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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.


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Episode 210: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

Mike takes a deep dive into the nature of authenticity, with a little help from Sean McCourt ? a former Broadway actor who works today as a producer on After the Catch and contributor to The Way I Heard It, and God only knows what else. Sean also happens to be the father of Charlotte, the eleven-year-old Girl Scout made famous by her blisteringly honest critique of the cookies she was trying to sell to her Daddy?s wealthy friend five years ago. A critique that unleashed a media blitz for which Mike accepts most of the blame. It?s a rumination on the power of action, and inaction, and the squishy middle in between.

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Episode 209: Oops, I Did It Again

The true story of the most consequential pig in the history of Silicon Valley, or for that matter, the world. Followed by the true story of the most consequential pig in Mike?s career ? the one he put on a pedestal fifteen years ago, that went on to become the unofficial mascot of Dirty Jobs. Then, a most unusual redux, as Tom Frank returns to set the record straight, and explain in no uncertain terms why a brown garbage bag is a poor substitute for a leather vest.

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Episode 208: The Potpourri is About to Hit the Fan!

Mike tracks down Tom Frank, the Hollywood producer who hired him to host the game show that launched his career in television, only to learn his old friend has become a life coach. Or possibly, a career coach. Whatever he is, Tom Frank knows where all the bodies are buried, and tells a story or two that Mike would probably like to forget.

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Episode 207: That Time I Knocked a Famous Movie Star on His Ass

A hashtag and a me-too on steroids, followed by a series of digressions too voluminous to list, concluding with the true story of the time Mike knocked a famous movie star on his ass.

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Episode 206: Who's Your Granddaddy

After sharing the true story of a hard-charging master sergeant with a voice like a jackhammer who went on to become a famous artist, Mike recalls the lessons learned from his soft-spoken grandfather ? an artist of a different kind - whose unique talents inspired a show called Dirty Jobs, and a foundation called mikeroweWORKS. It?s a rumination on men who scream, and men who whisper, complete with a song about a nose that wouldn?t stop bleeding.

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Episode 205: A King and a Crouch and Me on a Couch

The true story of two great teachers, two stuttering students, and two happy endings. Followed by a conversation about the beauty of ?what,? the danger of ?how,? and the timeless challenge of ?trying not to try.?

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Episode 204: A Quick Look Over the Railing

The true story of the first woman to go where no man had gone before, followed by the true cost of progress, the false value of safety, and a revealing conversation about the profoundly annoying sensation of being swindled by someone you trust.

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Episode 203: There's a Hole in Daddy's Arm

This is a sad one. But also a funny one. And frankly, a weird one. There?s sentimentality and singing. Nosebleeds and narcotics. Letters from beyond the grave, and perhaps most surprising, the sudden appearance of a giant scrotum. Probably easier to just listen.

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Episode 202: The Leaf Blower Stays In

A famous woman vanishes and triggers the largest manhunt in British history. A hundred years later, Mike loses all his money in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Coincidence? Probably. But Chuck wonders what Mike?s fictitious hero, Travis McGee, might have to say about the scandal, and Mike has some opinions on the matter ? opinions that are somewhat upstaged, paradoxically, by a leaf blower.

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Episode 201: Everybody Pees in the Pool

A famous athlete takes great pains to conceal his true identity from millions of fans. Then, Mike welcomes Paul Kelley back to the podcast, to discuss a series of topics too disparate and strange to articulate in a two sentence description.

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Episode 200: Smart Stupid ? Now With Slightly More Stupid

What do you get when you cross the most beautiful girl in the world with the funniest man on the planet?  Something smart and something stupid.

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Episode 199: Mothers Day - Now With Fewer Worms

It?s a Mother?s Day surprise, complete with tapeworms, smoke bombs, large chunks of earwax, a wall of dead mice, a fly infestation, and of course, Mike?s favorite mother, with a guest appearance by Mike?s favorite dad. Yeah, it?s a weird one.

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Episode 198: Where Do I Begin

A problem at the border, a fat man in a shiny suit, and all the thirty-five cent draft you can drink. It?s a fine place to begin, even if you don?t know where you?re headed.

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Episode 197: Everybody Run For Your Lives

Mike tells the true story of two friends united by their love of music, divided by their love of a girl, and the fistfight that changed rock and roll. Then, he recalls the audition that changed the course of his own career, before chatting with the old friend who made it happen, and bursting briefly into song.

