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Not Another True Crime Podcast

Not Another True Crime Podcast

Betches Media presents a podcast for people who love all types of sketchy things?from cults to conspiracy theories to, of course, crime?with a healthy dose of irreverent humor. Your co-hosts, Sara Levine, and Danny Murphy give the lowdown on one morbidly fascinating topic per episode. They?ll present the facts of each case, punctuated with jokes and side tangents, along with their own personal theories.


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The Murder of Scott Amadure

Sara and Danny are back to talk all about the murder of Scott Amadure after his appearance on The Jenny Jones Show. They start with some background on the show and the type of segments that they used to do before breakdown the events that led to Scott?s death and the case that followed it. They end the episode with ?Do You Know Me At All?!,? where they put their friendship to the test to see just how well they know each other!
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Finding Lauren Spierer Ft. Kyra Breslin

Sara and Danny are joined this week by Kyra Breslin to talk all about ?Finding Lauren,? her true-crime documentary podcast series that looks at the ongoing investigation of missing Indiana University student, Lauren Spierer. They talk all about the case as we mark the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, and Kyra breakdown all the elements that she focused on for the podcast and what we can expect for the rest of the series. Be sure to listen to ?Finding Lauren? now wherever you get your podcasts!
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Gabby Petito & Other Cases You Should Know About

Sara and Danny are back to cover the case that everyone seems to be talking about, the disappearance of Gabby Petito. They breakdown everything we know about the timeline and all the recent updates, before moving on to cover a few other cases in the area that haven?t received as much attention, but need to be talked about.  PETITION: SOURCES:
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Dennis Nilsen aka The Kindly Killer

Danny and Sara are back to talk about a seriously disturbing crime spree by one of Britain?s most notorious serial killers, Dennis Nilsen. They talk about Nilsen?s killings, his gruesome tendencies, and how he was eventually caught. To end the episode on a more positive note, they play a game called ?It?s Getting Scot In Here!?, where they attempt to answer a series of trivia questions about Nilsen?s country of birth: Scotland. CW: This episode contains some graphic descriptions SOURCES: Netflix Documentary
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BREAKING UPDATES: Alex Murdaugh, Elizabeth Holmes, and Maura Murray

Sara and Danny are back yet again with another special emergency with some wild updates on a few cases! They cover the latest in the Murdaugh murders, including some crucial updates in Alex?s shooting; some bizarre details of the ongoing case against Elizabeth Holmes; and a potential new discovery of evidence near where Maura Murray went missing. Don?t forget to follow us @notanothertruecrime for ongoing updates! SOURCES:
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The Disappearance Of Heather Elvis

Sara and Danny dive into a case that takes place in South Carolina, Heather Elvis? mysterious disappearance. They break down the circumstances surrounding the night she vanished and then get into the likeliest suspects and what we know about what could?ve happened to her. They also talk all about the court cases that have followed and their outcomes. To end the show, they take inspiration from the restaurant Heather worked at, The Tilted Kilt, and try to find the best restaurant name in America! Be sure to follow @notanothertruecrime to vote for your pick and stay up to date on all things crime. SOURCES:
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The Death Of Leslie Neulander

Sara and Danny dive into the as-of-yet undetermined cause of the death of Leslie Neulander. Although we always say ?it was the husband?, and Dr. Robert Neulander has been accused and convicted of her murder, he has always maintained his innocence and a retrial is expected to take place early 2022. Was her death an unfortunate accident, or murder? To end the show, they play a game of ?My Health Care Plan Is Not Getting Sick!,? where they attempt to correctly answer a series of questions about the convoluted and ridiculous health care industry in the US. SOURCES:
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The Disappearance Of Tara Grinstead Ft. Payne Lindsey

Danny and Sara are back this week with a guest that needs no introduction, Payne Lindsey! They kick things off with a breakdown of Payne?s first case he ever worked on, the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, and how he went from a true-crime fan to launching multiple massively popular podcasts by himself. They also get into the state of true crime at the moment, and how the whole landscape has evolved throughout the years. Be sure to check out season 3 of Up and Vanished, coming out on September 1st!
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BREAKING UPDATES: Scott Peterson And Crystal Rogers

