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Madigan's Pubcast

Madigan's Pubcast

Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.


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Episode 79: The Final Blue Light Special, Capitalizing On Cinderella, & The Legend of the Selkies

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Pistachio Cream Ale from Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Wendy?s Frosty Cereal which she thinks tastes just like (but isn?t as good as) Cocoa Puffs. She moves on to try Louisiana?s Blue Plate ?Real? Mayonnaise, and then finishes her tasting menu with Tessemae?s Buffalo Ranch Dressing, which she reacts to by yelling out ?too much going on there!? 

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited to report that Queen Stevie has recommended watching the animated movie ?Storks? to relieve all depression and anxiety, which makes Kathleen laugh out loud and she?s added it to her watch list. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Britney Spears? new book, missing Malaysian Flight 370, further excavations continue to provide historical insight in Pompeii, and American Airlines? pilots report another close encounter with a UFO to the FBI.

?HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT?: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of a Roman-era mosaic floor in South London, thought to be at least 1,800 years old, and an exceedingly rare fossil of a giant flying reptile was recently found on a Scottish island.

KMART?S FINAL BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Kathleen reads an article announcing that decades after Kmart was a household staple for home shopping, the chain has shrunk to only four stores still operating in the US. The announcement comes after years of the discount retail chain failing to keep up with the popularity of Walmart and Target, with experts saying the chain failed to modernize with new technology and consumer demands. Kathleen laughs when she reminisces how excited she would get when their iconic ?Blue Light Special? would come on in the store.

CHESS?S NEW GRAND MASTER RISES: Kathleen loves a martini and chess night and is excited to read that a new Grand Master has been named in the Chess world. 16-year-old Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, or ?Pragg? as he is commonly known, is now the youngest chess player ever to defeat Magnus Carlsen in his long reign as world champion in a game that included 39 moves.

A 500LB MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Kathleen reads an article out of Lake Tahoe, laughing that a 500-lb bear who locals refer to as ?Hank The Tank? and has been blamed for breaking and entering more than two dozen homes in California?s Lake Tahoe area, is no longer the sole suspect. DNA evidence gathered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife suggests several bears may have been responsible for the break-ins.

DISNEY RECREATES MAGICAL ?VILLAGES?: Kathleen reads an announcement that Disney has announced plans to start building a mixed-use residential community in California?s Coachella Valley, which will be called Cotino. The complex will include 1,900 housing units that will be designed in a small-town resort-like feel much like Disney?s theme parks. Kathleen shares a story of attending ?Cinderella?s Breakfast? with her younger siblings at Disneyworld when she was a teenager.

LEGEND OF THE SELKIES: Kathleen reads a recent story of a California fisherman who was rescued by a seal when he fell off his boat into the Pacific Ocean. The man was assisted by a seal for over 5 hours as he swam to an oil tanker platform, and attributes the seal?s support for saving his life. Kathleen links the story with the old legend of The Selkies, or Seal People, who are said to be cursed with a constant longing for what they do not have and can transform from one creature to another by shedding their sealskin and putting it on again. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Vikings: Valhalla? on Netflix.

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Episode 78: Taco Bell?s Mexican Pizza, Secret Cheese Caves, & A Comic?s Bid For The Broncos

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Bud Light NEXT with an Old Bay Bloody Mary

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Wise salt & vinegar potato chips which she LOVES because they have a ton of flavor and are crunchier than Lays. She then tastes Oreo?s 110-year anniversary Confetti Cake cookies and Kraft Classic Catalina Dressing, both of which she thinks are way too sweet, and finishes with Cains Mayonnaise, which is the official mayo of New England.

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited to report that Queen Dolly is campaigning Taco Bell to bring back their Mexican Pizza. Queen Stevie will be performing at the brand-new Sound On Sound music festival in Connecticut, and Queen Tanya is celebrating the 50th anniversary of her hit ?Delta Dawn?April 10th at the Ryman.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Meta?s $90M settlement over Facebook?s tracking of users online activity, Virgin Galactic begins to take reservations for SpaceFlights, a new Silversea?s cruise ship will sail around South American in 71 days.

?HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT?: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of the location where Jesus walked on water, and one of the largest-known Norse longhouses near a Viking ship burial. 

NIKKI HALEY vs ?THE CHILDREN?: Kathleen laughs out loud reading a recent article where former UN ambassador Nikki Haley slams US-born Olympic skier Eileen Gu, who opted to ski for China in the 2022 Winter Olympics instead of the US. Haley denounced Gu for her flag alliance, stating that Gu was ?standing for freedom, or you're standing for human rights abuses. There is no in-between.? Eileen, who is an 18-year-old Zoomer, (or what Kathleen refers to as ?the children?) dismissed Haley?s comments, stating that she?s ?just trying to have fun? which THOROUGHLY amused Kathleen ?

WOMAN USED PPP LOAN TO HIRE HITMAN: Kathleen laughs as she reads an arrest article about a woman in Florida who used her COVID-19 Pandemic relief load to pay for a hitman to gun down a Miami TSA agent who was set to testify against her in an upcoming trial.  

KRAFT?S SECRET CHEESE CAVE: Kathleen is thrilled to read that Kraft foods has been leasing a 400K square-foot limestone cheese cave under Springfield, MO since 2008 called Springfield Underground. The cave houses 680-pound, Velveeta-bright barrels of Oscar Meyer meats, Philadelphia cream cheese, Velveeta pasteurized processed cheeses, Jell-O, and Lunchables.

MELANIA BUYS HER OWN NFT: Kathleen is amused reading an article detailing that the source of funds for the winning bid in Melania Trump?s first NFT auction appears to be the creators of the project themselves.

A series of blockchain transactions show that the cryptocurrency used to purchase Trump?s nonfungible token came from a wallet that belongs to the entity that originally listed the project for sale.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT COFFEE POT NINJA: In continuing with Kathleen?s ongoing coverage of post-pandemic inflight incidences, she reads a recent report of an American Airlines? flight attendant who used a coffee pot to hit and overcome an unruly passenger who was attempting to open the plane?s exit door while flying over Kansas City.

COMIC BIDS ON NFL OWNERSHIP: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that comedian and business mogul Bryon Allen has formally entered the bidding war to purchase the Denver Broncos. Allen is a 60-year-old veteran of the media landscape and former comedian, founding Allen Media which includes one of Kathleen?s favorite channels: The Weather Channel, in its portfolio. 

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Episode 77: The Gates of Hell, Ice Fishing Whores, & A Canadian Rogue Wave

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Bull Durham Light Ale, which she picked up on her recent weekend in North Carolina. She reviews the fun at the shows in Durham and Charlotte, and tells the Termites about her favorite BBQ restaurants in both cities: The Original Q Shack, and Mac?s Speed Shop.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Carolina Kettle Dill Pickle Chips, which she absolutely loves. She moves on to try Dean?s Sports Bar Nashville Hot Flavored Dip, which she doesn?t like and thinks it tastes more like BBQ sauce than Nashville Hot Chicken. 

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited to report that Queen Dolly has announced that she is giving away free college tuition to all 11,000 employees of her Dollywood Theme Park, and will cover 100% of employees' tuition, fees, and books.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on her thoughts on the Ram?s Super Bowl win, the St. Louis gun-pointing McCluskey?s, and the missing cobra in Grand Prairie TX.

THE TINDER SWINDLER: Kathleen is amazed at the delusion of a few women?s actions in the name of ?true love? as outlined in the new Netflix documentary ?The Tinder Swindler.? Shimon Hayut, the con man at the center of the show, allegedly met women on Tinder before swindling them for millions of dollars after catfishing them into believing he was the son of Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. 

?HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT?: Kathleen is amazed to read that dozens of decapitated corpses have been found in a Roman-era cemetery an hour outside of London, and an ancient chalk drum was found in a child?s grave in England, which is being billed as the ?most important? piece of prehistoric art in 100 years. 

ALABAMA ATTACK SQUIRREL: Kathleen reads at the absurdity of a story from Alabama where a drug bust in Athens turned up meth, ammunition, body armor, and a crazy meth-addicted caged squirrel. The homeowner fed meth to the animal to keep it aggressive to train it to enact ?protective? actions. 

ICE FISHING WHORES: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article out of Hudson, OH where Mayor Craig Shubert has resigned after making international headlines when he voiced concerns that allowing ice fishing at a local park would bring prostitution to the city.

A FOUR-STORY ROGUE WAVE: Kathleen loves any weather-related news and is excited to read a report about a giant four-story rogue wave that has broken records off the coast of Vancouver Island. No rogue waves have been observed directly in high sea states, and the probability of such an event occurring is one in 1,300 years. 

BORED SECURITY GUARD DESTROYS FAMOUS PAINTING: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article describing the activities of a bored Russian museum guard who damaged a famous painting by drawing cartoon eyes onto two faces of Anna Leporskaya?s 1934 ?Three Figures.? 

DISAPPEARING RESTAURANT CHAINS: Kathleen shares an article announcing 8 US-based restaurant chains that are still struggling after the pandemic, and are shedding hundreds of locations in an effort to survive. 

THE GATES OF HELL ARE CLOSING FOREVER: Kathleen shares an advisory announcing that the Gates of Hell, which is a fiery crater that has been burning in the Karakum Desert since 1971, is closing as Turkmenistan?s President has ordered the government to begin researching how to extinguish the eternal flame. 

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WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen absolutely recommends watching ?Inventing Anna? and ?The Tinder Swindler? both on Netflix. 

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Episode 76: Finding Captain Cook, Saving TAB Soda, & Deregulated Salad Dressing

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Snow Cat white ale from Cincinnati?s Rhinegeist Brewery, which she drinks to toast and cheer on the Cincinnati Bengals in the upcoming Super Bowl LVI. She tells the Termites about her recent trip to Ponte Vedra, FL with Lewis Black where they spent a few days golfing at TPC Sawgrass, the World Golf Hall of Fame, and their friend Allison?s country club. Kathleen takes a few minutes to discuss the recent announcement that her favorite Fantasy Football quarterback, Tom Brady, is retiring. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Philadelphia Buffalo Style Whipped Cream Cheese Spread, which she loves and recommends for any Super Bowl party. She moves on to taste Dean?s Deep Fried Dill Pickle Dip, which she really likes but warns of the ?pickle potential? and recommends a beer chaser. She finishes her tasting with Fruit Loops Sweethearts Valentine?s Cereal, which she thinks any Valentine would love. 

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited to report that Queen Dolly has been nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Mattress Mack?s Bengals bet for Super Bowl LVI, the Slovakian ?AirCar? converts from a car into a small aircraft, Mark Zuckerberg cries over Meta financial losses, the 2 Crystal Cruise ships on the run from repossession were finally seized by authorities, and John McAfee?s body is stuck in a Spanish prison morgue.

KATHLEEN?S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: Kathleen is appreciative of all positive fan support, but has had a lot of negative feedback online regarding specific ?fan pages? being managed on Facebook. She reminds Termites that she has ABSOLUTELY no involvement in these pages, and asks that her fans only follow her on her official Facebook page for her latest news and to interact with her directly. 

?HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT?: Kathleen is thrilled to read that rare fish scale bionic armor has recently discovered in a 2,500 year old Chinese burial plot. In Peru, scientists have counted nearly 200 spinal bone-threaded posts in stone tombs in the Chincha Valley, and finally, Captain Cook?s famed Endeavour has possibly been found off the coast of Rhode Island. 

ULTRA RARE BLACK TIGER SPOTTING: Kathleen is excited to read that two extremely rare 'black' tigers have been captured on film by an amateur photographer in eastern India. The melanistic tiger is rare, on which the black stripes are far more prominent than the Royal Bengal Tiger's. Kathleen recommends that the Cincinnati Bengals adopt this pattern in their uniforms

FDA DEREGULATES FRENCH DRESSING: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article advising that after more than 70 years, the FDA is dropping its regulation for French dressing. This is a move that only Kathleen?s mom will care about, as she loves throw-back dressing flavors such as French and Russian. 

SAVING TAB SODA: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article about a woman who is attempting to motivate the Coca-Cola Company to save TAB soda. The woman began stockpiling cases of Tab in 2020 when Coke first announced that they would eliminate the soft drink, and is mounting a campaign that with the help of fellow diehard fans, they'll convince Coca-Cola to bring Tab back.

MOCKING CVS RECEIPTS: Kathleen reads an article explaining why CVS Pharmacy receipts are notoriously long.

ICE PANCAKES SURROUND CHICAGO: Kathleen LOVES anything weather-related, and is intrigued to read a news release about the recent occurrence of ?ice pancakes? on Lake Michigan. The formations are round flat discs made of ice, common in the Arctic.

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Episode 75: McDonald?s Menu Hacks, Beijing?s Olympic Bubble, & The Irish Move The Russians

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Blood & Honey Texas Ale from Revolver Brewing in Granbury, TX and updating the Termites on the week spent at Lake of the Ozarks with her parents. The 3 of them caught up on Season 4 of Ozark, and Kathleen laughs at the idea of her parents starting a poppy farm and distributing heroin. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Haribo 100th Anniversary Gummy Bears + Hats, which she loves (her favorite flavor are the red ones.) She moves on to try Salted Caramel Twix bars which are WAY too sweet for her, but she finishes off the tasting menu with Taco Bell Creamy Avocado Ranch sauce and absolutely loves it.

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited to report that Queen Tanya is back on tour with her rehabilitated hip, and Queen Dolly has a new line of Southern baking mixes with Duncan Hines.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on super cool Termite Kelly Mould writing an article on conservatorships for Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine, inspired by the #FreeBritney discussion on the Pubcast. Other updates include an update on Tiger King Joe Exotic, Adele?s Vegas residency, Netflix?s defamation suit from the chess champ depicted in the ?Queens Gambit,? and the gun-toting St. Louis McCluskey?s.

?HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT?: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that archaeologists excavating the site of a comprehensive housing and green space development in one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands have uncovered a magnificent 2,000-year-old Roman blue glass bowl in immaculate condition.

IRISH FISHERMAN vs THE RUSSIAN ARMY: Kathleen is always proud of her Irish heritage, and glows over a recent report detailing the actions that a group of Irish fishermen took which prompted Moscow's armed forces to leave the coast of Ireland after convincing the Russians that the specific part of the Atlantic that was being used for military exercises was critical to the fishermen?s livelihoods.

UK?S PIEL ISLAND NEEDS A NEW KING: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article advertising that a UK Borough Council is looking for the next landlord of Piel Island, which consists of 50 acres a half-mile off England's northwestern coast and is home to wildlife, castle ruins, and a centuries-old pub. The local government is hoping to award the 10-year lease to one lucky applicant by the time the 2022 season starts in April. The lucky candidate will primarily be responsible for running the beloved pub The Ship Inn.

MEXICAN CARTEL ASSASSIN EATS HEART OF RIVAL: Kathleen has been fascinated by the activities of Mexican cartel leaders for years and is horrified to read an article advising that a famous Mexican cartel leader cut recently cut the heart of one of his enemies out and ate it live while streaming the gruesome activity on social media.

BEIJING?S OLYMPIC BUBBLE: Kathleen reads an article outlining the anxious environment currently in place in Beijing as China prepares to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. China is isolating everyone coming from abroad from any contact with the general public for the duration of the Games, which means being taken from the Beijing airport in special vehicles to a hotel surrounded by temporary barricades that keep participants in and the public out.

McDONALD?S SECRET HACKS MENU: Kathleen is amazed that McDonald?s has released yet another new concept menu, but this one is compiled of secret menu items that were created on social media platforms, primarily TikTok. The secret menu items combine current items and are being sold as ?hacks? or #mcdonaldshacks for a limited time via the app. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Season 4 of ?Ozark,? as well as ?Roman Empire? on Netflix.  

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Episode 74: The Alamo, Walmart?s Metaverse, & A Monkey Queen Rises

Kathleen opens the show drinking Love Street Blonde ale from Karbach Brewing in Houston. She reviews her favorite Mexican restaurants that she ate at while in San Antonio (Rosario?s) and Houston (Ninfa?s Downtown) for shows. She takes a few minutes to toast and acknowledge the life of her dear friend Louie Anderson, who passed away on January 21st, sharing a few memories.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples her Buc-ee?s jerky, which she loves and recommends eating as soon as you get it from the counter, and Buc-ee?s Baked Cheese Curls which she likes as much as Cheetos. She finishes her tasting with Duke?s Creamy Potato Salad Dressing, which she can?t wait to use during Super Bowl weekend. 

QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is excited that Queen Stevie has expanded her summer tour to include New Orleans? JazzFest, Queen Chaka Khan has booked some 2022 shows, and Queen Dolly is releasing a new album called ?Run Rose, Run? in March 2022.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Adele?s cancellation of her Las Vegas residency hours before it was set to open, Britney?s family feud, the South Dakota Attorney General who hit and killed a man in 2020, and David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen selling their music catalogs along with John Legend.

BADGER FINDS RARE ROMAN COINS: Kathleen laughs reading an article from Spain where a badger has led archaeologists to a stash of rare Roman coins. 

VICKI MADIGAN?S METAL DETECTOR: Kathleen reads an article about an amateur metal detectorist who found a Henry III gold penny in a field, which is one of England?s earliest gold coins. The item will auction for almost $500K. 

MONKEY QUEEN RISES IN JAPAN: Kathleen reads an article about the first monkey ?queen? in a Japanese sanctuary. The monkey led a violent coup to become her troop's first female leader, but her reign could be in jeopardy during mating season. 

CRUISE SHIP REPO: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article advising that Crystal Cruise line?s Crystal Symphony is on the run from the law, changing their routing from Miami to Bimini, the Bahamas in order to escape bankruptcy repo seizure and stranding at least 300 people. Florida?s U.S. District Court ordered that the ship be seized upon its arrival in Miami due to unpaid fuel bills of $4.6 million

MAN FOUND DEAD WITH 124 SNAKES: Kathleen is horrified to read an article about a 49-year-old man who was recently discovered in his Maryland home dead and surrounded by over 120 deadly poisonous snakes. 

AN ISLAND WITHOUT A PUB: Kathleen reads an article about a campaign that the small Scottish island of Rum Isle is undertaking in an effort to increase its population to 40 people. The island boasts beautiful, deserted beaches, a castle originally built as a hunting lodge and a lot of deer, and not a pub or restaurant in sight so you?d better love to cook at home. 

WALMART?S METAVERSE: Kathleen reads an article advising that Walmart appears to be venturing into the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of NFTs. She laughs out loud, musing scenarios where Walmart?s employees have to explain these concepts to their general consumer base. 

CUBAN DRUGS: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article about a new business venture that billionaire Mark Cuban. Cuban is bringing affordable and transparent prescription drug pricing to the average consumer. The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company announced the opening of its online pharmacy, stating that it will bypass health care industry "middlemen" and help consumers avoid high drug prices by charging manufacturers' prices plus a flat 15% markup and pharmacist fee.

NFL PLAYOFF DIVISIONAL ROUND: Kathleen provides some colorful commentary leading into the NFL Divisional Championship weekend, including her thoughts on LA Ram?s owner Stan ?Enos? Kroenke.

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Episode 73: Zero Carb Budweiser, Missouri?s New Madam, & A UFO Circles Georgia

Kathleen opens the show drinking an Iron City Beer from Pittsburgh, which is one of her new favorite brews. She tells listeners about her weekend doing shows in Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, and Pittsburgh including lunch at Primanti Brothers. She gives the Termites an update on her upcoming Special taping in Denver, which has been moved to June 4th. Kathleen has added a Grow-You-Own Bigfoot to her Pubcast desk and will post Before and After pics on her Instagram. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Lay?s Layers Sour Cream & Onion chips, which she thinks need more onion flavor and she doesn?t like the soft texture. She moves on to try Utz Ripples Fried Dill Pickle flavored chips which she adds to her top 3 flavors. She finishes with Branchero flavored sauce from Cleveland?s Branch BBQ Sauce, which she really likes and is going to try on her chicken wings during this Sunday?s NFL Division playoffs. 

THE QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen is SO excited to announce that Queen Stevie Nicks will be headlining Tennessee?s Bonnaroo Music Festival this summer, which she will absolutely attend with her friend Brian. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the latest conspiracy claims from the MyPillow guy, more Facebook legal woes (this time in the UK), and the Michigan woman who tried to have her husband killed via parody site 

THE NEXT BUD LIGHT: Kathleen is excited to announce that Bud Light is releasing a new zero-carb beer called ?Next,? or the next generation of light beer for the next generation of beer drinkers as Bud Light?s Marketing team describes. The new beer is aimed at younger consumers, such as Generation Z, who are seeking out the similar nutritional makeup of hard seltzer and the flavor of beer.

A FLYING DACHSHUND: Kathleen laughs while reading an unbelievable story from KMOX in St. Louis, where a man saw something fly above his car and then drop something. That something was a lost dachshund named Fiona. The driver rescued the dog which survived the drop by the owl and eventually connected with the dog?s relieved owner via his Facebook page. 

BIG MACS FOR LONGEVITY: Kathleen is amused reading an article from Philly where a 106-year-old woman credits her long life to faith and Big Macs. 

SPRINGFIELD MO GETS A BUCEES: Kathleen is thrilled to read an announcement that Springfield MO is getting a Buc-ee?s travel center since she visits Springfield often to golf Johnny Morris? Big Cedar courses and visit the gigantic Bass Pro Shop. 

HOLLYWOOD MADAM MOVES TO THE OZARKS: Kathleen reads an article announcing that former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is moving to the Missouri Ozarks after an incident with her pet parrot in Nevada, and plans to open a no-cage parrot sanctuary near Mansfield, MO. Kathleen laughs as she anticipates Fleiss? first interaction with hillbillies in the area when the Fall hunting season opens. 

GEORGIA UFO: Kathleen reads an article outlining the events that led up to a flight attendant photographing a triangular-shaped UFO rather than the Milky Way somewhere over Georgia. Kathleen and Paddles try to define a ?naked alien.? 

?HOLY SHIT! FOUND IT?: As part of her new Pubcast segment about ?finding old things that should have already been found,? Kathleen reads a release that scientists in England have discovered a large sea dragon?s fossilized remains from the bottom of a lagoon.

HORNED HELMETS PREDATE VIKINGS: Kathleen is shocked to read an article where 2 horned helmets first discovered in Viksø, Denmark have been traced back to the Bronze Age -- dispelling myths that they originated from the Viking era, according to research published in the historical journal Praehistorische Zeitschrift.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching 5 seasons of ?Hell On Wheels? on AMC or Amazon Prime. 

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Episode 72: Club Fed, The Burning Bush, & Betty White?s Final Challenge

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Missouri Mule IPA from Piney River Brewing Company in Bucyrus, MO. 

She explains the background as to how her feral cats Mencho, Chapo, and Cato came to live under her back porch. She named the kittens after Mexican drug lords since they were found as kittens tunneled under her air conditioning unit. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Whisps Tangy Ranch Cheese Crisps & Nuts, which she doesn?t think tastes anything like Ranch flavoring. She moves on to taste Kraft Sandwich Spread, which she doesn?t like and thinks that the pickle and tang in the spread is overpowering to any sandwich. Kathleen recommends mixing half Duke?s Mayonnaise and half Miracle Whip when making deviled eggs or her holiday Midwest Rye Dip, which she will demonstrate to the Termites how to make for their Super Bowl parties. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the Capitol riot Q Shaman and Elizabeth Holmes? guilty verdict.

MOCKING MATT DAMON: As Termites know, Kathleen is a rabid fan of cryptocurrency. She joins the online mocking of the latest crypto commercial featuring Matt Damon as he strolls down a minimalist hallway as visions of some of the world?s greatest achievements appear on each side, and he compares feats such as climbing Everest with trading cryptocurrency. 

DON?T LOOK UP: Kathleen reviews the movie ?Don?t Look Up,? which she thought was fine but heavy-handed and not something that she would watch again. Apparently, others felt this way, as it is the first film to spoil Leonardo DiCaprio?s ?Fresh? record on Rotten Tomatoes. 

TACO BELL?S NEW PASS: Kathleen is THRILLED that her beloved Taco Bell has started a ?Taco Pass? program for $10 a month, where lovers of The Bell can buy a pass on their mobile app to get 30 days of tacos at participating locations across the country.

POPE FRANCIS ANIMALS VS KIDS: Kathleen muses over Pope ?Frank?s? latest decree that couples opting to raise pets over children is selfish and ?takes away our humanity.? Kathleen responded on Twitter that maybe the Pope has just never had a beagle ;-)

BETTY WHITE CHALLENGE: Kathleen is a huge fan of Betty White and her animal-related projects, and although she is sad to hear the news of Betty?s passing, she is happy to promote a new initiative in honor of Betty. White?s 100th birthday will be celebrated posthumously on January 17th with the Betty White Challenge, asking fans wishing to celebrate her life?s work to donate $5 to animal rescues in her name. 

KFC?S NEW FRIED CHICKEN: Kathleen advises listeners that Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching a new plant-based chicken made with Beyond Meat, making it the first ?meatless? fried chicken brought to mass market. 

TROY AIKMAN?S NEW BEER: Kathleen laughs reading a release announcing that former Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman is releasing his new ?Eight? beer to compete with low-calorie giants Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite.  

WILD BOAR CHARGES SURFER: Kathleen squeals reading an article outlining the unfortunate circumstances surrounding a surfer in Oahu who was charged in the water by a wild boar on the Northwest shore of the island. The surfer mistook the boar for a monk seal and fled the water as the aggression of the hog intensified. 

ABRAHAM LINCOLN?S FEMALE CAPTAIN: Kathleen is excited to read that a Navy sailor made history in December by becoming the first woman to lead a nuclear carrier on deployment. Captain Amy Bauernschmidt is the commanding officer of the USS Abraham Lincoln, and has also been awarded the title of ?Determined Termite? by Kathleen.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?1883,? and if you like the wild West theme move onto 5 seasons of ?Hell On Wheels? if you?re a streaming junkie like she is. 

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Episode 71: Korea?s Floating City, Missouri Dinosaurs, & Nostradamus Predicts 2022

Kathleen opens the show drinking Monterey Lager from Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey, CA. She reviews her family?s Christmas activities in Missouri, including her brother Patrick?s fake snow machine that he bought so that his kids could have a white Christmas (the ?snow? was actually foam), and the human Hamster Wheel that was gifted to her young nephews. The boys headed straight out to a hill in the yard to try it out, and Kathleen laughed as she shared a video from the incident on her Instagram account. She describes the amount of beer needed to help her brother-in-law put together a professional ping pong table for his 3 kids on Christmas Eve, which rivaled Olympic tables and she?s certain that nobody in her family will ever play any activity at that level.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Ken?s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch dressing, which she gives 5 stars. She then tastes Buffalo Wing Cheez-Its and absolutely prefers regular Cheez-Its OR buffalo wings. She moves on to try Flamin? Hot Mountain Dew, which she compares to drinking orange antifreeze and then recovers her palette with Haribo Gold gummy bears, which are her favorite. She LOVES her final sample of Duke?s Mayonnaise, which she crowns designation as her favorite mayo of all time due to its creaminess. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the killer revenge monkeys in India, Hard Rock?s purchase of The Mirage in Vegas, the oldest Capitol rioter is sentenced, a 2nd-time capsule from 1865 is found in Richmond VA, and Mark Zuckerberg purchases more of the Hawaiian island of Kauai

RUNAWAY BUFFALO ROAMS CHICAGO: In continuing with her obsession with misbehaving wildlife, Kathleen reads an article about a runaway buffalo that has made its temporary home in Cary, IL. Residents have named her ?Billy? and chronicled her activities on social media. 

MORE CLUES TO POMPEII: Kathleen loves history and is fascinated to read an announcement that archaeologists have discovered the skeletal remains of a man killed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, offering new insights into the events leading up to one of the most famous volcanic eruptions in history.

MISSOURI DINOSAURS FOUND: Kathleen is thrilled to read a recent article about the Chronister site, a couple of dozen acres of woodland located near Bollinger County in Missouri. The site is the only place where fossils have been found in Missouri, with several turtle fossils and parts from at least four different dinosaurs unearthed within the past few months. 

SOUTH KOREA?S 1ST FLOATING CITY: Kathleen is excited to share the news that organizations UN-habitat and OCEANIX have aligned with the South Korean government to build the world?s first sustainable floating city prototype. The project is set to be built off the coast of Busan, a Korean city with 3.4 million residents. Kathleen can?t wait to see the final build, and laughs as she muses about trash pick-up and water pressure logistics.  

