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Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.


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?Last pod until August 17th? ? Take Two?s video game record. Disney?s ecosystem un-magic. Feather?s $30M rental furniture.

Our final Snacks Daily pod before vacation ? We return to the mics on Monday, August 17th (we?ll miss ya until then, Snackers). In the meantime, Disney?s earnings underline the pain COVID is inflicted on physical businesses. Take Two?s video games are benefiting from the elusive double sales wave. And Feather is trying to become the Rent The Runway of furniture. $TTWO $DIS
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?Windows TikTok 2.0? ? Microsoft?s TikTok-quisition. Levi?s non-Amazon roadmap. Tyson?s new chicken-free CEO.

Over the weekend, TikTok learned it might be banned in the US. Actually maybe acquired by Microsoft (or maybe not). We break down the TikTok saga. Levi?s CEO revealed its wild new 5-month gameplan in a world where denim is out. And America?s biggest meat producer, Tyson, just made the boldest CEO hire we?ve ever seen: A Google tech guy.
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?70% of us have Cash-Phobia? ? PayPal?s crown jewel. Molson Coors? brew shocker. SiriusXM?s revival.

PayPal hit an all-time high after saying ?cash is dead,? but Venmo?s getting all the attention. While the rest of the brew industry douses itself in hard seltzer, Molson Coors figured out how to make beer flourish in the moment. And SiriusXM is a lot like cable TV, but for audio. We hope it doesn?t accept its fate of decline, like cable has.
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?Apple?s pizza is waaaay too big? ? Apple?s 4-1 stock split. P&G stole Sysco's sales. Amazon?s record.

Fresh after hitting Capitol Hill, the Tech Big 4 announced earnings reports (they were epic). We?re focused on Apple?s 5 profit puppies and Amazon?s double-double. Then Procter & Gamble sneaked in with its best quarter in 14 years because one company?s loss is another?s gain. And P&G has tons of MBAs.
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?Does this tie make my hoodie look fat?? ? The Big Tech 4 hit DC. Blue Apron?s shocker profit. AMC?s movie truce.

Amazon. Apple. Facebook. Google. CEOs of the Big Tech 4 hit up Capitol Hill for their biggest Congressional grilling, maybe ever. Blue Apron whipped up its 1st profit since IPO?ing, but then the stock plummeted 15%. And AMC Movie Theaters just snagged the most important deal in streaming history ? it shortens the infamous ?75-day window.?
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?Kodak?s FOMO-ment? ? TikTok?s latest Zucking. Lysol?s consulting gig. Kodak?s stock triples.

Kodak went bankrupt in 2012, but now it?s pulling off an epic pivot from photographer to pharmacist. TikTok is going through a Level 6 Zucking courtesy of Instagram?s new Reels feature. And Lysol wants to become the Bain of Clean. Full disclosure: FOMO-creator Patrick McGinnis invented the term FOMO-ment.
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?Apple?s got a Stage 5 Clinger? ? Jamf?s IPO. DraftKings Opening Day drama. Ro hits $1.5B

DraftKings shares dropped 6% because baseball just had its first mid-season COVID crisis. Jamf stock has doubled since its IPO because it?s got a single mission: Help your company thrive on Apple devices. And our ?Unicorn of the Day? is Ro, whose valuation tripled to $1.5B by evolving beyond cheap direct-to-consumer Viagra to all of healthcare.
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?Favorite child? It?s hard seltzer? ? Boston Beer?s 21% surge. The biggest SPAC ever. No blockbusters in 2020.

Sam Adams owner Boston Beer shockingly doubled profits last quarter, but it?s not thanks to Boston Beer. Disney, Apple, and Netflix have made moves that just killed the summer blockbuster biz. And the biggest Special Purpose Acquisition Company ever just went public, officially making this the ?Summer of the SPAC? (fun to say).
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?You have to be this tall to get in the S&P 500? ? Tesla?s profit shocker. Ben & Jerry?s e-ice cream. Microsoft bundle-bullies Slack.

