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Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there?s a reason?endless virtue signaling and manufactured outrage. Finally, there?s an alternative. Morning Wire is presented by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief, John Bickley, and co-host Georgia Howe. Get daily coverage of the latest developments in politics, culture, education, sports, and more. Wake up with Morning Wire and get the facts first on the news you need to know.


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Pediatricians Question Gender Transition & Polls Tighten | 8.18.22

Pediatricians push back on trans policies promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Democrats gain ground on Republicans ahead of the midterms, and backlash builds in Minneapolis over the teachers union?s race-based contract policy. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Battle Over Trump Affidavit | 8.17.22

Demands increase for the FBI?s Trump search affidavit, President Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act, and Republican AGs push back against BlackRock?s ESG agenda. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Liz Cheney, Twitter ?Misinformation? & Afghanistan | 8.16.22

Key primaries in Wyoming and Alaska take place today, Twitter rolls out its election ?misinformation? policies ahead of the midterms, and American allies still left in Afghanistan a year after the withdrawal. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Americans? Views of Trump Raid | 8.15.22

More information comes to light about the Mar-a-Lago search warrant and what federal agents seized, how Americans view the FBI?s actions against Trump, and San Francisco?s new district attorney is cracking down on fentanyl dealers. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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?Reign of Terror? in Afghanistan | 8.14.22

A firsthand account of the Taliban?s ?reign of terror? in Kabul a year after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Credit Card Debt & College Athletics | 8.13.22

Americans rack up record levels of credit card debt, college athletics undergo massive changes with sweeping financial implications, and California?s electric vehicle rebate programs face significant setbacks. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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DOJ Breaks Silence | 8.12.22

DOJ breaks silence on FBI Trump search, the planned expansion of the IRS sparks questions and concerns, and the legal battle between golf?s most powerful league and its new Saudi Arabia-backed competitor. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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FBI Raids Latest | 8.11.22

DOJ sources say a confidential informant prompted the FBI?s Trump raid, the legal implications of the FBI?s actions, and California Democrats pass a bill that would allow more taxpayer-funded drug use sites. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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Political Fallout From FBI Trump Raid | 8.10.22

The political fallout from the FBI Trump raid escalates, tensions heighten between New York and Texas over bussed-in migrants, and nuclear energy regains popularity in the U.S. as a clean energy alternative. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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FBI Raids Trump?s Home | 8.9.22

The FBI raids former President Trump?s Mar-a-Lago home, a rash of violent crime has left New Yorkers afraid to take the subway, and American cities face a mass exodus of police officers. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Democrats Vote For Record Spending On Climate Change | 8.8.22

Senate Democrats push through record-spending on climate change, Germany rethinks its energy policies amid a fuel crisis, and property owners speak out as LA extends its eviction moratorium. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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The TikTok Threat | 8.7.22

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in the world?especially among young people. But critics warn it poses unique security and mental health risks. So much so, a number of nations have even banned the Chinese app describing it as a ?weapon? by software experts. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Parents Shift Political Views | 8.6.22

Large groups of parents shifted their political views during the pandemic, the UK orders the closure of England?s only children?s gender clinic amid controversy, and how the war in Ukraine could spark a microchip crisis. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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DeSantis Cracks Down on Crime | 8.5.22

The political gap between Florida and New York widens as Gov. DeSantis suspends a ?soft-on-crime? state attorney, while new study reveals the troubling reality of New York?s lenient crime policies, and public school enrollment has plummeted post-pandemic. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Taliban Shelters Terrorists & Military Recruitment Plummets | 8.4.22

The take-down of an Al Qaeda leader exposes the growing terrorist presence in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, military recruitment falls to a record low, and LA moves to ban homeless encampments near schools. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Pelosi?s Taiwan Trip & GOP Primary Results | 8.3.22

Pelosi visits Taiwan amid political controversy and threats from China, several key Republican primary results set the stage for November, and the GOP unveils its plan to address the border crisis. Get the facts first on Morning Wire


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?The War on Farmers? | 8.2.22

