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The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Get the latest news and go behind-the-scenes of the world's #1 family audio drama, 'Adventures in Odyssey'! In 'The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast', you'll hear fun stories straight from the show's actors -- and 'Adventures in Odyssey' producers regularly answer fan questions submitted at New editions available every other Wednesday. Subscribe now to get each new edition right when it releases!


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What does a book editor do anyway?

For the first time in over a decade, a new Last Chance Detectives story is available. And there are more coming! Focus editor Thomas Jeffries tells us where this story came from, the Last Chance connection to Odyssey, and why every writer needs an editor.
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Survive a winter storm storm in Odyssey not once, not twice, but FOUR times

Writer/director Kathy Buchanan takes us to a snowy writer?s meeting - complete with giant Post-It notes and a knitting club - that led to a new series of Club stories.
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"Best Kept Secrets" and "Finding a Way" Avery Awards

Reliving the glory of Avery Awards past, Bob and Jesse present the awards for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Surprise, Best Sound Design, Best Script, and more... all while diving under the ocean and meeting a underwater scuba set on launching Jesse into the Scub-all of Fame. You have to hear it to believe it!
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Turn the spotlight on the sounds of "Voice of Freedom"

Writer/director Marshal Younger and sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones talk about the challenges of recording out of order, creating crowds, and the absence of nature sounds in "Voice of Freedom."
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All about the story and sounds of "Voice of Freedom"

Writer/director Marshal Younger and sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones talk about the creation of "Voice of Freedom," from the seed of the idea to fully-grown two-part episode. (Stay tuned to our next podcast to hear more!)
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The true story behind "Voice of Freedom"

The incredible story of "Voice of Freedom" is matched by the true story of the ministry of TransWorld Radio (TWR). David McCreary and Scott Hollinger tells us all about TWR and their ministry around the world. (Plus: A preview of Part 2!)
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The actual voice in ?Voice of Freedom?

Andrew Kishino plays Ji-Ho in this month and next month's Club adventure. He tells us all about his experience auditioning for Odyssey, acting in Odyssey, and the crazy world of motion capture. (Plus: A preview of "Voice of Freedom, Part 1")
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How do Bigfoot, Jurassic Park, and a howling space cat come together?

Writer Abigail Geiger and sound designer Luke Guenot tell us the creation of ?The Revenge of Bigfoot.? (Spoiler warning! It involves a howling space cat.)
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You asked about what happened in Album 70 and what?s going to happen in Album 71. Hear the answers.

Will Richard Maxwell or Jack Allen ever return to Odyssey? Why did Suzu sound so suspicious? What did ?One of three will fall? mean? Executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Phil Lollar, writer/director/showrunner Marshal Younger, writer/director Kathy Buchanan and line producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions about Album 70: "Finding a Way" and more.
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The voice of Buddy balances schooling and Bigfoot

Stuart has played Buddy Norman for more than six years now. And as the character has grown, so has Stuart. In fact, he joined us for the latest podcast just after finals week at college.
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Connie and Eugene are bickering buddies on the show and in real life

Katie Leigh (voice of Connie) and Will Ryan (voice of Eugene) have been on Adventures in Odyssey from the beginning. And they?ve known each other in real life even longer. Hear stories from the studio and what they are up to now.
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"Hurricane Perkins" touches down in Odyssey!

Having a parent stationed overseas in the military can be a huge challenge. That?s just part of what Cadence International - this month?s alliance organization - is all about. Hear all about their ministry and how it led to a unique adventure featuring leprosy, rat milk and the dreaded Arabian Death Scorpion.
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The dynamic siblings Morrie and Suzu Rydell work together... and apart

There is plenty of story ahead for Morrie and Suzu Rydell. Atticus Shaffer (voice of Morrie) and April Hong (voice of Suzu) share their journey together from the beginning to the climactic "The Rydell Revelations" to last album?s "Let?s Call the Whole Thing Off" to the upcoming adventure "The Team."
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Dive deep into the details of "The Christmas Bells"

SPOILER WARNING! Writer/director Phil Lollar, composer John Campbell, and sound designer Nathan Jones discuss the creation of "The Christmas Bells" in spoiler-ific detail.
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Welcome Carla Perkins - memorable mom, wife, and more

Rebecca Davis voices Carla Perkins, the latest in the line of notable moms on Adventures in Odyssey. There's more to both Rebecca and Carla than you might imagine.
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Who are the Perkins family? Their creator explains.