2022 ACCORDING TO NOSTRADAMUS: Kathleen reads famed astrologer Nostradamus?s predictions for 2022, including the rise of cryptocurrency, cannibalism, and widespread drought. His predictions were published in his famed and widely quoted book ?Les Prophéties? which was released in 1555. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott in ?1883? on Paramount+, and ?Landscapers? on HBO which is seriously strange, but she loves Olivia Coleman. Being a HUGE fan of Keith Morrison and Dateline, she recommends subscribing to ?The Thing About Pam? which is a Dateline podcast that recently derailed an entire day of Kathleen?s life when she couldn?t stop listening to it until she had finished all of the episodes. 

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Episode 70: Revenge Monkeys, A Canadian Liver Baby, & The Final Exorcism

Kathleen opens the show drinking Bailey?s Deliciously Light with a Mich Ultra chaser, showing off her light-up St. Louis Cardinals Christmas hat, and giving her review of her recent show weekend in Aspen. She loved staying at the Limelight Hotel (and fell in love with the mini-fridge in her room,) spent a ton of time in the dog park at the base of the mountain, had drinks at Hotel St. Jerome, and got the opportunity to catch up with her friend John Oates.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen tries Marzetti Light Ranch Veggie Dip, which she likes but doesn?t think a dip should start off with veggies in it. She moves on to taste Kinder Surprise Joy Sweet Cream Egg chocolates, which she has always loved but thinks the toys can be complicated. She finishes her tasting menu with Tastykake Holiday Cookies from Pennsylvania, which she loves because they are a simple salty butter cookie. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Bruce Springsteen selling his music catalog, El Chapo?s sons hold a crazy Christmas party and invite the entire town, and another key Capitol rioter is sentenced. 

REVENGE MONKEYS: Kathleen is horrified to read an article out of India where a gang of monkeys are taking "revenge" on the local dog population by throwing them off of the top of tall buildings and trees, since they witnessed a dog attacking an infant monkey. 

BABY DISCOVERED IN WOMAN?S LIVER: Kathleen squeals as she reads an article outlining a case of a woman who was suffering from abdominal pain and went to her doctor for treatment. The ultrasound showed an ectopic pregnancy between the woman?s liver and stomach, and Kathleen states that if she were in that position, she would have to name the baby James after ?Jameson? (her favorite whiskey.)

VILLAGERS? VOTING FRAUD: Kathleen is a fan of The Villages retirement community outside of Orlando, as outlined in her bit ?The Villages.? She laughs as she reads an article about 3 residents of The Villages who were recently arrested and face charges of casting more than one vote during the 2020 election.

BIGFOOT SPOTTED IN ILLINOIS: As Termites know, Kathleen is obsessed with following Bigfoot sightings. She?s thrilled to read an article from Illinois where a man says he spotted a sasquatch-like creature outside of Springfield, IL in November 2021. 

1887 TIME CAPSULE FOUND: Kathleen is excited to read an article announcing that a lead time capsule buried in 1887 was recently found in the pedestal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, VA. 

$50M SKETCH BOUGHT FOR $30: Kathleen is delighted to read of the good fortune of a man who purchased a sketch for $30 at a Massachusetts estate sale a few years ago. After careful study, multiple scholars say that the delicate ink sketch is an authentic Dürer drawing that could be worth upward of $50 million.

THE FINAL EXORCISM: Against her parents? direction, Kathleen recalls watching ?The Exorcist? in secret when she was a teenager and wondering what happened to the possessed child in the movie. She reads an article and learns Ronald Edwin Hunkeler grew up to be a NASA engineer who patented a special technology to make space shuttle panels resistant to extreme heat, helping the Apollo missions of the 1960s that put US astronauts on the moon in 1969. Hunkeler died in 2020, and the strange details surrounding his death are outlined in the article. 

AMERICA?S NEW BOOMTOWNS REVEALED: Kathleen reads a recent article advising the new Top 10 ?Boomtowns? in the US, according to population, economic, and housing data reviewed from the 500 largest cities in the country to determine which are 'booming' the most amid major pandemic migrations. 6 of the top 10 are in the Pacific Northwest, and Murfreesboro, TN (a bedroom community of Nashville) captured the top spot.  

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Episode 69: Canada?s Syrup Cartel, Billion Dollar Dynasties, & The World?s Drunkest Countries Revealed

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Mad Elf Ale from Troegs Brewing in Hershey PA, and gives the Termites a review of her weekend of shows and fun in Newark, Philly, and Reading PA. She shows off her Hallmark Holiday ?Jingle? and ?Joy? wines, and celebrates the recent wins by her NFL Fantasy team and her domination in the Madigan Family pick-em pool. She shows off her KFC Fried Chicken Log, which she can?t wait to light with her cousins over the holiday break. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen shows off her On The Border Holiday Tortilla Chips, which she?s taking to her brother?s house. She won?t be dunking those chips in Litehouse Purely Balanced Garden Ranch dressing, which she thinks is way too tangy. She finishes her tasting with Guinness Thick-Cut Chips from Termite Amber, which she thinks taste more like Worcestershire sauce than Guinness. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the Sherman murders in Toronto, and Houston?s Mattress Mac helps out the Kentucky tornado victims.

KATHLEEN REVIEWS HALLMARK MOVIES: Kathleen loves the cheesy nature of Hallmark holiday movies, and has expanded her seasonal viewing to Lifetime movies as well as Hallmark movies on their ?Movies and Mysteries Channel,? which she thinks are more relatable than the wholesome background depicted on the regular Hallmark Channel. Some of her favorites this year are ?Christmas At Castle Hart,? Dolly?s 2013 Lifetime movie ?A Country Christmas Story,? and she thinks her friend Caroline Rhea was brilliant in ?A Mrs. Miracle Christmas.?

CANADIAN SYRUP CARTEL: Kathleen reads an article announcing that Canada has released 50M pounds of maple syrup from their reserves to meet the current surging demand as people are cooking more at home. 

COUNTRIES MAPPED BY ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Kathleen laughs as she reads the results of a study showing the 2019 breakdown of countries and their alcohol consumption by capita. Kathleen can?t wait to see the revised map when alcoholic consumption during the first few months of the COVID19 pandemic are incorporated. Kathleen tells a story about drinking in an Irish pub on the way to a USO tour in Afghanistan with her friend Kellie Pickler. 

BILLION DOLLAR DYNASTIES: Kathleen reads an article listing the 25 richest families in the US, according to data collected and released in Dec 2021. The richest American family remains the Walton family, with a net worth of $247 billion USD. 

MONTANA GRIZZLY PROTECTION LIFTED: Kathleen reads a news release advising that Montana's governor is seeking to end protections for some grizzlies, which could allow hunting of the bears for the first time in decades if approved by US Fish and Wildlife officials.

THE DEATH OF ANNE RICE: One of Kathleen?s favorite authors is Anne Rice, and she shares her feelings while reading a press release about Rice?s death resulting from complications from a stroke. 

BITCOIN CREATOR REVEALED: As a regular trader of cryptocurrency, Kathleen is thrilled to read that the identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has finally been confirmed in court beyond reasonable doubt to be Dr. Craig Wright alone, and did not include a partnership with former friend David Kleiman. 

CALIGULA?S GARDEN FOUND: Kathleen is thrilled to read that the remains of Roman emperor Caligula?s famous pleasure garden are set to go on public display in Rome. The extravagant compound featured a bathhouse adorned with precious colored marble and space for exotic animals. Kathleen tells a story from a trip to Italy with her mom and sister Kate where they toured many coliseums. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching as many Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies as possible before the holiday season ends. 

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Episode 68: Internet Assassins, The Real Moby Dick, & Snowed In A Pub

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Basic Bitch Blonde Ale from Altamont Beer Works in Livermore, CA. She shows off her new Bud Light Christmas lights and ornament sent to her by her friends at Anheuser Busch, and her vintage ceramic Christmas tree that she?s placed on her desk to kick off the holiday season. She shares the fun that she had during recent shows in West Virginia and Northern California, and thanks Termites who brought gifts to her shows including various bottles of Ranch dressing and tons of delicious red wine.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen celebrates that Hidden Valley has released a series of holiday-themed Ranch bottles, samples Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kat bars, which she likes but prefers the original candy. She them moves on to taste Zesty Ranch Blasted Dipping Sauce, which she likes and describes that it ?makes the back of your eyeballs explode.? Kathleen then tastes Tangy Ranch Whisps cheese crisps, which she doesn?t think taste like Ranch at all, but DOES like the parmesan version. 

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen gives an update on the Court, advising that all of Queen Dolly?s holiday line with Williams Sonoma have sold out online, and Queen Cher has a new lotion in time for Christmas. Queen Stevie battles a new wave of criticism from former bandmate Lindsey Buckingham, simply ignoring his petulance which Kathleen applauds. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the NFL?s legal battle with the city of St. Louis, Elizabeth Holmes? trial winds down, MH360 ?found? again, and Kansas City is getting 30 new Whataburger restaurants. 

SNOWED IN A PUB: Kathleen reads a story from England where dozens of customers were snowed into the Tan Hill Inn for 4 days when Britain's highest altitude pub was cut off by a blizzard. The Inn is situated approximately 270 miles north of London.

JOEL OSTEEN?S MONEY WALL: Kathleen scoffs as she reads an article advising that a plumber who was contracted by Joel Olsteen found hundreds of envelopes of cash in a wall, which are believed to be connected to the 2014 theft of about $600,000 from the mega-church.

REAL-LIFE RARE MOBY DICK SPOTTED: Kathleen reads an article announcing that a rare white sperm whale, like the one depicted in the literary classic "Moby Dick," has been spotted off the coast of Jamaica by sailors aboard a Dutch oil tanker.

FAKE ARM PRESENTED FOR COVID VACCINE: Kathleen laughs at the absurdity behind an article from Italy where an anti-vaxxer attempted to dodge getting the COVID-19 vaccine by wearing a fake arm and now faces fraud charges in Italian court. 

SNAKE INFESTATION BURNS HOUSE: Kathleen is dismayed reading an article about a couple in Maryland who burned their house down while trying to smoke out a snake infestation. They tried to use smoke from coals, which were placed to too close to combustible materials that ignited the house. 

FRIDA AUCTION SETS RECORD: Kathleen is a massive fan of art and Frida Kahlo and is thrilled to read that the Kahlo self-portrait "Diego and I" has sold at auction for $35M, the highest price ever paid for a painting by a Latin American artist. Kathleen applauds the sale, congratulating Frida for triumphing over her ex, Diego Rivera, albeit after her death. 

GRAMMAR EXPERTS TARGET WEAKNESS: Kathleen provides her own colorful commentary when reading a study from grammar experts regarding 11 words and phrases that make an individual appear ?weak? when used in conversation. 

RENT-A-HITMAN.COM GONE WRONG: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article about a Michigan woman who tried to hire an assassin on a fake website and was caught by authorities. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?100 Foot Wave? on HBO Max or Hulu, ?The Lost Leonardo? on Amazon Prime, and ANY Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie.

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Episode 67: My Parents? Party Bus, An Irish Clown Shortage, & The NFL?s Thanksgiving History

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Chicken Scratch pilsner from Little Harpeth Brewery in Nashville.

She gives an overview of her weekend doing shows in Florida, including her parents renting a 60-person party bus for their friends to come to the show in Sarasota. Kathleen then discusses her preparation for Christmas, including putting up her light-up Holiday Deer in the front yard and asking the Termites to vote on whether a Christmas tree should be flocked or not.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Brianna?s Homestyle Classic Buttermilk Ranch dressing, which she likes but warns to be ready for the super-tangy kick at the end. She moves on to taste limited edition Reese?s Holiday Peanut Brittle Miniatures, which are too sweet for her taste, but she thinks her mom will love them. She finishes off her tasting menu with Snyder?s of Hanover Buttermilk Ranch Pretzel Pieces, which she admits that she enjoys the crunch but doesn?t think they taste like Ranch flavoring.

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen gives an update on the Court, advising that all of Queen Dolly?s holiday line with Williams Sonoma have sold out online, and Queen Tanya has sold her Nashville home. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Mattress Mack?s Super Bowl LVI wager (he likes the Patriots), the death of Mr. Goxx (the Crypto trading hamster), price increases at Dollar Tree, Monkey Pox is found in Maryland, the FBI identifies another location for Jimmy Hoffa?s remains, the oldest person known in the world passes away at the age of 124 years, the Elizabeth Holmes trial gets juicy as Elizabeth takes the stand, and the Canadian company Meta saw a massive stock price increase after Facebook copied its corporate name patent.  

WHY THE LIONS & COWBOYS ALWAYS PLAY ON THANKSGIVING: Kathleen loves football, and dug into the history of why the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always have games scheduled on Thanksgiving Day. 

TAPEWORMS FOUND IN MAN?S BRAIN: Kathleen squeals reading an article about a man who was brought into a Massachusetts hospital after he woke up seizing and speaking gibberish, and doctors later discovered tapeworms inside his brain.

BARRY MANILOW SET TO BREAK ELVIS?S VEGAS RECORD: Kathleen LOVES Barry Manilow and admits that she recently became a ?Fanilow,? a term describing members of Barry?s fan club. She?s excited to read an article announcing that Barry Manilow is set to break Elvis Presley?s record for consecutive shows played in Las Vegas if he fulfills his new Westgate contract through 2023. 

UPSIDE DOWN OCEAN SPRAY LABELS: Kathleen reads an article describing the intention as to why labels on Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce cans are flipped upside down.

CANADIAN POWER MEDIA COMPANY COUP: Kathleen is a massive fan of the HBO drama ?Succession,? and is enthralled while reading an article about an executive-level coup attempt at Canadian power media company Rogers Communications, which is currently valued at $30B CDN. Two separate groups of directors have proclaimed themselves the rightful stewards of the company, pitting mother against son, and ensnaring notable figures including Toronto?s mayor. 

IRISH CIRCUS CLOWN SHORTAGE: Kathleen laughs while reading an article about the latest pandemic-related shortage, this one involving circus clowns in Northern Ireland. 

GRATEFUL DEAD T-SHIRT SETS RECORD: Kathleen reads an article announcing that an original 1967 Grateful Dead t-shirt recently sold for $17,640 through Sotheby?s, breaking the record for the most expensive vintage rock shirt sold at auction. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Reba McEntire?s Christmas movie ?Christmas In Tune? on Lifetime.

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Episode 66: French Fry Vodka, A Cotton Candy Lobster, & Bitcoin?s Founder Revealed

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Cast-A-Line Kolsch from Cabin Boys Brewery in Tulsa. She then shows the Termites her vintage Add-A-Matic, which her mom used to use to keep track of the budget while they were grocery shopping as kids.  

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Laughing Cow?s Cheesy Ranch Cheese Dippers, which she thinks kids will like. She then tries Simple Truth Buffalo Ranch Almonds, which she doesn?t think taste anything like Ranch. She finishes her tasting menu sampling Litehouse Original Ranch, which she loves and adds it to her Top 5 list of ranch dressings. 

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen gives an update on the Court, showcasing her new Dolly Parton Holiday Advent Calendar from Williams Sonoma, which is her first ?fun? Advent calendar and she can?t wait to get into it. Kathleen also cranks up Queen Dolly?s new remix of her hit ?Jolene? with Destructo, which she loves. Queen Chaka filmed an episode of VERZUZ with Stephanie Mills, which Kathleen streamed on her flight home from Arizona and absolutely loved. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Fungi The Irish Dolphin, Britney?s freedom from her conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement, QAnon followers return to Dallas 4 days after their JFK Jr. conspiracy theory failed to materialize, the ongoing Elizabeth Holmes? trial, Iceland?s Tourism Board roasts Mark Zuckerberg?s Metaverse, and Bitcoin founder Satoshi Yakamoto?s identity could be revealed.

RARE COTTON CANDY LOBSTER CAUGHT: Kathleen is excited to read about a rare cotton candy-colored lobster that was recently caught in Maine. Fishermen named her Haddie, and unlike a regular blackish-brown lobsters, Haddie features iridescent blue and pink hues on her body.

ARBY?S FRENCH FRY VODKA: Kathleen is SO excited to read a press release announcing that Arby?s has announced their liquor debut with a limited edition french fry-flavored vodka, which is 80-proof and will come in crinkle and curly flavor for $59.99. She can?t WAIT to try it, since Arby?s curly fries are one of her top 3 favorite fast foods. 

CHICK-FIL-A?S CUSTOMER DILEMMAS: Kathleen appreciates Chick-Fil-A (especially their Diet Lemonade), so she understands the continuous long lines at their drive-thrus. She sympathizes as she reads an article explaining that because of their overwhelming popularity, as much as 30% of their potential customers decide not to eat at their restaurant because a location is too busy. Their new CEO is working to improve the customer experience, incorporating technology to shorten wait times without compromising food quality.

RARE CHOPIN PORTRAIT DISCOVERED: In continuing with her love of art, Kathleen is thrilled to share an article about a damaged painting that was bought at an antiques market in Poland that has turned out to be an extremely rare portrait of Fryderyk Chopin, potentially worth millions. The small oil on canvas is only one of a few that is known to be painted during Chopin?s lifetime.

NEW IRISH BANKSY: Kathleen reads an announcement about a new Irish street artist who is set to make over a million pounds from his first British solo exhibition. 

SCOTTIE PIPPEN VS JORDAN: Kathleen followed the Chicago Bulls as a teenager, mostly because her younger brother Patrick LOVED Michael Jordan. She reads an article expressing Scottie Pippen?s opinions on Jordan and other personal details in his new memoir, ?Unguarded.? 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Season 4 of ?Yellowstone? on Paramount+, and if you need podcast recommendations while traveling for Thanksgiving read the thread of podcast recommendations from the Termites ? Happy Thanksgiving, Termites!

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Episode 65: Disappearing Cities, Drive-Thru Robots, & a 1,200-Year-Old Canoe

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Keybilly Amber Ale from Lakeland, Florida, and gives a review of her fantastic weekend at The Villages in Florida with a shoutout to the JW Marriott in Orlando for having a cool lazy river pool that she spent more time in than she?d planned to. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Brach?s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, which she describes the smell as ?candy corn on steroids? and doesn?t actually think it tastes anything like turkey dinner OR candy corn. She moves on to taste Pringles Ranch Crisps, which she absolutely loves. She finishes her tasting menu with the limited edition Holiday Chocolate-Covered Ritz Crackers, which isn?t her thing but she also thinks would wow guests at a Midwest holiday party. 

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen gives an update on the Court, showcasing her new Dolly Parton holiday spatula and Holly Dolly holiday cookie cutter set from Williams Sonoma, which she intends to use while baking Christmas cookies with her nieces. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on LAX?s ?Jetpack Guy,? new QAnon?s conspiracy theories, the golden parachute of WeWork?s Adam Neumann, the Colorado elk?s liberation from his tire necklace, and the latest in the Elizabeth Holmes trial

NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING: Kathleen reads an article outlining the Climate Central project, which creates maps that show the impact of flooding due to rising sea levels. The project identifies specific cities around the globe that could find themselves underwater as early as 2030, based on the most reliable climate-change data from IPCC. 

MCDONALD?S ROBOTIC DRIVE-THRU: Kathleen shares McDonald?s new drive-thru concept utilizing robots. The fast-food chain announced that it has a strategic partnership with IBM to develop artificial intelligence technology that will help McDonald?s automate its drive-thru lanes to increase speed and volume. The concept was recently testedin the Chicago market, with evaluation and a potential roll-out strategy still in the works. 

FACEBOOK?S METAVERSE TROUBLES: Kathleen laughs when sharing an article outlining the Facebook rebranding efforts that have already failed within a few weeks of the launch, as the new company name ?Meta? has been proven to already exist before the Zuckerberg team filed their trademark request. Meta PC has been a company for over a year, but only recently filed for a trademark on the name. Filing takes time to process so neither company has been granted the trademark yet, but Meta PC was the first to file and has offered to cancel their trademark request if Facebook is willing to pay them $20 million.

ANCIENT CANOE DISCOVERED IN WISCONSIN: Kathleen is excited to read a news release out of Wisconsin where a dugout canoe thought to be 1,200 years old has been retrieved from Lake Mendota.

Historians believe that dugout canoes are most likely the earliest forms of constructed watercraft in the world.

MEET POLIO PAUL: Kathleen shares an article about a Texas man named Paul Alexander, who has been confined to an iron lung for over 70 years since contracting polio at the age of 6. Alexander states that he has had a fulfilling life, becoming a lawyer specializing in fighting for patient rights and promoting vaccination efficiency. Kathleen shares her own childhood stories regarding how vaccinations were handled in their Catholic school.

SITTING BULL?S GRANDSON CONFIRMED: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article confirming that a South Dakota man who has maintained for decades that he is the great-grandson of the legendary leader Sitting Bull has confirmed his lineage through DNA analysis. A lock of the famous Lakota chief?s hair once stored at the Smithsonian Institution was used to confirm the claim, Reuters.

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Episode 64: A Super-Secret Billionaire Club, JFK Jr. Ghosts Dallas, & The Daylight Savings Time Debate

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Vacationland Juicy IPA from Door County Brewing Co in Sheboygan, WI.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Krispy Kreme Bites, which she thinks would taste better right out of the microwave. She then tastes Cheetos Flamin Hot Asteroids, which she wouldn?t recommend to anyone over the age of 9. She finishes off her tasting with Taco Bell Creamy Chipotle Sauce, which she thinks only pairs well with a cheap quesadilla. 

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen has no updates on the Court, and muses that she might need to crown more queens. 

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on ABBA?s 1st new album since 1982, Gwen Shamblin?s last will, and the latest from Elizabeth Holmes? ongoing trial.

THE NEW 19TH PRESIDENT: Kathleen laughs as she reads about the latest QAnon conspiracy: supporters gathered in Dallas last week in anticipation of the return of John F. Kennedy Jr., who they believe will announce a 2024 presidential run alongside Donald Trump. The ?reasoning? can?t be put into words?but Mama T does her best to describe the scene as it unfolded. 

BRIAN COX HATES JOHNNY DEPP: Kathleen is amused reading an article that summarizes a new book from one of her favorite actors, Scotsman Brian Cox. His tell-all book, Putting The Rabbit In The Hat, includes a variety of his opinions & interactions with everyone from Johnny Depp to Spike Lee.

EVALUATING DST: Kathleen reads an article explaining the history of Daylight Savings Time, and an opinion supporting why the US should not only eliminate DST but also time zones. 

FORGING ANDY WARHOL: Kathleen applauds the creativity behind a new release from MSCHF, the company responsible for launching Nas X?s Satan shoes. Partnering with the Museum of Forgeries, they are releasing 1,000 Andy Warhol ?Fairies, 1954? sketches for sale at a price of $250 per piece, but only a single piece is authentic. The campaign aims to make fun of the pretentiousness of the art world. 

NEW BILLIONAIRES CLUB: Kathleen reads an article outlining the concept of a new billionaires club called the 3 Comma Club, an invitation-only group boasting unique social opportunities for the price of $180K for 3 years. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Season 3 of ?Yellowstone? on Paramount+ in preparation for the upcoming Season 4 premiere. 

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Episode 63: To-Go Cocktails, Counterfeit Coupons, & Class Action Pop-Tarts

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Waterslides IPA from 3 Sheeps Brewing in Wisconsin, and a Skrewball peanut butter whiskey shot.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Lays Wavy Funyuns Onion flavored chips, which she thinks just taste like a ?mild? sour cream-n-onion flavor. She moves on to taste Sir Kensington?s Pizza Ranch Dressing, which she likes but thinks is WAY too tangy, and then she finishes her tasting menu with Hellman?s Spicy Dipping Sauce, which she summarizes with an ?umm, No.?

KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Court, reporting that although it?s been a quiet week, Cher is commenting on the Twitter account @cherdoingthings.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Facebook?s company name change, the duping of Betsy DeVos?s family by Elizabeth Holmes, the whereabouts of the missing zebras in Maryland, more bad news for supporters of Christopher Columbus, the release of a flying motorcycle in Japan, and South Dakota becomes a notable tax shelter

CLASS ACTION POP-TARTS: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article advising that a class-action lawsuit has been filed by plaintiff Anita Harris claiming that Kellogg's advertising misleads consumers about the amount of actual fruit in the food and that the presence of Red 40, a synthetic food dye, makes the product's filling "look bright red like it has more strawberries than it does.?

THE LEGEND OF POLAND?S SOLDIER BEAR: Kathleen is thrilled to share the story of Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear cub who was by Polish II Corps soldiers who had been evacuated from the Soviet Union and aided in fighting the Nazis. In order to provide for his rations and transportation, he was officially enlisted as a soldier with the rank of private and was subsequently promoted to corporal. 

KROENKE ABANDONS NFL LAWSUIT: Kathleen isn?t surprised reading an article advising that LA Rams? owner Stan Kroenke has informed NFL team owners that he will no longer pay legal fees associated with the Rams move from St. Louis in 2016. Kroenke originally agreed to cover legal fees involved in the relocation, and those bills have stacked up as the NFL has lost multiple motions to the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority.

EXTREME COUPON SCAM: Kathleen reads an article about a couple arrested by the FBI in Virginia Beach over their $31.8 million counterfeit coupon scheme. They have been handed a prison sentence for nearly 20 years, combined.

TO-GO COCKTAILS BY STATE: Kathleen loves a cocktail, especially one that she can wander with. She updates listeners on a study from the National Restaurant Association, reporting that 26 states - most of the ones that permitted to-go cocktails during the pandemic - have allowed the practice to continue.  

PANDORA PAPERS: Kathleen reads an article outlining the structure of a new trove of 11.9 million documents, dubbed the Pandora Papers, that contain explosive details about how global elites and billionaires hide their assets. The Pandora Papers are the result of extensive research by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which expose 600 celebrities and world leaders who stalled their money ? or had it done for them ? in tax havens. 

HOMESTEAD ACT ? Kathleen is excited to read an article detailing where efforts are being made to take advantage of the growing work-from-home culture to try to revitalize rural communities that are in decline. Financial and tax incentives to new residents are proving to benefit many towns seeking to reverse population loss and rejuvenate their economies.

JD SALINGER VOICE RECORDING BURNED: Kathleen reports that the only known recording of J.D. Salinger?s voice, created during a 1980 interview with the writer, has been burned. 

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Episode 62: Maryland?s Zebras, Slow Baseball, & The Vikings Kill Columbus

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Packerland Pilsner from Hinterland Brewery and eating delicious Henning?s cheese curds from Green Bay. She gives an overview of her weekend in Green Bay and Minneapolis, having a blast touring Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers? pro shop, drinking Guinness at St. Brendan?s Inn, and sampling delicious beer and MORE brats and cheese as detailed on her social media

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Cookies & Scream M&M?s, which don?t taste anything like M&M?s but she thinks that kids will love them. She moves on to taste Lay?s Doritos Cool Ranch flavored potato chips, which she compares to any sour cream & onion flavor (and nothing like Ranch.) Kathleen finishes her tasting with Olive Garden?s Parmesan Ranch dressing, which she loves and recommends dunking your unlimited breadsticks in it (or anything else.) 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Court, reporting that Queen Stevie has recorded a duet with Sir Elton John called ?Stolen Car,? which was released on The Lockdown Sessions album released in October 2021. Queen Tanya Tucker has announced that she won?t return to the road until 2022 so that she can properly recover from hip surgery, and Queen Dolly?s Holiday collection in collaboration with Williams Sonoma has released new items including wreaths and cookie mix.

UPDATES: Kathleen provides updates on Pablo Escobar?s hippos, the IPO of WeWork finally takes place and its founder Adam Neumann celebrates inappropriately with former employees, a 3rd juror is dismissed in the ongoing Elizabeth Holmes trial after she is found playing Sudoku instead of focusing on the deliberations, and the Bellagio?s 11 Picasso paintings were auctioned off for more than $100M. 

REMNANT FELLOWSHIP CULT: Kathleen discusses whether Remnant Fellowship Church outside of Nashville is a church or a cult after watching the HBO documentary ?The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin.? The church has been marred with scandal and controversy for decades, from Shamblin?s teachings that extreme weight loss will bring a parishioner closer to God, to their general abuse of children that has been documented by local authorities. Shamblin and 6 others died in a private plane crash outside of Nashville in June 2021. 

BITCOIN SETS ANOTHER RECORD: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that Bitcoin recently climbed above $60,000, pushing the digital coin further toward its all-time high as traders speculated U.S. regulators would clear the first bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund.

BLUE EYED PEOPLE RELATED TO COMMON ANCESTOR: Kathleen?s Irish heritage links her to a large population of blue-eyed people, so she is interested in the findings of a study released by the University of Copenhagen proving that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. Scientists have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6,000-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye color of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.

THE ?NEW? FACEBOOK: As listeners know, Kathleen holds distain for Mark Zuckerberg and his perceived lack of care around monitoring the content of Facebook, and is appalled when reading an article announcing that Facebook is rebranding and changing its company name as soon as November 2021, according to The Verge. Apparently, the social media giant will have a new name that will reflect its focus on creating a metaverse.

