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Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Delegation Vote

Hearings currently underway to determine if votes should be certified and a lawsuit filed in PA challenges the constitutionality of mail in voting.

Democrats and media insist Joe Biden won when not only has the electoral college not voted but most states have no even certified results.

Trump and Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to win by any means necessary. If Republicans refused to certify it could create a constitutional crisis in Michigan and with the current lawsuit in Pennsylvania it seems that PA may already be entering one.

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Voter Watchdog Announces New Evidence Of WIDESPREAD Fraud, Democrats BACKTRACK Past Claims Of Fraud

This time the allegation is not just irregularity, it is fraud.

The Voter Integrity Fund has announces they found over a thousand votes that seem to be using false addresses to vote. Some are mailboxes at commercial facilities and others are just commercial addresses.

They claim that many of the votes appear to use "apt" on addresses to make it seem like real addresses.

Democrats had previously claimed there was interference and/or fraud but now that they are projected to win the White House they are quickly pulling back.

Trump does not seem to be on track for a contingent election victory but he is pushing forward. While many are slamming the campaign for absurd claims of grandiose schemes to shut down the election, even accusing republicans, some on the left are pointing out Trump is actually gaining ground.

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Americans Openly DEFY COVID Lockdown To Celebrate Thanksgiving, Democrat Hypocrisy Sparks Defiance

Millions plan to travel despite Democrats locking down their states and even some Republicans enacting restrictions.

According to a poll from Gallup 33% say they are unlikely to comply with covid lockdown orders and now will the holiday season in full swing millions plan to celebrate thanksgiving with their families.

Democrats should likely take the blame for this

They danced in the street when Joe Biden won and many prominent Democrats openly defied their own rules and resitrctions.

If they are leading by example then of course Americans would not take the restrictions seriously.

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FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops

Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements.

But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a Trump supporter and is the Chair of the FEC which does not deal with voter integrity.

Regardless of his opinion however there is mounting evidence of widespread irregularity that needs to be investigated. Yet media is adamant the race is over and looking into the issues is wrong. They call Joe Biden President Elect even before we have certified the vote, while litigation is still underway, and the electoral college hasn't even voted yet.

Democrats should have no issue with an audit to prove that they won fairly and blocking the process only fuels Trump and Republican arguments that votes should not be certified.

If this drags out too long then House Delegations will vote and Trump will win.

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Trump Team Drops EVIDENCE Of Fraud, SLAMS Media For Ignoring It, Claims Centralized Fraud May Exist

Rudy Giuliani cited a sworn affidavit asserting fraud took place.

In a press conference the media calls a melt down Trump's legal team made the case for voter fraud that needs to be investigated.

While the media insists that Joe Biden is President Elect there has been no formal process yet, this takes place on the 14th and until then Trump is not backing down.

Media seems to be outright ignoring the evidence presented so far and while it may not ultimately prove widespread issues exist it certainly needs to be looked into.

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Democrats PANIC Trump Is Planning A COUP, Trump Filling Ranks With Loyalists And REFUSES To Concede

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller recently announced Special operations would report directly to him.

Resistance Democrats and media leftists have been screaming that Trump is staging a coup, a soft coup, or even planning a military coup for some time.

They claim that the Trump campaign lawsuits across the US are part of his soft coup attempt even though Trump and Republicans are well within their legal right to file challenges to election results.

But with the latest moves firing top Security officials and hiring loyalists these Democrats are starting to panic over the idea that Trump could just stage a classic coup and use security and military power to stay in office.

Of course the reality is likely that Trump is trying to get as much done in the last few months as possible.

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Democrat Governor Whitmer To be Impeached, Republicans REJECT Her Unconstitutional COVID Lockdown

Republicans provided a long list of rights violations on facebook as new restrictions were announced.

Gretchen Whitmer has been ordered previously that her COVID lockdown was unconstitutional yet insisted she would not stop. The response has been extreme with some lunatics even plotting against her and getting arrested by the FBI.

But that behavior is unacceptable 

The system is working and now Whitmer faces impeachment for abuse of power.

Republicans have consistently rejected lockdowns as their efficacy is dubious at best. Democrats however have been adamant that they lock everything down even though it doesnt seem to have worked the first time.

