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What does it mean to be "all in" the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter days? The answers might surprise you. All In is a brand new podcast from LDS Living where we explore this question with the help of Latter-day Saints who are striving to live their faith every day—just like you.


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Fiona and Terryl Givens: The Restoration of All Things

For the last decade, Fiona and Terryl Givens have brought to light wonderful and expansive doctrines in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by drawing upon literature and other faith traditions. Their work helps Latter-day Saints appreciate the beauty of what we believe. On this week?s episode, we talk with these scholars about many of their books, how those books are influenced by their life experiences, and how their studies have brought us greater appreciation for our faith tradition and the faith traditions of others. ?If something harrows the mind and constricts the heart, that I don?t think is of God?that is not of the Spirit. But if something?an idea, a thought, a song, a book?enlarges your mind and awakens your heart to joy then we can know that that is true.? Show Notes 1:52- Fiona?s Story 8:47- Terryl?s Story 11:21- The Influence of Life Experiences 14:58- What the Restoration Brings to the Table 21:10- Doubt as a Catalyst 26:23- ?The Greatest Act of Self-Revelation? 30:10- The Atonement is Not a Back-up Plan 38:17- Approach to Questions 41:40- ?An All-Embracing Gospel? 47:41- Remorse Vs. Guilt 51:48- Desires in Doctrine and Covenants 54:42- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Rio Grange: Honoring a Parent through Complexity

How do we honor parents who make choices we don?t understand? On this week's All In episode, Rio Grange discusses her relationship with her father, who struggled with mental health and other difficult issues in his life. Rio wrote, ?Some things are not meant to make sense, or seem fair, or reach resolution in this life?and that can be hard to sit with. But these experiences bring learning and growth, while ?earthside? that otherwise would not have been possible. The complexities in between and all throughout will be taken care of ?heavenside.?? Rio shares what our Heavenly Father's plan is teaching her about navigating complexities in family relationships. ?It?s his story. It?s between him and the Savior and I kept trying to put my dad between myself and my Savior as I tried to heal. ?But I had to learn that the healing I needed was between myself and my Savior.? Show Notes 1:50- Two Passions Becoming One 3:47- Community 5:23- A Daddy?s Girl 10:08- Taking the Best Parts 15:37- Adult Children of Divorce 19:21- Shared Grief, Individual Healing 25:30- When Foundations Feel Unsteady 29:00- ?The Great Plan? 32:08- An Unfinished Story 34:15- "Breathe and Enjoy? 37:00- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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John Beck: Centered in Christ

For four years, John Beck lined up under center at BYU as quarterback of the football team. He is likely best remembered for a winning play in a rivalry game against Utah that is often referred to as ?The Answered Prayer,? but in the years since his collegiate career, Beck has learned a lot about seemingly unanswered prayers and perceived failure. On this week?s episode, Beck discusses the refiner?s fire as well as the delicate balance between putting in the work to achieve success while allowing space for recovery and rehabilitation?both mentally and physically. He believes this begins with being centered in Jesus Christ. "To achieve the most difficult things, failure and fear is something you have to look straight in the face and be okay with." Show Notes 2:07- Beck to Harline 6:09- A Good Little Arm 8:52- Favorite Cougar? 12:56- Missions and Sports 17:53- Working On Our Sculpture 22:28- A Father?s Love and a Refiner?s Fire 27:18- Perceived Failure 33:34- The Master Teacher 38:01- Work: A Delicate Balance 40:42- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at   See for privacy information.
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Marcus Martins: Focused on the Future, Learning from the Past

Marcus Martins never planned to serve a mission, to be sealed in the temple, or to serve as a bishop. These things would require him to receive the priesthood, and there was a restriction in place that precluded him from doing so. But Martins?s life changed forever on June 8, 1978, when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a revelation extending the priesthood to all worthy male members ages 12 and older. Since that day, Martins has served not only as a missionary, but as a bishop, a temple officiator, a Book of Mormon translator, and a mission president. On this week's episode, Martins explains how he developed a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ even before 1978 and why he has never looked back in the nearly 50 years since he joined the Church. ?I?m very optimistic about the future and the fact that because of the testimony of Jesus Christ, we will come eventually to a point, even before the millennium, in which this will be for most people a thing of the past because, since we are always receiving new converts, we will always have to be revisiting these lessons but it won?t hurt as much." Show Notes  1:44- Hearing the Gospel Message for the First Time 8:05- Priesthood Ban and Baptism 13:30- Attempts at Explaining the Ban 19:28- Racism, Human Nature, and a Crossroads in History 26:11- Serving a Mission 34:20- Knowing the Significance of the Priesthood 38:02- Small Things Accumulate Over Time 44:00- Optimistic for the Future 48:39- Expanding the Horizon of Our Understanding Through Diversity 54:05- Representation 57:28- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Sarah Jane Weaver: Amplifying a Prophet?s Voice

After 25 years of documenting the ministry of prophets, apostles, and general officers of the Church, Sarah Jane Weaver reflects on the lessons she has learned not only from Church leaders, but from members of the Church throughout the world. On this week?s episode, Weaver, the editor of Church News, looks back on a career that has taken her places she never dreamed of, both literally and figuratively. ?I always say that I look at the church through the Church News window. ?I?m certainly not doing anything different than any other member of the Church is, I just have a unique view into what our Church leaders do, how they act, how they minister, what they teach. And that view from the Church News window is profound and it?s beautiful.? Show Notes 2:37- A Teacher?s Promise 5:53- Coming to the Church News 7:24- Evolution of Media in 25 Years 13:36- When Questions Require More Information 21:38- The Hallmark of Church Leaders? 28:40- The Support of Those Around Us 34:01- How the Gospel Brings Us Together 38:55- A Prophet and Compensatory Blessings in a Pandemic 43:15- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Dr. Candace Mcnaughton: Discipleship in a Pandemic

In February 2020, Dr. Candace Mcnaughton participated in her first conversations about coronavirus at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. While she has been on the frontlines of COVID-19, she has witnessed the toll the virus has taken on patients and their families, tirelessly researching how to bring about the end of the pandemic with her colleagues. On this week?s episode, she graciously answers our questions surrounding COVID-19 and shares what the experience has taught her about discipleship. "They talk about this...resistance training or high intensity training. That's kind of what we're all getting spiritually this year. It's like one extended, very long series of repetitions of patience." Show Notes 5:41- Witnesses of a Miracle 10:48- How Does a Vaccine Work? 15:09- Real Humans Battling COVID-19 23:05- The Parable of the Lost Sheep 32:17- How Will We Respond? 37:40- Misinformation 41:34- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Bonus: Casey Griffiths: ?In the Middle of the Story?

