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Tom Talks

Tom Talks

A couple times a month Tom Segura sits down with professionals from all facets of life to have a good ol fashioned talk.


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DEA Agent Stephen Murphy | Tom Talks 11

Stephen Murphy is a retired DEA agent who was one of the lead investigators in the manhunt for Pablo Escobar. He joins Tom Segura for this episode of Tom Talks to discuss starting on the Pablo Escobar case, life in Columbia, the $300,000 bounty that Escobar put on him, finally catching Pablo Escobar, and the Netflix series "Narcos" which he serves as a consultant on.

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Andrew Santino | Tom Talks 10

Andrew Santino is a comedian, actor and host of the podcasts "Whiskey Ginger" and "Bad Friends." He joins Tom Segura to discuss their favorite cars, what it's like shooting "Dave," their feelings about going on auditions, smoking weed with Joey Diaz, drinking with Bert Kreischer, and more!

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Chef Josè Andrès | Tom Talks 09

Today on Tom Talks, Spanish-American chef, restaurateur and founder of World Central Kitchen, Josè Andrès joins Tom to talk about then importance of food and the non-profit work he's involved with. To start things off, Josè explains how he started out his cooking career and how he learned from one of the most innovative chefs in the world. After that, Josè discusses the importance of creating something new, breaking traditions in cooking, and using failure to get better. Next, Josè talks about his time in Peru, his World Central Kitchen organization and the logistics of supplying food to areas devastated by natural disasters. Lastly, Josè recommends a unique dish he recently tried and talks to Tom about weight loss, diet and fasting.

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Kevin "KFC Barstool" Clancy | Tom Talks 08

Today on Tom Talks, Tom Segura talks to blogger and podcaster for Barstool Sports, Kevin "KFC" Clancy. Kevin talks about Barstool's origins and how he's helped grow the brand to what it is today. Next, Tom and Kevin go over the differences between Barstool and other sports media platforms like ESPN. They discuss Deshaun Watson's massage-related allegations, the Tiger Woods mindset and the behavior of Aaron Hernandez. All this and more!

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Derek DelGaudio | Tom Talks 07

Professional sleight of hand artist Derek DelGaudio joins Tom today on Tom Talks. Derek is the writer and performer of one of Tom's new favorite Hulu shows "In & Of Itself", and the nonfiction book "AMORALMAN: A True Story and Other Lies". Derek shares his early struggles of self identity, and how his upbringing played a monumental role in the production of these stories. He shares his experiences working with Frank Oz, legendary actor, puppeteer, and filmmaker. DelGaudio explains how his performance isn't just a magic show, but a carefully constructed reality, where anything, and everything, is possible. Wanna know how he does it? Tom asked him if he'd sell his secrets for $200M... he said he'd think about it.

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Deion Sanders | Tom Talks 06

Pro Football and College Football Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders joins Tom today to discuss what inspired him to return to college football as head coach of FCS Jackson State University, the story behind his multiple NFL team swaps, and how he keeps up with former teammates. Later in the episode, Sanders talks about his comedy TV show idea, how he can help Tom once again get those gorgeous locks back on his head, they even give a quick (but beautiful) demonstration on their storytelling and karaoke skills.

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Ethan Suplee| Tom Talks 05

Ethan Suplee joins Tom Segura for this episode of Tom Talks. They discuss Ethan's dramatic weight loss transformation, building muscle, meal prep, dealing with criticism, nutrition, and more.

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Matt Farah | Tom Talks 04

This week Tom talks to car enthusiast Matt Farah, host of the Smoking Tire Podcast. They break down cars like the McLaren Elva, Porsche Taycan, Ford GT amongst other high end models. Matt breaks down the industry including the shadiness of Exotic Car Rentals, his thoughts on autonomous driving and how sports cars have geared more towards the wealthy. Matt goes over some of the fastest cars he's ever driven in, including the new McLaren and how crazy it is that normal people are allowed to drive them. They also talk about some of their funniest car stories, from Tom's Lamborghini prank, to Matt's run in with a Capitol Hill protester.

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DJ Premier | Tom Talks 03

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Get ready, because this week Tom Segura talks to one of his top hip hop idols, DJ Premier! They go over Preemo's musical inspirations, his methods, and what it was like to work on some of the most iconic songs/albums in hip hop like Nas's Illmatic and Notorious B.I.G.'s Unbelievable. Preemo sheds light on working with Jay-Z, J Dilla, Gang Starr, Limp Bizkit and more!

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Andrew Yang | Tom Talks 02

Welcome back to Tom Talks! Former presidential candidate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Andrew Yang joins Tom Segura in this episode. They discuss Trump exiting office, the differences between left wing and right wing media, universal basic income, what it feels like to run for president, the WWE's anti-union practices, why cash is the answer, and the possibility of Andrew being in Biden's cabinet.

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Tony Gonzalez | Tom Talks 01

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Welcome to Tom Talks! Tom Segura is joined by Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. Tom and Tony discuss freak athletic stories, trash talking, high school football, and how comedians are the freest people. Tom shares videos of some cool coaches with Tony, and Tony reveals what it was like to realize he was going to be in the hall of fame, the best cities to party in, and the first expensive thing he bought.

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