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Largest US Militia REFUSES To Recognize Biden As President, Leftists Attack Trump Rally Attendees

This past weekend saw violence erupt in DC as leftists like Antifa and BLM came and attacked Trump supporters.

This is the nightmare scenario we were worried about as neither side will recognize the other.

Joe Biden is the projected winner of the election but the results have not yet been certified thus Trump still has a chance to dispute the results and is still the president.

No one seems to know what will happen. While many expect a peaceful transition at some point others feel like something else is coming as neither side is backing down.

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MASSIVE Voter Audit Underway Uncovers Evidence Of Fraud But CNN Says Trump's Claims Are Fake News

The Voter Integrity Fund has found thousands of potential instances of illegal ballots.

On Laura Ingraham's show Nahshon Garrett says that a ballot was cast in his name in Arizona but that he had moved to Tennessee to train for the Olympics. Someone else, he says, must have voted in his name.

The VIF also found thousands of people who changed their addresses but then voted absentee for previous residencies suggesting either an illegal ballot cast or someone fraudulently voting in their name.

Democrats and media keep saying the race is over and Trump should accept the results of the election, that Joe Biden is president-elect

But Trump and Republicans are entitled to full legal recourse as outlined in the constitutional process and his supporters demand he fight to the bitter end.

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Democrats Stunning Defeat Sparks Internal War Over Leftist Policy, Republicans Tracking To Win 2022

The far leftists call to defund police and calls for socialist policy cost Democrats bigly.

Republicans are dominating House races at a time when pollsters predicted a blue wave. In post election phone calls one Democrats even cried after losing her seat in Florida.

Now wokes like AOC are feuding with moderates like Joe Manchin.

While the final election results for the presidency have yet to be certified we are seeing Democrats losing bigly aside from Joe Biden.

Rumors circulate of a Trump 2024 run but before that 538 projects Republicans will win the House in 2022

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Trump Legal Team QUITS After Never Trump And Democrat Harassment Campaign, Dems Play DIRTY For Biden

Porter Wright filed to leave the lawsuit in PA.

Its not a good sign for Democrats that they need to harass lawyers, the firm itself, and their clients in order to beat Trump.

While the ACLU files a legal challenge resistance democrats and never trumper republicans target the lawyers personally to intimidate them into quittinq and it seems to have worked.

Trump however is refusing to back down and is slowly taking victories on his path to win the presidency

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Trump WINS Legal Battle In PA REJECTING Votes, But Trump Is Still FAR From Winning Legal Victory

A Court has sided with the Trump campaign barring certain votes in PA.

While the legal victory may be minor for now it could possibly open the door for many more legal challenges brought by Trump. The Pennsylvania court rules that the secretary of state had no authority to change ballot deadlines and thus these ballots corrected by the 10th to 12th shall not be counted.

While media and Democrats are celebrating Joe Biden as the president-elect they aren't countering Trump's actual legal challenges.

While many agree its a serious long shot

It is possible that Trump could pull off a triple hail mary and end by winning through legal means.

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Trump Files ANOTHER Suit Blocking Michigan Results, Media Finally Realizes Trump Can STILL Win This

The media is finally starting to realize Trump is not out and will not give up.

The latest lawsuit in Michigan will block the certification of the results. This is similar to his lawsuit in PA alleging impropriety over court order violations and violations of the 14th amendment.

Democrats and media however have spent too much time gloating failing to realize that Trump is in it to win it and will not back down.

He has a legal path to victory in the electoral college, a state republican electoral college victory, and a house delegation path to victory.

Trump and the Republicans are all in and Democrats better start paying attention or soon there will be no President-elect joe Biden.

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Secretary of State Says We WILL Have 2nd Trump Administration As Propaganda War ERUPTS Over Election

Big media companies have projected Biden the winner even though man states have not finished counting votes and no results have been certified.

Almost every establishment media outlet has said Joe Biden is the winner but many on the right and even some political websites Real Clear Politics have yet to call the race and are even saying we shouldn't so long as Trump and Republican legal challenges are being litigated.

This is a propaganda war, whether intentional or not, it is part of the larger culture war.

The establishment has said Biden won so he won says the democrats and the left. Certification is not until December says the republicans and the right

But its true, the election is not over until certification and some outlets as mentioned before haven't called the race.

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CNN Host Issues Warning To Trump Supporters, DEFEND Trump And You'll Be BLACKLISTED, Lists Are Next

Jake Tapper says people refusing to accept Trump's defeat could likely not get hired at jobs in the future.