Tesla shares hit a record high on its first ever full year of profit. Microsoft was caught bundle-bullying Slack, which is claaaassic ?90s Microsoft. And Unilever announced earnings, but we?re focused on (and concerned about) its direct-to-consumer ice cream strategy with Ben & Jerry?s.
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?Spotify?s not a tech company? ? Pfizer?s $2B Operation Warp Speed. Misfit?s ugly veggie $85M. Spotify?s new record label deal.

Pfizer snags a $2B contract to produce 100M COVID-19 vaccines for the US government as part of Operation Warp Speed. Spotify has so many marginal costs, so it just added a new revenue stream to try to offset that. And Misfit just bagged $85M in fresh funding to scale its subscription food box for ugly fruits and veggies.
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?The Hamilton Musical (for economies)? ? Europe?s $2T joint bank account. Starbucks? free lattes. Coca-Cola?s ?new news? stock bump.

Europe just whipped up a $2T stimulus package that looks a lot like what the United states pulled off? in 1790. Starbucks changed its Rewards Program and Wendy?s just launched the 1st ever rewards app for a burger chain. We think the Loyalty Wars are coming. And Coca-Cola jumped 2% after its earnings report because of new news. Ignore old news.
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?The anti-prenup? ? Headspace gets in Snapchat. Fisker pulls an Apple. Google Maps gets Uber money.

To take on its meditation rival, Headspace is partnering with Snapchat in the rare, elusive no-money deal. Electric car startup Fisker just went public, but it?s deciding to act more like Apple than every other car company (including Tesla). And Uber can?t do it all by itself, so its paying tens of millions of dollars to be dependent on Google Maps: It?s one the Silent Servers.
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?WeWork from the Dead? ? WeWork?s profitability (?). Domino?s fortressing strategy. JetBlue & American Airlines colludiness.

Don?t even think about thinking WeWork is gone ? the coworking pioneer claims it?ll be thrivingly ?profitable? by this time next year. JetBlue and American Airlines have developed a special corona-relationship that basically feels like collusion. And Domino?s revealed its new chicken wings, cauliflower ambitions, and ?fortressing? strategy.
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[email protected] didn?t get hacked? ? Twitter?s TBOY hack. Hasbro?s Scrabble app. UnitedHealth?s record (double) profit.

Twitter suffered its biggest hack ever, which could forever change its role as the direct-to-consumer communication platform. Hasbro?s new Scrabble app is causing aggressive drama among Scrabble purists, but the toymaker has learned its lesson from the ?90s about cannibalization. And UnitedHealth just enjoyed a record $6.6B profit because you paid for health insurance but didn?t use it last quarter.
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?RZF = Resting Zoom Face? ? Zoom launches hardware. Lemonade adds pet insurance. Goldman?s quiet before the storm.

Welcome to Big Bank earnings season, which kicked off with big words from JP Morgan?s Jamie Dimon and is ending with a Goldman Sachs stock surge. Lemonade just launched its 2nd product: Pet insurance. And behold, Zoom from Home your desk?s 2nd monitor that is the closest thing to being in the office.
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?Ford?s midwestern modesty... problem? ? New York Times pivots. Oatly hits $2B. Ford resurrects Bronco.

After 24 years, Ford just brought back the Bronco ? but Midwestern modesty can?t win in a Tesla hype world. The New York Times is replacing lost ad revenue with a new plan: Repackage its reporting into great TV and podcasts. And oat milk pioneer Oatly hits a $2B valuation thanks to a fundraise with big-time investors who fully mainstream-ify it.
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?PepsiCo should rename to SnacksCo? ? Netflix?s earnings preview. Pepsi?s immuni-foods focus. Tech?s billions go to India.

Earnings season kicks off and it?s (shocker) supposed to be brutal ? so we?re looking at the one potential bright spot: Netflix. Pepsi?s soda sales fell, snacks sales surged, and it?s already focusing on a new trend: Cleansing your insides. And with all the drama between the US and China, the big winner is India ? which just snagged a $10B check from Google.
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?The SoulCycle of egg freezing? ? Kindbody snags $32M for fertility. Anti-Tesla Rivian raises $2.5B. Biden?s $700B econ package.

