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Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!


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All Good Things? ? The Adam Savage Project ? 1/15/21

Adam and Norm have an announcement to make--this will be the final episode of The Adam Savage Project. After 8 years of recording the podcast, we're refocusing our energies on other Tested projects including the bi-weekly livestreams. It's been a wonderful and amazing run--thanks so much for listening!
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Writing Science Books with Mary Roach ? The Adam Savage Project ? 1/6/21

We welcome science book author Mary Roach back to the show to catch up and talk about how the past year has affected her research and book writing. While she's not yet able to talk about her next book, we discuss a wide range of topics including our lockdown show obsessions, book reviews, and the love a good book index.
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The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale SPOILERCAST ? The Adam Savage Project ? 12/29/20

It's our final episode of the year! Adam, Joey, and Norm recap and review the last two episodes of The Mandalorian's second season in spoiler-filled detail. We share our favorite moments and surprises that caught us off guard, and how we thought the writers and directors handled fan-favorite characters. What are your hopes for this show and the slate of Star Wars shows going forward?
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Shop Organization with Laura Kampf ? The Adam Savage Project ? 12/22/20

We're joined by one of our favorite people in the world this week--maker and YouTuber Laura Kampf! We catch up with Laura about her recent projects, moving workshops, hardware organization, and what it's like to work in shop on the countryside. Plus, the things that inspire her builds and and build aesthetic, and what making during the lockdown this year has taught her about her own processes.
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Mike Birbiglia ? The Adam Savage Project ? 12/15/20

We're joined by writer, comedian, and one of our favorite storytellers Mike Birbiglia this week, broadcasting from his virtual production studio! We talk about the making of Mike's broadway show-turned-Netflix-special, his new book, parenting, and how being in lockdown has changed how he writes and performs his shows.
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The Mandalorian Season 2 SPOILERCAST ? The Adam Savage Project ? 12/8/20

With just two more episodes to go in the second season of The Mandalorian, we get together for an extended spoilercast discussion of the season so far, going episode by episode to discuss our favorite moments, reveltations, and portrayals.
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Greg Munson ? The Adam Savage Project ? 11/24/20

BattleBots is back this week! We're joined by the show's co-creator, executive producer, and robot combat veteren Greg Munson to talk about the process of producing a season of BattleBots during lockdown, the roster of competitors and robots appearing this year, and what how he and the BattleBots team are thinking about ways to evolve and refine the glorious sport of robot combat!
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Bill Doran ? The Adam Savage Project ? 11/24/20

We check in with propmaker and Tested contributor Bill Doran this week to talk about his latest Foamsmithing book, the props he's been making this past summer, and some meaningful changes Bill's made in his life and work.
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Amber Ruffin ? The Adam Savage Project ? 11/17/20

We're delighted to be joined this week by comedian and writer Amber Ruffin--creator and host of The Amber Ruffin Show! Recording from her studio offices at 30 Rock, Amber talks about the process of developing and writing her show during the lockdown, writing for Late Night with Seth Meyers, and her stint performing improv comedy in Amsterdam with Boom Chicago!
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Alie Ward ? The Adam Savage Project ? 11/10/20

We're joined this week by science communicator and writer Alie Ward, to catch up and talk about the making of her podcast series Ologies.
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Ted Lasso SPOILERCAST ? The Adam Savage Project ? 11/3/20

One TV show we're currently obsessed with is Ted Lasso (on Apple TV+), which feels like the perfect show for these stressful times.
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Comfort Movies During Lockdown ? The Adam Savage Project ? 10/27/20

Joey joins us this week to break down a scene in the original Alien as we talk about favorite movies that we keep revisiting and watching for comfort while working from home.
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Jen's Foam Wig Project ? The Adam Savage Project ? 10/22/20

Our very own Jen Schacter joins us this week to talk about her latest project!
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Dave Goelz ? The Adam Savage Project ? 10/13/20