PHIL COLLINS? ALAMO OBSESSION: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article about drummer Phil Collins? obsession with the Alamo. Collins donated his trove of Alamo-related artifacts to Texas in 2014 with the stipulation that the state open a museum at the landmark to house them by 2021. With the museum currently finalizing its curating of the exhibits, there is debate on whether the museum ?should be focused on celebrating the small group of leaders who played key roles or reflect a broader, more complicated tale,? referring to the Tejanos, Native Americans, and Black indentured and enslaved people that are rarely noted in the history of the Alamo.  

VIKINGS DISCOVERED AMERICA: Kathleen reads some breaking historical news confirming that Vikings had settled in a remote corner of northern Newfoundland by AD 1021, establishing for the first time a precise date for the earliest European habitation in the Americas ? exactly 1,000 years ago. In A.D. 993, a storm on the sun released an enormous pulse of radiation that was absorbed and stored by trees all over the Earth. Now, that solar event has proved a critical tool in pinpointing an exact year the Vikings were present in the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN?S ULTIMATE WORLD CRUISE: Kathleen prefers other types of vacations to those on cruise ships, and is amused at the response to Royal Caribbean?s announcement that their new Serenade of the Seas will sail around the world in 80 days, and passengers can book a 274 night cruise that will visit more than 150 destinations. The ship will embark on what the line is calling the "longest and most comprehensive" world cruise scheduled to depart in 2023.

MARYLAND ZEBRAS: Kathleen reads an article advising that 5 zebras escaped from a private farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on August 31st, 2021. 3 of the 5 animals are still loose, and local authorities and zoo experts have weighed in their opinions on how to go about catching the creatures. 

SPEEDING UP PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL: Kathleen is a massive St. Louis Cardinals fan, and agrees that the game would be MUCH more exciting if changes were made to speed up how the game is played. She?s excited to read a recent article announcing that MLB is using the Atlantic League as a test league for changes that could potentially speed up the play of game and add more drama. Stay tuned, baseball fans ? 

106-Year-Old Credits Beer With Longevity: Kathleen is thrilled reading an article from Pennsylvania where a 106-year-old woman credits a Yuengling Lager a day with her longevity. The brewer heard about her endorsement before a Philadelphia Eagles game and send Margaret Dilullo a truckload of the beer as a thank you for her decades of support. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the HBO documentary ?The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin.,? on HBO Max, and ?Succession? on HBO.

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Episode 61: Halloween Bratwurst, The Real Hidden Valley Ranch & St. Louis vs The NFL

Kathleen opens the show drinking an Outboard Cream Ale from the Milwaukee Brewing Company, discussing her recent shows at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee and The Chicago Theatre. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Hostess ScaryCakes in honor of Halloween, which she likes since they are just a festive chocolate cupcake. She then tastes Spooky Jr. Mints, which have black and orange mint flavoring but taste the same as the regular version, and Tessamae?s Cilantro Lime Ranch, which she would only recommend to those Termites who don?t want actual Ranch dressing. Kathleen gives a shoutout to Collectivo Coffee?s Blue Healer blend, and to her lifelong love of Miracle Whip over mayonnaise. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Court, reporting that Queen Dolly has recorded a duet of ?Does She Love You,? with Reba. Queen Cher is suing Sonny Bono?s widow over royalties for Sonny & Cher songs including ?I Got You Babe.?

UPDATES: Kathleen provides updates on the Missouri Cannibal, Banksy?s ?Girl With Balloon? sells for $25.4M, the Elizabeth Holmes trial continues to unveil the fraudulent nature of the Theranos technology in court. 

HALLOWEEN BRATWURST: Kathleen reports on a Madison WI butcher who east have created ?Spook-toberfest? brats, which are cooked in local beer and dotted with candy corn. Kathleen is heading to Green Bay this weekend and is on the hunt for the festive brats. 

ALLIGATOR GAR CAUGHT: Kathleen reads an article from Kansas, where a fisherman has recently caught a 4.5 foot, 39.5-pound Alligator Gar. The catch is perplexing to local wildlife officials, since this horrifyingly ugly species of Gar are not native to Kansas. 

TENNESSEE TOWN FOR SALE: Kathleen reads a listing for a 7-acre Tennessee town that has hit the market for $725,000. According to the realtor tasked with selling the property, Water Valley has tremendous potential and is likened to the town mentioned the Schitt's Creek television series.

MORE SNAKE NEWS: Kathleen reads an article detailing where a California woman found more than 90 rattlesnakes under her home, and another article where a Mississippi woman found a blond rattlesnake with rare pigmentation. 

ST LOUIS vs THE NFL: Kathleen reviews the current status of a lawsuit filed by her hometown of St. Louis against the NFL after the league allowed the Rams to move to Los Angeles. STL officials are seeking financial damages, and NFL lawyers are trying to get the Jan 2022 trial moved out of St. Louis. 

THE BIRTH OF HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH: Kathleen shares the story of how Hidden Valley Ranch was born through the work of a retired plumbing contractor and his wife. The Henson?s purchased a 120-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, CA known then as Sweetwater Ranch, changing the name to Hidden Valley Ranch and creating a ?California steak sauce? that is now commonly known as Ranch dressing. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Succession? on HBO, and ?Bad Sport? on Netflix.

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Episode 60: Facebook Whistleblower, Missouri Cannibals, & A Crypto Trading Hamster

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Woodscraft IPA from Great Escape Beerworks in Springfield, MO. She then gives the Termites a summary of her birthday activity at her sister?s house in Jefferson City, where her nieces and nephew made her a cake covered in animal faces to represent her yard. Kathleen then headed to Johnny Morris?s Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO for a few days of fun golf with her siblings and friends, thrilled to be able to play Tiger Woods? Payne?s Valley course while she was there. 

Kathleen was given a few birthday presents last week: Ron White gave her a new driver for her golf bag, her cousins gave her a pair of limited edition Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs (which she?s excited to wear), and her friend Heidi gave her a cool Ranch cookbook and gallons of ranch dressing, which she?ll put to good use the next time her nieces and nephews visit her house.

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termite Denise for the ?May I Please Have a Vodka Cranberry?? mask to wear on airplanes. Termites Kendra (who is a Liquor Inspector) and Sarah sent some fun ?Bridgeport Badger? tees to celebrate their basement bar, and Termites Ashley and Joseph invited Kathleen to their wedding and sent a Ranch themed insulated cup that Kathleen can?t wait to use on her boat.  

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Scorchin? BBQ Pringles, which she finds to be WAY too hot. She moves on to taste Sir Kensington?s Ranch, which is dairy-free and has a hint of dill in it. Kathleen gives it a thumbs-up, but she feels that the texture and tang makes it more of a dip than a dressing. She finishes her tasting with Charlie Gitto?s Sweet Italian Vinaigrette from St. Louis, which she loves on a salad as part of a massive Italian dinner but will always prefer anything from Imo?s (also a St. Louis original.)

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reporting that Queen Dolly has released a line of Christmas holiday cooking line with Williams Sonoma which is available to order now. Queen Tanya celebrated her birthday October 10th and posted a video of her cake, and Cher announced on Twitter that ?she?s back,? whatever that means to Queen Cher this week ? 

WALLY THE WALRUS WEBCAM: As a follow-up to Episode 56, Kathleen announces that Wally the Walrus has swum from Ireland to Iceland, where the Icelandic people have renamed him, Valli. A webcam has been set up so that people can watch a live stream of his activity.  

NRA REELECTS THEIR KING: Kathleen reads an update announcing that the NRA recently reelected their CEO, Wayne LaPierre. The NY Attorney General?s office is suing to dissolve the NRA for allegedly misusing charitable funds, but the NRA feels as though the AG?s office has a ?misinformed view? of their unparalleled dedication to the Second Amendment. 

OOPS BRITNEY DID IT AGAIN: Waist-deep in the aftermath of the #FreeBritney movement, Kathleen shakes her head when reading an update that Britney Spears, temporarily free from her Conservatorship, has once again taken to Instagram to post a risqué video of her frolicking topless in the ocean. 

SHAKIRA ATTACKED BY WILD BOARS: Kathleen reads an article from Spain advising that in addition to Shakira?s tax woes, the pop singer has also revealed that she and her son were recently attacked by a pair of wild boars in a park near Barcelona. The hogs attacked Shakira and stole her purse, which was documented in a series of Instagram Stories on the singer?s account. Kathleen muses that the cause of the purse snatching must have been caused by ?secret snacks? in Shakira?s handbag, admitting that she also has secret treats in her travel purse with her favorites being Lance Crackers and Tootsie Pops (specifically the ?red? kind.)

MURDAUGH MURDER INVESTIGATION CONTINUES: Kathleen is fascinated with the ongoing news being released in South Carolina regarding the murders of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh and is thrilled to have been connected with journalist Mandy Matney via Twitter. Matney, along with her fiancé David, are the team investigating this corrupt family and all the cover-ups that have been made on their behalf for decades as they maintained power in a finite area of South Carolina, reporting their findings on their ?Murdaugh Murders? podcast. Kathleen reads the latest development after the arrest of patriarch Alex Murdaugh, who is accused of being the mastermind behind the diversion of more than $3.5 million in death settlement money meant for the sons of his family?s deceased housekeeper to an account said to be fraudulent.

BARRY MANILOW SET TO BREAK ELVIS?S VEGAS RECORD: Kathleen is a massive fan of both Elvis and Barry Manilow, and is excited to read an article advising that although Elvis Presley holds the record for most performances in Vegas, Barry Manilow will pass him after signing a major deal that runs through 2023.

Elvis Presley played a staggering 837 shows in Sin City, according to Showbiz 411, but Manilow?s new contract with the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino will push him past that mark. 

SCIENCE IS HARD: Kathleen reads an article announcing the winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry and laughs out loud because she doesn?t understand ANY of the details explaining why the award was given. Benjamin List and David MacMillan received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 for their development of a precise new tool for molecular construction: organocatalysis. The technology has had a great impact on pharmaceutical research and has made chemistry greener. Kathleen reads the released a few times and states her ongoing position that ?science is hard.?

A CRYPTO TRADING HAMSTER: That?s right, Termites. Kathleen reads an article about Mr. Goxx, a German hamster who is crushing the cryptocurrency market with his trading and outtrading human investors. Mr. Goxx initiates a trade by entering The Goxx Box, occasionally running on the ?Intention Wheel? and then choosing either the ?Buy? or ?Sell? tunnel that will cause the transaction to take place. All trading activity is available to stream on Twitch (where he is listed as the CEO of Goxx Capital), or you can watch Mr. Goxx?s YouTube channel for past activity ? 

MISSOURI CANNIBALS AND VICKI?S GUN: Kathleen is horrified to read an article from her home state of Missouri, where the FBI office in Kansas City received an anonymous tip on September 16th advising that a woman had been kidnapped and photos of her in a cage were being circulated on the Dark Web. Local law enforcement in Dallas County obtained a search warrant for James Phelps, who has since been arrested. Further investigation found that Phelps is a cannibal, and human remains have been located on his property. As this county isn?t far from Kathleen?s family ?farm,? she shares that her mom is usually armed when walking the property, and everyone makes fun of her because she carries a gun to prevent animal attacks and ?rape.? While the rape of an 80-year-old most likely isn?t a concern in acres of Missouri backwoods, nobody in the Madigan clan ever thought a cannibal would be roaming the area. Stay tuned, Termites?

THE OLDEST MAN IN THE WORLD DIES AT 127: Kathleen reads an article from the Guinness World Records team, announcing that at the age of 127 the oldest man who ever lived has died.  

OCEAN DRONE FILMS INTERIOR OF CAT 4 HURRICANE: Kathleen LOVES following extreme weather patterns, and is excited when she reads that a new ocean drone has captured footage from the inside of a major hurricane. The technology behind the Saildrone Explorer SD1045 battles 50-foot waves and 120mph winds, gathering scientific data that will help NOAA scientists improve their forecast models that predict rapid intensification of hurricanes.

NAZI CAMP SECRETARY ATTEMPTS TO FLEE TRIAL: Kathleen reads an article about a 96-year-old woman who was scheduled to go on trial for war crimes as a Nazi secretary and fled into hiding. Irmgard Furchner left her home near Hamburg in a taxi a few hours before proceedings were due to start at the state courthouse. Despite her advanced age, the German woman was to be tried in juvenile court because she was under 21 at the time of the alleged crimes. Police detained her hours after her attempted escape, and the court is reviewing whether the flight attempt should be considered in her sentencing. 

APPLAUDING THE FACEBOOK WHISTLEBLOWER: Kathleen has a renowned hatred for Mark Zuckerberg?s lack of accountability in monitoring false narratives and polarizing content on Facebook and applauds the recent actions of whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former data scientist at Facebook, whose Senatorial testimony has led to what may be the most threatening scandal in the company's history. Haugen provided a clear and detailed glimpse inside the notoriously secretive tech giant, stating that Facebook harms children, sows division, and undermines democracy in pursuit of breakneck growth and "astronomical profits." There is currently a decades-old law known as Section 230, which immunizes social media companies from being sued over what their users post, but lawmakers are examining possible carve-outs. 

 WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the ?Untold? series on Netflix, especially the episode called ?Crimes and Penalties.? 

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Episode 59: The Loch Ness Monster Surfaces, LuLaRoe?s Scandal, & Passive Aggressive Corporate Email

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Briney Mary bloody Mary from the Pittsburgh Pickle Company, which she looks forward to drinking every time she?s in Pittsburgh. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termites Jennifer and Steve, who made her laugh out loud in anticipation of putting on her new ?Vodka Cranberry, Please? face mask when she boards an airplane. Termite April from Wyoming sent in a very cool Ranch dressing Christmas tree ornament, and Kentucky Termite Carolyn sent an awesome Time & Oak whiskey aging stick, which Kathleen can?t wait to try with her brother Patrick. Finally, Termite Diane (from ?south of Boston?) sent a very touching note which makes Mama T tear up, along with a gold ribbon representing support for Pediatric Cancer in honor of her granddaughter. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reporting that the Court has been quiet. She asks the Termites to vote for a new queen to try to shake up some new activity. What say you, Termites?

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Jalapeno Popper Goldfish, which she doesn?t like as much as original Goldfish crackers. She moves on to taste Marzetti Buttermilk Romano Ranch, which she finds to be VERY tangy but she likes the flavor. Kathleen finishes her tasting session with a dessert: Apple Cider Donut Oreos which she absolutely hates, comparing the taste to ?eating perfume.? She then shares with listeners that growing up in the Midwest her dad preferred Hydrox cookies to Oreos, and now she misses the flavor of those cookies over any Oreo. 

NEW EXPLOSIVE BRITNEY SPEARS DOCUMENTARY: Kathleen continues down her months-long rabbit hole following the conservatorship of Britney Spears and the #FreeBritney movement. She reads details behind a new documentary released by FX and Hulu entitled ?Controlling Britney Spears,? an unannounced follow-up to ?Framing Britney Spears? covered in an earlier episode of the Pubcast. In it, several former friends and colleagues of Spears?s came forward to offer new glimpses into the heretofore well-concealed world of her conservatorship.

LULAROE?S CORPORATE SCANDALS: Kathleen is fascinated as she reads an article about multilevel marketing company LuLaRoe, and goes on to describe to listeners her thoughts after watching ?LuLaRich,? Amazon?s new docuseries about the creation of the company and their fraud that was eventually settled through the legal system. The brand succeeded by targeting a group of stay-at-home moms seeking financial security and extra income, and for a few years, LuLaRoe was quite good at spreading empowerment through selling printed clothes. The company generated $2.3 billion in sales in 2017. But then scandals started rocking the business, including allegations of moldy, low-quality products, copyright infringement, and lawsuits calling LuLaRoe a pyramid scheme. Kathleen feels terribly sorry for the victims who suffered after being involved in this scam, but also states that she has yet to see something overly successful come from buying into a business whose primary business mantra advertises that you can ?Work From Home In Your Pajamas.?

THERANOS VICTIM TESTIMONIALS: In her reporting from the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos trial currently taking place in California, Kathleen provides an update to Termites regarding victims who received incorrect test results from the Theranos technology which resulted in emotional trauma.  

TERM LIMITS AND GRASSLEY VS THURMOND: Kathleen has a bit in her act where she makes a pitch for term limits for politicians, and is appalled to read an article stating that Sen. Chuck Grassley recently announced that he will run for reelection in 2022 ? a decision Republicans believe will give them their best chance to hold onto the coveted Senate seat. Grassley, 88, released the highly anticipated news in characteristically understated fashion, posting the news to Twitter with little additional fanfare.

COMEDIAN?S INTERPRETATION OF CORPORATE EMAILS: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article on the underlying meaning behind buttoned-up corporate email language, and outlining how successful people communicate. She translates each email sample into ?comic speak,? or how comedians (without an HR department) would address similar situations via email.

MICHAEL FLYNN?S LATEST CONSPIRACY THEORY: Kathleen is bewildered when she reads an article where former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pushed a theory that COVID-19 vaccines are being snuck into salad dressing being sold in US supermarkets. Flynn was speaking this week to Clay Clark, the host of the conservative podcast "The Thrivetime Show.? Kathleen?s comments can?t necessarily be put into print ?

OSAGE INDIAN ?PICTURE CAVE? SOLD IN MISSOURI: Kathleen reads an article from her home state of Missouri where the infamous Osage Indian ?Picture Cave? was sold in September 2021 for over $2 million. More than 1,000 years ago, Indigenous people journeyed into a dark cave on the land now called Missouri and painted nearly 300 detailed images on its walls. The cave was a sacred space, where tribes performed ceremonies, made sense of the universe, and buried their dead. A millennium later, the paintings contained within it continue to offer clues about how those civilizations lived and what they believed. And for the Osage Nation, whose ancestors created much of the artwork in the cave, the sale came as a huge blow as it will prohibit access to their ancestral grounds. 

DISCOVERY OF OLDEST HUMAN FOOTPRINTS IN NORTH AMERICA: Kathleen reads an article announcing that 23,000-year-old footprints found in New Mexico recently could shed light on when humans arrived on the continent. Archaeological evidence, including spearheads used to kill mammoths, has long suggested a 13,500-year-old settlement was considered the continent?s first civilization, and the forerunner of groups that became known as Native Americans.

SPOTTING THE LOCH NESS MONSTER: Kathleen is a firm believer in the existence of the Loch Ness Monster and is thrilled to read an article stating that the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted by recent drone footage taken by a British outdoorsman paddling through Scotland?s Loch Ness for a long-distance charity canoe trip. Watch the footage and state your opinions, Termites? 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the ?Framing Britney Spears? documentary on Hulu, and ?LuLaRich? on Amazon Prime.

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Episode 58: Sam Adams? Illegal Beer, Warren Buffett?s Breakfast, & The Largest Cruise Ship In The World

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Singing Frog Golden Lager from The Wynn in Las Vegas, sipping the beer from her Seamus McDaniel?s pub pint glass. Kathleen then shares with the Termites all off her favorite highlights from her show at The Ryman in downtown Nashville, thrilled that she got to finally meet her Twitter friend Stella Parton, whom she can?t wait to drink red wine with.  

Kathleen then gives an update on her birthday plans taking place on September 30th: she?s going to the Ozarks to golf with her parents and see some friends, and then is excited to be heading to Johnny Morris?s Big Cedar Lodge to golf with her siblings and cousins and drink in a cave bar

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termites from the Savannah Bananas for her new baseball-style t-shirt, and from Termite Baba Valentino for the cool golf balls. She then thanks Termite Donna from Abilene, TX for her homemade Pubcast sign and funky gravy boat. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Drew?s Creamy Ranch dressing from Vermont, which she loves. She moves on to taste Cap?N Crunch Chocolate Caramel Crunch, which she thinks is too sweet, and prefers Crunch Berries. Kathleen rounds out her tasting menu sampling the limited edition Cool Ranch Doritos, which she likes but still prefers the original or taco flavored Doritos. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen has limited updates on the Queens this week, but hopes that recent music releases and tour activity will provide more activity for next week?s report.  

MOBSTER TIED TO ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM DIES: Kathleen provides an update that alleged mobster Robert Gentile, thought to have been the last person alive with knowledge of who committed the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist, has died at the age of 85 of a stroke. 

THERANOS TRIAL UPDATE: Kathleen continues her obsession with seeing the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes, providing an update on Theranos trial currently taking place in California. She reads an article specifically reviewing Holmes? crazy emails sent in the middle of the night to employees while she was at the company?s helm, as well as her defense strategy of trying to block testimony on her extravagant personal expenses while 

SAM ADAMS? ILLEGAL BEER: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that brewer Sam Adams is releasing the latest beer in their Utopias collection, which is available in limited capacity every 2 years. This release is so strong, it?s illegal in 15 states because this year, the brews carry a staggering 28 percent alcohol by volume or ABV. By comparison, the classic Samuel Adams Boston Lager is just 5 percent ABV.

CHINA BANS KIDS FROM MIDWEEK GAMING: Kathleen reads an article from China where new rules recently published by China?s National Press and Publication Administration are allowing kids and teens under 18 years old be limited to three hours per week to play online video games. Kathleen laughs at the outcry that would happen in the US if such a move was made. 

THE WORLD?S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP DEBUTS: Never being a lover of cruise ship travel, Kathleen reads an announcement from Royal Caribbean advising that their newest ship, the Wonder of the Seas, has been authenticated as the largest cruise ship in the world. Originally meant to set sail from China, the ship will now begin sailing from Florida to the Caribbean in March 2022. The Wonder of the Seas will feature 8 ?neighborhoods? and revised amenities such as a full waterslide. All of Kathleen?s thoughts on cruise ship travel can be heard on her bits ?Cruise Ship Day 1? and ?Cruise Ship Day 2.?

THE OLDEST LOBSTER TRAPPER IN MAINE: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article from Maine profiling Virginia Oliver, who has been fishing for lobsters for over a century. Despite having surpassed the typical retirement age decades ago, the Rockland, Maine-based fisherwoman works with her son, Max, catching lobsters three days a week from May through November. Kathleen applauds Virginia?s efforts and work ethic, stating that the only other person that she could envision working into a second century would be her father, Jack. 

THE ?SUEZ CANAL ON RAILS? UNVEILED: As listeners know, Kathleen loves a train ride and has a mad appreciation for any improvement to infrastructure. She?s envious to read of plans in Cairo, Egypt where the Egyptian government has signed a $4.45 billion deal for a high-speed electric rail line to link its Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts. The 410-mile rail link will include a mainline designed to carry more than 30 million passengers annually as well as a freight line and will run between the Red Sea port of Ain Sokhna and 2 Mediterranean ports. Kathleen laughs that she?s waited her entire life for a train to connect St. Louis and the Lake of the Ozarks, and wouldn?t care how fast it traveled as long as there was a bar car made available. 

RUSSIAN CHESS STAR SUES NETFLIX: Like many Termites, Kathleen loved the premises of the Netflix series ?The Queen?s Gambit.? She reads an update where a former Soviet chess champion, Nona Gaprindashvili, is suing Netflix for defamation over the incorrect chronological sequence of the final episode where Gaprindashvili is referenced by name as not having ever faced male opponents, when in fact she HAD by 1968, the year that the last episode was situated in. No further details have been released from Netflix, but you can bet that Mama T will be on the lookout for an update!

HOW TO BE LIKE WARREN BUFFETT: (or at least eat like him ?) Kathleen loves reading about billionaire Warren Buffett, not only because he?s a true Midwest delight but also because he?s chosen to remain in Omaha his entire life and doesn?t mind sharing some of the simple financial practices that he uses in his everyday life. Kathleen reads an article that outlines 9 frugal habits of Buffett?s that we can incorporate to save money, and she laughs at her own approach to ?wealth management? and her arguments with her brother Patrick over the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee. She DOES agree with Buffett?s love of McDonald?s Egg McMuffin for breakfast and recommends not skipping out on an accompanying Diet Coke just because you can save more money buying the soda by the 12-pack. 

RALEIGH?S LOST COLONY: Kathleen loves history, and is excited to read an article announcing that archaeologists are embarking on a search for the lost colony of Roanoke in an attempt to determine what happened to the 117 people who completely vanished after its settlement. It's one of the nation's great mysteries: The first permanent colony of English settlers in what would become the United States, specifically North Carolina in 1587 by Sir Walter Raleigh, disappeared three years after it was erected with virtually no trace.

THE MOB CHILDREN VS THE FBI: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article announcing that a fugitive consigliere in Colombo crime family was recently arrested after his son taunted the FBI with a Florida poolside post of his father a day after his suspected mob family was arrested in a New York City raid. The taunting post was hurriedly deleted, but not in enough time for Federal Agents to screengrab the information and enact an arrest plan. Ralph DiMatteo, 66, was the only person mentioned in the federal indictment to evade arrest, and that's because it was able to be proven that he was soaking up the Florida rays. Kathleen muses that even ?the children? can be caught at their own games.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends finishing ?Nine Perfect Strangers? on Hulu, continuing through Season 2 of ?Wu-Tang: An American Saga? on Hulu, and also listening to upcoming weekly episodes of the ABC News podcast ?The Dropout? that is closely following the Elizabeth Holmes trial. 

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Episode 57: Halloween Ranch, Stevie vs Lindsey, & Resurrecting The Woolly Mammoth

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Holy Donut Stout by Maine?s Lone Pine Brewing, brought to her by her friend and fellow comedian Kelly MacFarland. She also gives a shoutout to Little Big Town for the ?Day Drinking? trucker hat that was sent after Kathleen tasted their Day Drinking canned wine on a previous Pubcast. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termite Adam, who made his mother proud by sending the completed set of South Carolina rocks glasses. Also big thanks to Termite Summer for the Trader Joe?s Carolina Gold bbq sauce and the ?Calm Down Karen? t-shirt. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, which she doesn?t like because she doesn?t like ANY pumpkin flavor (she and her dad always ask her mom to make a chocolate pie for any holiday), and then moves onto Taco Bell?s Avocado Ranch sauce, which she recommends putting on anything. Kathleen finishes her tasting by sampling Cheeto?s Crunch Pop Mix, telling Termites to stick with the original Cheeto?s.  

ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM REVIEW: As a follow-up to Episode 38, Kathleen visited the ISGM when she was recently in Boston for shows. She describes the rooms and the artwork exhibited (which you can also see video of on her YouTube channel), with her favorite area being the iconic courtyard. Then in continuing to do the Lord?s work, Kathleen mentions her official chowder tasting at Black Rose, the Chart House, and Legal Seafood in downtown Boston. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reporting that Queen Tanya has canceled the remainder of her 2021 Tour dates, stating that she needs to concentrate on rehabilitating her hip after her recent surgery. Tanya has also recorded a very cool song with RuPaul called ?This Is Our Country,? which Kathleen recommends cranking UP and listening to. In super breaking bombshell news, Queen Stevie has delivered a TKO to former boyfriend and bandmate Lindsey Buckingham after his latest rant to the press challenging Stevie?s involvement in his firing from Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham dissed all of his former bandmates in his tirades, which Kathleen advises is probably not the best way to approach a possible reunion.  

HIDDEN VALLEY HALLOWEEN: Kathleen is thrilled to read an announcement that Hidden Valley is releasing limited-edition Halloween treats for Ranch lovers, as well as a Ranch bottle costume. 

BALTO HOLMES AND MORE THERANOS TRIAL UNCERTAINTY: In another chapter of the saga of Elizabeth Holmes? lies, Kathleen reports to the Termites that in 2017, Vanity Fair reports that Holmes flew first-class across the U.S. to adopt a 9-week-old Siberian husky. She named him Balto after the world-famous sled dog that made a dangerous 600-mile journey in 1925, bearing medicine to save an entire village from diphtheria. Holmes went on to boast to people that Balto is a wolf, which his AKC paperwork states otherwise. Kathleen then goes into detail on the latest developments in the Theranos trial, including issues with jurors, the ways in which Holmes as altered her appearance to look more ?maternal,? and the and exquisite home that she?s residing in with her new baby and billionaire husband while on trial for fraud. 

RESURRECTING THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH: Kathleen reads an article outlining where scientists are making a pitch to resurrect the woolly mammoth from extinction. Colossal, a biosciences and genetics company, has raised $15 million to bring back the mammoth in an altered genetic form. The move could help restore the fragile Arctic tundra ecosystem, however, the ethical issues involved are creating a firestorm with the Genetics community. Kathleen asks listeners what they think of the campaign, and Paddles votes to proceed as long as the end result produces a mini mammoth (much like a baby goat). 

