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Rightbrainers is a podcast series that unpacks the latest trends in technology & creativity through real stories of creative breakthroughs. Podcast and guests brought to you by Z by HP. Visit to learn more.


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Nonny de la Peña: Democratizing Storytelling

Godmother of VR and founder/CEO of the Emblematic Group Nonny de la Peña talks to Tito about her path into the world of VR, immersive journalism, and how she uses virtual reality as a tool for empathy building. Make sure to check out her latest project from the Emblematic Group, REACH, at
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Ian Briggs: Designing for Emotion

Tito chats with Ian Briggs, co-founder and design director at Briggs Automotive Company about the Mono sports car, Ian?s design process, and why he lets feeling lead the way. Learn more about Briggs Automotive Company, Ian, and Mono at
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Matt Workman: Shaping Virtual Production

The film industry is going virtual. Matt Workman, cinematographer and developer, shares his thoughts on virtual production, how he got his start and why he thinks this collaborative new process will crack the film industry wide open. Check out Matt?s latest and greatest work at
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Kiira Benzing: Multidimensional Storytelling

Tito sits down with multidimensional director Kiira Benzing, to learn how she?s using virtual reality to transform the world of theatre and immersive storytelling. Be sure to check out her incredible work at, Double Eye Studios, and keep your eyes peeled for their latest project, Finding Pandora X. 
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GMUNK: Cultivating Creative Energy

For director and designer GMUNK it?s all about curiosity, collaboration and finding that right creative energy for every project. Tune in to learn how he cultivates a relentless creative appetite for trying things he?s never done before. Check his latest projects at, or stay up to date with him on twitter @GMUNK. Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK) is a Z by HP Ambassador. Z by HP sponsors and provides products to ambassadors as part of their ongoing partnership with the brand. The trademarks used in the Rightbrainers podcast are owned by their respective owners. This Podcast reflects information from industry leaders and organizations who, unless indicated, are not affiliated or associated with HP. Third party trademarks are referenced for informational purposes and do not represent any endorsement by their respective owners of HP.
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Dive into real stories of creative breakthroughs. Hear the trailer now. 
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