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Today in True Crime

Today in True Crime

Crime never takes a day off, and neither does Parcast. Every day, we flip back the calendar and examine a true crime event from the same date. It might be the anniversary of an important case being solved, the end of a landmark trial, or a serial killer?s birthday-- whatever the date, there?s no ordinary day in true crime history. In each episode, we present a short true crime story, then analyze the impact of that historic day?s events. Today in True Crime is a Parcast Original, with new episodes daily.


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Jan 21, 1970: Timothy Leary Convicted

Psychedelics researcher and former Harvard professor Dr. Timothy Leary was convicted of smuggling drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border.
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Jan 20, 1649: Charles I Charged With Treason

Charles I of England faced charges of high crimes and treason stemming from the English Civil War. Guest hosted by Carter Roy from Conspiracy Theories, a Spotify Original from Parcast.
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Jan 19, 1969: Czech Student Self-Immolates

20-year-old Jan Palach died three days after setting himself on fire in a protest against Soviet invasion. The act was a rallying cry for his country then, and again twenty years later during the fall of Czechoslovakia?s communist regime. 
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Jan 18, 1978: U.K. Guilty of Mistreating Irish Prisoners

In a controversial ruling that set a precedent for state-sanctioned violence, the European Court of Human Rights found the United Kingdom guilty of mistreating ? but not torturing ? Irish Catholic prisoners.
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Jan 17, 1950: The Great Brink?s Robbery

A group of eleven men stole millions of dollars from an armored car depot belonging to the Brink?s company. It was the largest heist in U.S. history at the time.
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Jan 16, 1997: Ennis Cosby Murdered

The son of actor Bill Cosby was murdered in cold blood after he stopped to fix a flat tire on the side of a California freeway.
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Jan 15, 1947: Black Dahlia Murder

Elizabeth Short?s mutilated body was found on this day in a Los Angeles suburb. Her unsolved murder remains one of the city?s oldest ? and most famous ? cold cases.
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Jan 14, 1946: Harold Shipman Born

The doctor is considered one of the most notorious serial killers in English history. He?s believed to have killed over 250 people while practicing medicine.
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Jan 13, 1931: The Trial of Daisy DeVoe

In a case that became legendary, the secretary for silent film star Clara Bow was put on trial for stealing from her employer. Guest hosted by Richard Rossner from Dictators, a Parcast Original from Spotify. 
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Jan 12, 1971: The Harrisburg Seven Indicted

A group of liberal Catholic activists stood accused of numerous charges, including damage to federal buildings and a conspiracy to kidnap foreign affairs advisor Henry Kissinger. 
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Jan 11, 2012: Joran van der Sloot Pleads Guilty

The 24-year-old, who had been accused in 2005 of murdering Natalee Holloway in a highly publicized case, admitted to murdering Stephany Flores in Peru. 
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Jan 10, 1645: Archbishop of Canterbury Beheaded

The disgraced William Laud was imprisoned in the Tower of London for nearly five years before facing an axeman.
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Jan 9, 1992: William Suff Arrested

A traffic violation exposed a notorious serial killer who had eluded police for years in Riverside, California.
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Jan 8, 2011: Gabrielle Giffords Shot

The Arizona congresswoman was shot by 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner at a public event in Tucson.
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Jan 7, 1131: Knud Lavard Murdered

The Danish prince was ambushed in Haraldsted Forest by his cousin Magnus, who was desperate to preserve his own claim to the throne. 
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Jan 6, 2005: KKK Organizer Arrested

Preacher and Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen was arrested for the 1964 murders of three voter registration workers in Mississippi. Guest hosted by Alastair Murden from Superstitions, a Parcast Original from Spotify. 
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Jan 5, 1941: Amy Johnson Disappears

The British pilot bailed out of her plane over the Thames Estuary, never to be recovered from the icy water. 
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Jan 4, 1903: Topsy the Elephant Executed

The circus elephant?s death was delivered by a 7000-volt shock after her owners failed to find new buyers for the troublesome leviathan.
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Jan 3, 1972: John Wayne Gacy?s First Murder

Notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who would eventually kill at least 33 people, murdered his first victim: 16-year-old Timothy Jack McCoy. 
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Jan 2, 2006: Thomas Montgomery?s Doomed Catfishing Affair

46-year-old Montgomery wrote a note to himself willing a full transformation into his internet persona. Months later, he murdered his online girlfriend?s other online beau. 
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Jan 1, 2017: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

The attack, carried out by Islamic terrorist Abdulkadir Masharipov, killed 39 people and injured upwards of 70 people. 
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December 31, 1990: Robert Spahalski?s First Victim

24-year-old Moraine Armstrong was the first victim of serial killer Robert Spahalski, who confessed to the crime over a decade later. 
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December 30, 2006: Saddam Hussein Executed

The former president of Iraq was found guilty for crimes against humanity and executed by hanging. Guest hosted by Kate Leonard from Daily Quote, a Spotify Original from Parcast. 
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December 29, 1170: Thomas Becket Slain

