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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.


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Setting Boundaries With Family

Maintaining healthy boundaries is a way of taking care of your closest relationships, but setting those boundaries can be hard. The process starts with asking yourself what you need.
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Olympic Runner Alexi Pappas On Learning To Ask For Help

Alexi Pappas is an Olympic runner, an actor and, now, a memoirist. In her new book, Bravey, she shares her struggles with mental health and learning to seek help.
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How To Relax More And Work Less

When was the last time you had a meal without looking at your phone, or took a day off without answering a work email? Journalist Celeste Headlee spoke with therapist Amelia Aldao for her tips for taking a break.
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Get Back Into Your Home Workout Routine

If your home workout routine isn't much of a routine, we're right there with you. A personal trainer joined NPR's Maria Godoy to talk tips for carving out time and space at home for exercise.
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Coping With Anxiety Around The News

The news is overwhelming right now. Neuroscientist Judson Brewer can help. Take a break from the headlines and press play. (This episode originally ran in October 2020.)
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5 Steps To Get Into A Deep Cleaning Routine

It's a New Year. Time to start with a clean slate ? even in your home. Here's how to start fresh without getting overwhelmed.
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What To Say To People Hesitant About The Coronavirus Vaccine

Many Americans remain unsure about whether to get the coronavirus vaccine. If you're talking to people in your life about getting it, make sure to lead with empathy and acknowledge what you don't know.
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The Art Of Breaking Up

Breaking up is tough, no matter how sure you are in your decision. In this episode, certified dating coach Damona Hoffman walks us through the steps to go through in the process, and the small decisions that can make a big impact on how you'll come out on the other side.
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No Recipe, No Problem: Improvising In The Kitchen

Following a recipe is easy, but improvising in the kitchen takes confidence ? and a well-stocked pantry. Samin Nosrat and Hrishi Hirway of the podcast Home Cooking give their advice for whipping up great meals without a recipe.
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What To Tell Kids When The News Is Scary

When the headlines are terrifying, how can parents make sure kids get the facts without traumatizing them? Whether it's a school shooting, a global pandemic or an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, child development experts have some advice. (This episode originally ran in March 2019.)
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5 Steps To Saving Money On A Move

Millions of Americans are relocating during the pandemic. Here's how to plan for a move ? and save money in the process.
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How To Make A Hard Decision

Making a hard decision can be agonizing. What if you pick the wrong thing? In this episode, an Oxford professor walks us through a different approach: What if there isn't a best alternative?
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7 Steps To Get Your Photos Organized

Feeling overwhelmed by thousands of photos? Here's how to organize them, from tagging them to backing them up. We've got tips from the experts.
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Trying To Form A Habit? Start Small

BJ Fogg's book "Tiny Habits" explains that making small changes in behavior requires just a little motivation and lots of celebrating ? and can have a big impact. (This episode originally ran earlier this year.)
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Understanding The Biology Of Weight Loss

Biology makes it hard to lose weight, so don't beat yourself up. In this episode, we won't tell you how to lose weight ? or whether you even need to . But we'll explain science, which might help you be kinder to your body. (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
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Want To Read More Books? Here's How

Got an intimidating tower of unread books looming on your nightstand? This episode will help you pick up more books and get through them quicker. (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
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Finding Your Inner Sneakerhead

Being a sneakerhead looks different in a digital world, where shoes sell out in minutes and YouTubers review new kicks. NPR's Jeff Pierre shows us how to navigate it all ? and trust your inner sneakerhead.
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Should You Lie To Your Kids About Santa And The Tooth Fairy?

When it comes to characters like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, parents often play along with elaborate charades. But what should grown-ups do when kids ask tough questions? (This episode originally ran in 2019.)
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Tricks To Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Hangouts

Socializing in the great outdoors is safer during the pandemic, but lower temperatures can make it tough. NPR's Sam Gringlas got some tips to stay toasty.
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Cutting Back On Pandemic Drinking

Alcohol sales are high and Americans are drinking more during the pandemic. If you're thinking of cutting back or even taking a break, you're not alone. Life Kit talked to the experts about how to do that.
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How To Help A Someone At Risk Of Suicide

Americans are reporting an increase in mental health challenges and suicidal ideation because of the coronavirus. If someone you know is struggling, here's how you can help.
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A Therapist's Advice For Getting Through Pandemic Holidays

The holidays are extra stressful this year. Psychologist and author Andrea Bonior offers some tips, whether you're feeling stressed, angry, lonely or guilty.
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Helping Kids (And Parents) Cope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Kids and teens have had their lives upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what parents can do to help them stay positive and feel supported.
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The Secret To Building Better Playlists

So you're planning the perfect candlelit evening ? or the perfect road trip, or the perfect afternoon at home. Where do you start? A playlist, of course. NPR Music's Bobby Carter showed us how he crafts them.
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Avoiding The Common Cold This Year