BITCOIN BECOMES LEGAL TENDER IN EL SALVADOR: As listeners of the Pubcast know, Kathleen holds mad love for cryptocurrency. She?s thrilled to read an article announcing that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as an official currency alongside the US dollar. Supporters argue the move will make it cheaper and easier for migrants to send money home to El Salvador, which is important given such remittances account for over 24 percent of the country?s gross domestic product, according to figures from the World Bank reported by CNBC. Baby steps for big gain states Mama T. 

RIPPER THE TALKING DUCK: Kathleen reads an article from New Zealand where a duck, who was raised in captivity in the late 1980s, was recorded uttering the phrase: ?You bloody fool!? Scientists have analyzed the recordings, and have added musk ducks to a small number of animals able to imitate human speech.

THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE USA: Kathleen is excited to announce that Money Magazine has evaluated big cities and small towns all over the US and has determined that the best place to live is Chanhassen, Minnesota. The magazine revealed its 35th annual "50 Best Places to Live" list last week, looking at metrics across nine different categories to create its definitive ranking for 2021-22. Situated southwest of the Twin Cities, Chanhassen made the #1 pick overall, with two additional cities in Minnesota making the top fifty as well. Skol!

A $400B UTOPIAN DESERT CITY PLANNED: Kathleen reads an article where former Walmart president and billionaire Marc Lore has announced his plans for a $400 billion utopian city. Lore wants to capture the cleanliness of Tokyo, the diversity of New York, and the social services of Stockholm, and his vision will incorporate 5-million-people. He has appointed world-famous architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group to finalize the design and location, using scouting teams to review possible targets including Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and the Appalachian region. Stay tuned for UPDATES ?

THE CAROLINA MURDAUGH MURDERS: Kathleen?s ID Channel love attracts her to the bizarre details surrounding the murder of the family of a South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh. News of the deaths of Paul Murdaugh, 22, and Maggie Murdaugh, 52, has led to national headlines, not only for the mystery surrounding their murders but for the ties to other death investigations in the Lowcountry area: Stephen Smith in 2015, Gloria Satterfield in 2018 and Mallory Beach in 2019. Kathleen reads through the timeline of events leading up to the recent arrest of Alex Murdaugh, after admitting to enlisting a hitman to end his own life in an effort to release an insurance policy for his remaining living son. More to come as details unfold?

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Episode 56: ABBA?s Comeback, A Tired Irish Walrus, & The Angel of Notre Dame

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Natty Daddy Lemonade Seltzer, which she doesn?t like because she enjoys a beer FAR more than seltzers ;-) She discusses the current state of her St. Louis Cardinals and Lewis Black?s terrible Baltimore Orioles, and the sheer awesomeness of Tony LaRussa as a coach and GM. Kathleen then talks about her Fantasy Football league, and her repeat move to draft Tom Brady as her starting quarterback. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termite Cheryl from Oregon for the Baby Shoe Madigan Christmas ornament and ?Calm Down Karen? t-shirt, and Termite sisters Steph & Jen from Edmonton who sent a box of Canadian fun that Kathleen samples as part of her junk food tasting session. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples a few Canadian treats from Termite sisters Steph & Jen, beginning with Hawkins Cheezies, which is one of her all-time favorite snacks. She then tastes President?s Choice Cheesy Garlic Bread rippled chips, which are a little too ?garlicky? for her preference. She finishes her tasting with Keg Steakhouse Ranch dressing, which she LOVES and rates in her top 3 of all Ranches tasted so far.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reporting that Queen Stevie Nicks has recorded a duet with Elton John called ?Stolen Car? as part of his ?Lockdown Sessions? album. Queen Tanya has canceled the remainder of her 2021 Tour dates, stating that she needs to concentrate on rehabilitating her hip after her recent surgery. 

ELIZABETH HOLMES JURY SELECTION UNDERWAY: In continuing with her updates on the Elizabeth Holmes? Theranos trial, Kathleen provides an update on how the jury selection process is going leading up to the commencement of the trial. 

QAnon SHAMAN PLEA DEAL: Kathleen laughs while reading an update on the infamous ?QAnon Shaman? Jacob Chansley, who was originally charged with six federal crimes pertaining to the US Capitol insurrection. He plead guilty to one of the most serious charges and could face a maximum of 20 years in prison, though his lack of a criminal record means he'll likely receive much less. As part of the plea agreement, Chansley agreed to pay $2,000 in restitution for damage to the Capitol and could also face a fine of up to $250,000.

BEYONCE?S BLOOD DIAMOND: Kathleen reads an article surrounding the controversy surrounding Beyoncé and Jay-Z after she made history posing alongside a rare art piece from the late, great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as the first Black woman to wear an iconic Tiffany & Co. Yellow Diamond. After critics bashed the Beyonce for wearing a ?blood diamond,? a source stated that ?Beyonce is aware of the criticism and is disappointed and angry that she wasn?t made aware of questions about its history.? In an effort to pivot the narrative, she appears to be focused on promoting the $2,064,600 that Tiffany has pledged toward internship and scholarship programs for historically Black colleges and universities.

BRITNEY?S CONSERVATORSHIP ENDS: Kathleen is thrilled to read that after months of following the #FreeBritney movement, her conservatorship with her father has finally ended. Father Jamie Spears has served as conservator of his daughter's estate since it was established in 2009 and recently stated in a court filing that he intends to step down as conservator. Kathleen applauds the efforts of ?the children? who have supported Britney, and encourages them to celebrate ?

ABBA?S GREATEST COMEBACK: As is the case with many music lovers, Kathleen LOVES ABBA?s music and is absolutely thrilled to read an article announcing that nearly four decades after disbanding and vowing never to get back together, the Swedish superstars are making a musical comeback with a new album and a London show featuring their performances captured by digital avatars. The group, all in their seventies, described how they were photographed in leotards to create the avatars for a new show called ?ABBA Voyage? which will play at a theatre being built close to the presentation venue in east London?s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The show will feature 22 songs, mostly the group?s classic hits, and last 90 mins. Kathleen CANNOT wait to buy tickets?.

WENDY?S UPGRADES FRENCH FRIES: Kathleen agrees that fast-food French fries need to be upgraded, and still hasn?t gotten over McDonald?s move to change its iconic fry recipe back in 1992. She?s excited to hear that Wendy?s has announced that the chain is upgrading its French fries in mid-September 2021, keeping more skin on the potato in order to ?drive more flavor.? Stay tuned for a tasting from Mama T, Termites.

WALLY THE WALRUS GETS HIS OWN BOAT: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article out of Ireland where a massive Arctic walrus whom locals refer to as ?Wally? was first spotted in March. Since then, he has traveled over 2,485 miles and has been spotted in France, Spain, and across the U.K. According to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG), due to his colossal weight, Wally has been sinking one or two boats in every harbor he enters when he attempts to climb on watercraft anytime he gets tired from swimming. In an effort to offer assistance, the Irish have built Wally his own pontoon boat which will remain in a harbor in West Cork. 

NAZI ARTIFACTS FOUND STASHED IN GERMAN HOUSE: Kathleen reads an article detailing a cache of Nazi artifacts that have been found in the wall of a German house. Found by a schoolteacher, the trove was most likely hidden as U.S. troops took the city of Hagen in April 1945.

STONEHENGE IS INDESTRUCTIBLE: Kathleen is fascinated with history and can?t believe the results of a recent scientific analysis from a piece of England?s Stonehenge monument. The core sample is helping experts better understand the makeup of the mysterious prehistoric structure, and how the stone?s geochemical composition may have made it uniquely well-equipped to stand the test of time. The structure is made from 99.7 percent quartz crystals making the stones are practically indestructible, according to a new study published in the journal Plos One.

100-YEAR-OLD NAZI ON TRIAL FOR HATE CRIMES: Kathleen believes in karma and consequence, and reiterates these sentiments when reading an article about a 100-year-old former guard at the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp near Berlin. The guard will face trial this Fall, 76 years after the end of the Second World War.

ITALIAN VILLAS FOR A EURO: Kathleen reads an article about Italy's ongoing clearance sale of ?1 houses that have been historically centered around rural areas. However, a town in Rome?s Latium region has joined the efforts with stricter parameters for those applying to purchase including timelines to complete any renovations and preference going to those who wish to reside in the area on a longer-term basis. 

THE RICHEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD: Kathleen is fascinated reading an article listing Forbes? richest women in the world, and by what means they attained their wealth. The group founded their wealth in everything from construction to technology, including the inventor of the Bumble dating app (which causes Kathleen to laugh when telling the story of her friend Ron White?s ?Bumble fumble.?) She is particularly excited to discuss the philanthropic endeavors of the women who currently holds the status of the world?s wealthiest female: 

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers of the L?Oreal brand, who was raised as a strict Catholic and has pledged over ?200M to restore Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after it was damaged in a horrible fire in 2019. Kathleen loves the city of Paris and tells listeners about her high school French exchange trip when she spent 6 weeks in the French countryside smoking cigarettes with her friend Marie Paul. 

THE LONGEST EMBRACE: Kathleen closes the Pubcast with a story of true love, reading an article from China where archaeologists have discovered two ancient skeletons holding each other with their arms wrapped around the other's waist and the woman pressed up against the man's shoulders. In studying the remains, historians feel that the remains likely belonged to a man and woman from the Northern Wei period ? 1,500 years ago, when Buddhism was heightening. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the ABBA documentary ?When All Is Said And Done? ?The White Lotus? with Connie Britton on HBO Max, and ?The Defeated? on Netflix. Happy binge-watching, Termites! 

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Episode 55: Taco Bell Breakfast, Betty White?s Advice, & A Nirvana Baby Tantrum

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Day Drinking Watermelon Rose created by one of her favorite bands, Little Big Town.

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termite Adam in Greenville, SC for the super-cool South Carolina rocks glass. Termite Debbie sent what Kathleen refers to as a ?Henry the 8th? Crown Royal bag, which she thinks is very cool. Kathleen then thanks Termite Wendy ?from the middle of nowhere, CA? who sent a Discovery Bay Country Club golf ball and hat, and Justin at the Tulsa Drillers who sent Kathleen and Ron White matching Tulsa Noodlers bucket hats which they can?t wait to wear often on the golf course. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Lay?s Funyun Flavored chips, which she doesn?t think actually taste like Funyuns. She then moves on to taste Kettle Krinkle Cut Habanero Lime chips, which Kathleen loves but she thinks they pack a lot of heat and finishes off with Hannaford Ranch dip from Scarborough, ME (brought to a show from a Termite) which she thinks is a great Ranch flavor and awards it the compliment of ?it?s Just Ranch.? Speaking of some of her favorite meals, Kathleen tells the Termites how much she loves watching Trisha Yearwood?s cooking show ?Trisha?s Southern Kitchen? on The Food Network, because Trisha is incredibly creative in making simple dishes really fun and interesting, specifically citing Trisha?s recipe for Chicken Pot Pie burgers. Speaking of great Southern cooks, Kathleen quotes her dear friend and comedian Vic Henley?s bit ?Paula Deen,? which is one of Kathleen?s favorite jokes of all time.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reporting that Queen Stevie Nicks recently disclosed on Tim McGraw?s podcast ?Beyond The Influence Radio? that she would potentially be into writing a potential biopic and/or book, but that it would have to be a multi-part series like ?Twilight.? No other breaking news to report on the remaining members of the Court this week.

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SUED (AGAIN): In continuing with Kathleen?s quest to see the fall of Jerry Falwell Jr, Kathleen reads an article advising that Virginia?s Liberty University has been sued by 12 women who claim the school created an environment that increased the likelihood of sexual assault and rape.

BRITNEY GETS HER DOGS BACK: Kathleen has become an avid follower of the #FreeBritney movement and shakes her head as she reports that Britney?s former housekeeper recently removed Britney?s dogs from her home after stating that she felt the dogs were being neglected. TMZ reported that a violent confrontation followed since Britney allegedly believed that her father was involved in having her dogs taken away to continue conservatorship control and inflict pain on his daughter. Kathleen moves on to tell listeners about the funniest TMZ report that she?s seen, involving her BFF Ron White running down a South Carolina street in his underwear flailing a 9-iron at a fan who sideswiped his bus and wouldn?t leave Ron alone. 

NO MILKSHAKES IN THE UK: Being a lover of McDonald?s chocolate shakes, Kathleen is horrified to read a news release stating that McDonald?s has run out of milkshakes in the UK as a result of supply chain issues in the country. The supply chain struggles are being widely attributed to a lack of truck drivers, caused by a confluence of new post-Brexit EU immigration rules and Covid-19 measures imposed by the British government.  

NIRVANA BABY SUES THE BAND: Kathleen balks at the absurdity as she reads her next news piece regarding a lawsuit recently filed by Spencer Elden, who was photographed as a 4-month-old for the Nirvana album cover ?Never Mind.? Kathleen laughs as she reads Elden?s claim that his "true identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor which has been distributed and sold worldwide from the time he was a baby to the present day". Elden cites permanent emotional distress and is asking for damages of at least $150,000 per defendant. Reps for the band have yet to comment.

HOT DOG TAKES 35 MINS OF LIFE: As Termites know, Kathleen LOVES hot dogs and she makes a good argument FOR eating hot dogs as she reads an article advising that researchers have released a nutritional index that ranks foods by minutes gained or lost off healthy life per serving, with processed meats and sugary drinks among the biggest offenders. The findings included over 5,000 foods in the US diet classified by health burden, including an 85-gram serving of chicken wings that translated to 3.3 minutes of life lost, while a beef hot dog on a bun resulted in some 36 minutes lost. 

Kathleen thinks the loss is totally worth the deliciousness and then describes some of her favorite hot dogs that she?s eaten including Canada?s JAPADog and the iconic Dodger Dog. She?s thrilled to read that 99-year-old icon Betty White contributes her long life to hot dogs and vodka, and Kathleen happily proclaims herself a proud member of Team Betty!

AL CAPONE?S LETTERS AUCTIONED OFF: Kathleen reads an article advising that many of Al Capone?s personal possessions are scheduled to be sold by his granddaughters at a Sacramento auction in October 2021. The gangster?s favorite gun, diamond jewelry, bear-shaped humidor, and family photos are being listed, and Kathleen shares her love of visiting Alcatraz whenever she?s in the San Francisco area. She then tells a personal story involving the kindest warden of Alcatraz to the Termites. 

LIVESTOCK DEWORMER AND COVID: Kathleen reminds listeners that she is NOT a doctor (nor a financial adviser or mathematician while we?re at it) but she?s bewildered while reading an article mentioning a warning from the Food and Drug Administration to advise people to stop taking livestock deworming drug they believe will treat COVID-19. Poison control centers in Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are reporting an uptick in calls about the drug Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine often used to treat cattle and horses. Hold my beer, hillbillies?

TACO BELL BREAKFAST REVIVAL: Kathleen is thrilled to read that Taco Bell is upgrading its breakfast menu, and absolutely applauds their appointment of her mom?s favorite rapper L?il Nas X as their new Chief Impact Officer. She?s excited to try their new Breakfast Salsa on a hash brown toasted breakfast burrito, so stay tuned for those reviews, Termites. 

DIAMOND PYTHON SHOPS IN SYDNEY: Kathleen reads an article out of Australia where a 9-foot Diamond Python slithered out of a Woolworth?s shelf in Sydney after hiding in the spice aisle. The woman who noticed the snake happened to be a trained snake handler and worked with the staff on-site to catch the creature and remove it safely. Kathleen applauds the efforts of the catcher, voting that she should be rewarded with free groceries for a year. 

CHET HANX RANTS: Kathleen reads an article involving musician Chet Hanks, who recently went on an anti-vaccine rant despite his parents (Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson) being among the first to announce they had contracted COVID-19 at the outset of the pandemic more than a year ago. In his video posted to Instagram, the rapper tells his followers to get vaccinated and to take the pandemic seriously before shouting, ?Psych,? which only fuels Kathleen?s teasing of him as she hasn?t heard of anyone using that phrase since the ?90s. 

BEYONCE?S BASQUAIT: In keeping with Kathleen?s immense love of art, she was excited to read an article about the display of a rare Basquiat painting by Tiffany & Co. The jeweler recently unveiled a splashy new campaign dubbed ?About Love,? which features Jay-Z and Beyoncé wearing the 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond. The shoot is centered around the large Jean-Michel Basquiat canvas Equals Pi, created by the late painter in 1982. The work was reportedly recently purchased by Tiffany, and press materials say that it?s been in the same collection since its creation, thus making it, per the brand, ?the work of art?s first public appearance.?

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends listening to the podcast ?The Dropout? in order to prepare for the upcoming Elizabeth Holmes trial. 

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Episode 54: Polite Apes, The Trojan Horse, & Steve Wynn?s Picassos

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Tan Limes Lager from Cape May Brewing Co, which she picked up on her recent trip to Atlantic City for her show at The Borgata. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen gives thanks to the Termites who leave notes at shows and send mail to her PO Box. She begins by thanking Termite Kathy for leaving her a gorgeous mermaid Christmas ornament at Kathleen?s Borgata show in Atlantic City. Big thanks to the Termite who sent fancy dog treats, which Mustard will love when he visits, and Termite Heather for the Shanty Bar mini Crown Royal bags. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Ruffles Jalapeno Ranch chips, which she loves because they resemble sour cream n? onion chips (one of her favorite flavors.) She moves on to sample Whataburger?s Spicy Jalapeño Ranch, which she loves because it has a ?kick at the end,? and St. Louis?s Twisted Ranch Garlic Smashed Buffalo, which she ALSO recommends adding to your pantry. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, and this week extends the court to Christine McVie (friend and bandmate of Queen Stevie Nicks) who has followed suit with other 70?s rockers and recently announced that she has sold her song catalog rights to Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Kathleen is then thrilled to advise the Termites that Queen Dolly Parton has been named to Forbes? 2021 list of America?s Self-Made Women, clocking in at $350 million. Dolly has also announced that she has teamed up with novelist James Patterson on her first novel called ?Run Rose, Run? which will hit shelves in March 2022. 

EL MENCHO SENDS NEWS ANCHOR INTO HIDING: As a follow up to EP31, Kathleen gives an update out of Mexico where a prominent news anchor, Azucena Uresti, has been forced into Witness Protection after El Mencho, the current leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has accused her of biased coverage of the cartel. 

BANKSY CONFIRMS AUTHENTICITY OF ART: As an art lover and fan of the street artist Banksy, Kathleen reads an update that new murals have been found in numerous coastal towns in the east of England. Although Banksy has not yet claimed responsibility for graffiti stencils and the larger ?We?re All In The Same Boat,? locals are certain that he will reveal their authenticity soon enough. 

ELIZABETH HOLMES? PSYCH EVAL: In continuing with Kathleen?s obsession with Elizabeth Holmes? upcoming trial, she reads an article advising that Holmes is using the position that her ex-boyfriend Sunny Balwani was the puppeteer of the Theranos scandal, which Kathleen provides her own opinion around ? 

TIM TEBOW RELEASED BY JAGS: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an UPDATE that former NFL player and College Football analyst Tim Tebow has been released by the Jacksonville Jaguars after a failed experiment of allowing him to play Tight End in a single preseason game. Kathleen has an issue with Tebow bringing scripture unnecessarily into sports, comparing the biblical scripture that Tebow quotes on his face to hands of blackjack since Catholics can?t recite any specific passages from the Bible. 

MURDER HORNETS RETURN: As a follow-up to EP14, Kathleen updates listeners that Murder Hornets have returned to Washington state. State entomologists confirmed the first live sighting of Asian Giant Hornets, also known as a murder hornet for its ability to decimate honeybee hives.

FLYING TAXI STOCK GOES PUBLIC: Kathleen is thrilled to read an announcement that flying taxi company Joby Aviation has gone public, billing itself as the ?Uber of the Air? leading into the IPO. Based in Santa Cruz CA, Joby is has developed an electrically powered, low-noise flying taxi capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Kathleen plans to cash in some of her Dogecoin and move those funds to JOBY stock. 

NEBRASKA FAMILY DOLLAR STRIKE: Kathleen laughs and applauds a group of Family Dollar store employees in Lincoln, NE as she reads a news release that the 2 remaining employees in that store walked off the job last week after leaving a farewell note on the front door of the store that read: "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience." Citing poor pay, management issues, and long hours, the employees walked off the job and forced a store closure that took days to reconcile. 

STEVE WYNN?S 11 PICASSOS OFFERED FOR AUCTION: As the Termites know, Kathleen is an avid fan of art. She?s excited to read a release that MGM Resorts International has enlisted Sotheby?s to come to Las Vegas to auction off a cache of Pablo Picasso paintings amassed years earlier by casino magnate Steve Wynn. The 11 Picassos to be sold have long been displayed at a Picasso-themed restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, and Kathleen has always really appreciated Wynn?s intent to offer access to these works to the general public. 

THE NRA?S TRAFFICKING SECRET: Kathleen is appalled sharing an article disclosing that in Fall 2013 an export company in Botswana prepared a shipment of animal parts for Wayne and Susan LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association and his wife. The list of trophies from their recent hunt included animal parts from a zebra, hyaena, a cape-buffalo, a cheetah, and multiple elephants. Susan confirmed the shipment and wrote back with a request that import paperwork should have no clear links to the LaPierre's or the NRA. Charges are pending, Termites so stay tuned?.karma comes around.

POLITE APES: Kathleen laughs reading a recent study announcing that apes purposefully use signals to begin and end social interactions -- behaviors not typically seen outside of humans until now, according to the journal iScience. Researchers analyzed more than 1,200 interactions with groups of zoo apes and found that they commonly exchange gazes or swap gestures to share their intentions about social interactions, such as waving hello. 

DISCOVERY OF THE TROJAN HORSE: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article advising that archaeologists in Turkey excavating the site of the historical city of Troy have unearthed a large wooden structure, and the measurements resemble those of the Trojan Horse. Kathleen then leads the Termites down a massive rabbit hole of whether the Trojan Horse existed.

FANTASY FOOTBALL: Kathleen closes out the Pubcast discussing the recent Fantasy Football Draft that her league completed, taking Tom Brady as her top pick for quarterback (which both Lewis Black and Ron White tease her for doing). 

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Episode 53: Thai Monkey Gangs, Museum of The Bible, & The Other Burning Man

Kathleen opens the show wearing her new Ranch dressing earrings from Termite Wendy, and drinking an Irish I Was On A Beach lager from St. Patrick?s Brewing in Colorado out of her favorite White Castle pint glass. She?s toasting to celebrate the announcement of her new forthcoming comedy Special which is scheduled to tape in Denver in February 2022 at The Paramount Theatre. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through mail sent from Termites to the PO Box, and thanks Termite Vikki for the airplane socks and personal pillow. Big shoutout to the Hartford Yard Goats for the super cool t-shirt, the Biloxi Shuckers for the koozies and bottle opener (appropriate for Mama Termite ?), and she wishes the very best of luck to the Tulsa Drillers this weekend as they transition into the Tulsa Noodlers for their series against the Wichita Wind Surge, thanking Justin and Rhonda for the Noodler?s tee and hat. Kathleen LOVES MiLB baseball and encourages listeners to support their local minor league teams. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Chuy?s Spicy Creamy Jalapeno Ranch, which she loves and recommends pouring on everything possible. She moves on to taste Lay?s Chile Mango potato chips, which are horrifyingly bad (but she anticipated that,) and finishes off with her Bud Light Icicle Seltzer, which she finds to be absolutely refreshing and she highly recommends to all Termites. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, announcing that queen Stevie Nicks has canceled her Fall 2021 Tour dates due to COVID-19 protocol. Tanya Tucker has canceled her August Tour dates as she continues her recovery from hip surgery, and Mama Termite wishes her well. 

DRUNKEN ELEPHANTS RETURN HOME: Kathleen reads an update announcing that after an 18-month-long journey, the herd of wandering elephants in China appears to be heading home. Reduced to 14 from 16 that began the trek, have made an 807-mile journey and are now moving toward a protected habitat in southwest China with help from local authorities to guide their path to keep the elephants away from populated areas. 

CONSEQUENCE CULTURE AND THE NXIVM CULT: As a follow-up to EP5, Kathleen reads an update that Lauren Salzman, a former high-ranking NXIVM member who testified against leader Keith Raniere, will not go to prison but only probation and community service. Kathleen states that she just doesn?t know what to do with ?cult people,? and that the past year in COVID isolation should absolutely not count towards the fulfillment of Salzman?s sentence. 

NEW BANKSY STREET ART DISCOVERED: As an art lover and fan of the street artist Banksy, Kathleen reads an update that new murals have been found in numerous coastal towns in the east of England. Although Banksy has not yet claimed responsibility for graffiti stencils and the larger ?We?re All In The Same Boat,? locals are certain that he will reveal their authenticity soon enough. 

ELECTRIC PERSONAL JETS CONTRACTED: Kathleen holds a dream of having a personal flying car and is thrilled that her dream could become closer to reality when she reads an announcement that 2 firms plan to build an eVOTL aircraft network across Brazil before 2025. 

THE DROPOUT HOLMES: Kathleen laughs as Paddles screams over another Elizabeth Holmes update. ABC News Podcast ?The Dropout? is returning to follow the trial of disgraced Elizabeth Holmes. The series originally gained popularity as it outlined the massive fraud of her startup company Theranos. 

JERRY FALWELL JR DENIED APPEAL: Kathleen?s amusement isn?t tempered as she reads an update regarding Jerry Fallwell Jr?s latest appeal to have the charges presented by Liberty University dismissed. The lawsuit demanding at least $10 million alleges that Jerry Falwell Jr. breached fiduciary duties to the school and entered into a business conspiracy against it.

PLAGUED TAHOE CHIPMUNKS: Kathleen reads an advisory from Lake Tahoe stating that many chipmunks in Lake Tahoe have tested positive for bubonic Plague. At the beginning of August 2021, the US Forest Service announced it was closing several popular sites after the disease appeared to multiply in the chipmunk population. According to the agency, plague can be spread by ?squirrels, chipmunks, and other wild rodents?, specifically by fleas that come in contact with infected animals and go on to bite humans.

THAI MONKEY GANGS: Kathleen reads an article from Thailand advising that the notorious street monkey gangs in Lopburi have found themselves yet again lacking food from the tourists who feed the animals in front of a Buddhist temple. Facing yet another food shortage, hundreds of monkeys have started battling in the streets as rival gangs.

THE MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE: Kathleen loves to explore museums while on the road, and as a follow up to EP52, she?s amazed that she?s never heard of The Museum of The Bible, which is supported and tied to the primary shareholders of Hobby Lobby: the Green family. 

WU-TANG CLAN PHARMA BRO: As the Termites are aware, Kathleen is a massive fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, and as a follow up to EP29 she reads an article announcing that the US government has sold imprisoned drug company executive Martin Shkreli's one-of-a-kind album by Wu-Tang Clan to pay off the $7.36 million he was ordered to forfeit after being convicted of fraud.

HUSHPUPPI FRAUD: Kathleen laughs reading an article outlining the arrest of Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, known as "Hushpuppi? to followers. Ramos has admitted his involvement in a conspiracy to defraud a Qatari businessman of more than $1m, as well as money laundering and cyber schemes, and has pleaded guilty to all charges. Kathleen is glad that justice has been served, but admits to also loving the moniker ?Hushpuppi? (with an ?i.?) 

THE OTHER BURNING MAN: In continuing with the strangeness of pandemic times, Kathleen reads an article announcing that the 2021 Burning Man Festival has been canceled again. However, as they did for the 2020 event, organizers are announcing a "Virtual Burning Man," which will begin on August 21. There will be no charge to participate online, although donations are encouraged to help organizers make up for the festival's two years of lost revenue.

A LADY MAFIOSA DISCOVERED: Kathleen is thrilled to discover that a top Mafia boss in Italy is actually a woman, and can?t believe the details of her recent arrest in Rome. With all the money and power in the world, Maria Licciardi, otherwise known as 'The Godmother', was detained at Rome's Ciampino Airport as she checked in her luggage to board a commercial flight. Investigators claim Licciardi, from Naples, ran extortion rackets as head of the Licciardi Camorra crime syndicate clan.

A RECORD SAPPHIRE CLUSTER: Kathleen closes off the Pubcast reading an article about workmen who discovered a $100M sapphire cluster while digging a well. The 2.5 million-carat cluster has been named the ?Serendipity Sapphire?, and a German gemstone trader has announced that it has taken over a year to wash and certify it. Born in September, the sapphire is Kathleen?s birthstone, and she tells the story of how she found out she was actually born on a Thursday (instead of a Tuesday, as her Dad had always told her) at a gas station in Hawaii.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Wu-Tang: An American Saga? on Hulu, and ?The Spanish Princess? on Starz. 

