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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today?s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.


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Ep. 697 - The ?Influencers? Who Prey On Your Children

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, one of the most famous and influential YouTube stars on the planet is, allegedly, a sex predator who preys on young boys. This is not a huge surprise but it does raise a question: Do you know what your kids are doing online, and who they are being influenced by? Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden?s gun control push, another SHOCKING twist in an alleged hate crime case, and a Republican legislator sparks controversy by comparing abortion to slavery. But is he right? Yes, he is. I?ll explain why.
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Ep. 696 - They Want Vengeance, Not Justice

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media and BLM activists want you to forget that ?reasonable doubt? is the standard in the Derek Chauvin trial, and in every other trial. All that matters is whether there is reasonable doubt about Chauvin?s role in Floyd?s death. If there is, he should walk. Is there? We?ll talk about that today. Also Five Headlines including the police chief in DC justifying his decision to be lenient on the two girls who murdered Mohammad Anwar. How would his reasoning apply to the Chauvin case? And scientists look to extend human life by harvesting blood from the young. Plus, white liberals are asked about their stance on voter ID and their responses are incredibly, though expectedly, racist. Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, another member of the View is on the chopping block. I?ll explain why. 
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Ep. 695 - It Is An Honor To Die In This Diverse And Equitable Plane Crash

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, United Airlines has decided to start hiring pilots based on diversity rather than merit. This is yet another conservative slippery slope argument come to life. Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden equivocating on whether companies should boycott Georgia over their voter ID law, Caitlyn Jenner considers a run for governor, and a former CIA director becomes the latest ex-government official to publicly entertain the idea that aliens may have already visited Earth. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about Tucker Carlson?s interview with the governor of Arkansas last night. He attempted to defend his position in favor of chemically castrating children and it did not go well. 
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Ep. 694 - Evil To The Left, Cowardice To The Right 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the cowardly governor of Arkansas vetoes a bill that would have banned the chemical castration of children in the state. The Republican Party continues to prove itself utterly useless in the fight against the radical left. Also Five Headlines including the insanely lenient plea deal offered to the two girls who carjacked and murdered a man in DC. If this is privilege, it ain?t white male privilege. Also, another family was harassed on a plane because their young children weren?t masked. And Derek Chauvin?s defense gets the police chief to make a surprising admission on the stand.
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Ep. 693 - The System Hates You

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, mega corporations are now condemning and boycotting the state of Georgia as punishment for a law that protects the integrity and safety of elections in the state. This is just the latest example of the wealthiest and most powerful institutions acting on the Left?s behalf, even as leftists pretend to be the counterculture resistance. Also Five Headlines including an attack on Capitol police officers that is already being memory-holed, for obvious reasons. Arkansas moves to ban the genital mutilation of children. And a pastor in Canada shows us how to deal with agents of the state who infringe on our rights. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, speaking of agents of the states infringing our rights, the CDC has given me yet another reason to cancel them. 
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Walsh Vintage Dating Advice

Matt Walsh reviews a dating advice video from the 1940s.
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Ep. 692 - How Boys Are Turned Into ?Girls?  

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a father?s Twitter thread about his ?trans daughter? accidentally reveals the awful truth about the trans phenomenon among children. Also Five Headlines including major revelations in the Derek Chauvin trial. Has reasonable doubt already been established? And a video that proves that our dystopian future is already upon us. Plus an Easter themed cancellation and much more today on the Matt Walsh Show.
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Ep. 691 - Fairness Is Overrated  

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an NBC News anchor says on the air that he doesn?t care about being fair or hearing both sides. I actually agree with him, and feel much the same way. Also Five Headlines including CNN?s claims that there is no way to determine the sex of a baby at birth. And a school district took Thomas Jefferson?s name off of one of their schools, but they?re having trouble finding a new name. Apparently everyone in history, even very recent history, is problematic. Plus, Jill Biden butchers the Spanish language while standing in front of a very Nazi-esque flag. And in our Daily Cancellation, the woke mob finally comes for The Office.
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Ep. 690 - Sacrificing A Goat For Racial Justice 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as the Derek Chauvin trial continues, we?ll try to sort through all of the issues related to George Floyd?s death. Was he actually murdered? Did it have anything to do with race? And, however he died, does he deserve to be memorialized and celebrated nationwide? Also Five Headlines including another vicious anti-Asian assault that?s being blamed on white supremacy, even though it wasn?t carried out by a white person. Plus, YouTube makes a move to protect the feelings of YouTube creators like myself, and AOC says you?re racist if you use the term ?border surge.?
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Ep. 689 - Pop Culture Predators

