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Pod Meets World

Pod Meets World

We're sending you to 1993 when TGIF reigned supreme and ?Boy Meets World? first premiered. Danielle, Will and Rider are going back to school as they rewatch every episode of the iconic series, sharing memories, behind the scenes moments, and all the ?Boy Meets World? stories a fan could ever want. Relive your first crush, first kiss, favorite moments and all the life lessons with Topanga, Eric, and Shawn.


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TGI - Episode 114 (?The B-Team of Life?)

The episode may be about being second string, but this recap is starter material all the way!

The crew goes all ?Murder She Wrote? and pieces together another discrepancy between filming and airing, figuring out that this episode is probably much closer to the pilot than you?d think.

Rider remembers a push-up problem, Will has chicken issues and Danielle remembers the time her little brother ruined a trip to Disneyland.

Plus, what line from this episode was so memorable that the cast repeated it behind the scenes for over 7 years!? You?ll need to think fast - even faster than Feeny?s AMC Gremlin!

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Christine Lakin Meets World

It?s a TGIF reunion! The Pod Meets World crew is joined by Step by Step?s Christine Lakin (aka Alicia ?Al? Lambert) to reminisce about being the new kids on the Friday night block.

They share experiences of what it was like returning to school as a TV star, teen heartthrob paintball wars, secret set tricks and kissing a co-star! (ooooh!)

Plus Christine, a BMW guest star herself, recalls a story that scarred her for years, while Will shares a little ?undapants? TMI that will affect Danielle forever.

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TGI - Episode 113 (?She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not?)

Grab an origami Camellia flower and a giant bone cause it?s Pod Meets World time!!
Crushes, misunderstandings and missed opportunities abound!

The crew sprints down memory lane as Will remembers receiving the biggest compliment of his acting career and Danielle has a visceral memory of what Will?s hand smelled like?! (eew!)

Plus more love for the hilarious Lee Norris and Topanga?s new curly hair!

It?s an episode that even your sister Nebula Stop The (Vietnam) War Lawrence will love!!

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Marla Sokoloff Meets World

Marla Sokoloff is best known for her successful career on TV shows like Full House, Friends and The Practice, but before all that - she was ?Paige? (and almost Topanga) on Boy Meets World. 

The delightful actress stops by to talk to the gang about her prolific TGIF legacy, life at the Oakwoods and her memories of the infamous Topanga switch.

And they also dig deep into the psyche of the child actor, and the pressure that comes with auditioning. 

There?s a whole lot of ?90s in this week?s interview, so bust out the scrunchies and capri pants because we?re time traveling.

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TGI - Episode 112 (?Once in Love with Amy?)

Critic / writer Starlee Kine (NPR, ?Search Party?) joins the cast to define the role of comfort TV in our lives, all while dissecting quite a scandalous episode. Amy might be cheating on Alan, but the true mystery lies in Feeny?s puzzling (and kinda dumb) math equation! You may want to have your Casio calculator watch handy?

There?s some great BTS secrets (which scene made the guys break?) and the group ponders the bleak future of the American sitcom.

Plus, find out what classic TV moments scarred each of them forever!

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Barbie Block and Sally Stiner Meet World

Barbie Block and Sally Stiner were the storied casting directors for Boy Meets World and now they?re revealing how the Matthews family, and so many more of their classic TV shows, came together! 

They?ll talk auditions, missed opportunities and even their side of the infamous replacement of Topanga.

Plus, there?s plenty of amazing tips for aspiring actors AND some incredible stories about some of Hollywood?s A-lister beginnings. We heard tidbits about Will Smith, Taylor Lautner, Reese Witherspoon, Adam Scott, Brittany Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio and much, much more!

This episode goes behind the scenes?of what goes on behind the scenes! Let?s go deeper!!

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TGI - Episode 111 (?The Father/Son Game?)

Go ahead and separate the marshmallows out of your cereal because this episode is sweet! The gang is joined once again by Trina McGee to breakdown an episode written by a young Bill Lawrence, years before his success as the creator of Scrubs and Ted Lasso.

The father/son softball game becomes more of a father/son battle and Topanga takes on Cory in the great Pledge debate. This one is loaded with some hella cool BTS details you need to hear, including why rewatching it left a bad taste in everyone?s mouths (Hint: It?s not because of Minkus? tainted hamburger). 

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Trina McGee Meets World

Trina McGee, aka the beloved Angela Moore, joins the gang for the highly requested reunion of unpacking that Pod Meets World is known for.

These 4 friends have been through a lot and are living proof that open communication is key.

Order up a couple of Double Chubbies with cheese because this episode is ready to heal.

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TGI - Episode 110 ("Santa's Little Helper")

In this episode Shawn's dad gets laid off at Christmas time, starting the oh-so-emo, and long lasting, narrative that Shawn is poor. Cory vows to get Shawn a present, but that act of kindness proves harder than it sounds.

It?s certainly a BMW moment we?ve remembered for decades?except for Rider who for some reason can?t remember this episode AT ALL.

