into the ?Lost Cause? narrative, confederate monuments, revisionist history and the overwhelming desire to ?defend our tribe? and punch back at enemies, real and imagined. It?s a wild, historical journey from the Civil War to Franklin Graham! (And if you don?t like it, it?s David French?s fault.)

Bonus for Patreon Subscribers: Phil asks Jemar some tough questions: What?s his take on the CRT controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention? And what about abortion? Since white Christians are more likely to vote for pro-life candidates than Black Christians, does that mean Black Christians don?t care about abortion? It?s a fascinating conversation available to everyone who supports the podcast at any level!

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Episode 439: Was the Capitol Attack a Christian Insurrection?

Everyone is trying to make sense of the attack on the Capitol last week by a violent pro-Trump mob displaying Christian symbols?including us! Kaitlyn Schiess joins Phil, Skye, and Christian to talk through the madness. Skye explains why this attack is fundamentally different from political violence in America?s past. Phil worries about the loss of objective truth and why responses on Facebook are so much worse than Twitter. The discuss why so many Christians and Christian leaders still support Donald Trump, and the crew  unpacks articles from three evangelicals?Ed Stetzer, Michael Gerson, and David French?who say white evangelicalism must face a reckoning. But will it?

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Episode 438: The Year that Unveiled Evangelicalism with John Fea

We?re starting the new year with a look back. John Fea, history professor from Messiah College, author of ?Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump,? and the official historian of the Holy Post podcast, says 2020 was a year that ?unveiled? the truth about American evangelicalism. He also explores how different court evangelicals have responded to Trump?s loss, and what may happen next. Fea also looks at Phil?s recent video about the history of evangelicalism, and how the Second Great Awakening shaped so much of what we?re seeing today. Also this week?Skye goes skiing and Phil replaces Plinky Pete.

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Episode 437: Ham on Phil - A Brief History of Young Earth Creationism

Recently, Young Earth Creation (YEC) champion Ken Ham took exception to Phil's statement that Ham "rejects mainstream science." In the flurry of social media activity that followed, a number of YEC experts took Phil to task, claiming he was wrong on several facts. Phil dug deeper and realized he WAS in fact wrong on a couple of things, but right on a bunch more. So this week Phil lays out what he got wrong and what he got right as we take a deep dive into the fascinating history of the movement called "Creation Science," or Ken Ham-style "Young Earth Creationism."


Buckle up!  It's a fun one!

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Episode 436: The Jericho March, SBC vs. CRT (Cont.), & Evangelical Elites

Trump supporters who believe the election was stolen, including Eric Metaxas and the My Pillow Guy, marched on Washington D.C. to blow their horns and sell their merch. Notable was the absence of many of the President?s evangelical allies. Why didn?t they show? Influential black pastors are leaving the Southern Baptist Convention over their blanket opposition to Critical Race Theory. Given the SBC?s racist heritage, have they chosen the wrong battle? Sociologist Ryan Burge reports on the widening gap between evangelical elites and those in the pews. It?s becoming clear that the real leaders of evangelicalism aren?t found in churches, seminaries, or denominations, but in conservative media. Also this week?Vietnamese honey bees outsmart murder hornets with chicken poop.

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Episode 435: Enhanced Humans & the New Eugenics with Calum MacKellar

Advances in medical technology have produced a Covid-19 vaccine in record time, but some of these advances have a dark side. Gene editing technology may end some diseases, but should we interfere with the conception and birth of those who carry certain genes? And what about creating enhanced humans? Bioethicist Calum MacKellar joins Skye for an important, and somewhat disturbing conversation about the new era of eugenics we are entering. Also this week, the Holy Post crew discusses a new book about Millennials and burnout. What makes Millennials different from the Greatest Generation that endured the Great Depression and WWII? Are they struggling because of a breakdown in family and faith, or because of U.S. economic and political failures? Plus, is there still a place for public shaming? And, hand sanitizer + dog = chaos.

