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Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. SE Radio covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content ? we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is brought to you by the IEEE Computer Society.


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Episode 449: Dan Moore on Build vs Buy

Dan Moore, cofounder of Vaporware, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of building or buying software solutions, including evaluation criteria, how to inspect an API, and cost considerations for purchasing software from external vendors.

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Episode 448: Matt Arbesfeld Starting Your Own Software Company

Matt Arbesfeld, cofounder of LogRocket, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of starting a software company as a software engineer, including finding cofounders, fundraising, and determining what ideas are worth pursuing.

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Episode 447: Michael Perry on Immutable Architecture

Michael L. Perry discusses his recently published book, The Art of Immutable Architecture, distinguishing immutable architecture from other approaches and, using familiar examples such as git and blockchain, addresses some possible misunderstandings...

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Episode 446: Nigel Poulton on Kubernetes Fundamentals

Nigel Poulton, author of The Kubernetes Book and Docker Deep Dive, discusses Kubernetes fundamentals, why Kubernetes is gaining so much momentum, deploying an example app, and why Kubernetes is considered "the" Cloud OS.

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Episode 445: Thomas Graf on eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter)

Thomas Graf, Co-Founder of Cilium, discusses eBPF and XDP and how they can be leveraged for a wide variety of use cases across networking, observability, and security.

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Episode 444: Tug Grall on Redis

Tug Grall of Redis Labs discusses Redis, its evolution over the years and emerging use cases today,its module based ecosystem and Redis? applicability in a wide range of applications beyond being a layer for caching data such as search, machine learning

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Episode 443: Shawn Wildermuth on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Felienne discusses diversity and inclusivity in software development with Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP and creator of the Hello World movie.

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Episode 442: Arin Bhowmick on UX Design for Enterprise Applications

Arin Bhowmick, Global Vice President and Chief Design Officer at IBM, discusses why and how UX design for enterprise applications is different than for consumer applications.

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Episode 441 Shipping Software - With Bugs

James Smith, CEO and co-founder of Bugsnag discusses ?Why it is ok to ship your software with Bugs.?

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Episode 440: Alexis Richardson on gitops

Alexis Richardson discusses gitops - a deployment model based on convergent infrastructure as code with host Robert Blumen.

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Episode 439: JP Aumasson on Cryptography

JP Aumasson, author of Serious Cryptography, discusses cryptography, specifically how encryption and hashing work and underpin many security functions.

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Episode 438: Andy Powell on Lessons Learned from a Major Cyber Attack

Andy Powell is the CISO of AP Moller Maersk and discusses the 2017 cyber attack that hit the company and the lessons learned for preventing and recovering from future attacks.

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Episode 437: Architecture of Flutter

Tim Sneath, product management for Flutter and Dart at Google discusses what Flutter is, why it was created, where Dart came from, what the different layers of Flutter are, why it is so popular and why it makes a developers life much easier.

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Episode 436: Apache Samza with Yi Pan

Yi Pan is the lead maintainer of the Apache Samza project and discusses the use cases for stream processing frameworks, how to use them, and the benefits & drawbacks of a framework like Samza.

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Episode 435: Julie Lerman on Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework

Julie Lerman discusses Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 435: Julie Lerman on Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework

Julie Lerman discusses Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 434: Steven Skiena on Preparing for the Data Structures and Algorithm Job Interview

Steven Skiena speaks with SE Radio?s Adam Conrad about practical applications for data structures and algorithms, as well as take-aways on how to best study Skiena?s book when prepping for the technical interview process.

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Episode 433: Jay Kreps on ksqlDB

Jay Kreps, CEO and Co-founder of Confluent discusses ksqlDB which is a database built specifically for stream processing applications to query streaming events in Kafka with SQL like interface.

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Episode 432: brian d foy on Perl 7

brian d foy, author of many Perl books discusses what Perl 7 is, where it?s going, what you need to do to get ready and various pieces advice on making the most of your Perl and programming life.

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Episode 431: Ken Youens-Clark on Learning Python

Felienne spoke with Youens-Clark about new features in Python, why you should teach testing to beginners from the start and the importance of the Python ecosystem.

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Episode 430: Marco Faella on Seriously Good Software

Felienne interviews Marco Faella about his book ?Seriously Good Software,? which aims to teach programmers to use six key qualities to better analyze the quality of their code bases.

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Episode 429: Rob Skillington on High Cardinality Alerting and Monitoring

Rob Skillington discusses the architecture, data management, and operational issues around monitoring and alerting systems with a large number of metrics and resources.

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Episode 428: Matt Lacey on Mobile App Usability

Matt Lacey, author of the Usability Matters book discusses what mobile app usability is and why it can make or break an app destined for consumers, business users or in-house users and what you can do to make the best app possible.

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Episode 427: Sven Schleier and Jeroen Willemsen on Mobile Application Security

Sven Schleier and Jeroen Willemsen from the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard and Testing Guide project discuss mobile application security and how the verification standard and testing guide can be used to improve your app?s...

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Episode 426: Philip Kiely on Writing for Software Developers

Philip Kiely discusses his book Writing for Software Developers. Software development primarily involves writing code but strong written communication skills are critical. Technical comprehension is vital but solid written communication skills are also...