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we?re going to discuss the sexually explicit, satanic new song from the rapper Lil Nas X. What makes it especially evil is that he spent the last two years carefully cultivating a following of very young children. Once again, the music industry preys on kids. Also Five Headlines including the trial of Derek Chauvin gets underway, Joe Biden says it?s our patriotic duty to wear masks, and the CDC director has an emotional breakdown on TV. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the teacher who is caught on video trying to racially brainwash a student. The video is disturbing but important. 
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Ep. 688 - How Our Culture Turns Kids Into Murderous Psychopaths

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, two teens girls in DC carjack and murder a man and it?s all caught on video. This is part of a far reaching culture trend, and it connects to the fatherless home epidemic and pop culture garbage produced by the likes of Lil Nas X and others. It?s time we look honestly at this problem. Plus, Five Headlines including Biden?s plan to require ?vaccine passports,? and Dr. Fauci says that children should still wear masks when they play with each other. Also, a Tik Tok teacher speaks out against the racism of light colored Band-Aids. And in our Daily Cancellation, we will deal with what I consider to be the worst ? yet most common ? marriage advice.
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Conservative Reacts To Another Transgender Children's Book

Matt Walsh reacts to the transgender children?s book 'It Feels Good To Be Yourself.'
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Ep. 687 - What To Do When Your President Is Senile

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden continues to fall apart mentally and physically. This is the consequence of putting a senile man in the White House. Is it time to talk seriously about putting an upper age limit on the presidency? Why haven?t we talked seriously about that already? Also Five Headlines including a plan in Oakland to give 500 dollar monthly checks to poor families ? except the white ones. Another example of systemic racism against whites. And Sesame Street gets racially woke, plus a new mask that you can wear while you eat. Unless you have self-respect and dignity, that is. In our Daily Cancellation, I will once again have to cancel the people who are trying to cancel me. 
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Ep. 686 - Telling The Forbidden Truth About Race And Violence

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are going to have an uncomfortable conversation about race. Though it should not be uncomfortable at all, because all I?m going to do is give you the facts about interracial violence and homicide. The media is telling you lies. Today we?ll look at the truth. Also Five Headlines including Utah?s move to protect children from pornography, the mayor of Charlottesville goes insane, and a soccer player is the latest spoiled rich woman to publicly announce that she?s oppressed. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with a few recent examples of alleged anti-Asian racism. But are they really examples of racism at all? My answer will not shock you.
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Ep. 685 - Arab Man Commits Massacre. Media Changes Subject To Gun Control

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media scrambles to change the narrative after the mass killer in Boulder turns out to be an Arab man who killed white people. Also Five Headlines including the US Senator who announced her intentions to only vote to confirm nominees of a certain race. And a man finds shrimp tails in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. What is the lesson we can learn from that story? Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with the claim, made by a Democratic senator and many others, that buying a gun is easier than voting.
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Ep. 684 - A Hill To Die On 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, has become the latest conservative to surrender on the women sports issue. Today we?ll talk about why this is a hill worth dying on. Also Five Headlines including one woke company releasing an add that promotes transgenderism in children, and another woke company pulling their ads from the Daily Wire because one leftist with a Twitter account and five followers told it to. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with the latest celebrity to come out in support of fat acceptance.
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Ep. 683 - Morality In A Post-Morality Culture 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as law enforcement officials say there is no evidence of a racially motivated hate crime in the Atlanta mass shooting last week, the Left becomes increasingly desperate to connect the event to racism. But as always, in their rush to make everything about race, they miss what really motivated this shooting. And so there is an extremely important conversation we don?t end up having, but will have today. Also Five Headlines including the Cancel dominos continue to fall as another Teen Vogue employee has her own racist tweets from the past resurface. And a viral Tik Tok video proves again that all cyclists are psychopaths. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, I have to address the man who stormed off an elevator yesterday when I committed the sin of getting on the elevator without a mask.
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Candace Owens on Meghan Markle, The Transgender Agenda, & Her New Show.

