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Tulsa's Buried Truth

Tulsa's Buried Truth

It is one of the most violent attacks in American history, and also one of the least talked about. In 1921, an angry white mob descended upon a thriving community known as Black Wall Street. Over the course of two days, they decimated the neighborhood and killed as many as 300 Black Americans. Bodies of the victims were never recovered -- until now. One hundred years later -- after decades of silence -- a dozen wooden coffins were discovered in an unmarked grave. Now, the possibility of mass graves underneath Tulsa has prompted a search for answers, and justice for the descendants of those who were killed. 


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Ep. 1: The Trigger

A generation of freed slaves create a new home for themselves in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But all of that is jeopardized after an encounter in an elevator.
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Trailer: Introducing 'Tulsa's Buried Truth'

There?s a secret that?s been buried under a century of silence. It lies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a once-unknown massacre took place on American soil. Related shows: - "Start Here": The award-winning daily news podcast from ABC News. ( - "In Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson": A surprising and original portrait of Lady Bird Johnson, told in the former first lady's own words -- from over 123 hours of her White House audio diaries, heard here largely for the first time ever. (
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