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Verdict with Ted Cruz

Verdict with Ted Cruz

Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you. On "Verdict with Ted Cruz,? you will go behind the scenes of the political debates that define our country.


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Ep. 73 - What Just Went Down

Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles straight from the Hill, where a lot of things just happened that you probably didn?t hear about. The Senator introduces forty six?yes, really?amendments to the Democrats' precious Corrupt Politicians Act. Is this top priority for Democrats?S. 1 and H.R. 1?one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever introduced on the floor of the United States Congress? Also, what the hell is a "ghost gun?" Democrats may have finally lost it as they create a made-up term to describe a made-up problem. Plus, does Senator Cruz have a Hill digital director job in his future? Twitter says yes.
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Ep. 72 - How Screwed Are We?

It?s wall-to-wall mailbag today in the Verdict studio! After much too much of a hiatus, Michael Knowles takes a break from asking Senator Cruz his questions and instead poses yours. Some of today's questions are funny, some are smart, and some are even a little irreverent. Caitlyn Jenner 2020? Biden?s biggest blunder last week? How screwed are we, really? Your favorite dialoguing duo has the answers to this and more.
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Ep. 71 - Sleepy Joe?s Soporific Speech

Joe Biden ~finally~ addresses a joint session of Congress, and Senator Ted Cruz was there for it all. Well, most of it. Fresh off a good night?s rest, the Senator joins Michael Knowles to break down Biden?s boring?but radical?remarks. Double masked in a stammering sleepy temperament, Biden unveiled what may be the most radical policy package any president has ever presented in his first 100 days. Clearly benefitting from his beauty rest, the Senator reveals what the Democrats are planning to do, and what we can do to stop them. Plus, did you catch Biden?s big beta moment in Nancy?s house?
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Ep. 70 - Botching the Border

Illegal crossings are up, detention facilities are overrun, and kids are being used as political pawns. We are in the throes of a national crisis?unless you ask Joe Biden. Senator Ted Cruz is heading to the front lines of this battle to assess the damage, but first, he pulls up a chair with Michael Knowles to break down the disastrous consequences of Biden?s border blunders.
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Ep. 69 - The Long Game ft. Governor Scott Walker

Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles move some cactuses around and make room to welcome Governor Scott Walker to the Verdict studio. The Governor announces he is putting in motion a bold action plan to take education and culture back from the clutches of the radical Left?and this Long Game just might involve your favorite podcast! Plus, the trio sounds the alarm on what may be the largest attempted power grab by Democrats yet (you may not realize just how bad it is until you hear this).
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Ep. 68 - Don't Be Fooled

We're only halfway through the first 100 days of the Biden administration, and everything seems relatively quiet. But is Joe's low profile actually a mask for the most radical agenda in American history? Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles to break down Biden's latest partisan nominees and extreme policy positions. Plus, is it a problem that Amazon is banning books?
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Ep. 67 - The Prosecution Rests

After much sound and fury, the Democrats have rested their case in the second impeachment "trial" of Donald Trump. Michael Knowles quizzes Senator Ted Cruz on what the heck is going on. Plus, the podcasting pals zoom out to cover cancel culture more broadly. Is the same nasty double standard the Left is using to cancel Trump responsible for the ouster of Gina Carano?
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Ep. 66 - Trump on Trial (Again)

As if we rolled the tape back 12 months, the Trump impeachment trial is underway, and Michael Knowles is joined by Senator Ted Cruz to break it all down. Is there a legal argument for removal? Is it constitutional to hold an impeachment trial for a former president? Plus, we get an answer to perhaps the most important question of all?how?s the food in the Senate cafeteria?
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Ep. 65 - LIVE from Miami at YAF?s Freedom Conference

Michael Knowles joins Senator Ted Cruz LIVE in Miami at Young America?s Foundation?s Freedom Conference to talk all things big and bad?big government, big business, and big tech. The podcasting pair breaks down how this accumulation of power is fundamentally inimical to liberty and what the American people can do to preserve freedom in the Left?s new America. Plus, audience members from across the country ask their questions in a special live mailbag segment. -- Subscribe to YAF on YouTube to watch more top videos with Michael Knowles and Senator Cruz:
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Ep. 64 - The Meme Gurus

Steal from the poor, give to the rich? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles come together to discuss what?s going on with GameStop, talk about the basics of stock trading, and break down what happened on Reddit. Plus, who is Joe Biden appointing to government positions? The podcasting pair break down what this Brave New World looks like. Verdict is going LIVE this Friday at YAF?s Freedom Conference in Miami. Submit your questions for Senator Cruz by subscribing to today and leaving a comment on Friday. See you then!
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Ep. 63 - Season Premiere: Biden?s America