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Episode 196: Call It Macaroni

Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch joins Mike to discuss the manliest surfer of all time, the manliest fisherman of all time, and the problems that can sometimes arise when you punch a pesky fan in the nose.  Honestly, you can?t make this stuff up.

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Episode 195: The Epistemological Jack-in-the-Box

Mike tells the true story of a famous poet who wrote her best stuff while working as a waitress in a diner, many years ago. After that, another true story about the time Joan Rivers saved his career, followed by a rather remarkable catch-up with Paul Kelley, a true renaissance man who worked the overnights with Mike, back in the glory days of home shopping.  Yeah, it gets a little weird? and there is some adult language.

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Episode 194: Jon Stewart Owes Me $20!

Ever wonder what The Daily Show would have looked like if Mike Rowe had been hired to host it? Well, guess what ? he was! And then he wasn?t. And then, he was! And then?he wasn?t. The question is, does Jon Stewart really owe Mike Rowe $20?

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Episode 193: Who Ya Gonna Call

Who ya gonna call when a lifesaver turns deadly? Who ya gonna call when the ghost in your house can?t be busted? If you?re Mike Rowe, you call your producer, and have a very normal chat, about all things paranormal. Boo!

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Episode 192: Not Really a Ghost Story

A simple story of a simple homemaker turns in to a not-so-simple tale of the haunted home where Mike lived in 1992, followed by the spontaneous re-telling of the most terrifying night of Mike?s life. A ghost story that?s not really a ghost story, but nevertheless scared Chuck as bad as it did Mike?

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Episode 191: Ghost Writers in the Sky

While you will doubtless find this particular episode, chapter, or installment to be interesting, fascinating, or provocative, you will also learn something about the importance of choosing just the right word, term, or expression when attempting to write a memorable tale, story or yarn.  After that, Mike picks the enormous brain of Alex Abramovich, a ghost writer you?ve never heard of, who writes best-selling books for people you have.  

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Episode 190: "That's a big-ash tree!!!"

After sharing the story of a famous father and son who could never find the right words, Mike and his Dad prove that words are the least of their problems. Strap in for a completely unpredictable rumination on memory foam. broken windshields, intractable stumps, double-sided axes, ancient wood-stoves, big-ash trees, and transgender dogs. Peggy Rowe is there to supervise, but only makes things weirder, as usual.

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Episode 189: Damnatio Memoriae (That?s Latin for Cancel Culture)

In what appears to be an ongoing quest to get himself cancelled, Mike weighs in on the statue controversy much to the alarm of his producer, Chuck. Their conversation then pivots to the  situation in San Francisco, where the school board has recently voted to remove the names of Washington and Lincoln from the facades of public schools ? a truly bizarre decision that left Mike to wonder how in the world so many powerful people have managed to get their heads so far up their own asses.

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Episode 188: How Much for a Round Trip

Mike tells the amazing story of a mostly forgotten explorer, whose epic journey helped pave the path to Mars. Then, he?s joined by everyone?s favorite astronomer, Dr. Michelle Thaller, to better understand what the hell is happening on the Red Planet, and why it?s so frickin' expensive to get there.

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Episode 187: Beware the Irish Hammer

Mike ruminates on the splendid virtues of a certain ?Full Figured Gal,? and tells the true story of the day his lawyer ? The Irish Hammer ? changed the trajectory of his career by challenging him to put a pig on a pedestal. He then invites The Irish Hammer herself ? Mary Sullivan ? to explain why she left a successful law firm to oversee the career of a man who crawled through sewers to make a living.

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Episode 186: That Was Perfect Do It Again

Mike begins with chapter 8 of his bestselling book which contains quite possibly the greatest audition story ever told about one of the most ubiquitous names in television. This is followed by a personal recollection of Mike?s thespian dad and concludes with a moderately inappropriate conversation between Mike and Chuck wherein they swap audition stories from the ?90s.  It?s totally rad!

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Episode 185: Off By Roughly Two Trillion... AGAIN!!!