This is in line with Ocasio Cortez's recent comments about archiving people's social media and Democrats plans to start listing Trump's supporters.

The media is not satisfied with a Trump defeat.

How could they be? The media thrives on the culture war and if Trump is gone what else could they write about to get clicks?

The culture war will only progress even more so under a Biden presidency as Joe Biden and Democrats seek to appease the ultra woke social justice crowd.

Republicans however made strong gains and while they are poised to take possibly 14 house seats the media will continue to spiral out of control as leftists are driven mad by media radicalization.

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Democrats Massive Failure Shocks MSNBC, Calling Biden a "One-Off" As Dems Get CRUSHED Nationwide

Democrats Massive Failure Shocks MSNBC, Calling Biden a "One-Off" As Dems Get CRUSHED Nationwide. While Democrats celebrate the media announcement that Joe Biden has won Trump prepares a legal challenge and Republicans celebrate crushing Democrats nationwide.

For Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' projected victory could turn out to be a Pyrrhic Victory as they lost every state legislative chamber and several house seats.

This means Republicans will be able to redistrict in 2021 securing the House for a decade and making it harder for Democrats to win their seats.

A complete oversight and failure on the part of Democrats.

While people are currently dancing in the street over hearing Joe Biden won they failed to realize that Republicans just took the battlefield

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Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat

Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat. While Trump is facing a very close defeat Democrats are entering their own internal civil war.

Liberal Democrats erupted in a private post election conference slamming far left candidates for costing them house seats giving Republicans a tremendous victory.

Biden is currently tracking to win the election while Trump decries fraud. Trump does still have legal paths to victory but it is starting to seem that he sees the writing on the wall and may start toning things down as he heads for defeat.

In the end this election cycle is turning out to be a loss for everyone, Democrats and Republicans. But Republicans seems to have lost the least.

They may lose the Presidency but they are on track for keeping the Senate and growing in the House.

The 2020 election results seem to show a repudiation of the culture war and a desire for moderation and normalcy.

They won't get it as already culture war forces are preparing to go after "Trumpism"

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Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count

Trump campaign claims non residents voted and some mail votes were stolen.

While Democrat Joe Biden makes gains in Nevada Trump's camp has claimed that many votes were cast fraudulently. Rumors have been circulating of dead people having voted.

While we can't confirm if this is true no one as of the recording of this segment has debunked the claim seen in many videos of people aged 118 or 120 had applied and voted.

It is seemingly Trump will need legal victories to carry several states and many are calling for investigations of suspicious videos and allegations

So far the results are still good for Republicans as they made gains in the house and seem poised to hold the senate.

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Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS

The media completely and totally failed us in every way.

Trump has demanded that his campaign be given access to observe vote tabulations in Michigan and is suing to be granted access and halt the process until they get meaningful access.

He has also called for a recount though he will have to wait until the total is certified which could take a month.

Democrats had a terrible night and nancy pelosi is surely reeling from the loss of several seats in the house. Meanwhile Susan Collins claims victory proving that every single poll from the RCP average was wrong.

Republicans had a tremendous night and will likely keep control of the senate and make strong gains in the house.

Whether the president is joe Biden or Donald Trump will probably be going to the supreme court.

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National Guard ACTIVATED In 16 States, Deployed In Several Cities As Post Election Unrest Predicted.

Businesses board up in fear over post election rioting.

Far leftists like Antifa and BLM are expected to riot regardless of the election results, be it for Joe Biden and the Democrats or Donald Trump and Republicans.

In anticipation the national guard has been deployed in 16 states and several cities.

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Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote

Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote. Nigel Farage says that the goal of media is to trick voters into thinking they can't win.

Betting odds across the board are saying that either Trump landslides or that his odds are way better than the forecasters give.

But polling seems to be partisan these days with some saying Trump is guaranteed to win and others saying he has only a 10% chance.

But USC Dornsife says wisdom of the crowd is a better indicator of victory and if thats true than Draft Kings betting odds suggest trump hits a 49 state landslide.

Joe Biden is favored to win and Democrats are favored to take the house and the senate

Seems like we will know more tomorrow

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New Forecast Predicts Trump Reelection VICTORY In "Republican Surge," Media FRANTIC To Explain Away

CBS says if Trump's supporters actually show up then he will win reelection on Tuesday.