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Episode 52: California Bacon, Where To Spend The Apocalypse, & The Return of Tasmanian Devils

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Salt and Sea Ale from Flying Fish Brewing Co in Somerdale, NJ which she picked up flying home from her show at The Mirage in Las Vegas. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through mail sent from Termites and has many thanks to offer to those who left gifts at the Mirage Las Vegas show. Big thanks to Termite Margie for bringing a homemade Storytime quilt, and to the Termite couple from the Bay area that Kathleen met at Starbucks who left a very cool Ranch Christmas ornament. Termite Katherine sent the ?Diary of An America Exorcist? book to Kathleen?s PO Box, which she CANNOT WAIT to read, and Pacific NW Termites Nicki and Patrick ?The Diesel? sent Johnny?s Seasoning Salts, which Kathleen has used on chicken and absolutely loves.  

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Terrapin Ridge Farms Hatch Chile Ranch from Termite Kathleen, who introduced herself as Kathleen?s ?new Mexican fan in Vegas.? Kathleen then shows the Termites her new summer find: Bud Light Seltzer Frozen Icicles, which she pledges to freeze and report back how delicious they are. Grand Termite Ron White spent last week at her house and left Ranch Water hard seltzer from Texas, which Kathleen compares to seltzer that you?re forced to drink before a colonoscopy. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, reading an article disclosing that Queen Dolly Parton used royalties from Whitney Houston?s version of ?I Will Always Love You? to support a Black community in Nashville. When Houston recorded the hit and made it a global smash, Dolly considered how she could give back: ?It was a whole strip mall, and I thought this is the perfect place for me to be, considering it was Whitney, so I just thought, ?This is great, I?m just going to be down here with her people, who are my people as well,?? Parton said. Kathleen praises Dolly?s generosity, telling listeners that she also likes to drop ?Angel Bombs? whenever she has an opportunity to. Kathleen then moves on with an update on Queen Stevie, reading a recent article where her former bandmate Lindsey Buckingham mentions that if he wanted to return to Fleetwood Mac ?pretty much everyone? would love to have him. Kathleen laughs that even in their seventies, iconic bands like Fleetwood Mac are having ?senior band fights.? 

BABY HOLMES ARRIVES: In continuing with her obsession with Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, Kathleen reads an UPDATE that the sociopath Holmes has had her baby boy, and the judge in her fraud case has ruled to allow for former Theranos patients to testify in the trial. 

VOLOCOPTER: Kathleen gives the Termites an update regarding the flight of the new experimental volocopter, and although the electrical aircraft completed a flight it only flew for 4 mins at a top speed of 18mph. NOT very Jetsons-like in Kathleen?s opinion, but it?s a start.

BRITNEY SPEARS INSTAGRAM: Kathleen continues her reports on the #FreeBritney movement, reviewing the antics posted on Britney?s Instagram page and recommending that Britney watch Beau Burnham?s ?White Woman Instagram? for more appropriate posting guidelines if she ever wants to be released from her ongoing conservatorship. 

BANDED COBRA LOOSE IN DALLAS: Kathleen is amused reading yet another article about a missing exotic snake. A venomous 6-foot long West African Banded Cobra is on the loose in Grand Prairie, TX. The cobra has been missing for over a week, and City animal services, the owner, and a private reptile removal expert have been searching for the snake without success. Authorities urge anyone seeing the snake call 911, which Kathleen doesn?t see as being an issue as she reenacts how that emergency call might go?

DOMESTIC PASTA ASSAULT: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article out of Clearwater, FL where a couple has been arrested on misdemeanor assault charges after a verbal argument turned violent. Local police allege that each shoved a plate of spaghetti in the other?s face and was still covered in pasta when police arrived. 

SHAKIRA TAX FRAUD: Kathleen announces that Colombian pop star Shakira could stand trial for alleged tax evasion of $17 million in Spain for alleged tax evasion in 2012, 2013, and 2014, a judge at a court near Barcelona has ruled. Shakira lived more than 200 days in Spain in each of those three years, making her liable to pay taxes in the country, however, her legal team argues that her main residence was in the Bahamas. Local Spanish media also says that she has a home in the Barcelona area with her longtime partner, FC Barcelona football defender Gerard Pique, with whom she has two children. 

WHERE TO SPEND THE END OF THE WORLD: In breaking news and with the COVID-19 pandemic resurging, Kathleen reads an article advising where the best place is to survive a global societal collapse. Scientists and researchers have determined that New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania, and Ireland are the places best suited to survive a global collapse of society. A collapse could be defined by shocks, such as a severe financial crisis, the impacts of the climate crisis, destruction of nature, an even worse pandemic than Covid-19 or a combination of these, the scientists said. To assess which nations would be most resilient to such a collapse, countries were ranked according to their ability to grow food for their population, protect their borders from unwanted mass migration, and maintain an electrical grid and some manufacturing ability. Islands in temperate regions and mostly with low population densities came out on top. Kathleen announces that she hopes to spend a great deal of time in Ireland regardless of the state of society since she loves the people and firmly believes that she could survive on Guinness and potatoes. 

DISAPPEARING BACON: Kathleen is horrified reading an article advising that bacon my disappear in California as new pig rules take effect. In 2022, California will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2018 that requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves. National veal and egg producers are optimistic they can meet the new standards, but only 4% of hog operations now comply with the new rules. Unless the courts intervene or the state temporarily allows non-compliant meat to be sold in the state, California will lose almost all of its pork supply, much of which comes from Iowa, and pork producers will face higher costs to regain a key market. Stay tuned, Termites?

ACID-SHOOTING SCORPIONS: Kathleen can?t believe that another rare creature has been found in Texas, as she reads an advisory that Whip Scorpions have been found in Big Bend National Park. Not only can these vinegaroons pinch, but they have long whip-like tails that can shoot a spray of 85% acetic acid (the main component of vinegar.)

HOBBY LOBBY SEIZURE: As a follow-up to Ep46, Kathleen reads another article to fuel her hatred of Hobby Lobby?s owners, as she feels as though they don?t treat their employees with respect. Hobby Lobby reportedly purchased a rare tablet inscribed with a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest known works of literature. The artifact was acquired for display at the Museum of the Bible, a Washington, D.C. institution funded by the family of Hobby Lobby founder David Green. However, the DOJ has ordered the tablet?s forfeiture on the grounds that it was illegally imported into the United States and sold to Hobby Lobby under false pretenses.

 TASMANIAN DEVILS RETURN: Kathleen is delighted to share an announcement that seven Tasmanian devils have been born at the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia, more than 3,000 years after they died out in the country.

A NOODLER?S FISH OF A LIFETIME: Kathleen loves to talk about the hillbilly ?sport? of Noodling, as outlined in her bit ?Noodling? from her Bothering Jesus album. She?s thrilled to read a recent article out of East Texas where Noodler Levi Bennett wrestled a 106-pound flathead catfish out of a culvert. The fish is one of the largest ever recorded to be caught by hand fishing. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?The Spanish Princess? on Starz.

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Episode 51: Hologram Concerts, A Grizzly Stalker, & The Exorcist Returns

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Boardwalk Blonde ale from Backshore Brewing Company in Ocean City, MD, which she picked up on her recent trip for a show in Selbyville, DE in July. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through the mail from the PO box, thanking Termite Mindy from New Orleans for her Nunzilla, and an anonymous Termite for her ?Do You Have Any Ranch?? insulated cup. Termite Heather sent a box of crazy fun beer, which Kathleen can?t wait to ice down and enjoy next week when her friend Ron White comes to stay. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Wendy?s Spicy Chicken Sandwich Pringles, which she thinks are delicious but won?t replace her preference for her favorite Lay?s original. She then moves on to taste Mexican Street Corn flavored Cheetos, which she also gives 2 thumbs up. Kathleen finalizes her tasting with the new Purely Balanced Tzatziki Ranch dressing from Litehouse. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, announcing that Dolly has released a new single to support the release of her new perfume, Scent From Above. Cher tweeted this week about the joy that she experienced when she got to spend an evening with her idol, Tina Turner. Tanya Tucker is successfully recovering from hip surgery, and Chaka Khan made a surprise appearance at the Newport Folk Festival as part of an all-star ensemble cast closing off the weekend. 

MORE SUBWAY TUNA TURMOIL: As a follow-up to EP26 reviewing Subway?s questionable tuna ingredients, Kathleen provides an update that in July 2021, Subway Restaurants Inc urged a federal judge in California to throw out a lawsuit accusing the chain of deceiving consumers about the content of its tuna. Subway maintains that the plaintiffs have offered no facts to support their claim that Subway?s tuna did not contain "100% sustainably caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna.? 

2021 OLYMPICS: Kathleen loves the Olympics, and is thrilled to read an update from Tokyo where Pizza Hut Japan is offering a Decathlon Pizza, with 10 types of meat in celebration of the Olympic games. Kathleen provides her opinion on all of the pizzas that her sister has delivered for her kids when she visits, and then rates her favorite Summer Olympic sports ? she?s a big fan of gymnastics and doesn?t understand Dressage.  

WHITNEY HOLOGRAM CONCERT: Kathleen is amused as she reads an announcement that the estate of Whitney Houston is presenting ?An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Concert,? a new residency at Harrah?s Las Vegas. The production will begin in October 2021, and will feature the virtual image and voice of the late singer backed by a live four-piece band and background singers and dancers performing ?all the hits.? 

NEW EXORCIST TRILOGY CONFIRMED: Kathleen is thrilled to share with the Termites that Universal is investing $400 million to film a new ?Exorcist? trilogy, with Ellen Burstyn reprising her 1973 role as Chris MacNeil. Kathleen shares her own story about the first time she secretly watched The Exorcist despite her parents specifically stating that she wasn?t allowed to. 

MAN STALKED BY GRIZZLY: Kathleen is shocked to read an article advising that a US Coast Guard chopper rescued a man in near Nome, Alaska who claimed he had been stalked and attacked by a bear for a week. The man hid from the grizzly in a building of a remote mining camp and wrote ?SOS? on the roof until he was found. 

THE DATING GAME KILLER: As Termites know, Kathleen is a fan of true crime and Investigation Discovery, and she?s shocked to read that a convicted serial killer that she has never heard of has died in a state hospital.  Rodney James Alcala, 77, otherwise known as the ?Dating Game Killer,? had been on California?s death row since his 2010 conviction for the murders of four women and a 12-year-old girl.

KIDS CAMP GONE WRONG: Kathleen is amused and provides her own colorful commentary when she reads an article detailing how staffers at Camp Quinebarge?a decades-old program in New Hampshire, are trying to help the camp make its comeback after a canceled summer season last year. Campers described six days of chaos to an exclusive report to The Boston Globe, with undercooked food, staffing shortages, brawls amongst the campers, and quarantine due to illness. Kathleen mentions that when she was a kid, ?going to camp? referred to setting up a tent in the back yard and inviting neighbor kids over.

LETHARGIC PYTHON: In continuing with her recent stories about snakes behaving badly, Kathleen squeals describing the horror that a group of New Jersey residents must have felt when they found a wounded 10-foot python on top of the trash. A local breeder who owns an online business selling and breeding pythons was issued summonses for animal cruelty. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Sophie: A Murder In West Cork? on Netflix, and listening to the Chasing Ghislaine podcast on Audible. 

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Episode 50: Pope Fight, Monkeypox, & The Taco Bell Shortage

Kathleen opens the show drinking an AceBall Lager by Hop Valley Brewing, which is the official beer of the Reno Aces baseball team. She then tells the Termites about her weekend in Reno for her first show back since the start of the pandemic and gives the ?Biggest Little City? a great review as it reminds her of what Vegas used to be. She can?t wait to go back for some more exploring.

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through mail from the PO box, thanking Termite Anne for her Ranch bottle Christmas ornament, which she?s excited to hang on her tree. Janet from Minneapolis sent a cool and hilarious Ranch-inspired hair scrunchie, which makes Kathleen laugh when she reminds the Termites about the scrunchie theme in a Season 2 episode of one of Kathleen?s favorite shows, ?Jann.? Finally, Kathleen laughs out loud when she opens a solar yard termite from Becky from Indiana, which she can?t wait to add to her yard. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen provides an update on the Queens, sending love and good wishes to Tanya Tucker to recover from her recent hip surgery. Cher continues to actively support the #FreeBritney movement on Twitter, and Super Queen Dolly dressed up as a vintage Playboy bunny and had her picture taken as a gift for her husband Carl?s 75th birthday.  

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Walden Farms Calorie Free Ranch dressing, which was a gift at Kathleen?s Reno show from a worthy Termite. She then tastes Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust seasoning, which she?s certain that her mom will love on her toast and ice cream. She finishes her tasting with Dorito?s Ketchup chips from Canada, and she and Paddles both agree that the original Taco Doritos are the best. 

CALIFORNIA GENDER REVEAL INDICTMENT: Kathleen reads an article from California where a couple has been criminally charged for their role in igniting last year?s destructive El Dorado wildfire after they used a pyrotechnic device during a gender-reveal party. The blaze destroyed immense property and claimed the life of a local firefighter. The Jimenez?s were indicted for 30 crimes including involuntary manslaughter and currently await their court date. 

BRITNEY VS JAIME LYNN SPEARS CONTINUES: As an UPDATE to Kathleen?s ongoing reporting on the #FreeBritney movement, she reads the latest sparring between Britney Spears and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn. During Britney?s conservatorship hearings, Jamie Lynn claimed she never took any of the singer?s money, but it has been revealed that the $1M Destin condo that she has laid claim to over the years doesn?t actually belong to her at all. The sisters then sparred on social media, with Kathleen providing her own commentary on sibling rivalry and ?the Disney children.? 

THE MOST EXPENSIVE PENTHOUSE IN NYC: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article announcing that the penthouse of the residential building located at 432 Park Avenue has been listed for $169 million. The 8,225-square-foot space features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms with 360 deg views of Manhattan and Central Park. 

MONKEYPOX ARRIVES IN DALLAS: Kathleen squeals when reading an article advising that the rare Monkeypox virus has been detected in Dallas after a Texan returned from Nigeria and possibly spread the disease to 200 additional people on his flight home. Kathleen describes the blisters that are a symptom of Monkeypox to Shingles since her mom is always commenting on how horrific Shingles symptoms can be. Kathleen then tells the story about getting her first Shingles shot, and how she thought she would have to get one every year based on the number of signs that decorate Florida pharmacies every year. 

$400K LUXURY CRUISE SELLS OUT IN HOURS: Kathleen laughs when she reads an update from luxury line Regent Seven Seas Cruises that a newly routed around-the-world voyage aimed at wealthy travelers ? cabins cost up to $399,998 for two ? sold-out on in just 2.5 hours, which is the fastest that any world cruise has ever sold out, the company said. The cruise will dock on all 5 continents and will set sail in January 2024. Kathleen tells the Termites about her own cruise experiences as a part of Lewis Black?s Comedy Cruise, and one occasion when she and Lew were almost left in a port when their margarita time ran long, partially explained in her bits ?Cruise Ship, Day 1? and ?Cruise Ship, Day 2? from her Madigan Again album.  

DaVINCI?s 14 DESCENDANTS: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that 14 people currently alive and living in Italy can that they are descendants of Leonardo da Vinci, according to a study of the Renaissance genius' family tree. Researchers traced da Vinci's genealogy over nearly 700 years and 21 generations, from 1331 to the present day, beginning with da Vinci's great-great-great-grandfather Michele. Kathleen laughs as she muses what it must be like to find out that you are a part of DaVinci?s lineage if you are living a completely basic life. 

RARE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SOLD: Kathleen reads a news release announcing that a rare parchment engraving of the Declaration of Independence, ordered up by John Quincy Adams two centuries ago and found in the attic of an ancestral Scottish house, sold recently at Freeman?s auction house in Philadelphia at a near-record $4.4 million to an anonymous buyer.

TACO BELL SHORTAGE: As Termites know, Kathleen?s favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell and she?s dismayed to read an article summarizing anecdotal reports on social media that Taco Bell is the latest to be impacted by supply chain issues. Basic (and necessary) items that may be temporarily unavailable have included their hot sauce, chicken, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and even tortillas. Kathleen can?t wait to see what creations the menu fairies at Taco Bell come up with to serve in the meantime when she believes that there are less than 10 standard ingredients that make up the entire menu as it currently stands. Stay tuned?

POPE FIGHT: Kathleen laughs as she reads an announcement that Pope Francis has cracked down on the spread of the old Latin Mass, reversing one of Pope Benedict XVI?s signature decisions in a major challenge to traditionalist Catholics who immediately decried it as an attack on them and the ancient liturgy. Pope Francis is a renowned revolutionary, attempting to move the Catholic Church forward to gain new membership while preserving the essence of tradition. What she finds extremely amusing is that many of the decisions being reviewed involve the methodology of his predecessor Benedict XVI, who is still alive to witness the unraveling.  

DEMONIC TEXTING: Kathleen laughs as she reads a recent article advising that exorcisms are on the rise since demons now haunt victims by text. American exorcist Monsignor Stephen Rossetti claims that demons are tech-savvy, and send text messages to their victims which expands their opportunity to impact victims as almost everyone has a cell phone.  

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Episode 49: Drunk Buffalo, Flunking Home Ec, & a 4-Pound Goldfish

Kathleen opens the show wearing a foam shark fin hat (sent by loyal Missouri Termite Shelby), and drinking a Yuengling Flight beer (which she highly recommends adding to your ?Day Drinking? beer list of options.)  

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through mail from the PO box, thanking Termite Jen from Colorado, who sent a hilarious book called ?Judgmental Maps.? Kathleen then thanks Termite Laura for her custom-made Baby Shoe Madigan? bracelet, which she will wear for luck while gambling in Vegas next month, and Termite Cindy for her tiny Crown Royal bags which will help out with all of Kathleen?s ?tiny organizational challenges? on the road. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Buffalo Wing Cheez-Its, which she LOVES (as she also loves regular Cheez-Its.). She then tastes Kroger?s Private Selection Fire Roasted Poblano Ranch, which she finds to be delicious but also doesn?t taste much like Ranch dressing. Kathleen finishes her tasting with Poppy?s Tangy Carolina BBQ Popcorn which was sent from Termites Jessie and her mom Marian, which Kathleen also loves since it tastes exactly like her favorite vinegar-based BBQ sauce.  

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In this week?s update from the Court, Kathleen advises listeners to check out Tanya?s Instagram, since she?s posting content from the road now that she?s on tour. Kathleen then offers an update from Cher, who is an avid supporter of the #FreeBritney movement and whose Twitter feed continues to be 

CARA THE PYTHON FOUND: Kathleen laughs as she reads the call logs from the Mall of Louisiana staff to Animal Control when they found out that the 12-foot Burmese Python had escaped the zoo exhibit. It turns out that the staff watched the python escape, and then when no immediate help could be offered from County animal officials they hid from the snake and it slithered from sight. Kathleen completely agrees with that reaction.

GOVERNOR RAVNSBORG?S HIT AND RUN: As an UPDATE to Episode 30, Kathleen reads an article advising that South Dakota's attorney general is attempting to access any psychiatric or psychological records of the man he struck and killed along a highway, alleging in court documents that the death may have been a suicide. Investigators say Ravnsborg was distracted and swerved out of his lane as Joe Boever, 55, walked on the shoulder with a flashlight. Kathleen reminds listeners that she believes the Governor had been doing a little ?drinky-drinky,? which was the reason for the cover-up, and then offers multiple reasons as to why anyone wouldn?t be carrying a flashlight on the shoulder of a road if they in fact wanted to kill themselves. 

ELIZABETH HOLMES TikTok FAN CLUB: When Theranos began to fall apart in 2015, hundreds of employees were laid off without warning. One former clinician was fired so suddenly that she walked out still wearing her lab coat, and as the Theranos fraud become a more mainstream subject she offered the coat for sale on the site

Poshmark and a niche group of women called the ?Holmies? was discovered. Kathleen is shocked at while reading the comments that the Holmies leave on TikTok, using the hashtag #GirlBoss to praise their "leader" and "queen" Elizabeth Holmes. They look up to her as an inspiration and feel as though she is brilliant in the unapologetic delivery of her strategic vision, which Kathleen reminds them MIGHT just land her in prison.

DEATH OF ANOTHER BITCOIN BILLIONAIRE: In continuing with her love of cryptocurrency, Kathleen reads an article about a major bitcoin investor who suddenly died, leaving behind a cryptocurrency fortune reportedly worth more than $2 billion. Mircea Popescu, a Romanian national, drowned at the beginning of July off the coast of Costa Rica at the age of 41. Kathleen reads unconfirmed rumors swirling about the internet claim that he never shared his crypto wallet password with anyone, and his family cannot access his Bitcoin addresses. If nobody can gain access to his wallets (claimed to hold a million Bitcoins), those tokens could end up being lost forever. 

CATCHING A 4-POUND GOLDFISH: Kathleen laughs while reading an article out of Minnesota, where authorities are pleading with personal aquarium owners to stop releasing pet fish into waterways after several huge goldfish were pulled from a local lake. In November 2020, officials in Carver county (SW of Minneapolis) removed as many as 50,000 goldfish from local waters after oxygen levels were depreciating in local lakes, and a man caught a 4-pound goldfish while fishing.

POST PANDEMIC AIRLINE ISSUES: As Kathleen heads back out onto the road, she shares stories of airport insanity that she has personally witnessed. She laughs as she reads a recent article about a woman who is duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight when she tells a fellow passenger that she doesn?t want the plane to ?fly up anymore.? Kathleen goes on to report that the FAA has reported an increase in the number of reports of unruly behavior on flights since May 2021, when people started traveling again when COVID travel restrictions were lifted. Kathleen advises that she?s going to start traveling with her Justin Bieber-themed duct tape in case she needs to ever be of assistance to flight crews. 

FACEBOOK BUILDS A VILLAGE: Termites know how Kathleen feels about Mark Zuckerberg, and she screams when she reads about plans that the company has to build an entire town called Willow Park near its headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. The development will include 1,729 apartments, a supermarket, a pharmacy, retail, as well as 1.25 million square feet of new Facebook office space housing roughly 7,000 employees. 

MEGALODON TEETH FOUND: In continuing with her love of sharks, Kathleen is thrilled to read an article about a man in Florida who found 2 rare megalodon teeth 3 weeks apart after Tropical Storm Elsa. 

DRUNK BUFFALO LEAD TO FARMER?S ARREST: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article announcing that 3 Indian farmers were arrested for selling illegal alcohol after a herd of buffalo got drunk on their contraband moonshine. The buffalo were reported by a vet who noticed that water in the buffaloes' trough had turned a yellowish color, which was a result of the illegal liquor being hidden in their trough. 

MISSING PICASSO FOUND IN A BUSH: In continuing with her appreciation of the art world, Kathleen reads a news release advising that a 49-year-old builder has been arrested for the theft of Picasso's Head of a Woman, which was stolen during a raid on the Athens National Gallery in 2012. The piece of art would have been "impossible to sell or go on display" because it had a personal inscription from Picasso on the back that read, in French, "For the Greek people, a tribute by Picasso." Investigators believe that the thief had worked as an oil painter himself and had knowledge of the materials and of the gallery, and that he stole what he could get his hands on in the short window he was inside for the heist. When he learned that police were closing in on him after more than a decade of hiding the Picasso work, he moved it from a warehouse to the ravine where they were finally discovered.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?The Flight Attendant? on HBO Max, which Kathleen put off watching forever but ended up binging the entire Season 1 in 2 nights. The lead character is played by Kaley Cuoco, who also played ?Penny? on The Big Bang Theory. Kathleen tells a story about visiting Ireland with Lewis Black when a young girl in a restaurant recognized him for his role on a Big Bang Theory episode. 

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Episode 48: Radioactive Pigs, Tulsa Noodlers, & A Missing Carolina Cobra

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Palmetto Espresso Porter from Palmetto Brewing Company in Charleston.

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through the mail from the PO box, thanking Termites Jane in North Carolina for the Theranos mug (whoo hoo), Charlotte in Massachusetts for the Wicked Smaaaat hats, Terri in Illinois for the Kolten Wong rookie cards, and Mr. Samoji pint glass. Termite Lisa sent the coolest Dorito earrings, which Kathleen is going to wear on stage, and thanks to Tracy for the Ron White doll which will hold a prominent position on Kathleen?s Christmas tree. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Taco Bell Medium Thick N Chunky salsa, which she LOVES (as she does all things created by ?the Bell.?) She then tries the limited edition Key Lime Pie KIT KAT bar, which she doesn?t love but to be fair, Kathleen doesn?t like Key Lime Pie. She finishes her tasting with the new Burger King Ch?King hand-breaded chicken sandwich, which she doesn?t recommend because she thinks it?s overly fried.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In this week?s update from the Court, Kathleen is thrilled to announce that Stevie Nicks has a new song released with Maroon Five, called ?Remedy.?

BLOCKING KIRSTIE ALLEY: Kathleen discloses that she?s blocked Kirstie Alley on Twitter after reading the latest Twitter rant from the former Cheers star, which Kathleen commented on. The notes won?t do the rant justice: just read the feed, Termites ;-) 

TULSA NOODLERS BASEBALL: As the Termites are aware, Kathleen is fascinated with the hillbilly sport of ?Noodling,? as she references in her bit from her Bothering Jesus special on Netflix. Kathleen is excited to hear that on the weekend of August 12th-15th, the Tulsa Drillers AA baseball team will become the Tulsa Noodlers, since Noodling is massively popular 

AIRCAR TAKES FLIGHT: As a follow-up to past episodes, Kathleen continues her obsession with the idea of flying personal cars. She?s thrilled to read an article out of Slovakia where the prototype of an ?AirCar? has completed the first-ever test flight between airports in Slovakia, taking to the skies and landing in 35 minutes. 

FYRE FESTIVAL PAYS OUT: Kathleen reads an update on the defunct Fyre Festival, ticket buyers to the 2017 event were promised a luxury 2-weekend Bahamas getaway, with tickets costing more than $1,200. When the fraud was discovered and lawsuits filed in US Federal court, victims were estimated to receive over $7K in a cash settlement. Instead, they will receive $281 per ticket, which Kathleen still thinks is too much for a Blink 182 concert ticket. 

ICELAND TESTS 4-DAY WORK WEEK: Kathleen raises her beer when reading a study from Iceland, where trials were conducted between 2015 and 2019 observing the benefits of a 4-day workweek. The results were gathered from a wide range of workplaces, with ?transformative positive effects? of a shorter working week including reduced sick days and stress leave. Kathleen then provides her own commentary on the parameters that she thinks would define an optimal workweek. 

SNAKE SEGMENT: Yes, that?s right. Kathleen is amazed that there were enough exotic snake incidents reported. this week for an entire segment. In Raleigh, North Carolina a dangerous, venom-spitting cobra who escaped from its 21-year-old owner terrified locals for over 3 days until officials located and trapped the escaped pet. She moves on to read another piece of news involving an Albino python in Austria who bit a man?s genitals while he was on the toilet. And THEN Kathleen comments on a third article from Baton Rouge where a large Burmese python named ?Cara? escaped from an exhibit in The Mall of Louisiana and is still missing after a week. Stay tuned for an UPDATE, Termites!

ASIA?S EL CHAPO CAPTURED: As followers of the Pubcast know, Kathleen has kept a tight watch on the activities of El Chapo and his family and close allies. She?s excited to read a new article announcing that the Asian countries have their own drug lord equivalent to El Chapo: Tse Chi Lop, who is Chinese-born. Canadian accused of leading a multi-billion dollar drug operation known as The Company. Tse Chi Lop?s organization moved massive quantities of illegal drugs hidden in packs of tea, and he is facing extradition from The Netherlands to Australia.

RADIOACTIVE PIGS IN JAPAN: Kathleen reads an article from Japan advising that wild pig-boar hybrids have started roaming around Fukushima since Japan?s 2011 nuclear disaster turned the area into a vacant wasteland. A new radioactive swine hybrid was created when wild boars that roamed the evacuated area bred with domestic pigs that escaped from farms, according to Royal Society researchers. 

A 112-YEAR OLD PUERTO RICAN: As a follow-up to Episode 32 discussing the world?s oldest torchbearer in Japan, Kathleen advises that a 112-year-old man in Puerto Rico has been noted as the world?s oldest living man, according to the Guinness World Records. Emilio Flores Marquez has outlived his wife of 75 years and is succeeded by his four children. 

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Episode 47: Redneck Raves, Drunken Elephants, & Finding A Fifth Ocean

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Crown Royal & Coke in a can in honor of her friend Carrottop, who loves Crown Royal. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through the mail from the PO box, thanking Termites Cindy in Wake Forrest, NC for the Bigfoot caricature, the big box of fun from Donna in Brainerd, MN (including a salt bowl, which Kathleen LOVES) Dana from Newtown, PA for the kind gesture of Ranch money, and Edie from Florida who sent Manatee coffee and cool frisbees that Kathleen will use to play fetch with her foxes. 