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Episode 434: Critical Theory & the Christian with David Fitch

Conservatives have recently found a new boogeyman?Critical Theory. Even Mr. Trump has issued an executive order declaring Critical Theory to be ?anti-American,? and last week the presidents of six Southern Baptist seminaries said critical theory is incompatible with Christianity. Their statement, however, never defined what Critical Theory is nor what makes it unchristian. Theologian David Fitch is back to talk about the controversy and offers a more thoughtful way to assess which aspects of Critical Theory are useful, and not so useful, for Christians. Kaitlyn Schiess is also back with Phil and Skye to talk about the SBC?s response, and why white evangelicals see some evils as personal (racism) and others as systemic (abortion)? Are there similar inconsistencies on the political left as well? Also this week: Portland pastor Rick McKinley says nationalism with Jesus? face is the religion of white Christians. That?s not too risky to say in Portland, but what if you?re a pastor in Dallas?  Plus, can we please stop sharing ?unspoken? prayer requests?

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Episode 433: Ending the War on Drugs with Bonnie Kristian

In November, seven states (both red and blue) had initiatives on their ballots to either decriminalize or legalize some drugs including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and LSD. Every measure passed. As the U.S. continues to rapidly abandon its war on drugs, how should Christians respond? And if these addictive and dangerous substances are legalized, what happens next? Bonnie Kristian is back to talk about her recent op-ed arguing for an end to the drug war from an evangelical perspective. Also this week, another celebrity pastor has been removed from ministry causing Katelyn Beaty to ask, do we have a hot pastor problem? The crew debate why we want our church leaders to be attractive performers rather than spiritual leaders. A new study finds the U.S. is becoming more secular AND more religious at the same time. How do we bridge the divide? Plus, the Chinese pay $2 million for a Belgian pigeon.

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Episode 432: The Idol of Individualism with E. Randolph Richards

The cultures which produced the Bible were collectivist, but most modern Western Christians are immersed in individualism. Biblical scholar and missionary, E. Randolph Richards says this causes many of us to misinterpret critical aspects of the Bible, or miss them altogether. He talks with Skye about his latest book, ?Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes.? Also this week?has a decline in religious authority caused a decline in empathy in America? And how did we go from expecting institutions to form us, to now expecting them to affirm us? Jerry Falwell Jr. is suing Liberty University for damaging his reputation. Plus, Christian?s surgery, itchy rashes, and swearing parrots.

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Episode 431: Can Social Media be Redeemed? with Daniel Darling

The CEOs of Facebook and Twitter testified before Congress this week about the toxic spread of misinformation on their platforms and the harm it causes to society. Sadly, many Christians are complicit in this trend. Daniel Darling is back to talk about how Christians must change the way we engage social media if there?s any hope of redeeming it. Also this week, Trump?s favorite television preachers have made a spectacle of praying for a miraculous election victory, but when does Christian prayer deteriorate into pagan magic? The crew discusses a new study about megachurches, why they?re growing even larger, how fewer are identifying as ?evangelical,? and whether the pandemic will cause anyone to rethink the model. Also, Canada experiments with giving money to homeless people, and R.I.P. Sausage King of Russia.

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Episode 430: The Politically Homogenous Church with Ryan Burge

The exit poll data from the election is in, and it looks like white evangelicals are as politically conservative and Republican as ever. Professor of political science from Eastern Illinois University, Ryan Burge, joins the Holy Post crew to discuss the findings. He says Democrats should give up on white evangelical voters who are now more Republican than Christian. Burge also looks at the formative power of cable news, why pastors are afraid to address the idolatry of politics in their pews, and why the data says the future of evangelicalism will be dramatically different. Also this week, Drew Dyck is back with his latest book selections to survive the pandemic. Plus, Tesla owners beware?you could accidentally butt dial a very expensive upgrade for your car.

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Episode 429: Post-Election Night Reactions & Abortion Activism with David French

It?s 2020, did anyone really expect the election to be easy? The morning after the vote, a sleep-deprived Holy Post crew discusses what the incomplete results mean for the country and the church. The country hasn?t repudiated Trumpism, but they don?t seem to be embracing progressivism either. Did evangelicals still ?hold their nose? and vote for Trump, or do exit polls show they?re deeply inhaling? An article from Christianity Today?s president, Tim Dalrymple, helps explain the evangelical divide over politics. And can the church learn to be prophetic again rather than partisan? Also this week, Phil talks with David French about reactions to the Holy Post video on abortion, and what the data shows will actually reduce the abortion rate in America.

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Episode 428: How Should Christians Vote?