Democrats and joe Biden of course know this and have been frantically warning their base that victory is not guaranteed and they need to work extra hard.

Trump on the other hand is confident and holding massive rallies in the tens of thousands

It seems that the republican surge model may be correct as Democrats fear of COVID will stop them from voting on election day 

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Forecasts Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE Which Would DESTROY Media Credibility For Generations

Though many top forecasters say Donald Trump is tracking to Lose next week, many other polls and forecasts say just the opposite.

Democrats and Joe Biden know this and are in full panic mode desperately trying to hold back a Trump win in Democrat strongholds like Minnesota. Trump is on the offense however campaigning in key battleground states to ensure victory.

If the polls are wrong again and the forecasters are wrong again media credibility will be destroyed for generations.

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Democrats PANIC Over Low Turnout In Major Democrat Stronghold As Trump Secret Voters STORM The Polls

Miami is looking better and better for Trump signaling a major victory in Florida.

Democrats are getting angry over the polls claiming Biden can't lose as well as the constant media fear mongering over the pandemic which they feel is driving away in person voters.

Now in Florida Republicans and trump have a major advantage and Democrats are "screaming and hollering" about desperate need for support to win the state.

Instead of defending in Florida or trying to win Texas, for some reason Joe Biden is in Minnesota, a state not lost by Democrats since 1972

This suggest the polls are wrong and they know it.

Trump is on track for victory at least according to pollsters who got it right in 2016.

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Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News

Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded, The intercept.

The publication is very progressive and anti Trump. Glenn Greenwald is a world renowned and famous journalist know for publishing the NSA leaks.

Today Greenwald announced that The Intercept sought to violate his contract by censoring his story covering the Biden scandal. Not only did they try to censor the story outright they refused him the right to publish anywhere else, a right he reserved in his contract.

Very few journalists are left.

Most news outlets act as propaganda arms for the Democratic Party

While Trump certainly has his faults how can we continue if Democrats and joe Biden are allowed to act with impunity and while Donald Trump and republicans get attacked mercilessly by every major news outlet

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Democrats Frantically BACKTRACK After SCOTUS Rules Against Voting Deadline, Mail Votes Get REJECTED.

The big push is over and Democrats are realizing they face a higher than normal rejection rate and the courts have ruled against them.

Democrats made the biggest push for mail in ballots but now its over. The Supreme Court has ruled that mail in ballots received after election day will not be counted causing Democrats to frantically backtrack and tell people to vote in person and drop off ballots in person.

At the same time as many have been warning Democrats are getting hit by high rejection rates that could swing many states for Trump by half a point or more. 

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Trump Was RIGHT And Project Veritas Proved It, MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered In BOMBSHELL Report

 In a new breaking expose Veritas uncovers a voter fraud scheme that could swing entire elections.

A Republican operative has been exposed by James O'keefe and project Veritas harvesting ballots, changing senior citizens votes, and offering gifts.

On camera this woman is seen changing a Seniors vote from Republican to Democrat and then bragging about how she does this.

The actual motivation seems unclear. Why would a republican hire a woman to swing votes in favor of Joe Biden, MJ Hager, or Democrats? In the video she says that she tells them to vote Democrat except for the man she works for.

A Republican

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Hillary Clinton FREAKING OUT Because Trump May Win Election, She's FURIOUS Over Trump FIRING Cronies

Hillary Clinton FREAKING OUT Because Trump May Win Election, She's FURIOUS Over Trump FIRING Cronies. Clinton said she was "sick to her stomach" over the thought Trump will get reelected and dismantle the system.

She's right about that though. Trump recently stripped away protections for government employees paving the way for firings that could affect tens of thousands of government employees.

Axios is also reporting Trump plan's to fire the heads of the FBI, CIA, as well as Mark Esper.

A Vote for Biden is a vote for the establishment, the government cronies. A vote for Trump is a purge of the bureaucracy 

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New Biden Videos LEAKED Triggering Media And Democrat PANIC, Fake News DESPERATELY Defends Joe Biden

New Biden Videos LEAKED Triggering Democrat And Media PANIC, Fake News DESPERATELY Defends Joe Biden. The media cover up may be the bigger scandal and will go down in history for its brazen and overt actions.