We?ve been hearing a lot about the Perkins family lately in Odyssey. Carla and Wyatt first appeared in ?The Sandwich Initiative? and the rest of the family joined soon after. Who are these characters? Why did they come to Odyssey? And are they based on real people? Perkins creator Marshal Younger answers these questions and more.
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Odyssey?s first sound designer apprentice Luke Guenot tells (nearly) all

Luke Guenot recently joined the Odyssey team as a new sound designer. He got his start listening to Odyssey while growing up, creating his own radio dramas, connecting with various Odyssey team members, and finally becoming the first sound designer apprentice.
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The creation of "Kopfkino: A Hare, a Hedgehog, and a Doof" with Dave Arnold and Phil Lollar

Executive producer Dave Arnold shares about the creation and inspiration of this month?s Club adventure - and how he cast writer/director Phil Lollar in a main role.
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Music from decades past returns with composer Aaron Fullan

Aaron Fullan scored the recent "Always Home" and the upcoming story "The Protector." Aaron shares how music from Odyssey?s early days inspired him and how his career led him from listening to Odyssey as a child back to becoming a part of the team as an adult.
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Meet Kyle, the 2020 Whit Award winner.

Kyle's wife Anni nominated him for the Whit Award with this entry: "At school the person students turn to is Headmaster Kyle. He seeks Jesus in all he does and says. Students and alumni seek Kyle for encouragement, prayer, wisdom and advice." Hear the story (and the person) behind this year's winning entry.
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FREE EPISODE: "House Guest," a Focus on the Family drama from 1985.

Merry Christmas! "House Guest," one of the early dramas Focus produced, was a sequel to the first drama ever ("Spare Tire") It was also the first to feature Hal Smith who would, of course, became the first voice of John Avery Whittaker. Hear this drama that helped lay the foundation for Adventures in Odyssey.
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Will Mrs. Meido will ever come back? What is the newest album called? Will the Meltsners ever adopt Buck? The team answers your questions!

Executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Phil Lollar, writer/director/showrunner Marshal Younger, and producer Nathan Hoobler answer your questions about Album 69: "Best Kept Secrets" and more.
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Jaime Saint and ITEC inspire Jay, Zoe, and Whit to travel to Honduras

Learn how a legacy of faith inspired this month's Club adventure. Plus: a preview of "Teach a Man"
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Avery Awards: Team Edition -- Best Performance

The Odyssey team shares their favorite performances through the history of the show.
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Warren Sellers gives Jules Kendall a song from the heart

Composer and lyricist Warren Sellers tells us about giving Jules her voice for a whole new adventure when he wrote the song "I?m Just Me."
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Abigail Geiger explains what a writer apprentice is ... and how her position led to "For a Song"

Abigail Geiger was a writer for years before she joined the Adventures in Odyssey team. But she had no idea what it took to write an Odyssey script. Now she's written four - including an episode in album 69 titled "For a Song."
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Hear the true story behind "The Martyr and the Rooster"

Writer/director Phil Lollar separates literal truth from literary truth in the latest Club adventure based on a story from Voice of the Martyrs. Plus: a preview of "The Martyr and the Rooster"
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Cristina Pucelli and Emily Jones solve mysteries together

Emily Jones?s latest investigation uncovers the truth about Morrie Rydell. Cristina Pucelli tells us about playing a mystery-solver for over a decade and gives clues about upcoming adventures.
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?More than Meets the Eye? and ?Out of the Blue? Avery Awards

Bob and Jesse are trapped in the podcast studio and forced to reveal the winners of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Scene, Best Sound Design, and the ultimate prize - Best Episode! Don't miss this exciting podcast!
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The cast of Adventures in Odyssey?s first all-remote recording joins us for an all-remote podcast!

In May 2020, Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) and Greg Jbara (voice of Wilson) recorded a new Adventures in Odyssey episode - from their own homes. Hear how they did it exactly - and how the experience compares to working in the studio.
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Adventures in Odyssey fan and mom turned executive director of American Heritage Girls Patti Garibay

American Heritage Girls executive director Patti Garibay talks about how AHG connects to Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, a preview of this month?s Club adventure: "Badges of Honor"
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Avery Awards: Team Edition -- Best Line of Dialogue

The Odyssey team shares their favorite lines from the history of the show. Plus: The official cover reveal for "Album 70: Finding a Way"
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Paul McCusker tells the story of the lost episode "Pamela Has a Problem"

This month?s Club adventure features the character of Connie?s friend Pamela, last heard in 1990 in "Pamela Has a Problem." Writer/director Paul McCusker (with the help of a surprise guest) explains why Adventures in Odyssey decided to address the sensitive topic of abortion in that early episode. (Plus: Hear a preview of "The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.")
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Erik Passoja: Voice of Odyssey bad guys, fifth-degree black belt, and stand-up comedian

Erik Passoja has played three different bad guys on Adventures in Odyssey, but he?s actually a really nice guy. Erik talks about his background and surprising talents. (Plus: Hear a preview of ?Millstones? and vote in the Averys!)
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From the hallways at Focus on the Family to the microphones of Adventures in Odyssey

Dozens of Focus on the Family employees have voiced roles in Adventures in Odyssey over the year. It?s time to hear a few of their stories!
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Redefining Bridget with actress Keely Marshall

Until now, most Perkins episodes have focused on Wyatt. But this month in the Club, the spotlight turned to his older sister, Bridget as she starred in ?Bridget, Redefined.? Hear from actress Keely Marshall about Odyssey, music, and more. Plus: A preview of ?Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles?
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What is the name of Album 70? Can you give a preview of "The Rydell Revelations?" And more questions for the team.

