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Graham Allen?s Dear America Podcast

Graham Allen?s Dear America Podcast

Graham Allen cares enough about America to defend its values, so each week in the ?Dear America" podcast, he and his band of unapologetic patriots tackle culture and politics head-on. No topic is out of bounds. Irreverent, unfiltered, and straight from the heart, Graham will always tell America what it needs to hear, not what it wants to hear ? with some good laughs along the way.


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EP 101 | Does Removing History Remove RACISM?!

On this episode, Graham and Producer Jake talk about the new rise in Covid 19 cases, the taking down of statues in the pursuit of cancel culture, and gun wielding heroes in St.Louis. CODE: Graham CODE:Graham
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EP 100 | Dear America LIVE! | Nascar Cries Noose and Jesus Was a White Supremacist?!

100th Episode! Nascar cries Noose, and Jesus is a White Supremacist?! It is officially the END OF THE WORLD!!! CODE: Graham5 CODE: Graham
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EP 99 | NASCAR is Racist?!

The Tulsa Rally turnout was disappointing, an apparent NASCAR hate crime, and the current chaos in CHOP! CODE:Graham CODE:Graham  
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EP 98 | Dear America LIVE! | CANCEL Cancel Culture! | Guest: David Harris Jr.

On this episode of Dear America LIVE!, we are joined by David Harris Jr. BLM is now after National Brands. CHAZ is now CHOP. COVID19 is only dangerous if you are a conservative! OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham5 OFFER CODE: Graham
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On this episode, Graham and the crew talk about the most recent police involved shooting in Atlanta. Was it justified? Also, the new country of CHAZ?! OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham Liberty.Edu/DearAmerica
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EP 96 | Dear America LIVE! | Police Officers MATTER!

On this episode of Dear America LIVE, we discuss the true reality of the daily lives of police officers. Most cops are GOOD PEOPLE! Is America Racist? No! Also, now that Trump is resuming his rallies, The WHO walks back their claim that asymptomatic spread of Covid is rare. Go figure. Liberty.Edu/DearAmerica - Code: GRAHAM5
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On this episode, Graham and Producer Jake discuss the insane "Defund Police" movement, the hypocrisy of the Democrats kneeling in solidarity, and the END OF COVID! Liberty.Edu/DearAmerica OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham  
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EP 94 | Dear America LIVE! | ALL Black Lives MATTER! | Guest: The Hodge Twins

On this episode, Graham and the crew are joined by The Hodge Twins to discuss George Floyd, the Riots, and the political organization known as Black Lives Matter. OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: GRAHAM5  
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EP 93 | ANTIFA are OFFICIALLY TERRORISTS! | Guest: Congressman Matt Gaetz

The peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd have been overshadowed by the violent riots and looting across the country. Antifa has orchestrated most of the madness and Trump officially labeled them a domestic terror organization. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right! Congressman Matt Gaetz joins the show to discuss the lack of leadership in this country.
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On the VERY FIRST episode of Dear America LIVE, Graham and the crew are joined by Danny Merritt. Entrepreneur Republican and Combat Veteran running for US Congress in Georgia's First District. Topics include the tragic killing of George Floyd, Kathy Griffin, and the newest victim of cancel culture, Jimmy Fallon. Liberty.Edu/DearAmerica
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EP 91 | Memorial Day 2020

On this Memorial Day we remember our fallen heroes. In polarizing times it's easy to lose sight of what's important, but our freedoms are not to be taken for granted. Over a million people have lost their lives for our ability to be free. So be an American worth dying for.
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EP 90 | American Crusade | Guest: Pete Hegseth

Places all around the country are standing up against their Governors lockdown orders. Fox News host Pete Hegseth joins the Dear America crew to talk about the New Jersey gym owners standing their ground and reopening. Also, Pete talks about his new book "American Crusade". OFFER CODE: Graham Ashford.EDU/GRAHAM OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham
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#Obamagate is the most talked about thing on Twitter right now but is for some reason not anywhere near "trending". Bill Barr has launched the investigation into Obama's DOJ and FBI regarding the handling of the FISA warrants and spying on Trump. Is this the big moment? Who else is involved in this? Also, Pelosi wears her special face mask to politicize the pandemic. OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham
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EP 88 | May The FOURTH Be With You!