A study of the Doctrine and Covenants may feel a little bit daunting. There is no doubt that it reads a bit differently than other books of scripture. But could it be that this is because the Doctrine and Covenants tells an international story that is far from finished? And could the reason it feels a bit messy be because it is a story that is still being written? Could it be that we are all a part of its ending? ?We read the Book of Mormon in black and white?we watch the Doctrine and Covenants in technicolor.? Show Notes 2:09- A Little Messy 4:42- Church History as a Missionary Tool 7:55- Context is Critical 11:44- Beauty in Complexity 16:38- ?The Past is a Foreign Country? 19:47- Helpful Resources 22:44- People You Should Meet 28:12- Power of Knowing Church History 32:53- It?s Not Knowing Too Much, It?s Knowing Too Little 34:54- What Does It Mean To You To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Tom Christofferson: The Healing Power of Charity

What if there is power in a Christlike attribute we have heard about our entire lives but have barely scratched the surface of understanding? In his new book, ?A Better Heart,? Tom Christofferson writes, ?The gift of charity is enormous in conception, its effect and meaning eternal. And yet, it is also small and intimate and personal.? On this week?s episode, we explore charity and how it has the power to give us all better hearts. ?It?s that opportunity to be able now to simply be an instrument in His hands?to transmit as purely as we possibly can His affection, His knowledge, His intimate awareness of every individual, and then to strengthen them in their faith and then help them have hope.? Show Notes 2:34- London with the Checketts and Missionaries 5:47- ?Let It Be You? 9:31- Seeking to Understand 13:10- A Righteous Mother 17:06- The Powerful Gift of Seeing Someone 18:37- More Used Would I Be 23:24- The Connection Between Blessings and Commandments 28:53- Luxuriate in the Feeling of Christ?s Love 32:02- Rooting Out Discouragement and Despair 34:46- "Communal Salvation? 39:50- Personal Power to Endure 43:59- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Rebecca Hirschi: To the Finish Line

In 2012, amidst cancer treatments, Rebecca Hirschi achieved her goal of running the Boston Marathon. But on New Year's Eve 2020, Hirschi approached another finish line as she was nearing the end of her battle with cancer and was on hospice. That night, she was carried up the stairs by her family. Her daughter and husband got her ready for bed, but when it was time for her evening prayers, Rebecca insisted on kneeling. She said she owed everything to God. Three days later, Rebecca returned to that God who gave her life. In this episode, recorded just a few weeks before she passed, Rebecca shares what she learned about the gift of life and living each day to its fullest. ?The eternal today is what really becomes the focus?each and every day?and the moments within each day?can be lived to its fullest.? Show Notes:  1:57- Receiving a Diagnosis 5:06- Consciously Breathing 7:03- Fighting Cancer with Faith 8:31- Choosing to Run the Race 16:25- The Healing Power of Gratitude 20:21- Centering in Christ and Calming the Storm 23:50- ?Build and Connect? 26:09- The Individual Gift of the Temple 29:45- ?Only the Home Can Compare with the Temple in Sacredness.? 33:45- The Magnitude and Significance of Tiny Moments 36:50- ?Mount Up With Wings as Eagles? 40:38- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Eva Timothy: Recognizing Light

Eva Timothy describes growing up in Bulgaria as a place filled with darkness. But even amidst that darkness, she instantly recognized the light of Jesus Christ in art taped to the walls of a makeshift chapel. She felt His light through the words in theBook of Mormon?even through a pamphlet which only contained a handful of chapters in Bulgarian. She was drawn to His light then, and now she hopes to help others find that same light through her photography. ?We all see Him in our own special way and that?s the beauty of it?that He is so dear to our heart.? Show Notes:  2:42- Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain 5:30- Finding Faith Above a Soccer Stadium 11:32- The Book of Mormon?Pamphlet 16:23- The Light of the Gospel 19:04- Coming to America and Serving a Mission in the Big Apple 24:51- Enduring Through Creating 28:10- Digital Painting Guided by God 30:02- Feeling Ourselves in the Art 35:59- Grateful for Opportunities and to Missionaries 37:37- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Lauren Daigle: A Dream Planted by God Himself

Long before she won a Grammy, Lauren Daigle was a teenager homebound by sickness. But during this period of isolation, God gave her hope for a future through a dream of becoming a singer. Years later, the Christian music singer and songwriter has millions of fans but she isn't interested in having followers herself. Instead, she hopes to always direct people to the Savior of the World. Although the road certainly hasn't always been easy, Lauren can now look back and see that God was working in her all along. ?The closer you draw to Him, He draws near to us and, in that exchange, He really does give us a mirror and let us see who we are. He stands in front of that mirror and we?re able to see ourselves through Him.? Show Notes:  3:00- ?A place where you can watch souls come to life? 9:07- ?Getting to Share Him? 11:51- Decision-making and criticism 18:04- Discovering identity through periods of isolation and incubation 25:01- What Does It Mean To You To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Jason Deere: Music Fueled by Testimony

The son of converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jason Deere has lived most of his life in Oklahoma or Tennessee. After finding success in the music industry, Deere took his love for country music and combined it with a love for the gospel. The result, The Nashville Tribute Band, has inspired thousands and redefined Deere?s career. "The heartbeat [of the Church] is family by family and it?s when you put a bunch of heartbeats together that you have something that really starts to sound like thunder.? Show Notes: 2:46- The Son of Converts 6:50- A Bishop?s Encouragement 9:08- Driven by a Love for Music 12:38- ?Too Stupid to Know I Couldn?t Do It? 15:30- Secular Taking a Backseat to the Spiritual 18:43- Beginning of Nashville Tribute Band 21:40- What You?re Known For 24:20- Respect of Other Artists 26:27- Two Songs About Women 29:20- Don?t Miss This 33:53- Miracles That Brought Us Here 38:04- Soundtrack 39:35- The Power of Families 43:03- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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John Bytheway: Finding Joy This Holiday Season

