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The Official Yellowstone Podcast

The Official Yellowstone Podcast

Ever wonder what life is really like on Dutton Ranch? Saddle up and join co-hosts Jefferson White ("Jimmy") and Jen Landon ("Teeter") as they take you behind the scenes of season 5 on the only official Yellowstone podcast. They'll be joined by special guests, from cast members to celebrity super fans, to recap episodes and unpack the latest updates of the ever-expanding Yellowstone universe. New episodes every Sunday. 


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Lainey Wilson and the Duttons? Disastrous Dinner

In season 5 episode 5, John cancels all his meetings to join the Yellowstone cowboys for the gathering and branding of cattle. Jen and Jefferson recap the gathering and other big moments, including the disastrous dinner that results in a ?slugfest? between Summer and Beth as their relationship finally reaches a boiling point. Then CMA?s Female Vocalist of the Year Lainey Wilson (?Abby?) joins the podcast to discuss her acting debut on Yellowstone. She also talks about her songwriting process and her new songs that premiered in the series. 
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Piper Perabo on Fly Fishing and Civil Disobedience

Jen and Jefferson debrief on season 5 episode 4 and what it was like heeling calves for branding. Then, Piper Perabo (?Summer Higgins?) shares how Taylor Sheridan wrote the role of Summer based on her real-life experience of being arrested for civil disobedience. She shares her affinity for fly fishing and how working on Yellowstone opened her up to the large indigenous community in the state of Montana and the sport of horse cutting. 
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New Enemies, New Allies and Dead Wolves

Jen Landon (?Teeter?) reunites with Bunkhousemate Jefferson to co-host this season of The Official Yellowstone Podcast. New political power, a family tragedy, and a pack of troublesome wolves ? Jefferson and Jen recap the first three episodes of Yellowstone Season 5. They debrief all the current plotlines including new enemies and allies that have debuted this season, like Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) and Clara Brewer (Lilli Kay). Along the way, they share insights about which of their fellow cast members are real-life cowboys, stunts, and even robot dancing on set. 
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Welcome Back to Yellowstone

The Official Yellowstone Podcast returns to unpack Season 5 and all things across the Yellowstone universe. In celebration of the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere, enjoy this recent CBS Sunday Morning interview with Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan creator of "Yellowstone" and its prequel, "1883" (along with the prequel's upcoming sequel, "1932"). Go behind the scenes with exclusive interviews featuring cast members and celebrity superfans that explore music, food, culture, and beyond with The Official Yellowstone Podcast. New episodes every Sunday. 
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Working the Trail with Sam Elliott, LaMonica Garrett and Eric Nelsen (1883)

1883 brings the harsh reality of the journey west to life - Jefferson and the cast from 1883 reflect on the intensity of shooting this epic story.
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Bringing Authentic Native American Life and Relationships to Yellowstone - Gil Birmingham and Mo Brings Plenty

Jefferson welcomes Gil Birmingham (Rainwater) and Mo Brings Plenty (Mo) on the show to discuss how they build off of their own experiences and relationships to create authentic characters in the world of Yellowstone.
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Building a Universe - Taylor Sheridan and David C. Glasser

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and Executive Producer David C. Glaser talk with Jefferson about the thematic building blocks of the series and the process of getting it built.
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Back of the House - Ian Bohen, Denim Richards and Jake Ream

Bunkhouse boys have all the fun... Jefferson and his friends Ian, Denim and Jake talk about what it means to defend the Dutton Ranch - and add a little laughter to the world of Yellowstone.
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The Past & Future West - Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Isabel May talk 1883

Yellowstone balances the idealistic picture of "the West" juxtaposed with its harsh realities. Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, & Isabel May join Jefferson to talk about the Dutton origin story 1883.
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The Frontier Is Female - Kelly Reilly, Jen Landon and Kelsey Asbille

Kelly Reilly, Kelsey Asbille & Jen Landon join us to discuss portraying females in the modern West and how each one of their characters earn respect in vastly different arenas.
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Music and Authenticity with Ryan Bingham (Walker) and Andrea von Foerster

The authenticity of Yellowstone can be seen [and heard] from many angles - Ryan Bingham and Yellowstone Music Supervisor Andrea Von Foerster chat with us as we dig into rodeo and ranch life outside of the Dutton Ranch and the music that captures it.
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All Cowboy All the Time - Forrie J Smith (Lloyd) and Bobby Roberts

Two of the real life cowboys on Dutton Ranch, Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) and Bobby Roberts ride through and share their insight on Cowboy life. We discuss ranching, rodeos, and what makes the show so singularly authentic.
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The Epic Love Story of Rip & Beth ? with Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly

Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser stop by to break down the most epic love story on T.V., Rip & Beth. We discuss what makes the country's most star-crossed lovers so compelling and much more.
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A House Divided - Luke Grimes & Wes Bentley

Luke Grimes and Wes Bentley join us to dig deeper into what it means to be a Dutton. Listen as they discuss how much the thematic of family entwines the actors on set as much as on the show.
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Introducing The Official Yellowstone Podcast

Host Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom), will share what life is really like on Dutton Ranch in The Official Yellowstone Podcast. Saddle up for interviews with Yellowstone cast members and other special guests who will take you behind the scenes of the culture and community that built the television series. Hear new episodes of The Official Yellowstone Podcast every Thursday and watch Season 4 of Yellowstone on Paramount Network.
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