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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today?s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.


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Ep. 764 - Wear The Mask Forever, You Peasants

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the mask mandates are returning and you aren?t allowed to question it. This is how ?science? works now. Namely, like religious dogma. Also we have our five headlines including the Capitol officers continuing their media tour, a former president of Planned Parenthood says she was shocked to discover that Planned Parenthood only cares about abortion, and gender theory begins to make in roads into medical school. In our Daily Cancellation, I will respond to the outraged masses that have been trying to cancel me over the past two days. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.  Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Daily Wire Backstage: The Commies Are At It Again

Will Simone Biles win a Nobel Peace prize for quitting on Americans during the Olympic finals? Will Biden continue to snap at female reporters until they let him sniff their hair? Does the White House teaming up with Facebook on a censorship campaign against "misinformation" make anyone else feel like we're living in The Authoritarian Moment? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing to find out! Get Ben Shapiro?s? brand new book, The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America?s Institutions Against Dissent. OUT NOW! Order your copy at: We want YOU to join the Daily Wire gang on a future episode of Backstage! We?re selecting one lucky winner (and a guest) to receive a FREE trip to Nashville to tour the Daily Wire studios, meet Ben Shapiro and the rest of the gang, and enjoy cigars and whiskey while watching Backstage live and in person. You may even get the chance to come on the air and ask your favorite Daily Wire host a question! Become a Daily Wire member today and use code BACKSTAGE at checkout to be automatically entered for a chance to win AND save 25% off your membership. Head over to to enter.
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Ep. 763 - Quitting Is Not Courageous

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media is falling all over itself to celebrate Simone Biles for quitting. She is the most inspiring and courageous quitter the world has ever seen, they tell us. But I?m not so sure that I agree with this redefinition of courage. And our Five Headlines including the pathetic, desperate, and grotesque display put on by the Democrats during the January 6th hearing yesterday. Also, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who was not in the Capitol that day, now says that she was afraid that she would be raped. The CDC has reinstated the mask mandate, but the question is whether anyone gives a damn about the CDC?s mandates at this point. And in our Daily Cancellation, after a day filled with men crying on camera, we will discuss whether these sorts of displays should be welcomed in our society.  Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 762 - The Empty People

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are witnessing an infinite expansion of gender and sexuality identities, though all of the new identities seem to be repetitions of each other. Why is this happening? Where is it coming from? I have a theory. Also Five Headlines. Democrats begin their latest ?investigation? into the events of January 6th. California introduces vaccine mandates. John Oliver pushes reparations. And new polls show that most Americans don?t think men should compete against women in women?s sports. And yet that?s exactly what?s happening. Why? Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 761 - Why You Shouldn't Care About Being Called A Bigot 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a racial equity activist group is calling on white liberal families to pledge that they won?t send their kids to Ivy League schools. And in fact, given that white liberals agree that white privilege and systemic racism exists, the group actually has a point. Also we have our Five Headlines, including Tucker Carlson getting accosted by a deranged leftist while out with his family, the Olympics begins and nobody notices, and AOC offers a defense of Critical Race Theory that contradicts the usual defense of Critical Race Theory. And in our Daily Cancellation, I must cancel the Free Britney movement. Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 760 - Feminists Experience Equality. They Don't Like It.

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we have moved one step close to signing women up for the draft. Yet the people who have clamored for gender equality aren?t celebrating the news. I wonder why? Also we have our Five Headlines, including Nancy Pelosi once again declaring herself a ?devout catholic? in spite of her rabid defense of child murder. And the mayor of DC outlaws flavored tobacco, but will still be ready to throw any cop who tries to enforce the law under the bus. Hunter Biden gets ready to sell some of his art for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We?ll take a look at his masterpieces today. And the team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians has chosen a new name. But will people find a way to be offended by it? We?ll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 759 - No I Will Not Put A Mask On My Child

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, President Biden had a town hall event yesterday. Mostly he babbled incoherently, but the coherent parts were the most disturbing. Among other things, he called for kids over the age of 12 to wear masks. We?ll talk about why pushing masks on kids, especially at this point, is irrational, anti-science, and abusive. Also our Five Headlines, including a new poll which shows that race relations are at their lowest point in decades. I wonder who we can blame for that? And JK Rowling continues to stand firm in the face of insane hatred from trans activists. And in our Daily Cancellation, I will address the very intense backlash from my review of a BTS song. Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 758 - An Epidemic Of Virtue Signaling