Farmers in several countries erupt in protest against climate policies, Sen. Joe Manchin backs a new tax and spend bill that promises to reduce inflation, and a California judge says a lawsuit alleging Visa illegally profited from child pornography can go forward. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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Biden Admin?s Response to Recession | 8.1.22

The Biden administration?s response to economic recession, the impact of TikTok on the social media landscape, and new evidence related to Hunter Biden and his business partners prompts calls for a special counsel investigation. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Europe Cautious on Gender Transition | 7.31.22

American children who identify as the opposite sex are being encouraged to get medical intervention to conform to their gender identity. Meanwhile, European countries have been ahead of the U.S. on this issue, but now they?re pumping the brakes. 

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"The God Gap" | 7.30.22

The role of ?the God Gap? in the political realignment among American minorities, lawmakers warn that DNA profiles could be used by foreign enemies, and childhood obesity rates increase. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Recession is Here | 7.29.22

Second straight decline in GDP signals that the U.S. is in recession, the Biden administration?s transgender Title IX guidance is in legal limbo, and more women are opting to get sterilized in the wake of the Dobbs Supreme Court descision. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Alzheimer?s Study Scandal & China vs. the Fed | 7.28.22

New evidence suggests a landmark Alzheimer?s study may have been fraudulent, a Senate report details how China has attempted to infiltrate the U.S. Federal Reserve, and House Democrats move to impose term limits on the Supreme Court. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Whistleblowers: FBI Covered for Hunter Biden | 7.27.22

Whistleblowers come forward alleging a scheme at the FBI to downplay derogatory information on Hunter Biden, concern over monkeypox continues to grow, and the Senate advances a semiconductor chip bill amid a technology race with China. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Tensions Over Taiwan & Government Distrust Grows | 7.26.22

Pelosi?s Taiwan trip poses problems for the Biden administration, a majority of Americans say the government is rigged against them, and the housing market sees a significant shift. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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?The Most Important Week of the Summer? | 7.25.22

The ?most important week of the summer? begins with crucial economic information to be released, controversy swirls around the House contraception bill, and the attacker of a Republican NY gubernatorial candidate is released within hours due to bail reform laws. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Academic Freedom Under Fire | 7.24.22

More and more college professors seem to get ?canceled? every year. Ideas and free thinking have become dangerous to professors on both the right and the left as college campuses become less tolerant of dissent. What is the state of academic freedom on campus? And what is being done to protect free speech? Get the facts first on Morning Wire

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Greenwood Mall Hero & John Cleese | 7.23.22

More details have emerged on the 22 year old who curtailed a mass shooting, millennials are better off than their parents when it comes to retirement savings, and actor, comedian and Monty Python icon John Cleese sounds off on cancel culture. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Migrant Busloads from the Border | 7.22.22

Mayors sound the alarm over migrants bussed in from the border, Europe braces for severe energy shortages amid Russian threats, and controversy erupts over the arrest of lawmakers protesting the Supreme Court. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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House Passes Gay Marriage Bill | 7.21.22

 The House passes a bill codifying gay marriage, President Biden announces new climate change measures, and murder charges are dropped against a New York bodega worker after public backlash. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Historic Shift In Education Views | 7.20.22

An historic shift is taking place among voters about which party they trust more with education, Texans are asked to conserve energy and water amid energy grid and drought struggles, and LA County takes steps to remove its tough-on-crime sheriff. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Dems Target Pregnancy Centers | 7.19.22

Democrats attempt to penalize and defund pregnancy centers, the fundraising battle between the Dems and GOP heats up, and parents sue TikTok for allegedly leading to the death of their children. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Rise of Conservative Latinas & Biden?s Saudi Arabia Trip | 7.18.22

The rise of conservative Latinas, President Biden?s trip to Saudi Arabia sparks controversy, and the nation?s top health agencies face complaints of stifling speech and collapsing morale. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Mass Shootings & Missing Fathers | 7.17.22

After each mass shooting in America, politicians and pundits sound the alarm about a variety of contributing causes, ranging from violent video games, to skyrocketing rates of depression, and of course, access to guns. We speak to an expert who says the problem starts closer to home. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Housing Market Cools & The Marriage Penalty | 7.16.22

The red-hot housing market finally shows signs of cooling off, a new report finds new evidence that our fiscal system penalizes marriage, and Pope Francis appoints three women to key roles in the Vatican. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.  