A lot goes on in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the midst of cooking and shopping, are we taking time to reflect on the cause for our celebrations or the source of joy that we feel? Do we stop to think about the Christ child who became the Savior of the world? On this week?s episode, John Bytheway explores the miracle of Jesus Christ and why that miracle can bring us joy regardless of our age?and even in the midst of a pandemic. "We know the source of joy. We know where to go for that. And that's why we're all in." Show Notes:  1:58- Young Men general board 3:28- Why a Christmas book? 4:50- Covid and Christmas 7:11- The Three Levels of Christmas 11:29- Allowing Christ to Grow With Us 13:15- ?That They ?Might? Have Joy? 19:55- Joseph- A Nearly Anonymous Giver 23:18- ?It?s a Wonderful Life? 28:23- ?All Is Well? 31:03- Christmas Memories 36:19- What Does It Mean To You To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Devin Graham: Never Shying Away

Through the lens of his camera, Devin Graham has witnessed some pretty incredible things?things he never could?ve imagined as a shy young man. But his time as a missionary in Jamaica taught him to step out of his comfort zone and today, he has worked with some of the most successful companies in the world, including Google and Disney. Although there have been key moments in Graham?s career where his standards have been called into question, he has remained true to a standard he set for himself and his channel long before those moments of decision arose. "Even though we may be quiet or a little bit quirky or a little bit weird, each of us have these really awesome, amazing, unique talents, that are going to help inspire somebody else." Show Notes 1:38- A Little Thing Called YouTube 4:55- Failure 24/7 7:39- Overcoming Shyness 12:59- Adjusting with Algorithms 16:26- The Emails That Make It Worth It 19:08- Decide in Advance 24:04- Sharing the Gospel Through Video 28:30- What the Best Filmmakers Do 32:38- Sharing a Video, Sharing Faith 35:10- Are We Not All Influencers 37:16- What Does It Mean To You To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Tara Bench: Stirring Up Success

As a college student, Tara Bench saw pictures of beautiful food spreads in magazines and knew what she wanted to be: the person who made that food. It took awhile to figure out what that job would look like, but eventually she landed a dream job as a food editor at Martha Stewart Living. From there, Bench rose to senior food editor and became the food director of Ladies' Home Journal magazine. Now, Bench?perhaps best known as Tara Teaspoon?is living the New York dream, having just published her first cookbook. ?He knows what we can handle. We aren?t exposed to anything that He?s not aware of, that we can?t deal with, with His help.? Show Notes 2:33- Culinary beginnings and Light Bulb Experiences 12:12- Martha Stewart 19:36- Taking Every Opportunity to Learn 22:31- Standing Out Because of Beliefs 24:54- Embracing Change 29:00- A Fly Wheel 36:10- Timing 38:24- Choosing How We View Opportunities 41:55- The Unexpected 44:58- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Anthony Sweat: Repicturing the Restoration

Our understanding of religion, whether it be scripture or history, is greatly influenced by art. The depictions we see impact not only how we picture certain passages, but also which passages we know at all. In his new book, "Repicturing the Restoration," artist Anthony Sweat felt a desire to capture some of the lesser-known parts of our Church history in hopes of expanding our understanding of the Church?s founding. Today, we talk with him about how Restoration art can change our perspective of this pivotal period. "Let's embrace all good, all truth. Let's learn. Let's grow line upon line, precept upon precept. Let's maybe alter some ideas we have that may not hold up under the test of time, that need to be rearranged or remodeled. Let's tackle difficult issues and celebrate the glorious achievements." Show Notes 2:55- Passions Combined 5:24- Role of Art in Religion and Christianity 8:33- The Influence of Art on How We Picture Scripture Stories 11:58- Why Representation in Art Matters? 14:45- Serving Two Masters 18:30- Source Amnesia 31:33- First Baptism for the Dead 25:40- Portraying What We Didn't Experience Firsthand 29:19- Process in Painting 34:40- "No John Trumbull" 42:48- Things as They Really Are 45:20- What Does It Mean To Be "All In" the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Mandie Sherman and Natalie Moss: Sisters Outliving a Life Expectancy

When Mandie Sherman was born in 1989 with Cystic Fibrosis, she was expected to live just 18 years. Three years later, her little sister Natalie was also born with the same disease. As they have battled their condition, the two sisters have endured painful challenges and daily treatments together. And yet, they are determined to take every opportunity and live life to its fullest. "Knowing that our life could be cut short?really at any moment?it allows us to repent of our sins more quickly, seek mending relationships that might have been hurt, search for answers and questions that we might have, take life by the horns and say yes to that experience, take that vacation, plan that birthday party, visit that person, talk to your neighbor, talk to...your grandparents, because you don't know when the last time you're going to be able to do those things is." Show Notes 2:06- What is Cystic Fibrosis? 4:42- Day-to-day Living 6:00- Born with a Life Expectancy 10:47- Battling Together 16:59- Medical Progress 21:12- Dating and Marriage 32:00- Personal Decisions about Giving Life 43:20- Truly Living Life 51:31- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Becky Higgins: ?Following? Him?Discipleship on Social Media

Most of us are young enough to remember a world without social media and yet, for many of us, connecting with others online has become a part of our everyday lives. Church leaders have spoken of the power of social media. We?ve been encouraged to use it in sharing messages of light and truth, but our prophet has also issued specific invitations to take a break from it. Becky Higgins engages with over 80,000 people online as she builds a business centered on documenting life. On today's episode, she shares her thoughts on what being a disciple looks like in an online world and how we can signal that the most important person we follow is Christ. "I don't mean to make social media sound like such a spiritual thing but it is. ...It's between you and God. Be really intentional with who you're following for your reasons." Show Notes  3:09- Evolution of personal social media use 4:23- Satan?s desire to divide 6:09- Myopic 10:22- Influence 14:20- Documenting as a spiritual gift 18:15- Drawing People In 22:00- Balance Between Sharing Light and Bragging 24:40- Social Media Overwhelm 27:03- Following Account in Line With Your Goals 32:40- Intentionality 35:28- Unplugging and Fasting from Social Media 41:32- Acknowledging Who Wants Us to Compare 45:27- Faith Grows When We Share 48:29- What Does It Mean To Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Chad Ford: Conflict?Something to Fear or Embrace?