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, performative wokeness has reached epidemic levels in this country, and it was on full display yesterday. I?ll explain. Also we have our Five Headlines, including some updates on that weird story of the supposed right wing plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan. It appears that this was more of an FBI plot, which the FBI then foiled. And Prince Harry is once again showing how much he desires privacy by writing an explosive memoir about the Royal Family, while AOC shows how much she hates capitalism by investing heavily in her online merchandise story. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the ladies of the US women?s soccer team who showed how much they hate their own country by kneeling before their match last night. And then they lost badly.  Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Daily Wire?s New Morning News Podcast

Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there?s a reason: Hidden agendas. Partisan politics. Feelings over facts. So where can you go for the important, relevant news that you can trust? Introducing Morning Wire, the daily news show you?ve been waiting for - brought to you by one of the nation's fastest growing media companies. Subscribe today:
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Ep. 757 - Yes Of Course We Should Legislate Morality

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, many people claim that we should not be ?legislating morality? or ?forcing our morality.? I disagree. I think that?s exactly what we should do, and I?ll explain why. And our Five Headlines. Jeff Bezos launches himself to space. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for children to wear masks as the new school year start. New and damning revelations about that state representative in Minnesota who claims he was racially profiled during a traffic stop. NPR puts out a hit piece on the Daily Wire. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss a viral video which shows that some Americans literally don?t know what century they?re currently living in. All of that and much more today on the Matt Walsh Show.  Subscribe to Morning Wire, Daily Wire?s new morning news podcast, and get the facts first on the news you need to know:
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Ep. 756 - You Can't Defeat The Left By Surrendering Moral Truth 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a hardcore porn star gets booted from an event for conservative teens, and many conservatives have a problem with this, for a variety of ludicrous reasons. We'll discuss. Also Five Headlines. Protests once again turn violent at Wi Spa in Los Angeles when Antifa shows up to defend a man's right to disrobe in the women's locker room. CNN gets called out live on the air by a CNN guest. And Kamala Harris says it is your biblical duty to get vaccinated. In our Daily Cancellation, we'll talk about the ever growing, inappropriately named, "child-free" movement.
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Matt Walsh Listens to BTS For The First Time

Matt Walsh reacts to the new track 'Butter' from BTS.
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Ep. 755 - Stop Assaulting Me With Your Violent Opinions

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the American Booksellers Association apologizes for a ?violent incident? where they promoted a book that leftists don?t like. We?ll talk about this story, and more broadly about the idea that words, books, and opinions can be ?violent.? Also Five Headlines including the Surgeon General?s pledge to start putting warning labels on speech it doesn?t like, the White House says it is working with Facebook to tamp down ?misinformation,? Pope Francis continues his war against conservative Catholics, leaked audio proves that Sharon Osbourne was set up and framed as a racist before being kicked off her talk show, and in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the new efforts to combat the negative stereotypes of sharks.
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Ep. 754 - When The Left Eats Itself

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left continues to eat itself, as a gay rights organization that had been around for 50 years voluntarily dissolves and disbands after BLM criticized it. This is a convoluted but also instructive not to mention hilarious story, and we?ll talk about it today. Also Five Headlines including Olivia Rodrigo?s trip to the white house to promote vaccines, raising the question: who is Olivia Rodrigo? Speaking of BLM, they have finally spoken out about the situation in Cuba, in order to defend the Cuban government. And a state representative in Minnesota says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop. But the body cam footage shows something else. And in our Daily Cancellation we will wade into the murky, confused, and toxic waters of abortion Tik Tok. 
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Ep. 753 - Men Can't Breastfeed, And Other Controversial Opinions

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Facebook documentary series shows the trials and tribulations of a father who identifies as a mother and is now trying to breastfeed his child. Shockingly, it?s not going well. Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden claiming that Voter ID laws are the new Jim Crow, Anthony Fauci says that your three year old still needs to be masked, another ESPN host finds himself in a racism controversy, and in our Daily Cancellation we?ll talk about the campaign for greater fat acceptance in the workplace.
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Ep. 752 - The War On American History