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Ohio Abortion Story & Political Realignment | 7.15.22

New details emerge about the rape of a 10-year-old in Ohio whose abortion story made national headlines, a seismic demographic shift is taking place in both political parties, and unvaccinated Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon but is still barred from the U.S. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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Record Inflation & House Abortion Bills | 7.14.22

Inflation hits a new record high and Americans? hourly earnings suffer, House Democrats push two federal abortion bills, and violence and crime force Starbucks to close stores in major cities. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Jan. 6 Hearing & Biden?s Mexico Meeting | 7.13.22

The House holds its seventh January 6th hearing, President Biden meets with Mexico?s president, and Arizona?s new school choice law prompts praise and pushback. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Sri Lanka Crisis & Dems Turn On Biden | 7.12.22

Sri Lanka?s government is in turmoil amid food and financial crises, two-thirds of Democratic voters say they don?t want Joe Biden as their nominee in 2024, and Democrats face an intra-party revolt as the administration struggles. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Musk Terminates Twitter Deal & Biden Issues Abortion Order | 7.11.22

Elon Musk tells Twitter he?s canceling their $44 billion deal, President Biden issues an executive order on abortion, and the newest jobs numbers are released. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Book Banning Wars | 7.10.22

Calls for banning books have increased in the U.S., and both the Left and Right say the other side is to blame. On this Sunday episode of Morning Wire, reporter Megan Basham takes a closer look at the issue of book banning. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Manhattan DA Under Fire & Griner Pleads Guilty | 7.9.22

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg criticized for prosecuting grocery clerk, WNBA player Brittney Griner pleads guilty to drug possession, and new ESG reporting could adversely affect credit unions. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Boris Johnson Resigns & Red vs. Blue States | 7.8.22

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns, red states outpace blue states in recovering economically, and controversy swirls around the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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DOJ Sues AZ & Dutch Farmer Protest | 7.7.22

The Biden DOJ sues Arizona over its new voter integrity law, Dutch police fire on protesting farmers, and the Highland Park shooter confesses. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Violence Shakes The Nation | 7.6.22

Violence shakes the nation, a police-involved shooting in Ohio sparks protests, and the summer box office is back. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. 

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Biden?s Crisis & Newsom vs. DeSantis | 7.5.22

President Biden?s party faces grim polling as inflation cripples the economy, Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis spar, and Biden moves to add transgenderism to Title IX. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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Supreme Court Rulings & July 4th Messages | 7.4.22

One of the most consequential Supreme Court terms has ended. We detail the significant case rulings and what they mean to Americans. Plus our July 4th tribute to America on its 246th birthday. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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California?s Drought & the U.S. Food Supply | 7.3.22

The war between Russia and Ukraine is causing shortages of wheat and fertilizer, along with record inflation, and extreme drought in California, are all combining to create the perfect food supply storm. In this episode of Morning Wire, we break down the implications for the future of farming in California and its impact on food prices across the country. This episode was previously recorded.

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THC Poisoning in Teens | 7.2.22

More teens visit emergency rooms for THC poisoning, Biden tries to win back support of parents, and new evidence from Hunter Biden laptop. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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EPA Restrictions & Remain In Mexico | 7.1.22

The Supreme Court term ends with two significant decisions, your July 4th holiday weekend is more expensive, and wealthy New Yorkers abandon the state. Get the Facts First on Morning Wire.

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Setting Jan. 6 Record Straight | 6.30.22

New information casts doubt on the surprise Jan 6. hearing testimony, the left responds to the Dobbs Supreme Court decision, and WNBA center Brittney Griner appears in Russian court. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.

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