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Unfinished: Deep South

Unfinished: Deep South

At the dawn of the Civil Rights era, a wealthy African American farmer and veteran named Isadore Banks was lynched on the Arkansas Delta. More than 60 years later, journalists Taylor Hom and Neil Shea join members of the Banks family on a quest to find out who killed Isadore and restore his legacy. What they find will shake a small Southern town from its silence, explore the story of African American prosperity on the Delta, and trace the roots of racial terror from Isadore’s day up through our own. Hear more great stories about complicated people from Witness Docs at


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S1 E7 The Stepdaughter

Isadore wasn?t the only victim of racial violence in Crittenden County. We track down a woman whose faded childhood memories could help solve two lynchings. But will she talk?
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S1 E6 The Housepainter

The investigation takes a turn when we get the name of a new suspect -- and learn he may have been involved in a second lynching, nine years later.
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S1 E5 A Very American Crime

Some people still refuse to call Isadore?s murder a lynching. So in this episode, we take a step back to ask: what, exactly, is a lynching? And why, in 2020, do we still have trouble talking about it?
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S1 E4 White Memories

The lynching of Isadore Banks was a catastrophe for the African American community of Marion, Arkansas, and it?s never been forgotten. But for white people, the story is very different. Is this town hiding a secret?
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S1 E3 Family Ties

Tracing back Isadore?s family helps understand his wealth. Isadore wasn?t an anomaly-  many African Americans in the south had land, built wealth and created their own communities to thrive.
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S1 E2 The High Sheriff

A $7 million dollar fortune. A white supremacist sheriff. And a 66-year-old mystery: what happened to Isadore Banks? land and wealth?
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S1 E1 Isadore Banks

For most of his life Isadore Banks found ways to survive?and thrive?in the violently anti-black South. He became one of the largest land-owners on the Arkansas Delta, ran several businesses, and was a leader in his community. Then, something changed.
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Introducing Unfinished: Deep South

Unfinished: Deep South tells the story of a wealthy African American farmer named Isadore Banks who was lynched in 1954. He owned more than 1,000 acres of land along the Arkansas Delta until it all disappeared with his death. In a quest to find his killers and unpack how his murder shattered a community, we?ll get to the heart of America?s unfinished business by asking ?Who Lynched Isadore Banks?? Premiering June 29th.
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