$2.5B is a huge amount of money for a fund raise, but it kinda makes sense when that company is Rivian ? aka the biggest threat to Tesla yet. Women?s fertility startup Kindbody gets $32M to apply SoulCycle-nomics to egg freezing. And Joe Biden releases his $700B economic package.
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?Skip medical school. Spend $1B instead? ? Walgreens launches 700 doctor?s offices. Rocket Mortgage?s IPO. Kroger?s surprise meat strategy.

The lending artist formerly known as Quicken Loans has filed to IPO, calling themselves ?Rocket Companies?. Walgreens is quitting medical school and pursuing a $1B investment in 700 doctor?s offices instead. And Kroger?s figured out a surprise strategy to boost sales of its own plant-based meat brand: Stick it next to real meat.
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?I can?t believe it?s not Chunky Monkey? ? Perfect Day?s animal-free ice cream, Twitter?s subscription plan. Walmart finally zucks Amazon Prime

Some sneaky sleuthing on a Twitter job posting indicates that Twitter may be whipping up paid subscription? for something. Walmart whips up an anti-Amazon version of Prime called Walmart+, coming this month. And our ?Almost Unicorn of the Day? is Perfect Day, which snagged $300M to make milk that?s neither plant-based, nor animal-based. But tastes exactly like milk.
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?A nasty Dunkin styrofoam cup? ? Dunkin?s gas station makeover. Sunrun?s solar-powered merger. Under Armour?s $475M botched acquisition.

Dunkin?s boldest move yet is cutting out 450 gas station locations because it wants to upscale its brand (fancy coffee). Sunrun is merging the #1 and #2 solar companies because the industry needs a leader. And Under Armour is trying to sell the fitness app it splurged half-a-billion dollars on 5 years ago (it did nothing with it).
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?Puma-fy Harley-Davidson? ? Warren Buffett?s $9.7B bet. Chipotle launches e-farmers market. Harley jumps 7%.

Harley shares surged 7% because its new CEO is turning the company into Puma (in a good way). Warren Buffett is making his first big corona-conomy bet by buying up Dominion Energy, a natural gas pipeline company. And Chipotle launches a virtual farmers market for its suppliers so you can DIY some barbacoa at home.
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?Tesla is a 14-year-old LeBron James? ? Lemonade goes public. Tesla > Toyota. Walmart?s drive-in movies.

Techie insurance startup Lemonade IPO?d Thursday and its stock doubled. That?s actually an unfair problem with finance. Tesla became Earth?s most valuable car company ? and then backed it up that milestone with an awesome report. And Walmart is turning 160 of its parking lots into drive-in movie theaters, but it?s not just about kindness and smiles.
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?It?s time for B-commerce (Booze commerce)? ? Constellation buys Empathy Wine. Alibaba?s stores from the future. YouTube TV?s price jacking.

Last pod before the July 4th holiday (celebrated on July 3rd by Wall Street). Liquor legend Constellation just acquired Gary Vaynerchuk?s 1-year-old wine startup because it wants to go direct to consumer. Alibaba?s Freshippo stores make Amazon?s most innovative ecommerce look primitive. And YouTube TV just pulled a move straight outta the cable playbook: Jack up prices. We think the Great Price Reckoning may be coming.
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?Lulu, Lulu, on the wall? ? Lululemon acquires Mirror. Uber may buy Postmates. Netflix?s $100M black bank bet.

Athleisure icon Lululemon splurges $500M to acquire Peloton-ish in-home workout startup Mirror. Fresh off its acquisition breakup with Grubhub, Uber is looking to rebound with Postmates instead. And Netflix will stream $100M of its cash into black community banks to fix the bank desert hole in the financial system. $LULU $UBER $NFLX Here?s a Robinhood Learn article, authored by Nick and Jack (What is an ETF): Here?s Robinhood?s Newsfeed, accessible if you download the Robinhood app and set up an account:
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?The 2nd Kardash-icorn? ? Under Armour?s mega-deal. Facebook is too-big-to-cancel. Coty?s Kardashian investment.