As human beings we tend to view conflict as something to fear or avoid, but what if we viewed conflict as an opportunity to love? Chad Ford has devoted a large portion of his life to what he calls his ?true passion?: peace building and conflict resolution. On this week?s episode, Ford teaches us how our approach to conflict?specifically our willingness to ?turn first??can make all the difference. ?Instead of judging and condemning and fighting and all of the things that we engage in, we would show an increase of love. We would choose love over fear.? Show Notes 2:09- Backing into Sports 4:49- True Passion 9:01- Where Conflict Resolution Starts 14:11- Turning First 18:38- Dangerous Love?The Love that Endures 24:08- Pointing Blame 28:12- Perception of Stress/Perception of Conflict 35:25- ?Am I Right With This Person?? 40:02- A Son?s Blessing 45:37- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Eric and Leslie Dyches: Losing Loved Ones to Mental Illness

Eric Dyches and Leslie Huntsman Dyches both lost spouses to battles with mental health. In the midst of postpartum anxiety and depression, Eric's wife Emily Cook Dyches ran in front of a semitruck. Leslie also lost her husband Chad after a 14-year battle with depression and anxiety. Now, the two have joined their families?including their collective eight children?and are honoring the memory of their late spouses by speaking out about mental health. "Somehow, God provides a way for hearts to love."  Show Notes 1:48- Two Families 7:29- ?Due to Mental Illness? 10:50- Dealing with the Unknown 13:40- Turning Outward 16:26- Every Experience is Preparation 19:20- Grief-A Positive and Negative Power 25:36- Two Families Becoming One 36:39- Remarriage 44:47- ?The Picture on the Nightstand Is Not Enough? 48:56- An Ongoing Challenge 53:05- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at   See for privacy information.
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Relief Society General Presidency: "God is in Charge"

With general conference quickly approaching, we have the privilege of bringing you a candid conversation with the Relief Society General Presidency. These three women are uniquely qualified with life experiences that make them a powerful force for good. In this week's episode, the General Presidency discusses what they have learned from working closely with the First Presidency. They also share what they wish women in the Church understood right now and what 2020 has taught them about God?s love. ?When we want what He wants we find joy, even in times of difficulty.?  Show Notes 3:48- Life During a Pandemic 9:30- Labels Don?t Matter 13:36- Uniquely Called and Qualified 18:48- ?I Hope Being Single Isn?t The Most Interesting Thing? 21:58- ?Our Story Is Not Over Yet? 25:06- Women and the Restored Gospel 30:13- Lessons Learned in Three and a Half Years of Service 34:48- Actively Participating 36:03- 2020, Anxiety, and God?s Comfort 37:42- Difficulties Are Part of Life and Christ is the Answer 39:01- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Gerald N. Lund: Signs of the Second Coming?Take 2

A lot has happened in 2020: the pandemic, wildfires, social unrest, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados?the list goes on and on. It is understandable, then, that many are curious about what this all means in regard to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. While the ?day or hour knoweth no man,? Gerald Lund has devoted years of his life to studying the Second Coming. In today?s episode, he explains what he believes our current circumstances mean and what we can do to prepare so that regardless of what comes, we ?shall not fear.? "One of the things that I found curious is that even many of the members are focused on COVID and rightly so, it dominates our life right now, [and] defines our schedule. But we're overlooking what I think are other really quite evident and quite remarkable signs of the times." Show Notes 2:42- Are We Getting Closer?  9:03- An Intensifying  12:12- Temple Closure 13:53- Initial Interest 17:22- Great and Terrible 22:11- The United States of America 25:54- Something to look forward to? 28:25- 3 Ways to Prepare 35:43- Once Prophecy, Now History 38:08- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Neylan McBaine: Women, Church, Gospel, and Jesus

Neylan McBaine was raised in New York City by a single mother who also happened to be a singer in the Metropolitan Opera. She watched as her mother was applauded and recognized within her faith community for her accomplishments. But as a young student at Yale, Neylan began to realize that many women perceived a woman?s role in the Church as something different?something prescriptive. Neylan has since dedicated her time and talents to helping women see there is no one way to be a Latter-day Saint woman. ?Looking at His example and constantly being reminded of how the Savior favored the underdog and went against the conventions of His time gives me the confidence that I need, is really the only thing that I need, to feel like there?s room for exploration and for a little bit more disruption in our lives today.?  Show Notes 3:04- Growing Up as a Latter-day Saint Young Woman in NYC 6:33- Role of Women in the Gospel 9:06- Stewardship 14:49- Telling the Stories of Latter-day Saint Women 20:41- I?m a Mormon 30:24- Empathetic Activism 35:54- Keeping People Tethered to Their Covenants 37:52- The Savior?s Treatment of Women 41:10- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Bonus: Jeff Benedict: Through a Journalist?s Eyes

Steve Young, Dave Checketts, Jabari Parker, Clayton Christensen, Spencer Hadley, Gary Crittenden and Kyle Van Noy. These are just a few of the Latter-day Saints Jeff Benedict has profiled during his career as a journalist. On today?s episode, we talk with Jeff about what these people and their stories have meant to him and why he is grateful for a job that has allowed him to spend time seeing the world through a unique lens. ?Of the 16 books that I?ve written...almost all of them have changed my life in really noticeable ways.? Show Notes 3:43-Faith, Family and Sports 6:45- Full Circle Moments 11:37- Law and Journalism 17:00- The Mormon Way of Doing Business 25:23- Jabari Parker 31:00- Steve Young 37:59- Signaling Valued 43:51- Gaining and Retaining Trust 51:57- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Heidi Swinton: Profiling a Prophet

As a young journalism student at the University of Utah, Heidi Swinton had big dreams of one day working for Newsweek, but a prompting encouraging her to focus on the work of the Lord led her to a different path in life instead. This path still involved Swinton using her talents through writing, but in ways she never could?ve imagined?including writing the biography of President Thomas S. Monson. That was the point when the journalist in me gave way to essentially a child of God.? Show Notes 1:43- A Mother?s Example of Resilience 3:34- Journalistic Dreams 6:12- Losing an Infant 12:12- ?All the Way Home? 15:12- A Witness of Joseph Smith 25:04- ?I Did My Best For You?  27:44- A Cold Call from a Prophet 32:26- ?Exactly Who You Think He Is? 36:15- Experiencing Firsthand How President Monson Made People Feel 41:24- What the Lord Allows Us To Do and Feel 45:38- The Call of a Prophet and the Call to Us To Follow 49:40- What Does It Mean To You To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Jared Halverson: Giving People the Benefit of Their Doubts

