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Do you love true crime but hate feeling sad? Then this is the podcast for you! Join Stephanie and Olivia, creators of the massive True Crime Society Facebook group, for a casual chat about the latest and greatest true crime topics.


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How to get away with Murdaugh | Part 1

We start this episode discussing some of the non-update Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie updates (specifically, Gabby's family's Dr. Phil appearance and how Brian is probably NOT living in a bunker in his yard) and the disappointing news regarding Alexis Sharkey's alleged killer.

If you don't care about any of that and only want to hear about Murdaugh She Wrote (lol), fast forward approx 18 minutes.

Where to start with the Murdaugh saga?  It is A LOT!  We have broken down their story into two parts.  For anyone who is not familiar with this one,  Alex Murdaugh and his wife Maggie lived an affluent life with their two sons Buster and Paul in South Carolina.  They were/are basically South Carolina Royalty - their family has been high profile in the area for decades.   

A few years ago, things started going really wrong for them - their housekeeper died mysteriously and Paul (allegedly) caused a boat crash while drunk that killed 19 y/o Mallory Beach.  And then in June this year, Alex found Paul and Maggie murdered at one of the many homes they owned.  Police have now reopened other cold cases in the area, looking for connections to the Murdaugh's. And to top it off, Alex allegedly paid someone to shoot him in the head in a suicide-for-hire insurance plot. 

I told you it was a lot!

In this episode we discuss:

- The Murdaugh Family History
- The hit-and/run/possible murder of Stephen Smith
- The death of Gloria Satterfield - the Murdaugh family housekeeper for over 20 years
- The fatal drunken boat crash that killed Mallory Beach
- The murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh

We will finish off the story in next week's episode - updates are happening daily at the moment!

Thank you to our Instagram followers for coming up with the name for this episode! 

Check out our blog for all the latest!

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Megan Wants a Millionaire - NOT a Murderer | Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins

In this episode we start off with a brief Brian Laundrie/ Gabby Petito update before talking about the recent murders of 19-year-old Miya Marcano and baby Neveah Allen. Miya was murdered by a maintenance worker at her apartment complex and Neveah was murdered by her mother and stepfather who tried to fake an abduction.

Then, we talk about the murder that changed reality tv casting forever. Ryan Jenkins, who starred in the early 2000s shows 'Megan Wants a Millionaire' and 'I Love Money,' murdered his wife Jasmine Fiore - who he had only met a few months prior. Jasmine had to be identified by her breast implant serial number due to her teeth and finger tips being removed. This is a crazy story that ends with a shocking twist. 

And, we read some interesting FindAGrave comments - because who even leaves comments on FindAGrave?

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Gabby Petito: The Story So Far (Emergency Episode)

On September 11th, 22-year-old Gabby Petito was reported missing by her family after not hearing from her since the end of August. Gabby was on a cross country road trip and vlogging living out of a van with her fiance, Brian Laundrie. It wasn't strange for her to be out of service for small stretches of time, but the silence had gone too long.

After she was reported missing, investigators discovered Brian returned to his Florida family home with the couple's van but without Gabby. Brian and his family immediately hired an attorney and gave no information about Gabby's whereabouts. The couple was last known to be visiting Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, which is where investigators began their search.

On September 17th, Brian's parents arranged to meet with police - but it wasn't to discuss Gabby. They hadn't seen Brian for 3 days and wanted to report him missing. 

The manhunt for Brian began and the search for Gabby continued until her remains were discovered in a remote area of the national park on September 19th. Her death was determined to be a homicide.

Brian remains missing.

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NXIVM | Expensive Brainwashing

First, we go over the latest updates in regard to the murder of Gannon Stouch. New details were revealed during his step mother's preliminary hearing.

Then we talk about NXIVM, an MLM turned full-blown cult that blackmailed their members into having sex with founder Keith Raniere. Some women were even BRANDED with his initials.

In 2018, Keith and his associate, Smallville actress Allison Mack, were arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges after a handful of victims came forward. We go over everything leading up to that moment.

We also discuss tips to identify a cult and whether or not modern day MLMs should be considered cults.

**Trigger warning: sex abuse**

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Deadly Dads

In this episode we first talk about more updates from Barry Morphew's trial and the recent searches for Crystal Rogers, who went missing in 2015. 

