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Dear Anger

Dear Anger

Screaming and yelling, fighting and arguing, tantrums and hissy fits. Anger finds its way into every home, classroom, and workplace, and we're ready to talk about it. This podcast, for humans of all ages, is not about getting rid of anger, but about changing our relationship with it. We share research based solutions for changing the way kids, and parents, respond to powerful, challenging emotions, and we hope you laugh with us along the way. Join hosts Ed Crasnick, a comedian and Emmy Award winning writer, and Renee Jain, positive psychology guru and the founder of GoZen!


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Battles with Strong-Willed Children

Kids can really dig their heals in when they want to. Parents of strong-willed kids know exactly what we mean. But here's a secret: where there is a strong-willed child, more often than not there is a strong-willed parent. And when two humans refuse to give ground, nobody gets anywhere. In this episode, Ed and Renee explore ways to change from ?parent versus child,? to ?us versus the problem.? Learn how just a little bit of child autonomy can go a long way for your family.

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When Kids Hurt Parents' Feelings

?I hate you, Mom!? ?Dad, you?re so embarrassing!? ?I like it at Mom?s house more.? Kids are sometimes good at saying things that hurt us. And when they do, let?s face it: we get pretty angry. But is that really the way we want to show up in those situations? Ed and Renee have plenty of experience helping people transform their emotions, and this episode is loaded with tools for transforming hurt feelings and anger into compassion and understanding.

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Negative Reactions to Negative Self-Talk

Knowing our kids think poorly of themselves hurts. And somehow, someway, that hurt leads to fear, and that fear leads us to frustration, and frustration, of course, right into anger. Maybe it?s our own lack of security as parents. Maybe it?s panic over not knowing how to help our kids feel good about themselves. Join Ed and Renee as they peel back the layers of emotions surrounding our kids' negative self-talk.

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Homework Arguments, Stress, & Anger

Deadlines. Pressure. Tests. Evaluation. Grades. Homework is a loaded topic, and one sure to drum up difficult, angry feelings in kids and parents alike. Kids feel stress and a lack of control. Parents feel pressure to make sure their kids are succeeding, and catastrophize when they don?t. If there are arguments over homework in your home, then check out this episode and change the anger script.

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Anger's Purpose, and Benefit! (pilot)

We love our anger! Shocking? It shouldn't be. Join hosts Renee and Ed as they discuss the purpose of anger, and the helpful messages it sends us.  In this pilot episode, they begin the process of changing our relationship with anger, not ridding ourselves of it.  

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Dear Anger: Introducing a New Podcast

We're super excited to announce the new Dear Anger podcast, coming in September 2021! Dear Anger is a podcast for humans of all ages! If yelling, tantrums, fighting, arguing, and silent treatments, not to mention all the stress and anxiety that accompany those things, have a presence in your home, then you're in the right place. Join hosts Ed Crasnick and Renee Jain, the powerhouse team that brought you Dear Anxiety, every week as they share tools, tricks, and tips for transforming anger into a positive catalyst for change.  

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