We're so thrilled to be joined by Muppet performer and puppet builder Dave Goelz on the show this week to talk about the projects he's taken on during the past six months. While many of us know Dave from his work on The Muppet Show as The Great Gonzo and other characters, he's also a lifelong maker and fabricator. Dave and Adam compare notes about their build and problem solving processes and the joy of making things.
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99% Invisible ? The Adam Savage Project ? 10/6/20

How has podcast production changed during the Covid lockdown? We're joined this week by Roman Mars, the creator of the podcast 99% Invisible to talk about how he and his team have adapated to remote collaboration and production, and the writing of Roman's new book: The 99% Invisible City.
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The Boys Season 2 SPOILERCAST ? The Adam Savage Project ? 9/29/20

Tested's head of production Joey Fameli joins us this week as we discuss the second season of the show The Boys! We talk about how the show's unique portrayal of superheroes goes even further this season, the incredible effects that have us wincing, and our hopes for the rest of the season. Spoiler-free discussion is at the top with full spoilers mid-way through!
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Beverly Downen ? The Adam Savage Project ? 9/22/20

We're joined by the costumer and cosplayer Beverly Downen this week to talk about how cosplayers like her have adapted to shift to virtual conventions this year, staying motivated, and revisiting some of her past projects. We also discuss the collaboration between cosplayer and photographer, and the joy of sharing fabrication processes and techniques.
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Evan Narcisse ? The Adam Savage Project ? 9/15/20

We're joined by writer Evan Narcisse to talk about how he went from being a journalist and critic to writing his favorite characters in comic books, animation series, and video games. Evan talks about how a bike accident this summer has given him new perspective in his writing, and the places in current events where he finds inspiration. Thanks so much to Evan for joining us this week and follow his work at:
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Simone Giertz ? The Adam Savage Project ? 9/8/20

The very first guest on our relaunched podcast is none other than our dear friend Simone Giertz! We check in with Simone to talk about the development of her Every Day Calendar, embarking on projects during the lockdown, and an impending change to her workshop.
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We're Back ? The Adam Savage Project ? 9/1/20

After a summer break, we're back with new episodes of the podcast! Adam and Norm discuss the changes we're making to the show, including finally giving it a title: The Adam Savage Project. We'll be joined by a guest each week to talk about their creative inspirations, and share our own journeys in making during these past months in lockdown. Plus, we announce Tested Channel Memberships and explain how you can help us continue to make build videos! Thanks so much to Will for being a great co-host with us for the past eight years, and please check out his Tech Pod podcast here:
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Remembering Grant ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 7/14/20

Adam shares stories of his friendship and time working with Grant Imahara at ILM and on Mythbusters. Still Untitled will be going on a summer break and returning this fall. Please let us know what segments you've enjoyed listening to in the past and what you'd like to see in future episodes. Thanks for subscribing!
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The Hamilton Movie SPOILERCAST ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 7/7/20

The long-awaited release of the Hamilton movie is upon us! We have an in-depth spoilercast discussion about the film, compare it with the live performance, and discuss the details we noticed from watching it at home.
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Children of Makers ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 6/30/20

On the 25th anniversary of the release of Apollo 13, we talk about the impact of the film, the great late Bill Paxton, and our hopes for Comic-Con at home later this month. Plus, a discussion about the ways parents try to encourage their children to be makers and find the interests and pursuits that'll resonate.
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Ash, Vito Cornelius, and Bilbo ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 6/23/20

We recall the amazing careers of actor Ian Holm and director Joel Schumacher, whose works hold special places in the pop culture pantheon. Adam, Will, and Norm also talk about great character actors whose appearance and performances elevate the films they show up in, and give a few recommendations for classics to rewatch. Plus, a discussion about build materials that Adam has been workging with lately!
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Institutional Knowledge ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 6/16/20

Adam talks about a recent shop incident getting a metal shaving stuck in his eye, and the close calls he's had in the past concerning eye injuries. We also talk about the institutional knowledge that isn't retained and the cases in history where it's come back to haunt us. Plus, a renewed interest in recording unauthorized commentaries, and anticipation for Adam's participation in Sci-Fi's Great Debate show!
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Worn Down from Lockdown ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 6/9/20