After hearing the horrific story of Matthew Coleman, who murdered his two children with a fishing spear gun after crossing the border into Mexico last month - we decided to do an episode on Deadly Dads.

Join us as we jump into the mix of Australian and American deadly dads.  Along with Matthew Coleman we discuss:

Henry Shepherdson strapped his baby daughter Kobi into her carrier on his chest.  He then stepped off a huge wall, plunging them both to their deaths.

John Edwards had a history of domestic violence and abuse.  Yet, his request for a gun license was still approved.  He drove to his ex-wife's house and shot their two children as they cowered under a desk.  Who failed the Edwards family?

Aziz Yazdanpanah dressed up as Santa to hand out gifts to his family on Christmas Day.  He then turned a gun on them all and himself. 

Rowan Baxter - a psycho who poured petrol his estranged wife and their children as they sat in their vehicle.  He then stabbed himself to death.

Why do these men snap and kill their whole families?  Revenge, jealousy or mental illness?  

Check out our blog on these cases -

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Thank you as always for listening!

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642 Miles Away | What Happened to Judy Smith?

In this episode we go over some updates in the case against Barry Morphew, the husband of Suzanne Morphew who has been missing from Colorado for over a year. 

Then we talk about the mind-boggling unsolved murder of Judy Smith. Judy went missing from Philadelphia where she tagged along on her husband's worktrip. While he spoke at a conference, she went sightseeing around town but never turned up again that night. 

After 5 months of searching and some bizarre possible sightings of Judy, her remains were found near Asheville, North Carolina. Over a 9 HOUR DRIVE from Philadelphia! Even though her remains were skeletal, the medical examiner was able to determine Judy had been murdered. 

What happened to Judy? How did she get from Pennsylvania to North Carolina? Who did she meet along the way? There are a lot of theories to dive into with this one.

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John Does from the Box Labeled "Old Cases"

In this episode we cracked open the box of 'old cases' and pulled out a few John Does.

First, we talk about the 4-6 year old Doe known as the "Boy in the Box." In 1957 this unidentified murder victim's battered body was found inside a bassinet box in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was determined the boy died of blunt force trauma. Investigators were puzzled because it appeared the boy had been abused and neglected but seemed well-groomed at the same time. Over the years this case garnered a lot of attention, but to this day the Boy in the Box remains unidentified - which has left us with some wild theories and ~*interesting*~ investigation tactics. 

Then, we talk about a few more lesser known John Does and for once, we leave you with a happy ending... Kind of?

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A Tale of Two Spousal Murders | Kristie Evans & Caroline Crouch

Today we are going to talk about two different cases of spousal murder that will leave you feeling very differently. 

The first is the murder of Pastor David Evans who's wife of 30 years, Kristie Evans, convinced their mutual lover to kill David. What was initially reported as a 'love triangle gone wrong' turned out to be something much darker. Kristie suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband and was pressured into uncomfortable sexual situations to appease David's kinks. In March, 2021, Kristie had enough and arranged David's murder - which she eventually confessed to. Kristie's defense team will most likely argue that the years of abuse altered her mental state in order to reduce her sentence. Which raises the question, should victims of domestic abuse receive lesser murder sentences?

The second case is the murder of 19 year old Caroline Crouch by her 33 year old husband Charalambos ?Babis? Anagnostopoulos. On May 11th, 2021, Caroline was found strangled to death and tied to her bed after what Babis claimed was a merciless robbery. He told police foreign robbers tied him up in the basement before murdering Caroline and their puppy, and ransacking the house for cash. Of course, this was all a lie to cover up the fact that Babis murdered Caroline after a heated argument. Police were able to use data from Caroline's smart watch to figure out when her heart stopped beating - which didn't match up with Babis's story. After confessing to what police already knew, Babis claimed Caroline was the aggressor and pushed him which left him in a 'blurred state of mind.' Believe us, there's A LOT to unpack with this one.

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A Very Duggar Federal Investigation | Josh Duggar

Do we even need an episode description for this one? In this episode, we talk about the biggest hypocrite and most disgusting human being ever - Josh Duggar. Known for his TLC fame, multiple molestations that were swept under the rug, an Ashley Madison scandal, and most recently child pornography charges. 

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A briefcase of bullets, a pressed maple leaf and a place called Babyland | Bizarre Jane Doe Cases

In this episode we talk about 3 Jane Doe cases with some bizarre twists. 