In episode #185, which Mike incorrectly identifies as episode #184, Mike welcomes noted astronomer Dr. Michelle Thaller, to discuss the obvious differences between sounding certain and being correct. Dr. Thaller, a noted astronomer with an enormous brain, tries to help Mike understand the enormity of the cosmos, and explain why the universe contained 200 billion galaxies just four years ago, and then 2 trillion galaxies just a few weeks later, and then back down to a few hundred billion as of last week. It?s enough to make your head spin, but between Mike?s gigantic cranium and Dr. Thaller?s enormous brain, we finally unlock the secrets of How the Universe Works?

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Episode 184: "I can't imagine Facebook is going to let you air this!"

?When it comes to erections, if it?s not one thing, it?s your mother.? Yes, Mike actually wrote that in chapter 7 of his bestselling book, and as you might imagine, his mother didn?t take it lying down?

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Episode 183: Play That Funky Music White Boy

Why do people go to such extraordinary lengths to change the way they look? What?s the best piece of music ever written? And why is Mike worried about getting cancelled and sued for the conversation you?re about to hear? There?s only one way to find out?

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Episode 182: Mother Knows Best

After reading chapter 5 of his bestselling book, Mike surprises his two-time bestselling mother with a phone call, on which they discuss the perils of prevarication, the joys of growing up Rowe, (on a budget,) and Peggy Rowe?s unsolicited review of Mike?s new show, Six Degrees with Mike Rowe, which she may or may not have actually watched.

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Episode 181: Off by Roughly Two Trillion

After reading chapter four of his book, Mike and Chuck discuss the real reason that so many Americans no longer believe people who sound certain - including journalists, politicians, scientists, doctors, professors, and yes? even narrators.

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Episode 180: Mike Rowe is Nothing but a Sellout

After Mike shares chapter three of his book he gives a spirited defense of the critical art of salesmanship, during which Chuck accuses him of being a sellout, and the two navigate the precarious world of commercial television vs commercials.

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Episode 179: A Shot in the Dark

After listening to chapter two of the best-selling book, The Way I Heard It, Mike and Chuck discuss three catastrophes and the role booze played in each of them, the joys of sharing shots with famous people, why Mike is NOT hosting one of the longest running TV shows in America, and the perils of primetime pixelated vomit. 

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Episode 178: Be Wary of All Earnestness

After reading the first chapter of his best-selling book, Mike has a candid, conversation with his producer, Chuck, about the origins of this podcast, the impact of singing old songs with old veterans, and his personal aversion to all things ?earnest.?

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Episode 177: It's Thanksgiving! What the Chuck?!

Mike sits down with his producer Chuck for a candid conversation about the future of The Way I Heard it.  Whiskey is sipped, decisions are made, life goes on.     

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Episode 176: The Trouble With 159

Mike takes a deep dive into episode 159 and the controversy surrounding a quote that was challenged by Billy Martin Jr., son of the late great baseball manager, Billy Martin.  SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet heard episode 159 this episode will spoil it for you. 

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Episode 175: His Brother's Keeper

A spooky tale of an ordained minister and a demonic possession. 

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Episode 174: Once Upon a Time in the Wild Wild West

Bill waited until the crowd had gathered on his property... and then he shot them all.

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Episode 173: Visiting Hours

When you have a family this big, you?re guaranteed an occasional visit?

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Episode 172: An Unforgivable Overreaction

With the war in full bloom all eyes were on the president ? would he or wouldn?t he launch?  

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Episode 171: He Really Stuck With It

And that was good news for the naked burglar.

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Episode 170: They Were All at Risk

Especially those with a pre-existing condition?

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Episode 169: A Mouse in the House

That was particularly hard to find.

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Episode 168: A Hooker You Can Trust

Call her what you will--the lady had vision.

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Episode 167: They Knew It When They Saw It

And Jerry knew that he desperately needed to get to a meeting.

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Episode 166: A Disaster in the Kitchen

Seriously, her cakes were downright repulsive!

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Episode 165: The Feel Good Hit of the Summer

A real toe-tapper that no one could escape.

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Episode 164: A Line in the Sand

Sometimes, you simply have to draw one.

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Episode 163: He Was Not Inclined To Judge

But did he really have to eat bull testicles to prove it?  

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Episode 162: OCCASIONALLY--Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day, Mike chews up the scenery with a recitation of what may be the most important speech ever delivered, by the man historians call "The Forgotten Founder." 

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Episode 161: Excess Baggage

A helicopter filled with evacuees tries to get off the ground as the shooting intensifies.  What could possibly go wrong?  

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