Since last we spoke, Congress counted the votes of the Electoral College, some members of Congress objected to that same vote, rioters stormed the Capitol, a new president was inaugurated, and a former president was impeached. In this 2021 season premiere, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles dust off their microphones to break down what the hell has been happening and make a few predictions about what Biden?s America will look like. Plus, Michael welcomes his first son into the world and Senator Cruz turns 50. Welcome back to Verdict!
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Ep. 62 - May It Please the Court

17 states and the President have joined Texas in suing battleground states over election irregularities, and our very own Senator Ted Cruz was asked to argue the case before the Supreme Court. The Senator and Michael Knowles come together once again to break down the why the Court turned down the Pennsylvania case and what that could mean for the Texas case and, ultimately, the election as a whole. Plus, while America is focused on who will be the next president, what is going on in the rest of the world?
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Ep. 61 - Will We Ever Return to Normal?

Are lockdowns and men in dresses the new normal? Old pals Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles get together to break down the dramatic shifts happening right now in politics and pop culture. From ludicrous leftist lockdowns to Harry Styles eating a banana?what do these things mean for normalcy in America? Plus, the podcasting pair outlines what the Senate could do to influence a potential Biden cabinet and preclude the worst scenarios.
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Ep. 60 - The Battle Over Ballots

Despite the media?s toddler tantrum, this election is far from over. Following the filing of an emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the election results in Pennsylvania, Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles to break down the state of the presidential race, the legal challenges that he has his eye on, and the battle that lies ahead for Team Trump. Plus, the Georgia Senate race the most consequential Senate race of our lifetime?here?s why.
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Ep. 59 - Holy Crap, What a Week

The media has declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Fortunately, the media doesn't get to pick the president. Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles to break down everything that happened in the last seven days, who the next president will be, and what?s next for America. Also, did Andrew McCabe perjure himself while being questioned by Congress this week? Senator Cruz reveals his plan to find out whether McCabe or Comey is the bigger snake.
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Ep. 58 - So Help Me God

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and Senator Ted Cruz was on the front lines of all of it. Following Justice Barrett's swearing in, the Senator joins Michael Knowles to break down how it all unfolded and what the Democratic Party will do in response. Also, what?s next in Senator Cruz?s campaign to hold Big Tech accountable?
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Ep. 57 - American Oligarchs

Just two weeks before the election, Big Tech tyrants censored (read: completely hid) a bombshell story from the New York Post about Hunter Biden, and they are going to answer for it. Following his call to subpoena the Big Tech bosses to the Judiciary Committee room and following the DOJ?s decision to sue Google, Senator Cruz joins Michael Knowles to discuss why these moves are so important to the future of democracy in America and why allowing a few billionaires to have a monopoly over every means of communication is incredibly dangerous. Plus, is the Senator really a vegan?
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Ep. 56 - Unpacking Court Packing

If you watched Judge Barrett's confirmation hearings this week, you might have gotten the impression that the Democrats have given up. But something much more sinister is going on. Following the conclusion of ACB's testimony, Michael Knowles asks Senator Ted Cruz about the impotent performance by Judiciary Democrats and, more importantly, about the radical Left?s shockingly successful attempt to mainstream the idea of packing the court, an idea so outrageous that even Senator Joe condemned it before he became Candidate Joe. Plus, have Facebook and Twitter poked the bear by censoring the New York Post?
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Ep. 55 - Becoming Justice Barrett

Judge Amy Coney Barrett?s Supreme Court confirmation hearings are underway, and straight from the Hill, Senator Ted Cruz has the scoop. Michael Knowles joins the Senator, and together they break down the pitiful performance by Senate Democrats and what is still to come in these consequential proceedings. Plus, did ACB actually hold up Michael?s book during the hearing?
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Ep. 54 - James Comey, Incompetent or Corrupt?

Senator Cruz comes straight from the Comey hearing on the Hill to the podcast studio where Michael Knowles joins him to discuss Comey?s J. Edgar Hoover complex, what the next three weeks will mean for confirming Judge Barrett, and Joe Biden?s inability to admit that he supports radical leftist positions. Plus, is Chris Wallace the worst debate moderator of all time?
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Ep. 53 - One Vote Away

On the heels of her nomination to the highest court in the land, Amy Coney Barrett is under a media microscope and the misinformation is flying. Luckily, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are here to separate fact from fiction. Coming straight from his meeting with Judge Barrett on the Hill, the Senator has a lot to share about the judge, the confirmation process, and what we can expect from Democrats during the fight. Plus, did ?The New York Times? admit they?re actually fans of a flat tax this week?
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Ep. 52 - In the Trenches for School Choice ft. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Last week, the Senate voted on the most historic school choice legislation in American history. One of the authors of that legislation is Senator Ted Cruz. The other is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who joins the Senator and Michael Knowles to discuss not only that landmark bill, but also the importance of re-opening America?s schools quickly.
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Ep. 51 - One Seat to Win Them All

