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Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

The Crappy Christian Podcast strives to shed a light on the topics the church often forgets. In this space, you'll find conversations with people who have gone through the fire and come back with buckets of water for the people still in it. Hosted by @thegirlnamedblake, this podcast packs a punch (the good kind) and touches on everything from mental health to sex to divorce to the everyday life of a Christian, & the good news that God in the midst of it all.


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John William Gray | Spot Cleaning Your Life | Ep. 115

John William Grey joins Blake to talk about healing reappearing spots in our lives and relationships and achieve our dreams and life in the process. John William Gray is the Founder and President of Done Rite Carpet Care and a Transformational Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Carpet Cleaner Extraordinaire who helps people restore their carpets and lives to radical, clean happiness. John?s book, Stop Spot-Cleaning Your Life, is out now!


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Margaret Feinberg | More Power To You | Ep. 114

Margaret Feinberg joins Blake to talk about exposing false beliefs about ourselves and the daily practice that has been so life changing for her. Listen in as they chat about how to embrace your true identity every day and find power in knowing you are already worthy in God's eyes. Margaret is one of America?s most beloved Bible teachers, speaks at churches and leading conferences. Her devotional More Power To You released October 6th and is available now.

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Grace Valentine | Is It Just Me? | Ep. 113

Grace Valentine joins Blake to talk about the struggle of isolation and feeling alone in our struggles and pain. Listen in as they have an authentic and fun conversation about finding a new perspective on trust issues and how we can trust God in the middle of our hurts, doubts, and fears. Grace Valentine is an author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker who helps others navigate their own faith and life, which in turn helps fulfill her mission to show others that Christianity is an adventure worth living. Her newest book, Is It Just Me?, released February 9th.


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Darryl Strawberry | Turning Your Life Around | Ep. 112

Darryl Strawberry joins Blake to talk about turning your life around through truly reading, studying, and understanding scripture. Listen in as they talk about mercy versus grace, what it looks like to have a heart set apart, and where to begin in studying the bible. Darryl Strawberry is a legendary baseball player who went from a life plagued with addictions, abuse, divorces, cancer, and jail time to true redemption and restoration in Jesus Christ. Today, Darryl?s purpose and passion is serving the Lord Jesus Christ by traveling the country, speaking a message of hope and restoration through the power of the gospel. His newest book, Turn Your Season Around released January 12, 2021. Go grab it now!


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Alisa Childers | Progressive Christianity | Ep. 111

Alisa Childers joins Blake to talk about the progressive Christianity movement, what it looks like, and why it?s problematic and dangerous. Listen in as they chat about wrestling with questions, finding answers, and standing up to those who attempt to twist the gospel. Alisa Childers is a wife, a mom, an author, a blogger, a speaker, and a worship leader. Her most recent book, "Another Gospel?" released October 6th and is available now.


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John Bevere | Multiplying Potential | Ep. 110

John Bevere joins Blake to have a wisdom-packed conversation about how to think differently about your calling and why it?s so important to God. John Bevere is an international speaker and best-selling author known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God?s Word. John and his wife, Lisa, are the founders of Messenger International?a ministry that develops and trains followers of Christ all over the world. His newest book X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential released November 17th and is available now.


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Daniel Grothe | Chasing Wisdom | Ep. 109

Daniel Grothe joins Blake to talk about how to get wisdom for ourselves by examining what the Bible has to say about it and by providing practical steps for acquiring it. Listen in as they chat about learning to ask for help, loving Scripture, and, above all, seeking those who are themselves wise. Daniel is the associate senior pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His most recent book, Chasing Wisdom, released April 21st and is available now.

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Hannah Brencher | Fighting Forward | Ep. 108

Hannah Brencher joins Blake for a candid and honest conversation about fear and lies and fighting through them. Listen in as two friends chat about success, lies, social media, friendship breakups, and honestly - a ton more because these two could talk for hours. Hannah Brencher is a writer, TED Speaker, and mental health advocate with a heart for building leaders. She is the author of two best-selling books- ?If You Find This Letter? and her latest book, ?Come Matter Here.? Her third book "Fighting Forward" released January 5th and is available everywhere now.
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Alli Worthington | Standing Strong | Ep. 107

Alli Worthington joins Blake to chat about how women can break free of the lies and doubt that hold them back from pursuing God?s call on their lives. Listen in as they have a heartfelt conversation about how to find your confidence in Christ and follow His leading. Alli Worthington is known for her straight-talking encouragement and practical tools that help women reach their dreams in business and life. Author of The Year of Living Happy, Fierce Faith, and Breaking Busy, her most recent book, Standing Strong, released September 29th and is available now.
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Gary Thomas | Sacred Pathways | Ep. 106

Gary Thomas joins Blake (again!) to talk about the individual and unique ways we each encounter and fellowship with God. Listen in as they talk about the nine different types of experiences that draw us nearer to the Lord and how to discover yours. Gary is the prolific author behind Sacred Marriage and When to Walk Away, and the updated version of Sacred Pathways is available now.

