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2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.


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WILD Conspiracy Theories! w/ Yannis Pappas | 2 Bears, 1 Cave - Ep. 162

This week, Tom Segura is joined by Yannis Pappas in Bert Kreischer?s place. They discuss how Yannis got talked into softening his water, how Tom feels about meeting fans, Chris Rocks current material, chartering jets vs. flying coach, weird ways people get aroused, the SNL writer who threatened to boycott the show over Dave Chappelle hosting, annoying politically correct terms, Kanye West, the Ukraine situation, the wildest conspiracy theories, Donald Trump, Herschel Walker, and more!

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Ep. 161 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer finally recovered from all of his surgeries and joins Tom Segura to discuss their taste in adult videos. They discuss Adriana Chechik breaking her back, Bhad Bhabie, and if Bert should start an Only Fans account. Tom educates Bert on Tyga, Travis Scott and Woah Vicky. Bert shares his theory on little people, the bears discuss herpes, pregnancy scares, as well as hernias. They review some of the best hair transplants among celebrities, female celebrities that aged gracefully, and private jets.

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Ep. 160 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Quentin Tarantino

Bert Kreischer is still recovering from his heart surgeries so Tom Segura asked Quentin Tarantino to step in as a guest bear! Go check out Quentin?s new book ?Cinema Speculation? and his podcast ?The Video Archives!? Quentin discusses his new book, the journey of green lighting Pulp Fiction as well as the decisions made for casting. Tom asks Quentin about accents in Inglorious Bastards, Michael Parks in Kill Bill, and the ?Top Gun is Gay? monologue. They discuss forced diversity casting in films, Quentin?s opinion on Alfred Hitchcock movies, and Quentin?s plan for his last film. Quentin talks about writing for TV, Tom reveals Quentin inspired him to film his own projects, Leonardo DiCaprio, and they share their thoughts on all the Marvel movies. They discuss stories about Don Rickles, Robert De Niro, and then Quentin roasts Tom.

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Ep. 159 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Neal Brennan & Bert Kreischer

Neal Brennan joins Bert Kreischer in Tom Segura?s place for this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave. Neal and Bert discuss how much different comedians make, Neal?s Mark Twain speech, tour busses, SNL, representation in comedy, Chappelle?s Show, Trevor Noah, how they edit their stand-up specials, Neal?s new Netflix special ?Blocks,? and much more!

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Ep. 158 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It?s another week of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer and it is a WILD episode! Sober October is over and it?s Berty Boy?s birthday! The Bears discuss their favorite comics and throw shade at every comedian that?s slighted them, they discuss the tragic news about Takeoff from Migos, and then Tom reveals possibly the BEST birthday gift ever for Bert! The bears then discuss Diddy?s wild Halloween interaction with actor from the show Power, Michael J. Ferguson, as well as other scary dudes in hip hop.

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Ep. 157 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Happy Halloween! It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer and it's the last day of #SoberOctober! They discuss how unbelievably cool comedian Dean Delray is, the bears' fashion choices, and lies they spread about each other. Bert discusses opening for Louis CK and nearly ruining the show, they talk about a heckler who threw a beer at a comedian on stage, and Bert shares a review from a fan posted on Instagram. They debate which famous family would be cool to be born into and Tom shares a story of someone getting kicked out of his show in Charlottesville.

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Ep. 156 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! They talk about Tiger Woods, their kids playing sports, and what it takes to become an elite athlete. They try to figure out how they can raise freak athletes, discuss sports families, and debate if 2 Bears Racing is going to participate in the great Gumball 3000.

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Ep. 155 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

We're halfway through Sober October and Bert Kreischer tells Tom Segura how he's disgusted with drinking now, the bears look at their sleep and recovery from Whoop, and Tom shares some VERY cool auto-generated art of Bert made by artificial intelligence software. Tom talks about his recent incredible ayahuasca experience, Bert shares how often he thinks about death, and how bummed Bert is that he is madly in love with his wife LeeAnn.

