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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

In The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe gives a different take on a variety of topics?from pop culture to politics, history to Hollywood, each mystery is a trueish tale about someone you know, filled with facts that you don?t. Delivered with Mike?s signature blend of charm, wit, and ingenuity, these stories are part of a larger mosaic?full of surprising revelations, sharp observations, and intimate, behind-the-scenes moments drawn from Mike?s own life and career.


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264: Does Your Mom Really Vacuum in the Nude?

Two-time NYT bestselling author Peggy Rowe drops by to discuss her upcoming hour-long FOX primetime TV special?America?s Grandmother, her third book?Vacuuming in the Nude: and Other Ways to Get Attention, and the existence of aliens in the universe.  Or, to put it another way, a normal Mike?s mom episode.
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263: Let's Get Alex Epstein on Bill Maher

Earth nearing its eight billionth resident has Bill Maher very concerned. More people means more CO2 and that means catastrophe.  Unconcerned is Alex Epstein, author of the book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas?Not Less. Alex thinks we should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages while deciding what to do with fossil fuels. He believes the widespread idea that rising CO2 will make the Earth unlivable is literally impossible and he would like to tell Bill why.  Instead, he tells us.
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262: Let's Talk About Septums and Scrotums

James Nestor, a NYT bestselling author whose book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art inspired Mike to have a septoplasty, discusses the advantages of healthy breathing, the dangers of mouth breathing, and the reasons why our ancestors had larger mouths and straighter teeth. Then we share a song written by listener Bill Dumas in reaction to Mike?s request for a ballad about his deviated septum and his father?s swollen scrotum in Episode 203: There?s a Hole in Daddy?s Arm.
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261: Jack Carr is a Tomahawk Kinda Guy

Former Navy SEAL and bestselling author, Jack Carr talks writing, grit, and how his desire to ?never miss an opportunity to make someone?s day? led to the serendipitous circumstances that got his first novel into the hands of Chris Pratt.  
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260: There's No Nipples on that Almond

Dairy Farmer Dirty Jobbers Sue and Mike McCloskey school Mike and Chuck on the finer points of animal husbandry, the science of better milk, and how no-till and eutrophication is bringing them ever closer to becoming an environmentally net zero farm.
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259: In Another Time He Could Have Been a Star

Rick Beato drops by to talk Everything Music; his dinner with Joni Mitchell, his interview with Sting, and the TWO weddings where he sat next to Mike at a time when Mike was couch surfing.  
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258: Best Guest Ever

This week?s special guest is YOU gentle listener as Mike answers your questions about Freddy?s whereabouts, Mike?s desired super-power, and the joy of singing jingles.
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257: Where the Chili Meets the Cheese

President and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression a.k.a. FIRE, Greg Lukianoff discusses free speech vs hate speech, Safetyism vs Safety Third, and the Coddling of the American Mind.
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256: Just Because You're Pooping Doesn't Mean You're Out of Harm's Way

Former Green Beret and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company Evan Hafer talks combat, coffee, and what it?s like to take a blast of bear spray in the face? on purpose.
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255: Just Say Nyet

After Mike reprises The Man Behind the Microphone, a story about the most influential sportscaster of all time, he chats with that man?s eldest son about his dad?s fondness for frugality and trepidation of taxes ? SPOILER ALERT ? it?s Michael Reagan. 
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254: What the Hand Does the Mind Remembers

Robert Kiyosaki talks about how he voluntarily got into Vietnam, how he almost got kicked out, and why he wrote his Capitalist Manifesto to combat Marx?s manifesto.  
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253: "They Get to Shoot Nazis... That's Fun!"