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the war on American history continues, and now it has moved way beyond simply removing statues of Confederate generals. We?ll discuss the latest on that front today. Also Five Headlines including Democrats in Texas absconding from the state in order to prevent the passage of bills they oppose. These are the same people who complain about ?obstructionism.? And will the Biden Administration be fact checking your text messages? A new report makes that claim. In our Daily Cancellation we talk about an article in a scientific journal claiming that geology is racist. The reason they give for this claim is so unbelievably insane and stupid that it may actually shock you.
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Ep. 751 - The Truth About Caitlyn Jenner

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Caitlyn Jenner attended CPAC over the weekend, reigniting the debate about whether this person, in any sense, represents conservatism. I give an emphatic no to that question. Also our Five Headlines, including Cubans waving American flags as they protest Communism, Ben Carson upsets a lot of people with an (entirely correct) statement about the black family, and the San Francisco Gay Men?s Chorus, after releasing a song warning that they are ?coming for our children,? have now decided that they are the victims because of the backlash they received. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss Kamala Harris?s claim that rural Americans don?t have access to photocopiers.
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Ep. 750 - Won't Someone Please Think Of The Ivy League Grad Students?

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as the student debt crisis continues to spiral out of control, the Wall Street Journal publishes an article asking us to feel sympathy for Ivy League grad students who are drowning in six figure debt after discovering that their masters degrees aren?t leading to lucrative jobs. For some reason, I struggle to feel any sympathy for these people. Also Five Headlines including former media darling Michael Avenatti gets his prison sentence, Rand Paul looks to revoke the federal mask mandate on airplanes, and we?ll discuss the latest alleged racism controversy over at ESPN. In our Daily Cancellation, we will cancel Scarlett Johansson for complaining in a recent interview that she is ?under appreciated? and ?underpaid.?
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Ep. 749 - They're Coming For Your Children

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden unveils his brilliant new plan for education. He wants to add four additional years of public school. Your children should be in the state?s clutches for 16 years, he says. We?ll talk about all of the reasons why that is a terrible idea today. Also Five Headlines including talk of sending US troops into Haiti, a teachers union comes out and says we need more critical race theory in education while another union says that there is no critical race theory in education at all, and yet another woman at a spa in Los Angeles is sexually harassed by a naked trans person. Plus, our Daily Cancellation, where we will talk about a recent Washington Post article which informs us that the word ?exotic? is now racist.
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Ep. 748 - It's Time To Put Cameras In Every Classroom

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, many parents are finally calling for greater transparency in the classroom, and more control over what sorts of things their children are taught. If that is the goal, and it should be, then why aren?t there cameras in every classroom in the country, documenting everything that teachers do and say to their students? Also, Five Headlines. The media marks the 6 month anniversary of January 6th. As we get further and further away from that event, their retelling of it gets more and more dramatic. Andrew Cuomo declares gun violence a ?public health emergency.? Joe Biden wants to go door to door to get people vaccinated. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the orgy of ungrateful whining and complaining that accompanied July 4th this year.
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The Transgender Craze Seducing America: An Interview With Author Abigail Shrier

Matt Walsh sits down with Abigail Shrier to discuss the transgender agenda, the future of America, and her new book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.
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Matt Walsh Reviews Anti-America Tik Tok Videos

To celebrate the 4th of July Matt Walsh reviews ridiculous Ant-America Tik Tok videos.
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The New Podcast You Should Be Listening To

Get ready to unpack the exciting untold history of heroes who saved America in some of its darkest hours. Subscribe NOW to America?s Forgotten Heroes on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and everywhere you listen to podcasts so you don?t miss an episode!  America's Forgotten Heroes on Apple: America's Forgotten Heroes on Spotify:
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Ep. 747 - The Washington Post Pushes Kink On Kids

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an article for the Washington Post argues that young children should be exposed to kink and fetishism. It will do them good, says the writer. We?ll discuss that madness. And our Five Headlines. Bill Cosby is freed from prison, Gwen Berry finally comes up with a reason for turning her back on the flag during the Anthem, and the founder of BET, who is a billionaire, says he wants his reparations check. In our Daily Cancellation we?ll discuss the efforts to remove ?confederate statues? from the US Capitol. Efforts endorsed by many Republicans.
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Ep. 746 - What School Doesn't Tell You About Slavery

