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Killer Role

Killer Role

The actress Wyn Reed had that powerful combination of charisma, beauty and smarts. She was such a talent that a team of movie producers couldn?t believe it when the 28 year-old Wyn agreed to play the lead ? a killer?in their upcoming, small-budget, horror movie. What the filmmakers didn?t know, as they got on location, was that Wyn wasn?t really Wyn. That was all make believe. But the killer part? That was real. This original podcast series from Keith Morrison and Dateline NBC tells a story even Hollywood couldn?t have imagined. Subscribe now and join us for the first two episodes on April 13th.


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6 - My Jaw Hit the Floor

Days before her trial was to begin, Tucker?s lawyer said he had proof of his client?s innocence: a recording of the shooting made by Tucker herself.

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5 - What Did You Do With the Gun?

Detectives want to know who fired and re-loaded the gun hours before Shane was shot.

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4 - Oh, My God. That?s a .38

She was there to help with legal documents, but when a fatal shot rang out, she became a key witness. 

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3 - A Drop Dead Moment

The gun fired in an instant, but the backstory that preceded the shooting took years to unfold. 

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2 - It Just Went Off

The story Tucker told police sounded like a scene from a movie, but it was all too real.

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1 - In the Dark

Indie filmmakers cast Wyn Reed as their star. What they didn?t know was that Wyn wasn?t Wyn.

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Introducing: Killer Role

An actress playing a killer in a horror film is so good, you?d almost think she?d done it in real life. Turns out she had? Dateline?s Keith Morrison takes you inside a story where fiction and reality collide. 

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