With less than a week until the election, Phil and Skye are joined by Kaitlyn Schiess to discuss what should, and should not, influence how Christians vote. First, they talk about reactions to Skye?s video (not Phil?s, he had nothing to do with it!) about abortion, and the different ways the issue is viewed by evangelicals. They also unpack recent articles about the election from three Christian leaders?John Piper, Al Mohler, and Joel Hunter. It is just a coincidence that the two retired pastors oppose Trump? And why does Mohler hold Black Christians to a different standard when voting? Phil explains why two traditionally Republican counties should make conservatives rethink their support for Trump. And why is every election framed as an existential threat to America? Finally, Skye talks with Scott Arbeiter, president of World Relief, about the historically low number of refugees resettled in the U.S., the current administration?s broken promise to help persecuted Christians, and why evangelical leaders and laity are so far apart on the issue of immigration.

Lifeway Research | ?2016 Election Exposes Evangelical Divides?:   Desiring God | ?Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin: Pondering the Implications of the 2020 Election?:   Albert Mohler | ?Christians, Conscience, and the Looming 2020 Election?:   Michael Wear Responds to Al Mohler | Twitter Thread:   Christian Post - Wayne Grudem | ?A respectful response to my friend John Piper about voting for Trump?:
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Episode 427: Can 1968 Explain 2020? with Os Guinness

Author and cultural commentator, Os Guinness, says, ?If people don?t understand the 60?s, they can?t understand today.? Skye talks with Os about the re-release of his classic book, ?The Dust of Death? and how the 60?s counterculture planted the seeds for the cultural upheaval and division we?re seeing in 2020. Also this week, can the National Association of Evangelicals restore the reputation of evangelicalism in America? The Gospel Coalition offers 6 wise suggestions for political engagement, and the crew discusses how church leaders can lead their congregations through potentially divisive topics. Plus, News of the Butt?in space!

?NASA Just Sent a New $23 Million Space Toilet to the International Space Station?:

?For the Health of the Nation? Statement:

6 Ways Christians Can Be Wiser in Public Engagement?:

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Episode 426: Power, Freedom, and Identity with N.T. Wright

The most esteemed New Testament scholar alive today is back on the show! N.T. Wright discusses his new book about John?s gospel, ?Broken Signposts.? Wright talks to Skye about two competing visions of power and freedom at work in the world today, and how the church sometimes fails to follow the right one. He also unpacks how ?identity? has become the dominant framework in our culture, how it?s a reaction to colonialism, and the danger it poses to Christian unity. Also this week?Is America having a moral convulsion? David Brooks things so. The gang discusses his new article about what happens when we lose trust in America?s institutions and in one another, and why the church could be the answer. Plus, Phil gets invited to a cookout, Christian wins another award, and Skye?s dog vomits on his sofa.

Should Christians vote for Trump? Eric Metaxas vs David French:"America Is Having a Moral Convulsion":

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Episode 425: Reading the Bible While Black with Esau McCaulley

Does the Bible have anything to say about the police? What about racial diversity? Are Christians called to submit to the government or reform it? Professor and Anglican priest, Esau McCaulley, talks about his new book, ?Reading While Black,? and the African-American tradition of Scripture interpretation that avoids the either/or (conservative vs. liberal) thinking typical in the white church. Also this week, Phil shares about his experience being interviewed by Kirk Cameron and goes on a rant about ?false binaries.? Christian is now an ?award-winning? filmmaker. What should a useful voter guide for Christians include? And clowns object to the first presidential debate being called a ?circus.?

"How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don?t.?:

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Episode 424: Evil Algorithms & Faith-Based Movies with Luke Barnett

The Holy Post crew discusses the new Netflix documentary, ?The Social Dilemma,? about the way social media is contributing to the breakdown of society and how Facebook?s algorithms make reasonable people into extremists. Also this week, Skye and Josh Lindsay?his co-host on The Movie Proposal podcast?interview actor and screenwriter, Luke Barnett, about his new comedy ?Faith Based.? Barnett explains how his long experience in the church informed the project, why Christian movies follow such a predictable formula, and how tribal identity rather than quality is what makes movies successful today. Plus, new research from Barna says fewer Christians think racism is a significant problem than a year ago. And Mexico passes a law preventing kids from buying junk food.