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, proponents of Critical Race Theory are now claiming that all they want to do is teach kids about the facts of American history, facts like slavery. I think we should teach about slavery too, but we should be telling the whole truth. Today we?ll talk about the whole truth of slavery. Also Five Headlines. The NSA denies Tucker Carlson?s claim that he?s being spied on. Or did they really deny it? A man is crowned Miss Nevada USA. And a woman whose husband is active duty Navy alerts me to a mandatory ?diversity hike? in honor of Pride Month that her husband was forced to participate in. And in our Daily Cancellation, a new organization of Gen Z Republicans has a plan for connecting with today?s youth, and it?s terrible.
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Ep. 745 - The Courage To Be Sane

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a woman encounters a naked man in the women?s locker room and then does what so many others these days refuse to do: She objects, loudly and publicly. She had the courage to be sane and normal, which is something that many in our culture lack. Also Five Headlines. Tucker Carlson reveals that the NSA is spying on him, a majority of the ?conservative? justices on the Supreme Court refuse to take up a case dealing with the trans bathroom issue, a Daily Beast reporter reveals his utter horror at the sight of families eating meals together at restaurants, and in our Daily Cancellation we?ll discuss the brave white British man who has come out as a non-binary Korean, though many on the Left have refused to accept his trans-racial identity.
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Ep. 744 - Spoiled, Ungrateful Brat Turns Her Back On The Flag

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an Olympic athlete turns her back on the flag as the national anthem is played. There is a catastrophic lack of gratitude in this country. It?s become a real epidemic. And this is just the latest symptom of it. Also Five Headlines including, peaceful protesters exercise their free speech rights by defacing a George Floyd statue, a self-proclaimed ?intellectual? on MSNBC calls white conservatives ?maggots? and then apologizes, sort of, and in our Daily Cancellation we?ll discuss the LGBT activists and media people who are very offended that the latest Pixar film about two young boys is not a gay romance.
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Matt Walsh Takes A Personality Test

Watch and enjoy the misery as I endure a personality test...
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Matt Walsh Reviews Adorable Dog Videos

These so-called "adorable" videos of dogs have confirmed I am one should own a pet.
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Matt Walsh Tries to Laugh at Saturday Night Live! (WARNING: 98% Will Fail)

I suffered through watching clips of Ali Wong and made it, so see how long you can hang in there. This might be the worst one yet...
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Matt Walsh Reacts To ?Benefits of Dating Trans Women?

Matt Walsh reviews the video made by a Youtuber listing the reasons straight men should date trans women.
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More Relationship Advice For The Reddit Crowd From Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh dives back into the relationship advice section of Reddit.
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Conservative Matt Walsh Takes Anti-Racist Training

Matt Walsh sits through another anti-racist training video.
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The Documentary Big Tech Doesn?t Want You To See

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words has a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and was one of the most popular documentaries on Amazon. So why did the tech giant abruptly pull it from their streaming service, without offering any explanation? If Amazon won?t let you watch Created Equal, the Daily Wire will. Join us tonight for a special live streaming event and watch this riveting documentary that was deplatformed by Big Tech. If you're not a Daily Wire member, join now for 20% off with code JUSTICE. You can watch Created Equal on demand, along with our other great members-only content! Join here:
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Matt Walsh Explores The Bisexual vs Pansexual War

Using the power of Tik Tok I will finally learn the difference between bisexual and pansexual (maybe).
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Ep. 743 - A Generation Deprived Of Identity

Today on The Matt Walsh Show, the parent of a ?non-binary? seven year old provides us an unintentionally illuminating and horrifying look into the mind of a child who has been indoctrinated into this kind of lifestyle. Also Five Headlines including the Senate cures racism by declaring Juneteenth a national holiday, the Attorney General again speaks out against the imaginary epidemic of white supremacist violence, a climate activist groups accuses itself of racism and disbands, and Newsweek claims that there?s a furious debate about that video of a guy shoplifting a bag full of merchandise from Walgreen?s in San Francisco. What is there to debate about it?
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Ep. 742 - Why Our Society Is Collapsing

