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Mac Power Users

Mac Power Users

Learn about getting the most from your Apple technology with focused topics and workflow guests. Creating Mac Power Users, one geek at a time since 2009. Hosted by David Sparks and Stephen Hackett.


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577: Workflows with Shahid Kamal Ahmad

Shahid Kamal Ahmad drops by the show to tell David and Stephen about his ever-growing displays, game development on the Mac and creating music with a computer.
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576: No Judgement Here

In this feedback episode, the guys revisit dictation, UUIDs, FileVault and the longevity of recent Mac hardware. Then, David talks about a new computer in his life and Stephen reworks his home screen.
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575: Talking Parity with John Siracusa

John Siracusa joins Stephen and David to talk about the 2019 Mac Pro and what Apple silicon may mean for pro users. Then, John talks about his pair of Mac apps and what he wants out of the future of macOS.
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574: Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

This week, David and Stephen get back to the basics, and check on how calendars, contacts and tasks can be effectively managed across a range of devices and apps.
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573: Rosemary Orchard Returns

The Queen of Automation drops by to talk about her current gear and use of Plex, as well as how she is using HomeKit and managing files.
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572: iPhone & iPad Tips

As the iPhone and iPad have become more full-featured, the software that runs them has gotten more complex and powerful. This time, David and Stephen run though a whole bunch of their favorite ways to get more out of these devices.
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571: Catching up with Jeff Richardson

Writer and lawyer Jeff Richardson returns to the show to update Stephen and David on how he's working at a 12.9-inch iPad Pro most of the time, even when needing to use Windows.
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570: Mac Security

From the beginning, Mac OS X was designed with security and privacy in mind, but over the years Apple has worked to make both the Mac's software and hardware more even more so. This week, Stephen and David cover what's what when it comes to Mac security.
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569: Contextual Computing

This week, David walks Stephen through his concept of contextual computing, and why it's a lot easier to get started with than it sounds.
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568: Looking Toward 2021

At the end of an unprecedented year, Stephen and David take some time to reflect on what it's meant for an Apple user, and what they'd like to see out of 2021 in terms of tech.
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567: The M1 Honeymoon Continues

In this feedback episode, Stephen and David revisit bookmarks and Mail, M1 Macs and 32-bit apps, note taking and keyboards.
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566: Paperless Strikes Back

Stephen and David talk through paperless tools, apps, and workflows in 2020. Also, David's released his new Paperless Field Guide.
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565: The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

If you're shopping for a nerd in your life, David and Stephen are here to help.
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564: Taking Pictures and Enriching Lives with Austin Mann

David and Stephen talk with photographer Austin Mann about his work and his annual iPhone camera reviews, including what sets the iPhone 12 Pro Max apart from Apple's other new phones.
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563: macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur brings with it a new design and updated features. This week, Stephen and David wade in to macOS 11, before giving their impressions of the M1-powered MacBook Air.
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562: The First Apple Silicon Macs

This week, David and Stephen are joined by Kurt Knight, Senior Director, Platform Product Marketing at Apple to talk about the M1 chip and macOS Big Sur. After that, the guys talk about this first wave of new Macs.
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561: iPad Check-In with Federico Viticci

MacStories Founder Federico Viticci joins David to talk about the iPad and its ecosystem of apps for power users. As the iPad itself becomes more capable, what users can do with it continues to expand, but as the guys discuss, there are still pain points.
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560: Workflows with Luc Beaudoin

Stephen and David are joined by Luc Beaudoin, a cognitive scientist, author and developer of the Mac app Hook. He explains how we typically gather, process and use data, and how our computing devices can assist ? and detract ? in that work.
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559: Research Apps

A few new research applications have popped over the last year, joining some true Mac legends. To see what is what, David went on a quest, and has returned to share with Stephen the wisdom he gained while exploring.
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558: Apple Hardware Season, with Zac Hall

Zac Hall from 9to5Mac and Space Explored joins David and Stephen to talk about the state of the Apple Watch's software and hardware, as well as Apple's new iPhones.
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557: Grading the Intel Era

With Apple Silicon Macs coming soon, Stephen plays a montage for David that recaps the Intel era, featuring its highs and lows.
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556: Video Conferencing Deep Dive, with Liana Lehua

Liana Lehua joins in this week to share the best workflows and gear for improving video conferencing and home audio and video. Liana and David also discuss business apps, widgets, and revisit the iPad vs. MacBook question.
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555: iOS 14 Extravaganza

iOS 14 is here, bringing new features like widgets, the App Library, increased privacy and a lot more. This week, David and Stephen review the release and talk about how Apple could take some of these features farther in the future.
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554: Read-it-later Services

Read-it-later services can be a great way to save and enjoy an article later, away from the noise of social media or an overflowing RSS client. This week, David and Stephen talk about some of the popular choices, and how to keep them from becoming just another thing to check. Then, a recap of Apple?s recent media event.
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553: Sparky's Wrong ... Again

On this feedback episode, Stephen and David talk more about HomeKit, Dropbox, photo management and much, much more.
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552: HomeKit in 2020, with Mikah Sargent