Sara and Danny are back for a special emergency episode with some new updates on two ongoing cases! First they dive into some new information regarding Scott Peterson?s appeal before breaking down updates in the Crystal Rogers case and what they could mean in regards to her disappearance. Follow us @notanothertruecrime to stay up to date as new information comes out! SOURCES:
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The Murdaugh Murders

In this week?s episode, Sara and Danny are back to talk all about a powerful family that has been involved in a number of cases throughout the years: the Murdaugh?s from South Carolina. They start off with a little background on the family and its main members before diving into the various cases surrounding them, focusing on a double homicide and a fatal boating incident a few years ago. After that, they get into some recent updates on the boating incident, which is making its way through the courts this year. To end the show, they play a game called The Sur-Name Game, where they attempt to name notable families just from hearing the first names of a few of its members. Sources:
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The Murder of Maurizio Gucci

Sara and Danny are back to breakdown a case that has it all, the murder of Maurizio Gucci in 1995. They start off with a little background about the fashion house and how Maurizio managed to end up as its head amidst the family fighting for control. Then, they dive into all the details of his murder, and how popular opinion immediately turned towards Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio?s ex-wife with whom he had just gone through a long and contentious divorce. Finally, they walk us through the long investigation that finally uncovered the truth behind Maurizio?s death. To end the episode they play a game of The Devil and The Zoo, where they try to guess what quotes belong to which of two iconic fashion movies: The Devil wears Prada and, of course, Zoolander! 
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The Wood Chipper Murder

Sara and Danny are back to discuss the murder of Helle Crafts, a flight attendant who went missing in 1986. They discuss the circumstances of her disappearance and how all roads led to her husband, as we?ve seen countless of times before. They also get into the investigation of her murder and the unlikeliest of heroes that led to the eventual capture of the killer: private investigator Keith Mayo, who refused to let the case go cold. To end the episode, the play Making Mr. Mayo Merry, where they put their own lateral thinking to the test in a series of riddles to find out who would make the best private investigator!
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The Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

Sara and Danny are back to breakdown a mysterious vanishing at sea: the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam. They start off with some background on her life and how she ended up working at the Disney Wonder Cruise, and what we know about her time aboard the ship. Then, they get into the night of her disappearance, and discuss all the theories about her fate. Was her vanishing merely an accident, or was it a criminal act? To end the show, they play ?Yeah, Buoy!?, testing their knowledge of various nautical terms to see how prepared they would be in an emergency at sea.
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The Waco Siege And The Branch Davidians

Sara and Danny are back to breakdown one of the longest police standoffs in history: The Waco Siege. They start with the origins of the Branch Davidians and its eventual leader David Koresh, who was at the top of the cult at the time of the siege. They also go through the cult?s beliefs and what life at the compound was like, before getting into some of the darker detail?s of Koresh?s abuse of his followers. The end the show, they play Caught in The Vor-Texas!, where they take a trivia journey through the 6 flags that have flown above Texas throughout its history. 
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Mary Kay

This week, Sara and Danny are back to cover an OG MLM with an iconic color: Mary Kay. They start off with the story of its founding by Mary Kay Ash, and then get into all the shady business practices that the company upholds to this day. They also breakdown what we know about their income statements, and just how small of a percentage of its sales force actually makes any money. After that, they discuss the legal challenges Mary Kay has had along the way and how they have impacted the business. They end the show with a game called ?Pink The Right Choice!,? where they try to answer a series of questions that all have to do with Mary Kay?s signature color: pink.
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Wait? Am I In A Cult? Ft. Amanda Montell

This week, Sara and Danny host writer, language scholar, and podcast host Amanda Montell, for a fascinating conversation about about cults and what makes them so effective at garnering our attention. They cover cult-ish groups and organizations from Scientology to SoulCycle and everything in between. They also discuss some ways to approach people who might be engaging in cults to a worrying degree, and why telling them that they?re in a cult might be counter-productive. Be sure to check out Amanda?s book ?Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism,? and check out her podcast ?Sounds Like A Cult? wherever you get your podcasts!
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Victim F Ft. Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn