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Lea Ann Garfias | The Truth About Homeschool | Ep. 105

Lea Ann Garfias joins Blake to chat about the misconceptions and stereotypes of the homeschool world. Listen in as they talk about the benefits of teaching your children at home, and that God equips us to do things we don?t think we can. Lea Ann is the author of Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling and shares tons of real life advice on her Instagram @lagarfias
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Happy 2nd Birthday Crappy Christian! | Jeremy Guichet | Ep. 104

Blake?s husband Jeremy joins her on the show to celebrate the second birthday of the podcast to take a look back at the last two years, give a peek behind the scenes, and talk a little bit about dreams for the future.
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Scott Erickson | Honest Advent | Ep. 103

Scott Erickson joins Blake to help you usher in Advent with a conversation about the commercialization of Christmas. Listen in as they talk about how to get back to the important basics of what the season means. Scott is the artist behind @scotthepainter and the author of Honest Advent, which released October 20th and is available now.
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Lisa Bevere | Godmothers | Ep. 102

Lisa Bevere joins Blake to chat about the significance of having women in your life who have gone before you, the impact of having a Godmother in your life, and how you can begin the journey of finding one. Lisa is a New York Times best-selling author, & her authentic and passionate teachings weave profound biblical truths with practical application. Her most recent book, Godmothers, released August 25th and is available now.
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Candace Cameron Bure | Let?s Talk About Sex, Part 5 | Ep. 101

Your host blake chats with actress, author, and wearer of many hats Candace Cameron Bure about everyone?s favorite topic - sex. Their conversation dives into the shame surrounding sexuality, open sex talk with your kids, and includes plenty of laughs as well.

Follow Candace here.
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Confession of a Crappy Christian?s Centennial Episode!

In celebration of the 100th episode of the podcast, Blake is answering your questions submitted on her Instagram and talking about everything from mental health to what she wanted to be when she grew up.
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Luke T. Harrington | Murder-Bears, Moonshine, & Mayhem | Ep. 99

Your host Blake chats with author Luke T. Harrington about the strange and unusual stories in the Old Testament and how a deep understand of Scripture can really bring it to life.
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Sarah Bauer Anderson | Let?s Talk About Talking About Politics | Ep 98

Your host Blake chats with author Sarah Bauer Anderson about the state of politics in America and how to navigate these divisive times and conversations well as a believer.
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Kevin Harris | Radical Mentorship | Ep. 97

Your host Blake chats with author and mentorship expert Kevin Harris about the power of relationships, specifically - mentorship, and how to implement his strategies in your own life and church.
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Ryan Romeo | Head in the Clouds | Ep. 96

Your host Blake chats with author and podcaster Ryan Romeo about his book, Head in the Clouds, and the journey creatives often take to chase down their dreams while staying rooted in the here and now.
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Hannah Parkison | Out of the Pit | Ep. 95

Your host Blake chats with author Hannah Parkison on another mental health installment of the show - Hannah?s book explores the depths of post-partum depression, how deep the valleys can be, and how God led her out of hers and can do the same for you.
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Jamie Ivey | You Be You | Ep. 94

Your host Blake chats with fellow podcaster Jamie Ivey about her new book, You Be You, & how to avoid getting caught up in the current of comparison and discontent.

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Janine Reid | The Opposite of Certainty | Ep. 93

Your host Blake chats with author Janine Reid about the seasons of life that throw us curve ball after curve ball, how to navigate when it doesn?t feel like God is good, and how He is faithful to show up anyway.
Follow Janine here.
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Natalie Hixson | Destructive Anger | Ep. 92

Your host Blake chats with anger coach Natalie about how our rage can destroy our motherhood and our relationships and the grace God has offered us to not have to be ?mad moms.?
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Janelle Alberts | Honest Answers | Ep. 91

Your host Blake chats with Janelle about the Biblical truth that?s beyond the Sunday school answers we?ve all been given and how to extend those answers to your kids!

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Allen Jackson | Intentional Faith | Ep. 90

Your host Blake chats with Allen about the steps it takes to be intentional and disciplined in your faith and the abundant goodness of God to meet us where we are.
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Brandee Sandusky | Get Too Attached | Ep. 89

Your host Blake chats with Brandee about the journey of foster care, how you?re more equipped than you think, and that getting too attached is the best thing you can do.
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Bethny Ricks | An Inconvenient Journey | Ep. 88

Your host Blake chats with her friend Bethny about walking through the valley, how God is faithful to walk through it with us, and the importance of therapy.