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, there has been a dramatic increase in violent incidents on airplanes. There?s also been a dramatic increase in violence incidents everywhere else. What does all of this add up to? Also five headlines. Joe Biden continues to mentally decay in front of the world. Caitlyn Jenner says that he?s the victim of transphobia from the Left. Are the Dems in fact the real transphobes? And CNN?s Ana Navarro defends public masturbator Jeffrey Toobin. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the increasing efforts to normalize sex work.
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Ep. 741 - The Hallucinatory World Of The Critical Race Theorist

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an MSNBC host claims that most American school kids are being taught that slavery is okay. This is the kind of hallucinatory world that critical race theory proponents live in. Also, Five Headlines, including a new report about the rash of suicide attempts by adolescent girls during lockdown. And we have video of a female student ?coming out as a guy? to her classmates. Plus, a lobster diver claims he was swallowed by a whale. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the NPR article blasting Tom Hanks for making too many movies about white people doing good things. That?s very problematic, as we?ll see. All of that and much more today on the Matt Walsh Show.
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Ep. 740 - White Supremacists Are Using Climate Change To Kill Us

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden declares that global warming is the greatest threat we face. But didn?t he just say white supremacy is the greatest threat? Democrats keep cycling through different bogeymen and fear tactics. We?ll discuss. Also Five Headlines including the rehabilitation of Jeffrey Toobin, featuring perhaps the most cringe-inducing video of all time. And a young girl speaks up against gender theory in school. We have that video. Plus iHeartMedia puts out a job listing and declares that it wants diverse applicants only (read: not white). Isn't that illegal? Finally in our daily cancellation we have the harrowing tale of Korean Canadian sitcom stars who spent five seasons on a show and now that it?s over they say they were being victimized by racism the whole time.
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Ep. 739 - The Left Searches For A 'Cure' For Whiteness

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we will discuss the problem of whiteness. I don?t think whiteness is a problem, but we are told that it is. In fact, as a recent paper in a psychoanalytic journal argues, it is really a disease which must be ?cured.? Also five headlines including the cop who flipped a pregnant woman?s car on the highway because she didn?t pull over fast enough during a traffic stop. Is that proper procedure? And Dr. Fauci claims that he himself is science made flesh, to question him is to question science. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with the New York Times article that generated controversy because it supposedly suggested that you shouldn?t have a lot of obese and depressed friends. But I think it makes a good point, I?ll explain why.
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Ep. 738 - Burger King And Nickelodeon Compete For Gold In The Woke Olympics

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Burger King and Nickelodeon have come out especially aggressively this month to push radical far left LGBT propaganda. Both of these companies would be bankrupted if conservatives responded by refusing to ever patronize them again. But that won?t happen. Why? Also Five Headlines including the CEO of Pfizer says that children don?t really need the vaccine, but they?re going to be testing it on kids anyway for the sake of protecting adults. Isn?t that totally backwards? And Chris Harrison of the Bachelor has officially lost his job after groveling and apologizing to the mob despite having done nothing wrong. The same old story again. And in our Daily Cancellation, National Geographic has a message for whitey: be ashamed. Be very ashamed.
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Ep. 737 - Groveling To The Mob Won?t Stop It From Consuming You

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Hollywood actress delivers a groveling apology to the mob, despite having done absolutely nothing wrong. Meanwhile, a prominent psychiatrist who publicly fantasized about murdering white people doubled down and refused to apologize. What can we learn from this contrast? Also Five Headlines including an MSNBC analyst saying that she saw some American flags over the weekend and was ?disturbed.? Also, the Biden Administration officially adopts the ?birth people? label to describe women. And Trump says he?s considering Ron DeSantis as a VP in 2024. I think that?s a terrible idea and I?ll explain. Plus in our Daily Cancellation, the actress Monique gets into some hot water for criticizing people for dressing like slobs in public. But she?s right, of course. There?s a slob epidemic in America.
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Ep. 736 - Saving Abuela And Changing The World

