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As an organizational psychologist, Adam Grant believes that great minds don't think alike; they challenge each other to think differently. In Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, he has lively discussions and debates with some of the world's most interesting thinkers, creators, achievers, and leaders?from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Brené Brown to Mark Cuban, and Olympic medalists to Nobel laureates to Oscar winners. By diving inside their minds, Adam is on a mission to uncover bold insights and share surprising science that can make us all a little bit smarter. Tune in to Re:Thinking with Adam Grant. You might just be inspired to let go of some old ideas and embrace some new ones.


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Busting the myths of the brain with neuroscientist Chantel Prat

Have you ever thought you can?t do something because you?re ?not wired that way?? Neuroscientist Chantel Prat might challenge you to rethink your beliefs. Chantel dispels some sticky myths about right-brainers and left-brainers, shares her research on how learning to code depends more on verbal skills than math skills, and generates some hypotheses about Adam?s brain. Her debut book ?The Neuroscience of You? is out now.

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Surgeon Atul Gawande wants everyone to have a coach

Atul Gawande was advised by a colleague to say yes to every opportunity until he turned 40. Since then he?s been a renowned surgeon, a public health leader and government policymaker, and a bestselling author and ?New Yorker? writer. He talks with Adam about his fascinating career and how he balances his passions for different fields, why he works with a coach even in the operating room, and how he?s working in The White House to end our current pandemic?and prevent the next one.
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How free solo climber Alex Honnold faces fear

In 2017, Alex Honnold did what even the world?s best rock climbers thought was impossible. He climbed to the top of El Capitan? a granite rock mountain more than 3,000 feet high? without a rope, harness, or net. His audacious feat was the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary ?Free Solo,? and it left Adam with some burning questions about what we can learn from his unique approach to managing fear. Alex opens up about how he regulates his emotions when he?s hanging on by just a few fingers, what still scares him, and how he stays motivated to pursue ambitious goals. For the full text transcript, visit

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Mark Cuban doesn?t believe in following your passions

Mark Cuban has gone from selling garbage bags door-to-door to selling internet companies for billions, acquiring an NBA team, and becoming a beloved ?Shark? on Shark Tank. Mark reveals to Adam how he turns problems into opportunities in entrepreneurship, basketball, and investing. They discuss his latest venture?disrupting the healthcare industry with an online pharmacy and a price-slashing philosophy that makes hundreds of drugs affordable?and why following your passion is not the best way to maintain your motivation.
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Ava DuVernay is Triumphant

Before Ava DuVernay became the first Black woman director to win Sundance and get nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, she was a publicist with a little hobby, a big dream, and a lot of patience. Adam talks to Ava about how she turned her side gig of filmmaking into a brilliant career, how her leadership style has evolved over the years, and what studying MLK while making the movie Selma can teach us about what it really takes to inspire.

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Satya Nadella is building the future

Satya Nadella is a modern renaissance man; he?s a cricket enthusiast, poetry lover, oh, and the chairman and CEO of Microsoft with a nearly perfect approval rating on Glassdoor. Satya has led a transformation at Microsoft, up-ending the culture, and rethinking remote and hybrid work. In this episode, Adam talks to Satya about the future of work, leadership, and building cultures of care. For the full text transcript, visit

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Jon Batiste on the art of pushing your limits

Jon Batiste has had a record year?he was the most nominated artist at the Grammys, winning five of his ELEVEN nominations across multiple categories, including Album of the Year. When he?s not making musical history, he?s a touring artist, late-night band leader, and Oscar-winning composer. In this episode, Jon talks with Adam about the creative process of making his genre-defying music, his prodigious background as a young musician in New Orleans, the role of focus and variety in building a successful career, and the power of art to make real change.
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Esther Duflo wants you to think like a plumber

When Esther Duflo took her first economics class, she hated it. In 2019, she won a Nobel Prize in economics. Esther talks with Adam about her groundbreaking experiments to fight poverty, busts myths about what motivates people, and reveals how to make meaningful progress toward solving daunting problems. Read the text transcript for this episode at

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Indra Nooyi Says It?s Time for Leaders to Care

PepsiCo's trailblazing former CEO drove record profits?but did so while investing in employee well-being, consumer health, and environmental sustainability. In their second conversation, she and Adam are on stage for a lively, entertaining dialogue about how to improve our work lives and our workplaces. They talk about striking a balance between fitting in and standing out, winning support for major change up and down the org chart, and rethinking business education. Indra also reveals the name of the only world leader who ever intimidated her and why she doesn?t care who wins the battle between Pepsi and Coke. Find the transcript for this episode at

