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At Home With Sally

At Home With Sally

Home is the place where the whispers of God?s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation pointed to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls. I hope you will find inspiration to cultivate such a life within the pages of this blog. I welcome you here!


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We Take Personal Responsibility: Our 24 Family Ways #16 - Episode 601

No one becomes excellent of character automatically from lectures, but rather from practicing skills, responsibilities, and chores together with contented spirits. Wisdom and skill require time, instruction and practice ? modeling combined with gentle and patient instruction.

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Don't Mom Alone (with Heather MacFayden)

God created us for companionship with real people. We were born for community, love, help, encouragement, and the blessing and intimacy that comes from close friendship with others.

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Some Things Are As Good As You Hope They'll Be - Episode 599

To dream wildly and find that some dreams really do come true is to taste the goodness that began us and the grace that aids us and the kindness that draws us on toward the healing of all things.

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We Work with a Cooperative Spirit: Our 24 Family Ways #15 - Episode 598

Giving your child a self-image of perceiving that God wants to use them in their world, will shape their work and service the rest of their lives. Giving them practice to serve each other will build strong relationships between siblings when they grow up.

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Engage in the Possibilities of Life & Giveaway - Episode 597

So many times, we are stopped by fear of failure, or criticism, or just lack of a work ethic. But even as God is excellent, so we who are made to be like Him and to exhibit His light into a dark world, must determine to engage in the possibilities.

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We Take Initiative: Our 24 Family Ways #14 - Episode 596

Building our children into godly human beings is also so much messier and costlier than we ever expected, as well as taking longer than we anticipated. But the end result will be so worthwhile.

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Little Moments that Build an Eternal Legacy - Episode 595

What is accomplished in the little moments that require waiting or acting in patience is where the real legacy of relationships and passing on truth takes place.

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Lots of Fun with Sarah - Episode 594

Today, Sarah shares with me some of her ?survival techniques? that have kept her going in the midst of an incredibly challenging, exhausting season. I hope you will be made to feel you aren?t alone as we share our struggles, and encouraged that you, too, can bring beauty into ordinary days.

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Support & Community, Just For You - Episode 593

Since I was a young woman, I have been captivated by the concept of mentoring through loving, close relationships. Where did I learn all about it? From pondering the life of Christ. His way of reaching the world was by developing personal relationships, serving, and teaching the truths that came straight from the heart of God.

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Authentic Faith, Not Perfection: Help I'm Drowning - Episode 592

As I look back on the years of my life, it was not perfection that was needed, but an authentic faith, a humility, a choice to trust when the feelings weren?t there.

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16 Million Downloads, Chocolate, & a Giveaway

Today, I shared on my podcast 6 Ways that I deal with the storms in my life with the scripture that keeps me fast. I hope it will be of great encouragement to you. I pray it gives you a grid to follow, to practice when you need anchors to keep you strong. And it?s in the back of my book: I call it my Storm Care Kit.

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Love God Greatly: Angela Perritt Giveaway - Episode 590

I am beyond blessed to have Angela Perritt as a beloved friend, who shared her story on my podcast today. We have been the kind of friends that see each other seldom, but I know when I am with her, I will leave wanting to be my best self, being motivated to take His light into the world.

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Beauty: A Profound Anchor in the Storms of Life - Episode 589

Storms have come out of the blue, invaded my life, caused destruction and devastation at times. Yet, one of the ways I learned to anchor myself was by establishing rhythms that kept me sane. I learned to take responsibility for my soul that it might continue to become more beautiful.

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Launch Day: Help, I'm Drowning - Episode 588

I?m so happy that this day has finally come ? where I can move these words from my heart and into your hands. This book was born out of the thousands and thousands of women around the world who?ve expressed to me their own stories of dealing with life storms, and out of my personal journey as a young, idealistic woman and mother ? I so often found myself in the same places as you are today.

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Perspective: Learning How to Anchor Well Through Years of Storms - Episode 587

Perspective is a wisdom that comes through experience. We see things differently because of the long view of life and what transpires over decades. Today, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to talk to Kate Battistelli, as a seasoned woman, who adds so much grace to her words and gives so much wisdom and hope.

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Loving Well, Especially When it is Difficult - Episode 586

The world can be hostile to adults who seek to live morally excellent lives, and who attempt to live lives for the glory of God. And so even now, loving, listening, encouraging, supporting, and giving my adult children a home where they will be circled in love and commitment of friendship is one of the pulls in their lives to uphold their ideals in a very challenging time.

