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Hot Takes With Matt Gaetz

Hot Takes With Matt Gaetz

Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz gives the listener a full access, behind-the-scenes look into the Swamp of Washington without the spin of Fake News. Congressman Gaetz brings you the news of the day without holding back any punches. No spin, no lies, all hard-hitting truths. Subscribe today to never miss Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz. NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEKDAY!


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Episode 136 - Gov. Cuomo's Absolute Meltdown at a COVID Presser. Toilet Paper Panic 2.0. Where the Heck is John Durham?

If America were observing the 2020 US presidential race as if it occurred in a foreign country, would it hold up to our standards? Or would it be considered fraudulent? If election observers were excluded from the counting of the ballots in other countries' elections, what would we think of that? I break down these questions and more on today's episode and give my hot takes on Governor Cuomo's COVID presser meltdown, America's second toilet paper panic, and more. 

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Episode 135 ? California Sheriffs Defy Gavin Newsom?s Lockdown Orders. AOC Wants to Pay People to Stay Home. Bring the Troops Home! Trump 2024?

Sheriffs in Orange County and El Dorado County will defy Governor Gavin Newsom's anti-liberty lockdown orders. AOC tweeted that America should pay people to stay home ? I break down my thoughts on her idea. I spoke at today's House Armed Services Committee and gave my thoughts on bringing home the troops in Afghanistan. PLUS: if President Trump runs again in 2024, I'm all in and more!

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Episode 134 ? Republican Fireworks in Wayne County, MI. Florida Democrats in A Post-Election Meltdown! Harvard University Petition to Ban Trump Officials on Campus.

Republicans on the Wayne County Election Board in Michigan rescind their votes to certify the presidential election, citing claims of bullying and intimidation. Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted his hot takes on the Kentucky governor's lockdown rules. The COVID generation is feeling the negative impact of the lockdowns and coronavirus regulations. PLUS: I explain the meltdown Florida Democrats are having since the state became solid red for Republicans and more! 

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Episode 133 ? Pontifex Liking Sexypix! Can COVID-19 Immunity Last For Years? Senate GOP Warriors Take On Big Tech CEOs Again.

Pope Francis' verified account was caught on Instagram blessing a promiscuous model's content. A New York Times report explores whether or not COVID-19 immunity could last for years or even decades. GOP Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and more took on Big Tech CEOs at yesterday's hearing.  Breitbart interviews President Trump's pick for Ambassador to Afghanistan. PLUS: Harry Styles' photoshoot in a dress gets the country talking about gender roles and more! 

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Episode 132 ? The Trump Administration's Beat Down of Big Pharma. Smartmatic CEO Confirmed Millions of Votes in Venezuelan Election Were Fabricated. Why I'm Against Zoos.

No American president in recent history has been tougher on Big Pharma than President Trump ? I break down why. In 2017, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica claimed around 1 million votes were fabricated in the Venezuelan elections, so why are we using them? Senator Chuck Schumer says Biden can wipe away student loan debt with an executive order, but Biden was leading the charge against students and for the credit companies. What are your thoughts on apprenticeships? PLUS: I give my hot takes on zoos and more! 

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Episode 131 ? Investigate Dominion Voting Software. President Trump's Action Plan Against China. SpaceX Launches Humans to ISS! Stacey Abrams Ramps Up Mail-In Ballot Effort in Georgia.

Sydney Powell, attorney for General Michael Flynn, joined Eric Bolling this weekend to detail her ongoing investigation into Dominion voting software and voter fraud allegations. President Trump is planning to execute a series of policy decisions against China in the coming weeks. Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a challenge for Republicans that she herself is not doing. PLUS: SpaceX this weekend sent four humans to the International Space Station and more!

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Episode 130 ? Trump Campaign Scores A Huge Legal Victory. Newsmax's Big Ratings. Chicago Mayor Urges Canceling Thanksgiving. Twitter?s Meltdown Over My Tiffany Trump Tweet!

A judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that ballots of first-time voters without proper identification will NOT be counted. While Newsmax's ratings are on the rise, I talked with Greg Kelly last night on his show to discuss voter fraud. Yesterday on the podcast we discussed Biden advisers floating a national mask mandate, but do they really work? PLUS: Twitter goes crazy over my tweet exchange with Tiffany Trump and more!