After reading a short Memorial Day mystery called Visiting Hours Mike speaks with Bill Whittle about the protocols of Arlington National Cemetery, the price of freedom, and the need for gratitude.   
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252: The Gospel of Do-Goodery According to Luke

Luke Mickelson talks about how his charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace skyrocketed after appearing on Returning The Favor and his mission to make sure every child has a bed to sleep in.    
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251: You Wear 40 Pounds of Gear Because, You Know, You're on Fire Quite a Bit

Three-time NHRA Funny Car Champ and farmer/rancher, Matt Hagan discusses artificial insemination, human waste as fertilizer, and what it?s like to be inside of an 11,000 horsepower funny car when it explodes.
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250: They Want You to Find Them

Staff Genealogist for Sons of the American Revolution, Jessie Hagan forgoes his Derby party to school Mike and Chuck on their revolutionary lineage, why it matters, and why Knobel is a fitting name for Mike?s whiskey. 
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249: Sometimes When He Goes Stinky He Forgets to Hold Mr. Beeper Down and Winkles on the Wall

Two-time NYT bestselling author, Peggy Rowe stops by to discuss her upcoming third book, how not to tape your students to a chair, and what it?s like to give your best friend?s eulogy.  
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248: I'll Attend His Graduation in a U-Haul

Adam Carolla talks frankly about growing up invisible, his podcasting leap of faith, and how he brought his construction work ethic to comedy.  
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247: The Other Side of the Fourth Wall

Master podcaster and chronicler of Hardcore History, Dan Carlin joins the conversation to discuss his process, the war in Ukraine, and the pitfalls of judging yesterday's events with today's values.
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246: Best Preamble Ever!

Mike and Chuck go guestless to talk Australian DJs, Satan?s pool, killing iguanas, and everything else that fills the squares on Mike?s calendar.  
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245: Mom, Do You Have a Stud Finder?

Bloody do-gooder and Returning The Favor alum, Katie Hughes of talks curiosity, confidence, and how a broken toaster changed the course of her life.  
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244: Where's the Beef?

Celebrity fitness trainer and unapologetic carnivore, Vinnie Tortorich talks diet, hormones, and why he has a beef with the fake-meat industry.
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243: The Best BBQ Comes From a Crockpot

Dave Ramsey joins Mike to discuss his documentary, Borrowed Future; How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream, the pitfalls of three easy payments, and why great BBQ never comes from a microwave.
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242: Coming Out Blue Collar

Owl Vans owner, John Willenborg talks about the six, six-figure welding jobs he has open, his stint on season 2 of The Apprentice, and the difficulty in telling his white-collar parents that he wanted to leave Berkley to weld. 
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241: The Maddest March Ever

Scott Flansburg, aka the Human Calculator, makes a repeat appearance to bring breaking news on his quest for truth regarding the real origins of basketball.
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240: The Crushing Certainty of Scientology

Today?s guest is Spanky Taylor, whose company does fan management and threat assessment for high profile celebrities.  Oh yeah, and she broke her billion-year contract and escaped Scientology.  
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239: The Best Business Card in History

Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, with his wife and writing partner, Lisa McCubbin Hill, discuss Clint?s service to five presidents including JFK and that fateful day in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
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238: He Has Nodded on Our Undertakings

President and Professor of Historical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Dr. Peter Lillback dissects Episode 124: At the Crossroads and literally schools Mike and Chuck.
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237: The Cookie Rojas of Cable

Brian Kilmeade, the utility player of FOX News, chats with Mike about Lincoln and Douglass, Rogan and Spotify, Johns Hopkins and how we all want our lives back.
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236: Don't Fly Over the Story

Journalist Salena Zito drops by to discuss the dignity of work, the populist movement, the censorship culture, and why she refers to Mike as her brother from another mother.
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235: The Reports of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Mike's parents drop by to give him an update on their recent bout with COVID.  Spoiler Alert: They're fine. 
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234: Diapers and Masks and Sharks, Oh My!

The Aquatic Indiana Jones, Jeremiah Sullivan, drops by to discuss art, Science, risk, and the joy of embracing the idiom Safety Third. 
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233: Jay Leno Makes His Own Sandwich

Mike and Jay talk for an hour. Hilarity ensues.
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232: Wanna See Something Really Scary?

