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Hitting a moving target is hard, but for some criminals that's their specialty. Armored truck robberies are supposed to be among the most difficult and dangerous crimes to get away with, so, how is it that they happen so often? In this 10-part series, host Jake Brennan, is diving deep into the most notorious armored truck robbery cases in North America and beyond to figure out what fuels these perpetrators and the investigators whose job it is to catch them.


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BONUS: Tales of the Take

Host Jake Brennan catches up with FBI agents who worked some of the most notorious cases featured in the series. Plus, learn the inside details about an armored truck robbery that didn't make it into the season's 10 episodes.

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Viva Las Vegas

At the start of the new millennium a group of men terrorized Las Vegas, leaving a path of destruction in the desert and investigators scrambling to stop a series of armored truck heists that plagued Sin City.

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Pittsburgh Stealer

In February 2012, a greedy Guarda armored truck driver stole $2.3 million in casino money and murdered his co-worker in the process. The trail of stashed cash he left for the FBI to find eventually became his undoing.

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Weather Underground

A 1981 robbery and shootout near a New York mall ends with millions of dollars in the wind and two policemen and an armored truck guard dead. The domestic terrorist organization behind the heist struck fear into the country and the repercussions from the robbery still remain a heavy weight for survivors today.

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The Boston Job

In the summer of 1962 robbers posing as police barricaded an armored truck near Boston, Massachusetts and boosted millions in cash. Three suspects were caught but two of them never went to prison and the third vanished before testifying. To this day, the cash they stole has never been recovered.

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Inside Men

In September 1997 one of the largest cash robberies in U.S. history went down in Los Angeles, California. The thieves made off with $18.9 million in cash and evaded capture for years. Their eventual demise? A rookie mistake.

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International Incidents

Using backhoes to barricade and break into an armored van on an Italian highway or unleashing chemical spray to blind guards delivering millions to a Japanese bank... both sound like plots of an action movie, but unfortunately these two tales happened in real life.

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Sunshine State of Crime

In 1997 nearly $19 million disappeared from a Loomis Fargo armored truck in Jacksonville, Florida. The mastermind behind the job? The truck's driver who was hell bent on carrying out one of the most expensive labor protests in U.S. history.

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The Englishman

In 1993, a calculated armored truck heist befell Felixstowe, England and the culprit vanished without a trace. Nearly two decades later and a continent away, the law finally caught up to the suspect and revealed he had been hiding in plain sight the entire time.

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Vanished in Vermont

In 2002, a lone gunman robbed an armored car company in Vermont making off with nearly two million in cash. To this day the crime remains unsolved and a bizarre mystery that's stumped the FBI.

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Houston Heists

For four years a calculating robbery crew plagued the city of Houston, Texas dubbing it the "Armored Truck Robbery Capital of the United States." The group's ringleader, a born and bred Texan, hid in plain sight using his devious skills to outsmart investigators and justify murder and mayhem.

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In this 10-part audiochuck series, host Jake Brennan, dives deep into the most notorious armored truck robberies to figure out how these crimes that are among the most difficult to commit happen so often.

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