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Episode 129 ? Dr. Fauci Was Wrong, Rand Paul Was Right. America First Patriots Join The Pentagon. FEC Chairman Says Voter Fraud IS Taking Place. Virtual Influencers On The Rise.

Dr. Anthony Fauci scolded Senator Rand Paul at a Senate hearing for suggesting pre-existing immunities from the common cold coronavirus could possibly render someone immune to COVID-19, but it turns out Senator Paul was correct. Democrats float the "Trump Accountability Project" to shame administration officials and supporters, but, as usual, their reasoning doesn't add up.  PLUS: Will progressive Democrats make reparations a priority under Pelosi? 

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Episode 128 ? Happy Veterans Day! Dead Voters for Biden? Will Nancy Pelosi Lose Her Title of Speaker of the House? Cleaning House at the DOJ. Stand Your Ground Laws Strengthened in Florida.

Today, we honor the brave men and women of the military - Happy Veterans Day! Joe Biden has overwhelmingly won a peculiar demographic: dead people. Fox News' Sandra Smith was caught on a hot mic, but was it intentionally leaked? PLUS: Nancy Pelosi is fighting to remain Speaker of the House and more! 

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Episode 127 - Suspicious Biden Ballots Appear at 4:30 AM? The Left Drafts Political Enemy Lists. What is a COVID Long-Hauler?

Not much good happens at 4:30 in the morning, and according to some whistleblowers, there was not much good happening with the vote counting process in key battleground states. I discuss allegations of election fraud and misconduct on today's Hot Takes episode! 

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Episode 126 - Biden Moves to Force Mask Mandate. Radical Dems Seek Political Domination Through Georgia. Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel?

Chuck Schumer is ready to pounce on a Democratic Senate Majority, but can he find success in Georgia? Meanwhile, Joe Biden has already laid out one of his first actions if inaugurated: a nation-wide mask mandate. I break it all down on today's episode. 

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Episode 125 ? Investigate Voter Fraud IMMEDIATELY! Is Putin's Health Failing? Election Night Vices.

Before any electors are appointed, allegations of massive, nationwide voter fraud must be addressed and definitively concluded. Andrew Yang says Democrats don't appeal to working-class voters. A report from the UK says Vladamir Putin's health is in decline,  but the Kremlin hits back. PLUS: Online searches for pizza, alcohol, and marijuana spiked during Election Night and more! 

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Episode 124 ? Paths to 270 Remain Open For Trump and Biden. Is The Era of Speaker Pelosi Almost Over? Lil Wayne Chooses Trump Over Girlfriend. French Bulldog Wins Mayoral Race in KY.

Despite early calls, Arizona is still up for grabs and trending for President Trump. Democrats question whether or not Nancy Pelosi should remain Speaker of the House after a lackluster performance on Election Night. Lil  Wayne and his girlfriend break up over his endorsement of President Trump. PLUS: French Bulldog Mayor Wilbur Beast wins in Kentucky and more!

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Episode 123 ? Battle to 270: Trump?s Chances Still Alive. I?m Going Back to Congress! Kayne Concedes. Biggest Winner of Election Night: Drugs.

The 2020 presidential race is still undecided, but the path for victory for President Trump remains alive. Florida?s 1st Congressional District overwhelmingly re-elected me to the U.S. House of Representatives for another term - what an honor! Kanye West withdraws from the race. California votes YES on Proposition 22 - a major win for Uber and Lyft. PLUS: The biggest winner on the ballot across America: drugs.

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Episode 122 ? Go Vote! Election Night in America. Terror Attacks in Vienna. Florida Man Catches 1,000-Pound Gator!

As America prepares for election night, I talk about where President Trump needs to be successful to win a second term. Tucker Carlson breaks down why the American people are standing against the Establishment this election. Vienna faces a deadly terrorist attack. PLUS: Florida man catches a 1,00-pound alligator and more! 

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Episode 121 - Mean Maxine. Krazy Kamala. Britain Locking Down. Big Tech Hate. FBI Jumps the Shark. Hollywood Insanity. Election Latest News. McRib Returns & More!

Cities aren't boarding up right now out of fear that Trump supporters are going to burn them to the ground.  They're bracing for political violence from the radical left. Don't miss my EXCLUSIVE podcast pre-election breakdown on today's episode! 