Candace Owens stops by to talk with Matt Walsh about Meghan Markle's claims of royal racism, the transgender agenda in America, Black Americans not really supporting the LGBTQ movement, and she gives details on her new show at the Daily Wire.
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Candace Owens Has A New Talk Show? And It?s Available Now On Daily Wire

If you haven?t heard by now, conservative lightning rod Candace Owens has a new talk show named - you guessed it- CANDACE, and it?s available now at You can catch key moments from the show on the podcast CANDACE which is available on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else you listen. BUT in order to watch the full show, you must be a Daily Wire member. Go to to get 25% off a new membership TODAY using code CANDACE.  CANDACE on Apple Podcast: CANDACE on Spotify: CANDACE Full Show:
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Ep. 682 - Pedophiles Running Drag Queen Story Hour, And Other Unsurprising Revelations

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, another man involved with Drag Queen Story hour has turned out to be a suspected pedophile. This should not surprise us all, and we?ll talk about why. Also Five Headlines including the father who was sent to jail for calling his daughter a ?she,? the nab wig us ice step closer to being crowned Miss USA, and the Teen Vogue editor who is now canceled for offensive tweets she sent out a decade ago. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with the women?s NCAA basketball players who are complaining that they aren?t being treated as equal to the male players. But should they be treated equally?
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Daily Wire Backstage: Biden?s Most Terrifying "Accomplishments"

How bad will Biden?s border disaster have to get before the media takes notice? Will Cuomo pull a Northam and just stay in office until the storm passes? Will the Grammys put Pornhub out of business? Plus, get the inside scoop on the recent Candace Owens / Cardi B Twitter feud - and ensuing lawsuit - from none other than Candace Owens herself. Speaking of Candace, catch her new talk show CANDACE every Friday on Daily Wire! Not a member? Get 25% off with code CANDACE:
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More Relationship Advice For The Reddit Crowd

Matt Walsh dives back into the Reddit relationship advice column to deliver more (unsolicited) advice.
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Ep. 681 - Everything Is White Supremacy

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, two black teens burned a white man to death and the media all but completely ignored the story. Meanwhile, an attack on massage parlors in Atlanta is being desperately linked to white supremacy despite a total lack of evidence for the connection. Plus, Five Headlines including the State Department battling the scourge of ?entrenched whiteness,? Ron Desantis battling the much more serious scourge of Critical Race Theory, and a GoFundMe for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle somehow fails to gain traction. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with an article in the Scientific American which tries to debunk the case for banning males from female sports. Does it succeed?
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Ep. 680 - How To Drug And Rob People And Not Get Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as people are canceled for tweets and jokes and opinions, we?ll consider the major pop star who admitted publicly to drugging and robbing men, and yet has not been canceled for it. What does that tell us about cancel culture? Also Five Headlines including Columbia University working towards racial equality by holding segregated graduation ceremonies, Sharon Osbourne facing the repercussions of briefly disagreeing with the Left about something, and Marvel announcing their new gay Captain America. It?s historic! Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the rampant cultural appropriation that is taking place today, on St. Patrick?s Day. 
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Ep. 679 - The Cancel Mob Performs Another Ritual Human Sacrifice 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, ABC stages a ritual shaming of one of their Bachelor contestants who has been falsely accused of racism, and she goes along with the spectacle. Also Five Headlines including more fall out from the revelation that the Catholic Church is still Catholic, and Ellen Page, now Elliot, has her breasts amputated. This is something we are supposed to celebrate. In our Daily Cancellation, a racism controversy that has caused CBS to shut down its daytime talk show and investigate.  
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Ep. 678 - Military Attacks Journalist. 'Anti-Fascist' Crowd Cheers. 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, under Biden?s leadership, the United States military will now condemn and try to intimidate journalists who criticize its policies. Is that a positive development? Also Five Headlines including controversy over a joke about feminists at the Grammys. Not as much controversy about the on stage strip show, however. And the Vatican makes headlines by affirming Church teaching that has been in place for 2,000 years. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with the woke school in New York that has now banned the words ?mom? and ?dad? on grounds that they aren?t inclusive enough. 
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The Biggest Lie About Homeschooling

Matt Walsh exposes the most common lies we're told about homeschooling. 
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Ep. 677 - Biden Performs Social Experiments On The Military 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, in the most egregious case of Big Tech Censorship yet, Amazon has declared that it will not sell any books which categorize transgenderism as a mental illness. Which is to say, they will not allow science on their website. Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden deciding what sort of July 4th celebration you?re allowed to have, a former conservative actress goes on an apology tour, and the stimulus bill is passed. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the renewed controversy over women in the military. 
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Ep. 676 - Playing The Long Game 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Right celebrates a new poll showing a majority approval for laws banning men from women?s sports. But I think the truth is not quite as rosy as it?s being made out to be. The Left is playing the long game, and they?re winning, as always. Also Five Headlines including an abortion ban in Arkansas, a new left wing ?autonomous zone? in Minneapolis, and the soap company Dove has decided to stop using the word ?normal? in its advertising, because it might offend someone. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll deal with a feminist writer who?s worried that stay at home moms might be setting a bad example for their children. 
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Ep. 675 - Plunging The Depths Of Cultural Insanity 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Disney decides that Peter Pan is not appropriate for young children due to its ?racism.? We seem to have developed some very strange ideas about what is and is not appropriate for kids in our culture. Also Five Headlines including Milo Yiannapolous coming out as ex-gay. The Left says he?s not allowed to do that. And a New York Times journalist says online harassment has ?destroyed her life.? In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the famous musician who apologized and stepped down from his band after committing the sin of reading a book.
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Ep. 674 - Super Straight Pride