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Ep. 154 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons is a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and radio host. He joins Tom Segura, in Bert Kreischer?s place for this week?s episode of ?2 Bears, 1 Cave.? They discuss their old acting classes, getting to know adult performers, going shooting with Joe Rogan, ?American Psycho,? ?The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,? cultural appropriation in media, method acting, and much more!

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Ep. 153 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell joins Tom Segura in Bert Kreischer?s place for this week?s ?2 Bears, 1 Cave.? They discuss the new Armie Hammer documentary, Vlad the Impaler, North Korea, UFOs, Mos Def, Ted Bundy, and the Mari Aoki phenomenon. They also swap stories about ?relieving themselves? on airplanes.

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Ep. 152 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Joe Rogan

It's another episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and we have guest bear Joe Rogan! We talk about Joe beating Enny in arm wrestling right before cameras started rolling, how athletic Bert Kreischer actually is, and the parameters for Sober October this year. The bears talk about Mark Zuckerberg going on Joe Rogan Experience, failed attempts at canceling Joe, some wild videos on Instagram, and famous mobsters and hitmen. They review Evander Holyfield and Michael Jordan's unsellable homes, Francis Ngannou, and food based Instagram profiles. They talk about Sam's Tailor, the Fatty Arbuckle controversy, how unique Joey Diaz is, and how Joe and Tom met.

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Ep. 151 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! Bert interviews Tom about his inspirations for fitness, sex, comedy and his perspective on funding your own projects. They discuss pioneers in the standup comedy world like Dane Cook and Louis CK, Bert shares what he learned about history on his trip to Italy, and how Jesus definitely wasn't white. They try to see if they can name all the presidents, they call Dr. Andrew Huberman to ask a series of health questions about drinking, fitness and psychedelics and get Lex Fridman to hop on the phone to check in.

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Ep. 150 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! The bears talk about torturing their kids with singing, Hank Williams, and more on Andrew Tate. They discuss hazing, the gayest things they've ever done, and women's safety on college campuses. Tom shares what makes him laugh about violent videos, the bears share the fattest they've ever been and getting in shape. The bears wrap up with discussing Sober October and the birthday gift-off.

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Ep. 149 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! Bert discusses how he dresses like a child, Nadav is a genius, and his daughter going off to college. Tom talks about going to college with Prince Fielder, Bert talks about the differences between him and his daughters, and the bears discuss Andrew Tate getting cancelled. They talk about Bert's knack for promoting, protesting the Garth Brooks concert for YMH Live 8, coffee makers, Bert's trip to Italy, and then Bert runs Tom through his "power" questions.

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Ep. 148 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back together in the Bear Cave this week! They talk about why Bert?s given up ?adult films,? how he is stimulating himself now, sounding, Manti Te?o, and the new Armie Hammer documentary ?House of Hammer.? Bert reacts to Tim Dillon?s comments about him from YMH Live 8, and Bert shares the story of the time he modeled nude on ?Trip Flip.?

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Ep. 147 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Whitney Cummings & Bert Kreischer

It's another episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave! This episode we are joined by comedian, actor, producer, and fellow podcaster, Whitney Cummings! Bert and Whitney start off the show discussing stories about fellow comedian Demetri Martin, then tragically interrupt themselves into discussing palindromes, ambigrams, onomatopoeias, and luxury watches...? These bears are all over the place! Whitney talks about breaking into her neighbor's house, Bert talks about stealing lawn jockeys as a kid. They wrap by talking about life as a celebrity, and where they might want to buy another home.

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Ep. 146 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Andrew Santino & Bert Kreischer

Welcome back to 2 Bears 1 Cave! This episode we're joined by actor, producer, and fellow comedian Andrew Santino. Bert & Andrew start us off discussing why Adam Ray ruined the comedy basketball league, and Santino's new movie "Me Time" with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. They discuss each others' favorite tequilas, and Bert talks about why he's switching from his old favorite, Tito's. Bert makes Santino take his blood pressure, then they wrap talking about their personal experiences working out with famous bodybuilders Thor Bjornsson and Martin Ford.