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Episode 120 ? Republican Early Vote SURGES Nationwide! Lil Wayne Joins The America First Movement. Tracking COVID With Sewers?

CNN reports that Republicans are narrowing the early voting gap nationwide. Lil Wayne becomes the latest rapper to publicly endorse President Trump for re-election, joining a growing list of high profile artists. PLUS: Are the sewers key to tracking the transmission of COVID-19? Check out today's Hot Takes! 

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Episode 119 ? FAIL: Anonymous "Senior Trump Official" Author Revealed...As Low-Level Bureaucrat. America's Economy is BACK! Girl Scouts Get a Taste of Cancel Culture.

Miles Taylor, a staffer in DHS, revealed he is the author of the New York Times' anonymous op-ed claiming to be part of the resistance in the Trump administration. The Great American Comeback is here with the largest GDP percentage growth in our country's history. PLUS: Squad member Rep. Pressley goes after the Girl Scouts for congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett and more!

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Episode 118 ? SHOCKING: Bobulinski Exposes The Bidens on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Ted Cruz Rips Jack Dorsey Over Censorship. Is Canada Anti-Illegal Immigration?

Tony Bobulinski exposed the Biden Crime Family on Tucker Carlson with an in-depth recount of Joe Biden's corruption. Ted Cruz ripped Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a new one over censoring the New York Post's bombshell Hunter Biden exposé. PLUS: Canada complains about the potential influx of illegal immigrants and more!

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Episode 117 ? SCOTUS Hands GOP Major Victory in Wisconsin. Philly Mobs Attacks Police. Illegal Big Tech Collusion.

The Supreme Court yesterday ruled in favor of Republicans to prevent Wisconsin from counting mailed ballots received after Election Day. Criminal mobs in Philadelphia ganged up on police after officers shot and killed a knife-wielding man who charged at them. PLUS: The Department of Justice is investigating a potentially illegal backroom deal between Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai and more! 

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Episode 116 ? Jews for Trump Attacked in NYC. Fauci Calls for National Mask Mandate. NASA's Moon Discovery.

Criminal protesters attacked patriotic Jewish Americans in NYC supporting President Trump. Dr. Fauci suggests he's in favor of a national mask mandate. Israel and Sudan, with the help of the United States, move to normalize relations. PLUS: NASA makes an exciting new discovery about the Earth's moon and more!

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Episode 115 ? President Trump's Alpha Debate Performance. Defund NPR. Biden Family Business Associate EXPOSES Their Criminal Behavior.

President Trump and Joe Biden held back no punches in last night's debate, but the basement dweller couldn't stay awake for long. It's time to defund NPR once and for all. Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski held a press conference exposing Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption, announcing his next step is an interview with the FBI... 

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Episode 114 ? BREAKING: Joe Biden Directly Implicated in Corruption Scandal. Trump Administration Makes Big Pharma Pay. San Francisco Goes Full CAREN.

Fox News' Mike Emanuel tweeted bombshell evidence of Hunter Biden and associates acknowledging via text that former Vice President Joe Biden knew and influenced business relations with corrupt foreign leaders. Purdue Pharma has settled with the Department of Justice to pay more than $8 billion for their role in the opioid crisis. PLUS: leftist San Francisco's Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the "CAREN Act", making "racist complaints" to 9/11 illegal and more! 

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Episode 113 ? 50 Cent Joins The Trump Train. Democrats Demand An Orwellian Report. The Proud Boys, Explained.

Never Trumpers are eyeing potential Cabinet potentials under a Biden presidency. 50 Cent doubles down and endorses President Trump's re-election campaign. PLUS: Democrats are floating the idea of an Orwellian-esque "Truth and Reconciliation Report" modeled after South Africa and more! 

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Episode 112 ? #MeToobin. Chief Justice Roberts Disappoints Again. DNI Ratcliffe Slams Schiff For Lying.

Chief Justice John Roberts sides with liberals on the Supreme Court, setting up Pennsylvania as the potential epicenter for ballot fraud. CNN analyst and New Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin suspended for masturbating on Zoom call with colleagues. PLUS: DNI John Ratcliffe rips those labeling Hunter Biden's damning laptop evidence as a "Russian disinformation campaign" and more!

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Episode 111 ? TPUSA's Charlie Kirk Suspended From Twitter. Ice Cube and President Trump Team Up. Delayed WWII Bomb Explodes in Poland.

