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Pray the Word with David Platt

Pray the Word with David Platt

Short, daily meditations on God?s Word that not only drive us to pray, but drive how we pray. Featuring teacher, author, and pastor David Platt.


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#1,264 - Mourning that Leads to Prayer (Genesis 23:1?2)

During the hardships of the coronavirus, we remember the mourning of Abraham which led him to seek God.

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#1,263 - Fear of God Leads to Faith in God (Genesis 22:12)

Fear of God alone, not fear of man or fear of anything in this world that leads to faith in God.

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#1,262 - A Prayer for the Presidential Inauguration (1 Timothy 2:1?7)

On this day, we pray for the new President and Vice President.

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#1,261 - Overcoming Sin Through the Power of God (Genesis 20:6)

The only way you and I can resist sin and overcome temptation is by the power of God.

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#1,260 - The Seriousness of Sin (Genesis 19:26)

All sin is serious in the eyes of God.

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#1,259 - A Prayer of Intercession (Genesis 18:22?26)

In this passage, we see a picture of intercessory prayer.

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#1,258 - Walking Before God (Genesis 17:1?3)

In order to experience the blessings of God's covenant, Abram was called into communion with God.

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#1,257 - Ignoring the Promises of God (Genesis 16:2)

In this passage, we see a blatant disregard for the promise of God.

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#1,256 - The Reward of Your Faith (Genesis 15:1)

The reward of your faith is not just eternal life; the reward of your faith is God.

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#1,255 - Dependence on God Alone (Genesis 14:22?23)

While it is easy to depend on ourselves, we choose to depend on God alone.

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#1,254 - Spiritual Downfall (Genesis 13:12?13)

When Lot pitches his tent next to Sodom, he sets himself up for spiritual downfall.

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#1,253 - God's Chosen People (Genesis 12:1?3)

The mission of God to make his glory known, his goodness known, his grace, his blessing, his salvation known among all the nations.

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#1,252 - God's Sovereignty over Language (Genesis 11:7)

The lack of common language certainly hinders relationship with one another.

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#1,251 - A Gospel for All Nations (Genesis 10:32)

The gospel is for all people in all nations among all ethnicities.

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#1,250 - An End to Abortion (Genesis 9:5?6)

God, we pray that abortion would come to an end.

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#1,249 - God is Eternally Faithful (Genesis 8:1)

Despite our shortcomings and inability to remain faithful to our promises, God is eternally faithful.

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#1248 - Obeying All that God Commands (Genesis 7:5)

As believers, we are called to obey all that God commands of us through His Word.

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#1,247 ? Finding Favor in the Eyes of the Lord (Genesis 6:8)

Apart from God, we will experience God's wrath. Our only hope is that God would find favor in us through the life of Christ.

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#1,246 ? Death is Not the End (Genesis 5:5)

For believers, death is not the end. If we are in Christ, we will spend eternity with Christ.

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#1,245 ? Seek the Lord's Help (Genesis 4:6?7)

When we are tempted by sin, we should cry out to God and pray for His help.

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#1,244 ? Turning to God (Genesis 3:8)

Rather than running from God when we sin, we should run towards Him in repentance.

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#1,243 ? Teach Us to Obey (Genesis 2:16?17)

God, would you teach us not to disobey your commandments?

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#1,242 ? The Power of God's Word (Genesis 1:3)

God is so powerful that when he spoke, light came into being. 

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#1,241 ? Be Strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6:10)

At the end of a long, hard year, we must be strong in the Lord and rely on His strength.

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#1,240 ? A Picture of Covenantal Commitment (Ephesians 5:22?27)

Marriage is a picture of the covenantal commitment where the husband loves his wife like Jesus loves the Church.

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#1,239 ? Open Our Eyes to Sin (Ephesians 4:29?32)

God, would you remove the sin in our life by opening our eyes to our sin?

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#1,238 ? Experiencing Deeper Intimacy with Jesus (Ephesians 3:14?21)

Today, we pray that this year would be a time that we grow closer to God and experience His love in a greater way.

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#1,237 ? The Household of God is Made by His Grace (Ephesians 2:19?21)

God's grace creates His people. The household of God is only possible because of his grace towards us.

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#1,236 ? The Grace of God for His People (Ephesians 1:15?23)

God's grace is on display to His people through Jesus Christ.

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#1,235 ? For to Us A Child is Born (Isaiah 9:6?7)

The good news we celebrate on Christmas day is that the Lord of hosts sent His son.

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#1,234 ? The Prophecy of a Messenger (Malachi 3:1)

In this passage, Malachi prophesies about a man who will make the way for Jesus, John the Baptist.

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#1,233 ? God's Covenantal Love (Malachi 2:4?6)

God's covenantal love opens up an opportunity to commune with him.

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#1,232 ? The Name of God Declared Among the Nations (Malachi 1:11)

As Christians, we should seek to worship God in reverence and make his name known among all peoples.

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#1,231 ? The King Over All the Earth (Zechariah 14:9)

The day will come when the Lord will reign over all the earth.

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#1,230 ? Pierced for Our Transgressions (Zechariah 12:10)

When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he fulfilled the prophecies of long before.

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#1,229 ? Our Good Shepherd (Zechariah 11:15?17)

Rather than running away from God, we ought to run towards Him trusting Him as our good shepherd.

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#1,228 ? The God Who Provides the Rain (Zechariah 10:1)

The sovereign God of the universe provides for His people.

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#1,227 ? Christ the King (Zechariah 9:9)

During the Advent season, we long for the second coming of Christ as the Jews longed for the first coming of Christ.

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#1,226 ? God's Passion for the Nations (Zechariah 8:20?23)

God has a heart for people from every nation and tongue.

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#1,225 ? Providing for the Widow and the Orphan (Zechariah 7:8?10)

God, help us to serve those like the widow, the orphan, and the poor.

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#1,224 ? Living by the Spirit (Zechariah 4:6)

When life gets hard, we will not overcome by our power or might, but through the Spirit of God.

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#1,223 ? The People of God (Zechariah 2:10?11)

The Lord gathers his people together around his throne.

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#1,222 ? Returning to the God of Salvation (Zechariah 1:3)

Despite our sin, God is calling us to return back to him.

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#1,221 ? Be Strong (Haggai 2:4?5)

Rather than being afraid, we should be strong in the Lord.

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#1,220 ? Blinded by Sinful Desires (Haggai 1:3?4)

God's people were blinded from the glory of God by their sin.

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#1,219 ? The Lord Who Sings Over Us (Zephaniah 3:17)

The Lord rejoices over His people with gladness and joy.

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#1,218 ? Seeking Righteous and Humility (Zephaniah 2:3)

In everything, Christians are to seek Jesus by living righteously and humbly.

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#1,217 ? Judgment is Coming (Zephaniah 1:18)

No one can escape the coming judgment of the Lord apart from the grace of God.

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#1,216 ? The God of Our Salvation (Habakkuk 3:17?18)

Regardless of our circumstances, joy comes from the Lord.

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#1,215 ? Lord, We Trust You (Habakkuk 2:2?4)

God, help us not to place trust in ourselves, but to instead place our trust in you.

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