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Ep. 145 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer share stories about pregnancy scares, discuss the overturning of Roe v. Wade, find out about the history of orphanages, and revisit the PLASTT subreddit. Bert raves about the Oculus, which he just tried thanks to Brian Simpson, and a conversation about exes prompts the Bears to question which one of them is easier to fall in love with. They wrap up by discussing tequila, which Bert has officially switched to from vodka. They taste and review Cazadores and pitch their own tequila brand: Dos Osos.

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Ep. 144 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are together in the bear cave again for this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave. Bert starts off by discussing his fall the night before. and they watch a video of the incident. They also talk about queerbaiting in Thor: Love and Thunder, Daniel Craig, playing red rover, why Bert thought he might have to have a broken jaw, and Tom?s experience with a shady dentist. They wrap up by swapping scary stories of getting in trouble going through customs with their tour busses.

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Ep. 143 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back together in the bear cave for this week?s episode! Bert recaps his Fully Loaded tour with Dave Attell, Shane Gillis, Big Jay Oakerson, Taylor Tomlinson, and many more comics. They also discuss Tom?s appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, working out with Mark Bell, the Ron White episode of 2 Bears, and Bert?s upcoming trip to Italy. Tom then tells Bert about his experience donating to a Starlight Children?s Foundation, which prompts a conversation about donating to charity. Bert calls his business manager to find out if he can afford to do the same.

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Ep. 142 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Mark Bell

On this week?s episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura is joined by lifter, podcaster, and entrepreneur Mark Bell. Tom and Mark discuss weight lifting injuries, Mark?s extreme weight loss, Tom?s workout routine on the road, improving sleep, squatting 1,000+ lbs, diet, motivation, using PEDs and more! Mark and Tom share the story of how they became friends, they talk about how to help Bert Kreischer ?be less fat,? and Tom also reveals the time he was most nervous speaking in front of an audience.

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Ep. 141 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Ryan Sickler

It's 2 Bears 1 Cave with a sick Tom Segura and guest bear Ryan Sickler! The bears talk about Michelin Star restaurants, Tom's mom's gifts, and Brad Pitt. They talk about how sick they get on the road, people who dip chewing tobacco, the 30 For 30 doc on Street Basketball, and Bill Clinton.

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Ep. 140 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Sal Vulcano & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave and Bert Kreischer welcomes his guest bear Sal Vulcano! They talk about performing on cruises, compare friendships, and gambling. They talk about how Sal grew up, how Impractical Jokers blew up, and surviving the pandemic. They discus their flaws, having fun bombing past podcast appearances, and why no one should get a full set of new teeth. They talk about the infamous George Brett story dumping in his pants, Bert describes his own misfired dumps, and Sal has a hard time comprehending any of it.

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Ep. 139 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Danny Brown

It's 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and guest bear (from YMH Studios' The Danny Brown Show) Danny Brown! Danny talks to Tom about watches, getting his identity stolen, and things he learned from hanging out with Insane Clown Posse. They talk about how Danny got into podcasting, his move to Austin, traveling and performing in different countries, and Ninja from Die Antword trying to pick him up. Then Danny runs Tom through some fashion tips and all the hottest places he gets clothes from.

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Ep. 138 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Ron White

LA! Tom is doing a special event to celebrate the launch of his book "I'd Like To Play Alone Please." Come out June 23th at 8:00pm! Tickets available at


Welcome back to 2 Bears, 1 Cave! This week Bert Kreischer is on dialysis and Tom Segura sits down with guest bear Ron White! The bears talk about how Ron used Ayahuasca to stop drinking, Ron getting arrested for drug smuggling, and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. They trade standup comedy stories, discuss retirement, and some advice on love and happiness!

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Ep. 137 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Yannis Pappas

We got guest bear Yannis Pappas joining Tom Segura this week! Go check out his standup comedy special "Mom Love" on YouTube! The bears discuss celebrity culture, standup comedy youtube specials, and fat football coaches like Stan Van Gundy and Mark Mangino. They find an article wondering why Bert Kreischer takes his shirt off all the time, describe what it feels like for your jokes to not work on stage, and appreciate everything Jewish people have done for society. They discuss cool things about China, how people stopped caring about the Olympics,  how to raise good kids and today's swimsuit models.