Can Connie?s dad and Wooton?s father become believers? At the end of ?Always Home,? Connie gets a call from an old friend. Who was it? What is the name of Album 70? Can you give us any hints on what?s going to happen in ?The Rydell Revelations?? Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, and writers/directors Phil Lollar and Marshal Younger answer these questions and more in the latest Team Q and A.
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Avery Awards: Team Edition -- Best Moment in the Studio

The Odyssey team gives their favorite moments that happened in the studio between takes.
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Avery Awards: Team Edition -- Best Scene

It?s another round of the Avery Awards, but this time, the Odyssey team gives their favorite scenes from the history of the show. (Length: 13 minutes).
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A Note about the Notes with Jared Depasquale, plus three free ways to spend more time with us!

Composer Jared Depasquale takes us into his music studio to show us how he created the music for the epic adventure ?Unsinkable.? Plus, announcing "Focus @Home," a free trial for the Adventures in Odyssey Club, and Family Time.
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Introducing Adventures in Odyssey Family Time

We know that a lot of you are going through a trying time right now and we?re here to help! We?re launching a series of special events during the month of April when you might have a little more time at home than usual. It?s called Adventures in Odyssey Family Time. The first event is this Wednesday, April 1 (no fooling!) where we?ll be listening to the episodes of the Morrie Rydell saga together. And there could be a few surprises along the way. Check out with your parents for more information!
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Meet Adam McArthur, voice of Eugene?s lab assistant Horus

This month on the Adventures in Odyssey, Renee Carter is desperate to improve her chemistry grade and so she lets Horus help her prepare for the final exam. But the "chemistry" between them may be problematic. Hear from Adam, the voice behind Horus, and from Bob Smithouser, writer of the episode.
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VIDEO PODCAST: Celebration time! Witness Jesse?s first-ever speaking part on Odyssey! Plus: AIO wins NRB?s ?Radio Program of the Year? and new secrets about the upcoming Album 69

Host Bob Smithouser has appeared in a number of Adventures in Odyssey episodes. But Jesse has never had a speaking part on the show?until now! Jesse?s grand debut is featured in Album 68. We had to document such a monumental event. Plus: A lightning round Q and A about the upcoming Album 69!
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Bob and Jesse continue their incredible journey in the Imagination Station to visit Adventures in Odyssey fans on three continents!

We have Club members in 83 countries and territories - all over the globe! Last time, Bob and Jesse visited a few countries with only one member. After the Imagination Station is fixed, they set off to visit even more (and hopefully, find their way back home!).
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Step into the Imagination Station for a journey unlike any you've ever taken before - visiting Adventures in Odyssey fans all over the globe!

We have Adventures in Odyssey Club members in 83 countries and territories. Today Bob and Jesse set off to visit a few of those places - countries with only one club member!
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The story of the Titanic has never been told this way before. Hear about the creation of the music and sound effects.

The Club adventures "Unsinkable, Parts 1 and 2" pretty much defined the word "epic." Hear from the post-production team - sound designer Nathan Jones and composer Jared Depasquale - about how they met the challenge.
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Meet Pastor Lawrence and his daughter Joy, the 2019 Whit Award winners

Joy wrote that her dad was "not only the kindest father ever but he?s also a pastor and basketball coach! He?s taught me how to love others more than myself and he introduced me to my Father in Heaven, God." Hear from Joy and her dad about the qualities that Lawrence and Mr. Whittaker share. (Plus: The announcement of ANOTHER special award!)
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Who was the villain in "A Sacrificial Escape"? What's going to happen to Jones and Parker? Will Wooton and Penny be in the next album? Will you release the unreleased episodes? The team answers your questions!

Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, and writers/directors Phil Lollar, and Marshal Younger look back at Album 67: More than Meets the Eye and look ahead to Album 68. Bonus: hear an audio preview of 68!
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FREE EPISODE! "The Sounds of Life" a Focus on the Family drama from the Adventures in Odyssey team

Merry Christmas! The team behind Adventures in Odyssey produced "The Sounds of Life" in 1992. Writer Paul McCusker and sound designer Dave Arnold produced this drama between their responsibilities for Odyssey. Originally released on the Focus on the Family broadcast, this touching drama illustrates some of life's most precious moments.
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Penny Wise: From unwitting accomplice in the Green Ring Conspiracy to Connie?s best friend and roommate to wife of everybody?s favorite mailman

It's hard to believe, but Kimmy Robertson (voice of Penny Bassett) has been on the show for going on ten years now. Listen to Kimmy's insights about Penny (and hear her answer to whether Wooton and Penny should have kids!)
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