"?We Had To Take Action?: States In Mexico Move to Ban Junk Food Sales To Minors?:"White Christians Have Become Even Less Motivated to Address Racial Injustice?:

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Episode 423: Is America?s Gun Culture a Blessing or Curse? with David French

The United States now has more guns than people, and while overall violent crime is down the number of mass shootings is set to break a record in 2020 and suicides from guns is rising. How should Christians think about America?s gun culture? David French is back to offer a legal and moral argument for why most attempts at gun control are misguided. He says more legal gun ownership protects freedom, and Skye wonders if a public square filled with guns limits it. And if we can?t reduce the number of guns, what?s the best way to limit gun crime and mass shootings?


Also this week, the Holy Post crew is joined by Kaitlyn Schiess to discuss the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and what her death means for the presidential election and the future of the Supreme Court. Are the Republicans being hypocrites for filling Ginsburg?s seat weeks before the election when they refused to let Obama nominate a justice 8 months before the election in 2016? And what should we think of the Democrat?s threat to pack the court? Skye warns about dismantling political norms, Kaitlyn says Christians viewing every election as an existential threat is a failure of discipleship, and Phil plays the devil?s advocate by throwing down the abortion card.

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Episode 422: The Church?s Complicity in Racism with Jemar Tisby

At numerous points throughout American history, Christians had a choice to confront the evils of racism or quietly ignore them. In a challenging conversation Jemar Tisby, author of ?The Color of Compromise? and host of the ?Pass the Mic? podcast, explores key moments from the arrival of the first African slaves in 1619 to the rise of the Religious Right in the 1970s when the white church in America chose silence or complicity rather than faithfulness. He also explains how Christian arguments to justify slavery are still being used by some today in the wake of police violence and Black Lives Matters. Also this week, Skye and Phil discuss why neighborhoods are becoming more segregated than ever. Tim Keller?s definition of ?righteous? challenges our American and economic belief in self-interest. IBM is using A.I. to create fake crowds for televised sports during the pandemic. Plus, Amsterdam has an innovative solution for a scourge of ?wild peeing.?


?The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church?s Complicity in Racism? by Jemar Tisby:



?IBM?s Watson to help tennis fans argue with each other:?


?These planter-like urinals are Amsterdam?s answer to the problem of ?wild peeing??:

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Episode 421: Culture Warriors, Punching Protesters, & the Sacred Overlap with J.R. Briggs

Why does everything feel like it?s ?us vs. them? these days? Pastor and author J.R. Briggs says it?s because we?ve been taught to see everything as either/or, while Jesus modeled how to live in the tension of both/and. Briggs calls the space between opposing ideas the ?sacred overlap.? He talks to Skye about the role of mystery and paradox in Christian theology, and how it applies to contemporary issues. Also this week, why using war rhetoric to describe our Christian mission is very unchristian. Clean comedian, Jim Gaffigan, unloads on Trump in a profanity-filled Twitter rant. Did Eric Metaxas punch someone and then run through Washington D.C. backwards? Plus?beetles, frogs, and butts.


?The Sacred Overlap: Learning to Live Faithfully in the Space Between,? by J.R. Briggs:


?If You?re Fighting the Culture War, You?re Losing? by Cap Stewart:


?Jim Gaffigan calls Trump ?liar and a criminal,? slams ?Trumpers? in series of tweets?:


?Eric Metaxas confirms he punched protester, says protester was to blame?:


?These Water Beetles Make Their Escape Out of Frog?s Butt After Being Swallowed?:

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Episode 420: Four False Political Gospels with Kaitlyn Schiess

We are deep into campaign season with Christians on all sides becoming increasingly anxious and vocal. Phil talks with Kaitlyn Schiess, author of ?The Liturgy of Politics,? about the false narratives shaping the hearts and politics of many Christians. She identifies these ?false gospels? as prosperity, patriotism, security, and supremacy?and they?re far more subtle and powerful than you might think, and they affect both sides of the partisan divide. Also this week, Jerry Falwell Jr. responds to his expulsion from Liberty U. by quoting MLK?s ?Free at last...? speech. And Mike Pence quotes the Bible in his RNC speech but replaces ?Jesus? with ?Old Glory.? Is it the clearest example of Christian Nationalism yet?