Democrats are clearly freaking out over the Hunter Biden Joe Biden laptop scandal. More videos are emerging confirming the authenticity of the information.

Yet media outlets are doing everything in their power to hide the story or claim its a lie.

Trump and Republicans now face an unprecedented challenge of defeating not just Democrats and joe Biden but every major media outlet that is now working at the behest of the crony democratic party establishment.

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Democrats FAIL To Notice Polls Make NO SENSE, Trump Crushing Early Vote In Major Battleground States

Democrats FAIL To Notice Polls Make NO SENSE, Trump Crushing Early Vote In Major Battleground States. Polls show weird numbers in states like Montana where Trump is down 13 points from 2016.

Current polls show that Texas is the closest race in the nation in terms of Trump's lead but early voting data suggests that he is going to crush it there.

Could it be that the polls are substantially worse now than in 2016?

One thing Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign have missed is that Republicans and Trump have been registering new voters like crazy suggesting a larger turnout than the polls are tracking.

Or perhaps voter habits and COVID altered the landscape to such a degree no one really knows what will happen.

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Trump Makes HISTORY AGAIN, Signs Peace Deal ENDING Sudan Israel War, Trump MUST WIN REELECTION

Now his fourth historic peace agreement Trump is proving to be one of the greatest presidents on foreign policy in recent history.

Under Obama and Joe Biden we got 8 years of unbroken war. In fact the Obama/Biden administration got us entangled in more war.

Trump is on track to bring peace to the middle east and must be allowed to continue his efforts. Te normalization of relations between these countries is one of the most inspiring and hopeful things we have seen in decades.

Under Democrats and Biden we risk more foreign entanglements and conflict.

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Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels, Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE

Many other Democrats were listed in the business dealings of Hunter Biden as well.

A former business partner has delivered a trove of documents to the press in relation to his dealings with the Biden family and Chinese money. We now know that Joe was signing off on many of these deals proving he lied when he said he did not discuss business with his son.

But key contacts for their business dealings included many prominent Democrats including Kamala Harris who now conveniently is Joe Biden's VP

Trump must bring up this historic scandal at the presidential debate tonight.

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Democrats Freak Out Over "Deja Vu" As Biden Lead LESS THAN Hillary, Republicans WINNING Voter Edge

Top pollster now predicting a Trump reelection victory and many fear riots will follow.

Latest polls and early voting just keep improving for Trump and all of this doesn't factor in the 10% of people to scared to admit they are voting for Trump.

Joe Biden may be heading for a major defeat by Donald trump and his campaign has already warned the polls are wrong, they are inflated.

This is a huge weakness for Democrats but it also may be that far leftists want Trump to win so they can keep pushing Democrats further left using Trump as a common enemy.

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Democrats Freak Out Over "Deja Vu" As Dems ALREADY Underperform, Republicans WINNING Voter Advantage

Biden enters PA with a smaller lead than Hillary did in the polling average.

While Democrats have a huge lead in early voting in PA they are underperforming in many key battleground states. This combined with Trump's voter registration advantage suggests Democrats are on track for 2016 round two and they know it.

Democrats are getting worried that it is starting to play out exactly like 2016 did and the Republicans and Trump may be set to defeat Joe Biden early on election night.

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Democrats May LOSE The Election As New Poll Shows Democrats Are Quitting, Biden Warns Polls WRONG

Gallups poll showing party affiliation has shifted from D+5 in 2016 to R+1 in 2020

While this may be wishful thinking the data shows that the walk away campaign is real and people are leaving the Democratic party.

Whether this translates into a Trump victory is another question. Just because more people are republican now and less Democrat doesn't mean that Trump will win.

While it suggests Joe Biden will get routed and lose it doesn't mean that turnout will favor one or the other.

This could all be wishful thinking on the party of Trump voters.

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Biden Camp Issues WARNING That Polls Are WRONG, Trump And Republicans Already Have HUGE Advantages

The Polls are wrong and even the Democrats know it.

Trump has voter registration predicting a win in key battleground states and he is performing well in early voting and mail in voting.

But while Democrats are worried that the polls are wrong and they are under performing they are still winning. Republicans need to get out the vote and for some reason aren't showing up in early voting numbers which could spell doom for Trump on election night.

An influx of Republicans could actually cost Trump votes if polls get overwhelmed by in person voting on election night.

