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Rotten Mango

Rotten but still a little sweet! Rotten Mango is a true crime + all things spooky podcast. We love doing deep dives into the darkest crimes and we tend to not leave out any details - which can get a little rotten at times. If you want deep dives in the psychology of killers, no holding back storytelling of crimes, and stories of lesser known criminals from around the world this is the place for you. Welcome to Rotten Mango but don?t worry it all comes with a seasoning of comedy/sweetness.


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India's Daughter - New Delhi Bus Rape and Murder Case

A 15-year-old hitchhiker catches a ride with a sweet "grandpa looking man." She was excited to go home but he had plans of his own. His plans resulted in her with both her arms amputated and thrown off a cliff.  On the other side of the world, another girl got on a bus after visiting the movies with a friend. She would be found tossed off the bus clinging on for her life.  Some of the darkest cases I've covered but it's been highly requested and we need to keep these stories alive. Get your tissues ready - it's gut wrenching. 
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Kidnapped Victim Forced To "Fall In Love" With Her Captor

She wakes up in a room with no memory of where she is and even who she is... What's even more alarming is that her kidnapper tells her that she will only survive this if she falls in love with him.  Anytime the kidnapper believes it isn't going as expected he drugs up the victim and resets her memory once more... Today's episode is a Baking A Mystery which is a completely fictional story! If you are only into true crime no worries we post every single Wednesday! 
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The British Jeffrey Dahmer - He Keeps Corpses As Roommates

Police are called out about clogged drains underneath a house in London... doesn't really sound like detective work.  BUT it soon becomes apparent that the drains have been clogged with human remains. Someone inside the house has been flushing human remains down the toilet. (Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?) The police think they're about to arrest a murderer but little do they know they've got a serial killer on their hands. 
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Deaf Author Gets Stalked By Serial Killer In The Woods (BAM)

A deaf & mute horror writer is staying isolated in the cabin so that she can focus on her manuscript.  A serial killer happens upon her house and decides to make her his next victim. Can she outsmart him? How will she escape?  After all, he has the advantage. He can hear her.  Today's episode is part of the Baking A Mystery series and is a completely fictional story! But it's got an intense mystery for you!   If you are only interested in true crime, no worries we will be back every Wednesday! 
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The Missing Korean YouTubers (BAM)

Korean YouTubers decide to explore the most haunted place in South Korea... Gonjiam - an abandoned mental asylum where there are rumors of patients who were driven to madness and eventually murdered by the evil hospital director.  The YouTubers are live-streaming their entire experience inside the haunted place and slowly... one by one... they go missing. Today's podcast episode is a Baking A Mystery! It is a completely fictional story! If you are only into true crime don't worry we post every single Wednesday!  
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The Mysterious Slumber Party Death - Death of Tamla Horsford

A slumber party filled with responsible football moms whose kids all play football together... when they wake up one of them is dead in the backyard.  When the police start investigating things start getting weirder... A woman tries to bribe the police with Dunkin Donuts gift cards (yes, you read that right). A boyfriend in law enforcement kept accessing Tamla's investigation file unlawfully.  And that's just the tip of this murky, confusing, mysterious iceberg of a case. 
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I Killed My Wife And Her Body Disappeared (BAM)

The body of a deceased CEO of a major pharmaceuticals company goes missing from the morgue before it can be autopsied. The police find mounting evidence that the husband has a lot of motive to murder his wife and then steal her corpse so all evidence of the murder will be gone.  The husband also finds mounting evidence that his wife is not dead at all... and maybe she walked out of the morgue? GREAT READY FOR THE MOTHER LOAD OF PLOT TWISTS *This is a Baking A Mystery so it's based on a fictional story and not a true crime case! If you're only into true crime don't worry we post every Wednesday here! 
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The Real Life "Dexter" Serial Killer

A serial killer who only kills other murderers. He has killed over 60 drug dealers, murderers, molesters, and fellow serial killers in some of the most brutal ways.  Fun Fact: He's a free man today.  Is he the real-life Dexter? Is this vigilante justice?  Or is he just as sick and twisted as all the other serial killers out there? 
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The Bleach Torture Killer

She was tortured with bleach till her skin fell off - and then her friends lit her on fire.  Another girl had her knees crushed by her boyfriend so she could never run away.  Frequently spoken about alongside Junko Furuta's case... these two cases are some of the vilest cases of torture we've researched.  We also do a quick dive into where torture even started (the CIA gets involved). It's an intense one. Buckle up. 
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The McDonald's Killer

77 minutes of absolute psychological torture, murder, and loss. His youngest victim was 8 months old.  This might be one of the saddest cases we cover. 
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The Foot Fetish Killer

He took something from his first victim - one of her feet. He kept it in the freezer and used it to model his collection of high heels.  A collector of sorts - feet, breast, high heels, and underwear from unsuspecting women for over a decade but his dream was to have a collection of women in his freezer. Did he make his dream come true?
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She Moved Into A Serial Killers House And Now They Won't Stop Calling (BAM)