?What Jerry Falwell Jr. Taught Me at Liberty University? by Kaitlyn Schiess:

?The Liturgy of Politics? by Kaitlyn Schiess:

?Vice President Mike Pence Swapped Out ?Jesus? for ?Old Glory? in His RNC Address?:

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Episode 419: Rethinking Roe, Crotch Christianity, & Militant Masculinity with Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Is our vision of the ideal Christian man more like Jesus or John Wayne? Historian Kristin Kobes Du Mez talks about the rise of militant masculinity within evangelicalism, how the threat of Communism in the mid twentieth-century led church leaders to deify testosterone, and why we don?t like images of a weak, crucified Jesus. Also this week, Jerry Falwell?s ?pool boy? scandal, John MacArthur says abortion, gay marriage, and transgenderism should determine how Christians vote which leads Skye to explain the difference between ?cosmic? and ?crotch? Christianity, and Phil unpacks David French?s latest article about why your vote for president will have no impact on abortion. Plus, it?s 130 degrees in Death Valley. What does that mean?

?Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have Blood on Their Hands?? by David French


?About Those Manly Evangelical Protectors? by Kristin Kobes Du Mez:


?You Want Context? Jerry Falwell Jr?s Crotch Shot and Family Values Evangelicalism? by Kristin Kobes Du Mez:

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Episode 418: The Pandemic, Power, & the Apocalypse

Back in 2016, Donald Trump gave a campaign speech promising that if elected ?Christianity will have power.? The Holy Post crew discusses why this message has so much appeal to some Christians today, the way fear has come to mark our faith, and what we can do to counteract the trend. After the podcast is interrupted by a tornado, Christian asks if we?re seeing signs of the apocalypse. Skye says, ?No? and shares his idea for a sermon titled ?How Stupid Do We Think God Is?? Plus, listener mail.

The Voting Booth

Christianity Will Have Power

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Episode 417: Defining Justice, Disciplining Jerry Falwell Jr., & Debunking Conspiracies

Everyone seems to be talking about justice?including Christians, but how we define ?justice? in our society is hotly debated. Pastor and author Tim Keller has outlined 4 competing definitions of justice, and what sets Biblical justice apart from the rest. The Holy Post crew reviews Keller?s article and its implications. Liberty University has put Jerry Falwell Jr. on ?indefinite leave.? Was it Falwell?s race-baiting, financial shenanigans, authoritarian leadership, or abuse of power that motivated Liberty?s board to act? Nope?it was a sexually-suggestive photo with Falwell holding alcohol. What does it say about what triggers evangelicals (and what doesn?t)? Also this week, friend of the show and host of the Vox Podcast, Mike Erre, talks with Skye about why Christians are drawn to conspiracy theories, and what motivated Skye to write his new book, ?What If Jesus Was Serious?? Plus, Phil explains why he wants to live in a world where wild boar stroll into public areas with their piglets to steal things?and where naked Germans chase them.

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Episode 416: Love & Truth in Politics with Justin Giboney

Does our faith shape our politics, or is politics shaping our faith? Justin Giboney is an attorney, a political strategist, and the co-founder and president of the AND Campaign. Rather than fighting over whether we should vote red or blue, Giboney believes Christians should use their influence to push both parties toward the love and truth of Christ. He talks with Skye about why that is more necessary and more challenging than ever. Also this week, a new book explores the intersection of white evangelicalism and masculinity leading the Holy Post crew to debate who?s less masculine?Phil or Skye? Plus, a South African couple has made an award-winning gin from elephant dung. Bottoms up!


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Episode 415: Compromise & Conviction with Jon Tyson

The church in North America has more money and resources than ever before, so why is it increasingly ineffective? Pastor and author, Jon Tyson, is back to talk about his latest book, ?Beautiful Resistance: The Joy of Conviction in a Culture of Compromise.? Tyson says ?mammon? is the central idol in America today, and that much of the church worships it as well. But what is mammon? And why does Tyson think prayer and fasting is a path for the church to find real power again? He also shares what happened when his entire family contracted COVID19. Also this week, the crew discusses a Twitter thread about the implications or rooting Christian mission in the Great Commission (Matthew 28) rather than creation (Genesis 1-2), and why resistance to social change is foundational to evangelical theology. Finally, what can we learn from the 10 principles of Catholic social teaching?