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Trump Is Already WINNING In Key Early Voting, Democrats FREAKING OUT Over Numbers In Key Swing State

By every metric Democrats should be dominating in swing states but many metrics have Republicans close or even winning.

Democrats are growing very worried about key swing states already flipping Trump even though early voting favors Democrats.

With Republicans sealing voter registration numbers Trump is on track to win several key swing states.

Joe Biden is in trouble if these numbers remain stable. They aren't doing well enough to win on election night or even with late mail in votes.

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Tucker Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Directly Implicating Joe Biden In Ukraine Scandal, Democrats LOSE IT

Tucker Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Directly Implicating Joe Biden In Ukraine Scandal, Democrats LOSE IT. Tucker's release suggests Biden directly intervened in Ukraine to help his sons company.

As more and more evidence begins to pile up Democrats and their establishment journalist and social media allies ramp up censorship, lies, and pressure.

More emails seem to prove Joe Biden is directly involved in his sons corrupt activities.

Trump and Republicans have been demanding more information and now want to know if the FBI had Hunter's laptop since last year as it could have exonerated Trump during the Ukrainegate impeachment.

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Democrats In Full PANIC MODE Over NEW Email Drop, Joe Biden May Use Son As Go-Between In Shady Deals

Democrats In Full PANIC MODE Over NEW Email Drop, Joe Biden May Use Son As Go-Between In Shady Deals. A New email released by the post shows an email saying that "H" will hold equity for "the big guy"

Its far from definitive proof of anything but the implication is that Joe Biden personally benefits from the shady dealings his son Hunter is engaged in.

While we are far from proving anything it is likely that the Post will be trickling out more emails daily throughout the month.

Meanwhile the censorship problem is skyrocketing. Recent stories show the Biden camp has been hiring top officials from Big tech firms and now these companies are actively working to protect him and help him win.

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Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out

Democrats are corrupt and there are no two ways about it.

In a trove of leaked emails published by NY Post from a computer purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, emails show Hunter using his family name and access to his then VP Father Joe Biden to make more money. 

In one exchange a Ukrainian Businessman from Burisma is thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father and giving him the opportunity to meet and spend time.

Democratic allies in media are freaking out claiming its fake news. Facebook has announced they are censoring this story to prevent it from going far even though its from a reputable news source.

Censorship is out of hand and the corrupt Democrats are desperate to steal back power by any means necessary. 

Trump and Republicans must win and reform section 230 to prevent this abuse

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Media's DESPERATE Smears Of Amy Coney Barrett Will BACKFIRE On Democrats, Hearings Are A SHAM

The Amy Coney Barrett hearings are a formality and the vote will likely end on party lines.

Democrats are doing well to hold their strategy of focusing on healthcare but leftists in media can't help but smear ACB with absurd lies.

Already progressives and Democrat activists are attacking her religion and trying to find any excuse to claim she's going to discriminate against people

Democrats had been warned that the Brett Kavanaugh Effect would result in Trump and Republicans getting a huge boost but the media doesn't seem to care.

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Democrat COVID Hysteria BACKFIRES As Dem Voters Are Too Scared To Vote And Mailed Votes Get REJECTED

In California nearly 100 voters tried to disinfect their ballots invalidating them.

As Democrats rushed to get their voters to vote by mail Trump was raising warnings about potential fraud. The media was quick to condemn Trump as a liar and encourage people to vote by mail.

Now that is backfiring as COVID fears run rampant among Democrats voters. Mail in votes have a higher failure rate according to Washington Post and the Atlantic.

If Joe Biden voters are more likely to vote by mail than Donald Trump voters than it stands to reason that Republicans face a huge and serious advantage as Democratic votes are more likely to be rejected.

A major failure.

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Punk Legend Goes FULL MAGA Leaving Leftists SHOCKED And Angry, Leftists DEFECT And Join Trump Train

Johnny Rotten says of course he is voting Trump.

The Punk Rock Legend had previously voted Obama twice and Clinton in 2016 but says that Joe Biden is awful and can't be the man in charge thus he is voting Trump 2020

But many others feel the same way

We hear over and over about leftists defecting and joining the Trump Train for a variety of issues.

Naturally leftists are shocked and angry over Rotten announcing his support for Trump but this just seems obvious. Joe Biden is not a viable candidate for president.