Big Tech has once against revealed their hand in election interference by suspending Charlie Kirk for exposing potential mail-in ballot fraud in Pennsylvania.  Rapper Ice Cube teams up with the Trump administration to form "The Platnium Plan". PLUS: Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on her lawsuit against Google and more!

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Episode 110 - Huge News on Big Tech Accountability from the Trump Admin. Beverly Hills Bans Halloween. Jetpack Joyrides are BACK!

Real transparency might finally be coming to Big Tech. I explain why along with skyrocketing ACB approval ratings, President Trump and Joe Biden's dueling town halls, and more. 

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Episode 109 - Exposing the Corrupt, Lying Bidens. Facebook and Twitter's Mass Censorship of Conservatives. Pelosi Comes Unhinged on CNN.

Social media companies do not want the American people seeing or analyzing evidence of the Biden family corruption weeks before an election. I expose Big Tech's censorship of conservatives and break down the latest news from the Biden crime family in today's episode. 

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Episode 108 - ACB Doesn't Need Notes. Tiger King's Doc Antle Charged With Wildlife Trafficking. Big Tech Mind Control. Mexico Weed.

History should judge harshly the Republicans who stood in the way of President Trump's warriors trying to expose the lies, crimes, and criminals of the Russia Hoax. I break down why along with the latest news from ACB's confirmation hearing, Tiger King's Doc Antle being charged with wildlife trafficking, and more. 

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Episode 107 - Putin Wants to Work with Biden. Rick Wilson and Peter Strzok: Never-Trump Lunch Buddies. Fighting for the Panhandle.

Vladimir Putin is on record saying he wants to work with Joe Biden and saying "The Democratic Party is traditionally social democratic ideas." If this were Putin saying something positive about President Trump and the Republican party, the liberal media would be all over it. I'm all over it, along with Rick Wilson's never-Trump lunch date with Peter Strzok, highlights from the ACB confirmation process, and more. 

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Episode 106 - Woke Rioters Escape Justice in Portland. Big Tech Attacks Ric Grenell. Anarchists' Kidnapping Plot Shut Down by Trump DOJ.

Big tech is censoring conservatives and trying to hide the truth. I discuss Ric Grenell getting locked out of his Twitter account, along with woke rioters getting off easy in Portland and a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan being shut down by President Trump's DOJ. 

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Episode 105 - NBC BUSTED for Fake "Undecided" Voters. VP Debate Hot Takes. Troops Home for Christmas.

Bringing our troops home would be the greatest Christmas gift anyone could possibly give. President Trump wants to make it happen. I give more details along with highlights from the Vice Presidential candidate debate, NBC getting busted for fake "undecided" voters, and more. 

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Episode 104 - McCloskeys Indicted. Joe Rogan's Smackdown on Woke Spotify Employees. Russia Hoax Declassified.

Why aren't the rioters who threatened the McCloskeys being charged?   Justice should be on the side of those who are protecting their lives from the mob. 

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Episode 103 - Fired for Being "Too American." Reporter Claims Covering North Korea is Safer than Covering the White House. Strippers Go Digital.

Getting fired for being too American? That's what happened to one marketing executive according to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint. I break it down along with a reporter's tweet claiming that covering North Korea is safer than covering the White House, the latest on the great American comeback, and more. 

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Episode 102 - Murder Hornets Enter "Slaughter Phase." De Blasio Forces New York City Lockdown 2.0. A Taxpayer-Funded Hollywood Bailout?

As if 2020 couldn't get any wilder...murder hornets from Asia are about to enter...slaughter phase? I discuss along with New York's re-lockdown, Project Veritas's most recent investigation, and more. 

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Episode 101 - The Death of Dog Racing in Florida. Biden's Former Intern Slated to Moderate Debate. Miami Vices.

On the road in Washington DC with hot takes at a fast pace. Today's episode: my reaction to the President's COVID diagnosis, Biden's former intern slated to moderate the next presidential debate, and more. 

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Episode 100 - Comey Torched in Senate Judiciary Hearing. Former Twitter CEO Wants Firing Squad for Capitalists. Subway, Eat...Fake Bread?

Former FBI Director James Comey faced the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday...and it did not goo well for him. We have the best moments, along with more hot takes on our 100th episode!