On this episode, Sara and Danny are back to discuss a case that generates as much curiosity as outrage, the kidnapping of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn from their own home in the early hours of the morning. They breakdown how the situation progressed and why both the media and police authorities wrongfully thought that it was all a hoax, and how the situation was finally resolved in spite of law enforcement?s disastrous response. Then, Danny and Sara are joined by Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn themselves, who have recently published ?Victim F: From Crime Victims To Suspects To Survivors,? telling their own story from their perspective. They talk about their experience in writing the book together and then get into some of incredible details of their story, including their difficulties with the police and the bizarre way the media reacted to the case. They also get into the current state of law enforcement in America, and what impact they hope the book can have on our future.
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The Family Cult

This week, Sara and Danny are back to talk all and about The Family, an Australian doomsday cult founded by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. They breakdown everything from the cult?s beginnings in yoga studios for well-to do people to the spiritual hodgepodge that made up the cult?s belief system. They also get into the dark aspects of how they operated, and Anne?s ?adoptions? of dozens of children that she believed would be the beginning of a master race to rule the world. To end the show, Sara and Danny make their very own cults in ?Build A Cult!.? Make sure to follow us @notanothertruecrime to vote for your favorite!
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The Yogurt Shop Murders

This week, Sara and Danny are back to cover an unsolved cases with more questions that answers: the 1991 Yogurt Shop Murders in Austin. They cover all the circumstances that lead to the crime as well as the evidence that was recovered, and a few possible reasons why the crime has remained unsolved for so long. Plus, they breakdown everything we know from the investigations that have followed it and even the false confessions that have stymied significant progress on the case. To end the show, the play Eat It Up!, here they try to answer a series of food related questions to see who is the ultimate food connoisseur.
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The Murder Of April Kauffman

This week, Sara and Danny are back to breakdown a murder plot with some fascinating twists and turns. April Kauffman was found dead in 2012, and the lengthy investigation that followed her murder was centered around her husband, Dr. James Kauffman. Along the way, the authorities uncovered a number of suspicious reports about Dr. Kauffman?s, including multiple allegations of fraud from his medical practices, along with some shady connections to the Pagans Biker?s Gang. Sara and Danny breakdown the whole saga from beginning to end and discuss all the twists and turns. To end the episode, the play a game called ?Angels and Pagans,? where they test their knowledge on the Pagan?s Club and the Hell?s Angels to see who is the true biker at heart.
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Real Housewives of Fraud City

We are back this week, and although Danny is away in Mexico, Sara welcomes in Betches pop culture expert Dylan Hafer to breakdown a few stories of fraud from the Real Housewives universe. They start off with Jen Shah?s recent arrest, discussing all the particulars of her telemarketing scheme, her indictment, and what awaits her. Then, they get into the embezzling allegations against Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi. To end they show, they play a fun round of Housewives Trivia, where they first have to guess who said various iconic quotes and then approximate what their net worth is. Be sure to check out Pop Alarm to get your daily 5-minute pop culture fix wherever you get your podcasts!
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The Son Of Sam

This week, Sara and Danny tackle one of the most infamous criminals in NYC history: David Berkowitz aka The Son of Sam. They cover Berkowitz? childhood and military record all the way to his eventual capture. They also dive into the alleged motive behind his criminal spree, which bizarrely centered around the demonic possession of German Shepherds. Next, they give us their thoughts on the recent Netflix documentary?, The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness,? and breakdown some of the theories it suggests. Finally, they listen to the music of the time, testing their knowledge of iconic songs released in 1976, the year of the Son of Sam murders.
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Amy Carlson And The Love Has Won Cult

Sara and Danny are back to talk all about a very strange group: The Love Has Won cult. They focus on their leader Amy Carlson and the bizarre set of beliefs that guided the cult, breaking down their scams, structure, and connections to other modern cult-like groups. They also discuss the recent death of their leader and the bizarre scene that her corpse was discovered in, which was decorated with glitter and Christmas tree lights. They end the show by playing ?Sleigh What?,? where they put their knowledge of various Christmas topics to the test and compete to be the ultimate Christmas fanatic.
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Sister Amy?s Murder Factory

