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Kids Short Stories

Kids Short Stories

Screen time dominates the mind of children today and imagination is becoming a lost art. At Kids Short Stories, we engage kids through the power of story and equip parents to let their child?s imagination run free every day. If you would like your own short story, head over to Include your child's name and something like..."my son/daughter (name) loves catching bad guys and is really good at painting and loves trucks..." or whatever fun idea that your child has! Then Mr. Jim will build an amazing story around your submission!


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Janwi and Josh Attic Adventure | Part 3

Janwi and Josh have to stop the Purple Ninjas or else all our spy secrets will be out!
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Janwi and Josh Attic Adventure | Part 2

Janwi and Josh's adventure continues as they find themselves in a new world.
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Janwi and Josh Attic Adventure | Part 1

Janwi and Josh find something in their attic that transports them to a new world.
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Caelan and Eliana Find A Shark In Their Pool

After a big storm, Caelan and Eliana find a shark swimming in their pool! How will they get him home?
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Sidney Accidentally Freezes Her Friend | Part 2

Sidney must climb a magic mountain to find the cure!
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Sidney Accidentally Freezes Her Friend | Part 1

Sidney and her friends were playing Freeze tag, when all of a sudden someone gets frozen! How will she save Isaiah?
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Yash Goes Scuba Diving With His Dog

Yash goes on a scuba adventure with his dog and finds a new friend deep below the ocean.
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Jayce Saves The Magic Jungle Diamond

Professor Sticky Fingers is trying to steal the magic jungle diamond. It's up to Jayce to save the day!
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Elianna the Baby Unicorn Learns How To Fly

Elianna was very nervous trying to learn how to fly. Will she be able to conquer her fears and try it for the first time?
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Judah, Noah and Rose Go On A Helicopter Adventure

Oh no, the fog has caused Judah to have to land the helicopter on an island! Will his brother and sister be able to find him?
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Sloan and Rose Stop The Worm Zombies

Sloan and Rose travel back in time to stop the worm zombies from eating all the books in the world.
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Aaron and The Very Sticky Kitty

Episode from the vault :)
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Have Self Control | Part 2

Ada and Macy need to find aloe vera in order to save her burned skin.
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Have Self Control | Part 1

Ada and Macy are making smores when something terrible happens!
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Be Patient | Part 2

Hunter and Reed have lost the seed! Professor Sticky Fingers must be the thief! Will they save it in time?
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Be Patient | Part 1

Hunter and Reed are given a strange grow a magical seed. Will they be patient enough to complete the mission?
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Be Kind | Part 2

Dylan, Myles and Hayles have to find the slimy creature its medicine. How will they get over the canyon?
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Spy Team Pillars | Choose To Be Kind | Part 1

Dylan, Myles and Hayles go on an adventure and quickly find a slimy monster! Why is it sneezing so much?
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Felix and Ezra Get Turned Into Ants

Felix and Ezra's day at the beach takes a turn for the worse when they eat from the chocolate fountain...
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Theo Saves Minecraft From Crashing

Theo had just finished all of his chores and homework when he gets pulled into a wild adventure. Will he be able to save Minecraft before the zombies take over?
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Vedha Rescues Fairyland And Finds The Missing Tiara

Vedha and all her fairy friends go on the search when the magical tiara goes missing. Will Fairyland lose all its magic or will they save the day?
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Teddy and Mabel Discover The Abominable Snowman In The Mountains

Teddy and Mabel are on a hike in the mountains when they hear a scary sound. They had no idea a big hairy, creature is trying to scare off Dr. Stinky Breath!
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Marlin and His Dog Find The Missing Monster Truck Tires

Marlin was so excited for the big Monster Truck race tomorrow. But someone has stolen all of their tires and its up to Marlin and his dog to save the day!
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Theodore Stops The Lava In His Backyard

Theodore was playing in his backyard, when lava starts coming out of the grass. How in the world did this happen and how will Theodore save the day?
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Carly and Sharla Rescue A Unicorn After A Big Thunderstorm

There was a big thunderstorm that knocked over a bunch of branches at Carly and Sharla's house. They were pretty surprised to find a unicorn underneath one of the branches!
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Slater Saves The World From The Cotton Candy Volcano

