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The Michael Knowles Show

Bask in the simple joys of being right. The Michael Knowles Show cuts through the madness of our politics and culture, analyzing the top stories of the day. Monday through Friday.If you like The Michael Knowles Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: KNOWLES and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at


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Ep. 763 - The Democrats? Dead Rhetoric

Libs make a martyr out of Liz Cheney, Rand Paul rips Dr. Fauci, and Fareed Zakaria pushes a failed foreign policy by repeating the same old slogans.
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Ep. 762 - Bomb Throwing At Home And Abroad

Israel breaks out into violence, Ted Cruz rips up the Corrupt Politicians Act, and Liz Cheney wins the coveted endorsement of OJ Simpson.
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Ep. 761 - Gomorrah-By-The-Sea Goes Down In Flames

California shrinks for the first time ever, a fat activist claims to have anorexia, and a UK pastor gets reported to the terror watchlist for questioning the Left?s weird sex claims.
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Ep. 760 - Mr. Mom

Dr. Fauci holds Mother?s Day hostage until everyone gets the vax, a SWAT team takes down a pastor in Canada for disobeying the public health police, and Trump loses another Twitter account.
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U.S. Presidents RANKED! Who Was The Most Legendary?

Who are the best, worst, and most mediocre presidents in American history? Here?s my complete tier ranking of half of the U.S. presidents.
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Ep. 759 - Caitlyn Ain?t Conservative

Caitlyn Jenner clarifies his campaign, three million kids drop out of school, and AOC praises abortionists for saving lives.
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Ep. 758 - Mobocracy

A Kentucky man pulls a gun on BLM thugs as they attempt to disrupt his dinner, Facebook doubles down on its censorship of Donald Trump, and the U.S. population continues to die.
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Ep. 757 - Divorce, American Style

Bill and Melinda Gates get divorced, Fauci prolongs the lockdowns, and a new celeb preps a run for president.
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Ep. 756 - The Big Lie

House Republican leader Liz Cheney sounds like (and is) a lib, Don Lemon denies that Europeans founded America, and Catholic bishops get tough on pro-abortion politicians.
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Ep. 755 - Wokesters of the World, Unite!

A major tech company tells its woke employees to shut up, Romney gets booed by the Utah GOP, and Maxine Waters says America gets more racist every day.
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Ep. 754 - The Most Popular President Ever

Ratings crater for Biden?s fake SOTU, a Cuban refugee claims the commies have already conquered America, and Ted Cruz pressures squishy Republicans to put their money where their mouths are.
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Ep. 753 - The Real Government

Biden mumbles platitudes, Tim Scott tries his best, and Fauci clings to power.
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Daily Wire Backstage: Biden?s Congressional Address

Will Biden be able to make it to the end of this speech without taking a nap? If he manages to make it all the way through without a single "C'mon, man,? how can we be sure it wasn?t faked like the moon landing? How many times could Kamala have visited the border between the start and finish of this crapshow? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing to find out! The threat of big tech censorship continues to loom larger each day. By becoming a Daily Wire member, you?re helping to support conservative voices in the fight against censorship. | JOIN TODAY:
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Ep. 752 - The Future of the GOP

An improbable Republican floats a bid for president, a bunch of states pass excellent regulation, and BLM gets caught with its fingers in the cookie jar.
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Ep. 751 - Consequence Culture

BLM goes all in on the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting, the Oscars collapse, and Newsom officially gets recalled.
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Ep. 750 - The ?Conservative? Case For Caitlyn

Caitlyn Jenner kicks off his campaign for governor, the media make a golden idol of Fauci, and Elon Musk laughs about how many people will die on the first mission to Mars.
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Ep. 749 - Your Lying Eyes

NBC gets caught doctoring footage of the Columbus police shooting, House Dems vote for anti-constitutional DC statehood, and a surprising new study sounds the alarm on masks.
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Ep. 748 - Cops Have Guns For A Reason

A white cop who saved a young black girl?s life is threatened for killing her attacker, Stacey Abrams still won?t admit she lost the Georgia governor?s race in 2018, and the GOP changes direction.
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Ep. 747 - The Unjust Verdict

The George Floyd jurors save themselves, the President and Joe Biden celebrate the verdict, and more drag bar perverts throw money at kids.
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Daily Wire Backstage: Derek Chauvin Verdict

The Daily Wire responds to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. 
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Ep. 746 - The Real Justice System

Maxine Waters may cause a mistrial in the Derek Chauvin trial, shocking new information comes out about January 6, and Dr. Fauci tries to take control of a basic constitutional right.
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Ep. 745 - Diversity Does Not Make A Nation

Maxine Waters calls for more leftist street violence, the public health regime becomes permanent, and Anglo-Saxons get canceled.
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Craig Scott | Surviving The Columbine Massacre & The Media's Agenda

Craig Scott is a survivor of the columbine high school shooting. He was in the most intense scene - the library - where 10 students were killed. Craig joins the show to talk about the anniversary and the media's role in distracting the public from the real issues.
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Ep. 744 - The Euphemism Treadmill

Dems try to pack the Court, scientists create human hybrids to harvest for organs, and vaccine confidence plummets.
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Ep. 743 - WuFlu Inc.

