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COVID Vaccines for Kids

The COVID vaccine is going to be available for younger children in the coming weeks here in the U.S.. I don't know about you, but this has been on my mind for some time. Today, I'm sharing my decision-making process. This episode may or may not resonate with you--and that's okay. In this chat, I'm ?

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Performance Reviews

Parenting is one of our most important jobs in life. But we also don?t get formal performance reviews like we do in the working world. Sometimes that can leave us guessing.  How am I doing? You want to know, right? Since there isn?t a formal review process, we tend to look to the world around ?

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Live Recording: Your Simplicity Questions

Today I'm bringing you a live recording -- Your simplicity questions answered!

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Back to Baseline

We just moved into a new house. We?ve been renting for almost a year and found a permanent spot right down the road. Even though it?s not a far move, it?s been a big move. Big life transitions like this can feel really out of control. There?s always unexpected stress. Unexpected tasks. Unexpected emotions.  If ?

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Back-to-School Q&A

Back-to-school season can feel busy and stressful--especially this year. In today's episode I'm answering some of your back-to-school questions. Heads up, next week I'll be starting a one-week special offer on Simple Families Foundations.

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Hear the Message

As adults we are accustomed to a certain type of communication. Usually, it involves spoken word and it?s fairly civilized. That?s not always the case when it comes to communicating with our kids.  Our children are still developing the ability to regulate their emotions and tolerate frustrating circumstances. The result is that often they communicate ?

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We all need to move. But in this busy world, it doesn't seem easy to make time and space for movement. As our culture has become more sedentary, this topic is increasingly important for all humans--but especially for parents. Our children's brains develop through movement. My guest today is Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement. Katy ?

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Start The Day

Starting the can feel like a lot. It can be busy and overwhelming. There are so many things that need to get done and so little time to do them all. I know in many parts of the world people are preparing to go back into the world and back to school. Maybe you've ?

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Mental Clutter in Parenthood

Many of us have been decluttering our homes for some time. But what about our brains? Mental clutter is real. Parenthood can feel heavy. We are tackling the 10 reasons that parenthood feels cluttered and overwhelming. If you are committed to self-care but aren?t sure where to start, I want to invite you to join ?

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One of the most common concerns I hear from parents is this: "My kids don't listen to me!" Generally, what this means is that you ask your kids to do something and they don't do it. Maybe you ask them several times. Perhaps you ask them several times with an increasing sense of urgency until ?

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Minimalism Your Way

Minimalism looks different for everyone. When Christine Platt found minimalism she expected it would involve moving towards an all-white, barren aesthetic. But in search of an intentional life, she has built a home and lifestyle that is unique to her individual needs and culture. Christine, also known as the Afrominimalist, encourages us to search for ?

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Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Say thank you. Eat your breakfast. Sometimes we sound like a broken record. We feel like we are prompting and reminding our kids to do things all day long...and sometimes we are. It's exhausting! That's what we are talking about today. I'll share my tips and tools for success.

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Fears of Simplicity

What if I get rid of something that I might need someday? How will my kids react? Making a big lifestyle change can feel scary. Moving towards simplicity is no exception to this. In today's episode, we are discussing common fears around living a simpler life.

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You should know this by now. I?ve asked you a hundred times. How could you forget?  Today we are going to talk about consequences, punishment, and discipline. How do we raise kids to take ownership and care for themselves and their belongings? Today I?m going to give you some things to think about and some ?

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Be Like Bamboo

I?m going to start today off with a quote:  ?We?re often afraid that if we give our kids an inch, they will take a mile. Every single grain of rice in their bowl must be eaten up, every toy in its proper place, every ?I? dotted and ?t? crossed. We believe this is comforting to ?

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If you?ve tuned into the news at all in the past year, you?ll know that there?s a heck of a lot of controversy around science. Whether we are talking about climate change, masks, or vaccines you?ve probably come across disputes and wars of words on scientific topics. I think back to a generation ago, where ?

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The Simplicity Connection

There are many ways in which society has constructed parenting to be far more complicated than necessary. The result is parental overwhelm. As parents, we all have the same goals. Raising happy, healthy, successful kids. In order to reach those goals, we commit ourselves to doing anything and everything possible. We want to give our ?