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Episode 414: Religious Power vs. Religious Liberty with David French

There are few public thinkers the Holy Post cites more often than David French, and he?s finally here in person! (Well, in person via Zoom.) French is the Senior Editor of The Dispatch, a columnist for Time, and a pro-life conservative attorney. Although many Christians are worried about the erosion of religious liberty, French says, ?We have never enjoyed more religious liberty than we do right now.? The problem is that Christians are losing cultural power, and our attempts to retain it are often doing more harm than good. He helps us understand recent Supreme Court rulings about religious liberty and LGBT rights, why conservatives who are against face masks aren?t really pro-life, and how both the Left and Right get racism wrong. French explains why he will not vote for Trump, and why evangelicals have gone from holding their noses to enthusiastic support of a president who lacks both character and competency. Plus, what is ?David Frenchism? and should we be worried about it?


The Case for Religious Liberty is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power - The Dispatch:
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Episode 413: Disney Princess Theology & COVID19 Activism with Theon Hill

Why is COVID19 disproportionately harming communities of color? Why are we willing to criticize certain things about America but not others? And what about black voices who say systemic racism isn?t real? Friend of the show, Dr. Theon Hill, is back to discuss all of this and more with Phil and Skye. Also this week: why horror movie fans are more prepared than others for the pandemic, and how ?Disney princess theology? has shaped the way you read the Bible.


Pandemic Practice: Horror Fans and Morbidly Curious Individuals Are More Psychologically Resilient During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Want to Be Happy? A Top Psychologist Says Stop ?Social Distancing,' and Do This Instead - Inc. - ?More than individual sin? - Black pastors urge evangelicals to admit systemic racism - Religion News Service - The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church?s Complicity in Racism by Jemar Tisby Why I Stopped Talking About Racial Reconciliation and Started Talking About White Supremacy - Inheritance -
The Black Church in Action Against Racism and COVID-19: A Practical and Biblical Guide to Prophetic Ministry While Protecting Health - 
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Episode 412: This is Your Brain on God with Dr. Jim Wilder

Some people spend years learning theology and studying the Bible, but experience little or no transformation in their lives. What have we gotten wrong? Dr. Jim Wilder is a neurotheologian?that means he studies theology and brain science?who says we?ve mistakingly made the gospel about knowledge when it?s actually about attachment. You don?t want to miss what he has to say about the importance of food, joy, and gratitude in spiritual formation. Also this week, how does having power?or not having it?influence our beliefs? David French says America is experiencing a religious fundamentalist revival, but it?s not Christian. And is the Holy Post guilty of being an echo chamber?


Episode #412 Opinion | When Antifa Hysteria Sweeps America - New York Times - Slave Religion: The "Invisible Institution" in the Antebellum South by Albert J. Raboteau America Is in the Grips of a Fundamentalist Revival ? But it?s not Christian. - The Dispatch - Is Intersectionality a Religion? - Intelligencer - Opinion | The Real American Idol and the Lives We Sacrifice to Appease It -
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Episode 411: Where Do We Go From Here? with David Kinnaman

President of the Barna Group, David Kinnaman, is back to talk about the latest research on race and racism in the American church. Is the divide between black and white Christians shrinking, and is 2020 a true turning point or just an emotional release before a return to old ways of operating? Also this week, how can constellations help us understand the hysteria about Antifa? And does the evangelical emphasis on individual salvation contribute to racial resentment? Plus, an undersea bowel movement two years in the making.


Where do we go from here?

Giant Undersea Bug Poops for First Time In Two Years - Unilad Opinion | When Antifa Hysteria Sweeps America - New York Times Opinion | Racial resentment varies widely among religious groups    
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Episode 410: White Privilege, Cancel Culture, & Reading Revelation with Juan Hernandez

With the world being rocked by a pandemic and protests, many are seeing signs of the end times predicted by the Bible. Are they right? Some say they are misreading the signs. Others argue they?re misreading the Bible itself. Biblical scholar, Dr. Juan Hernandez, is back to discuss the right way?and the wrong way?to engage one of the most mysterious, and misread, book in the Bible. Also this week, what does ?white privilege? actually mean and why do so many people react to the term? Evangelicals are upset about ?cancel culture? but did they actually invent it? And learn how to avoid paying a farting fine in Austria. (Hint?it?s all about intestinal intent.)