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new online trend has some people declaring themselves ?superstraight.? The Left has condemned it as transphobic, but then again they condemn everything as transphobic. Also five headlines including BLM protesters fighting against racism by harassing little girls on their way to a cheerleading competition, Minneapolis braces for rioting as the Derek Chauvin trial begins, and lonely people have given rise to a new trend: cow cuddling. Plus in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss a pastor who got himself fired after he gave a sermon telling women that they have a responsibility to look attractive to their husbands. Did he have a point? I?ll see how many people I can tick off when we discuss that.
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Ep. 673 - Meghan Markle Is Crowned Queen Victim

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Meghan Markle seeks to crown herself Queen Victim. Also Five Headlines including Pepe LePew getting the Me Too treatment, the media freaks out about spring break for the second year in a row, and a ?medical ethicist? argues that people who do not get vaccinated should not be allowed to participate in society at all. In our Daily Cancellation, we will discuss GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy making a stand against cancel culture by reading Green Eggs and Ham. Is this a meaningful symbolic gesture, or hollow right wing virtue signaling?
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Conservative Dad Reviews Rap From YBN Nahmir & 21 Savage

Reviewing Opp Stoppa by YBN Nahmir (feat. 21 Savage) This should be interesting... Other rap songs I've reviewed Matt Walsh Reacts to "We Paid" by Lil Baby x 42 Dugg Matt Walsh tries to understand Tekashi 6ix9ine   Matt Walsh Reacts to "Around" by NBA YoungBoy!
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Ep. 672 - The Insurrection That Never Was

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media said there would be an insurrection in D.C. yesterday. It never happened. Now they?re saying the insurrection will actually be another day, and the military has to remain in the city until this new date. Are we starting to see a pattern? Also Five Headlines including eBay?s ban on the newly ?offensive? Dr. Seuss books, the Washington Football Team decides to get rid of its cheerleaders, and BLM is revealed to be one big grift. What a shock. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about one Democratic representative?s plan to lower the voting age to 16. 
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Ep. 671 - How To Cure Our Racist Babies

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Arizona Department of Education is concerned that our babies might be racist. What can we do about racist babies? We?ll talk about that today. Also Five Headlines including the creepiest COVID PSA you?ve ever seen, Joe Biden lashing out at people who are fed up with masks and lockdowns, and Andrew Cuomo addresses the sexual harassment scandal, while mostly ignoring the real scandal. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the former host of the Bachelor, who continues to debase himself in increasingly embarrassing ways in the hopes of earning forgiveness from the cancel mob. That never works.
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Ep. 670 - Pretty Soon We'll All Be Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, now that the Cancel Mob has started canceling dead children?s authors, it is clear that eventually everyone will be canceled unless the madness stops. We?ll discuss that today. Plus, Five Headlines, including the FBI Director suspiciously refusing to provide any information about the death of Officer Sicknick, Texas lifts all COVID restrictions, and Joe Biden says that maybe, if we?re lucky, we can get back to normal next year.
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Ep. 669 - Next Stop On The Slippery Slope: A Child With Three Dads 

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are supposed to celebrate because, for the first time, a child has three legal fathers listed on her birth certificate. I don?t feel much like celebrating. Also Five Headlines including Governor Cuomo facing political disaster due to his sexual harassment scandal. But how is this the scandal that takes him down, and not the nursing home scandal that resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people? And the cancel mob is coming for Dr. Seuss. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about the Left?s latest linguistic innovation: women with an ?x? instead of an ?e.?
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Ep. 668 - Finding Nazis Everywhere

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left detects Nazi symbolism at CPAC. There really are Nazis everywhere these people look. What should that tell us? Also Five Headlines including a brave congressman standing up against the mask cultists, public health officials in Canada recommending solitary confinement for all children exposed to COVID, and Lebron James bravely vowing to continue speaking out against all injustices that happen anywhere but in China.
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Reviewing Workplace Harassment Training For Woke Companies

Reviewing another workplace harassment video designed for the woke corporate world.
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Ep. 667 - The Democrats Declare Total War On Reality