The common cold is especially prevalent in the winter. Luckily, many steps we're taking to avoid the coronavirus help stop the spread of the cold, too. If you get it, here's what to watch for and when to call your doctor.
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Giving Thoughtful Gifts, Without Breaking The Bank

Human connection can seem out of reach this year, but there are still ways to show your loved ones that you care. SELF magazine editor Tiffany Dodson joins Julia Furlan to talk about how to give better, more thoughtful gifts ? while spending less.
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Finding Your Own Language For Loss: Grief In The Holidays

As we inch toward the holidays, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith shares how she's processing grief, a subject at the center of much of her work.
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Lessons In The Hard Work Of Healing

America is divided. How can we move forward together? Michel Martin, host of NPR's Weekend All Things Considered, speaks with leaders in mediation and conflict resolution to hear their insights about navigating conflict and finding understanding.
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Peter Sagal Teaches Us How To Run

You don't need fancy equipment or a gym to start running. Grab your headphones and some sneakers and let Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me host Peter Sagal tell you how he keeps going.
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Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Happier

We could all use a little boost these days. Laurie Santos teaches a class on the science of happiness at Yale University, so we got her advice. (This episode originally ran in June 2020.)
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How To Have A Safe Thanksgiving

All gatherings carry risk during COVID-19. If you're meeting with people outside your immediate household during Thanksgiving, you can mitigate that risk by taking some basic steps. NPR's Short Wave team shares advice from the experts. Find more resources at
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How To Make Better (And Prettier) Pies

Just in time for Thanksgiving, self-taught baker Lauren Ko shares her tips for making better ? and more beautiful ? pies.
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Recreating A Family Recipe

Making a family recipe for the first time can be daunting. Will it turn out just like you remembered? In this episode, podcaster Noor Wazwaz walks us through what to remember in the kitchen.
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Transforming Kids' Worries Into Superpowers

Kids have anxiety ? but it's not always a bad thing. Renee Jain and Dr. Shefali Tsabary have some ideas about how to help children use those feelings to their advantage.
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Checking In On Your Aging Loved Ones

The coronavirus makes things a lot lonelier, especially if you're older and separated from family and friends. In this episode, NPR's Denise Guerra talks with science editor Malaka Gharib about how to check in on older friends and relatives to make sure they're doing alright.
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Improving Your Credit Score

A strong credit score can make major purchases and financial transactions much easier. Here's how to make yours better and keep it high.
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How Using (Not Hiding) Emotions Can Help Your Career

Emotions are everywhere, even at work. It might be tempting to hide them ? but you can use them to your advantage. (This episode originally ran in December 2019.)
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How To Take Care Of Yourself This Election Season

2020 has been a lot. In this special episode from NPR's It's Been A Minute, host Sam Sanders talked with therapist Lori Gottlieb about taking care of mental health when everything feels terrible.
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Make Journaling Work For You

There's a lot to think about right now. Journaling might help ? and you don't need a fancy notebook or lots of time. Here's where to start.
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How To Raise Good Citizens

Now is a good time to talk to the kids in your life about how to engage in civics. Here's a primer from our Life Kit parenting team.
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'Tis The Season: Dealing With Your Seasonal Affective Disorder

It's getting darker and colder, and there's still a pandemic. Oh, and then there's seasonal affective disorder. Here's how to spot it and what you can do.
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Rights To Remember If Police Stop You

If you're stopped or pulled over by police, remember that you're entitled to certain rights and protections. NPR's Noel King spoke with attorney Atteeyah Hollie about what to keep in mind.
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Coping With Anxiety From Constant Headlines

Between the coronavirus and the election, the news is overwhelming right now. Neuroscientist Judson Brewer can help. Take a break from the headlines and press play.
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Ibram Kendi Reflects On Anti-Racism ? And Wants You To Do It Too

Author and renowned scholar Ibram Kendi's new book asks readers to examine their own relationship with race. NPR's Eric Deggans spoke with him about it.
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FAFSA 2020: Here's How To Apply For College Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is now open to potential college students to fill out. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college ? and why you should apply now instead of waiting.
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Making Social Change, With Help From Meditation

When the world feels upside-down, it might seem counterintuitive to turn inward to create change. But that's exactly what meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says we should do.
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Tips For Better Conversations, From A Pro

Having good conversations is an art form. NPR's Sam Sanders tapped longtime radio host and podcaster Celeste Headlee for her tips for really listening and connecting.
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Prepping For Election Day: What You Need To Know To Vote Safely

NPR's Allison Aubrey spoke with Myrna Pérez of the Brennan Center for Justice about how voters can make election day go smoothly ? from what they need to bring to keeping others safe.
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The Life Kit Guide To Online Privacy

NPR's Laurel Wamsley talked with the experts about how to protect your information ? from your text messages to your location ? while you're on the phone and computer.
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7 Tips For Coping With Uncertainty About The Future

Uncertainty can be hard to live with ? especially when it feels never-ending. In this episode, Life Kit hears from three people who have survived tough times and gained perspective.
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