Coty Cosmetics shares popped on word it?s snagging 20% of Kim Kardashian?s beauty brand. Facebook is facing its second ever #DeleteFacebook moment, except this time it?s coming from its most important stakeholder: Advertisers. And Under Armour is trying to cancel the biggest college apparel deal in history. It?s a sign of how far UA has fallen.
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?When aisle 6 produce goes public? ? Albertsons? grocery IPO. Ford?s profit puppy makeover. Big Banks houseparty.

The latest major IPO is America?s 3rd largest grocer, but we think Albertsons looks less like a grocery chain and more like a finance company. Ford is redesigning America?s most popular car, and the new F-150 pickup tells us where the truck industry is going. And Big Bank stocks are making big moves like they got the keys to Mom and Dad?s house for the weekend.
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?When you drink here, you?re family? ? Olive Garden?s reopening. Google?s news savior. Slack?s crossborder email crusher.

Darden Restaurants has reopened 91% of its restaurants like Olive Garden, but the restaurant industry has a takeout booze problem. Google?s new news app will completely change the business model for the news industry. And Slack just whipped up an actual email killer. Talk with us about today?s episode on Listen App today at 2:30 pm PT.  Use VIP code ?tboy?.
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?Beyond Meat is Regina George? ? Starbucks? Impossible deal. Delivery is like golf. COVID data is econ data? again.

Starbucks just announced a plant-based partnership with Impossible Foods in the US, which is awkward because Starbucks already has a relationship with rival Beyond Meat. Gatik?s delivery obsession with ?the middle mile? reveals how the shipping industry looks a lot like your golf game. And the recent surge in coronavirus cases highlights how COVID-19 data is economic data. Financial News Curator: Snacks Editor:
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?Sports-pocalypse 2K20? ? EA Sports is in the game. Club Apple?s big day. TJ Maxx?s revenge shopping.

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is both a mouthful and Apple?s biggest day of the year, so we break down the stories that matter for you. Since there are no real live sports happening, EA Sports is really ?in the game? during COVID-19. And TJ Maxx is enjoying the ?revenge shopping? vibes among Americans.
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?Bob Ross would?ve used Canva? ? Virgin Galactic surges 16%. Canva hits $6B. Hey vs. Apple.

Virgin Galactic shares popped on word of its 2nd business line: space tourism to the International Space Station. Hey (real name) is trying to fix email forever, but first it?s taking on Apple and its infamous App Tax. And Canva is our ?Unicorn of the Day? for hitting $6B while making you look sharp on social media.
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?Apple secret sports division? ? Tech?s real sports moves. Clear?s pivot. Carmax?s differentiator.

Twitch is kicking the Streaming Wars up a notch on behalf of its owner, Amazon: It?s going after cable?s live sports (and Apple and Google may follow). Airport icon Clear knows you?re not traveling so it?s pulling off its biggest pivot in a decade. And Carmax now has competition from Vroom and Carvana, so we?re looking at differentiation strategies.
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?No more McLasagna? ? McDonald?s menu reduction. Spotify?s latest acquisitions. Carnival?s 1 lifesaver.

Spotify shares surged over 10% on word they signed Kim Kardashian and Batman to exclusive podcasts. McDonald?s slimmed 100 items off its menu, and it?s loving how the slimmer menu strategy feels. And Carnival?s earnings reveal how it?s surviving in a corona-conomy ?pause? for the cruise industry.
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?Dieting, but not cutting out milkshakes? ? Uber-as-a-Service. Beyond Meat?s Cookout strategy. The (other) Dow?s filthy environmentalism.