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats declare total war on reality, passing the Equality Act which seeks to legally erase women and give delusion precedence over reality. Also Five Headlines including Rand Paul?s brilliant and bold questioning a HHS nominee who supports drugging and mutilating gender confused children, and another race hoax exposed, but not before lives were ruined because of it. And in our Daily Cancellation, we will discuss the plight of Mr. Potato Head, who is struggling to decide whether he is gender fluid or not. 
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Ep. 666 - How LGBT Left Indoctrinates And Recruits Children

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I am being canceled for criticizing the LGBT indoctrination of children. Also Five Headlines including Marjorie Tayler Green is being called a bigot and a transphobe for defending biological science, West Virginia moves to ban critical race theory, and the cruise industry starts to institute vaccine requirements for passengers. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about Canada?s recent anti-bullying campaign, which promises to be about as effective as every other anti-bullying campaign. 
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The Daily Wire Strikes Back(stage): Canceling Cancel Culture

Join Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles as they discuss Joe Biden?s totally normal, 100% NOT radical presidency, what we can do to fill our time now that literally everything is canceled (yes, even The Muppets), and why we?re thrilled to be making a film with Gina Carano. Tune in every Friday to watch Ben Shapiro dismantle leftist myths in his brand new series?DEBUNKED, exclusively at Become a member today and use the promo code DEBUNKED to get 25% off your membership! | JOIN:
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Ep. 665 - Shocking Survey Shows Just How Effective Media Disinformation Has Been

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a recent survey shows just how thoroughly the media has misled the public on the topic of police shootings. Also Five Headlines including Dr. Fauci stating that society will not be allowed to go back to normal until he says so. And Biden?s health secretary pick tries to dodge questions about his support for infanticide. In our Daily Cancellation, we?ll cancel the chief of the Cherokee Nation, who demands that Jeep stop using his tribe?s name, though he can?t explain why. 
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Ep. 664 - The Hollow People

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden?s Attorney General nominee claims that domestic terrorism doesn?t count when it happens at night. We?ll talk about that and some of his other bizarre statements during his confirmation hearing. Plus Five Headlines including the head of the American Federation of Teachers arrogantly waving away concerns about the well-being of children. Also, Coca-Cola continues its damage control efforts after its racist anti-white indoctrination of employees was revealed. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss a recent study which claims that left wing female politicians are the primary targets of abuse and harassment online. Is there any truth to that? No, there isn?t, but we?ll discuss.
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Ep. 663 - The New Puritans

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as Disney adds an ?offensive content? disclaimer to The Muppets, we?ll discuss how Leftists have become modern Puritans. Also Five Headlines including Fauci?s declaration that we may have to wear masks into 2022, and Kendall Jenner faces claims of cultural appropriation for her new tequila brand. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll talk about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?s trip down to Texas to ?help? during the winter storm.
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Relationship Advice For The Reddit Crowd

Join Matt Walsh as he gives advice to people posting on Reddit. 
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Ep. 662 - The Media Creates Another Fake Scandal

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media goes wild over a supposedly major scandal involving Ted Cruz. But I think they?re focusing on this story for a different reason. Also Five Headlines including NASA?s successful mission to Mars, school board members caught on camera insulting parents, and the White House attempting to appease the people begging for student loan forgiveness.
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Ep. 661 - They Want You Dead

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left celebrates the death of Rush Limbaugh, proving again that they really do hate you and want you dead. Also Five Headlines including the disastrous winter weather across the south. If you think that a deep freeze in Texas is evidence against global warming, think again. The media tells us that this is even more proof of their theories. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the mysterious spike in ADHD cases during the lockdowns.
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Ep. 660 - How The Left Creates A Society Of Self-Loathing Narcissists

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school in New York encourages its white students to be ?white traitors? and ?white abolitionists.? We?ll talk about how this is only one of the ways in which our culture instills self-loathing, especially in children. And in our Five Headlines, the media starts ?updating? its reporting on the death of Officer Brian Sicknick. The update is that their original reporting was bunk. Also Bill Gates tells us plebes that we need to stop eating meat. For our Daily Cancellation, we?ll discuss the story of the father who sent out a few bad tweets and had Child Protective Services show up at his house because of it.
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Ep. 659 - Sabotaging Our Children's Future

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school district uses a picture of children sledding without masks on as an excuse to keep schools closed. Also Five Headlines including Governor Cuomo deflecting blame for his nursing home scandal, and more big UFO news out of the Pentagon. And in our Daily Cancellation, we?ll cancel a famous male YouTuber for the crime of appropriation. In this case, he is trying to appropriate pregnancy. 
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