It's Star Wars fans favorite day! Joe Biden promises he doesn't remember assaulting Tara Reade. The country is ready to get back to work. The "Murder Hornet" has arrived!
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EP 87 | #BelieveJoeBiden? | Guest: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany

The main stream media is FINALLY starting to talk about the Joe Biden sexual assault accusations. Will he get the same treatment as Kavanaugh? Also, in the midst of this pandemic, the truth comes out about UFO's. They EXIST and NO ONE CARES?!
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EP 86 | Disinfect THIS!

Today the Dear America crew has the Lysol IV's ready. The fake news media claims Donald Trump has instructed people to inject themselves with bleach. Nancy Pelosi now hates Chinese people and Kim Jung Un is dead. Ashford.Edu/GRAHAM
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EP 85 | NO Immigration for 60 Days?!

Trump has issued an executive order to halt immigration into the United States for at least 60 days. The left is using this to attack him while REAL Americans see it for what it is, an effort to help the AMERICAN workers. In this time of hardship, the President is doing what any good president should do, and that is to do what's best for actual Americans. Also, Tom Brady and Gronk are reunited in Florida, post pandemic airplane designs, and some much needed good news! OFFER CODE: Graham
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EP 84 | Open Up America NOW!!

Enough is enough and Americans everywhere are protesting the stay at home orders. The virus has peaked and people are ready to go back to work. There is a split between those who wish to continue the lock down and those who want it gone. Who is right? What is the true definition of freedom? The Democrats have blamed Trump for not acting fast enough but have tried to stop his efforts every step of the way.
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EP 83 | Obama Endorses Biden and the WHO SUCKS!

It seems like day 1000 of quarantine. We here at Dear America try and give you some news NOT related to the virus. Graham and Ellisa are watching a new show, Obama endorses sleepy Joe, and Jake shares some good news of the day! Also, is the term "Girlfriend" politically correct when used in the wrong context?!
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EP 82 | Kavanaugh GUILTY Biden INNOCENT?!

More Quarantine and more hypocrisy from the left. AOC blames Trump for CV19 deaths, New York Times make excuses for Joe Biden and his "Touching", and a fun game of Real News vs Fake News! Also, more details about the stimulus plan and small businesses. OFFER CODE: Graham
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EP 81 | Netflix Binging, Covid Memes, and Aliens!?

What are you binge watching? Graham needs a new show to watch! On this episode, we talk about the drama between Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano, the new stimulus plans, CV 19 memes, and aliens on the moon?!
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EP 80 | The Tiger King is BACK and Joe Biden Has a PODCAST?!

Coronavirus is still around and the death toll is rising. Has it reached it's apex? Netflix is giving us another episode of Tiger King and we couldn't be more excited. Creepy Joe has apparently started his own podcast and it is something to behold. Also, is banning church services unconstitutional? The conversation gets heated. for 15% off OFFER CODE: GRAHAM for for 10% off and FREE Shipping Freedom Project Academy:
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EP 79 | The Truth? The Media LOVES The Virus!

Chris Cuomo seems thrilled about contracting the virus as he reads a teleprompter. The MSM can't get enough of showing us the death toll and there are still many unanswered questions. We are joined by Congressman Dan Crenshaw to get an inside look at the stimulus package and what it's like in DC. - OFFER CODE: GRAHAM
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Ep 78 | Thirty More Days of Quarantine?!

Trump just extended Federal social distancing guidelines until AT LEAST April 30th. Is the media making this situation worse? We are joined by Danny Merritt, co-founder of Nine Line Apparel, US Army Veteran, and Congressional candidate, to discuss what the stimulus bill ACTUALLY means.
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EP 77 | The CURE For The Virus is $2T?!

On this episode, we talk about the stimulus bill. Will it pass? Democrats wanted billions to go to New York Museums and sanctuary cities! Joe Biden appears to give us more great content, and The Tiger King airs on Netflix! Is it the best documentary ever made? - OFFER CODE: Graham - OFFER CODE: Graham Ashford.EDU/GRAHAM
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EP 76 | People Over Politics?