Will overheard something on set that changed his acting strategy forever and we do some ?90s trivia that the hosts may or may not know.

It?s fitting that this is a Christmas BMW episode because it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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Betsy Randle Meets World

America?s mom has arrived! We?re so excited to welcome Mrs. Amy Matthews herself, Betsy Randle, to Pod Meets World!

Betsy reflects on her TGIF time as a ?cool mom? and reveals some of the BTS drama that had her begging for more to do. This emotional reunion reveals a lot of secrets?including which cast member Betsy had a real life crush on during filming!

Hold onto your fanny packs because this one will have you spinning! 

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TGI - Episode 109 (?Class Pre-Union?)

Get your jumpsuits and giant camcorders ready because this one is ready for action! The backstory of Topanga?s hair evolution is revealed, Jim Abbot guest stars without knowing and the gang marvels at how ahead of the times Mr. Feeny?s life lessons truly were.

It?s a BTS recap of epic proportions as Pod Meets World watches the 29-year old Boy Meets World episode where they predict their future in 20 years. Does that make sense???

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Lance Bass Meets World

There?s nothing like young love - especially when one of you is a TV icon, and the other is in the biggest boy band of the ?90s. 

We're welcoming Danielle?s ex-bf, NSYNC?s Lance Bass, to relive their relationship and a very ?special? Prom night. You read that right, they went to Prom together with matching teased hair. They dated for a year and she thought it was ?gonna be her? until (spoiler alert) he said Bye Bye Bye via telephone (mostly likely a flip phone). 

And now - they?re still close friends - and (EXCLUSIVE!) turning that Prom into a movie. Put on a tux and boutonnière, because you don?t want to miss this reunion!

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Q&A Meets World Part 2

The PMW Q&A continues as the questions get juicier than a 6-pack of Squeezits!

Why do so many people claim to have coined Topanga?s name? Were there any injuries during filming? Why the hell were The Monkees always on the show? Did the cast have bed times? And Danielle reveals her Boy Meets World crush and the person never knew...until now!

This Q&A is tough, get a helmet!

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Q&A Meets World Part 1

Getting to truly know a person can often feel like trying to open a jar?when that jar is a can. That?s why we?ve got the first Q & A Meets World episode! So many questions have been emailed to the show and there is so much you want NEED to know, that we've recorded enough for TWO episodes!

 Did they take/steal anything from the set?  What was it like being young and famous? Were the fans crazy? Did Danielle REALLY date her first celebrity crush? And why does a criminal currently have Shawn's leather jacket? And find out what secret message Danielle received in her lunches!

Q&A Meets World is the episode you've been waiting for?

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TGI - Episode 108 (Teacher?s Bet)

This pod has all the ?Feens,? as we recap the bet for a bicycle between teacher and student, while Danielle reads listener letters about what Feeny means to them. 

The gang reveals what word didn?t make it past Table Read and why the crew was proud of their naive child stars. AND BEHOLD THE MEAT FEENY!!! 

Looking back is sometimes hard, but not when it involves an episode of BMW! Get in there?

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Lauren Lapkus Meets World Part 2 TGI-Episode 107 (?Grandma Was a Rolling Stone?)

We are back for Part 2 with The Wrong Missy?s Lauren Lapkus, now tackling the second half of ?Grandma was a Rolling Stone.? The group recognizes Will?s comfort and his newfound appetite for laughs - even if his first came when the cameras weren?t rolling.

Speaking of firsts for Will?he details his first on screen kiss with Felicity herself - Kerri Russell! Of course she wasn?t Felicity yet, but she still gave Will some pointers anyway. And her hair! Geez!!! This leads the gang into detailing just how weird TV kissing is, a practice we all know we?ll soon be talking about every week.

This may not be your first listen to this podcast, but it?ll still give you the same Felicity butterflies! Check it out?

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Lauren Lapkus Meets World TGI-Episode 107 (?Grandma Was a Rolling Stone?)

Comedian, and Queen of Podcasts, Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black, The Wrong Missy) joins the show to wax poetic about her personal love for Boy Meets World.

Together they find out the details of Feeny?s first smile, the pay disparities that almost lost the show their new star and what it felt like to welcome celebrity guest, and Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan to the Matthews? family home!

Call some professional movers because there was so much to unpack in this episode?part 2 comes out next!!

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TGI - Episode 106 ("Boys II Mensa?)

Shawn may have finally found the spotlight, but Will reveals why it?s so hard to watch himself on screen and Danielle explains her issues with acting in a jacket. Which only begs the question??Holk-um??

There?s plenty of BTS talk from Cory pretending to be smart and the actors not being able to call in sick even when they really were. And the gang notices a joke that went over their heads all these years until they finally noticed it in the rewatch! You?ll need to listen to find out what it was and if you missed it too?

Plus, Danielle reveals the wrath of her mother when she got caught smoking on the studio lot at 15.  You?ll have a lot of free time since you?re grounded and not going to the school dance - so listen to this week?s exploration NOW!

