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Saint Stories for Kids

Saint Stories for Kids

A weekly podcast of stories for kids about the Saints, from the creator of Shining Light Dolls, Chantal Baros. Join us each week for a new short story!


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Ep. 104 St John Gualbert

St John Gualbert had it pretty easy for most of his life. He pretty much did what he wanted. It wasn't until he felt God's presence that he started living his life to its fullest...for others. St John, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 103 St Anythony Zaccaria

St Anthony wasn't sure what God wanted him to do with his life. He didn't feel worthy to do the jobs that he felt called to. Lucky for him, God knows our strengths better than we do; and sometimes lets us know exactly how He feels. St Anthony, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 102 St Kevin

St Kevin always loved nature. Some people say he had a soft spot in his heart for animals too...but what about in his hand? Listen now to hear his story. St Kevin, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 101 St Medard

St Medard helped people all the time. Sometimes without even knowing it! Take it from us, this tale is no bull! Listen now! St Medard, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 100 Pope St John Paul II

Pope John Paul knew that our faith comes from inside of us, not from things, possessions, or even paintings. Listen now to hear his story! Pope St John Paul II, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 99 St Patrick

St Patrick was always on a journey, he was always on an adventure...and who better to guide the way but God. Patrick knew wherever he went, God was with him. Listen now to hear his story! St Patrick, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 98 St Paul the Simple

St Paul had made up his mind. He truly believed that you're never too old to start over. He was determined and no one would tell him otherwise. Listen now to hear his story! St Paul the Simple, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 97 St Grigor of Narek

St Grigor had a plan, but he also understood that sometimes your plans don't line up with God's. Listen now to hear his story! St Grigor of Narek, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 96 St Peter Damian

St Peter Damian had a hard life, and sometimes hard decisions to make. But he always knew it was better to choose God in the long run. Listen now to hear his story! St Peter Damian, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 95 St Josephine Bakhita

St Josephine's life had been a hard and incredible journey...sometimes taking her into places you definitely wouldn't want to end up. She always had someone watching out for her though. Listen now to hear her story! St Josephine Bakhita, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 94 St Brigid of Ireland

St Brigid needed the King's help with something...but he wasn't always the most giving. How could she convince him to be more open to her requests? Who could she ask for help? Well, God, of course! Listen now to hear her story. St Brigid, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 93 St Paul the Apostle

Did you know that St Paul wasn't always St Paul. It wasn't until Jesus spoke to him that he that he became the Saint that we know about. Listen now to hear the story of his miraculous transformation! St Paul, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 92 St Margaret of Hungary

St Margaret was always sure to tell the truth, and she didn't appreciate anyone saying otherwise. Who would you call on if you needed someone to back up your story? Who do you think a Saint would call on? Listen now to hear her story! St Margaret of Hungary, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 91 St Paul of Thebes and St Anthony the Great

St Anthony knew that he could trust God's calling, but where would it take him? And who would he meet? Listen now to hear the story! St Paul and St Anthony, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 90 St Charles of Sezze

St Charles knew how to keep his garden neat and tidy. He needed a little advice to get his priorities back in order though, and who better to help but Jesus himself. Listen now to hear his story! St Charles of Sezze, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 89 St Martin de Porres

St Martin wouldn't have hurt a fly, or a mouse! And he didn't want anyone else to either. Listen now to hear his tale! St Martin de Porres, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 88 St Jude

St Jude was an Apostle of Jesus. He knew all about Him and trusted Him very much. How hard it is not to see Jesus and still trust in Him. St Jude helped to deliver this message to people everywhere, even those who already believed. Listen now to hear his story! St Jude, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 87 St Kieran

St Kieran was smart, really smart. But he knew when he needed help and when his vision needed clarity. Listen now to hear his story. St Kieran, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 86 St Gregory the Great

St Gregory understood the importance of the was no laughing matter. Listen now to hear his story! St Gregory, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 85 St Augustine of Hippo

St Augustine tried and tried...and understand some of the most complex ideas in our faith. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best though. Listen now! St Augustine, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 84 St Hyacinth

St Hyacinth saw firsthand the power that God gave the saints. He knew that anything was possible...if you just ask. Listen now to hear his story! St Hyacinth, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 83 St Claire of Assisi

St Claire always trusted God...but it's easy to trust during times of peace, when things are going well. When she was most in need, who would she call on, what would she reach for? Listen now to hear her story. St Claire of Assisi, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 82 St Edith Stein

Edith Stein was called by just took her a while to figure it out. Listen to her story now! St Edith Stein, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 81 St Lawrence of Brindisi

St Lawrence rode into battle carrying only one weapon! The most powerful weapon of all. Listen now to hear his story! St Lawrence of Brindisi, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 80 St Kateri Tekakwitha