With America already on the brink, will the battle over nominating the next Supreme Court justice put us over the edge? Senator Ted Cruz is perhaps the most qualified person in America to discuss the vacancy on the Court, the path to confirming President Trump?s nominee, and why the whole thing is so important. Plus, Michael Knowles asks the Senator to tell some of his favorite Justice Ginsburg stories.
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Ep. 50 - Montecristos with Bibi (and Peace in the Middle East)

In the historic 50th (!!!) episode of the show, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles break down an even more historic occasion: peace in the Middle East. Why does the Israel-UAE-Bahrain deal matter, and what led to this momentous event? Your favorite podcasting pair has the answer. Plus, Senator Cruz recounts one very important cigar he shared with PM Netanyahu.
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Ep. 49 - Hollywood Has a Predilection for Minors and Communists

After a whirlwind week, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles have no shortage of things to discuss! Amazingly, in almost perfect unison, Netflix releases their new child porn film "Cuties" while Governor Newsom goes to work reducing the penalties for pedophiles in California. Plus, Disney thanks the dirty communists in the CCP at the end of their new "Mulan" film. And, America's favorite podcasting senator answers the most pressing question of all: will he be taking a seat on the SCOTUS bench anytime in the near future?
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Ep. 48 - Fueling Russia's Aggression

What would happen if Russia gained total control over Europe?s oil supply? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles come together to warn against the havoc that a new oil pipeline, Nord Stream 2, is poised to wreak on the world if Russia completes their metal monstrosity. Then, the Senator talks about his new legislation aimed at blocking this hostile takeover of Europe?s energy supply chain. Plus, Senator Cruz issues a shocking correction to one of the pair?s previous mailbag segments.
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Ep. 47 - False Positive ft. Steve Deace

Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are joined by Steve Deace, and together they spend the full show unraveling the web of coronavirus lies that Democratic politicians have been busy spinning. From death rates to ER visits and test sensitivity to contagiousness, it?s time to fact check everything you?ve been told. Plus, the truth-seeking trio sets the record straight after the DNC lauds Governor Cuomo?s pandemic performance.
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Ep. 46 - Live at the RNC

In a late-night throwback to the early days of the show, Michael Knowles joins Senator Ted Cruz live after President Trump?s RNC acceptance speech. The podcasting pair not only react to the president?s speech, but also recap last week?s DNC debacle and recount the latest damage from the hurricanes pounding the southern states. Plus, our loyal audience gets the opportunity to send in live questions during the show.
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Ep. 45 - In Hollywood, the Revolution Will Be Televised ft. Isaiah Washington

Live from the belly of the beast, ?Grey?s Anatomy? actor Isaiah Washington joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles for an inside conversation on Hollywood?s predilection for cancelling conservatives. In this episode, Washington tells the story of his walk away from the Democratic Party, details his triumphant professional journey from Houston to Hollywood, and spills the tea on Tinseltown?s dirty little (Chinese) secret.
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Ep. 44 - What?s Three Trillion Between Friends?

Are Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats intentionally keeping the American people unemployed? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles dive deep on the new coronavirus relief proposals from the Democrats and the Republicans and suggest some alternative solutions that would actually send the American people back to work. Plus, has the Left destroyed comedy once and for all?
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Ep. 43 - Screaming Primal Rage

BLM?s dirty secrets are revealed at the hands of Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles. The podcasting duo sits down to divulge shocking new information that has come to light about the Black Lives Matter organization, including direct Marxist ties, opposition to the nuclear family, and a quest to abolish every police department in America. Plus, Balaam?s donkey gets a burning question in during the mailbag segment.
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Ep. 42 - A New Cold War

Senator Ted Cruz spends a moment memorializing conservative titan Herman Cain and the lasting impact of his work. Then, Senator Cruz and Michael Knowles react to this shocking (or maybe not so shocking) news straight from the Hill?three out of four of the Big Tech CEOs refused to admit to Congress that China steals from American technology companies. Plus, Senator Cruz responds directly to Mark Cuban questioning his testicular fortitude.
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Ep. 41 - Bad Hombres ft. DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles to share inside information about the federal government?s nationwide crackdown on lawless rioters, discuss the progress of President Trump?s 30-foot-tall border wall, and explain the very real dangers of the way Nancy Pelosi and the Left demonize the police. Plus, Senator Cruz?s new name is Bob.
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Ep. 40 - Cruzing on Air Force One