First, is the Annandale Doe who was found with a plastic bag taped over her head in Babyland - the children's section of the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Cemetery. We agree, Babyland is a terrible name, but that's besides the point. She was found with a small Christmas tree beside her, a Minnie mouse fanny pack and a vague suicide note.

Next, we talk about the Seattle Doe known as Mary Anderson. Mary booked a two night stay at the Hotel Vintage Park to commit suicide by drinking Metamucil mixed with cyanide (ew). Judging by her belongings, Mary seemed well-off and investigators believed she was educated due to the fact that she was able to get cyanide. Along with another vague suicide note (see above), a pressed maple leaf was found in a newspaper Mary had been carrying. 

And lastly, we talk about the case of Jennifer Fairgate of Norway. This Doe brings us to another hotel called the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. Somehow, Jennifer managed to book a 3 night stay without showing ID or paying upfront. After realizing Jennifer never paid for her room, a hotel employee went to speak with her only to hear a gunshot. After alerting their manager and breaking into the room, they found Jennifer dead with a bullet wound to her head. It looked like she committed suicide, but some things didn't add up. Jennifer's belongings (like a suitcase full of bullets??) and behavior leading up to her death has left people wondering if Jennifer could have been some sort of spy. A man who stayed in the room across from Jennifer did an interview and made a major red flag of a mistake leaving us to wonder if Jennifer was murdered.

We also talk about how it's pretty much always a bad sign when a hotel room door is dead bolted, how all of these cases could have been solved if they happened today, and what we think may have happened to each doe. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to let us know what you think happened to these Does!

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Disappearances that will leave you saying 'wtf??' | Jenna Van Gelderen, Terrence Woods, Sneha Anne Phillip

First, we have lots of updates for you guys - Alan White's body was found, Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell are still messy, and the Mollie Tibbetts murder trial comes to a conclusion after the defense throws us a wild hail-mary.

Then, we go over some missing person cases that will leave you scratching your head. 
- 25-year-old Jenna Van Gelderen of Atlanta, GA went missing from her home along with a bizarre family heirloom - an Egyptian tapestry. Her car was found abandoned but there have been no sightings of Jenna or the tapestry to this day.
- 26-year-old Terrence Woods was last seen running into the Idaho woods by the production crew of a TV show he was working on in the middle of his shift. His family believes something is being covered up by the production company.
- And 31-year-old Dr. Sneha Anne Phillip vanished right before the 9/11 attacks in NYC, leaving many to wonder if she used the chaos to start a new life or if she perished trying to render medical aid to people in need.

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Scandal in the Bush | Missing Seniors Russell Hill & Carol Clay

In this episode we give you a geography lesson on Australia and 'the bush' before diving into the case of missing 70-year-old campers, Russell Hill and Carol Clay.
Senior citizens disappearing while camping in a dangerously rugged area? Seems pretty self-explanatory as to what happened. Except there is A LOT more to this story than meets the eye.
As it turns out, Russell was married to another woman and had been having an affair with Carol for years. When police reached their campsite after the two were reported missing, they found it burned to the ground. The area has been searched numerous times, but there has been no sign of the pair. 
At first, many people thought they ran off and started a new life together or that they got lost in the bush and died of exposure, but police believe a third party may be involved.
Plus - stick around until the end to hear why our Facebook Page is similar to the Australian Bush (spoiler: it's because it's out of friggin CONTROL).

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The Sextuple Murder-Suicide of Ex-NFL Player Phillip Adams | CTE - Part 2

On April 7, 2021, 32-year-old former NFL player Phillip Adams shot and killed six people, including two young children, at a home in Rock Hill, South Carolina before killing himself.

The victims of the attack were Phillip's doctor, Robert Lesslie, his wife, their two grandchildren, and two air conditioner technicians who were working at the home.

A motive hasn't been confirmed, but it's been said that Dr. Lesslie had discontinued prescribing Phillip pain medication that he was prescribed after suffering multiple injuries and concussions in the NFL.

Phillip's family say that his mental state had rapidly deteriorated over the last few months and believe head trauma from his football career is to blame.

His brain will be tested for CTE as part of his autopsy, but the results can take a few months. 

In this episode, we continue our overall discussion on CTE in regard to WWE Superstar Chris Benoit (Part 1) and Phillip Adams.