We talk about the response to last week's episode and reflect on the events of the past week. Adam talks about participating in a San Francisco protest, feeling the effects of the lockdown three months in, and what he's making in the shop to cope. Plus, we talk about some recent media distractions, including two Mamet films, the Bruce Lee documentary, and movie sound design. Find out about the workbench Andrew Klein is making for Adam here:
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The World Right Now ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 6/2/20

As protests are happening around the world in the wake of George Floyd's killing, we try to have an open discussion about systemic racism and how we can be better allies and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.
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OK To Go ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 5/26/20

This week, we talk about benchtops for workbenches, Adam's latest shop infrastructure builds, the upcoming SpaceX Dragon crewed launch to the International Space Station, and our love for Galaxy Quest! Plus, more insights from the Mandalorian making-of series and what else we've been watching!
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The Prototyping Impulse ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 5/19/20

The gang discusses their strategies for design and prototyping when embarking on a build, and the growing collection of shop tools Adam is fabricating while in lockdown. We also talk about the latest episodes of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and the role technology played in making the Star Wars show. Plus, which of these two movies would you prefer we choose for the next spoilercast: The Raid or Snake Eyes?
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A Breath of Fresh Air ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 5/12/20

This week, we talk about the benefits of getting a little bit scenery change with a drive around or out of the city, and the need for empathy as we inch out of total isolation. We also praise the acting of Westworld now that we're caught up with the latest season, and appreciate the hard choices directors and editors have to make in the filmmaking process. Who else is watching The Mandalorian behind-the-scenes series?
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His Girl Friday ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 5/5/20

We have a special guest this week as Adam's mom joins us for a spoilercast discussion of the 1940 classic film His Girl Friday! We talk about the fast-paced dialogue and cinematography of the classic screwball comedy, and how it compares to The Philadelphia Story. Plus, Adam has started wearing a shop apron while building in the cave, and we discuss the surprise in finding new points of view with the objects and workflows we take for granted. Don't forget that Mother's Day is this Sunday!
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Benchtop Tools ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 4/28/20

We're giving one more week before returning to Spoilercast movie discussions, but can announce that the first movie we'll be watching is the 1976 gangster film Mikey and Nicky. In previewing the film (spoiler-free), we detour into the deep well of movies streaming on the Criterion Channel. We also talk about great films about San Francisco, what we keep on our bookshelves, and the struggle to stay productive at home.
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Criterion Collecting ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 4/21/20

We're giving one more week before returning to Spoilercast movie discussions, but can announce that the first movie we'll be watching is the 1976 gangster film Mikey and Nicky. In previewing the film (spoiler-free), we detour into the deep well of movies streaming on the Criterion Channel. We also talk about great films about San Francisco, what we keep on our bookshelves, and the struggle to stay productive at home.
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Good Days and Bad Days ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 4/14/20

This week, we talk about the need to take care of ourselves and how we each are dealing with the good and not-so-good days during this lockdown. Adam revisits the work of Elmore Leonard adapted for the big screen, Will finds comfort in binge-worthy television, and Norm recommends two offbeat comedies to stream. What should the guys watch for a Spoilercast next week?
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The Good Guys Wear Masks ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 4/7/20

Adam gives us an update on how his finger is healing, talks about his weekend of making masks at home, and we all find comfort in binging 30 Rock. Plus, the different ways we're coping while bunkering down with family, and how to find time for distractions and still find joy all around us.
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Adam's Finger Accident ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 3/31/20

Longterm haircut and beard trimming strategies are discussed this week as we enter week three of working from home. Adam tells the harrowing tale of a hand injury he sustained late last week that was truly frightening, Norm finishes the West Wing, and we point to some resources for makers 3d printing PPE for health care workers.
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Baby Zoomers ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 3/24/20

Week two into our work-from-home reality, we check in to talk about Adam's livestreaming experiments, his build of the Ecto-1 model kit, and why we feel so strongly about staying at home during this time. Video conferencing as a means for connection is also creating new social norms and changing the way we hang out with our family, friends, and co-workers.
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A New Normal ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 3/17/20