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I raised 100 thousand dollars for AOC?s grandmother and the money was turned down. As you can imagine, I have some thoughts to share. Also, Five Headlines, including BLM riots over their latest martyr. This one was a violent felon and fugitive who shot at the cops and died in the process. Also, a prominent psychiatrist confesses her fantasies of murdering white people. And a feud between rival beekeepers has erupted on Tik Tok.
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C is for Consent | Matt Walsh Reviews (Another) Woke Children's Book

Matt Walsh reviews the woke children's book C Is For Consent.
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Ep. 735 - Dems Plan To Make Cities Safer By Letting Violent Criminals Roam The Streets

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a very special announcement coming up in just a second, and also, Democrats have already defunded police departments across the country amid a surge in violent crime. Now they?ve unveiled their brilliant next step: stop building jails. That will surely solve the crime problem. And Five Headlines including women inmates and former inmates speaking out about men being put in cells with them. Plus, Katie Hill sues various media outlets over the nude photos of her that they published, and loses. Now she has to pay 100 thousand dollars. And more information comes out about the UFOs that infest our skies. Are they really technology from foreign adversaries? And if they are, should we be concerned that our own military is more focused on diversity and inclusion than on defending our nation? All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.
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Ep. 734 - AOC Neglects Her Poor Family Members, Blames Trump

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, AOC posts pictures of the crumbling shack where her grandmother lives in Puerto Rico. She blames Trump for her grandmother?s living conditions. But why isn?t she reaching into her own pocket to help? Also Five Headlines including the Fauci emails revealing, well, basically what we already knew. That we have been lied to, repeatedly. In our Daily Cancellation, a high school valedictorian went off script during her graduation speech to slam the state of Texas for restricting abortion. There is actually quite a lot to be learned from her remarks on the subject, though not the things she wants us to learn from them.
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Ep. 733 - The 'White Supremacy' Bogeyman 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden makes the grotesquely absurd claim that white supremacy is the most lethal threat we face as a country. We will analyze that claim and see if we can?t identify at least a few other threats that are perhaps a bit more urgent. Also Five Headlines including the woke mob randomly deciding that a certain actress is a racist Klan member. It?s not true, but then again this actress supported BLM prior to this, so I?m not sure I have much sympathy for her. And for a little change of pace, a Republican congresswoman says that someone came and sprayed offensive graffiti on her property. The Left is skeptical of the claim, for once. I wonder why. Plus, in our Daily Cancellation, we will cancel Kamala Harris. Again. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 
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Ep. 732 - Pushing Pansexualism On Preschoolers

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as we head into so-called ?pride month,? the LGBT propaganda is going into overdrive. The children?s show Blue?s Clues kicks things off with an episode featuring a drag queen, a pride parade, and pansexuals. Also Five Headlines including more sexual indoctrination of children, this time a graphic video about masturbation which was shown to six year olds at a school in New York City. And an NBA all star says that he is the victim of the ?underlying racism? of NBA fans. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the obese woman who says you are morally obligated to find her attractive.
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Ep. 731 - Don?t Reform The Public School System. Destroy It.

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, in a disturbing Zoom video, a public school teacher tells other teachers that it is their moral duty to brainwash kids into critical race theory. In fact, if they do not brainwash kids, then they are no better than sexual abusers. This kind of madness is all over the school system, which raises the question I?ve asked many times: when are we going to abandon the system entirely? If not now, when? Also Five Headlines including the defund the police proponent who ended up having to call the police after some kids stole his car. And Caitlyn Jenner, in a shocking turn of events, flip flops and comes out in favor of males in female sports. Plus, a woman writes to Slate asking what to do about her husband who won?t take his mask off at all, ever, even while being intimate. In our Daily Cancellation, I will defend myself against the gay news publication that is currently trying to cancel and deplatform me. 
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Ep. 730 - The Truth Is Hurtful

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, USA Today commits the most egregious form of Orwellian speech manipulation that we?ve seen. You have to hear this to believe it. That?s coming up. Also Five Headlines including a new study which seems to show that mask mandates did absolutely nothing to slow the spread of COVID. Who would have thought? And a white journalist is put on the spot in an interview when he?s asked what he likes about being white. It?s an interesting exchange, we?ll play that today. Also, a new proposal from Maxine Waters to give down payment assistance to Americans to help them buy homes. But, of course, not all Americans will get help. Especially not white Americans. 
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