**Note: There have already been a few minor updates to Phillip's case that we will talk about briefly in our next episode**

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The Double-Murder-Suicide of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit | CTE - Part 1

For the next two episodes we're going to discuss two murder-suicides where chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is considered a contributing factor due to the assailant being involved in contact sports.

Over the weekend of June 22, 2007, WWE superstar Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel before using his exercise equipment to hang himself. 

The media was quick to call this an episode of "roid rage," but after Chris's brain was studied, it was revealed he suffered from severe CTE due to  years of head trauma. 

In this episode, we cover everything related to the Benoit double-murder-suicide. Next week we discuss the recent murder-suicide involving ex-NFL player, Phillip Adams.

Should CTE be a defense for murder? 

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It's ALWAYS the husband... allegedly | Part 2 | Jennifer Dulos and Suzanne Morphew

In this episode, we finish our "it's always the husband... allegedly" series with the cases of Jennifer Dulos and Suzanne Morphew.

Jennifer went missing from New Canaan, CT on May 24, 2019 after dropping her children off at school. Her soon-to-be ex husband, Fotis Dulos, and his new girlfriend, Michelle Troconis were then caught on camera disposing of bloody clothing and cleaning supplies. The two, along with a third person, were eventually charged with her murder - but there has been A LOT of twists along the way. Jennifer remains missing to this day.

Suzanne Morphew of Chaffee County, CO was reported missing on Mother?s Day ? May 10, 2020. She reportedly left her house alone for a bike ride and never returned. Her bike was recovered less than a half mile away that same day. Her husband, Barry Morphew's story doesn't line up and his strange behavior has left Suzanne's family feeling suspicious. Suzanne also remains missing to this day.

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It's ALWAYS the husband... allegedly | Part 1 | Melinda Davis and Crystal Rogers

It's ALWAYS the husband (allegedly). Over the next two episodes we discuss cases where all signs point to the victim's significant other, but they are seemingly getting away with it.  
In part one we talk about Melinda Davis, who was found deceased in the trunk of her car in March, 2021 after meeting her ex-partner to pick up some belongings, and Crystal Rogers who has been missing since July, 2015 after last being seen "playing games on her phone" by her boyfriend.

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Missing Executives Alan White & Jake Cefolia

In two separate but similar incidents, Alan White and & Jake Cefolia were both last seen on surveillance pumping gas before each of their luxury vehicles were found abandoned in vacant areas. After months of searching, neither man has been found and clues to their disappearance are limited. While some have speculated that either man could have left to start a new life, others fear something much more sinister may have happened to them.

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Home is where the body is

When someone is reported missing, it's generally safe to assume they're not in their house. Surely, the police or the family would have checked there already. 

Except sometimes, after the headlines, the search parties, and the emotional public pleas from family members - that's exactly where the person turns up.

In this episode, we cover a handful of cases where this phenomenon happened and the theories surrounding them. Julie Snyder, Molly Meghan Miller, and Christopher Woitel were all found dead in their homes after being reported missing and searched for. 

Don't want to listen to the intro? The episode begins around 15 minutes in.

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We're back! (Alexis Sharkey, Jason Landry, Mostly Harmless)

We're back to let you know why we hate Facebook and to fill you in on everything that happened while we were on break. This includes, the murder of influencer Alexis Sharkey, the disappearance of Jason Landry, and the identification of Mostly Harmless. 

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Moms Who Murder

A mother is meant to be the ultimate protector of their children.  Sometimes though, they are perpetrators of the ultimate betrayal.

In this episode we speak about four cases where mothers have taken the lives of their children, before killing themselves.  What could drive a woman to the edge like this?

1 ? Michele Boudreau Deegan drugged her twin 7 y/o daughters before shooting them and then herself in the head
2 ? Cynthia Collier fired 34 rounds into her four adopted teenage children, before taking her own life
3 ? Kimbra Shanafelt and her 5 y/o daughter were found dead in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning
4 ? Tristen Watson was pregnant when she took her toddler son into the Rocky Mountains National Park.  She shot him and then herself, and her unborn baby also passed away.

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Spooky Houses You?ll be DYING to Stay Far Away From

... or maybe you'll want to visit? We wont judge. 

In honor of Halloween, we discuss three famous (and possibly haunted) murder houses - the Villisca axe murders house, the Los Feliz murder mansion, and the Sowden house and it's possible connection to the Black Dahlia. Would you ever live in one of these houses?