Things are getting worse with the Coronavirus Pandemic. A stimulus package failed to pass in the Senate after overwhelming bi-partisan support. On this episode, we talk Democrats and their need for power over the security of the American people. A special conspiracy hour with Jake, Madonna makes bizarre videos, and Creepy Joe crawls out of his hole to call out the president.
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EP 75 | The Quarantine Diaries Vol. 2

On this episode of Dear America, we sit through another day of Quarantine. Will all Americans get $1000?! Airline flight attendants are giving safety procedures to empty planes, more celebrities are coming down with the virus, and we share what our essentials are for the pandemic. Oh, and Tom Brady is no longer a PATRIOT. OFFER CODE: GRAHAM
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EP 74 | The Quarantine Diaries

We are all hunkered down during the current Coronavirus pandemic. What a perfect time for a Corona-Telethon! We call future congresswoman Catalina Lauf, former Bachelor star Colton Underwood, John Cooper from Skillet, and Red Con 1?s Aaron Singerman. We talk about how they all are dealing with the fallout from the virus. OFFER CODE: GRAHAM
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EP 73 | AMA Special!

In this special episode of Dear America, we answer YOUR questions. Favorite pizza places, how Bernie plans to Implement his policies, is Coronavirus being blown out of proportion, and Vice President predictions. Also, Conspiracy time with Jake?! - OFFER CODE: Graham - OFFER CODE: Graham  
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EP 72 | World War C!!!

In this episode, Graham and the crew discuss the Coronavirus. Is the media blowing this out of proportion? Also, the current dumpster fire called the DNC. How is Joe Biden the front runner? Is this good for Republicans? Oh, and Dolly Parton posing for Playboy?!   Patriot Mobile - SimpliSafe - Ashford University - Red Arrow Weapons -
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EP 71 | America NEEDS Fortitude! | Guest: Dan Crenshaw

We sit down with Dan Crenshaw to talk about his new book "Fortitude". Mental fortitude is desperately needed in America. The outrage mob and cancel culture are destroying civil discourse. Also, will Dan start responding to Graham's late night texts?! Get ready to laugh. OFFER CODE: RecallRalph OFFER CODE: GRAHAM
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EP 70 | Graham's New BOOK!! and Black Guns Matter | Guest: Maj Toure

In this very special episode of Dear America, Graham shares the BIG news of his new book available now to pre-order "America 316". Also, we sit down with Maj Toure to talk about his organization, Black Guns Matter. Maj shares gun responsibility, training, and the political side of gun rights with communities that don't have the best access to that knowledge. You don't wanna miss this episode! OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: RecallRalph
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EP 69 | The TRUTH About Human Trafficking | Guest: Jaco Booyens

In this very important episode of Dear America, Graham and Producer Jake sit down with Jaco Booyens. Jaco has been leading the charge in combatting human trafficking in the US and around the world. We hear tips about how to keep your kids safe as well as how to start noticing warning signs around you. OFFER CODE: Graham
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EP 68 | The MEME Wars! | Guest: Benny Johnson

In this episode, Graham and the crew are joined by Benny Johnson. Benny is the CCO of Turning Point USA and considered the Meme Lord! We talk about how social media is king and how most young people want their news delivered. Why is the left so bad at making entertaining content?! OFFER CODE: Graham Ashford.Edu/GRAHAM OFFER CODE: Graham OFFER CODE: RecallRalph    
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EP 67 | Conservative Comedy | Guest: The Hodge Twins

In this hilarious episode of Dear America, we sit down with two icons in the conservative movement. The Hodge Twins have made waves on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for being conservative black comedians. We talk about the struggles that come with standing up for your beliefs and the hypocrisy of the race baiting liberals. Get ready to laugh! - Offer code: GRAHAM
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EP 66 | The BIG Announcement

Big things are continuing to happen at Dear America! If you've been following the Allen family socials, you might have an idea already, but we have an announcement to make. This episode does not contain politics but is instead an update of what's currently happening and what you can expect in the near future! - OFFER CODE: GRAHAM - OFFER CODE: GRAHAM - OFFER CODE: RECALLRALPH  
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EP 65 | Jussie Smollett INDICTED!