While pursuing a doctoral degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School where his studies have been focused on anti-religious rhetoric, Jared Halverson has simultaneously sought to help students who wrestle with questions and doubts about the restored gospel. And while many say that divinity school tends to weaken faith, he says he has only become more convinced of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ?The Father of every prodigal is still staring out the window waiting for any movement home." Show Notes 3:30- A Desire to Understand People?s Questions 7:05- How Do People Attack One Another Over Issues of Faith? 10:42- Is There Such a Thing as Anti-Religious Rhetoric? 13:54- ?Where Faith and Doubt Mingle? 16:19- Lowest Possible Floor, Infinitely High Ceiling 19:38- Stages of Faith 25:28- ?How Deep Do the Cracks Go??  32:25- Starting From Ground Zero 38:54- Still the People We?ve Always Loved 42:41- ?We Believe that He Will Yet Reveal?? 50:26- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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S. Michael Wilcox: Grief, Loss and ?Filling Eternity With Love"

In 2010, S. Michael Wilcox lost his wife, Laurie, as the result of an inoperable brain tumor. Previously, the couple had dreams of traveling the world together. Instead, for the last decade, Wilcox has traveled alone, seeking solace from the grief of his loss and looking for confirmation from God that he is on the right track to see his beloved wife again. On this week?s episode, we discuss the lessons he has learned from loss and the truths he has found in love that lasts forever. ?Grief is love?s shadow. If we didn?t love, we wouldn?t grieve.?  Show Notes 1:49- Insights about Life and Love 4:23- Death?A Foe and a Friend 6:43- ?There Will Never Be a Time When I Did Not Love Her? 10:35- Meeting Laurie 12:32- Bracelets and Single Earrings 17:55- Questions Associated With Grief 21:48- No Road Map 24:37- Waiting Spaces 28:39- A God of Happy Endings 30:36- The Questioner or the Answerer? 34:12- ?Why Trouble Ye Her?? 37:09- Needing 40:22- Good Questions 43:50- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Acey and Jalyn Shaw: In Sickness and In Health

We may not hear the words ?in sickness and in health? in the temple, but Jalyn Shaw believes the meaning is still there as Latter-day Saints commit to love and serve each other through all eternity. In 2011, Jalyn and her husband, Acey, experienced firsthand what "in sickness and in health" really means when Acey contracted a rare virus. The virus left Acey without the use of his legs, as well as limited use of his arms and his voice. On this week?s episode, the couple shares what their experience has taught them about love, service, and eternity. ?It?s given us the opportunity to apply the gospel to our life. You can practice it and you can preach it and you can know it but to apply it is something different.? Show Notes 3:17- ?It?s Just the Flu? 10:38- Prepared 13:30- President Monson 19:18- Consciously Choosing to Live 21:50- Love, Respect and Humor 28:01- A Caregiver 32:59- An Eternal Marriage 38:01- Why Bad Things Happen 40:16- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Randal Wright: Learning and Improving through Life

Years ago, while sitting alone in a hospital waiting room as his wife had an emergency C-section, Randal Wright made a commitment to God as he called upon the powers of heaven to help his wife safely deliver their newborn child. In that commitment, he promised that for the rest of his life he would look for important lessons. Not only would he look for those lessons, he would record them and share them. The Lord protected and preserved the lives of Randal's wife and child, and in return, Randal has kept his promise to God. On today?s episode, Randal reveals the power of sharing our experiences and learning from the experiences of others to inspire us to be better and live life to its fullest. ?The first thing I say in the morning is ?I?m alive.?" Show Notes 3:21- Why Teach in Stories?  10:04- 3-Word Journal 18:24- Using Stories in Teaching Effectively 29:49- Integrity=Doing What You?ll Say You Can Do 39:05- Early to Bed, Early to Rise 59:49- What Does It Mean to Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Noelle Pikus Pace: The Price Paid to Become an Olympic Champion

It was "the moment of the games" and one that will be forever etched into Olympic history?the moment when skeleton athlete Noelle Pikus Pace cleared a barricade to jump into the stands and celebrate her silver medal victory with her family. What you may not know is the road that brought Noelle to that moment: a runaway bobsled, days and weeks spent away from her young family, a shoestring dragging on the ice, and a miscarriage that led to a decision to come back one more time to a sports she loves. This is Noelle Pikus Pace?s journey to a silver medal, a medal she says was ?as good as gold.? "I didn't lose the gold medal, I won the silver.? Show Notes 1:57- Skeleton 5:54- Maintaining Focus 7:49- Adversity 11:37- We Never Lose 14:58- A Family Goal 20:07- ?He is the Finish Line? 22:31- ?Where You Look is Where You?ll Go? 25:33- A Bucket List 30:05- Competing Vs. Comparing 33:32- ?Expect the Best? 37:24- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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McArthur Krishna: A Woman Who Chose God

McArthur Krishna is one of the co-authors of the popular book series, Girls Who Choose God. Not long before the first book in the series was published, McArthur faced a significant choice of her own?should she marry her now-husband and move to India with him? Although she still had her concerns when she received an affirmative answer, McArthur trusted the revelation she received and chose God anyway. Now, she is determined to share the stories of other women who chose to follow Him as well. ?Our Heavenly Parents sent us to this earth to succeed. ?They didn?t send us here to fail. It?s actually not a test; it?s a school to learn and grow.? Show Notes 2:00- Moving to India 4:58- ?They Know My Husband? 8:32- Home Church Before It Was Cool 11:25- Girls Who Choose God 18:28- Use for Your Talents in Zion 24:34- The Vital Role of Agency in God?s Plan and Parenting 34:58- A Call to ?Step Forward? 39:12- When Things Don?t Seem Fair 46:30- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Dallas Jenkins: Behind the Scenes of ?The Chosen?