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Ep. 136 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Another episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! This week the two talk about Bert?s love of the band Wilco, how they each pitch this podcast to people who haven?t listened to it, and a promising new product Bert wants to be affiliated with. They discuss being fathers, buying gifts for their crew on the road, how they both got into sneaker culture, and why they ever became friends in the first place. Bert gets an important phone call from LeeAnn, the two break down what comments on social media mean, and a great bit from Ron White.

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Ep. 135 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer! They talk about how wild it's been to be friends with Joe Rogan as his career has grown, they take the original racist test that Bert found, and they discuss serial killers and where they went wrong. They talk about how Joey Diaz blew up a group text, getting stuck on a huge email thread with hundreds of other comedians, and Tom tries on his cream leather jacket for Bert. Bert tries to surprise KFC and Feitelberg from Barstool with a trip to Europe, hanging out with people without drinking, and how they're crafting their stand up comedy specials.

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Ep. 134 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this episode of ?2 Bears, 1 Cave,? Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss hatmaking, Bert?s experience hanging with Christy Mack, Tom?s ad campaign he did with Jared Fogle, athletes who cheat on their spouses, Melissa Villasenor and Selena Gomez? ?chola? SNL sketch, and more. The Bears also take a test to see if they?re racist, and the results may surprise you!

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Ep. 133 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Bert Kreischer & Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano AKA Chrissy Specials joins Bert Kreischer this week fresh off of his new Netflix special "Speshy Weshy!" They discuss drinking, check in with Christina P to ask about her Netflix special Mom Genes, and side effects. Bert and Chris discuss their friendship with Tom, the early days of Joe Rogan, and old school comedy legends like Dave Attell, Colin Quinn and Jerry Seinfeld. They talk about how they got to where they are in comedy, being dads, and finding a work/life balance.

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Ep. 132 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Mark Normand & Bert Kreischer

We have a special guest bear joining Bert Kreischer today... it's Mark Normand! They talk about iconic standup comedy sets from black comedians, prescription pills, and Bert getting hurt on his Travel Channel show. They trade stories about first experiences with drugs, alcohol and sex. They discuss their sex lives, cultures from all over the world, a bartender Bert was attracted to the night before, and being diverse on accident.

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Ep. 131 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this week's episode of "2 Bears, 1 Cave," Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss Bert's inability to keep a secret, jigsaw puzzles, racing Caeleb Dressel, why Bert should be a Speedo spokesperson, and "Jackass Forever." Bert recalls partying with Johnny Knoxville in the 90s, and the two FaceTime Steve-O

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Ep. 130 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss finding your personal style and take a look at the style of celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck, and Jack Black. They also talk The Neck Boys, getting rest on tour, Logan Paul's pro wrestling debut, vacationing in Medellin, Kodak Black, and more. Plus, Bert introduces Tom to his new favorite game: Wordle.

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Ep. 129 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's Tom Segura's birthday, and Bert Kreischer, once again, topped their previous birthday gifts to each other. He got him a race car for 2 Bears Racing! The Bears call Matt Farah of "The Smoking Tire," who advised Bert on the purchase. He gives Tom and Bert a full run down of the car's specs. The Bears then swap stories of other meaningful gifts they've given to people, and get emotional discussing Bert's "Wait Staff Raffle" where he would give comedy club staff the chance to win money at his shows.  

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Ep. 128 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this week's episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss stem cell treatments, hanging with DJ Premier in New York, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, and the ways Walter Matthau and Michael Jordan bet. Also, Bert thinks he's turning into Kanye West, which prompts a discussion about how he would react if LeeAnn started dating John Mayer.

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Ep. 127 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this week's episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss why Tom got into an altercation at a dog park, Kodak Black getting shot, Jenna Jameson's illness, Kevin Hart's Gucci pants, and Tom's experiences at the Buffalo Bills facility and Chef Jose Andres' restaurant Jaleo. Josh Potter was just on tour with Bert, this leads the Bears to compare and contrast how the two of them tour. Also Bert may be joining OnlyFans!