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Episode 99 - Explosive Highlights from a Historic Debate. Breaking the Sound Barrier...By Accident. A Hot Mic Hot Take on Masks.

A debate performance unlike any other in history. I break down the best moments, PLUS: Hillary cooked up the Russia Hoax, a hot take caught on a hot mic and...accidentally breaking the sound barrier in France? 

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Episode 98 - Ready to Rumble: It's Debate Day. Riotous Spending by Kamala Harris. Fast and Lose.

It's debate day in America! I give the pre-show breakdown along with my hot takes on Kamala's riot fund, a throwback to the 2016 debate throwdown, and....intermittent fasting? All on today's episode. 

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Episode 97 ? My Call for DOJ to Investigate Ballot Fraud. SCOTUS Confirmation Tactics. Used Condoms Resold. Trump/Biden Debate Prep & More.

The Department of Justice must investigate the damning footage of ballot harvesting reported by Project Veritas. The Supreme Court nomination has begun in Washington, DC ? I break down the tactics used by both parties. Plus: My thoughts on the Trump/Biden debate tomorrow and more!

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Episode 96 ? Director Wray Has Lost His Way. Trump Dunks on Meghan Markle. Bombshell FBI Memo.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has not done enough to drain the swamp at the FBI. President Trump savagely dunks on Prince Harry and Meghan. PLUS: Kim Jong-un apologizes for killing and burning an official who tried to *defect* from South Korea? We cover all this and more on today's episode of Hot Takes!

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Episode 95 - Bloomberg Bribery. Alyssa Milano Calls Cops on Squirrels. Pimps for Police Reform.

I'm calling on the Florida Attorney General to investigate Mike Bloomberg for bribery and vote-buying. "Defund The Police" activist Alyssa Milano calls the police to rescue her...from squirrels. PLUS: Seattle hires a pimp to find alternative solutions to policing and more!

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Episode 94 - Atilla the...Huh? DeSantis Smackdown on Crime. Supreme Court Showdown.

We've seen some powerful political campaign ads this cycle, but sometimes, there are some that are just downright weird. Governor Ron DeSantis announced a bold action plan to crack down on mob violence. The Supreme Court Showdown is heating up ? get all of the latest SCOTUS updates on Hot Takes!

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Episode 93 - Who Will Succeed RBG? Kim Klacik Destroys The View. TikTok Ban Countdown.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away this weekend. With a contentious election only a few weeks away, the race to nominate and confirm a new Supreme Court justice is now underway. Maryland congressional candidate Kim Klacik destroyed Joy Behar on The View. President Trump gives updates on the latest news surrounding TikTok and Oracle. 

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Episode 92 - Music City in Treble Over COVID Numbers. Does Speaking English Spread Coronavirus? America First Fashion.

Far too many politicians have lied to us about the COVID pandemic to suit their own political agenda, and I break down the latest culprit in today's episode, PLUS: does speaking the English language put us at a greater risk of COVID spread? 

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Episode 91 - On the Ground and On the Move in Pensacola. Barr Rips Destructive Lockdowns. Big Tech Censors Free Speech and Free Thought.

We're on the ground and on the move in Pensacola following Hurricane Sally. There's some noise in the background as I'm traveling to disaster areas, but the hot takes are still sizzling. 

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Episode 90 - Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers? Beethoven Canceled. Florida Hit Hard by Hurricane Sally.

Please pray for the Florida Panhandle as we deal with Hurricane Sally. These are tough times for us but we're going to get through this. We ask for the support and cooperation of our residents and citizens as we encounter the challenges ahead.

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Episode 89 - A Hairy Situation in the Congress. America's Student Loan Crisis. Cool Cats and Kittens...and Commercials.

Politicians have made it easier and easier to access student loans while at the same time making it harder to get rid of the debt. Those two forces combined have essentially created a generation of indentured servants. I want your feedback - listen to today's episode for my suggestions on how to tackle student loan debt! 

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Episode 88 - Cop Killers Should Get the Death Penalty. A Joe Rogan-Powered Presidential Debate? A Thriving Trump Doctrine.

President Trump's decision to withdraw troops from the Middle East is directly tied to the recent peace settlements.  With less precious American blood to squander or weaponize against one another, the kingdoms of the Middle East can make peace rather than war.

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Episode 87 - Never Forget.

A great nation never forgets its leaders, its triumphs, or its pain. Never forget. 

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