Democrats may come to wish they nominated someone else but its too late now.

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Democrat Calls For Trump Supporting "Maggots" To be REMOVED From Society As Civil War Fears Escalate

Ex-MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann made the unhinged comments on his new youtube show after leaving ESPN.

Perhaps this is just the ravings of a madman but Olbermann's comments are some of the most extreme rhetoric I have seen from a high profile commentator.

Olbermann ran a show called "The Resistance" and ended it thinking trump would be removed from office, but of course that was insane.

Now as tensions escalate and high profile leftists like Olbermann, Spike Lee, and Robert Reich, make shocking and unhinged comments fears of civil war are picking up.

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Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN

Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN. Under the 25th amendment Pelosi is creating a panel that will judge a president's ability to do their job and potentially remove them.

But the 25th requires the vice president to call for removal and Mike Pence certainly isn't going to betray Donald Trump for Nancy pelosi.

What makes more sense is that in the event Joe Biden wins Kamala Harris will invoke the 25th and call upon Pelosi's panel to judge Joe Biden and have him removed thus making kamala Harris acting president in which she will choose a new Vice President.

But even if Democrats lose it works out. Pelosi's plan could still help remove Trump in the event the Democrats lose the House and Trump wins another term.

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FBI Arrest Six Men Who Plotted To KIDNAP Democrat Governor And Try Her For TREASON Over Lockdown

he Michigan AG also arrested 7 people for plotted to target law enforcement and the state capital.

The 6 men believed that Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer had no checks on her power and was pushing unconstitutional edict.

With the use of informants the FBI was able to arrest and charge the men before anything bad happened.

The worst part of it is that Donald Trump and the republicans are actually winning the legal fight over the unconstitutional COVID restrictions. Trump declared victory in Michigan and Pennsylvania over court rulings in favor of his supporters.

This shows why the far right is actually not our biggest threat. the FBI is able to easily stop these men but what about BLM leftist riots and Antifa? 133 days of non stop insanity with limited ability to shut it down.

UPDATE: It seems these men are NOT right wing at all but may be Anti Police Anarchists. I will do an update once more information is out and I do some more vetting.

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Trump Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Implicating Hillary Clinton, Democrats In Fabricating Russia Gate Hoax

The documents alleged that Hillary Clinton lied about Russian Collusion to distract the public from her email scandal.

Democrats and their allies now claim that Trump is selectively releasing documents in order to gain political advantages.

The argument is not without merit, it is October after all. But regardless if the reports are true then it suggests that Hillary Clinton may have either fabricated the whole hoax or at the very least the CIA and Obama knew that there were accusations of a fabricated hoax which would suggest Trump was NOT colluding with Russia.

So why launch the Russia probe if they knew it would fail?

The intelligence supposedly came from Russia which implies Russia wasn't colluding with trump, unless you want to believe that Russia was faking intel leaks to the CIA which is a bit out there.

Perhaps the Russia probe was just designed to sabotage Trump's presidency

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Secret Trump Voters ARE REAL, New Research Shows Polling Is WRONG And Trump Might CRUSH Biden

According to the research there is about 10% of Trump voters who are likely untruthful with pollsters.

If this is true then Biden's lead is wiped out completely and in fact Trump is then leading by 1% nationally.

This corroborates the Democracy Institute polling that shows Trump leading nationally against Joe Biden by 1%

Democrats are relying on mass voter turnout but even here new Gallup data suggest this year will be completely typical in terms of turnout

Trump seems to be on track for victory assuming this holds true

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Trump Has BROKEN Mainstream Media, Journalists UNHINGED Theories PROVE They Are Democrat Activists

Trump Has BROKEN Mainstream Media, Journalists UNHINGED Theories PROVE They Are Democrat Activists

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Trump Catching COVID Has Actually HELPED HIM, New Poll Shows Trump BEATING Biden Nationally

Democracy Institute poll shows Trump nationally with 46% to Biden's 45%

While many people argue the polls were wrong in 2016, Democracy Institute accurately predicted Trump would win in 2016 and also predicted Brexit. Now they are showing that Trump is in the lead.

Interestingly this poll is don with a UK based newspaper so perhaps their is less of a political agenda behind the numbers. But don't count Joe Biden out yet, polling today is way better than it was for Hillary Clinton and Democrats are confident they will sweep this November. 

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