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Ep. 126 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

For tickets to Bert's Cinco De Mayo show with Mark Normand and Metalachi at the Greek Theatre, go to Get yours today! 

Welcome back to another episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura! The bears start off the show talking about being bullies and being bullied in school. Who do you think was a bigger bully, Tom or Bert? Then they review shows and specials they?ve recently seen, like Dave Chappelle?s Home Team: Earthquake?s ?Legendary?, Anthony Jeselnik?s ?Fire in the Maternity Ward?, Ali Wong?s ?Don Wong?, and Bert?s favorite: ?A Made Homecoming?. Bert talks about his unfortunate introductions to Oliver Stone, Joe Rogan, Tom Cruise, and bro have you seen the hot chicks on @mugshawtys? Instagram?! See you next week on 2 Bears 1 Cave!

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Ep. 125 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

On this week's episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss Bert's experience watching Tyler Perry's "A Madea Homecoming," Britney Spears' insane Instagram posts, W. Kamau Bell's new docuseries "We Need to Talk About Cosby," and David Spade's episode of 2 Bears. Bert tells the story of going to a strip club in Austin with his crew the night before, and Tom and Bert talk about "Yo! MTV Raps." This leads them to wonder why Method Man and Redman haven't started a podcast. They wrap up by FaceTiming Russell Peters to see if he could put the Bears in contact with them.

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Ep. 124 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It?s another episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave! Bert starts the episode off comparing himself to minor league and Olympian athletes. What a surprise! Do you think Bert could challenge Caeleb Dressel at swimming? Israel Adesanya at fighting? What if they were both drunk? Tom tries talking about the new Chevrolet Corvette, 2 Bears Racing, and his genuine love for other people?s fear, but Bert moves onto his favorite politician, Saparmurat Niyazov, talks about commissioning a statue of himself, and/or Tom Segura in pure bronze, and how excited he is for 2 Bears Racing!

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Ep. 123 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

This week on 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer discuss what they think Bert's daughter's college experience will be like due to Bert's "party guy" persona, their tastes in fashion and art, and Bert's process of perfecting his stand-up routine. Bert shares a joke he wrote about Joe Rogan and Neil Young, and The Bears discuss their nicknames and brainstorm which rappers have the best nicknames. They wrap up by looking at videos of paragliding and ziplining accidents.

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Ep. 122 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

This week on 2 Bears 1 Cave, Bert Kreischer opens with what it's like visiting Austin, and how much he loves playing games with Tom Segura's kids. Also, Tom's kids give Bert a new nick name: Fat Sticks. The bears talk about standup comedy all over the world, they try to figure out the perfect outfit for Bert's next special, and we go down the female golfer rabbit hole. We check out other cool hobbies women can get into, watch some cool debt/stuck related "videos," and check out what kind of videos the rest of America is into. 

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Ep. 121 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer out of the new Austin set and we get into hypotheticals about hooking up with relatives! We get an update on the weight loss challenge with Nadav, talk about Ben Askren and the Jake Paul fight, and Bert tries to figure out his price for getting knocked out by a professional fighter. How much should Bert get to be in a boxing ring with Israel "Stylebender" Adesanya? The bears discuss the recent passing of Louis Anderson, Bob Saget, and Norm McDonald. Tom shares a story about him and Ryan Sickler smoking out Norm and seeing him go on stage right after. Bert then shares a story of a Paralympian swimmer Chloe Toscano who recently removed her arm and the bears gauge the room on some playful choking in the bedroom.

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Ep. 120 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & David Spade

It's another week of 2 Bears 1 Cave, and we have guest bear David Spade joining Tom Segura! Spade has all sorts of questions as he just started an SNL themed podcast co-hosted by Dana Carvey called "Fly On The Wall." David tells Tom about getting on Saturday Night Live with Rob Schneider and what it was like to be a writer/performer on the cast back then. They talk about Tommy Boy, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, Gap Girls, and a horror story involving Eddie Murphy.