Evangelicals perfected cancel culture. Now it?s coming for them. - Religion News coming-for-them/ Austria: man fined for farting ?with full intent? at police - ABC News police-71277117
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Episode 409: Lessons from Phil?s Viral Video on Racism

Can a tweet really change anyone?s mind? Do hashtags and slogans help engagement or shut it down? The Holy Post crew discuss what they?re learning about effective communication following the publication of Skye?s op-ed in USA Today and the release of Phil?s viral video on the history of racism. Also this week, the Supreme Court protects LGBT citizens from employment discrimination. What does it mean for religious organizations? Is there a difference between saying ?Black Lives Matter? and supporting the organization with that name? Plus, why is Jerry Falwell Jr. apologizing?

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Episode 408: Race, Riots, & Rethinking the Gospel with Matthew Bates

As the country is rocked by protests following the murder of George Floyd, the podcast crew discusses the meaning of it all. Phil explains how being a part of a multiethnic church has opened his eyes to the challenges people of color still face. Christian reflects on her southern, segregated upbringing. And Skye shares about the racism he?s experienced in the church and the suburbs. Also this week, theologian Matthew Bates explains the ongoing, sometimes bitter debate over the definition of the Gospel. Is it really about personal salvation or something much, much bigger?

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Episode 407: Celebrating Spiritual Curiosity with Jen Hatmaker

Some Christian communities are uncomfortable with challenging questions, doubts, and even curiosity. They prefer to keep life and faith in a neatly wrapped package. Jen Hatmaker came from such a community, but growing in her faith required more space to explore. Her spiritual curiosity came at a heavy price. This week the podcast crew talks with Hatmaker about her story, what she?s learned, and what it might mean for the future of Christians in our pluralist culture.

Show Notes:

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Episode 406: QAnon & Rediscipling the White Church with David Swanson

Did Bill Gates create the pandemic? Are Democrats running a child-trafficking cartel? Is Trump a secret genius sending coded messages in his tweets? Conspiracy theories are spreading among evangelicals faster than Covid-19. The Holy Post crew discusses The Atlantic?s cover story about QAnon, why it?s so appealing to Christians, and why it?s a dangerous heresy. Then, Skye talks with Chicago pastor David Swanson about his new book ?Rediscipling the White Church,? and what would change if pastors began to see racism as a discipleship problem and not merely a social one. Plus?is God against face masks? And a rockstar is hospitalized after an ?over-enthusiastic gardening accident.?

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Episode 405: Listener Mailbag, ?In Trump We Trust,? & Drew Dyck?s Pandemic Picks

The podcast crew responds to listener feedback and questions posted on like, is it ok for Christians to be concerned about the mark of the beast if we avoid nutty conspiracy theories? New research finds white evangelicals consider Donald Trump the most trustworthy source for COVID-19 news and generally distrust public health officials and journalists.

This leads Phil to explain the tactics of demagogues and why today?s evangelicals are drawn to them. Also this week, Drew Dyck is back with his latest book and media recommendations to engage while you?re sheltering at home.


GOP Lawmaker Opposes Coronavirus Face Masks Because They Cover ?The Image Of God? - HuffPost Do White Evangelicals Get Their Coronavirus News? The White House - Christianity Today | Trump Is Staking Out His Own Universe of ?Alternative Facts? - The New York Times

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Episode 404: Gender, Culture, and Leadership with Jo Saxton

The culture in many Christian communities and organizations is toxic for leaders, their families, and their faith. This is especially true for female leaders. Jo Saxton is back to talk about her new book, ?Ready to Rise,? and how churches neglect God?s gifts when they ignore women?s voices and abilities, and why women suppress their gifts to be seen as ?humble.? And don?t miss Jo?s important interpretation of the Mary and Martha story from the gospels?Wow. Also this week: Skye shares his family?s quarantine rules. Scholars are redefining the meaning of ?evangelical? away from any shared theology and toward shared politics and media figures. Half of Americans aren?t wearing pants while working at home. Self-cleaning underwear has just arrived and you?ll need it when you see 2020?s latest plague?Murder Hornets.