This week, Sara and Danny bring us a vintage crime spree from the turn of the 20th century: Amy Duggan Archer-Gilligan?s poisoning of dozens of tenants at her boarding house. They start off by breaking down some interesting details about Amy?s early years and then dive in to her murders, which all took place over the course of 10 years. They also cover how she was allowed to operate for so long before being caught, and discuss her eventual capture and trial. They end the show with a round of living arrangements Would You Rather?, where they carefully consider where they would rather live given a few difficult choices. 
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The Vanishing Of Crystal Rogers

Sara and Danny are back this week to bring us all the details about the disappearance of Crystal Rogers from a small town in Kentucky. They go through her last sightings and all the particulars of the case, including the discovery of her car and the puzzling delay in her being reported missing. Next, they turn to the likeliest suspect in this case, and what they police investigations so far have revealed. They also go into a few recent updates on the case, and what we can expect to find out in the coming months. They end the show with a video game audio round, where they try to name classic video games from years gone by just by their sounds.
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The Black Dahlia Murder

Sara and Danny are back this week to tackle one of the most famous unsolved cases in history: the Black Dahlia Murder. They start off with some details about Elizebeth Short?s life as an aspiring actress and then get into the specifics of the grisly murder. They also breakdown the slapdash investigation that followed which yielded hundreds of suspects but made no substantial progress for years. Then they run through the list of most prominent suspects and a few recent updates that might be finally uncovering the truth behind the murder. To round out the show, they play a game called ?A Cut Above The Rest!,? where they test their knowledge of anatomy and the human body.
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The Disappearance of Kristin Smart

Sara and Dany are back with a crime with some very recent developments: the disappearance of Kristin Smart. They start off by giving some context on the events that led to her disappearance in 1996. They also go into the maddening police response at the time, and give a few reasons as to why this crime has remained unsolved for so long. Then, they break down all the recent developments that have led to the arrest of a prime subject, and what steps the investigators took to finally get them there. They end the show with a game paying tribute to all the good dogs out there called ?Unleash Your Pup-tential!? where they put their knowledge of famous dogs around the world to the test. Be sure to follow us at our NEW handle on IG @notanothertruecrime to stay tuned with this case as we continue to get more information!
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The Yellow Deli Cult

On this episode, Sara and Danny go into the Yellow Deli Cult, who operate a string of infamous delis around the world that have generated more than a fair share of controversy for their fundamentalist religious background. They go into the cult?s long list of problematic beliefs and objectionable practices, which include child abuse, racism, sexism, and forced free labor. They also breakdown accounts from former cult followers, and delve deeper into the origins of the cult and where their beliefs came from. To finish it off, they end the episode with a game of ?Who?s Cult Is It Anyways??, during which they try to figure out the names of various notable cult leaders through yes or no questions.
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Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admission Scandal

This week, Sara and Danny are back with a breakdown of the college admissions scandal that landed Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman in prison (for like, 2 minutes). They start off with some background on the ringleader of the scheme, Rick Singer, and how he ended up making millions from sneaking in rich kids to elite colleges. Then they go into how the whole scheme was discovered and ultimately busted, and the all the fallout from the federal investigation that followed. They also discuss the recent Netflix documentary, Operation Varsity Blues, and whether it was a hit or a miss. To end the episode, they play a game of Easy Fake, where they try to guess which absurdly named college courses are real and which are fake.
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Scammers Are Taking Over The Internet Ft. Gabrielle Bluestone

Sara and Danny are back with a fascinating conversation with journalist Gabrielle Bluestone about her new book ?HYPE: How Scammers, Grifters, and Con Artists Are Taking Over the Internet?and Why We're Following.? They go all into how social media has ushered in a new type of scams and grifts into our lives and what implications influencers can have on our world at large. They also discuss Gabrielle?s involvement in the FYRE documentary and how that experience informed the book and what it shows us about where we are heading. You can follow her on Twitter @g_bluestone and her book is out April 6th!
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Kevin Trudeau: The Infomercial King