"The Chosen" explores the life of Christ through the eyes of those who knew Him. The narrative multi-season show has received high praise from viewers and critics alike, earning a 9.8 out of 10 rating on IMDB. But with the praise, it has also attracted skeptics. Some don?t believe evangelical Christians should be working with Latter-day Saints on a show about Jesus or vice versa, and others believe scripture should only be portrayed exactly as it is written without creative liberties. The show?s writer and director, Dallas Jenkins, believes that exploring faith, especially in relation to the Savior, is something that requires trust. On this week?s episode, he shares the triumphs as well as the challenges of depicting the life of the Son of God. ?Even though He spoke to crowds, He was always talking personally, and He was always seeking that personal relationship. And that's what He wants from your heart. He wants that more than your accomplishments, and He wants that more than any kind of mass movement. He wants the personal.? Show Notes 1:49- The Same Jesus 10:03- The Humanity of Christ 15:08- The Scriptures Coming to Life 18:37- Capturing Humanity 22:51- Compassion for the Pharisees 27:32- The Personal Ministry of Christ, Then and Now 37:26- Casting Christ 41:29- Three Dimensional 43:48- Season Two 45:37- Inspiration? 49:30- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In?? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Michalyn Steele: "I Know that He Loveth His Children?

Michalyn Steele has devoted her life to civil rights work. On today?s episode, Michalyn shares her thoughts on how we can better ?mourn with those that mourn? amidst current discussions surrounding racism. She resonates with a well-known scripture in 1 Nephi 11:17, stating that while she does not understand the meaning of all things, she knows God loves His children. ?He wants us to be one. He wants us to not just feel empathy but to do the things that will bring some relief for those burdens.? Show Notes 3:00- Native American Heritage  7:00- The Book of Mormon  10:43- Civil Rights Attorney  14:27- Motivated by Hope  21:00- A Covenant Responsibility  26:07- Joy in the Work  29:10- How to Support  34:58- Loving Like He Does  37:18- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Shawn Nelson: ?The Blessing Is the Mission?

Lovesac was the fastest-growing furniture company in America in 2019 according to Furniture Today. Shawn Nelson can?t be certain if the company he founded would still be in existence if he hadn't served a Latter-day Saint mission, but he doesn?t think it would be. After all, it was his ability to speak Mandarin that made fulfilling the company?s first big order possible. But Nelson says his mission also taught independence, mental toughness, and how to build relationships of trust?all skills he has since used to build his business. ?For missionaries...the blessing is the mission, the blessing is the experience. Sadly, I worry that I took a lot more than I probably ever gave because it blessed my life in so many ways." Show Notes 1:17- A Giant Bean Bag 10:42- A Mission in Mandarin 15:04- Everything Else is Dust 19:34- Highs and Lows 24:43- Sharing the Gospel Through YouTube 30:45- Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 36:40- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Debra Theobald McClendon: Scrupulosity?Obsessive-Compulsive Anxiety You May Mistake as Faith Crisis

You may have never heard of scrupulosity, but it is possible it has hijacked the religious experience of you or someone you love. In her September 2019 Ensign article, Dr. Debra Theobald McClendon wrote, ?Scrupulosity masquerades as a desirable, higher standard of righteousness and personal worthiness?but it?s not!? So, what is scrupulosity? How does it manifest itself? How is it treated? Dr. McClendon helps us answer all of these questions and more on this week?s episode. "If it is a spiritual prompting, and you go through the things you need to repent, including a confession to an ecclesiastical leader if necessary, you will feel better. If it is driven by toxic anxiety, you will not feel better, because it's an anxiety issue. It's not a moral issue or a spiritual sensitivity issue." Show Notes  3:11- What is Scrupulosity? 8:34- How Does It Manifests Itself? 12:39- Confession 16:18- Therapy and Treatment 23:41- Correcting Sin While Not Giving Into Obsessions 26:18- Triggers 31:44- Godly Sorrow? 34:02- How to Help Others Who May Be Struggling  38:48- Too Late? 41:35- Repentance is Not a Checklist 43:31- The Atonement 45:16- What Does It Mean to be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Lori Walker: "I Am Not Broken?

In February 2019, Lori Walker walked into her family?s vacation home but never walked out, as the house exploded while she was trapped inside. She did, however, make it out alive thanks to countless miracles and three heroes. In the days, weeks, and months that have followed the explosion, Lori has become more convinced of the goodness of humanity, the omniscience of a loving Heavenly Father and the resilience that is found inside each one of us. "I don't remember the pain at all. I remember how amazing it felt to feel carried through that experience.? Show Notes 2:06- February 15, 2019 11:35- Three Heroes 17:31- God?s Hand 26:00- Receiving Service 33:39- Power of Prayer 36:48- God?s Light 38:37- A Sweet Little Patting 42:31- Current Challenges 49:38- Changed 52:11- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Abe Mills and Stephen Jones: Love Thy Neighbor

The complexities surrounding conversations of racism today are numberless but the root of the solution is the two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor as yourself. On this week?s episode, we talk with Abe Mills and Stephen Jones, two black Latter-day Saints, about their experiences with racism within Church culture, the faith of those who came before them, and why they don?t hesitate to share their faith in Jesus Christ. "Understanding what He did for us, it gives us hope, which we live in a world with a lot of people that have no hope or they?ve lost their hope?whether it?s hope in equality, hope in fairness, hope in whatever?they?ve lost their hope, but the gospel has taught us hope because we know what Jesus Christ did for us. It has taught us understanding because we know Christ was the example of understanding, and on top of that, it has taught us forgiveness, or how to forgive, in a time where forgiveness is needed greatly." Show Notes  3:40- Who Is Your Neighbor? 9:15- Mourn with Those That Mourn 14:33- Personal Experiences with Racism 30:14- The Body of Christ 41:06- Being a Diverse Voice in the Church 48:27- Pioneers 56:20- Peace and Hope in Troubled Times 1:02:16- What Does it Mean to be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Bonus: Randy Lindsay: When a Genealogical DNA Test Rocks Your World

BBC dubbed them ?the Christmas present that could tear your family apart.? Family history DNA tests have been all the rage over the past several years and Randy Lindsay is one of millions who submitted his DNA in hopes of finding missing links in his family tree. However, like many others, Lindsey got more than he bargained for when he learned that the man he thought was his father was not actually his biological father. ?Family is who we love and who loves us.? See for privacy information.
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Charlie Bird: Coming Out and Coming Into God?s Light