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Episode 403: Is God in Control or Not? with Mike Erre

More Americans have been killed by Covid-19 in two months than were killed in the Vietnam War in 20 years. Some Christians are responding to these uncertain times with familiar platitudes?none more popular than, ?God is in control.? But is he? Mike Erre is back to talk about the tension in Scripture between God?s sovereignty and human free will. Also this week: What?s so special about lama blood? Churchgoers attempting to conduct a drive-in service get ticketed. A conspiracy theory growing among Christians says Dr. Fauci planned the pandemic in league with the antichrist. Has gullibility now become a Christian virtue? Skye shares his family?s quarantine rules, and Phil thinks bathing is overrated.

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Episode 402: Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Divine Judgment?

The crazy Christian uncles are out in force declaring that the pandemic is God?s judgment on America for our sin and secularism. Are they right? Skye and Christian talk about it in a new edition of ?Christian Asks....? Some theologians are arguing the opposite by declaring ?God is not in control? of the current crisis. What?! The podcast crew also discusses conservative churches defying the government?s social distancing orders, and why are some Christians valuing the economy more than lives? Plus, scientists say farts can spread the virus, but there?s a solution. And Phil?s ukulele returns!

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Episode 401: William Wilberforce?Christian Hero & Drug Addict with Timothy McMahan King

William Wilberforce is celebrated as a model of Christian cultural engagement for ending the British slave trade, but most Christian biographies of Wilberforce ignore the fact that he was addicted to opium for most of his life. Timothy McMahan King, author of ?Addiction Nation,? explains why. He shares his own story of overcoming opioid addiction which kills over 70,000 Americans every year, and how equating addiction with moral failure hurts far more than it helps. Also this week, Hulk Hogan says God is judging our idolatry with COVID19. Is he right? Skye explains why the eschatological nuts are probably wrong about this being the end of the world. And Phil tries to cut his hair with horse clippers.

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Episode 400: Anniversary Q&A Live via Zoom!

Phil, Skye, and Christian are celebrating their 400th episode like everyone else?quarantined in their homes. But they invited their Patreon supporters to join them for a live Q and A session via Zoom. The crew discusses their favorite podcast guests, interviews that managed to change their minds, and a bucket list of future guests. Youl?ll hear about Phil?s inability to ?find my Roy,?  their Enneagram numbers, lessons for churches from the pandemic, and hear Skye?s dog barfing in the background. It?s an audio delight for the whole family.

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Episode 399: Who Should We Blame? & Helping Girls Change the Narrative with Erin Weidemann

The quarantined gang is back again, with better audio quality this time. (Sorry about last week!) Phil shares an experience with preschool-via-Zoom, then the group discusses two proposed theories for America?s vulnerability to the coronavirus? A) We?re compromised by the anti-science rhetoric of fundamentalist Christianity, or B) We?re all too selfish and individualistic. Skye wonders if the real answer is? C) All of the above?

Plus, Phil (yes, Phil!) sits down for a chat with Erin Weidemann, an author, speaker and cancer survivor who has launched Truth Becomes Her - a ministry helping girls resist society's destructive messages about beauty and worth.

The U.S. has the Most Covid-19 Cases Worldwide. Why? Because we're selfish. From the San Diego Union-Tribune

The Religious Right is Crippling our Coronavirus Response from the New York Times


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Episode 398: Tales from the Quarantine & Being Kind with Ashlee Eiland

Phil, Skye, and Christian talk via Zoom as they ?shelter at home? during the coronavirus pandemic (sorry for the audio quality), but there is some good news. Clothing sales are up?but only for tops. Churches experiment with ?drive-in? worship. Phil shares N.T. Wright?s honest thoughts about the pandemic and why the best Christian response is lament, while Skye responds to fundamentalists who are certain that homosexuality and environmentalism are to blame for the virus. Plus, Mars Hill?s teaching pastor, Ashlee Eiland, talks about her new book and the power of radical kindness in a world of fear.

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Episode 397: Virtual Church & Artificial Intelligence with Jason Thacker

Are machines going to take over the world? What happens to our jobs once everything is automated? And if computers can think, learn, and feel, do we need to redefine what it means to be human? Jason Thacker joins Skye for a conversation about his provocative new book, ?The Age of A.I.? Also this week, Smurfs congregate in France in defiance of the coronavirus. Creators of ?The Bum? allow you to wear celebrity posteriors. And with everyone migrating to streaming worship services during the pandemic, how legitimate is virtual church? Plus, Phil alienates the country of Belgium.

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