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Summer Plans

Summer used to be synonymous with time-off and relaxation. But times have changed and many parents now feel a sense of dread and overwhelm around the unstructured time that comes during the summer?especially after spending over a year at home. Today, we are talking about finding balance this summer. 

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Body Image

I?ve seen numbers that say over 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Our body image, or the way we perceive our own bodies, is impacted by family, friends, social media, the news, and more. Many of us entered motherhood with pre-existing body image challenges, and pregnancy and motherhood can exacerbate that. Today I?m ?

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Quick-Fire Q&A

In this episode, I'm doing a quick-fire Q&A. I have a long list of questions from you all and I'll be moving through, answering a variety of questions. We will be covering whether or not I have a junk drawer, parenting kids with bad attitudes, capsule wardrobes, defiance, video games, camping, lots of questions about ?

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Get Good with Money

For the longest time, I was a budget-resister. As a minimalist, I don't buy a lot of stuff so I didn't think I needed a budget. But I was wrong--moving towards a consistent, air-tight budget has been one of the most intentional changes that we have made in our family. Today I'm chatting with author ?

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Clean Up

"It's just too much." My daughter, who is newly 5, said this to me for the first time this week. She asked me to come clean up her room with her and when I walked in she sighed and said, ?it?s just too much?. We don?t have a lot of toys, but she manages to ?

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If you've been around the podcast for sometime, you will be happy to hear I'm bringing back the "Journey to Simplicity" series. In this series I chat with both friends and members of the Simple Families Community. We talk about what a simpler, lighter life looks like--and spoiler alert! It's always imperfect and a work-in-progress. ?

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Saying No

Saying ?no? can feel hard?especially to people we love. But if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, you might benefit from saying no more often. We have to take ownership over how we spend our time, money, and energy. If we don?t, we will end up burned out, exhausted, and broke.

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We are nearly one-year into a global pandemic, therefore I?d say we are far overdue in talking about therapy. Therapy: Who needs it? How do you get started? Maybe you are interested in exploring therapy but you have decision fatigue?there are far too many options and you don?t even know where to begin. Today I?m ?

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Bedwetting + Accidents

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Maybe you don?t consider yourself an outdoorsy person. Maybe you have a kid who isn?t into nature. I totally get that. The truth is that nature can be uncomfortable. It?s often: Too bright.  Too hot. Too cold.  Too windy.  Too loud. But we are all nature people, in fact?we need to spend time outdoors for ?

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Our family recently downsized in a big way. I've had many people ask why we sold our lovely home and the short answer is: It's complicated. My husband, David, is joining me in today's episode for a candid conversation about the perils of homeownership and moving towards simplicity.

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Let's talk about kids who hit. Let's also talk about adults who hit. This kind of behavior is taboo, especially as kids get older. We aren't as open to talking with friends about it, and sometimes we feel like we're the only parent facing this problem. There's a lot of self-blame that goes into this as well. I ?

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Know Better, Do Better Guilt

In today's world, we are inundated with information. Whether it be about parenting, cooking, art projects, gardening?the world is quite literally at our fingertips thanks to Google.  The result is that we often feel like, if the information is available to us, we should consume it. And we should be able to put it into ?

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We are knee-deep in the holiday season, so let's take a moment to talk about over-gifters?these are people in your life, or especially your kid's life, that give more gifts than you'd like. Generally speaking, these are good, well-intentioned, loving people. The last thing you want is for them to walk away, feeling hurt, alienated, ?

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Prep Talks

We have different expectations for our kids? behavior based on the type of environment that we take them into. Perhaps you feel at ease when you pull into a playground, and your kids can jump out to just run, yell, and play. But what if you have to take them to a department store to ?

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What's missing this holiday season?

Caroling at the holiday party,  The live stage performances,  In vivo religious gatherings,  Shared meals,  Santa's lap and festive parades,  plane rides or road trips.  People we love. There's so much empty space left to fill. That emptiness often leads to discomfort. But, as humans, we have a way of filling those voids without pause. ?

