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Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

Relax and enjoy the calm retreat of Ahway Island Bedtime Stories. Original children’s stories for nap time, bedtime and any time it’s relax time!


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541. Stormy Music: a kids’ meditation and story

Anora and Julia have a sleepover together at Anora's house. Together they learn that the rain is not so scary after all.
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205. BCAI: Pumpkin Run: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine

Trenton the tractor has a busy day. The kids are coming back with their parents to share the fun they had on their field trip.
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539. Birthday Surprise: a calming meditation and story

Javier tries to give his mom a birthday surprise but things get a little bit messy.
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204. BCAI: Birdie Blues: a mindful children’s story

As the summer birds leave Carrie the Cardinal feels a little blue. Then she discovers there are others who stay too. Will she make some new friends?
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537. Harbor Happiness: a calming meditation and children’s story

Teagan Tugboat learns to appreciate her home with the help of her friend, Izzy Icebreaker.
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203. BCAI: On the Road: a meditation and bedtime story

Dragon discovers some more cars waiting in a line. Wondering what they are waiting for Dragon decides to find out.
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535. Tree Party: a soothing story and meditation for children

Simon Cicada plans a tree party for his old friends and ends up inviting a new friend as well.
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202. BCAI: New Ways: a kids’ relaxation and story

Ian is busy working on a project when his teacher asks him to try doing something differently. How will Ian do?
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532. Snorkel Surpise: a relaxation & conclusion of our special celebration story

Alice's dad gave her a snorkel for her birthday, and today she's going to snorkel for the very first time!
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201. BCAI: Extraordinary Engine: a children’s story and meditation

As Alex the Train Engine chugs along his track he notices many ways to show love and kindness. What will he discover?
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530. Ferret Fun: a calming bedtime story for children

Fiona Ferret's friend Fran always makes sure that Fiona has fun things to play with!
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200. BCAI: Field Trip!: a calming meditation and story for kids

Bobby the Bus is excited. Today he gets to take the kids on a field trip. Where will they go?
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528. Book of Music: a calming children’s story

Ruby June learns another way to share stories when her new friend Henry shows her a special book.
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199. BCAI: Quiet Please!: a story and relaxation for kids

Zip the Yorkie meets Bruce the St. Benrard on a walk. The little dog is so excited, he yips and yips away. Will he notice how his new friend is feeling?
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526. Pizza Delivery!: a mindful story and meditation for kids

Vinnie Scooter helps out a new friend as he delivers pizza to people on Ahway Island.
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198. BCAI: Trucks and Trees: a kids’ mindful tale and relaxation

As Dragon walks through the forest some new sounds echo. What is going on?
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524. Beyond the Bed: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine

Penny Pillow explores the big beautiful world beyond the bed and meets a new friend.
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197. BCAI: Forest Explorers: a children’s relaxing story and meditation

Rogelio, Helen, Brianna explore the forest to find Dragon. As they do, they get lots of ideas for their play.
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522. Shiny Treasuers: a story and meditation for your bedtime routine

Saira Sand Crab meets a new friend, Sandy Seagull, who shares her interest in treasure hunting!
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196. BCAI: What’s Next: a calming meditation and story

It's time for another adventure with Chance the cardboard box! Today he's a space ship ready to discover another world.
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520. Sunset Singalong: a calming short story for children

Fernando, Freeda, and Felicity Frog give a concert for all the Ahway Island animals to attend.
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195. BCAI: The Beach Buggy Show: a calming bedtime and nap time story for children

Bodhi the Beach Buggy is in his first car show. He's excited to make some new friends!
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518. Fabulous Fire Engine: a guided meditation and kid’s story

Students at Ahway Island Middle school visit Frankie Fire Engine at the Ahway Island Fire Station.
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194. Stumble and Grace: a kid’s mindful story and guided relaxation

Ballet Bunny meets some new friends. Although she stutters sometimes she wows them with her graceful dancing.
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516. Mini-Golf Adventure: a story and meditation for your bedtime routine

Rogelio and his dad have a fun day playing miniature golf with Helen and Brianna.
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193. Dragon at Work: a soothing story and meditation for kids

Today Dragon bravely goes to the construction yard and meets Ellie the excavator and Danny the Dump Truck.
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514. Shelter Pet Parade: a guided meditation and story for kids

Missy the Dog and some of her friends come to the Ahway Island Animal Shelter to find their forever families.
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190. Listen, Tractor, Listen: a meditation and story for your bedtime routine

Trenton the tractor has so much to say, but he listens first to the others. With understanding, he changes his thoughts and helps.
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512. Sparkling Solar Train: a soothing story and meditation

Sparkling Train makes a trip around Ahway Island and meets many friends!
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188. Train Talk: a calming story and guided relaxation for kids

Dragon has explored Ahway Island and has met a lot of new friends, but is still curious and nervous to meet people. Will the train talk Dragon into being brave.
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