CRYPTOCURRENCY UPDATE FROM A COMEDIAN: Kathleen reviews the current state of her cryptocurrency portfolio, telling listeners who are freaking out over the recent volatility of the crypto market to be patient. She discusses strategies for buying the dip and reminds the Termites that she is NOT a true financial advisor, but just a lady in a lawn chair practicing her act until she goes back on tour ? She moves on to read a news release advising that H-E-B shoppers will soon be able to obtain digital assets at more than two dozen locations in Texas. Coin Cloud, a crypto automated teller machine (ATM) provider, says 29 H-E-B stores will feature kiosks that provide access to more than 30 crypto assets.

KFC CHICKEN LOG: With the Canada Day and Fourth of July holiday weekend approaching, Kathleen reminds everyone to let the ?sober friends? shoot off any fireworks. She then discloses that after a great deal of searching, she has purchased Kentucky Fried Chicken scented logs, which she is EXCITED to burn while celebrating the holidays. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Panera Buttermilk Ranch, which she doesn?t like as much as Hidden Valley Ranch (she gives the Panera variety a HARD ?no?) She moves on to taste Lay?s Summer BLT potato chips, which she loves (and so does her Dad.)

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In this week?s update from the Court, Kathleen reads a thread of Cher's tweets regarding the latest update from Britney Spears? conservatorship hearings. Cher gets mouthy via the social media platform, urging support for the singer and further fueling the #FreeBritney movement. 

THE DEATH OF JOHN MCAFEE: As a follow-up to Episode 4, Kathleen provides an update that U.S. technology entrepreneur John McAfee was pronounced dead in a Barcelona prison after the Spanish high court authorized his extradition to the United States on tax evasion charges. For those not familiar with McAfee, Kathleen recommends watching the Amazon documentary ?Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee.? 

 U-HAUL HAWAIIAN HONEYMOON: As a follow up to Episode 46?s discussion on the increase of rental car prices after the COVID pandemic decreased supply, Kathleen reads that U-Haul companies in Hawaii have reported that tourists have been renting their moving vehicles, which charge a low flat fee plus mileage, just to get to the beach. The article goes into specific detail about a man from Southwest Florida who rented two U-Hauls during his honeymoon trip in order to save thousands of dollars, which took him around four islands. 

KENTUCKY?S REDNECK RAVE: Kathleen reads a news release out of Edmonson County, KY where Blue Holler Offroad Park hosted the June 2021 ?Redneck Rave? event that organizers said would feature "mud, music, and mayhem." The local sheriff told media that 14 people were arrested and another 34 were cited on criminal charges that ranged from assault and strangulation to drug and alcohol possession. Injuries reported included a man?s throat slit, a woman who was choked unconscious overuse of a blanket, and a man who was impaled by a log that pierced the floorboard of his vehicle.

DRUNKEN ELEPHANTS: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article about a rogue herd of elephants in China who have been devouring crops and destroying property as they march from the south of Yunnan province to its capital city. Locals have described their erratic behavior to be like watching a group of drunks, and since the elephants are endangered, law enforcement is attempting to redirect their march away from the more populated areas rather than harm them. 

POLICE HELICOPTER CHASES A UFO: In her continued obsession with an alien presence, Kathleen reads another article describing a police chase in the United Kingdom where a law enforcement helicopter almost makes contact with and then chases a UFO-type flying object. 

A FIFTH OCEAN EXISTS: Kathleen reads an update from National Geographic cartographers who have come to the conclusion that the swift current circling Antarctica keeps the waters there distinct and worthy of their own name: the Southern Ocean.

A NEW VEGAS CASINO: Kathleen LOVES Las Vegas, and although her favorite casino to stay at is The Mirage, she?s excited to read an announcement that Resorts World Las Vegas will open on the Vegas Strip in Summer 2021

THE ZODIAC CODE CRACKED: As a follow-up to Episode 22 discussing the Zodiac Killer, Kathleen reads an article where a French engineer states that he has cracked the Zodiac code. If proven to be correct, his solution would not only disclose the original location of a bomb that the killer had planted during his killing spree, but also his identity. Reddit and other social media outlets supporting chatrooms attempting to solve these puzzles tore the engineer?s theories apart, so stay tuned, Termites. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the true-crime docuseries ?Sasquatch? on Hulu, and Season 2 of ?Dirty John? on Netflix which outlines the Betty Broderick murder trial.

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Episode 46: Tee-Ball Bouncers, Putin?s Tiny Giraffe, & The Battle of the Space Billionaires

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Robot Crush from Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville, MA which was sent to her via the great USPS from a Worthy Termite.

TERMITE SHOUTOUTS: Kathleen is thrilled to go through mail from the PO box, thanking Termites Quinn/Stearns (aka ?Dr. Quinn?) for her Robot Crush and Marshmallow Fluff (both ?born? in Massachusetts), and big thanks to Max for her Dogecoin (which she vows to carry for good gambling luck in her wallet.) Also massive thanks to Creative Termite Elisa (her company?s name is Texrah Designs in Dallas) who sent Paddles a very cool Post Malone prayer candle, since Post is one of Paddles? favorite singers.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: Kathleen announces to the Termites that she has no worthwhile updates from the Queens over the past week, but will continue her hunt for breaking news.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Tessemae?s Everything Bagel Ranch, which she thinks is too tangy and tastes more dill than ?everything.? Next on the menu are Roulette Nacho Cheese Doritos, which she loves and can?t WAIT to offer her young nieces and nephew to watch their shock at the heat. She finishes her tasting menu telling Termites to add Texas Pete Dust Dry Seasoning on any meat they put on the grill, and that Marshmallow Fluff is delicious AND has a stickiness comparable to Gorilla Glue. 

TENNESSEE GETS A BUC-EE?S TRUCK STOP: As listeners know, Kathleen is a massive fan of good truck stops. She?s absolutely excited to read an article that her friend Heidi forwarded announcing that crews have broken ground on the Crossville TN Buc-ee?s travel center ? the first one in Tennessee; which will be more than 53,400 square feet and offer 120 fueling positions just outside its store with thousands of snack, meal and drink options for travelers on the go.

GUN-WAVING STL COUPLE UPDATE: Kathleen reads an update from her hometown of St. Louis, where Mark and Patricia McCloskey were fined and charged with a misdemeanor for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators last year.

BATTLE OF THE SPACE BILLIONAIRES: Kathleen provides an update on the space race currently underway between billionaires Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and now Richard Branson. Just after Bezos announced that he would join his Blue Origin?s first crewed flight on July 20th, Branson announced plans to launch over the July 4th holiday weekend, making him the FIRST to reach space on his private Virgin Galactic craft. Stay tuned, Termites.

PINK FLOYD VS FACEBOOK: Listeners who follow Kathleen know that she can?t stand Facebook?s Mark Zuckerberg, feeling that he is a morally bankrupt human. She?s delighted to hear that Pink Floyd star Roger Waters shares her opinion, when he recently rejected an offer from Zuckerberg for the use of his classic track Another Brick in the Wall Part II. Speaking at a recent event, Waters opened up about the financial offer from Zuckerberg, who he called ?one of the most powerful idiots in the world?, revealing the Facebook boss wanted to use his 1979 song in a film to promote Instagram.

ELIZABETH HOLMES MERCH SOARS: As Termites know, Kathleen is committed to seeing the end of the Theranos scandal with its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, in prison for her fraudulent activities. Holmes is facing federal wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges in connection with allegedly deceiving investors, patients, and doctors about her company?s blood-testing technology, and is facing 20 years in prison if convicted. Kathleen reports that Internet sellers are cashing in on swag despite the fraudulent undertones of the trial, cashing in before her criminal fraud trial starts in August 2021. Kathleen is absolutely committed to obtaining a ?Theranos: Early Investor? coffee mug from Etsy before the trial begins, because it?s important to have goals ?

MEGHAN MARKLE?S BOOK FLOPS: Kathleen delightedly reads an article announcing that Meghan Markle?s children?s book release, ?The Bench,? profoundly flopped in sales in its release week. Online reviewers dismissed the publication as a vanity project which should have been kept within the Royal family, while her sister-in-law Kate Middleton?s photography book ?Hold Still? remains at the top of the bestseller list. Kathleen mentions that karma might play a part in this situation?

WHAT RICH PEOPLE ARE SPENDING MONEY ON: Kathleen laughs that she?s starting a new segment to the Pubcast called ?What Rich People Are Spending Money On,? after weeks of reading about sales of stolen art and trips to space for auction. This week she reads a press release that shoe magnate Stuart Weitzman has sold a secret coin, his 1933 Double Eagle ?Mona Lisa? of collector coins, for $18.9M. Kathleen expands on the story with her own childhood tales regarding having pride in her ownership of Silver Dollars that her grandparents had gifted to her, citing that the only people that would care about her rare coins and stamps would be her super-nerd and incredibly gifted cool friends Lorene Machado and Jackie Kashian, whom she is looking into ordering ?Super Nerd? capes for on Etsy. 

A DEATH IN CRYPTOLAND: In continuing her obsession with cryptocurrency and her love for all things Canadian, Kathleen recommends listening to the CBC Canada podcast ?A Death In Cryptoland? about the alleged death of Quadriga CEO Gerald Cotten. Cotten started Canada?s largest cryptocurrency exchange in his twenties and is reported to have died while honeymooning in India at the age of 30. The alleged death set off a cataclysmic chain of events that would leave approx 76,000 people out of a quarter of a billion dollars and a trail of conspiracy theories around whether he is dead or alive. 

KENTUCKY TEE-BALL GAME BRAWL: Kathleen takes another sip of beer and laughs out loud reading an article surrounding a tee-ball championship game in Kentucky that erupted into a brawl when parents began fighting after a spectator ran onto the field, leaving the young players in tears amid the chaos.

Witnesses told local media that a spectator ran onto the field, prompting the umpire to end the game and the scheduled trophy and medal presentation ceremony to be canceled. 

The incident began when the opposing coaches got into an argument over a call when the fan ran on the field. Other spectators said the man took off his shirt and began cursing and shoving people.

RENTAL CAR PRICES SOAR: An avid traveler and a big supporter of the rental car industry (especially her hometown based Enterprise Rental Car), Kathleen is amazed when reading an article advising US travelers that US rental car prices could double by August amidst a nationwide shortage of cars. The skyrocketing prices come as demand for rental cars outstrips supply, when in a desperate move to survive pandemic lockdowns that halted global travel last year, many rental companies sold off their fleets for cash. Now Americans are ready to travel again, car rental services have been hard-pressed to rebuild their fleets with limited new vehicle inventory. Kathleen advises traveling Termites to secure their rental cars now to avoid disappointment. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Season 1 of ?Dirty John? on Netflix, which she thinks Connie Britton absolutely crushes in, and listen to the podcast ?A Death in Cryptoland? 6-part podcast wherever you get podcasts. 

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Episode 45: Super Termites, The Veiled Prophet, & Jaws vs Star Wars

Kathleen opens the show drinking Banff Springs Tunnel 30 Anniversary Lager from Grizzly Paw Brewing Company in Banff, Alberta (one of Kathleen?s favorite places to visit.)

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen reports the latest bombshell that Lindsey Buckingham?s latest wife has filed for divorce, which makes her ask Cardboard Stevie what her thoughts are on the developments. Kathleen tells Paddles that she doesn?t think that any of the Queens in her Court would put up with Lindsey?s bullsh!t, so anticipates that he will remain single for a while. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Frank?s Red Hot Goldfish, which she can?t wait to trick her nieces and nephew with the heat. She LOVES her next tasting sauce: Ortega Taco Ranch Taco Sauce, which she vows to take with her to eat Mexican food with her friends Mark and Nicole after the Pubcast is finished. She finishes off this week?s tasting menu with Chewy Chips Ahoy with Reese?s Peanut Butter Cups, in which she?s overcome with the sweetness and vows to give to her mom. She wraps her tasting segment discussing her recent day drinking shenanigans with her friends Raelyn and JB, and Raelyn asking their bartender ?Do You Have Any Ranch?? to go with her well-timed fries after a few beers. 

BRITNEY SPEARS CONSERVATORSHIP DEVELOPMENTS: Kathleen is intrigued with the Britney Spears conservatorship drama, and UPDATES her Termites that Britney recently went on a bizarre rant on social media, referring to herself as a "motherf***ing snake" (referring to her iconic MTV Music Awards performance with a Burmese python). The 39-year-old wore a snakeskin bodysuit in her recent Instagram post, which comes as she prepares to speak out against her father, Jamie Spears, in court amid her conservatorship legal battle. Back in April 2021, Britney asked a judge to permanently end her father?s control over her $60M fortune and personal life.

JEFF BESOS SPACE AUCTION: As a follow-up to Ep44, Kathleen reads an article updating the progress of Jeff Besos?s initial space flight aboard his New Shepard rocket. The richest man in the world is auctioned off a seat on its upcoming first crewed spaceflight in June 2021 for $28 million.

The winning bidder will fly to the edge of space with the Amazon founder and his brother Mark on July 20th. Blue Origin advised that New Shepard?s first passenger flight will carry four people, including both Bezos brothers, the auction winner and a fourth person to be announced later.

INVASION OF THE SUPER TERMITES: All of Kathleen?s Termites know that she has a fondness for all things ?Termite,? and she laughs as she reads an article out of Israel advising of a ?Super Termite? invasion in June 2021. This species has been coined as of the most destructive pests in the world, will eat anything containing cellulose, such as wood, paper, or cardboard, and has also been known to devour copper and lead sheets, plaster, asphalt foam insulation boards, plastics, and even underground power lines.

THE AUCTION OF AN INVISIBLE SCULPTURE: Kathleen finishes her beer and laughs at the absurdity of an article detailing the recent auction of an invisible sculpture. Italian artist Salvatore Garau just sold an invisible sculpture for $18,000 USD and the work, titled Io Sono or "I Am," doesn't exist except in the artist's imagination. According to the artist, the sculpture doesn't not exist per se, rather it exists in a vacuum, Newsweek reports. "The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy," Garau explained. "And even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that 'nothing' has a weight. Therefore, it has an energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us." Ummmm, ok. Kathleen moves on to tell the termites her own story of ?selling something invisible ? to her grade school nuns when she and her dad crafted an oversized vodka display bottle and an egg to demonstrate the power of vacuum energy. Yes Termites, Mama Termite attempted to demonstrate advanced science to nuns. 

MYSTERIOUS CANADIAN BRAIN DISEASE: Kathleen reads an article about a mysterious disease impacting a small area in Eastern Canada where 48 people have been struck with a baffling mix of symptoms including insomnia, impaired motor function, and hallucinations such as visions of the dead. Conspiracy theories blamed the illness on everything from cellphone towers to vaccine complications. These are some plots of a mystery that has stumped the medical establishment, attracted the attention of top neurologists, and scared residents of New Brunswick, a province of 770,000. In the past 6 years, dozens have fallen ill from the disease, and 6 people have died.

ST LOUIS?S VEILED PROPHET BALL: Kathleen reads an article about St. Louis?s Veiled Prophet ball, as it has been in the news lately when actress Ellie Kemper was discovered to have been named the ball?s ?Queen of Love and Beauty? when she was 19 years of age. Inspired by the Mardi Gras krewes of New Orleans and a character in a then-popular poem, the Veiled Prophet organization was established in response to major labor strikes that shut down the city ? and the threat of Black and white workers uniting. The entire process of choosing the ?queen? every summer was originally suffused with elaborate ritual: A person would be chosen by a secret board of local elites to anonymously play the role of the Veiled Prophet. The Veiled Prophet would choose a Queen of Love and Beauty from among the elite ball attendees (of course, invitation list to be kept strictly confidential as well) with whom he would dance a ?Royal Quadrille? before presenting her with an expensive keepsake such as a tiara or pearls. Often these gifts were so expensive that they became family heirlooms. The ball would be accompanied by a just-as-spectacular parade and fair. In October of 1878, civic elites in St. Louis organized the first parade, which attracted more than 50,000 spectators. Kathleen provides her own commentary around attending the parade with her friends, which she says one of the highlights was that you could bring your own cooler of beer.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Hacks? on HBO Max. 

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Episode 44: DaVinci?s Elves, Eating Cicadas, & The Murder of The Notorious B.I.G

Kathleen opens the show drinking an Idle Speed Salted Lime Lager from Palmetto Brewing in Charleston, SC. 

TERMITE SHOUTOUT: Kathleen gives a shoutout to a few Termites who have sent funny gifts to her PO Box. Big thanks to Paula for the hand-etched Termite beer mug and golf tees, Denise sent a fun Buc-ees prize box, Joel sent a Christmas ornament that Kathleen describes as a ?strange clown,? and Alec sent an ?Anonymous Potato,? which Kathleen says is one of the funniest gifts that she?s ever received. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen reports a quiet week with the Court, citing the beginning of Summer for the lack of activity. Cher is still working on her biopic, and Tanya has just released a ton of tour dates. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples limited-edition Cap?n Crunch Red White n Blue Crunch cereal, which she loves (since she loves regular Cap?n Crunch.) She moves on to taste Hidden Valley Ranch?s Spicy Secret Sauce, and Smartfood Krispy Kreme Doughnut flavored popcorn

MONKEYS HATE FLAMING CHEETOS: Kathleen reads a story from Texas of a woman who hopped a fence and dropped down into a 4-foot deep moat in an attempt to feed 2 spider monkeys at the El Paso Zoo some Flamin? Hot Cheetos for a social media video. The infuriated zookeeper reports that the monkeys were unharmed during the filming of the TikTok video, but he is hoping that further legal charges are made. Kathleen laughs at the motive of the woman and then reminds listeners of the story of Travis the Chimp whom his keeper maintained that he was humanlike until he mauled the face-off of her best friend.

GAMBLING ON MEDINA: Kathleen reports on the Kentucky Derby?s winning horse Medina Spirit, who tested positive for a banned substance shortly after the Derby. Medina Spirit wasn?t favored to win, but Kathleen bet on him and admits to spending her winnings on beer and new Mepps fishing lures (her favorite.)

PUTIN BEHIND UFO SWARMS THAT ARE BUZZING US WARSHIPS: Kathleen laughs as she reads an article outlining the conspiracy theories that former US Senator Harry Reid is pitching regarding Vladimir Putin?s direction of the recent swarms of UFOs that have been filmed around US warships. Reid is blaming Putin, and Kathleen provides her own commentary on the ramifications of Russia controlling UFOs.

MOMMY DOOMSDAY UPDATE: Kathleen provides an UPDATE on the murder case against Lori Vallow Daybell in Idaho. Daybell, who along with her husband Chad was indicted in early May for the murder of her two missing children, has been found incompetent to stand trial in separate court proceedings related to their deaths. Kathleen recommends that all Termites listen to the Mommy Doomsday podcast outlining the events leading up to the couple?s arrest.

EATING CICADAS: Kathleen squeals in delight as she reads a news release from the FDA advising the public to avoid eating cicadas if you?re allergic to seafood? Apparently the insect shares a family relation to shrimp and lobsters, which is the LAST reason that Kathleen would think people would need to be warned to not eat BUGS!

BIGGIE SMALLS MURDER DETAILS EXPANDED: Kathleen is a fan of The Notorious B.I.G?s music and has followed the mystery surrounding the rapper?s untimely death. She reads a recent article alleging that his murder was executed by a Nation of Islam convert in a hit arranged by Suge Knight and covered up by crooked LAPD cops, ex-FBI agent says. 

JOHN HINCKLEY JR?s LOVE SONGS: Kathleen has long followed the whereabouts of John Hinckley Jr, and is shocked to read that he has been released after 35 years in a psychiatric hospital after trying to kill President Reagan. She?s even MORE amazed to read that Hinckley has recently been posting videos of himself performing love songs on his new YouTube channel. 

THE RICHEST MAN YOU?VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF: In line with her obsession with cryptocurrency and the influence of wealthy individuals like Elon Musk on those currencies, Kathleen reads the latest announcement from Forbes that Bernard Arnault, CEO and majority owner of French luxury group LVMH, has briefly surpassed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the world's richest person. Forbes reports that Arnault claimed the top spot with a net worth of $186.4 billion surpassing Bezos whose net worth stands at $186 billion. As one of Arnault?s companies is Louis Vuitton, Kathleen reviews the story of her mom attempting to buy a fake Vuitton Papillion bag when they were on a trip to Paris. The full story is available to watch here as part of Comedy Central?s ?This Is Not Happening.?

THE BOUVIER ART AFFAIR: As her Termites know, Kathleen holds a massive appreciation for the art world. She?s fascinated reading the latest article outlining The Bouvier Affair, which was a number of international lawsuits that started in 2015, and subsequent events. The lawsuits allege that Swiss art shipper and dealer Yves Bouvier defrauded his clients by misrepresenting the original cost of artworks and subsequently overcharging them. The affair has played out in courts in Monaco, Switzerland, France, the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The alleged victims are "high net worth individuals" in the UK, the US, Asia, and Europe, most notably Monaco-based Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. Kathleen mentions that ANYONE attempting to defraud a Russian oligarch should settle immediately and run for his life.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen again recommends watching Seasons 1 & 2 of Jann Arden?s comedy ?Jann? on Hulu, and the movie ?Straight Outta Compton? on Amazon Prime.

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Episode 43: Shapeshifters, Bounty For Bigfoot, & The Family Gambling Pool

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Deer Crossing Helles lager from Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville.

2021 ?DO YOU HAVE ANY RANCH TOUR?: Kathleen follows up with her announcement that her Fall 2021 Tour goes on sale on June 4th, and that Termite Willow Hess?s tour poster design (forwarded on Twitter) was selected. She also thanks Greg Lynn for his key tour design support.

TERMITE SHOUTOUT: Kathleen gives a shoutout to a few Termites who have sent funny gifts to her PO Box. Big thanks to Jean who sent a Round Rock Chupacabra jersey to her parents? address, Mandy who sent her a custom-designed tour poster, and Chris who sent a Richard Simmons ?Farewell To Fat? cookbook in respect of the demise of Kathleen?s ?Richard? Chia Pet. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen is excited to announce that Stevie just celebrated her 73rd birthday, and Cher has officially signed off and is moving forward with her biopic. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Flamin? Hot Cheetos, Ken?s Steakhouse Ranch dressing (which she finds to be too tangy), and Red Velvet Cupcake Pop Tarts, which she thinks are too sweet but thinks her Mom will love. She then gives the Termites advice on what to watch out for when grocery shopping at Trader Joe?s. 

WeWork TANKS AGAIN: As a follow-up to Episode 36, Kathleen reads an article about the latest stock plunge of WeWork shares as it prepares for its IPO. WeWork lost $3.2 billion last year, according to documents shown to prospective investors by the office-sharing startup as a part of a pitch for $1 billion in investment and a stock market listing. The company's losses narrowed from $3.5 billion in 2019 and it plans to go public at a valuation of $9 billion including debt through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), the report said.

LATEST BANKSY SELLS FOR CRYPTO: In continuing with her obsession with cryptocurrency and her love of art, Kathleen reports that Banksy?s ?Love Is In The Air? recently became the first piece of fine art to involve a crypto sale for $69.3M. 

THE WORLD?S FIRST BITCOIN COMMUNITY: Kathleen reads an article about the Caribbean island of Bequia, where a housing developer is creating the world?s first bitcoin community where residents will pay for property, goods and services entirely in cryptocurrency. The 18 sq km island is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and In March 2021, the Eastern Caribbean became the first digital currency union in the world with the launch of "DCash" across four island nations, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, and Barbuda, and St. Kitts and Nevis. Stay tuned, Termites ?

 A BOUNTY FOR BIGFOOT: As a follow-up to Episode 25, Kathleen reads an UPDATE out of Oklahoma where Rep. Justin Humphrey recently announced a $3 million bounty on the State House floor. The bill, HB 1648, would ask that the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission to establish annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees for hunting the mythical Sasquatch. Kathleen then reviews the Idabel, OK gas station Gasquatch, which she wants to visit but maintains that it could never replace her beloved Love?s Truck Stops in order of cool factor. 

BOB DYLAN ?RETROSPECTRUM?: A fan of art and its influences, Kathleen is interested to read an article from Florida International University who is proud to announce that Retrospectrum, the most expansive and detailed exhibition of Bob Dylan's artwork ever seen on U.S. soil, will have its U.S. debut at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum on November 30, 2021. Running through April 17, 2022, Retrospectrum spans six decades of Dylan?s drawing, painting, and sculpture. The exhibition?s curation has been designed to showcase the development and diversity in Dylan's visual practice, while immersive and interactive displays will simultaneously illuminate the context of that development in tandem with that of his musical and literary canon. 

A LOW-BUDGET HOLLY PONZI: Kathleen reads an article out of Los Angeles outlining one of the most audacious Ponzi schemes in Hollywood history. Low-budget actor Zachary Horwitz collected $690 million from investors for movie deals authorities say were fictitious. The HBO and Netflix contracts he presented to potential investors to prove that his business was legitimate were forgeries, the government says. For years, Horwitz kept the con going by using loans from one group of investors to repay what he?d borrowed from another, according to a federal criminal complaint. The investors are now trying to recover $235 million that he never repaid.

MORE ALIENS: Kathleen reads an article uncovering dozens of recent UFO reports from Air Canada, WestJet, Porter, and other airlines in a Canadian government aviation incident database. The data adds to the increasing number of commercial airline pilot reports out of Nevada, Ireland, and Northern Canada increasing pilot-witness accounts of presumed extra-terrestrial sightings which denotes that life exists on other planets. 

SKINWALKER RANCH SHAPESHIFTERS: In continuing with her interest in potential alien existence and all things extraterrestrial, Kathleen is thrilled to read an update from Utah?s Skinwalker Ranch, where a specialist team has been recruited to probe the specific area where the Pentagon funded a top-secret study into UFOs and alien life. The isolated spot is at the center of some of America's most baffling mysteries including horrific cases of cattle mutilation and sightings of "bulletproof" shape-shifting creatures. Real estate tycoon Brandon Fugal bought the ranch from paranormal enthusiast Robert Bigelow and has since given full access to a research team headed by Dr. Travis Taylor - who has worked for the US Dept. of Defense and NASA. Dr. Taylor's full-scale investigation is now the focus of a new eight-part series available on History Channel called the 'Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,? which Kathleen is immediately adding to her watch list. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen highly recommends watching Canadian singer (and Kathleen?s friend) Jann Arden?s comedy ?Jann? on Hulu, because Kathleen absolutely loves Jann?s songwriting and thinks she?s unbelievably hilarious and fun. Kathleen also tells Termites to watch Jean Smart in ?Hacks? on HBO Max, and ?Halston? on Netflix. 

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Episode 42: Flaming Cheetos, Ranch Crocs, & Psychopathic City Dwellers

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Chocolate MoonPie Stout from Naked River Brewing in Chattanooga. 

TOUR UPDATE: Kathleen provides her Termites with an update on her upcoming 2021 Fall Tour schedule, which will be called the ?Do You Have Any Ranch?? Tour. She talks about heading back out on the road, and her specific issues with her new NARS eye pencil which she maintains won?t actually sharpen enough to use.

TERMITE SHOUTOUT: Kathleen gives a shoutout to a few Termites who have sent funny gifts to her PO Box. Big thanks to Anne from Louisville for sending a note and some fun golf balls (including one she found in the rough), and to Elisa from Texas who sent a Buc-ee?s pint glass and a Stevie Nicks prayer candle that she made herself (her company?s name is Texrah Designs in Dallas) 

RANCH CROCS: Kathleen is THRILLED to read an announcement from Crocs that they are partnering with Hidden Valley Ranch on ranch-inspired clogs and Jibbitz charms in the form of french fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, and vegetables. She remembers a story from Project Runway when Tim Gunn compared Crocs to hooves and then reminisces about having to make her own sweatpants in Home Ec in high school. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen announces that Cher just turned 75 years old and announced last week via Twitter that Universal is producing her biopic. Tanya Tucker has announced more tour dates, and Dolly broadcasted live on Good Morning America from her Dollywood Flower & Food Festival.

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples PF Chang?s Dynamite Ranch dressing, which she finds WAY too tangy for her taste. Then in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, she tries ?Stuffed Puffs? which pledge to make S?mores ?easier,? and also the Hostess S?mores Limited Edition cupcakes. She confesses to having never had a real S?more, which makes her a poor candidate to evaluate these flavors ?

ALABAMA DROPS YOGA BAN: As a follow-up to Episode 35, Kathleen laughs at a recent announcement that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a bill to allow public schools to offer yoga, ending a ban that stood for nearly 30 years. Christian conservatives who back the ban said yoga would open the door for people to be converted to Hinduism. In a conservative fashion, the new law allows yoga to be offered as an elective for grades K-12, but students won't be allowed to say, "Namaste," and meditation is not allowed.