We're podcasting remotely this week, and for the foreseeable future as the team adheres to social distancing recommendations in the wake of the Covid19 outbreak. Adam, Norm, and Will check in to talk about how they're dealing with the isolation and what they're watching in the meantime. We discuss the film 1917, some more West Wing, and some interesting facts about toilet paper.
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Tested Turns 10! ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 3/10/20

For this very special anniversary episode, we're joined by producer Joey to talk about the past 10 years of Tested! From our very first days covering technology, to teaming up with Adam, and the adventures we've been on since. It's been a long road, and thanks for coming along with us!
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Worst Place for Selfies ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 3/3/20

Adam is back from an awesome time at C2E2, his first time at that convention. We talk about his Captain America costume, Cixin Liu's book Supernova Era, and tease some upcoming shop builds. Plus, a plea to vote in the election if you haven't yet and have a chance today!
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Plumbing Stories ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 2/25/20

Adam and Norm are back from a week in New Zealand, and tease some of the things they saw at filmed at Weta Workshop. We also trade stories from past plumbing misadventures, and talk about Adam's new role as creative director of SiliCon!
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Back in Wellington ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 2/18/20

We're back in Wellington, New Zealand this week at one of our favorite places in the world, Weta Workshop! Richard Taylor and sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen graciously guest on the podcast to catch us up on what they've been working on, share fun stories of past projects, and as always inspire us with their enthusiasm and love for the creative process.
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Post-Oscars Glow ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 2/11/20

After Parasite's big night at the Academy Awards, we talk about all the winners, surprises, and trends we saw from the celebration of this past year of movies (and love for South Korean cinema!). Plus, Norm returns from Walt Disney World, Adam recommends a book on the Wright Brothers, and we tease projects to come!
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Spot and Parasite SPOILERCAST ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 2/4/20

Now that the robot dog is out of the bag, we can talk about Spot, Boston Dynamics' robot that's living in Adam's shop this year. We discuss how Spot operates, how people react to it, and tease some project ideas we have for it. Plus, it's finally time to dive into a discussion about Bong Joon-ho's Parasite! Spoilers toward the end of the episode!
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Adam Goes to Camp ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 1/28/20

Adam and Will return from a weekend away at ORD Camp, an annual gathering of curious folks from different walks of life to share ideas and learn uniquely interesting topics ranging from taxidermy, spacesuit design, and juggling. Let's hear some of their highlights from this unconference!
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Gratitude ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 1/21/20

Adam reflects on the life and recent passing of his dog Huxley and we share stories of our pets. It's also the season of San Francisco's Sketchfest, and we catch ourselves coincidentally in the same place of a random West Wing rewatch. Give your pets an extra hug tonight, everyone!
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Mark Rober, Friend of Science ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 1/14/20

Very special guest Mark Rober joins us this week on the podcast, talking about his upcoming new show Revenge of the Nerd and the process of developing big ideas for his YouTube channel. Mark teases a preview of one of his upcoming videos, and geeks out with Adam over engineering solutions to deceptively-complex problems.
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The Land Cruiser Caper ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 1/7/20

Happy new year! Back in the cave after a week off, we catch up on what we did to celebrate the holidays and ring in 2020. Adam shares the saga of his stolen Land Cruiser and the adventure in recovering it. Plus, we talk about the plethora of films we enjoyed over the break, including Uncut Gems, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, 1917, and Hustlers!
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The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERCAST ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 12/24/19

Happy Christmas eve, everyone! On our final episode of Still Untitled for the year, we had to discuss Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! Adam and Will had just come back to the cave after watching it, so their impressions are fresh. Suffice to say, we go into full spoilers for this conversation!
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Watchmen SPOILERCAST ? Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project ? 12/17/19

One week before Christmas! We gather to remember the work of Muppeteer Carroll Spinney and the warmth and kindness he brought to Big Bird. It's also the day after we've seen the Watchmen finale, so we dive into the themes of the series and how we reacted to the final episode. Spoiler-free discussion comes first, and then full spoilers within!
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