It was a murder that would live in infamy: Four knights loyal to King Henry II killed the Archbishop of Canterbury following a failed attempt to arrest him for crimes against the crown.
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December 28, 1987: Ronald Gene Simmons Murders

The largest familial massacre in U.S. history was part of a week-long killing spree that left 16 people dead.
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December 27, 1997: Irish Paramilitary Leader Murdered

37-year-old Billy Wright, who had established a fearsome reputation during a period known as the Troubles, was shot to death in a maximum-security prison. 
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December 26, 1994: Terrorists Hijack Air France Flight 8969

Four members of the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria hijacked a plane, intending to detonate it above the Eiffel Tower. 
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December 25, 1950: Stone of Destiny Stolen

Scottish nationalists broke into Westminster Abbey in London and stole the Stone of Destiny, an ancient symbol of Scottish royalty.
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December 24, 1997: ?Carlos the Jackal? Sentenced

International terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, received a life sentence for murders he committed in 1975. 
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December 23, 1974: Three Go Missing From Texas Mall

A trio of young girls vanished from a mall in Fort Worth, Texas. Their disappearance remains unsolved. Guest hosted by Tim Johnson from the Parcast series Today in Music History. 
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December 22, 1715: ?The Old Pretender? Lands In Scotland

After a lifetime of exile in France, 27-year-old James Edward arrived in Scotland to lead an uprising and claim the throne of England. 
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December 21, 2001: Larry Mayes Freed

After 21 years in prison, Mayes? wrongful conviction was overturned. He became the 100th person in the U.S. to be liberated due to advances in DNA testing. 
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December 20, 1917: Cheka Secret Police Founded

The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counterrevolution and Sabotage ? Cheka for short ? was a secret government organization, and precursor to the infamous KGB.
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December 19, 1986: Andrei Sakharov Released from Exile

Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov was once the country?s leading scientist. In 1980, he was arrested and exiled to the city of Gorky, where he and his wife spent 6 years in isolation.
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December 18, 1948: Edmund Kemper Is Born

One of America?s most infamous serial killers, Ed Kemper, was born on this day in 1948 in Burbank, California.
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December 17, 1967: Australian Prime Minister Swept Out to Sea

Harold Holt was out for a swim when he disappeared, never to be recovered. Officially, there was no foul play. Unofficially, conspiracy theories swirled.
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December 16, 1773: Boston Tea Party

In one of the country?s first instances of peaceful public protest, 100 American colonists dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor. Guest hosted by Alastair Murden, host of the Parcast series Medical Murders. 
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December 15, 1944: Glenn Miller Disappears

A single-engine plane carrying popular bandleader and U.S. Army Major Glenn Miller disappeared over the English Channel.
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December 14, 2000: Edmond Pope Released from Russian Prison

President Vladimir Putin pardoned Pope, a former U.S. naval-intelligence officer, after he?d been convicted of espionage in Moscow.
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December 13, 2016: Pizzagate Attack

Edgar Maddison Welch was charged after storming a Washington D.C. pizzeria with his AR-15 rifle, believing it to be ground zero of a conspiracy theory involving pedophilia.
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December 12, 2018: Grease Vent Thief Caught

A botched burglary left a would-be thief stuck in the grease vent of an abandoned Chinese restaurant. He was trapped for two days.
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December 11, 2001: Operation Buccaneer

U.S. Law Enforcement launched a successful initiative against online piracy, seizing computers across the country and shutting down a group called Drink or Die.
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December 10, 1945: Lipstick Killer Murder

Frances Brown was one of three victims of the self-titled ?Lipstick Killer,? who left a message for police on Brown?s living room wall written in the victim?s lipstick. 
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December 9, 2008: Illinois Governor Arrested

Rod Blagojevich, nicknamed ?Governor Sunshine,? was arrested by FBI agents on bribery and conspiracy charges. Guest hosted by Greg Polcyn of the Parcast series Serial Killers. 
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December 8, 1980: John Lennon Assassinated

The world-famous rock star and advocate for world peace was murdered in broad daylight in New York.
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December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor Attacked

The surprise attack on the U.S. naval base killed over 2,400 U.S. soldiers, sailors and civilians, and thrust the nation into war.
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December 6, 1993: Former Priest Sentenced

James R. Porter was sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 28 children. The Boston Archdiocese had been complicit in covering up his crimes.
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December 5, 1872: Ghost Ship Found in the Atlantic

The crew of the Dei Gratia found the abandoned Mary Celeste drifting in open water. The ship was largely intact, but no passengers were aboard, and its crew was never found.
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December 4, 1971: McGurk?s Bar Bombing

In one of the deadliest bombings in Irish history, an explosion destroyed McGurk?s Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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December 3, 1792: King Louis XVI?s Trial

The French National Convention resolved to put the king on trial for committing high crimes against France throughout his 18-year reign. 
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