BOEING-BACKED AIR TAXIS ON THE WAY: In holding onto her childhood dream of flying cars, Kathleen reads an article about Boeing startup company Wisk, which has finalized its first deal to operate autonomous air taxis in the U.S. The company will operate up to 30 eVTOL aircraft that will be deployed as part of the Blade charter flight network, pending the FAA certifying the aircraft for commercial operation.

?CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER? NFT SELLS: In continuing with her review of insane non-fungible token sales, Kathleen reads an article about the sale of the YouTube video ?Charlie Bit My Finger.? The video accrued more than 883 million views, and was auctioned off as an NFT for $760,999.

THE MAN WHO DIDN?T INVENT FLAMIN? HOT CHEETOS: Being a true fan of Cheetos, Kathleen loves the drama behind the story of who claims to have and actually did invent the Flamin? Hot Cheeto. Frito-Lay expressed support for former company executive Richard Montañez, whose claims to have invented the snack was debunked by the Los Angeles Times. Montañez began working as a janitor for Frito-Lay back in 1976 and has long claimed that he pitched the idea for the Flamin' Hot Cheetos flavor by boldly calling up company execs in 1990. 

PSYCHOPATHS PREFER CITY LIVING: Kathleen takes another sip of beer and reads an article to listeners published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology about the nature of psychopaths. The study says people who feel less connected to nature tend to have heightened levels of psychopathic personality traits, and that individuals who exhibit more dark personality traits prefer to reside in urban areas rather than suburban or rural areas.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Cate Blanchett in ?Miss America? on Hulu, and listen to ?The Clown and The Candyman? podcast. 

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Episode 41: The Queen?s Beer, Spammed Prayers, & The Oldest Whiskey In The World

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Busch Light from her beloved hometown Anheuser Busch Brewery. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEENS: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen shares with her Termites that none of the Queens have done anything significant this past week, which is somewhat comforting compared to the constant insanity of the past year in COVID quarantine. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples the new McDonald?s Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which she likes but not nearly as much as KFC?s or Popeyes? chicken sandwiches. She then tries Buffalo Wild Wings Medium Wing Sauce (with ?comfortable heat?) which she LOVES and wants to pour on everything. She finishes her tasting with a limited edition Hostess Twinkie Lemonade Stand flavor, which she?s sure that her dad will love. 

THE OLDEST OLYMPIAN: Kathleen provides an update on the world?s oldest person participating in the Olympic torch relay as part of the Tokyo Olympics this summer. 

CRYPTO MAINTAINS ITS COOL STATUS: In keeping with her obsession with cryptocurrency, Kathleen reports on a news announcement stating that Elon Musk has lost $20 Billion since he hosted Saturday Night Live at the beginning of May. She?s excited to read a follow-up article announcing that the NFL?s New York Giants have partnered with Grayscale Partners, who will be the official digital currency asset management partner in an effort to mainstream cryptocurrency in the NFL. 

SPAMMED PRAYERS FOR TEBOW: Kathleen is a massive NFL fan, and laughs when reading a report that the Jacksonville Jaguars are ready to sign former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to a 1-year contract, converting his position to Tight End. The 33-year-old failed to make headway in the NFL and then converted his motivation to professional baseball, where he has successfully maintained a roster spot on the New York Mets farm team. Kathleen muses that since Tebow is a renowned fanatical Christian, that Jesus must have moved Tebow?s prayers for professional sports domination into his ?spam? folder.

 MASTERING THE PENNSYLVANIA ACCENT: Kathleen is currently watching Mare of Eastown, starring British actress Kate Winslet. She reads an article detailing how Winslet mastered the Pennsylvania accent, which is deemed to be one of the toughest to take on. Kathleen describes her encounters with waitstaff while working at Philly comedy clubs in her 20?s, and muses if she needed to mimic a Pennsylvania accent she would live with a PA family for a week and drink Yuengling

ROME?S COLOSSEUM GETS A NEW FLOOR: Kathleen reads an announcement outlining plans for the famous Roman Colosseum to be remodeled with a new floor that will give tourists a gladiator?s vantage point into the architecture and energy of the amphitheater. She moves on to tell a story of when her younger sister visited Rome and her opinions of visiting the structure. 

THE OLDEST WHISKEY IN THE WORLD: Kathleen is excited to read an announcement that LaGrange, GA-based Evans & Ragland Distilling is about to present a bottle of their American whiskey for auction in June. A recent laboratory test showed that the Old Ingledew, which originally was thought to date back to the 1850s, was instead likely bottled between 1763 and 1803.

THE QUEEN?S BEER: As all Irish descendants feel, Kathleen has never been a fan of the British monarchy. However, she?s thrilled that Queen Elizabeth has released her own beer. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the 95-year-old monarch has approved the sale of a range of beer brewed from plants grown on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Sold at the Sandringham gift shop at $5.50 for a 500ml bottle, the beers come in two varieties: a cold-filtered, traditional English "bitter" and a stronger Golden IPA described by the gift shop as "uniquely natural."

THE BASQUIAT SKULL: As her Termites know, Kathleen LOVES art and is delighted to read an article stating that a painting of a skull. By Jean-Michel Basquait. Sold for $93 million at a Christie?s NY auction, setting a new benchmark for the premier art auction world. She then tells listeners to watch the movie Basquiat, starring Jeffrey Wright and David Bowie, to learn more about the artist. 

DELAYED CICADAS: Kathleen reads an article revealing that the unseasonably cold weather defining the beginning of Spring 2021 has delayed the infestation of the cicadas. The sound-producing insects return every 17 years and are large, cleared-winged insects that occur either annually or periodically. It's a mystery as to why periodical cicadas only emerge every 13 or 17 years, but it's been theorized that it's to avoid syncing up with predator cycles.

JIMMY HOFFA?S GEORGIA RESTING PLACE: Kathleen reads to listeners an article from Golf Digest stating that a former mob attorney is claiming that Jimmy Hoffa is buried under a Georgia golf course. The attorney claims that Hoffa?s remains lie beneath a green at Savannah Inn and Golf Country Club, just off the coast of Georgia. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Mare of Eastown? on HBO Max, ?The Godfather of Harlem? on Amazon Prime, and the movie ?Basquiat? on Amazon Prime. 

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Episode 40: Bad Kings, Dogecoin, and Tiny Turkish Castles

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Pale Ale from Creature Comforts Brewing in Athens, GA and debates how many days and nights Moses was ?lost.? She then introduces her Termites to her Durham Bull, which she was awarded by the Carolina Theatre for selling out her last show, and debates the deliciousness of Carolina vinegar-based BBQ versus all other BBQs.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN HIVE: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen announces that Olympia Dukakis has been posthumously added to the Court for this week, as both Cher and Dolly tweeted their sentiments regarding her passing. Kathleen loved her movies (especially Steel Magnolias) and tells a story about seeing her in a Florida airport. Kathleen then rates the worst fake Southern accents, which she awards to Lewis Black and her dad stating that both sound like a broken banjo. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Cap?n Crunch?s Berrytastic Pancake Mix, which she thinks her nieces and nephew will LOVE, Ritz Crisp & Thins Seasoned with Tabasco Pepper Sauce Flavor, which she doesn?t recommend. Kathleen finishes her tasting menu with Hidden Valley Bold Buffalo Dipping Sauce, which she thinks is an asset to ANY meal. 

ORLANDO GETS ITS FIRST WHITE CASTLE RESTAURANT: Kathleen is a life-long fan of White Castle cheeseburgers and is thrilled to announce that Orlando (home of one of her BFFs, Carrottop) is getting its first White Castle restaurant. Kathleen has always preferred the baby-dried onions of White Castle vs the sad cold buns and ketchup on a Krystal cheeseburger. She then tells a story from Vegas when she saw a group of very drunk girls fall out of a limo with a White Castle Crave Case.

NAZI AMBER ROOM: As a follow up to Episode 39, Kathleen finishes her research on Hitler?s Amber Room and passes the info of the ?8th Wonder of the World? onto her Termites. 

BILL MAHER VS CRYPTOCURRENCY: Kathleen laughs at the recent ill-informed comments from Bill Maher regarding Cryptocurrency. He referred to all of it as ?Easter bunny cartoon cash? and compared it to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan: ?Its power is based solely on enough children believing in it.? Right, Bill?Kathleen is absolutely enamored with all things crypto and is THRILLED to join ?the children? in their quest for global domination.

ANOTHER FLYING CAR CONCEPT GOES TO MARKET: Kathleen continues following her childhood desire to own a flying car by reporting on the new ASKA. Startup company NFT, Inc. opened a showroom to reveal the concept car, requiring $5,000 to secure your own model when production is finished. There will only be a limited run of 1,500 cars manufactured offered at a price of $789,000, which are scheduled to roll out in 2026. 

BRITNEY SPEARS TO ADDRESS THE COURT: As a follow-up to Episode 29 where Kathleen discussed the #FreeBritney movement, she excitedly reads an article announcing that Britney Spears has agreed to address the court on June 23rd regarding her conservatorship. 

PICASSO PAINTING PRESENTED FOR AUCTION: Kathleen reads a bulletin from Christie's Auction House that Picasso?s ?Woman Sitting Near A Window? is being offered for auction in May 2021. The piece is forecasted to fetch $55 million, but Kathleen places a bet that the winning bid will exceed $100 million. 

CANNIBALISTIC SETTLERS: Kathleen discusses the premise of the documentary ?The Donner Party,? which chronicles the pilgrimage of the Joseph Donner family and 11 other families who made the journey over the Sierra Nevada mountain range to California in 1846. The story outlines the issues they faced making the journey, including a massive snowstorm that stopped the wagon train for weeks and the resulting cannibalism when they ran out of food. Kathleen is fascinated by the details, and points out that even over 100 years ago there were assholes in every society that ?showed out,? but back then the asset was a double-decker wagon. 

TINY TURKISH CASTLE VILLAGE: Kathleen reads an article describing the Turkish town of Burj Al Babas, which was constructed for foreign buyers and broke ground in 2014. When Turkey?s economy fell the project halted, and today 530 castles remain empty. Kathleen then names all of the Disney princesses that she knows to have lived in similar castles, which amounts to 2.

VERY BAD KINGS: Kathleen discusses the concept of the new American Kings when she shares with the Termites a recent article about Dodgers? owner Mark Walter buying up massive amounts of land in the Crested Butte, Colorado area and then another article detailing the land transactions that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made gobbling up incremental property around his Hawaiian compound. 

A MISSOURI WHITE BISON: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article about a rare white bison who has made his home in Missouri?s Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. The park named him ?Takoda? after the Sioux reference for ?friend to everyone.??

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?The Donner Party? on Amazon Prime and ?Mare of Eastown? on HBO Max. 

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Episode 39: Wedding Squatters, Nazi Loot, & Ranch Potatoes

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Mexican Lager from Lo-Fi Brewing in Charleston, SC. She then tells a story of her dad accidentally befriending the murder-for-hire realtor in the Ozarks when their Yorkies liked each other. Kathleen then discusses her betting strategy for the Kentucky Derby and gives the history of her love of sports betting when her Dad started taking her to the horse track at a young age. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen updates her Termites that Stevie Nicks is now fully vaccinated. Cher is back on Twitter after taking a short break, Tanya has announced new tour dates, including the Pilgrimage Music Festival where Kathleen has discovered ?sad angel? Natalie Madigan on the poster. Rounding out the court, Queen Dolly has announced that she?s having an auction in Sevierville, TN on May 8th to benefit her Imagination Library. 

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples 

Cholula Caliente Wing Sauce, Kraft BuffaRanch dip (which she LOVES), and tops off the tasting describing Blowfish Hangover Cure to listeners, which she has yet to use but welcomes feedback from anyone who has benefitted from it.

 JERRY FALWELL JR.?s ?REAL LIBERTY GRADUATION": Kathleen laughs out loud reading the latest in the Jerry Falwell Jr. saga. In social media posts, Fallwell appeared to have consumed too much ?black water? and invited Liberty University students to the ?real Liberty graduation? at his own home.

TOURISTIC SPANISH CITY ACCEPTS CRYPTO PAYMENTS: In continuing with her love of the cryptocurrency movement, Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that two primary hotels in Sevilla, Spain will begin accepting room reservations backed with digital currency.

NEW EVIDENCE IN MH370 CRASH: As a follow-up to numerous Pubcasts regarding missing Malaysian Flight 370, Kathleen provides yet another update for all of those as obsessed with that plane crash as she is. 

ART FORGERY IN NYC: Kathleen describes the premise of the Netflix documentary ?Made You Look,? about the most successful forgery scam ever brought off in the high-end art world. In 1995, the Knoedler Gallery, the oldest art gallery in New York purchased an unknown canvas by Mark Rothko. The documentary continues through the deceitful actions of the gallery?s director Ann Freedman, and her apparent relationship with the forgery associates as she defrauds numerous affluent art collectors while maintaining her innocence. 

JEFF BESOS? WANTS TO SEND US TO SPACE: Kathleen tells her Termites about the latest venture from billionaire Jeff Besos. The Amazon founder has created Blue Origin, his venture into space tourism which will compete with Elon Musk?s SpaceX.

WEDDING SQUATTERS: Kathleen laughs out loud reading an article about a Florida couple who loved IHOP franchise heir Nathan Finkel?s mansion so much, they asked if they could use it for their wedding and he declined their request. Since the home was for sale, they believed that Finkel wouldn?t be in residence and they sent the invites out telling friends and fam to come to their ?dream home.? Kathleen provides her own commentary in reading further that the millionaire was actually home the morning of the event and the antics that ensued when the wedding attendees began to show up.

HITLER GOLD HIDDEN UNDER A POLISH BROTHEL: Kathleen is thrilled to share an article announcing that treasure hunters are planning to dig up what they say could be 48 crates of Nazi gold worth nearly half a billion pounds at a palace used by Hitler's SS as a brothel. The dig is hoped to uncover 10 tons of gold and other valuables under the 18th-century palace in the village of Minkowski in southern Poland.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF BAKED POTATOES: In the biggest announcement of this week?s Pubcast, Kathleen is thrilled to read to her Termites the findings of a recent study on the health benefits of baked potatoes. In a generous turn of medical opinion, baking potatoes actually increases their nutritional value over frying them as long as you manage the toppings added.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Made You Look? on Netflix.

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Episode 38: Dogs of Chernobyl, Bumble Fumble, & A Boston Art Heist

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Helles Lager from Southern Barrel Brewing Company in Bluffton, SC. She tells listeners about her recent trip to Hilton Head and Savannah, complete with recommendations on where to stay, drink, and eat oysters (Kathleen LOVES a good lake or beach bar)

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen advises that the Court has been relatively quiet again this week, but has hopes that they?ll all pick up now that they?ve had their COVID vaccines.

TOUR UPDATE: In response to many questions from Termites regarding her stand-up comedy shows, Kathleen provides an update on the current Fall 2021 ?Do You Have Any Ranch? Tour, also available on her website

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Chick-Fil-A Garden Herb Ranch (she LOVES it,) Rap Snacks Louisiana Hot Chicken Noodles, and a Pink Frosted Donut Flavored Oreo for dessert (which she?s sending straight to her mom.)

FREE BUDWEISER: Kathleen is thrilled to announce that her hometown beer is giving away free beer with proof of COVID vaccination. Now through May 16, or while supplies last, U.S. residents 21 and older can enter the ?Reunite with Buds? giveaway from Anheuser Busch with proof of vaccination.

GENDER REVEAL EXPLOSION: Kathleen continues her interest in the potential drama of gender reveal parties when reading a recent article stating that 80 pounds of Tannerite, an over-the-counter, highly explosive substance used for firearms practice, was involved in a gender-reveal stunt at a quarry in New Hampshire. The explosion generated earthquake reports over state lines. 

FALWELL JR SUED BY LIBERTY UNIVERSITY: In a follow up to Episode 13, Kathleen laughs as she reads an update regarding the status of Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University. Liberty is suing their former President for $10 million, citing conspiracy, breach of contract, and claim that Falwell failed to live up to the school?s moral code. Kathleen?s recommendation to Falwell Jr: ?when you get drunk and do stupid things, Jerry, just say sorry.? Amen?he might wish that he followed Mama Termite?s advice ? 

BANKSY GRAFITTI HIGHLIGHTS CHRISTIE?S JUNE SALES: UPDATE! In her continuing fanship for street artist Banksy, Kathleen gives Termites an update on the auction of a recent oil painting ?vandalized? by Banksy. His Subject to Availability oil painting is set to highlight Christie?s June 20th century sale. The work is considered one of the artist?s most important pieces from his series of ?vandalized? oil paintings and features a defaced rendition of Albert Bierstadt?s 1890 painting of Mount Rainier National Park. In true Banksy fashion, the street artist inserts a commentary in hinting at the impact of climate change, and the work is forecasted to fetch between 3-5 M pounds. 

A BUMBLE FUMBLE: Kathleen laughs when she reads an article about a Bumble user named Robert Chapman, who told another user that he matched with on the dating app that he "did storm the Capitol" FBI court filings say. The woman replied that "we are not a match", and shared a screenshot of the exchange with authorities, who probed and arrested Chapman. 

Kathleen then shares a story told to her by her good friend, Ron White, who joined Bumble as himself and went on a date in Austin with a ?match.? 

GENERATION HUSTLE: Kathleen has found a new show to replace her American Greed go-to: Generation Hustle on HBO Max. The show recounts some of the most wildly inventive scams of the past decade, including the antics of Anna Delvey (Kathleen covered in Episode 29) and Adam Newmann from WeWork (covered in Episode 36). 

SUNKEN SUBMARINE: In response to feedback from her Termites, Kathleen reads an article regarding a missing Indonesian submarine sunk and was just found in the Bali Sea. She compares the disappearance to the missing Malaysian Flight 370, which she is still obsessed with finding out the location of. 

CHERNOBYL?S DOGS: Kathleen has long followed the disaster that took place at the Chernobyl reactor in 1986, and is excited that a recent update has emerged regarding the dogs that were left behind as refugees of the disaster. The article discusses the current status from the aftermath where tens of thousands of people were evacuated from the Ukrainian city of Pripyat and evaluates the relationships of the guards maintaining the perimeter of the reactor site and the abandoned dogs seeking companionship. 

THIS IS A ROBBERY, BOSTON: Kathleen has been spending a lot of time lately watching Art-related documentaries, and becomes immediately drawn into the drama surrounding the Boston art heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as documented on the Netflix docuseries ?This Is a Robbery: The World?s Biggest Art Heist.? Kathleen provides her own thoughts on the motives behind the robbery as well as the current location of the paintings and plans to visit the museum when she plays The Wilbur Theatre in Boston in September. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?This Is A Robbery: The World?s Biggest Art Heist? on Netflix, and ?The Babushkas of Chernobyl? on Amazon Prime.

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Episode 37: Stalin?s Daughter, Mystery Flights, and Dog Beer

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Fifty-One Pale Ale from Fairhope Brewing Company and providing her own commentary on the activities surrounding Prince Phillip?s funeral, including the aftermath that she hopes will continue to impact Megan and Harry.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen advises that the Court has been relatively quiet again this week HOWEVER Kathleen has finally received her Dolly Parton comic book. She feels as though Dolly?s Strawberry Pretzel Pie ice cream from Jeni?s is probably a more worthwhile way to spend your money if you can get your hands on the flavor that crashed Jeni?s website twice and eventually sold out. 

BUSCH DOG BREW CONTEST: Kathleen comes from a long line of Anheuser Busch product lovers, and is thrilled to read a news release that Busch is looking for an official ?Chief Tasting Officer? for its popular Dog Brew ?beer.? Contest details have been published, and Kathleen urges all Termites with a cool fur pal to enter for a chance at the $20K prize money, free Dog Brew, and pet insurance.  

?GOOD BAD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Simply Ranch from Hidden Valley (one of her favorites so far), and Newman?s Own Ranch Dressing, which she thinks is way too tangy for her liking but she absolutely appreciates that sales from all of Newman?s products go to charity. Kathleen finishes the tasting menu with Fruit Loop flavored Pop-Tarts.

THE IRISH DOLPHIN RETURNS: As a follow up to Episode 3, Kathleen is thrilled to let listeners know that Fungie the dolphin has been spotted off the Irish coast six months after vanishing from the Dingle Peninsula. 

?LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE? VIDEO SOLD AS NFT: Kathleen continues her new obsession with the non-fungible token industry reading an article disclosing that Chris Crocker sold his 2007 viral video ?Leave Britney Alone? as an NFT in order to help fund his transition from a male to female. The video ended up being sold to an anonymous buyer for 18.69 ether, or around $41,000

MYSTERY FLIGHTS: Kathleen reads an article out of Australia where Qantas Airlines has announced plans to operate three domestic mystery flights that explore the country while international borders remain closed.

The three dedicated Boeing 737 mystery experiences will include not only a ticket for the flight but also an entire day of activities in a mystery destination, all of which are outside major capital cities.

OUTDATED TV?S: Kathleen recently attempted to download an app on her smart tv so that she can stream the Masters golf tournament with her friend Ron White and found out that her tv was too old to access the necessary app. In shopping for a new television in common stores like Target and Walmart, she discovered through discussion with sales associates in those stores that the majority of TVs for sale are 2-3 years old. With the help of a Gen Z?er at Best Buy, Kathleen was finally able to purchase the appropriate television, download the app, and she and Ron had a wonderful weekend watching the Masters, which she concludes with her Master?s joke from her ?In Other Words? album.  

STALIN?S DAUGHTER: Kathleen loves history, and can?t wait to tell her Termites about the documentary ?Stalin?s Daughter,? based on the interview "Svetlana About Svetlana." The film tells the fascinating and complex life story of Svetlana Stalin, who defected to Wisconsin during the Cold War. 

THE DEATH OF BERNIE MADOFF: Kathleen reads an update announcing the death of fraudster Bernie Madoff while serving a 150-year federal prison sentence. Madoff ripped off $65 billion in a Ponzi scheme involving celebrities, billionaires, charities, and retirees, and was arrested in 2008. Kathleen reads an update as to the current whereabouts of his widow, Ruth Madoff, who is living in a $3.8M waterfront home in Connecticut. 

PAT ROBERTSON DEFINES ?THE FINEST? POLICE: Kathleen is amused when describing a recent video where 91-year-old 700 Club host and televangelist Pat Robertson, who is usually police-friendly, denounces the ?personality quality? of former Minneapolis officers Derek Chauven and Kim Potter, who have been arrested for crimes involving police brutality. Kathleen laughs out loud when Robertson declares that police forces should be paid a higher salary in order to attract higher-quality candidates, which is a sentiment that her dad has been repeating for decades. If THAT isn?t enough to invest 5 mins to watch the video, Robertson moves on to demonstrate the use of a police taser and then a Glock, which is indescribable. 

HUNTER BIDEN?S BOOK BUSTS: Kathleen isn?t shocked to read an article advising that Hunter Biden?s confessional book ?Beautiful Things? is a complete sales bust. 

DIGITIZING THE LOUVRE: Kathleen is an avid painter and has a deep appreciation of art, and one of her favorite museums in the world is The Louvre in Paris. She?s been to the museum numerous times and loves to wander the halls scouting out new pieces and also the more famous classics such as The Mona Lisa. Kathleen is thrilled to read that The Louvre is digitizing its entire collection so that the entire global population with access to a computer can experience the joy of the over 482,000 pieces of art, which she intends to take full advantage of. 

COINBASE APP PUBLIC OFFERING: Kathleen cannot state enough that she is NOT REMOTELY qualified to be a financial advisor, but her obsession with cryptocurrency led her to become a frequent user of the Coinbase app. She?s thrilled to read an article announcing that Coinbase has conducted a successful IPO, which she feels further validates the app?s exchange platform as well as cryptocurrency?s future.  

ROMAN STATUE FOUND IN BELGIUM: Kathleen reads an article from Italy where off-duty police recovered a stolen Roman statue after noticing it in a Belgian antique shop almost a decade after it was looted from an archeological site. 

The headless marble statue of a "Togatus," from the 1st century BC, was stolen by unknown robbers about 10 years ago. Kathleen shares with the Termites that one of her top dream jobs would be an Art police officer, and although she would rock the history exams she?s almost certain that she would fail the math and science tests.  

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the series ?The Serpent? on Netflix, the documentary ?Stalin?s Daughter? on Amazon Prime, and ?This Is A Robbery: The World?s Biggest Art Heist? on Netflix. 

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Episode 36: A Fake Florida Surgeon, WeWork, & The Golden City of Luxor

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Naked Pig Pale Ale from Back Forty Brewing in Gadsden, AL. She shares with listeners her excitement over the St. Louis Cardinals? Opening Day, describing the Clydesdales parading around the ballpark and the Cardinal HOF players waving to fans. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen advises that the Court has been relatively quiet this week. HOWEVER, Dolly Parton?s new ice cream release literally broke the internet on launch day, halting sales so that exclusive inventory was only available via eBay for $1,000 PER pint.

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen drove to Nashville and samples the limited released Taco Bell Crispy Chicken SandwichTaco (in both Spicy and Original) and recommends that Termites stick with their favorite taco. She also recommends ordering a side of Jimmy John?s Kickin? Ranch with any sandwich and sticking with regular Cheez-Its over their new ?fancier? Cheez It Snap?d. Kathleen moves on to taste Hidden Valley Ranch Coleslaw dressing and is a massive fan of putting Waffle House?s secret Waffle Sauce on ANYTHING. 

CHINA?S DIGITAL CRYPTO MINT: In continuing with Kathleen?s obsession with cryptocurrency, she reads an article from the Wall Street Journal announcing that the Chinese government is minting cash digitally, turning legal financial tender into computer code. 

TOM BRADY LAUNCHES NFT COMPANY: Kathleen has been working the Termites through the idea of NFT?s and is excited to share a release that Tom Brady is launching an NFT (non-fungible token) company called Autograph. The company will sell digital collectibles, as well as host live auctions as well as physical product drops, and exclusive in-person experiences.

THE DOWNFALL OF WEWORK: After watching the WeWork documentary on Hulu, she describes the birth of the company and the background of its founders. After discussing the numerous concepts developed by the group, Kathleen compares the WeWork concept to her short time writing on a Comedy Central show with Lewis Black, noting that although she had some fun she ALSO reconfirmed that she shouldn?t have a job with a daily schedule OR where has to work around a ?team?s? eating schedule. Kathleen then confidently proclaims herself an ?Old-School Gen Z?er.?

FLORIDA?S FAKE PLASTIC SURGEON: Kathleen reads a horrific article out of Florida describing the actions of Alcalira De Rodriguez, a practitioner in Dural, FL who was arrested in the middle of performing a nose job without any medical background. Kathleen describes a ?fake surgery? that she performed in the Sydney Marriott on her dad?s request to remove a cyst from his neck, which only involved a highball and a hot needle from a hotel sewing kit. 

VALENTINE?S DAY INCEST MURDER: Yep, that sums it up. Kathleen reads a twisted murder plot out of West Virginia, where a woman has pleaded guilty to murdering her sister's boyfriend in a sick Valentine's Day 'game' involving Meth that was set up by the sister and their father so the pair could get married. This MIGHT need to be read multiple times to comprehend ?

LOST GOLDEN CITY OF LUXOR FOUND: Kathleen finishes the Pubcast by sharing an article involving the discovery of the Golden City, which dates from 1391 to 1353 BC. The city continued to be used by pharaohs Ay and Tutankhamun, whose nearly intact tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the documentary ?WeWork? on Hulu.

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Episode 35: Alabama?s Yoga Ban, Satanic Shoes, & a Preacher?s Love Triangle

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Grit Kisser lager from Back Forty Beer Company in Gadsden, AL and goes on to tells listeners about her recent road trip to Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen confirms that Dolly Parton has received her 2nd COVID-19 vaccine, Cher is in the social media ?trouble box? after tweeting about the death of George Floyd, Tanya is running wild on her Nashville ranch, and Stevie and Chaka remain quiet for another week. 

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen runs down a local Wisconsin-based list of the best Ranch dressings by brand. She then samples Heinz Mayochup and Honeyracha MashUp Sauces, Kroger brand Reuben Sandwich potato chips, and finishes off with a dessert bite of Birthday Cake Oreos.

AN ANGRY OCTOPUS: Kathleen reads an article from Australia about a man who was walking on the beach and looking for somewhere to swim with his two-year-old daughter in Geographe Bay, a popular snorkeling spot. He was attacked by an octopus (a usually peaceful creature) while swimming and posted the video on his Instagram account.

A NEW ELIZABETH HOLMES: As a follow up to her past episodes detailing the ongoings of Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes, Kathleen announces that Amanda Seyfried will play Holmes in the upcoming Hulu film ?The Dropout.? 