It's time to stop killing jobs and help people get back to work. Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles break down the Republican response to Pelosi's disastrous economic relief bill, consider the implications of petty lawmakers making a mockery of the recent hearing with Attorney General William Barr, and, most importantly, spill the tea on the Senator's Air Force Once outing.
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Ep. 39 - A Portal Into the Progressive Mind ft. Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein makes history by becoming the first progressive to join "Verdict with Ted Cruz." He joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles in the City of Angels to discuss (and maybe even debate) the important issues of our time including free speech, gender theory, immigration, and more. In a time when genuine conversations between left and right are few and far between, this conversation among three intellects offers a glimmer of hope. Listen to "The Portal" hosted by Eric Weinstein:
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Ep. 38 - Jon Voight Is a National Treasure

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles in the heart of Hollywood to discuss the state of Tinseltown, his tutelage and rise to fame under the Greatest Generation of actors, and the future of the Republic in 2020 and beyond. Also, who filibustered better?Ted Cruz or Jimmy Stewart?
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Ep. 37 - From Hong Kong to TikTok

China might be the greatest geopolitical threat to America, but is anyone even paying attention? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles discuss China?s aggression toward Hong Kong, the Chinese takeover of the tech world, and what a difference it would make if America begins to deal with the Chinese threat. Plus, in an extended mailbag section, Senator Cruz breaks down why he is so critical of Chief Justice John Roberts in particular and explains the benefits of a balanced budget amendment.
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Ep. 36 - Train Wreck at the Supreme Court

It has been a terrible month at the Supreme Court?the Court let us down yet again, and conservatives lost three important cases. Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles break down the latest decisions dealing with transgender employment law, abortion, DACA, and also a small victory for school choice. Plus, is Chief Justice John Roberts is the next Sandra Day O?Connor?
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Ep. 35 - A Look Inside Senator Tim Scott?s Voicemail Box

Senator Tim Scott joins Michael Knowles and Senator Ted Cruz to play never-before-heard voicemails left in his Senate office, to react to Democrats blocking his JUSTICE Act and real police reform, and to break down what it?s like to be a black conservative in America today.
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Ep. 34 - Bill Barr is the Honey Badger ft. Attorney General William Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr sits down with Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles to reveal the Trump administration?s plans for dealing with the riots afflicting America, lay out what we can expect from the Durham probe into Obama-era corruption, and explain why he was crazy enough to take the job a second time.
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Ep. 33 - Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? ft. Senator Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles to spill some tea about what happened at the most recent Senate lunch, attempt to pinpoint the historical moments that led to downturns in American freedom, and look toward the future that freedom fighters in the Senate are trying to build (including one future Senator Michael Knowles). Plus, Senators Cruz and Lee prove they disagree on at least ONE thing: whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich.
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Ep. 32 - Riots, Plagues, & Murder Hornets

2020 is off to a rip-roaring start, and the craziest parts may be yet to come. Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles to break down what the tumultuous events of the year mean for the 2020 election, to give a behind-the-scenes perspective on what running a national presidential campaign is actually like, and to give his take on the best and worst political advice for conservatives. Plus, Senator Cruz answers the question that?s on everyone?s mind: boxers or briefs?
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Ep. 31 - Behind the Gates with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles sit down with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for his first public interview since his appointment to the position. In this extended conversation, Mr. Meadows pulls back the curtain and gives listeners a glimpse into the inner workings of the West Wing in the age of Trump. He breaks down what the administration is doing to combat leakers, enforce the rule of law, defeat social media censorship, and more.
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Ep. 30 - Don?t Defund The Police

In a post-quarantine reunion, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles sit down together in D.C. for the first time in months to explain what defunding the police would actually mean for America, specifically for the black community, and to expose WHO?s shifting goalposts for coronavirus prevention.
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Ep. 29 - America On Fire

The Senator and Michael discuss what the nationwide riots mean for justice, the shocking lie the DOJ used to target President Trump, and some good news on the horizon.
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Ep. 28 - Social Media Censorship

The Senator and Michael discuss President Trump?s new executive order to stop social media censorship as viral videos lead to protests and looting around the country.
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Ep. 27 - Civil Liberties Under Attack

The Senator and Michael break down the death of civil liberties in the midst of Obamagate, Mike Flynn, sexual assault on campus, and the endless lockdowns.
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Ep. 26 - Ask Us Anything

The Senator and Michael take live questions from the audience, no topic off limits.
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Ep. 25 - China Must Pay

The Senator and Michael discuss the concrete steps being taken to make China pay for its misdeeds and to prevent further problems in the future.
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Ep. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup

The Senator and Michael sit down to discuss a shocking new revelation about the Wuhan Institute of Virology and how to restart the American economy.
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