Since its introduction, HomeKit has steadily grown into a wide-reaching ecosystem for smart home devices. This week, Stephen and David talk with Mikah Sargent about HomeKit hardware and software, as well as ways to extend what Apple allows it to do in its default app.
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551: Writing Music for the Picture Business, with David Metzger

David and Stephen are joined by orchestrator and composer David Metzger, whose resume includes *Frozen,* *Muppets Most Wanted,* *The Avengers,* *Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2* and more. He shares his setup, which includes multiple Macs networked together, numerous music applications and (eventually) a full-blown orchestra.
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550: The World of RSS

RSS can bring news, blog posts and even podcasts to you, without needing to visit a bunch of different website. This week, Stephen and David talk about the rise of numerous RSS services and apps they've seen over the last few years, and share how this web technology makes their lives better.
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549: Brett Terpstra's New Robe

Brett Terpstra returns to the show to talk about the Touch Bar, regular expressions, Markdown and what Apple Silicon Macs will mean for macOS applications and utilities.
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548: Jumping Into Markdown

From jotting quick notes to writing for the web, Markdown has become a very popular choice for formatting plain text. It's syntax is human-readable and easy to learn. This week, David and Stephen teach Markdown 101 covering the more complex things the language can do.
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547: Of a Certain Age, with Jim Metzendorf

This week, the editor of Mac Power Users, Jim Metzendorf, talks to Stephen and David about his background in audio and photography, and how the gear and workflows have changed in those fields over the years.
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546: The Best Listeners

On this feedback show, David and Stephen go through some listener email, revisit notes apps and discuss remote troubleshooting iOS devices.
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545: State of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has undergone massive changes since its introduction in 2014. This week, Stephen and David review some of that history, then launch into a conversation of the platform's strengths and weaknesses and how they use their Watches.
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544: The Notes Roundup

The market for note taking applications is huge. There are options that just deal in plain-text, apps that serve as "everything buckets," and still others focused on automation. This week, David and Stephen cover some of the better options out there and share how they keep up with various bits of digital information in their lives.
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543: A Developer's Summer, with Underscore David Smith

This week, Underscore David Smith joins the show to talk about what life as a developer is like between WWDC and the fall when new versions of Apple's operating system ship.
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542: Beta Tales

It's beta season, and David and Stephen have reported for duty with reports of new features and general thoughts on macOS Big Sur, iOS and iPadOS 14 as well as watchOS 7. Plus, a brief announcement about something coming in July.
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541: WWDC 2020

Recorded just a few hours after the WWDC keynote, Stephen and David share their reactions to iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, and the Mac's transition to Apple-designed processors.
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540: Subroutine in the Brain

On this feedback episode, David and Stephen talk more about email and working from home, but also get into what it takes to make a MacSparky Field Guide and some weird problems they've recently encountered with their tech.
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539: Back to Email

David has finally roped Stephen into talking about email. Topics include email services, apps and strategies. Later in the show, they are joined by Rosemary Orchard and Myke Hurley to hear about two specific apps they use every day.
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538: I Predate the Home Computer, with James Thomson

PCalc developer James Thomson joins David and Stephen to talk about his background with the Mac, and what it take to build and maintain the same application over multiple decades.
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537: The Photos Field Guide and Apple Photos

From the early days of iPhoto to now, with and iCloud, Apple has offered increasingly-robust photo management tools for its users. This episode, David and Stephen walk through the features and tools you should know about.
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536: Our Bags

A nerd's bag can say a lot about them. This week, David and Stephen empty theirs to talk through their choices and how they've changed over the years.
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535: State of the Platform: Apple Services

From iCloud to Apple TV+, Apple's range of services is broader then ever, but how do they all stack up? Is this shift to services changed how users should view the company?
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534: The Business of Emoji, with Jeremy Burge

Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge joins David and Stephen to talk about emoji, how they're made and why they've found such huge success. Then, he explains how tech needs change when one lives on a ?.
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533: Feeling Frisky with my Money

On this feedback episode, David shares some about an upcoming studio move, and Stephen talks about recent experimentation with a teleprompter. Also on the docket: connected home cameras, more on working from home and the iPhone SE.
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532: BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchTool takes a Mac's input devices and turns them into automation triggers. It can transform the Touch Bar into a customized set of tools and make a Trackpad or Mouse much more powerful. This week Stephen and David dive into this utility and what it can do.
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531: Teaching with GoodNotes, with David MacDonald

Dr. David MacDonald is a musician and professor with a unique way of using the iPad, Apple TV and GoodNotes together to engage and equip his students.
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530: Working From Home

All of a sudden, many people are working from their homes for the first time. This week, Stephen and David tap into their combined decade of experience to share some of what has worked well for them at home.
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529: State of the Mac

For many of us, the Mac is the center of our computing lives, and it's no secret the Mac has had its up and downs over the last decade. This week, David and Stephen discuss the current hardware and software that makes up our beloved computing platform. As a bonus segment at the end, they talk about the 2020 iPad Pros.
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528: The Merlin Awakens

MPU Hall of Famer Merlin Mann returns to discuss using plain text, home automation, the Apple TV and more.
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