The Korean movie "The Call" that has been highly requested is finally here!  This is what happens when a serial killer keeps calling you asking for favors. It's a really intense one so buckle up!  Today's episode is a Baking A Mystery! This is a fictional story and did not happen in real life. If you are only interested in true crime (don't worry) we have episodes every single Wednesday and I'll see you then!  Let me know if you've seen this movie before! It's insane.
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Daisy's Destruction - Dark Web "Pedo-Empire"

Daisy's Destruction - the 1-hour long video with 3 adults torturing an infant (18-month-old Daisy) was released onto the dark web in 2012. To most of us, it sounded like an urban legend, but to a lot of twisted people in the world, it was worth the $10,000 viewing price.  Today's episode enters the world of the dark web "Pedo-Empire" and you would never believe who's behind the screen.  
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The Baby Farm Killer

A millionaire who dreams of having dozens of women to all get pregnant with his children at the same time. He will do whatever it takes...  There's electrocution, a Cuisnart blender, and a freezer full of meat, even stomping screwdrivers into women's ear holes..
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The Chessboard Killer

64 squares on a chessboard. And each represented a victim he viciously murdered.  His trademark? Shoving a vodka bottle into the cracks of the skull he just split. The victims were almost always still alive during this.  Obsessed with the Queen's Gamebit? Got a new fascination with chess? He was obsessed too. Meet the chessboard killer. 
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The Girl In The Box

She was kidnapped and placed in a coffin-like box for 23 hours a day for 7 years.  The kidnappers placed her under their water bed all day and only brought her out at night to torture her.  They made a sensory deprivation box outfitted for her head that they forced her to wear. It prevented light, sound, smell, and fresh air from entering. This episode is about couples who kidnap young women to fulfill their sick fantasies. It gets wild. 
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The Lululemon Murder

2 women were terrorized in the back of a yoga store at the time of closing. 2 men in black caught on security cameras. The investigation comes to a sudden halt when the investigators realize nothing is as it seems.  All for some yoga pants. 
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No Doctor Has Ever Survived Treating This Mental Asylum Patient (BAM Halloween Special)

An undiagnosable patient at a mental asylum has driven every single one of his doctors into madness and often times... to their mysterious death.  Is there something sinisterly wrong with him or is it a contagious madness?  Welcome to the Halloween special of Baking A Mystery! This is a fictional story and isn't true. As always, the video version is up on the YouTube channel "MissMangoButt"  If you are exclusively into true crime there will always be a new episode every Wednesday! 
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120 Days Of Murder

4 wealthy men isolate themselves on an island with 40 victims and spend 4 months torturing them with the most vile, sick torture.  This is the inspiration behind the prolific serial killer couple from the UK.
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A Gardener And His "Butterflies" (Kidnapped Women He's Desperate To Preserve) BAM EPISODE

In an isolated mansion, a "gardener" is obsessed with his "butterfly" collection. His kidnapped victims must play into his sick fantasy or risk being killed. Welcome to another Baking A Mystery (BAM) series! Today's video is a fictional story and is NOT a true crime story. If you guys are only interested in true crime stay tuned every Wednesday!  The visual version of this is up on YouTube under "MissMangoButt Baking A Mystery"
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The Hunger Games Serial Killer

He blindfolds his victims, releases them out into the wilderness, gives them a head start... then he hunts them down with his hunting rifle.  Hunting is his favorite game and human are his favorite prey.  This is the story of the real-life Hunger Games serial killer.
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The Werewolf Of New York

She killed her husband then tried to feed his children dinner... that she cooked with his body parts.  He likes to cover people in bacon before roasting them.  In honor of Spooktober, today's episode is a long juicy one with two different killers who have completely different methods + motives... but a strange fascination with the forbidden meat. Whatever you do ... don't look in their oven.
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The Real House Of Horrors

Peepholes installed for his viewing pleasure.  Chains from the ceiling to suspend the victims.  Baby monitors placed strategically so he could hear her from anywhere.  Shallow graves in the basement, garage, and backyard.  We are starting off Spooktober with the Real House of Horrors. This is one house you would never want to step foot in. Nobody is safe. Especially the children. 
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Snowed In With 4 Strangers - 1 Of Them Is A Murderer (BAM #3)

And she only has 15 hours to figure out which one of them is the killer. It's only a matter of time before the killer realizes that she's onto them.  Baking A Mystery #3! This is a fictional story (if you are only into true crime please come back for our scheduled Wednesday postings!) *If you would like to see the video version of this it is up on YouTube "MissMangoButt Baking A Mystery" there is a playlist where all of the visuals get posted! See you Wednesday! 
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The Alice in Wonderland Murders

A quadruple homicide An adult film star (known for his spectacularly large "asset") at the center of the murder investigation The police compared the brutality of the crime with that of the Manson murders... and it left everyone wondering... What actually happens in Wonderland? 
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The Twisted Life of Jeffrey Dahmer *He Wanted to Create Living Zombies

He injected his victims in the skull with hydrochloric acid and sometimes boiling water - all because he wanted to create living zombies.  Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most twisted serial killers in history.  It's a real life nightmare guys. Get ready.
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The REAL Silence of the Lambs Killer *he wears skin (seriously)