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Drowning from Waves of Loneliness - Episode 585

The truth is that, even with our understanding that God walks through every moment with us, that we?re never truly alone because of his unending faithfulness in our lives, we still so often feel utterly alone, unseen, and hidden beneath the dangerous waves of loneliness.

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Keeping My Head Above Water - Episode 584

Jesus was a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. When we experience tragedies and devastation, we can know He understands and sympathizes.

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Motherhood: Heroic Endings Amidst Difficulty - Episode 583

Eventually, with years of practice and determination, I learned the value of pushing through, taking just one more step when I thought it impossible. I am even shocked now to see that God was producing fruitfulness in my life beyond my imagination by helping me to keep going on His path. Endurance and perseverance by faith can lead to a treasure of blessings when the path is directed and companioned by God.

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We Are Diligent to Complete Our Tasks: Our 24 Family Ways #13 - Episode 582

When our children learn to be diligent in one area, it spills into all areas of life. We do it through gentle, daily, little by little, consistent training during their time in our home.

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The Clubhouse: The Doorway into Worlds of Imagination & Heroic Tales - Episode 581

I know you will absolutely treasure this Nathan and Joy's new book, The Clubhouse. It will provide hours of imagination and play for you. I hope you will get your own copy and enjoy it with your precious ones for many years to come.

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Anchors to Hold Us Fast in the Storms of Marriage - Episode 580

Join me on my podcast today where I share more about our story of marriage, some content from Help, I?m Drowning about our marriage, and the ways we were able to live through the storms that came blowing through the many twists and turns of our lives.

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We Take Care of What We Have: Our 24 Family Ways #12 - Episode 579

What you teach, model, and practice for your children is what they are most likely to value when they grow up. Give them small ways to be faithful in your home, so they can become strong in exercising bigger stewardship muscles when they are adults.

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Sometimes, We Are Our Own Storms - Episode 578

Sometimes we carry difficult marriages, past scars, the tension of hard relationships that will never end, financial burdens, guilt for our failures. But God longs for us to rid ourselves of these performative works expectations that we carry inside.

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The Storm of Loneliness & Isolation - Episode 577

Today on my podcast, I talk about the kind of friend that helped me make it through some of my darkest days. I hope you will share it, too, and be encouraged to be that kind of a friend for someone who needs your love today.

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We Are Generous With What We Have: Our 24 Family Ways #11 - Episode 576

When we capture the reality of God's nature being extravagantly generous on our behalf, this character quality born in our lives and trained into the lives of our children, reflects a wordless picture of a love that will reach hearts.

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The World Needs Brave Mamas, Now! - Episode 575

Our faithfulness ensures that our children may be trained in spiritual strength, moral excellence, and the influence of righteousness. I pray that every day, you will have a vision for understanding how very much each day of your faithful serving as a mom matters to God and to His wonderful plan to create us for this role.

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Waiting in the Meantime by Cultivating a Beautiful Life - Episode 574

Cultivating a life filled with beautiful rhythms, life-giving rituals, attitudes of gratefulness, is what shapes our hearts and minds in the midst of the storms. The agency we have to believe forward in God?s goodness and faithfulness will make every day meaningful, every day a gift, as we wait with hope.

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Help! Sally's Drowning! - Episode 573

As I have been praying about releasing Help, I?m Drowning into the World, I hoped that it would be a book where women would feel seen, understood, and validated. I'd love for you, my kindred spirits, to join me, be a part of a robust community, and help share my newest book with the world. So if you did not get in before, now is your chance!

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We Are Content: Our 24 Family Ways #10 - Episode 572

Choosing to be satisfied with what we have, laying our desires and dreams in God's hands, learning to love and bring light into the broken places we inhabit is the beginning of learning to be content.

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Perseverance: The Secret of Leaving a Lifegiving Legacy - Episode 571

When we add up a life of faithfulness in serving God, grace, wisdom, failure, forgiveness, compassion -- it is thousands of moments of choosing to persevere, one moment at a time. But it is only in making those small choices, when no one else can see, that we find ourselves progressing on the path of the righteous.

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We Are Thankful: Our 24 Family Ways #9 - Episode 570

Thankfulness requires us engaging in looking for ways we might worship God, and then verbalizing our gratefulness. This week, every day, notice things that God has provided, and thank Him for each way He has worked and blessed your life.

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Resting in the Compassion of God - Episode 569

Have you ever felt you needed to hide your feelings from the Lord? He is not surprised, nor does He condemn you. Jesus is our advocate, our God, ready to comfort us with sympathy and understanding.