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Episode 425: Paul Smith on The Crystal Programming Language and the Lucky Web Framework

Paul Smith discusses the Crystal Programming Language and the Lucky web framework with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 424: Sean Knapp on Dataflow Pipeline Automation

Sean Knapp of talks to Robert Blume about data pipeline automation with an orchestration layer.

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423: Ryan Singer on Remote Work

Ryan Singer, Head of Strategy at Basecamp discusses the mindset and culture behind a successful remote work for engineers. Akshay spoke with Ryan about communication, collaboration and cultural aspects of working remotely.

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Episode 422: Michael Geers on Micro Frontends

Kanchan spoke with Michael Geers on the Micro Frontends. Micro Frontends is an architectural style that aims to extends the benefits of microservices to UI.

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Episode 421: Doug Fawley on gRPC

Doug Fawley of the gRPC project discusses gRPC with host Robert Blumen. Their conversation covers the HTTP layer, protobuf, and use cases within microservices architectures.

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Episode 420: Ryan Ripley on Making Scrum Work

Kanchan spoke with Ryan Ripley about the pre-requisites for an organization to adopt scrum, need for management buy-in, the importance of scrum values and the key responsibilities of the roles defined by scrum and the anti-patterns to watch out for...

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Episode 419: John Ellithorpe on the Role of a CTO

Host Kanchan Shringi spoke with Ellithorpe about defining the core essence of the CTO role, the skills that are key for success in the role, how to gain these skills and mentor others.

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Episode 418: Functional Programming in Enterprise Applications

Vladimir Khorikov discusses functional programming in enterprise applications with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 417: Alex Petrov on Database Storage Engines

Alex Petrov, author of Database Internals explains the ins and outs of database storage engines. What are they? How do they differ? What problems do they solve? Host Adam Gordon Bell spoke with Alex about these questions as well as how information...

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416: Adam Shostack on Threat Modeling

Adam Shostack of Shostack & Associates and author of Threat Modeling: Designing for Security discussed different approaches to threat modeling, the multiple benefits it can provide, and how it can be added to an organization?s existing software proc

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Episode 415: Berkay on Incident Management

Berkay Mollamustafaoglu, founder of Ops Genie, discusses the keys to an effective incident management process. Many aspects of incident management are counter intuitive. Why does increasing the rate of change increase uptime? Why is culture the most...

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Episode 414: Jens Gustedt on Modern C

Jens Gustedt, author of the Modern C book discusses Modern C, what is legacy C and all aspects of the C programming world with its historic flaws, modern improvements and simple beauty.

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Episode 413: Spencer Kimball on CockroachDB

Spencer Kimball talks to Akshay Manchale about CockroachDB which is a distributed, resilient, SQL database system. He talks about challenges of using single node databases and features and principles behind CockroachDB that make it a better alternative open source database.

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Episode 412: Sam Gavis Hughson on Technical Interviews

Felienne spoke with Gavis-Hughson about how to prepare for the dreaded 'whiteboard interview'.

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Episode 411: Aaron Vonderhaar on Elm

Aaron Vonderhaar, maintainer and open source contributor to the Elm programming language, talks with host Adam Conrad about the Elm language, its foundations, features, and applications in the front end web development ecosystem.

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Episode 410: Sara Leen on Localizing and Porting Japanese Games

Sara Leen discusses localizing, porting, and modernizing Japanese games with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 409: Joe Kutner on the Twelve Factor App

Joe Kutner, Software Architect for Heroku at, spoke with host Kanchan Shringi about the 12-Factor App methodology, which aids development of modern apps that are portable, scalable, easy to test, and continuously deployable.

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Episode 408: Mike McCourt on Voice and Speech Analysis

Felienne spoke with Mike McCourt on difficulties in processing voice data using machine learning.

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Episode 407: Juval Lowy on Righting Software

Juval Löwy, Software Legend and Founder of IDesign discusses his recently published book, Righting Software, with host Jeff Doolittle. This episode focuses on Löwy?s belief that the software industry is in a deep crisis, evident from the numerous...

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Episode 406: Torin Sandall on Distributed Policy Enforcement

Torin Sandall of Styra and Open Policy Agent discussed OPA and policy engines and how they can benefit software projects security and compliance. Host Justin Beyer spoke with Sandall about the benefits of removing authorization logic from your application...

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Episode 405: Yevgeniy Brikman on Infrastructure as Code Best Practices

Yevgeniy Brikman, author of Terraform: Up & Running: Writing Infrastructure as Code and co-founder of Gruntwork talks with host Robert Blumen about how to apply best practices from software engineering to the development of infrastructure as code...

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Episode 404: Bert Hubert on DNS Security

Bert Hubert, author of the open source PowerDNS nameserver discusses DNS security and all aspects of the Domain Name System with its flaws and history.

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Episode 403: Karl Hughes on Speaking at Tech Conferences

Felienne interviews Karl Hughes about doing tech talks. How to get into conferences and how to design and deliver a great talk.

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Episode 402: Rich Harris on the Svelte JavaScript Framework

Rich Harris, author of the JavaScript module bundler Rollup, discusses his JavaScript framework Svelte as a high-performance alternative to mainstay frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue. We begin with a brief overview of the framework and how...

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Episode 401: Jeremy Miller on Waterfall Versus Agile

Jeremy Miller, Senior Software Architect at Calavista Software, compares and contrasts his experiences with waterfall and agile methodologies. Host Jeff Doolittle spoke with Miller about the history of these methodologies and how teams can experience...

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