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Let?s talk about Santa. I?ll start by saying this is not a kid-friendly episode, because we will be discussing Santa from the perspective of a parent. If you know what I mean. If you have a child present with you?press pause and come back to this. With the Holiday Season upon us, I know many parents ?

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide isn't meant to literally click and buy (although I've included links for ideas). Instead, it is intended to make you think differently about gifting. Our kids may grow out of their toys, but they won't grow out of spending quality time together as a family.  If we want to stay focused on ?

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Organize vs. Minimize

Organization can feel like a false promise of more. If only you could be more organized, you could manage MORE stuff. You could handle MORE on your calendar. But the truth is, the sheer quantity of?everything?is inundating us.  My efforts at organization mostly lead me to feel like a total failure. I can?t organize my ?

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Simplify Feeding

We all want our kids to eat well. We will try anything and everything to make it happen. But what if sometimes we try too hard and end up mucking it up in the process? There is plenty to be said about simplicity and feeding children--today we are exploring this topic more.

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Hard Decisions

Today we are talking about upsetting our kids. Sometimes as parents, we have to make hard decisions for our kids. Decisions they don?t like. Decisions that upset them. We are talking about feeling that tension between what your child wants you to do versus what you actually need to do.  This tension can quickly turn ?

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Challenging Relationships (Part III)

In today's episode, Part III, we're going to talk about how we can work to improve and better understand the challenging relationships that we have in our lives. We will cover setting boundaries, empathic listening, building connection, and communication patterns. Listen to: Part I Part II

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Challenging Relationships (Part II)

In last week's episode, we started talking about challenging adult relationships. I asked you to think about who that person(s) is for you. Now, this week we will talk about setting goals for those relationships and the impact of idealizing these relationships. In the previous episode, we discussed that some of the people who challenge ?

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Challenging Relationships (Part I)

We all have challenging people in our lives. Maybe it's your brother or your mother or a best friend from childhood. Our goal is to try to start viewing this person through a new lens?so you can reframe your mindset and your attitude. This topic of relationships is incredibly broad and I want to narrow it ?

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Spilling Anger

Stress can lead to anger and irritability. In today's episode, we are talking about how anger can spill over onto the people we love the most, including our partners and children. I'm sharing how we talk about this concept with our kids.

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For the first 30 years of my life, I struggled with messiness. No organizational system worked for me. In this episode, I'm sharing about my natural tendency towards mess and chaos along with how simple living has changed that for me.

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Comparison, Envy, and FOMO

One of the greatest, if not THE greatest, obstacle to simplicity with kids is FOMO. The fear of missing out. We worry about our children missing out on toys, experiences, and opportunities that they desire. We worry our children will be negatively impacted as a result. We fear they are going to miss opportunities. We ?

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Expansion & Contraction

Today I'm sharing my best relationship tool. It's called expansion and contraction. Expansion and contraction is a simple way to find the rhythm in your family. In fact, it's probably something you do all the time without even noticing. However, once you bring it to your awareness you will be able to use it with ?

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Why Do Kids Whine?

Our family was on vacation recently--and my husband and I wanted to explore some new sights. We love to wander around and breathe it all in. My kids don't always share this joy. In fact, on this particular trip, their legs seem to quit functioning altogether. They "couldn't walk" another step but could miraculously ride ?

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Screen Time Rules for Kids

Do you feel like you need some new screen time rules for your kids? There?s a good chance that your kids have consumed an increased amount of screen time during the pandemic. Whether it?s for work, school, or pleasure?we?ve all been home more and utilizing new devices in new ways. But what hasn?t changed is ?

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Back to School Q&A

After our last episode, Educating Your Child in a Pandemic, I got a lot of questions. Today I'll be answering your questions about returning back to school this year. Show Notes/Links: Link to First Name Basis episode on privilege White Fragility by Robin DeAngelo

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Educating Your Child in a Pandemic

Right now, many of us are thinking about back to school decisions. Educating your child in a pandemic is no easy task. Homeschooling? Distancing Learning? In-person school? Even if we are privileged to have a choice, making hard decisions for our families can feel agonizing. You may even lose sleep over it. That's why I'm ?

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