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Ep. 119 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are finally recording out of the new set and Bert almost immediately ruins it. Bert fantasizes which celebrities he'd date, the bears discuss the Buffalo Bill's insane game and the incredible 2 Bears cleats that Gabe Davis wore during a game. The bears try doing some inspirational social media posts, we get an update on #TheMachine movie, Bert shares his Covid episode and a screen grab from his nest cam after he had sex. The bears talk hot sauces, Nadav's weight loss, and how Bert pronounces Whataburger wrong.

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Ep. 118 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer and Bert thinks he's finally going to move to Austin! Will Enny and Nadav move in with him? Then, the bears decide to completely change and rebuild Nadav. Is he up for the challenge? Tom shares how he got into doing standup comedy and Bert reveals he doesn't listen when people answer his questions.

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Ep. 117 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Ari Shaffir

It's another week of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and with special guest bear, Ari Shaffir! We analyze some of Carrot Top's wild Instagram posts and ask Ari how he got banned from social media. They talk about how important change is to your life and some fans who are surprised when comedians don't care about their feelings. Ari tells us about his time at J school, Tom shows Ari a heavy clip from YMH Live and an OG clip known as "Man VS Jar." Ari tells Tom about traveling to the Dominican Republic, Tom updates Ari on Bert's health, and they discuss how crazy weed from overseas is.  Then they finish on a lighter note and react to a WILD cartel video.

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Ep. 116 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

It's another episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer, and Bert is having a rough time recovering from the previous episode. Bert went into a deprivation tank loaded and had a day of polar plunges and packed saunas and marvels at his incredible genes. With that, they talk about ayahuasca which cause Bert to have a panic attack mid-thought. The bears discuss sleep, touring styles, disc golfers, and E-sports gamers. The bears get into their personal body counts, how fat their faces get, and Bert's love of hot dogs and food.

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Ep. 115 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

A truly special episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer where they try do as many vices in the span of a little over an hour. Bert and Tom celebrate their power by lighting cigars and Bert tries to compare himself to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. They try to come up with the premise to a movie that The Rock would do with them... would you watch it? Bert shows some fun posts from Nikki Glazer and Whitney Cummings. Tom helps Bert realize he should open a "recovery center," and they discuss the next big 2 Bears, 1 Cave event... 2 Bears Racing. Tom reminds Bert how impressed he is with his tennis serve, the bears share their favorite laughs with each other, and they decide which email they'd prefer to be eaten by.

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Ep. 114 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are back in Austin and we try to figure out if Bert is the most self absorbed person Tom knows. Is he a lot? Bert tries to convince Enny to let him smoke cigars in his house and Bert reveals how he incentivized his tour bus to motivate his weight loss. He describes his day working out with Joe Rogan at the Onnit gym, and the bears make Nadav compare and contrast their stand up shows. Bert admits he likes talking more than he likes listening and Tom tells him about shooting with Unk Shine. The bears discuss a great parody of the JRE they watched, as well as the Josh Robert Thompson impression of Morgan Freeman, which makes Bert attempt a couple impressions for Tom, and Bert fantasizes about his retirement which turns into one of the hardest laughs had on the show.

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Ep. 113 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer


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It's another week of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer, this time out of Bert studio in Los Angeles! Bert shares he's been on a fasting mimicking cleanse diet and shares his incentivized weight loss routine on tour. They go on to discuss at the physique of jacked celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Chris Pratt, Kumail Nanjiani and how Jason Momoa does it the best way. Bert is excited for his work out with Joe Rogan at the Onnit gym and Tom reminisces about cigarettes. Tom shows Bert the Hard 75 work out and eating plan and Bert pitches 2 Bears Racing and he can't wait to be a pit crew boss. Tome shares his discovery of baby wipes and a mishap he had on the road. The bears check in on Bert's accountabili-buddy, Nadav, and they also really like where Jonah Hill is at in his life. The episode ends on quite a cliff hanger.

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