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Chris Watts and Crimes Caught on Camera

With surveillance cameras becoming more and more accessible, it makes sense that more and more crimes are being caught on camera.

In this episode we talk about four crimes that were caught on camera - the Watts family murders, the murder of Elizabeth Barraza, missing Leila Cavett, and the mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

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Updates, updates, updates

In this episode we go over all the updates (and non-updates) to the cases we've covered so far with the award for BIGGEST update going to the Michael Shaver case (finally!!)

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The Lonely Death of Evelyn Boswell

15-month-old Evelyn Boswell was reported missing on February 19th, 2020 by her grandfather, but she hadn't actually been seen since December 2019.

I'm sure you're wondering - how does a missing baby go unreported for 2 months?

Her mother, 18-year-old Megan Boswell, tried to explain during an interview, "Well, the reason I didn?t report it or anything was I knew the person who had her and I didn?t want them to run away with her. In a way, I knew that as soon as anything went down this person was going to disappear and they have."

A month later, Evelyn's remains were found in a shed on a family member's property with her toys, clothes, and diapers. With a family full of felons pointing fingers at each other, investigators had a long road ahead of them - but ultimately they were able to make an arrest.

Story beings @ 14:45

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Bodies Found in Suitcases

Finding a body in a suitcase is a typical true crime cliche - but how often does it really happen and what circumstances prompt someone to hide a body in a suitcase? 

In this episode, we discuss the cases of Jessica Lewis & Austin Wenner, Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter Khandalyce, and Valerie Reyes - all homicide victims whose remains were found in suitcases.

Check out our website for more information on these cases and our sources.

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Michael Shaver - Buried in the Backyard

The last known sighting of Michael Shaver was in November 2015. It took over two years for friends and family to realize he was missing because someone was responding to his messages and updating his social media pretending to be him. He didn't seem like himself and in February 2018 a friend called for a wellness check on him. Police went to his home and found his wife, Laurie Shaver, who told police she hadn't seen him for years.

Well, a few months later police found Michael Shaver's body buried under a cement fire pit in the backyard of the home he once shared with Laurie.

As cut & dry as this case seems, it still remains unsolved.

Story Begins: 18:52

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Unidentified and Mostly Harmless

While hiking in Big Cypress National Preserve, two friends stumbled upon an emaciated man's remains in a tent along the trail. The man had no identification, no cell phone, no bank cards and didn't come up in any of the police's databases.

After releasing a composite sketch of the man, a handful of fellow hikers, hostel proprietors and trail angels came forward saying they met this man along his journey from NY to FL. They knew stories about him and even had photos of him, but they only knew him as "Denim" or "Mostly Harmless" - his trail names.

It seemed like no one knew his true identity and that was they way he wanted it.

It's been 2 years since Mostly Harmless's remains were found in July 2017 and he has yet to be identified. The Collier County Sheriff's Office hasn't given up and is pursuing genealogy testing in hopes to locate a relative. But, if Mostly Harmless went to such great lengths to conceal his identity, do we have the right to identify him?

Check out our blog for more information, photos, and the sources used for this episode.

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The Todt Family Murders

To anyone looking in, the Todts seemed like the perfect family. Megan and Tony Todt, both successful physical therapists, lived in Celebration, Florida - a picturesque community created by the Walt Disney Company, with their three children.

While the family could be seen smiling in matching Christmas pajamas on social media - a dark secret loomed over them. Unbeknownst to Megan, Tony was being federally investigated for committing health insurance fraud to cover their astronomical debt.

In December 2019, Tony (*allegedly*) snapped and murdered Megan, their children and even their family dog. He then remained inside their home with the bodies for days creating a web of lies to cover his tracks.

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The Murder of Holly Bobo | Part 2

On April 13th, 2011, 20-year-old Holly Bobo spent her morning studying for an exam she'd never take. She'd pack her things, grab her lunch and walk out the door - only to cross paths with a strange man dressed in camouflage. 

Holly was last seen by her brother, who caught a glimpse of her through the window, walking into the woods with who he thought was her boyfriend. 

From there, what happened to Holly would remain a mystery for nearly 6 years.

A handful of men were arrested for Holly's abduction, rape and murder, but not everyone believes the right men are behind bars. In this episode, we go over what happened at Zach Adams' murder trial and discuss other theories as to what may have happened to Holly.

