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Daily Tech Update

Daily Tech Update

Your daily tech update from American's digital pro, Kim Komando. Stay up on the latest tech news with Kim's trusted advice, opinions and actionable tips ? all in one minute.


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Which is better: Apple or Samsung?

It's hard to pick the superior smartphone. Sure, Apple's popular iPhones outsell Galaxy's goodies. But there are a few more factors to keep in mind.
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How became an empire

You've got to hear this amazing story about a niche gaming website that suddenly exploded with millions of users around the world. Why did it skyrocket to stardom? Find out in today's episode.
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Google finally reveals everything it knows about you

After years of speculation, Google has finally admitted just how much personal data it collects from your iPhone. Here?s a hint: everything.
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The secret to getting a Covid vaccine

Millions of older Americans simply don?t have the computer skills to schedule an appointment for the Covid vaccine. As soon as an appointment appears, it?s gone in one to three seconds. But help is on the way.
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The best free password managers

You need a different password for every online account. But remembering them is impossible ? unless you use a password manager.
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Watch out for these Covid relief scams

As COVID-19 vaccinations roll out across the country, cybercriminals want their shot at stealing your money. If you aren't careful, these two scams could drain your bank account.
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How to buy a generator for your home

A killer storm hit Texas, and now millions of people are going without water, heat and power. Would a home generator make a difference?
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Don't believe these viral photos

Severe snow, sleet and ice storms are pounding across the central and southern states. Although millions of people are going without power, social media is lighting up. 
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Your emails are being tracked

Here?s something for you to think about the next time you check your email. An invisible spy beacon is probably reporting back to the email?s sender with intimate details. Even your location could be compromised.
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Amazon reviews are big business

When you buy something on Amazon, you probably check the product?s reviews before adding it to your cart. That?s a bad idea.
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No more piggy banks

Add another lost device to the long list of bygone tech. We no longer use folding maps, Walkman music players or Polaroid cameras. Now, the good old Piggy Bank has been dethroned. Meet its shiny new replacement.
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How to set up your home theater

If you?ve made the decision to have a home theater, what?s best: a large flat-screen TV or a projector?
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Ring Doorbell's boneheaded new trick

The Ring Doorbell is a great product. But now its engineers have managed to come up with the absolute worst idea ever.
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How bad is Bitcoin for the environment?

Bitcoins are incredibly valuable, but they come at a huge cost. Who pays the most? Mother Earth.
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The mistake killing your phone battery

How often do you charge your smartphone? You may be making a common mistake that could shorten your battery life.
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Don't go to court with this filter

You won't believe the mistake a Texan attorney made this week. He hopped into a Zoom call, but the folks in court couldn't see his face. Instead, they saw something shocking.
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Can an Apple Watch tell if you have COVID-19?

If you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone, I've got some good news. You may have everything you need to tell if you're infected with COVID-19 ? well before the official test results roll in.
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True or False: Turn your PC off every day

Over the past 20 years, I've gotten a ton of questions. Here's one of the most common queries: "Should I turn off my computer when I'm done? Or should I leave it on all the time?" Here's the secret I swear by.
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COVID vaccine sites are a total mess

You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men. They often go awry. We're seeing that now with vaccine rollouts. Slow internet connections are throwing wrenches into COVID-fighting plans. Here's the full story.
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Get this from the IRS now

Imagine this. You sit down to file your taxes. Then, you get a notification from the IRS saying you can't file another return. Do this to make sure it doesn't happen to you.
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Tricks to stop robocallers

It?s so annoying to answer a call only to be greeted with a robot pitching you an extended car warranty. Maybe you need a new phone? Not so fast! Check your phone for this helpful feature.
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Apple?s iGlasses are coming

Google, Snap and Facebook have tried to market futuristic sci-fi glasses with marginal success. Now, Apple is finalizing their glasses. You won?t believe the price!
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One smartphone trick you need to do today

Grab your phone and set aside a couple minutes. This is a super-fast security boost you'll thank me for later.
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How to become an Instagram star

Can anyone become an Instagram influencer? That's the question HBO's new documentary posed. Really, it was more of a science experiment. Here's what they found.
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Wall Street Bets: Reddit's shiny new target

Reddit's stock traders are at it again. This time, they're proving the old adage, "All that glitters is not gold." Sometimes, it's silver!
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Will Apple's CEO put his money where his mouth is?