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Marty York meets World

You fell in love him as ?Yeah Yeah? McClennan from The Sandlot?but did you know he was a tenant of the ?Death Chair? on Boy Meets World Season 1?

Marty York, aka Larry, takes us back to the beginning, and his first role with the legendary John Candy, who gave him a surprise new use for toilet paper.

In addition to revealing their first commercials, Marty and the gang theorize why he was never asked back to BMW after only a handful of episodes.

And in an emotional turn, Marty recalls a horrific accident that almost took his life and made him step away from acting for over a decade?

All this, and more, on the most muscular Pod Meets World yet!

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TGI-Episode 105 ("Killer Bees?)

That's not my name! That's not my name! 
Would Minkus mean as much to you if his name was Stuart Lempke??? Rider's got some serious BTS on a name change you never knew about.

Speaking of BTS, the final scene in this episode is ultimately how Will Friedle became Eric Matthews, and you won?t believe the process he went through to land the role.

Will, Rider and Danielle reminisce about seeing Aerosmith live together, but being too young to see the actual concert.

And Danielle gets emotional as she re-watches a scene with Feeny and Cory 30 years later.
All that and more *OPTICAL FLIP* on this episode!

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Lee Norris meets World

He may have only been on the show for one season, but Lee Norris, aka Stuart Minkus, has lived in our hearts for decades.

Lee sits down with Danielle, Rider & Will to talk about the ups and down of child stardom, the life lessons he learned from being on BMW and what it?s like surviving a huge earthquake after just moving to California.

Their time together was cut short in 1994, but for this episode the 4 are back together and reminiscing about some of the best times of their lives. And we find out if David Fincher is a Minkus fan.

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TGI-Episode 104 ("Cory's Alternative Friends")

Topanga is finally here!!!! The future Mr. and Mrs. Cory Matthews meet for the first time as they are teamed up for a school project.Danielle, Rider, and Will are joined by writer, producer and director extraordinaire, David Trainer to discuss Episode 4. This is the one where Topanga does her iconic dance and Cory has hair issues. Danielle reveals not only the origin of the dance but the secrets to her own hair!!CORRECTION: Fish Girl is now played by Megan Parlen.

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David Trainer Meets World

One of the masterminds responsible for giving the world Danielle Fishel as Topanga is here.

David Trainer, a prolific and legendary television director and producer, spotted Danielle Fishel on the BMW set and knew he had found the perfect Topanga! The only issue was - she wasn?t originally cast in that role.

The actress formerly known as ?Fish Girl? became Topanga and the rest is history.

Buckle up as David reveals BTS stories you won?t believe and Danielle details the week that changed her life forever!

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TGI-Episode 103 ("Father Knows Less")

Should Mr. Feeny have let Cory retake his test OR was he teaching him a valuable lesson?!

As Danielle, Rider and Will are digging in to Episode 3 they share their memories of costar Willie Garson. Willie is known to many as Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City but on Pod Meets World he is known as Leonard Spinelli.

Cringy or Classic? Cory makes a risqué joke about his parents? too much for a 12 year old?!

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William Daniels Meets World

F-f-feeny is here!!!!
The incredible awe-inspiring Emmy Award winning William Daniels!
Danielle, Will and Rider all had one role model in common? William Daniels.
The tears are flowing and there are plenty of laughs as they honor their teacher from Boy Meets World and IRL.
The bond the show created for them is unbreakable for life.
Plus, his wife of over 70 years, the magical Bonnie Bartlett (aka Dean Lila Bolander ) joins in as well.

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TGI-Dad Episode 102 (?On the Fence?)

This is one of the many great episodes for Mr. Matthews ? and William Russ is here to recap with us! What made this TV Dad so iconic?! Let?s dissect the character.

Plus, what?s the death chair? What happened to the original Matthews' little sister? 

?And still no Topanga!!

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William "Rusty" Russ Meets World

Alan Matthews is here!  Let's hang with Dad aka Topanga's father-in-law.  Father Knows Best, right?

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TGI-The Pilot

Danielle, Rider and Will are watching the very first episode of Boy Meets World. We meet Eric, Shawn, Cory, Mr. Feeny and and all the rest? except for Topanga!! Where is Topanga?!

Will and Rider bonded immediately and William Daniels (aka F-f-feeny!!!!!) became their mentor. Plus, introducing Rider?s son Indy and his take of seeing his dad with that weird hair and ?too much shirts?.

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For us, they will always be Topanga, Eric, and Shawn. The year is 1993 and three future BFF's were meeting for the first time.  Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong never could have envisioned that being cast in a new sitcom for ABC would change their lives forever and bring new meaning to TGIF.  This is how it all began...and how it looks now.

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Introducing: Pod Meets World

We're sending you to 1993 when TGIF reigned supreme and ?Boy Meets World? first premiered. Danielle, Will and Rider are going back to school as they rewatch every episode of the iconic series, sharing memories, behind the scenes moments, and all the ?Boy Meets World? stories a fan could ever want. Relive your first crush, first kiss, favorite moments and all the life lessons with Topanga, Eric, and Shawn.

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