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The Murder of Holly Bobo | Part 1

On April 13th, 2011, 20-year-old Holly Bobo spent her morning studying for an exam she'd never take. She'd pack her things, grab her lunch and walk out the door - only to cross paths with a strange man dressed in camouflage. 

Holly was last seen by her brother, who caught a glimpse of her through the window, walking into the woods with who he thought was her boyfriend. 

From there, what happened to Holly would remain a mystery for nearly 6 years.

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Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell: More Things You Need to Know

This is a mini episode because OF COURSE Chad Daybell's arrest affidavit was released RIGHT AFTER we published our previous episode. So, here are the latest updates from the affidavit which gives us a bit more insight into what may have happened to Tylee and JJ last September.

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Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell: Everything You Need to Know

If you're not familiar with this case, we've got you covered. Between the zombies, gods, missing children, and multiple dead spouses - it can be hard to keep up. In this episode, we go over ALL the details to date pertaining to the strange case of Lori Vallow and her fifth husband, Chad Daybell. 

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The Murder-Suicide of Cousins Emeri Connery & Bailey Smith

70% of murder-suicides involve an intimate partner - a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, etc.

In March 2019, police officer Bailey Smith shot and killed his cousin Emeri Connery before turning the gun on himself. The two were driving home after a long night celebrating Bailey's 21st birthday.

Strangely, Bailey was memorialized by the community with parades and celebrations, while Emeri, the actual victim of the crime, was hardly mentioned at all. Even Emeri's family seemed to defend her killer. So, do they know something we don't?

In this episode, we talk briefly about updates in the Madeleine McCann case before diving into what happened between Bailey and Emeri that night and murder-suicides in general. 

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Missing Tyler Davis & Chance Englebert

In this episode we have a few quick updates on Corinna Slusser, Madison Bell, and Maura Murray. The bulk of the episode is about Tyler Davis & Chance Englebert who separately vanished in 2019 and their stories have a lot of similarities. 

Tyler Davis vanished after walking away from his Ohio hotel after a night celebrating his wife's birthday. While Chance Engelbert walked away from his wife's grandparent's home after an argument. There has been no sign of either man, leaving their family with no closure. What happened to them?

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Missing Corinna Slusser & Human Trafficking

The months before Corinna Slusser turned 19 were rocky, to say the least. It was 2017, she wasn?t getting along with her mom, she dropped out of high school right before graduation and she had a failed suicide attempt that landed her in the hospital.  

While she was in the hospital, she met a man who would ultimately change the course of her life forever. Corinna left all of her belongings behind.  Taking only the clothes she was wearing, her phone and her ID, she headed to New York City in August 2017 with this man to follow her dreams.

Corinna began escorting and working for various pimps before she vanished completely in September, 2017. Those who saw her last are quick to say she ran off, but police believe something much more sinister happened and that she became a victim of human trafficking.

In this episode we discuss Corinna's disappearance and the prevalence of sex trafficking in the USA.  We also chat about the news that has had us all gripped this week -  the cases of runaway teen Madison Bell and the shocking murder of Alejandro Ripley. 

Be sure to check out our blog for a timeline of Corinna?s disappearance plus screenshots of now deleted social media from those involved.

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The Billionaire Murders - Honey & Barry Sherman

In December 2017, billionaire Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, were found hung with belts by the indoor pool in their 7 million dollar home. The bodies were semi-seated and posed similarly to a pair of sculptures the Shermans owned. Toronto PD came to the conclusion this was a targeted double murder, but almost 3 years later their killer remains unknown. (Story begins at 13:15)

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Long Island Serial Killer | Part 2

In this episode we finish talking about the Long Island Serial Killer. We go over popular suspects and theories while deciding which ones we think are most likely.

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Long Island Serial Killer | Part 1

The Long Island Serial Killer story will be split into TWO episodes because there is A LOT to go over. In this episode we cover the disappearance of Shannan Gilbert and the other potential victims of LISK. At the end, we share our thoughts and theories so far. Next week we will go over the potential suspects, the newest evidence and the Lost Girls Netflix movie.

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The Story of Kara Kopetsky & Jessica Runions

In this episode we cover the story of Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions - who were both allegedly murdered by Kylr Yust. Kara had already been missing for a decade by the time Jessica disappeared, but both girls' remains were found within 30 yards of each other. Be sure to join our Facebook Group if you haven't, just search True Crime Society.

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