Mike rings in the new year with a case of Covid. Chuck has questions.
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231: A Cornhole Christmas!

Mike?s mom is back with another heartfelt, yet wildly inappropriate catch-up with her oldest son. You?ll laugh, you?ll cry, you?ll dream of cornhole. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.
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230: It's Not the Itching, It's the Chafing

Mike chats with Sarah Yourgrau, one of the producers of Returning the Favor, to discuss why so many people loved the show, why it won an Emmy, why it made so many people cry tears of unbridled joy, and why it?s cancellation took so many by surprise.
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229: A Symphony of Balls with John Rich

Mike talks to John Rich about what led to their viral smash, Santa?s Gotta Dirty Job, and a whole lot more, including an outrageous phone call to Donald Trump, that led to the title of this episode.
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228: Good Question

Chuck crashes Thanksgiving at Mike?s house, fails to book a proper guest, and relies instead on listeners to pose interesting questions for Mike to answer. The listeners come through, as always.
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227: About Those Safe Spaces

How safe is your space? This is the question Mike attempts to answer with Justin Folk, a filmmaker who left Hollywood behind to make the kinds of movies he believes matter most.
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226: We're Not Making The Godfather

Mike?s guest is a man called Lindsay Schnebly, an accomplished voiceover artist whose unusual name inspired a town, almost.
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225: Why Does Jake Maynard Think My S.W.E.A.T. Pledge is Bonkers?

Mike interviews Chloe Hudson, a 28-year-old welder who received a work ethic scholarship from mikeroweWORKS, and went on to earn six-figures a year, and more recently, the subject of a new documentary called Trading Up. Together, they unpack The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge, and try to determine why a writer named Jake Maynard thinks it?s ?bonkers.?
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224: "I Didn't Get It!"

Mike has a very serious conversation with a very funny guest about a very serious topic that turns out to be very funny.
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223: Would You Care to Have Your Head Read?

Mike chats with David Keltz, an actor from Baltimore who has assumed the identity of Edgar Alan Poe, and memorized most of his published works.
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222: I Don't Want to Recover From This

A show about nothing, a guy named Jerry, and the audition that changed television. Followed by a very funny conversation with Enrico Colantoni, one of the few actors to be a series regular every week for the last 20 years.
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221: Tim Allen Lives on a Runway

Mike has a most enlightening chat with his TV Big Brother, the one and only Tim Allen, who still seems a little incredulous that Mike didn?t return to Last Man Standing to finish what he started. As for why Tim now lives on the runway of an airport, well, that?s a bit of a mystery...
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220: The Duck of Justice Flies Again

Mike chats with Tim Cotton, the famous cop who saved a stuffed bird from the trash heap and went on to write a couple of bestselling books.
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219: The Beard is Getting Itchy

The true story of the most important novel ever written, and a conversation with the filmmaker who tried to put it on the big screen.

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218: The Human Calculator is on a Mission

The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg stops by to demonstrate his Guinness world-record abilities, introduce Mike to a better calendar, and explain why he is determined to uncover the real story of how basketball was invented. 

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217: OCCASIONALLY ? A Chat with Gary Sinise on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Mike sits down with his ?professional big brother,? to discuss the relevance of 9/11, twenty years after the attack on America.

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216: Off the Wall ? A Message to Garcia, and Tim Johnson

Mike responds to criticism from some guy named Tim Johnson, and celebrates the anniversary of mikeroweWORKS by reading the most popular essay of all time. Then, a spirited conversation with Chuck, the nervous producer.

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215: Han Shot First

Mike recalls the circumstances of a young man?s first flight in a plane with an open cockpit, the mother who allowed it to happen, and the consequences that followed. With a little help from George Lucas, Jon Stewart, a mechanical shark, and a conversation with a pilot named Bill Whittle.


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