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Indra Nooyi wants us to reimagine the return to work

The longtime PepsiCo CEO is one of the world?s most powerful women and Time?s 100 most influential people. In the first of two rich conversations, she explains why she wrote more than 400 letters about her direct reports? to their parents. Indra and Adam discuss what she?s learned about leadership, finding and being a mentor, championing ideas from below, and making big career decisions. They also explore some of the big questions around the future of work?from embracing flexibility to creating equitable arrangements for women to making family a real priority. Read the text transcript for this episode at

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Allyson Felix on defeating disappointment and savoring success

At the age of 18, Allyson Felix took home the Olympic silver medal in the 200 meter dash. She was devastated. Where others saw ?second-best in the world,? she only saw ?not first.? That race lit a fire that would carry her on to become the most decorated track and field athlete in American history. Adam talks with her about achieving excellence, bouncing back from her so-called ?failures,? and sustaining motivation to medal in five straight Olympic games. Read the text transcript for this episode at

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Daydreams, and His Dad Gets Things Done

In a world obsessed with efficiency, Lin-Manuel Miranda?s smash Broadway hits Hamilton and In the Heights began with idle curiosity. Adam interviews Lin together with his father, Luis, about finding harmony between creativity and productivity?and rhythm between work and life. They discuss what motivated Lin to take a big risk on the biggest stage of his life, the challenges of fitting in when you stand out, the importance of delegation and deadlines, and the lost art of doing nothing. Read the full text transcript at

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John Green Wants You to Pay Attention to Your Attention

Do you pay attention to your attention? John Green is the beloved author of The Fault In Our Stars, and when he started tracking his attention, he realized he was obsessed with evaluating human progress. He decided to start rating everything?from the capacity for human wonder to Canadian geese?on a five-point scale. In this deeply thoughtful conversation with Adam, John shares what he learned from his series of Yelp-style reviews, the gift of a great book, and the unexpected life lessons found in the last lap of Mario Kart. Read the full text transcript at

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Mellody Hobson on Taking Tough Feedback

Criticism rarely comes wrapped in a shiny gift box, tied with a bow. As a trailblazing leader, one of Mellody Hobson?s gifts is finding the diamond in the rough. She and Adam unpack how to look for the grain of truth in any critique, when to discount feedback, and what it takes to be honest without being brutal. Find the full text transcript at

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Merve Emre on Emotional Intelligence as Corporate Control

It?s been 25 years since the concept of emotional intelligence exploded onto the scene. Cultural critic Merve Emre makes a bold case that in the wrong hands, it can be used to exploit people. We unpack the surprising roots of emotional intelligence, how it?s been co-opted as a form of corporate control, and why you might want to rethink some of your core assumptions about emotions at work. You can find the full transcript for this episode at

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Daniel Kahneman Doesn't Trust Your Intuition

Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winner who transformed our understanding of the biases that cloud our thinking. In this conversation, he and Adam explore when to trust our intuition and when to second-guess it. Danny explains how he finds joy in being wrong, spells out steps to smarter interviewing, and reveals how he?the master decoder of decision-making?makes decisions. Find the transcript for this episode at

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Malcolm Gladwell Questions Everything

When Adam Grant and Malcolm Gladwell sit down to challenge each other, everything is fair game. Sit ringside for this collegial cage match in which two preeminent writers rethink each other's ideas in an insatiable quest to get closer to the truth. Is intelligence undersold or oversold? Does individual blaming and shaming obscure the pursuit of real change on racism? Could rethinking everything lead not only to a better business but a better life? In pursuit of answers, Grant and Gladwell agree on this much: you shouldn't believe everything you think. Find the transcript for this episode at

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Jane Goodall on Leadership Lessons from Primates

Have you ever felt your work colleagues sometimes act like animals? In this conversation, Jane and Adam take that idea literally, exploring what Jane's expertise on chimp behavior can teach us about how humans relate and organize. With grace and wisdom, Jane shares primal insights on how we acquire and keep power, the difference between being a leader and being a boss, and the role of patience in making discoveries and making a career. Find the transcript for this episode at

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Brené Brown on What Vulnerability Isn't

We usually wear our thickest armor at work, and Brené Brown has blazed the trail of teaching us why?and how to shed it. In this conversation, Adam and Brené unpack the power of showing vulnerability at work?and explore how much is too much. Learn when and where to set boundaries, find out how to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and hear Brené rethink a key assumption that she took for granted in her own work.

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