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There Will Always Be Storms... - Episode 568

Do you wonder how you will ever get out from this place ? the place of financial crisis, serious health problems, loss of job or relationship and are paralyzed to know what to do? There will always be life storms to overcome and survive ? that is why I wrote Help, I'm Drowning.

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We Forgive One Another: Our 24 Family Ways #8 - Episode 567

If we want our children to be godly leaders in this world, they must see self-sacrificing, humble forgiveness in and through our words, our lives and our actions.

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Overcoming Darkness with Rituals of Hope - Episode 566

Little by little, we must strengthen our children's muscles of brining hope to their world by giving them the opportunity to be sources of hope and comfort and love to those in need.

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We Encourage One Another: Our 24 Family Ways #7 - Episode 565

Words have influence over who a human being becomes. That is why we must consider how to invest words of love, hope, truth, and encouragement, practice saying them regularly, and why we must teach children to ponder what words of life are and how to give them to others.


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Resources for Your Life: Help, I'm Drowning - Episode 564

Through almost seven decades of life, I found myself tossed about in overwhelming life storms through many different seasons. In Help, I'm Drowning, I reflected on challenges that took me by surprise. Though there are no easy answers, I would like to help lead you to the One who is with us and will see us through.

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Walking Through Soul Darkness with Hope: Help, I'm Drowning - Episode 563

At 68, I can see that somehow, as I literally cried through these life storms, as I begged God for help and wisdom, He was there, even when I could not feel or see him. This week, I am gently sending Help, I'm Drowning out into the world. I pray you will be encouraged.

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We Serve One Another: Our 24 Family Ways #6 - Episode 562

If a child grows up serving, it will become natural to them. Making " I love you" cards, plates of cookies for neighbors, and serving meals at the homeless shelter helped our children to learn to give time and effort to ease someone else's life. We are called the serve one another, just as Jesus called his disciples to serve along beside him and in this practice.

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Clubhouse: Imagining Living an Inspiring Life (with Nathan & Joy Clarkson)

People are always asking us, ?How did you do it? How did you inspire your children to be authors, movie makers, composers, college instructors, podcasters?? This was the way ? imagination, nightly discussions over great meals, close, delightful relationships every day. This is how their hearts, minds, and lives were shaped into adults who could imagine influencing their worlds for good.

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We Love One Another: Our 24 Family Ways #5 - Episode 560

Training a child to choose to love by showing kindness, gentleness and respect will prepare them to go before kings or paupers and to become leaders in their generation. It starts with an attitude that says, "God has designed me to love people, to be humble like He was, to show respect and kindness."

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Joy: Actively Engaging in God's Goodness

Cultivating habits that sustain our lives and fill us with joy is one way we have learned to move forward every day, to find how to make life sustainable. Join Joy and me as we share some of our thoughts.

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We Listen to Correction: Our 24 Family Ways #4 - Episode 558

We have an incredible capacity to be strong, grow in intellectual excellence as we exercise the muscles of our minds, to leave a legacy of faith and integrity ? but it requires that we also exercise our will, submit to God's discipline, and strain after His ways by following His heart.

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Help! I'm Drowning: Weathering the Storms of Life with Grace & Hope - Episode 557

In writing 'Help, I'm Drowning' I wanted to share some of the storms I faced and how walking with God led me to a life of flourishing and one in which He was building my life on the rock of eternal values. I hope you will be encouraged right where you are in your own storms and difficulties in life.

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We Honor & Obey Our Parents: Our 24 Family Ways #3 - Episode 556

Honor comes with humility?the ability to see others as more important than ourselves. To teach honor and obedience means we will have to occasionally cross our children?s wills. It?s not easy, but it?s necessary.

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Stay Fast to Your Ideals - Every Bit of Faithfulness Adds Up

Staying strong and faithful through all the years is what built my own precious one into the woman she has become. And though you can?t see it yet, your thousands of moments of faithfulness is shaping that child into what will become a strong, loving, faithful adult.

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Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow - Episode 554

Today, I?ll talk about what it looks like to find God?s strength, with Him lifting the load with me, no matter what I am carrying. I share some of my favorite verses about His strength. I pray that it will encourage you along your own path, and pray you will know God?s love in your journey.

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We Read the Bible Daily & Pray: Our 24 Family Ways #2 - Episode 553

The habit of coming to God every day, taking time specifically to seek Him, to listen to Him, to ponder His ways and engage in His truth is the most profound action that will shape your life.

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Joy & Sally: Cuteness & Fun - Episode 552

For a long time, I have wanted to do a weekly podcast that was just fun and informative, about what we are doing in the UK and tidbits of this and that. Today, that?s just what Joy and I talked about.

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