We've seen the movies Silence of the Lambs + Texas Chainsaw Massacre and went to bed thinking "at least it's just a movie." But what if it wasn't? What if the person the movies were inspired by was darker, more sinister, and scarier than the movies themselves?  This is the real life story those movies are inspired by. He wears dead people's skin. Seriously.  
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The Dairy Farm Serial Killer

3 girls from a dairy farm in Ohio go to Florida for their first ever vacation. It was going to be the trip of their dreams. Disney World. Beaches. Boat Rides. They documented everything on their camera.  Then they were found floating attached to concrete blocks in Tampa Bay. They had been dead for days. The investigators follow their entire itinerary to catch a potential serial killer on the loose. 
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The Vampire Serial Killer

He was a product of incest, born with "Dracula hands"... He would then grow up to murder 4-year-old girls Drink their blood And take their hands home to roast and to consume..
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She saw her neighbor's murder but everyone tells her the neighbor never even existed (BAM #2)

She's an Agoraphobe that never leaves her house Agoraphobic - an extreme/irrational fear of the outside  Through her window she witnesses her neighbor being murdered. But everyone around her including the police, her own family, and the neighbor's family all tell her that the neighbor she saw die NEVER even existed...  BAKING A MYSTERY #2 is a fictional minisode on the Rotten Mango If you guys are just interested in true crime please watch out for a crazy story coming to you on Wednesday! 
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The Butcher of Russia

One of Russia's most infamous serial killers ever...  He has killed over 53 women and children... and it all started because he couldn't get a boner. You read that right.  His erectile dysfunction led him down a dark sinister path of murder. 
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Sex with Severed Heads

The title is NOT a lie. This serial killer is into having sex with severed heads. For some reason he doesn't like it when the head is attached to the body.  One of the nastiest necrophiliacs I've researched.  *Necrophilia [noun] sexual intercourse with or attraction towards dead bodies
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Everyone Goes Missing In This Apartment Building (BAM #1)

She gets a job at an apartment building.  Her boss gives her a list of strange rules to follow.  DON'T BE NOSY is one of them. But she can't help but notice that everyone is going missing in this building.  Welcome to Baking A Mystery where I tell you guys the story of a mystery (fictional usually) that I've been thinking heavily about. This series started on my YouTube channel (MissMangoButt) and will be released here for the audio listeners! If you are interested in seeing me actually bake while telling this story the visuals will be on my YouTube!  If you are just here for the true crime and no fictional mysteries that I'm obsessing over - those episodes will still be up every single Wednesday! 
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The Dildo Submarine Murder

Remote-controlled dildos Russian mafia Columbian drug cartels A strip club named Porky's and The $35 million Russian military submarine that was about to be sold to transport 40 tons of cocaine right under the nose of the FBI.  I can't make this shit up.
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Incest Murder Party

A 19 year old girl goes missing Two days later her abusive uncle ?commits suicide? Then police arrest 11 family members Coincidence? Or was the family hiding something as dark as an incestuous sex ring run by an uncle who wanted everyone to ?swap children.? Warning - this story is really dark and triggering.
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The Coca-Cola Torture Murder

On her stomach, she was branded with the words "I'm a prostitute and proud of it"  She was tortured by Coca-Cola bottles and knives for months.. This might ruin soda for you forever
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The Japanese Cannibal Murderer

He murdered a woman because he wanted to eat her bottom, breasts, and thighs. The police caught him but set him free.  The free man who happens to be a cannibal + murderer then turns in an ADULT FILM ACTOR.  THIS IS A WILD STORY.  I can't even write a summary without wanting to pull out my hair in confusion.  And guess what? He's a free man today. 
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The Killer Clown - Serial Killer

Are you afraid of clowns? Most clowns when they take off their makeup and costumes they're just normal people. But today's case is about a clown... when he took off his makeup he was something scarier... a serial killer.  "Do you want to see a magic trick?" - it's about to get really creepy. 
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The Hello Kitty Murder

The decapitated head of a woman was found sewn into a giant Hello Kitty doll...  The rest of her body was missing. A 14 year old girl claims to have been haunted by her ghost. BUT IT GETS WEIRDER...  If you love Hello Kitty - this one might give you some nightmares. 
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The Unabomber - Genius Serial Killer or Harvard Experiment Gone Wrong?

Not your typical serial killer case... you have a genius Harvard graduated mathematician inside a tiny wooden shed in Montana making 16 different bombs to ship across the nation. He terrorized America for almost 20 years and caused one of the largest manhunts in FBI history.... Honestly the scary thing is he might have gotten away with it if it weren't for...  biss you better listen I'm not going to tell you in this box
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Cannibalism- The Forbidden Meat

One man wants to eat human flesh with a glass of wine. One man wants to have his "eggplant" bitten off and grilled. They end up going on a deadly date and filming the 4 hour long deed. They called it the "slaughtering." Is it murder if the victim got off to it and wanted it?  Grab a plate of sausages and eggs and let's get cooking. I'm kidding. Just bring the sausages. 
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44 Days Of Hell ? The Murder of Junko Furuta

The darkest case I have ever covered  44 days of the sickest torture... there's burning alive... and fireworks involved? It get's really dark. 
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Toy Box Killer

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