Beyond Meat?s early adopters didn?t care about price, but everyone else does. So it?s launched an ?affordable? bulk pack to get beyond them. Dow Inc. (not ?The Dow?) is okay making filthy materials because it says they make Tesla possible. And Uber is teaming up with the public transportation it?s historically always crushed ? we?re calling it UaaS (?Uber-as-a-Service?).
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?Rent-a-Zombie? ? Hertz back from the dead. Apple?s App Store bias. BP?s oil DCF.

You thought Hertz was dead when it went bankrupt last month, but now it?s issuing $500M in new stock ? we?re looking at how that?s possible. Apple wants to be both the referee and a player in its App Store, and the implications are huge for the great platforms of tech. And BP thinks its oil is worth $17.5B less than it last told us, so being honest about COVID?s impact on its biz.
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?The only Will Smith stock? ? iRobot?s Cadillac vacuum. Shopify + Walmart vs. Amazon. Airbnb?s anti-racism algorithm.

iRobot is the only robot company that?s WFH right now, but we?ve got a bold idea for its next move: Sell yourself. Shopify shares surged on word it is partnering with Walmart for an unprecedented rebel alliance against the Amazon empire. And Airbnb just whipped up ?Project Lighthouse? to fix racism on its platform ? We think the entire gig economy could use that.
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?Throw cash in the $14B Instacart? ? Photoshop pulls a Snapchat. Travel stocks go big/go home. Instacart & Doordash raise funds.

Because you?re doing delivery for everything your body consumes, Instacart and Doordash just raised mega fundraising rounds (sorry, you can?t invest in them yet). Adobe wants to make sure Gen Z uses ?Photoshop? as a verb, so it just launched a freaky new photo-filtering app. And travel stocks? latest plummet has made them 2020?s case study in risk/reward.
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?Why stocks plummeted 7%? ? Chewy?s over-eagerness. Zoom?s China drama. The Dow?s 7% drop.

That recovery rally hit a hard Wall Street wall, so we?re looking at why the Dow plummeted 7% for its worst day in months. Chewy is enjoying the current puppy-palooza, but it?s more focused on its anti-Amazon tactic: customer service. And in 1 day we just saw 2 opposite approaches to doing biz in China ? Zoom?s way (censor) and a scrappy podcast startup?s way (don?t-censor).
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?Selling cannabis shovels? ? Scotts Miracle-Gro?s green rush. Grubhub gets acquired. Wave virtual concerts.

Scotts Miracle-Gro is enjoying the pimp yo? lawn life, but we?re more focused on its other green side hustle. Grubhub was supposed to be acquired by Uber, but now it?s ditching for a European lover. And not-quite-Unicorn-of-the-Day Wave snags $30M to make virtual concerts a thing you take seriously.
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?Gen T = Generation Tiktok? ? Restoration Hardware doubles-down. IBM?s anti-facial tech. TikTok?s business trifecta.

While you?re buying online, fancy furniture retailer Restoration Hardware is tripling-down on the physical world ? it?s launching hotels. IBM is actually abandoning its entire facial recognition division on worries it could become a weapon of racial oppression. And put Millennials and Gen-Z aside for a sec ? we just got data on what the little kids are watching (hint, we?re calling them Gen T now).
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?Make Winnebago-ing a verb? ? Thor Industries? resurgence. DocuSign?s fun funnel. Wahed?s Islami-Fintech

Thor Industries? sales of Winnebagos over the last month show how vacations have changed. DocuSign is thriving in the corona-conomy, but we?re focused on how e-signatures are just the top of the fun funnel of its true business. And Wahed raised a fresh $25M to scale its shariah-compliant investing product, taking Islami-Fintech to 130 more countries.
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?The Crocs of Ecommerce? ? eBay?s all-time high. Volkswagen?s e-investment. May?s shocking Jobs Report.

Remember eBay? Shares just hit an all-time high, but we think we know how they can keep the mojo going. Germany?s support for electric cars like Volkwagen?s is showing what 21st century investment in infrastructure looks like. And the May Jobs Report pretty much shocked everyone who read it, so we jumped into the little black book of hiring/firing (congrats, dentists).
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Yup, it?s a cult stock? ? Nikola love/hates Tesla. ZoomInfo is the biggest tech IPO of 2020. American Airlines? normal data.

