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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.


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Episode 163: He Was Not Inclined To Judge

But did he really have to eat bull testicles to prove it?  

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Episode 162: OCCASIONALLY--Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day, Mike chews up the scenery with a recitation of what may be the most important speech ever delivered, by the man historians call "The Forgotten Founder." 

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Episode 161: Excess Baggage

A helicopter filled with evacuees tries to get off the ground as the shooting intensifies.  What could possibly go wrong?  

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Episode 160: A Groundbreaking Structure of Staggering Possibility

This architect enjoyed a good challenge.  But this one nearly broke him...

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Episode 159: He Was Just Trying To Get Home

So too, was the man who got in his way.

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Episode 158: On the Pursuit of Satisfaction

The kid had a head for numbers.

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Episode 157: A Novel Hero

What he did was unspeakably brave.  So why then, did no one speak of it?

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Episode 156: A Bridge Too Far

They built a lot of bridges.  Perhaps, one too many...

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Episode 155: Lullaby for a Crackhead

He only had the one hit...but boy, was it a wonder!

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Episode 154: OCCASIONALLY--Quarantined Edition

Mike was the keynote speaker at the last large gathering in the United States before the country officially closed for business. His job? Shaking hands--with over a hundred thousand people. Now, after three weeks of self-isolation, he'd like to tell you about it. And then, read a very funny story from his mom's new book.

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Episode 153: An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

The player loved to play... but on this particular occasion--he chose the wrong playmate.

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Episode 152: They Had Their Way With Her

Or did they...

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Episode 151: He Was Ready For His Close Up

It was the gig of a lifetime... it just wasn't Gig's.

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Episode 150: Dude Looks Like a Lady

She broke the glass ceiling with ease.  But her secret was taken to the grave.

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Episode 149: Broadswords in a Pit

James and Rebecca simply could not settle their differences... that's where the broadswords came in.

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Episode 148: A Book to Pass the Time

Because you need something to break the boredom of marching 300 miles in 10 degree weather to bring three boat thieves to justice... or so I'm told.

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Episode 147: Her Biggest Fan

The doctor told her not to sing... but she did anyway.

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Episode 146: OCCASIONALLY--Christmastime

Christmastime is upon us, and with it comes the season of giving. Mike recites perhaps the greatest story ever written about the spirit of giving.

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Episode 145: Does This Look Infected

Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.  But penicillin won't help...

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Episode 144: A Legend In His Own Mind

He was destined for greatness.  No one knew it but him.

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Episode 143: Rude Awakenings

Some said he was cursed, others said he was blessed, but everyone agreed--he was the luckiest kraut in the navy.

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Episode 142: OCCASIONALLY--Halloween

It's All Hallow's Eve! So what better way to mark the occasion than with an episode of OCCASIONALLY. Mike pays homage to the macabre musings of the great Edgar Allan Poe by reciting perhaps his most famous story. Light a candle, pour a beverage, and let the Victorian goosebumps wash over you. Prepare yourself for the insidious beating of... The Tell Tale Heart

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Episode 141: On Average 15 Times a Day

But for this woman... maybe a bit more.

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Episode 140: Another Band of Brothers

This group gave us the most iconic sound of all time.

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Episode 139: A Penniless Singer

Who earned a funeral fit for a king.

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Episode 138: An Extraordinary Swap

A love story.  Sort of...

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Episode 137: A Bona Fide Sex Symbol

She simply had no choice.

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Episode 136: A Boy And His Dog

The skinny kid was so desperate that he was about to sell his best friend.

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Episode 135: The Illegitimate Son-of-a-Smith

Denied his father's true last name for most of his life, James reclaimed it--in a monumental way.

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Episode 134: Not Your Typical Homemaker

Julia was flattered by the proposal?but it came with certain? preconditions.

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Episode 133: Call It What You Will

It's difficult to describe the chaos of an unpredictable world--but Peter sure tried.

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Episode 132: Harvey's Future Ex-Wife

She just said she was going home - but it's the way she said it that we remember.

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Episode 131: The Mystery of the Vanishing Woman

When one of the most famous women in the world disappears without a trace, it sets off one of the greatest whodunits you've never heard of.

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Episode 130: A Tale of Two Pupils

They were classmates, bandmates, and best friends - even after one devastating punch changed everything.

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Episode 129: Mother Knows Best

Mary had issues, no doubt about it.  But her mother was always there for her...

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Episode 128: One Hell of a Toll

The journey was an incredible achievement - but the true cost was difficult to bear.

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Episode 127: No Polite Way To Put It

When it comes to writing steamy love letters, you really gotta hand it to Elizabeth and George - even though they handed it to themselves...

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Episode 126: Smooth Operator

It was a mission he chose to accept - and the tape did not self-destruct.

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Episode 125: On The Importance of Staying Grounded

How many near misses can one guy take - and still remain grounded.

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Episode 124: At The Crossroads

Where one can ponder a big decision and enjoy a continental breakfast. 

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Episode 123: Another Tortured Artist

A battered boy who couldn't stand the sight of his own reflection - so he changed it.

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Episode 122: The Cherry Pie Is To Die For

But Ted was craving a slice of something else.

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Episode 121: Her Most Notable Assets

She was plucked from obscurity and destined to satisfy the appetite of her insatiable benefactor.

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Episode 120: 30 Minutes of Disappointing Television

You can't put THAT on TV!

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Episode 119: They Shook On It

The significance of that shake was beyond this world.

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Episode 118: A Rapacious Capitalist

He talked to everyone - but it was the interview he didn't give that changed his life forever.

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Episode 117: Some Kind of Consequence

It wasn't exactly the trial of the century, but nearly everyone agreed - something had to be done.  

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Episode 116: A Little Town Up North

It was just a tiny patch of farmland near a tiny little burg - but oh, the things that happened there...

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Episode 115: A Conventional Hero

There are many ways to save a life - this one was rather conventional. 

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Episode 114: A Manly Man, A Gold Medal, and A Really Big Sea

How to wave goodbye to your current career. 

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