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Lindsey Maestas | Your Sexual History | Ep. 87

Your host Blake chats with Lindsey about how your personal sexual history impacts your current relationships and how to navigate that healthily and more importantly, together.

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Kate Crocco | Navigating Uncertainty | Ep. 86

Your host Blake chats with author, podcaster, & coach Kate Crocco about facing uncertainty well and the truth we need to wade through difficult waters without drowning.
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Morgan Sanders | Biblical Literacy | Ep. 85

Your host Blake chats with Bible teacher Morgan Sanders about the importance of being capable of studying Scripture, why relying on devotionals isn?t always the best idea, & some tips for learning how to get into the Word.
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Emily P. Freeman | Becoming a Writer | Ep. 84

Your host Blake chats with author and podcaster Emily Freeman about her writer?s community HopeWriters, the beauty of creating a book, and some of her favorite tangible tips for stepping into the world of writing.
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Susie Robb | Cultivating Home | Ep. 83

Your host Blake chats with interior designer and author Susie Robb about how our homes can serve as a sanctuary from the craziness of life, the ways the God uses every gift for His glory, along with some practical tips on home decor!

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Meredith McDaniel | In Want & In Plenty | Ep. 82

Your host Blake chats with author Meredith McDaniel about just how similar to the Israelites we really are, how we never seemed to be satisfied, and how to practice contentment in our daily lives.
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Katie Jones | Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes | Ep. 81

Your host Blake chats with Katie Jones about making big changes in your life, how to deal with outside opinions, and how to listen to God?s direction when making decisions.
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Jessica Hottle | Feelings Aren?t Facts | Ep. 80

Your host Blake and fellow podcaster Jessica Hottle talk about what happens when you let your feelings run the show, what God has to say about our emotions, and how to get it all under control so you can walk in truth.
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Gerard & Jessie Pepper | Marriage is Funny | Ep. 79

Your host Blake and married podcasters Gerard and Jessie Pepper from Marriage is Funny talk about the worst marriage advice and the truths that can actually benefit your relationship.
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Taylor Kiser | Eat the Cookie | Ep. 78

Your host Blake and faith and fitness blogger Taylor Kiser talk about why we?re so incapable of a healthy relationship with our bodies and food, and how to reconcile rules and grace in our health.
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Seth Haines | Simplifying Sobriety | Ep. 76

Your host Blake and author Seth Haines discuss addiction versus coping mechanisms, the reality that most of us are addicted to something, and that sobriety doesn?t always look like abstaining.
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Chuck Page | Courage for the Suffering | Ep. 75

Your host Blake and Chuck Page, physician and author, discuss how our faith can affect our experience with suffering.
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Chrystan Ferrell | Pop Culture Christianity | Ep. 75

Your host Blake chats with author and speaker Chrystan Ferrell about the watered-down gospel so many of us are consuming and the problem with not knowing truth.
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Ericka Andersen | Leaving Cloud 9 | Ep. 74

Your host Blake and author Ericka Sylvester discuss her book chronicling her husband?s traumatic childhood, what loving someone with mental illness looks like, and how to do it well.
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Stephanie May Wilson | Singleness | Ep. 73

Your host Blake and author, podcaster, & speaker Stephanie May Wilson talk about her heart for singles, the problems with the way Church culture treats and communicates with them, and the things she wants every single to know about looking for someone.
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Peter Demos | Afraid to Trust | Ep. 72

Your host Blake and author & restaurant owner Peter Demos talk about his journey from angry agnostic to full blown Christian, how that impacted his family & business.
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Melissa Wilkins | Permission Granted | Ep. 71

Your host Blake and author Melissa Wilkins talk about giving yourself permission to be who you are, stop hiding, and stop filling your days.
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KJ Ramsay | This Too Shall Last | Ep. 70

Your host Blake and author KJ Ramsay chat about the central topic of her book This Too Shall Last - our constant pursuit of comfort and easy, and how God is in the midst of the struggle.
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Lisa Whittle | Service Over Spotlight | Ep. 69

Your host Blake and author, podcaster, and speaker Lisa Whittle talk about a chapter from her new book Jesus Over Everything, the idea that every job within the kingdom is ?big?, and the dark parts of the spotlight.
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Rashawn Copeland | God?s Mercy in This Mess | Ep. 68

Your host Blake joins Rashawn Copeland in a conversation about the truth for believers in the middle of a global pandemic - that hope, faith, and mercy still reign.
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Hope For Today: COVID-19 Thoughts | Solo Episode | Ep. 67

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, listen in as Blake delivers a message of hope and faith from Romans 8, and the beautiful truth that the Spirit will intercede for us when we don?t have the words.
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Stacey Booth | Grief | Ep. 66

Your host Blake and speaker Stacey Booth talk about her story of becoming a widow at 32, the incredible miracles God gave her as her husband fought cancer, and how she?s coped and grieved.
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