ANNA SOROKIN ICE ICE BABY: Kathleen follows up Episode 29 by advising Termites that fake heiress Anna Sorokin is in ICE custody in Bergen County, NJ after she failed to leave the US for Germany on March 26th. 

VISA ALLOWS CRYPTOCURRENCY PAYMENTS: In keeping with her obsession with cryptocurrency and her own Ethereum account, Kathleen is thrilled to read an article announcing that Visa will allow the use of the cryptocurrency to settle transactions on its payment network, the latest sign of growing acceptance of digital currencies by the mainstream financial industry.  

LILIUM FLYING TAXIS: Flying taxis are a reality, and Kathleen can?t be more excited to see her childhood ?Jetsons? transportation arrive. She reads an article from Germany about Lilium, the latest electric aviation startup to go public, and prominently work on the final plans for their flying taxis. 

NFT HONEY BEAR SELLS: In continuing to understand the recent Non-Fungible Token movement, Kathleen reads an article detailing the sale of one of his Honey Bear portraits, with this one resembling Facebook?s Mark Zuckerburg. The 48 x 36-inch print and NFT sold for the cryptocurrency equivalent of $64,610.78 (38.88 ETH), and 20% of the proceeds were donated to COVID-19 relief on the charity platform GiveDirectly.

ANOTHER GENDER REVEAL GOES WRONG: Kathleen continues her rant about the absurdity of gender reveal parties from Episode 28 as she reads an article from Mexico where a gender reveal stunt went tragically wrong this week in Cancún, killing at least 2 people. The Cessna 206 crashed shortly after pink smoke declared that the baby would be a girl. 

ALABAMA YOGA BAN: Kathleen laughs out loud and has another sip of her beer while reading an article outlining a bill in Alabama that would lift a 28-year ban on yoga in public schools. During a hearing by the state's Senate Judiciary Committee, two conservative groups objected to the bill, citing concerns about yoga's ties to Hinduism and worry that the practice will convert children to that religion.  

LIL NAS X?s SATAN SHOES: In honor of her mom?s favorite rapper, Kathleen describes to listeners the drama surrounding the latest collaboration with MSCHF. Lil Nas released 666 pairs of ?Satan Sneakers? which are modified Nike shoes allegedly containing a drop of human blood. Kathleen provides commentary on Nas?s lap dance with the Devil in the song?s video and then tells a childhood story when she watched The Exorcist when her parents were out one evening, and her follow-up encounter with a slippery Ouija board. 

BRANSON FOSTER FRAUD SCHEME REVEALED: Kathleen reads an article from her home state of Missouri, where a local performer recently pleads guilty to stealing more than $85K from audience members who donated to his fake charity for foster children. She then discloses her own experiences in Branson.

WINE VS CATARACTS: Kathleen loves red wine, and is delighted to share with her Termites the result of a recent study advising that drinking wine slashes the risk of needing eye cataract surgery. 

OKLAHOMA PASTOR?S LOVE TRIANGLE: Kathleen loves a good ID Channel style murder story, and provides her own colorful commentary regarding the tangled story of the wife of an Oklahoma pastor and her alleged accomplice in her husband?s murder. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed that pastor David Evans? wife, Kristie Evans, was arrested after confessing to his murder and was assisted by her lover. Officials say all three were allegedly involved in a love triangle that continued for months at the local Super 8 motel. 

ABANDONED MISSOURI RESORT: Returning again to her home state of Missouri, Kathleen describes the ghost town of mansions at Indian Ridge Resort outside of Branson that was supposed to be developed into a $1.6 billion resort community. When the 2008 US housing crisis impacted the economy, the developer ceased growth and now the overgrown community sits vacant. The resort was to be home to the best golf course in the Ozarks, and Kathleen recommends that visitors to the area tour Bass Pro?s Big Cedar Lodge, play golf at any of the courses located there including Tiger Woods? Payne?s Valley, and go fishing at Table Rock Lake. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the documentary ?Muscle Shoals.

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Episode 34: Toxic Positivity, Skyquakes, & Aretha Franklin

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Black Cherry White Claw and providing listeners with an update on the success of her March Madness bracket in the Madigan Family pool. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen tells the Termites that Dolly Parton has her own ice cream flavor called Strawberry Pretzel Pie, which will be available from Jeni?s Ice Cream. Tanya Tucker has released a duet of ?You Ain?t Woman Enough? on Loretta Lynn?s 2021 release of ?Still Woman Enough,? and Kathleen wishes Queen Chaka a very happy belated birthday which was March 23rd. 

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Hidden Valley Ranch Garlic Parmesan Cheese Dip with a Ritz cracker, which she loves, as she does her next snack: Cheez-It Loaded White Cheddar Popcorn. Then in the spirit of March Madness, as she has watched (and bet on) every game, Kathleen picks up the new Wendy?s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit as Charles Barkley and Greg Gumbel mention on CBS broadcasts that it is the official breakfast of the tournament. Kathleen had such strong feelings regarding the sandwich that she posted a separate commentary video on YouTube. 

CHINA + NEPAL AGREE TO HEIGHT OF EVEREST: As a follow up to Episode 33?s Everest story, Kathleen reads an article announcing that after years of dispute, China and Nepal have agreed that Everest?s official height is 29,032 feet. 

NEW MH370 DETAILS CLAIM A COVER-UP: As her Termites know, Kathleen has a long-going commitment to finding out what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 as detailed in her bit ?Malaysian Flt 370.? When the plane crossed over into Vietnamese airspace, the co-pilot didn?t engage their air traffic control and an assumption lingers that all tracking devices had been disabled so that it could vanish. Kathleen is thrilled to read the news that Florence de Changy is a Far-Eastern correspondent who covered the case in detail, is releasing a new book alluding to a cover-up by the authorities. 

PRINCE HARRY?S NEW JOBS: Kathleen follows up on her Episode 31 update on the ongoings of Harry & Meghan in their new life in the US. Kathleen has never been a fan of the British Royal Family and is amused at the drama surrounding the couple?s departure from royal life. She reads the latest press advising that Harry has joined Silicon Valley startup BetterUp as their chief impact officer (which Kathleen calls a made-up title,) and he has also joined Aspen Institute?s new Commission on Information Disorder (which Kathleen feels as though he is COMPLETELY unqualified to formally manage.)

THE QUEEN OF SOUL: Kathleen LOVES soul music, and she?s a massive fan of Aretha Franklin?s recordings. She?s read 3 biographies discussing Aretha?s life, and after watching Nat Geo?s ?Genius: Aretha? series Kathleen has headed to Muscle Shoals, AL to play golf and tour FAME Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. She intends to enjoy some sunshine, a few beers, and gather as much information as she can about some of her favorite iconic singers immersing themselves in the Muscle Shoals Sound.  

POOP IN A BOX: Kathleen tells listeners about another Theranos-like startup company that has been charged in a $60M fraud scheme. Jessica Richman, who founded uBiome was indicted on multiple federal conspiracy charges last week. uBiome?s direct-to-consumer service called ?Gut Explorer? required customers to submit fecal samples to be analyzed in a lab to detect diseases such as colon cancer. As the daughter of a lawyer, Kathleen laughs out loud at ANY thoughts of requesting that she ?mail her shit in a box.?

USVI BOAT MURDER: Kathleen reviews an investigation in the US Virgin Islands involving the disappearance of British woman Sarm Heslop from her American boyfriend's boat. Heslop vanished without a trace on March 7 after she and Ryan Bane had drinks in Frank's Bay, St. John. Bane told investigators they had returned to his catamaran that night and he awoke in the early hours to find his girlfriend gone. Being an avid fan of the ID Channel, Kathleen goes into her own thoughts on what happened that night ?

VAN GOUGH PAINTING EMERGES FROM HIDING: Kathleen can?t believe an article that she shares announcing that the Vincent Van Gogh painting ?A Street Scene In Montmartre,? which has been owned by a French family since it was created in 1887, has been released for auction. 

SAN DIEGO MYSTERY BOOMS: Kathleen discusses the ?skyquakes? that have been heard in the San Diego area over the past few months. The sound lights up social media and resembles the explosion of a heavy piece of artillery that can be accounted for by none of the known laws of nature. Many locals mistake the noise for an earthquake, but the US Geological Survey said seismic-activity sensors recorded nothing. Kathleen asks Termites based in that area to share their thoughts on what they feel is causing the noise. 

TOXIC POSITIVITY: Kathleen is amused by but also has a lack of trust in people who are always hyper-positive. She?s THRILLED to read an article from a leading psychologist taking the opinion that while over-indulgent positivity it is well-intentioned, toxic positivity suppresses emotions which can then lead to stronger negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. The doc defines Toxic positivity as the belief that no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, people should maintain a positive mindset which makes Kathleen?s head explode as she pours another beer and calls her sister to catch up on family gossip. 

LONG-LOST 1634 SETTLEMENT FOUND: Kathleen is excited to share with Termites that St. Mary?s City has been discovered in Maryland after 90 years of research. The colony was settled in 1634 by Catholics fleeing England after being. Accused of starting the Great London Fire of 1666. Kathleen applauds the endeavors of the archaeologists, and she?s amused at how jealous her mom and Jeff Foxworthy will be to hear that ancient arrowheads were found (as both are adamant arrowhead collectors.) 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the new HBO documentary ?Tina? about Tina Turner, and also ?Genius: Aretha? which is a Discovery Channel original available on DiscoveryGO and Hulu.

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Episode 33: The Queen Sherpa, Cheerleading Moms, & A Serial Stowaway

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Miller 64 and discussing the strategy behind her March Madness bracket in the Madigan Family pool. 

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples the new Taco Bell Chicken Sandwich taco (she HIGHLY prefers her go-to beef taco), which is available now for a limited time in Nashville and Charlotte. She then tastes Lay?s Crispy Taco potato chips and shares with listeners her Dad?s remedy for any stomach-related illness that involves an entire bag of regular Lay?s potato chips. And in the spirit of finding the best Ranch dressing, Kathleen samples Hidden Valley?s Bacon Ranch Dressing, which she boasts would be a massive hit at any Midwest party. 

A MAGIC WINE WAND: Kathleen reviews The Wand and The Wave, from Pure Wine. She mentioned the products on a past Pubcast and was absolutely thrilled when the Meadows family who invented the product sent her a few samples. Kathleen has always suffered from headaches when drinking any wine other than light pinot noir, so she?s a massive fan of Dr.David and his son Derek?s invention. She tells listeners to go to to try the product if they suffer from the same sulfite allergies. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen tells the Termites that Dolly Parton is getting her own comic book. Tanya Tucker received her COVID vaccine and is roaming about the country, and Queen Stevie Nicks is standing firm on not sharing the rights of the Fleetwood Mac song ?Dreams? with Neil Apodaca as he attempts to sell an original TikTok that went viral in September 2020 as an NFT (more on ?NFT?s? later in the Pubcast.)

MURDER HORNET SEASON: As a follow up to Episode 14, Kathleen announces that Murder Hornet season is about to begin in the US, and Discovery+ has released a new documentary called ?Attack of the Murder Hornets.? The film focuses on the discovery of Asian giant hornets in Washington state and scientists? pursuit to eradicate the invasive species. 

MORGAN STANLEY ENDORSES BITCOIN: In continuing her obsession with Cryptocurrency, Kathleen is excited to read an article announcing that Morgan Stanley has become the first bank to formally acknowledge and incorporate Bitcoin in customers portfolios. She?s irritated to read that their customer criteria requires $2M in assets and an aggressive risk tolerance in your portfolio, which obviously removes the majority of the population from participating.

NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS: Kathleen takes a big drink of her beer and begins to describe the concept of non-fungible tokens, or ?NFT?s,? to listeners. NFT operates on blockchain technology, just like Bitcoin, but unlike the 21 million Bitcoins that will eventually be mined, an NFT is one-of-a-kind, can't be bought or sold in fractional amounts, and can?t be traded for an identical NFT. After Kathleen admits to having her brain explode when she researched the concept, she provides a few recent examples of popular NFT sales to listeners including the sale of a Banksy piece, a Beeple painting, and the Ethereum-based game Cryptokitties, which is the leading NFT of all time.

THE SHERPAS OF EVEREST: As discussed on Episode 32, Kathleen is watching the series ?Everest: Beyond The Limit? on Amazon Prime and has become fascinated with the Sherpas highlighted in the series. Kathleen LOVES the profile of Lhakpa Sherpa, who (as of 2019) has ascended Everest 19 times and is a dishwasher at Whole Foods in her off-season. Another of Kathleen?s favorite Sherpas is Kami Rita Sherpa who once climbed Everest twice in a single week. 

ANIMALS MOST LIKELY TO KILL YOU BY STATE: Kathleen continues with the segment Animals Most Likely to Kill You (By State), as reported by the Center for Disease Control. If you live in South Carolina stock up on bug spray to detract hornets, large mammals cause a high rate of death in South Dakota, Tennessee has an extremely high rate of brown recluse spider bites, and Texas has the most fatalities related to flood-rafting fire ants (NOT deaths involving longhorns, which Kathleen says ?have sweet eyes?) ;-) 

A SERIAL STOWAWAY: Kathleen CANNOT BELIEVE a story that she shares with listeners detailing the incidents of Marilyn Hartman, a serial airline stowaway who has recently been arrested again after her 22nd flight. Hartman?s story started in 2014 when she waged a virtual assault on San Francisco international airport, where she attempted to sneak on to half a dozen planes over the course of several months. 

COLUMBUS?S BEADS DISCOVERED IN ALASKA: Kathleen is thrilled to share an article about the discover of brilliantly blue beads from Europe unearthed by archaeologists in Arctic Alaska that may predate Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World, a new controversial study finds. The blueberry-size beads were likely created in Venice during the 15th century and then traded eastward, according to a study published online in the journal American Antiquity. Other archaeologists dispute the findings, stating that the materials post-date Columbus?s era. 

Kathleen then discloses to listeners that she would like to go to Alaska again, and although she is interested in the result of archaeology, she describes her mom and Jeff Foxworthy?s absolute passion for hunting arrowheads.

PA CHEERLEADING MOM ARRESTED: Kathleen reads an article about a Pennsylvania mother who was arrested for sending her teen daughter?s cheerleading coaches fake photos and videos depicting her rivals naked, drinking, or smoking, to try to get them kicked off the squad. Kathleen provides her own commentary on how this woman created these pieces of media and then described her own high school cheerleading experience which she compares to something in a ?C-level workout video.? 

THE FAKE SYBIL: Kathleen provides a brief outline of the 1973 book ?Sybil,? in which a woman claimed to have sixteen distinct egos which spun into a movie adaptation starring Sally Field. She goes on to read an update disclosing that Shirley Mason, the subject of the story, confessed that her multiple personalities were faked. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Everest: Beyond The Limit? on Amazon Prime, and ?Q: Into the Storm? on HBO. 

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Episode 32: A Discount Murder, Killer Clowns, & A 118-Year-Old Torch Bearer

Kathleen opens the show toasting listeners with a Jameson shot in honor of St. Patrick?s Day, with a Bud Light chaser. She showcases her Moonman Irish hoodie from Barstool Sports and reads a letter from a fan who sent Frank?s RedHot Ranch Seasoning mix, which she looks forward to preparing for next week?s Pubcast. 

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Hidden Valley Plant-Powered plant-based Ranch dressing. She then dips a Frito into Hidden Valley Ranch Aged Cheddar Ranch Dip and is excited to find Lucky Charms cereal with a leprechaun trap on the back of the box in honor of St. Patrick?s Day. 

Kathleen finishes the segment by telling listeners to watch the viral TikTok video of a British girl who tries Ranch dressing for the first time EVER.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen advises that Tanya Tucker has posted a quick video confirming that she?s been vaccinated with the COVID-19 shot, and Dolly simply continues to be fabulous.

FAKE HEIRESS ANNA DELVEY: As a follow up to Episode 29, Kathleen updates the Termites on the activities of Anna Sorokin (aka ?Delvey?) after her release from NY State prison. Sorokin confirms that she was paid $320,000 by Netflix for her story and says she has been offered other deals, so her jail time wasn?t without financial gain. Kathleen reads of the indulgence that Sorokin partook in prior to her sentencing, including champagne brunches lasting hours. Kathleen then tells a story about a champagne lunch that she had in New York with her friend Christa that ended in an enormous nap.

ELIZABETH HOLMES BABY DRAMA: As a follow up to Episode 13, Kathleen updates listeners that Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has requested that her trial be postponed because she is pregnant. Queue the suspenseful music?.

BANKSY GAME CHANGER: In keeping with Kathleen?s interest in elusive street mural artist Banksy, she reads an article announcing that his mural ?Game Changer? will go under the auction hammer at Christie?s 20th Century Art Evening Sale on March 23rd, 2021. The artwork carries a pre-sale estimate of approximately £3,000,000 and all proceeds will go to England?s National Health Service. 

ANIMALS MOST LIKELY TO KILL YOU BY STATE: Kathleen continues with the segment Animals Most Likely to Kill You (By State), as reported by the Center for Disease Control. If you live in Oregon beware of bees/wasps/yellow jackets, Pennsylvania has a massive dog problem, and Rhode Island lists black widow spiders as their leading animal killer. 

DRINKS ON A VOLCANO: Kathleen is fascinated by all-natural wonders, and advises listeners that the Hawaii Volcano Observatory recorded over 200 small magnitude earthquakes below volcano Mauna Loa last week. These and other observations of increased activity all point to an increased flow of magma into the volcano?s shallow storage system, and denote that Mauna Loa is slowly waking up for a massive eruption. Kathleen then describes a dinner that she had at the top of Mauna Loa while visiting the Big Island a few years ago, dining at The Rim restaurant. 

DISCOUNT MURDER-FOR-HIRE: Kathleen?s home at Lake of the Ozarks does her proud when she reads an article about realtor Leigh Ann Bauman, who paid an undisclosed hitwoman $1,500 to try and eliminate her former mother-in-law, according to the probable cause document for Bauman?s arrest and charging.

Bauman, a well-known real estate agent at Lake of the Ozarks, is facing a Class C Felony charge of Conspiracy To Commit Murder. If convicted, she would spend 3?10 years in prison. Kathleen provides her own commentary about the agreed-upon price for the hit, as well as the fact that police released Bauman for a window of time to attend a botox appointment prior to her finishing her criminal interview.

MISSOURI PREACHER?S PERFECT WOMAN: Kathleen laughs in dismay as she reads an article from Southern Missouri about a recent sermon given by a Baptist preacher that contained sexist and misogynistic content. Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of Missouri's Malden First General Baptist Church said in his Sunday sermon that women should look to maintain their figures and lose weight in order to keep their husband's attention. He also used a photo of former First Lady Melania Trump as an example of what women should aspire to. 

118-YEAR-OLD TORCH BEARER: Kathleen is thrilled to read an announcement that a 118-year-old Japanese woman, Kane Tanaka, will carry the Olympic torch this summer at the Tokyo Olympics. 

THE MOST RELAXING SONG EVER: Kathleen is a big fan of naps, and can?t wait to share with listeners that the most relaxing Weightless, by Marconi Union. The melody was specifically designed to slow human heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower cortisol. Kathleen recommends pouring a large glass of wine, turning up the song, and not driving.

MURDEROUS ROYAL CLOWNS: Kathleen laughs out loud at a recent (and brilliant) article from the Irish Times sifting through the wake of the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry. She feels strongly that the only way that a listener can truly appreciate the intent of the article is to read it in its entirety ;-) 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching ?Everest: Beyond The Limit? on Amazon Prime, ?Nomadland? on Hulu, and never watching ?I Care A Lot? on Netflix (although she?s a massive fan of the actors in that movie.)

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Episode 31: The New Chapo, A Yellow Penguin, & A Memphis Nazi

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Vibin? Groovable Lager from Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, FL. She sips from her Turtles? Bar pint glass that she purchased while visiting her parents in Sarasota and offers her thoughts on Oprah?s CBS Special: Meghan and Harry.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen advises that Tanya Tucker has been located at The Old Jody?s Restaurant in Temple, TX after hunkering down in the recent Texas ice storms. Kathleen then reads the latest news showing Queen Dolly Parton getting her Moderna COVID vaccine, and Kathleen sings a few bars of Dolly?s modification of her hit song ?Jolene?.  

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen Dorito?s 3D Crunch Spicy Ranch, and Ranch Corn Nuts (which she thinks will inevitably crack all of her teeth). 

WENDY?S BREAKFAST: Kathleen loves a drive-thru breakfast on the road, and is amazed to read that Wendy?s is leading the fast-food breakfast war with a new morning menu.  

JOHN McAFEE CRYPTO MONEY LAUNDERING: In a follow up to Episode 4, Kathleen provides an update on John McAfee, who was charged with using his social media to promote cryptocurrencies that he was secretly invested in to inflate their value. 

ROCKSTARS SELLING SONG CATALOGS: As listeners know, Kathleen is adamant against the recent surge in veteran songwriters selling their iconic song catalogs. The sale of Bob Dylan?s library was the largest in a spate of recent deals in which stars have cashed in on their old songs. From Lindsey Buckingham to producer Jimmy Iovine, many have sold all or part of the rights to their catalogs. Kathleen gives her opinion on the motivation behind those that have purchased these iconic musical libraries, as well as her own experiences in assigning rights to her own work. She then continues on to outline the latest sale of the Beach Boys? controlling interest in their intellectual property, reportedly because they aren?t able to tour to generate financial support. 

GUITAR GENIUS: Kathleen religiously follows the Instagram account of Polish guitarist Marcin, whose latest cover of Led Zepplin?s ?Kashmir? has had critics raving. The guitarist was a semi-finalist on Season 14 of America?s Got Talent.

ANIMALS MOST LIKELY TO KILL YOU BY STATE: Kathleen continues with the segment Animals Most Likely to Kill You (By State), as reported by the Center for Disease Control. If you live in Ohio be especially careful around dogs, and Oklahoma leads the nation in Tiger attacks.

MORE COOL THINGS INVENTED BY WOMEN: Kathleen continues her reporting on cool stuff invented by women, describing the invention of the dishwasher by Josephine Cochrane, and the home security system, invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown

SOUTH CAROLINA?S FIRING SQUAD: Kathleen loves South Carolina and spends a great deal of her vacation time in the Charleston area. That state?s senators recently voted to approve a bill designed to restart executions in the state by adding firing squad or electrocution as options if lethal injection drugs are not available. 

FATTEST CITIES IN AMERICA: After a year in COVID quarantine, many Termites have gained a few extra pounds. Kathleen reads an article released by WalletHub detailing its report on 2021?s Most Overweight and Obese Cities in the U.S. With obesity possibly tripling the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19, the personal-finance website is calling attention to the communities where weight-related problems are most prevalent. Kathleen compares the published list to her own experiences in the cities listed. 

THE NEW CHAPO: As a follow-up to Kathleen?s interest in El Chapo, she updates her Termites on the emergence of a new Mexican drug lord Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, commonly referred to by his alias El Mencho. Leader of the CJNG Cartel, he is the most-wanted criminal in Mexico and one of the most-wanted in the U.S. Both governments are offering up to MXN$30 million and US$10 million, respectively, for information that leads to his arrest.

UNVEILING THE 1ST SPACE HOTEL: Kathleen loves all travel related to Space and is excited to read an article announcing that construction of the first-ever Space hotel will begin in 2025. 

MEMPHIS NAZI: Kathleen has watched hundreds of WWII movies with her dad, so is extremely interested in an article disclosing the recent discovery and deportation of a 95-year-old Nazi concentration camp guard in Memphis. 

CANADIAN LECTURER JORDAN PETERSON: As her Termites know, Kathleen is interested in the leadership personalities of cult-like figureheads. She provides listeners the background and ideologies of Canadian author and lecturer Jordan Peterson, outlining his known written works and his history. Kathleen moves on to detail Peterson?s recent issues with drugs and a medically induced coma in Russia, as well as her thoughts on his upcoming 2021 release

RARE YELLOW PENGUIN SPOTTED: Kathleen is thrilled to read an article from a Belgian wildlife photographer Yves Adams, who photographed a rare yellow-colored King Penguin in South Georgia. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching Allen v Farrow on HBO, and then if you want to gain a perspective on Allen?s movies watch ?Hannah and Her Sisters? in which her good friend Lewis Black has a role. Kathleen also watched the 4-part series ?Murder Among The Mormons? on Netflix. 

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Episode 30: Solar Cars, Drive-Thru Siri, & a UFO In New Mexico

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Cheap Sunglasses Kolsch beer from Fairhope Brewing Company in Southern Alabama. She then provides listeners with an update on her recent visit to Florida to visit her parents. 

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN?S QUEEN?S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen introduces Chaka Khan to the court, and gives Tanya Tucker and Dolly Parton the week off since they worked overtime last week during the Texas ice storms. 

A QUEST FOR RANCH: ?Do you have any Ranch?!? In Kathleen?s search for the most delicious Ranch available she samples Whataburger?s Jalapeno Ranch Dressing on a saltine cracker, and then moves on to try St. Louis?s own Black Peppered Parmesan Ranch from Twisted Ranch

?BAD GOOD FOOD?: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Lester?s Fixins Ranch Dressing Soda, which she rates as putrid. She then opens a bag of Snyder?s Buttermilk Ranch Pretzels, and boasts about ALL of the food available at Buc-ee?s truck stops, which she recently visited in Georgia on her way to Florida to visit her parents. 

DRIVE-THRU SIRI: Kathleen reads an article on the AI enhancements that fast food chains are implementing at a rapid pace in order to make their drive-thru smarter, with the help of technology that can do things like identify a customer and then offer them ?the usual.? The new technology incorporates data points such as mobile-phone app detection, loyalty accounts and order history, and aligning the 1st item ordered with other food items that compliment that selection. 

SOUTH DAKOTA AG DEVELOPMENT: As a follow up to Episode 29?s article regarding the South Dakota Attorney General hitting a man and killing him with his car last Fall, Kathleen provides an update as to new information that has been brought forth proving that AG Ravnsborg lied to police the night of the accident. He continues to resist calls to resign as he sticks to his defense. 

POMPEII CHARIOT FOUND: In continuing her attachment to the resurrection of Pompeii, Kathleen reads an article announcing that excavators have discovered a large four-wheel ceremonial chariot in the ruins there. The bronze and tin chariot is almost fully intact, with wooden remains and the imprint of ropes, according to an announcement from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

SOLAR CARS ROLLING OUT IN 2021: In following Kathleen?s obsession with the need to moving the transportation forward, Aptera Motors, a California company whose name comes from the ancient Greek for ?wingless,? is rolling out the first mass-produced solar car this year. It?s a three-wheeled, ultra-aerodynamic electric vehicle covered in 34 square feet of solar cells. Kathleen is excited to see progress in the automobile world, but is still adamant that the true car of the future is a flying car.

ANIMALS MOST LIKELY TO KILL YOU BY STATE: Kathleen continues with the segment Animals Most Likely to Kill You (By State), as reported by the Center for Disease Control. If you live in North Carolina beware of fire ants, and North Dakota is a leading state for bison attacks causing death.  

MORE COOL THINGS INVENTED BY WOMEN: Kathleen continues her reporting on cool stuff invented by women, describing the invention of Kevlar by Stephanie Kwolek, and the creation of the traditional Monopoly game by Elizabeth Magie

EL CHAPO?S WIFE ARRESTED: Kathleen diligently followed the arrest and trial of El Chapo, and was shocked to read that his 31-year-old wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia as she was poised to rat out the Mexican cartel and plan a heist of her famous husband from prison. Kathleen provides her own commentary on the arrest and character of Aispuro, seeing as the former model registered the El Chapo Guzman trademark shortly after her husband?s trial so that she could market cell phone cases and clothing.

HALF MALE/HALF FEMALE CARDINAL SPOTTED: Kathleen is excited to read an article about a recent sighting by a longtime birdwatcher in Warren County, PA: a cardinal that is half male and half female.

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS SLEEPOVER: Kathleen recalls the thrill and fear that she felt when she first saw the 30-year-old movie The Silence of the Lambs, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. She then reads a news article announcing that the home in the movie that housed serial killer Buffalo Bill has been purchased and renovated, and will soon be open for rent to overnight guests and private functions. 

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends listening to the BBC podcast ?Fake Heiress? and the ?Missing Richard Simmons? podcast wherever you get podcasts. She also recommends adding the Netflix documentary ?Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell,? and the Netflix series ?Narcos: El Chapo.?

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Kathleen reads the mystery of an American Airlines flight crew who spotted a UFO-like object over Northeast New Mexico on February 21st, 2021. The FBI has acknowledged the report, but will neither confirm nor deny their validation of extraterrestrial activity. 

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