Don?t call it Zoom ? ZoomInfo is the biggest tech IPO of 2020, so we?re looking at why it jumped 70% on its first day of trading. Nikola is trying to take on Tesla, but it?s really a cult stock right now. And American Airlines? latest data encouraged investors big time, because they love forward-looking data.
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?The Bruno Mars IPO? ? Warner Music goes public. AMC Theaters? sequel moment. Campbell Soup?s soup cockiness.

The biggest IPO of 2020 is Warner Music, which just surged 20% on Day #1 of trading. Campbell Soup is thinking your corona-conomy soup-binging is (shockingly) here to stay post-virus. And AMC theaters used a moment of honesty to admit it actually may not survive unless movies come back fast.
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?The Zuck-ocracy? ? Facebook?s super shares. Adidas & Allbirds partner up. Vacasa?s $108M booking.

Shoe rivals Adidas and Allbirds are teaming up on a sustainable sneaker that?s completely redefining what ?competition? means. The latest walkouts at Facebook reveal how unique the ?Zuck-ocracy? governing style of the social network really is. And even though the travel industry is hit the hardest in the corona-conomy, Vacasa is our ?Unicorn of the Day? for because it?s just the slightest bit different from Airbnb. $FB, $ADDYY, $TWTR
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?Kylie Jenner is the new Luckin? ? Neou?s Netflix of burpees. Zynga?s video game collection. Coty Cosmetics? Kylie Problem.

Turns out Kylie Jenner isn?t quite a billionaire ? that messed with Coty Cosmetics stock, but reveals a powerful truth about public vs. private companies. Zynga just shockingly dropped $1.8B to make the biggest tech acquisition in Turkish history, so we?re looking at how Zynga saved itself in the past years. And Neou just raised money as the ?Netflix of fitness,? but we?re thinking it needs a different model for the at-home workout megatrend world.
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?Virtual Reality no-showed the corona-conomy? ? MasterClass hits $800M. Williams-Sonoma?s pimp yo crib. Americans gained $$$ in Corona-conomy.

Williams-Sonoma isn?t just living the pimp yo? crib megatrend ? it?s revealing who?s enjoying it the most. Our ?Almost Unicorn Of The Day? is MasterClass, which just hit an $800M valuation, but the fundraise highlighted that virtual reality is missing its moment. And you?re probably not shocked that consumer spending dropped last month, but you should be shocked how much Americans are suddenly saving up. 
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?Guac never forgets? ? Chipotle?s early COVID-proofing. Twitter?s un-scared threat. Draft Kings don?t care.

Chipotle?s stock has doubled in the corona-conomy because it?s literally been through its own personal pandemic before. You?ve probably seen the political drama going on between Twitter and the president, but we?re focused on the business side: Why isn?t Twitter?s stock down like 20%? And sports betting apps like DraftKings are living their best life? even though there are no live sports. So we?re looking at how that is humanly possible.
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?A 3rd degree, category 5 Zucking? ? Instagram TV?s YouTube move. Zoox?s (maybe) acquisition. Apeel?s un-expiring avocados.

Zoox had the biggest ambitions in mobility: self-driving, electric, robo-taxis. But now it may sell out to become Amazon?s delivery boy. Instagram?s latest move to share ad revenue with influencers is the first big Zucking of YouTube. And our ?Unicorn of the Day? is Apeel, which hit a billion-dollar valuation (thanks to Oprah money) to be the anti-aging serum for your fruit bowl.
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?This rocket self-drive to space or what?? ? SpaceX?s capitalist milestone. Alexa wants podcasts. The COVID-19 umbrella challenge.

Small step for man, giant step for Elon Musk?s SpaceX, as it takes its first human customers to space. Amazon is making moves to invest in local news and sports podcasts because it wants to make ?The Audio Wars? a thing. And stocks are up as the economy reopens, but this kinda feels like an ?umbrella? situation.
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