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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Best-selling author and documentarian Dinesh D'Souza provides enlightened conversations about politics, history, philosophy, literature, and much more.


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In this episode Dinesh explores the dangers of a new MAGA or patriot party?and outlines the best way to keep MAGA patriots in the Republican Party. He also reveals why Twitter is now cancelling leftists.  Katie Couric wants to ?deprogram? Trump supporters but who programmed Katie Couric?  Dinesh also goes Round 2 with the leftist historians, exposing the central fallacy of the 1619 project and showing how the connection between Nazis and Democrats has been concealed in every single progressive textbook. See for privacy information.
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Erasing History

In this episode Dinesh takes on the left-wing historians who have been screaming about his commentary on the 1619 Project and the 1776 Project. He also asks whether Trump deserves to be impeached for inciting what Senator Schumer termed a national ?erection.? Dinesh also investigates the science behind Biden?s transgender rule.  Actress Kristy Swanson joins the show to discuss the new movement in Hollywood to censor the content of old movies See for privacy information.
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Swamp Dwellers

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how political swamps are made, and drained. He shows why Biden?s executive order makes no fracking sense! He offers a case study that shows how to teach companies that become part of cancel culture a very painful lesson.  Also Danielle D?Souza Gill joins the show to explain why, for the unborn, the 2020 election result was literally a death sentence. See for privacy information.
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The Day After

In this episode, Dinesh interviews Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who?s ready to impeach Biden. Dinesh also explores whether Mitch McConnell really sold out, or whether he has something up his sleeve.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once praised actual Nazis, now condemns the ?Nazis? he claims to find in the Republican Party.  Finally, why the 1776 Commission is controversial--not for telling lies, but for telling the truth   See for privacy information.
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Walls Work!

In this episode, Dinesh shows how the Left knows full well that walls work.  He exposes Biden?s Big Lie.  He also asks, is the Left ready to ?deprogram? the American working class?  Plus: Mike Lindell strikes back at the retailers who have canceled My Pillow.  And Debbie D?Souza on the story behind her ?Trump Card? movie rendition of ?America the Beautiful? See for privacy information.
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Trump's Legacy: A Man in Full

In this episode, Dinesh reveals the Trump he saw up close.  He also reveals why the Left and the media hated Trump with such irrational mania.  Dinesh covers Trump?s place in history, Trump and the forgotten American, and will there be a Trump comeback?  Also will Parler defeat the tech Goliaths and be back up soon?  An exclusive interview with Parler CEO John Matze. See for privacy information.
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Double Standards

In this episode Dinesh shows why Trump skipping Biden?s inauguration is not ?unprecedented??it?s in the John Adams tradition.  He debunks the legal basis of the Senate moving forward on impeachment.  He discusses Jack Dorsey??that twit from Twitter??with special guest James O?Keefe of Project Veritas.  He ridicules Kamala Harris for pretending to be a civil rights pioneer and denying her slaveowner heritage.  Finally he shows that Biden?s use of the term ?big lie? is quite appropriate, but not in the way he thinks! See for privacy information.
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Illiberal America

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Left has gone from campus intolerance to intolerance across all sectors of society, including social media and Hollywood. They are terrified of voices of reason and ridicule.  Thus, Dinesh ridicules them mercilessly with special attention to that homeless Twitter guy Jack Dorsey, ?Doctor? Jill Biden and the Obamas. See for privacy information.
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Impeach This!

In this episode, Dinesh exposes the naked powerplay behind the righteous rhetoric of impeachment. Given the brazen lies and double standards behind this crusade, Dinesh argues that Trump should not only disregard but also enjoy this experience.  The real trial, however, is not for Trump but rather for the Republican Party. See for privacy information.
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Impeachment Hoax 2.0

In today?s podcast, Dinesh explains how we should view impeachment as a form of circus entertainment.  He also reveals that the Democrats' target isn't just Trump but also Trumpism, the 75 million who voted for Trump.  Can the GOP establishment go along with impeachment and survive as a party? There is only one way forward, which Dinesh will reveal at the end. See for privacy information.
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Big Brother Pays a Visit

This episode covers the impeachment two-step, the insurgency that wasn?t, the road ahead for Parler, and what George Orwell teaches us about tyranny. See for privacy information.
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Impeach, Censor, Destroy!

The left seems to have a comprehensive scheme to marginalize conservatives, silence our voices, and destroy our lives. We need a battle plan of our own.  This podcast includes a discussion of the second Trump impeachment project and the lies behind it, what really happened in Washington DC, the banning of free speech on Twitter, Facebook and now Apple taking Parler off their app. Dinesh will also have a candid conversation with his wife Debbie about her birth country of Venezuela and how there are definite parallels with the left in America.  He will also begin in in-depth study of George Orwell starting with his classic work ?Nineteen Eighty Four."   See for privacy information.
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COMING JANUARY 11: The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast, launching January 11. Subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube, Rumble, and See for privacy information.
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