In February 2019, Charlie Bird published an op-ed through the Deseret News that revealed two secrets: 1. He was the man underneath the Cosmo the Cougar suit that made national headlines and led NBC Sports to dub 2017?2018 the ?Year of the Mascot.? 2. He is a gay member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Next month, Charlie will release a book called ?Without the Mask,? and on today?s episode we talk with Charlie about what the gospel continues to teach him as he embraces a life that is very different than the one he planned for himself. ?Connecting with God has helped me see that my faith and my orientation are not mutually exclusive. They are both integral parts of who I am and if I try to reject either one of those, I?m not really me.?  Show Notes 2:31- Being Cosmo the Cougar 7:01- Coming Out to God 11:46- The Words We Use 14:55- The Joy of the Told Story 17:19- No One Right Way to Respond 22:12- ?The Adversary Works Best in Darkness? 24:32- One Day at a Time 27:00- Daily Bread 28:58- ?Bridle Your Passions? 31:59- Spiritual Work 34:09- Latter-day Saint and Gay?A Continual Effort 38:14- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Elaine Bradley: The Contradiction of Human Discipleship

When asked if she sees incongruity between her career as the drummer of the rock band Neon Trees and her membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elaine Bradley has replied that she finds total incongruity between being a human and being a disciple of Jesus Christ. On today?s episode, Bradley shares the foundations of her belief, how she has maintained perspective, and how Christ fills in the gap between where we are and where we are meant to be. ?We really struggle as humans to find that line where Christ wants us to live between accepting yourself too much and not accepting yourself enough. That, to me, is the essence of navigating faith.?  Show Notes 2:30- The Complexities of Faith 4:36- Incongruity and Hope in Christ 12:04- Evolution of Faith 18:02- Grounding Impact of Family  21:45- Relationships of Respect Despite Differences 25:53- Deliberately Maintaining Perspective 30:00- Sebastian 36:15- Fame 37:21- Knowing Who You Are 40:30- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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John Hilton III: How to Find Peace in a World Searching For It

We live in a world that seems to be constantly asking the question we often sing, ?Where Can I Turn For Peace?? Along with the age old concerns, our society faces additional new challenges as a result of living in a technology-centered, social media world. Slap a pandemic on top of that and, as we?ve learned in recent weeks, the world truly feels like it is in pandemonium. But John Hilton, an author and associate professor of Ancient Scripture, believes that help for even the most current challenges can be found through the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the pages of scripture. ?If we can shift our mentality from ?Okay, I?m going to pray and God?s going to bless me with exactly what I want when I want it,? to ?I?m going to keep my covenants no matter what,? it?s a powerful shift in our lives? when we remember it?s okay if our kids don?t do everything that we hope they will. It?s okay if I lose this great opportunity. In the long run, Jesus Christ is going to wipe away all of my tears and I can focus my hope on Him.? Show Notes 2:10- Bullying, Kindness and Resilience 6:48-Balancing Professional Help and Spiritual Tools 8:44- Aiming for Perfection/Legalism 10:50- Fence Laws 13:43- Scrupulosity 15:56- Patterns of Peace 20:40- Peace Amidst Pandemic 23:52- ?Know the Church is True? or ?Know Christ? 26:18- Why Have a Relationship with Christ?  28:18- Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers 29:34- Why Understanding Grace Matters in Mental Health 33:05- What Does It Mean To You To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Jennie Taylor: God, Family and Country

It was his love for God and country, that originally made Jennie Taylor fall in love with her husband, Brent. It was also that love and loyalty that took him from her as Maj. Brent Taylor was killed in Afghanistan in 2018. On this episode, Jennie shares the faith that has helped her through the loss of her husband and has given her hope that she will see him again. ?My husband and thousands of others have died so that I have the opportunity to live. What I do every single day of my life decides whether or not his life was given in vain. What I do every single day of my life decides whether or not it's worth it that we keep sending soldiers into harm's way to defend freedom and liberty and justice for all around the world.? Show Notes 1:42- November 3, 2018 16:02- Meeting Brent 21:10- Three Great Loyalties 31:04- All Enlisted 44:07- Spiritual Preparation 51:16- Honoring the Sacrifjce of Heroes 57:40- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Ashley and Ryan Smith: The Confidence That Comes from Being ?All In?

At the 2019 BYU Marriott School Commencement, Qualtrics CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Smith said, ?If you have one foot in and one foot out the door, you will never experience true happiness and fulfillment.? It is a simple sentence but it sums up the way Ryan and Ashley Smith seek to live their lives. On today?s episode, the couple shares the many byproducts they have discovered as a result of their decision to be "all in" their careers, "all in" their family, and "all in" their faith. "Nothing I've ever done has ever been great if I haven't gone all in." -Ryan Smith  Show Notes 2:14- The Uphill 8:46- A Contrast and a Decision 14:00- What It Takes 18:46- All In on Your Career 25:46- Decision to Discipleship 31:40- Teaching Others to Go All In 38:10- All In on Your Family 41:32- What Does It Mean To Be "All In" the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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God Needs Mothers of All Kinds

The daughter of a prophet?s wife, a young woman who recently adopted her first child, and a stepmother of teenagers?these are just three ?kinds? of mothers highlighted in this week's "All In" episode. You may know many other types of mothers. There are those who are unable to have children of their own, single women, grandmothers, birth mothers who give someone else the opportunity of motherhood through adoption, and mothers who share their children with a stepparent. The world is full of women who are actively involved in mothering?for as Sheri Dew famously said, ?Are we not all mothers?? "Nobody's mother is everything, and we find mothers all over. People who mother us and teach us and nurture us in ways that maybe our mother couldn't. And so when I look at single parents or even people who have both parents, I think we have an opportunity to mother wherever we go. I think it's a responsibility women have, is to reach out and mother and be mothered by others." -Virginia Pearce Show Notes 2:25- Put on Your Oxygen Mask First 4:47- Raised by the Hinckleys 10:36- Creating a Refuge 12:28- Nourish Yourself 13:22- A Mother of Adult Children 17:45- Mothering as a Widow 20:34- Supporting Your Children?s Interests 22:06- What Does It Mean to Virginia to be ?All In? the gospel of Jesus Christ? 23:57- Miscarriage 28:00- Waiting in the Standby Line 33:30- Adoption 37:50- Learning about Love from Christ 39:25- A Birth Mother 40:37- What Does It Mean to Breaunna to be ?All In? the gospel of Jesus Christ? 42:28- Expectations Vs. Reality 45:43- An Instant Love 47:35- Parenting Teenagers 50:03- The Magic of Family?Of All Kinds 52:04- Creating an Unlikely Friendship 58:11- What Does It Mean to KaRyn to be ?All In? the gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Scott Hales: Becoming ?Saints?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last published a multivolume history in 1930. Millions from across the globe have joined the Church in the 90 years that have passed since that history and ?Saints? is the effort to preserve the story of the ongoing restoration. We are all a part of the story told in the Church?s new history?it is our story of becoming Saints "through the Atonement of Christ the Lord." On this week's episode, we talk with lead writer Scott Hales about the research that went into the book Church members around the world have fallen in love with. "I think the Lord knows the kind of book He wants. And I think He knows the kind of stories that the Saints need at this time, and makes sure that that happens in the process." Show Notes 1:30- A Lifelong Interest 4:21- The Beginnings of ?Saints? 6:08- Transparency 8:14- Complexity 10:58- Writing Style 14:40- Tragic Beauty 16:01- The Writing Process 23:39- Getting to Know Someone 26:44- Spending Time With Joseph 32:30- Gathering the Saints 35:10- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Whitney Johnson: Create > Compete