Sara and Danny are back to cover a fraudster for the ages: Kevin Trudeau and his seemingly unending list of schemes and scams. They go over Trudeau?s journey from beginning to end, including his participation in MLMs, dubious self-help books, and so called miraculous health products, all the while being actively pursed by the FTC for his numerous crimes and infractions. Then, they play a game of ?As Seen on NATCP!? where they try to name infamous infomercial products from years gone by.
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Welcome To Your Fantasy: The Chippendales Story Ft. Natalia Petrzela

This week, Danny hosts the fabulous historian Natalia Petrzela to talk all about her new podcast Welcome To Your Fantasy, which explores the fascinating story behind the ?80s male exotic dance show Chippendales. Natalia walks us through the historical context that set the scene for the show, and how its emergence walked hand in hand with the feminist sexual liberation movement of the time. She also goes into the turbulent relationship between the founders, and how it escalated to its fatal conclusion. They end the episode with a game of ?Chippendales Shazam!? during which the take turns trying to name a few songs from the original Chippendales show. Find the podcast on Spotify, and follow @nataliapetrzela and @chippendalesrevealed on Instagram!
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The Vanishing of Bryce Laspisa

Sara and Danny are back to discuss the disappearance of 19-year-old Bryce Laspisa, whose car was found crashed in a ravine in California with no sign of him anywhere nearby. They go into his background and his strange behavior in the days leading up to his vanishing, and discuss several possibilities of his fate. They also cover a few other disappearance in the area, and note the similarities in each of the circumstances. Then, they play a game of ?Bulls in a Trivia Game? where they put they put their knowledge of bulls in popular media to the test in honor of a tattoo that Bryce has on his shoulder.
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Natalie Wood?s Mysterious Death

Sara and Danny are back to discuss a captivating Hollywood case, the mysterious death of celebrity actress Natalie Wood. They start off with an overview of Natalie?s career and personal life before the incident, and then breakdown the events on the night of her death. They go through all the people present on the night and dig in to the inconsistencies in the story that have emerged in the years since. The end the episode with a quiz titled ?And the Oscar Goes to? Jail!?, where they put their knowledge of celebrity crimes to the test.
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The Vienna Strangler and The Cecil Hotel

Sara and Danny are back to discuss an international serial killer whose life seems stranger than fiction: The Vienna Strangler. They cover the whole timeline of Jack Unterweger?s crimes, starting from the first murder that landed him in prison for life, his premature release, and his crime spree in the United States. Then they go into the recent Netflix documentary ?Hotel Cecil? and whether its was a worthwhile portrayal of this infamous hotel and the many incidents that took place there. They end the episode with a segment called ?Don?t Be A-Freud!?, where they take a look at their subconscious minds to get to uncover what it reveals about themselves.
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Inside The Mind Of A Killer With Troy Roberts

This week, Sara and Danny have a fascinating conversation with accomplished, Emmy-award winning journalist Troy Roberts. Troy shares a few stories from his long career covering crime, and they dig into what patterns seem to emerge from all the crimes he?s covered. Then they give a sneak preview to a case that Troy covers on his show Killer Motive, about the murder of a Navy officer by the people we considered closest. To round it all out, they play ?Arrr you knowledgeable??, a game that puts their pirate knowledge to the test!
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The Jason Collier Story Explained

Sara and Danny are back for a surprise bonus episode all about the now infamous Stinnett Chief of Police, Jason Collier. They go over all the particulars of the story, including his simultaneous engagements to several women, his appalling choice of gifts for his multiple financés, and his eventual arrest. We?ll be back on Monday for our usual episode!
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The Long Island Serial Killer

This week, Sara and Danny dive into the details of a disturbing open case: The Long Island Serial Killer. They go an overview of the crime spree and the numerous victims that have been found throughout the years, highlighting the patterns that seem to have emerged in the killer?s M.O. They also go into a few possible reasons for why the case remains unsolved and offer their thoughts on a few notable suspects. Then, they switch gears to give an update of a recent court ruling regarding one of the most infamous MLMs, LuLaRoe. They end the show by putting their knowledge to the test with a game of The Long Game, where they try to guess numbers related to several crime related records throughout history.
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The Night Stalker