Something crazy happens in Slater's neighborhood. A volcano has unexpectedly appeared, but that isn't even the biggest surprise in this story!
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Crosby and Wells Have To Catch A Missing Dinosaur

Crosby and Wells work on a dinosaur island for the spy team. When one of the dinosaurs goes missing, they have to use a strange bait to catch it!
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Sebastian and Naomi Rescue The Missing Garbage Trucks

Something very stinky in Sebastian and Naomi's neighborhood. Why are all the garbage trucks missing??
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Lyla and Casper Find Fossils That Come Alive

Lyla and Casper love looking for fossils. But today was different when one of them came alive!
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Yash Discovers A Wizard, Wish-Granting Dog

Yash loved to go hiking because he never knew what adventure was around the next corner. He meets a dog who turns out to not be a normal dog after all.
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Eimear And Her Magic, Jello-Launching Trampoline

Eimear was so excited for today because she was getting her very own trampoline! She had no idea how amazing it would be until she took her first jump...
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Tildy's Neighborhood Has Been Slimed!

Tildy woke up to a stinky, slimy mess outside. How in the world is she going to get this cleaned up and who would do such a thing?
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Nella and Lenah Stop A Forest-Destroying Ogre

Nella and Lenah are princess's who have an important job of keeping the forests safe. A mean ogre starts destroying the forest and its up to them to save the day!
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Emmett Saves An Underwater City

Emmett and his new Orca friend discover an underwater city that Dr. Stinky Breath is trying to take over. How will they stop him?
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December Has A Magical Eye Surgery

December had no idea how amazing her eye surgery would be, and what super power would be given to her!
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Juliana and Anna Rescue A Lost Mountain Goat In A Snowstorm

Juliana and Anna just got home from Superhero Camp, when they hear the cries of a creature needing help. They had no idea what this adventure would bring them through while jumping up the mountain.
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Emma and Avery Go Sailing In Their Blanket Boat

Emma and Avery loved building blankety boats in their living room. Today would be an amazing adventure when their boat lands in the ocean!
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Amelia and Henry Find A Space Traveling Penguin

Amelia and Henry are protecting the moon when they discover a spaceship is about to land on the moon! They were not expecting a penguin to be the pilot of that spaceship!
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Caelan and Eliana Discover Their Mom's Big Secret

The Purple Ninjas have stolen an invisibility serum. Caelan and Eliana find out where it came from and cant believe it!
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Hazel & Spencer And The Cheetah-Shark

Hazel and Spencer were playing on the beach when all of a sudden, their beach toys went missing. Where on earth did they go?
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Edward Saves The Dinosaurs From The Lava

Edward had an amazing monster truck that could drive over fire. It would come in handy when he needed to save all dinosaur family from the lava.
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Tashi and Roro Stop The Purple Ninjas From Planting Volcano Seeds

Dr. Stinky Breath has real volcano seeds that he wants to plant in the ground. It's up to Tashi and Roro to save the day!
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Fluffy the Chicken Turns Into A Dinosaur

Fluffy the chicken has always wanted to be something amazing. You won't believe how Fluffy magically turns into a real dinosaur.
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Sophia, Cora and Isabelle And Their Unicorn Friend Save A Baby Dragon

Sophia, Cora and Isabelle meet a unicorn who needs help! How will they save the sick baby dragon?
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Ingrid and Wally Rescue The Magical Beta Fish

Overnight, Ingrid and Wally's beta fish went missing. They find purple fingerprints on the fish tank, but will they be able to find the missing fish?
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Mason and Gavin Stop The Purple Ninjas From Stealing Their Treasure

Mason and Gavin discover a huge treasure chest in their backyard, which is then stolen by the Purple Ninjas. How will they stop them?
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Benjamin, The Magical Kermode Bear, Rescues Our Memories

Last night there was a terrible forest fire that destroyed all the magical grass that Benjamin needed to eat. Will he be able to find more magical rainbow grass in time to save our memories?
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Truman Saves The World From Poisonous Soccer Balls

Truman is tasked with saving the world from poison soccer balls. Who would do such a terrible thing?
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Violet Needs Her Dolphin Friend To Save The Day

Violet loses her tooth and it goes missing. She needs a friend to find it on the ocean floor.
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Ollie, The Robot Cheetah, Goes To Space

Ollie, the fastest Cheetah, needs to get out some aliens in a crazy way!
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