After studying Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation, Whitney Johnson developed the concept of "Disrupting Yourself"?a principle she has successfully taught in the business world for years. On this week?s episode, she teaches us how the model is demonstrated in our Heavenly Father?s plan and is founded on gospel principles. By continually evolving and developing, rather than competing with one another, Johnson says we can spend our time living in abundance. Additionally, when we focus our efforts on continually creating, we will recognize not only our own strengths, but others' strengths, as well. "When you think about taking the right risks from a gospel perspective, this is us thinking about ?What am I going to create? What kind of future will I create?' This is God's plan. We have agency. So what can we create?" Show Notes  1:13- The Mentorship of Clayton Christensen 10:48- Disrupt Yourself Through Creation 17:34- Why Growth Matters in God?s Plan 20:47- Repentance as Another Word For Disruption 22:51- The Job to Be Done 25:09- Play to Your Distinctive Strengths 32:47- Avoiding Comparison 36:00- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Scott Sonnenberg: Dealing With Divorce

What happens when an eternal marriage doesn't end up lasting for eternity? Like many children in the Church, Scott Sonnenberg grew up singing ?I Love to See the Temple,? and ?Families Can Be Together Forever.? That treasured ideal was shattered shortly after Scott returned home from his mission and his parents went through a divorce. He promised himself at the time that divorce would never ravage his own marriage?but, as he explains on this week?s podcast, that is exactly what happened. On this week's episode, Sonnenberg shares how he's navigated being a member of the Church when a forever family seems out of reach, and how the Atonement has given him hope through his trial. ?I think when we teach about how families are central to everything that we believe in, it?s about your family?whatever that family may be.? Show Notes  2:51- Faith and Family Centerstage in Athlete?s Life 13:07- When Your World is Rocked 15:18- Others? Perception 16:51- Challenges Associated with Divorce 18:36- Meeting Childrens? Needs Along with Your Own 21:31- Why Doesn?t God Stop Us? 26:13- Lessons Learned 29:33- The Trauma of Losing Your Eternal Marriage 32:36- Balance in Sharing 37:40- New Hope 41:02- Blending Families and Shared Custody 45:57- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Brooke Snow: Christ is the Breath of Life

After having her baby, Brooke Snow's health started declining and she was life-flighted in a helicopter. But when the reserve of oxygen on the helicopter ran out, Snow recalls feeling a distinct prompting that literally saved her life. On today?s episode, Snow shares how this moment has forever turned her heart to Jesus Christ and made her determined to help others draw upon the lifesaving power of the Savior in every single breath. "The amazing thing about the gospel is that the framework is there?we can just do a lot to improve upon how well we receive the revelation in those moments." Show Notes 1:50- A Life or Death Situation 8:00- PTSD 11:58- Christian Meditation?An Oxymoron? 14:38- Can Prayer Be Silence? 17:31- The Transformative Power of Meditation in Our Prayers 22:07- Prayers of Fear? 25:30- Prone to Wander 28:01- Visualization and Hope 34:35- In the Same Room 37:35- The Many Ways We #HearHim 41:37- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Justin Coulson: How Might Jesus Parent?

How do you follow the Savior's example if your child has left the Church or is struggling with their faith? What's the balance between giving your child room to use his or her agency while showing your love for them? In this week's "All In" episode, parenting guru Justin Coulson explains how the Savior's teachings about love, compassion, and mourning with those that mourn apply to the family. Whether we're a parent or not, we can all learn from the Savior's example of how to "Suffer the little children to come unto me" (Mark 10:14). "Sometimes in our angry moments, or in our tired moments, or, let's be honest, in our selfish moments, we might be less loving than we could be towards our children. Sometimes we feel inclined to hurt rather than to help, or...we're neutral or ambivalent, or we shrug our shoulders and say ?Whatever'. But He doesn't. The scriptures tell us again and again, His hand, His arm is stretched out still." Show Notes  4:47- #GirlDad  7:00- God?s Example of Parenting  11:08- Compassion  16:55- Respect for Agency  20:59- If Your Child Leaves the Church  34:06- If Your Child Doesn?t Want to Go to Church  44:16- If You, As a Parent, Feel It?s Too Late  49:27- Blurred Lines  54:51- Encouraging Gospel Discussion in the Home  1:00:06- What Does It Mean to be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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Spencer McBride: The Farm Boy?s Prayer Heard ?round the World

What has Spencer McBride, host of "The First Vision: A Joseph Smith Papers Podcast," learned from devoting years of his life to studying the Prophet's personal letters and journals? On today?s episode, McBride shares what led Joseph to the grove, how studying the First Vision can teach us about personal revelation, and how the farm boy's life has forever changed his own. ?When you look back on Church history and you see what God can do with ordinary people back then, it reminds you of what He can do with ordinary people in our own time.? Show Notes  3:25- A Once in a Lifetime Project 5:39- The Context of the Vision 8:05- ?To Him, It Was About Salvation? 10:45- Shining Moments and Mistakes 13:50- An Ordinary Man Doing Something Incredible 17:46- An Intellectual and Emotional Pursuit 19:56- What the Restoration Is 21:38- Everyone Is At Some Point A Convert 25:40- How Teenage Worries and Anxieties Led To The Grove 27:25- ?For good and evil among all nations? 29:27- Maintaining Faith While Exploring History 35:38- A Prolonged Process Vs. A Miraculous Moment 40:24- What Does It Mean To Be ?All In? the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find the full episode transcript at See for privacy information.
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