Last week, Tim Cook attacked Facebook for exploiting its users. But what about the skeletons in his own closet? Will Apple's CEO back his words with action? Here's what I think.
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You need to update your iPhone today

The weekend is here. It?s the perfect time to take a few moments and update your iPhone?s operating system. It's a great way to protect your privacy. Here's why.
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Google, how do I make a bomb?

This past week, the Department of Homeland Security issued a nationwide terrorism alert. They say the threat from domestic anti-government extremists is real. Google provides a huge clue as to how real the threat could be.
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Reddit mob gave Wall Street a run for its money

What's going on with GameStop? Why are hedge fund managers sweating bullets? It all comes down to Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet." Here's the full story.
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5G and your front lawn

Imagine this: You walk out the front door. You see an unsightly box plopped upon your property ? and there's no way you can get rid of it. Here's how 5G boxes are taking over one Texan city.
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Americans waste $40 billion a year on broken tech

A decade ago, you could fix a smartphone in no time. Was your old battery acting up? You could just pop off the back and drop in a new one! Things aren't as simple nowadays. Here's what changed.
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Zuckerberg for President

Once upon a time, Mark Zuckerberg had the world at his feet. How things change! Now, he's got a ton of problems. Or, as President Biden says, big problems. 
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Proof your digital data lasts forever

It?s never been clearer: If you ever have a run-in with the law, your smartphone can prove your innocence...or your guilt. Here's how your phone can be used against you.
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A new COVID calculator you need to check

As more and more Americans get the COVID vaccine, offices, restaurants and classrooms will slowly re-open. That comes with a risk, of course. Luckily, there?s new online software that calculates the risks of COVID transmission. Check it out in order to stay safe!
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Hackers hate this new Chrome feature

When it comes to internet browsers, you're spoiled for choice. But which one is the best? And what's the new Chrome feature that's stumping hackers? You'll find out in today's episode!
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25m people ticked off at Big Tech

Americans are growing weary of Big Tech?s prying eyes. Somewhere there?s a record of every search you?ve made. Here's how to protect your privacy.
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Is Parler coming back?

The social media platform taken down by Amazon is showing weak signs of life. It's triggering a big question: Can Parler make a comeback? Here's what I think.
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The old tech extremist groups are using to communicate

Social media apps booted extremists, who turned to another method of communication. Why are they using small, hand-held radios? And how's the FCC cracking down on the tech? Find out in today's episode.
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Internet creator wants a do-over

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet 32 years ago. Now, he says Big Tech has too much power. That's why he?s working on a new internet.
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Free internet: Do you qualify?

Millions of Americans are still out of work as we close in on the pandemic's one year anniversary. Everyone's looking to cut down on costs. There's a way you can get free internet, if you qualify.
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Think your password is secure? Think again!

Does your password use numbers and symbols? That's a good start, but it's not enough. If you want a strong password, you've got to take this extra step.
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Scattered Canary: This Nigerian scam is stealing millions

Nigerian criminals stole $36 billion in 2020 through the "Scattered Canary" scam. The scariest part? All they need is your name to get you.
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Bitcoin billionaires are losing their fortunes

You won't believe this sad tale of lost treasure. Get this: Bitcoin billionaires are losing their fortunes. Why? Forgotten passwords.
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CES 2021: Why was it so lackluster?

Usually, CES is packed with groundbreaking tech the entire internet is talking about. This year? It all felt pretty underwhelming. Why? Here's what I think.
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CES Hype

With Trump, Amazon and Parler taking over the headlines, this year?s Consumer Electronics Show has taken a backseat in news. Maybe that?s not such a bad thing.
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Parler and Ruthless Big Tech

If you?re one of the millions who use Parler, I?m sure you?re wondering, ?What?s next?? Regardless of politics, we're watching Big Tech flex its strength.
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Get ready for CES! You'll find some incredible tech

January always brings the annual Consumer Electronic Show. Even though it's virtual this year, you can still find some amazing stuff! Here's the insider scoop.
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Apps to help you actually keep those resolutions

Making New Year?s resolutions is easy. Sticking with them is hard. Luckily, help is only as far away as your smartphone!
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Ransomware attacks: You ain't seen nothin' yet

Ransomware cybercriminals aren't only after the average person. They attack in big numbers. Why? They're looking for a big payout from companies, schools and even hospitals.
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Watch out for zombie tweets!

Old tweets can come back and bite you. Can you delete them to stop this from happening? Well, yes and no. Here's the deal.
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