Sara and Danny are back to discuss one of the most notorious criminals from the Golden State: The Night Stalker. They unpack Richard Ramirez?s childhood and discuss how his experiences played a role in his path towards murder. Then, they delve into an overview of his crimes and the bizarre court case that followed his arrest. They also talk about the recent Netflix documentary, Night Stalker, and whether the criticism it has received is fair. They end the show with a game of California Quizin?!, testing their knowledge on several other notable California serial killers.
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The Murder of Missy Bevers

Sara and Danny discuss one of the most requested open cases by our listeners: the murder of fitness instructor Missy Bevers in 2016. They go into the circumstances of the murder and why this remains unsolved despite video footage of the prime suspect. They also delve into their theories of who the culprit is, and decide who they would focus on if the case was up to them. To round it all out, the end the show with a game of Crime and Punishment, where they come up with creative punishments for minor annoyances that should be considered crimes.
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The Herbalife Scheme

Sara and Danny dive into this one of the biggest and most infamous Multi-Level Marketing companies, Herbalife. They talk about what led Mark R. Hughes to found this company, and delve into their questionable and possibly fraudulent business practices. The also cover the documentary Betting on Zero, which follows hedge fund manager Bill Ackman?s crusade to expose the company and to profit off of its demise. Then they end the show with a fun game of ?What The Sell?!,? where they test their knowledge on other notable MLM?s.
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Who Killed JonBenét?!

We are back with a surprise episode to cover ABC?s The List: Who Killed JonBenét? 20/20. We start with some overall thoughts and expectations, and then delve into the meat of the documentary. Does it offer substantial new evidence, or is it just a rehash of the same old information? Also, we discuss whether the documentary had any impact on our opinions on the case and if it changed our theories.
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The Hilaria Baldwin Grift

Sara and Danny are back in the new year to talk about the biggest news story of the last few days of 2020: the mystery of Hilaria Baldwin?s identity. They go through the weird way this whole thing started and Hilaria?s changing stories, plus Alec?s perplexing video.
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D.B. Cooper Pt. 2

In part 2 of the D.B. Cooper breakdown, Danny and Sara discuss even more suspects of the infamous highjacking. Who do they think it is?
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D.B. Cooper Pt. 1

It?s a bird! It?s a plane! It?s.. a potentially average business man jumping out of a plane he hijacked? To end 2020, we are tackling one of the biggest Whodunnits in history: none other than D.B. Cooper. But before we get into the theories and beyond, Danny and Sara also talk about a US student who was jailed for breaking international quarantine rules, an influencer turned murderer, and obviously... the Journalist and the Pharma Bro. Vom.
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The Sodder Family Fire Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this special Christmas case, Sara and Danny dive into the moment you?ve all been waiting for, the mysterious fire. They discuss theories on how the fire started in the first place, and whether or not the Sodder children actually died in the fire. American Giant: American Giant makes clothing that?s durable, not disposable. Get 15% off your first order when you use promo code NATCP at
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Wait What? The Undoing

Sara and Danny return for a very special ?Wait What? bonus episode to break down HBO?s ?The Undoing?. They discuss Nicole Kidman?s choice in husbands (both on screen and off), the blindspots in the show?s storytelling and why Sara wasn?t surprised at how the season ended.
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The Sodder Family Fire Pt. 1

On Christmas in 1945, the Sodder Family home went up in flames. 4 out of the 9 children escaped, but the other 5 were never seen again. While some think they perished in the fire, parents George and Jennie were convinced the children were still alive. Some strange details seem to confirm the fire was caused by foul play. Danny & Sara go through the events and theories of what happened to the Sodder children. Plus, updates on the Alonzo Brooks case, Fort Hood, and Amanda Knox. Sources
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Wait..What? Murder On Middle Beach

On this special ?Wait....What?? bonus episode Sara and Danny discuss the HBO documentary sensation ?Murder on Middle Beach?. They discuss their reactions to the show?s theories, who they think did it, which family member is the sketchiest, and their thoughts on where the case will go from here.
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The Death of Jeannette Depalma

This week Sara and Danny take you back to NJ, the land of Taylor ham and full service gas stations, to investigate the mysterious death of Jeanette Depalma. They discuss the weird Christian movement that Jeannette became a part of before her death, the reasons the case remains unsolved after all these years, and the satanic cult that?s rumored to have killed her.
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