On this episode, we look at the remaining Democratic candidates. Bernie is taking the lead as Bloomberg pays influencers $150 to say how cool he is. Who really has a shot at beating Trump? Also, Jussie Smollett is indicted! After a year of evading justice, will he finally be held accountable? OFFER CODE: GRAHAM
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EP 64 | Impeach the Oscars!

The Oscars were last night and we were all lectured by spoiled, millionaire actors about the climate, Trump and global warming.. We discuss the highlights of this crap show and other current events. 
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EP 63 | Pelosi is an Embarrassment - The State of the Union Recap

The State of the Union was glorious. Trump's achievements cannot be denied and yet the Democrats we're miserable. Pelosi has angered a lot of folks by tearing up Trump's speech. Graham Allen and the crew recap the highlights.  My Patriot Supply
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EP 62 | The Super Bowl Recap!

On this special episode, Graham and the crew talk about the Super Bowl. From the commercials and anthem to the controversies. - Offer code Graham
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EP 61 | Happy Birthday Graham Allen! | Guest: Candace Owens

On this very special episode of Dear America, Graham turns 33! We briefly talk current events and Candace Owens joins us to talk Blexit, Kanye West and her new book "Blackout". - Offer Code GRAHAM - Offer Code GRAHAM  
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EP 60 | Live Like You Were Dying

The tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna has shocked the country. A lot of unnecessary arguments have emerged on the right. Life is precious no matter what and we discuss this, and tie it into the March for Life Rally. Also, more boring impeachment nonsense. Graham Allen tells it like it is. 
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EP 59 | The Impeachment Sham Continues

Nancy Pelosi's impeachment charade is now "officially" underway. On this episode we discuss the current events and this continued witch hunt against our president. 
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EP 58 | Second Amendment Showdown in Virginia

This BREAKING NEWS edition of Dear America focuses on the second amendment rally in Virginia. Governor Northam wants to enact sweeping gun control legislation that would essentially destroy the second amendment. A huge rally is taking place with thousands of patriotic Americans, fighting for their god given rights. Graham Allen shares his thoughts.
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EP 57 | What Would Jesus Do? | Guest: Michael J. Knowles

Michael J. Knowles joins Graham Allen at Turning Point's "Student Action Summit", for a very memorable podcast. No topic is off limits! Catholicism, capital punishment, and the adult film industry. You won't wanna miss this! 
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Ep 56 | The Impeachment Chronicles | Guest: Dan and Tara Crenshaw

The impeachment saga continues and unfortunately for the left, Trump is still President. Dan Crenshaw and his wife Tara join the show to give the behind the scenes scoop on the current vibe in DC. Also, see Dan give his NO vote to Donald Trump on stage at SAS 2019. PATRIOT MOBILE: BRICKHOUSE NUTRITION: (Offer Code - Graham)
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EP 55 | Iran's WW3 FAIL and Trump's 2020 WIN!

BREAKING NEWS EDITION!!! Trump made a statement today about the Iranian missile strike. Real Americans do NOT want war and our President is doing everything he can to honor his promise. Was this missile strike purely the Ayatollah's attempt to save face? Also, we talk about the tragic fires in Australia.
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EP 54 | Bombs Over Baghdad | Guest: Chad Prather

This episode we talk World War 3. Iran is out of control and Trump will not put up with threats against our country. Also, we met up with Chad Prather at Turning Point's Student Action Summit in December, to talk about impeachment and try to understand the mind of a Liberal. 
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EP 53 | Graham's New Year's Resolution

This is our last episode of the Christmas trilogy and the last episode of the year! We finish our favorite fan Christmas questions and share our New Years resolutions. Also, Graham talks about his new favorite podcast "Office Ladies".     
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EP 52 | Have A Merry "Greta" Christmas

We are trying to stay festive but Greta Thunberg is really making it difficult. Is she really deserving of this front page cover, or is that iconic magazine no longer a big deal? Christmas is right around the corner so we talk favorite traditions and some of the most popular gifts of the year. 
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