St Kateri held onto her faith as it was taught to her by her mother. She wanted to learn more and eventually converted to Catholicism. But her tribe didn't completely agree with her. She had to escape when she got the chance. Listen now! St Kateri Tekekwitha, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 79 St Francis of Assisi

St Francis is known for caring about animals, great and small. But did you know he had his own pets too? Listen now! St Francis of Assisi, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 78 St Elizabeth of Portugal

Many times in her life, St Elizabeth sowed peace where there was war. She was often the council of earthly kings. Listen now to hear her story! St Elizabeth of Portugal, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 77 St Jose Maria Escriva

St Jose Maria Escriva suffered all his life with sickness. It wasn't until he died that the hardship ended...but that wasn't the end of his life. Listen now to hear! St Jose Marie Escriva, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 76 St Juliana Falconieri

St Juliana spent her life taking care of others. She drew her strength from the Eucharist and knew God was present in it always. Listen now to hear her miraculous story. St Juliana, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 75 St John of Sahagun

One thing the Saints knew was that God was always in control. St John knew it too...but sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns. Listen now to hear his story! St John, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 74 St Norbert of Xanten

St Norbert lived a life of luxury. He was used to the finer things in life...but God had other plans for him...he just had to ask to find out what they were. Listen now! St Norbert, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 73 St Philip Neri

St Philip had a knack for knowing just the right penance. He definitely didn't chicken out! Listen now to hear his story! St Philip, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 72 St Rita of Cascia

St Rita really wanted to join the convent for some much needed quiet and simplicity. She prayed and prayed...but it didn't seem like anyone was listening...or were they? Listen now to hear who flew to her aid! St Rita, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 71 St Paschal Baylon

St Paschal was always ready to lend a hand...or an ear...of corn. He was always sharing the harvest of the monastery with those in need. But how did they always seem to have enough? Listen now! St Paschal, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 70 St Florian

St Florian knew that he needed help. Who better to call on when you're in need but God! Listen now! St Florian, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 69 St Catherine of Siena

St Catherine wasn't feeling well, and needed help that her friends just couldn't provide on their own. Who steps in? God, of course. Who else can turn water into wine...or better yet, nothing into wine. Listen now to hear about her miraculous story! St Catherine, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 68 St Mark the Apostle

St Mark knew that it was his job to carry on the works of Jesus, especially after his death, resurrection, and ascension. St Mark spread Christianity in many of the same ways, wherever his travels took him. Listen to his story now! St Mark, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 67 St Bénézet

St Bénézet was just a young boy when God spoke to him. He had big plans for him, to help people stay safe. Listen now! St Bénézet, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 66 St Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was more than just a believer in Jesus, she was a follower and a friend. She always remained faithful and made sure to share her experience and spread the word to everyone...even those who tried not to hear. Listen now! St Mary Magdalene, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 65 St Vincent Ferrer

Before St Vincent was even born, God had a plan for him. To be confirmed a Saint there need to be miracles attributed to someone. Listen now to hear one of St Vincent's! St Vincent, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 64 St Francis of Paola

St Francis travelled from very far and was almost to Greece. He just needed a little help to get him all the way...a little inspiration. Listen now to hear his story! St Francis, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 63 St Cuthbert

St Cuthbert knew that God would always provide what he needed. The best way to explain this to his friend was to show him. Listen now to hear his story! St Cuthbert, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 62 St Kessog

St Kessog was always very holy, even as a child. He knew that the best thing to do in any situation was to ask God for help. Listen now to hear his story! St Kessog, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 61 St Baldred

St Baldred spent a lot of time alone on his island...watching the ships come in and out...narrowly missing dangerous rocks and shallows. But what could be done to help them? Listen now to hear! St Baldred, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 60 St Walburga

St Walburga was very well educated and was asked to help teach in the missions. Just a short boat ride across the channel and she would be there...but will she make it? Listen now! St Walburga, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 59 St Wulfric

St Wulfric had so many great friends. They even sent him gifts to the church anchorage. Listen now to hear about one such gift! St Wulfric, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 58 St Ludan

St Ludan traveled all over during his pilgrimage. He truly loved the French countryside though. He was at peace as he neared the end of his life there but he had one final request...Listen now to hear what it was! St Ludan, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 57 St Blaise

On the feast of St Blaise, most churches have a throat blessing ceremony using candles. Listen now to hear why! St Blaise, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 56 St Thomas Aquinas

St Thomas Aquinas knew what God was calling him to do...but it wasn't what his mother wanted. Listen now! St Thomas, Pray for Us!
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Ep. 55 St John the Merciful

St John took a vow to live like the poor that he had come to care for...even gifts were more than he was comfortable with...but he could use the gifts to make others comfortable. Listen now to hear his story! St John, Pray for Us!
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