CNN admits on a hidden camera that it hyped COVID for ratings, BLM NYC lambasts BLM?s founder for embezzling lots of money (without giving them a cut), and ice cream melts over white supremacy.
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Ep. 742 - Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers

A BLM supporter defends looting, Cruz and Hawley move to bust up woke corporations, and the CDC pauses one of the WuFlu vaccines. 
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Ep. 741 - When Culture Is Downstream Of Politics

Squish governor Asa Hutchinson takes Breitbart?s maxim that ?politics is downstream of culture? to an absurd extreme, major corporations collude to undermine election integrity, and a new shooting sparks more riots.
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Ep. 740 - A Nation Of Neurotics

Brian Stelter wants to watch conservatives get the vaccine, Pete Buttigieg says the roads are racist, and a public university demands that students adopt the woke religion.
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Michael Knowles Guest Appearance for The Washington Journal on CSPAN

Michael Knowles joined the show to talk about his podcast, news of the day, and take questions live from callers. 
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Ep. 739 - A History of Violence

The cops are white supremacists hell-bent on slaughtering innocent black people. And that?s why only cops should be able to own and carry guns. 
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Ep. 738 - Boycotts Aren?t Enough

United Airlines promises affirmative action for pilots, rich libs turn Alex Jones rants into reality, and AOC babbles even less coherently than usual.
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Ep. 737 - ?Conservatives? For Castrating Kids

The Governor of Arkansas defends the chemical castration of kids, the MLB moves its All-Star Game out of Georgia to a whiter state with stricter voting laws, and the experts warn of a ?double mutant? ?fourth wave? of coronavirus!
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Ep. 736 - The Mark Of The Fleeced

Fauci predicts no federal vaccine mandate, BLM threatens to burn down more stuff, and the confused Assistant Secretary of Health endorses pumping little kids full of cross-sex hormones.
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Ep. 735 - The Fear Of Death Cult

A Canadian pastor teaches Americans a thing or two about religion and freedom, MLB gets woke(r), and Charles Barkley sees what?s really going on in race relations.
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Steven Crowder | Suspension and The FIGHT for Freedom of Speech

Steven Crowder, the host of Louder With Crowder, joins the show to set the record straight on the YouTube and Twitter suspension and the ongoing fight against big-tech.
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Ep. 734 - Si, Se Pwodway

Woke corporations try to subvert our republic, coyotes hurl kids over our southern border, and the Left?s narrative falls apart at the George Floyd trial.
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Ep. 733 - Know-Nothin? Country

CNN doesn?t believe doctors can know a baby?s sex at birth, Hollywood boycotts Georgia over election integrity measures, and a prominent newsman says fairness is overrated.
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Ep. 732 - Mob Rule

Criminal coyotes flourish ferrying foreign nationals across our southern border, Republican Matt Gaetz considers leaving Congress amid a sex scandal investigation, and Big Tech tries to take out Steven Crowder.
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Ep. 731 - No Time For Compromise

Biden wants a new round of mask mandates, Kristi Noem won?t go all the way to fight gender ideology, and Guatemala teaches the U.S. how to deal with caravans of foreign nationals.
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Ep. 730 - The Devil?s In The Details

A Democrat operative tries to stop Ted Cruz from exposing the crisis at the border, Biden pushes vaccine passports, and a rapper sells satanic sneakers.
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How "BASED" Are You? | Conservative Tier RANKING

Today we will rank conservative stereotypes to find out how "Based" you really are.
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Ep. 729 - C?mon, Man

Biden insists he plans to run in 2024, Georgia governor Brian Kemp signs an election integrity bill, and Hispanics want to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom.
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Ep. 728 - Monty Python For President

Biden claims that women are better than men at everything, the Senate confirms a man who thinks he?s a woman to a senior role in the Department of Health, and that soccer lady whines at the White House.
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Ep. 727 - Gaslighting The People

A terrible shooting in Colorado raises bad faith debate, a breakfast company gaslights a man who found shrimp tails in his cereal, and a Democrat senator won?t vote for white nominees.
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Ep. 726 - The End of Debate

The WH downplays Biden?s fall, Dr. Fauci gets a children?s book biography, and white supremacy makes non-white people attack Asians.
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Ep. 725 - Empty Suit Gets Blown Over

Biden can?t walk upstairs, the WH admits there?s a crisis on the border, and Republican governor Kristi Noem goes weak on transgenderism.
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Candace Owens Explains Why You Should NEVER Apologize To Woke Mob

Candace Owens sits down with Michael Knowles to discuss Meghan Markle, cancel culture, and why you should never apologize to the woke mob.
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Candace Owens Has A New Talk Show? And It?s Available Now On Daily Wire

If you haven?t heard by now, conservative lightning rod Candace Owens has a new talk show named - you guessed it- CANDACE, and it?s available now at You can catch key moments from the show on the podcast CANDACE which is available on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else you listen. BUT in order to watch the full show, you must be a Daily Wire member. Go to to get 25% off a new membership TODAY using code CANDACE.  CANDACE on Apple Podcast: CANDACE on Spotify: CANDACE Full Show:
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Ep. 724 - Slipping Farther Down The Slope

Rand Paul takes Dr. Fauci down a peg, Biden?s DHS secretary incentivizes illegal immigration, and a father gets jail time for referring to his daughter as ?she.?
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Daily Wire Backstage: Biden?s Most Terrifying "Accomplishments"

How bad will Biden?s border disaster have to get before the media takes notice? Will Cuomo pull a Northam and just stay in office until the storm passes? Will the Grammys put Pornhub out of business? Plus, get the inside scoop on the recent Candace Owens / Cardi B Twitter feud - and ensuing lawsuit - from none other than Candace Owens herself. Speaking of Candace, catch her new talk show CANDACE every Friday on Daily Wire! Not a member? Get 25% off with code CANDACE:
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