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REAL AF with Andy Frisella

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)


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360. Q&AF: Instilling Drive In Your Employees, Asking For Help & Developing Business Skillsets

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what's the best way to manage people who have potential but lack the drive to improve, how to ask for help without coming from a place of weakness, and why it's crucial to develop a business mindset when having specialized skillsets such as lawyers & doctors.

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359. Q&AF: Developing 'Kill Kill Kill' Mentality, Losing Weight While Operating Business & Becoming Successful As An Intrapreneur

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what it takes to develop a kill mentality that winners must possess, how to balance losing weight while operating your business and how someone can build their empire without owning a business.

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358. Andy, Dan Hollaway & DJ CTI: "I Tried Attacking The FBI," CDC Eases Restrictions & FBI Raided Mar-A-Lago For Nuclear Weapon Documents

In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by one of the Drinkin Bros podcast hosts and entrepreneur Dan Hollaway. They discuss the armed man who was shot after targeting the FBI Ohio office, the CDC easing the Covid-19 restrictions, and new documents that revealed the FBI raided Trump's Mar-A-Lago residence in search of nuclear weapon documents.

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357. Andy, Dominick Izzo & DJ CTI: FBI Raid Trump's Mar-a-Lago Property, Meta's New Chat Bot Says 2020 Election Was Rigged & Paul Pelosi Jr.'s Business Trip

In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by entrepreneur and former cop Dominick Izzo. They discuss Eric Trump's conversation with Daily Mail about what really happened during the FBI raid on his father's Mar-a-Lago property, Meta's new chatbot answering a reporter's question on if it believes the 2020 election was rigged, and Paul Pelosi, Jr.'s Asian stock climbing 30% after his Asian trip with his mother.

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356. Opportunity Through Struggle Ft. Lewis Caralla

In today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined in the studio by Georgia Tech's head football strength and conditioning coach, Lewis Caralla. They discuss society's narrative that you're incapable of achieving massive goals, how listening can make a huge difference to the younger generation, and the effort required to excel in your field of endeavor.

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355. Q&AF: Good Times In Business, Applying Consumed Information & Most Important Thing When Setting A New Goal

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what you should focus on when things are going well in business, how to apply the knowledge consumed from listening to the podcast, and the most important thing to remember when setting a new goal.

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354. Q&AF: Responding To Customers' Difficult Questions, Being Too Aggressive Towards Your Goals & Leading People Older Than You

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to respond to customers' difficult questions, if there is such a thing as being too aggressive when pursuing your goals, and what's the best way to lead individuals older than you.

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353. Q&AF: Learning To Love Hard Things, Becoming An Approachable Leader & Brainstorming Sessions

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how you can learn to love the hard things that life requires for success, how leaders can make themselves more approachable to their employees, and what his brainstorming sessions consist of at the moment.

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352. Andy & DJ CTI: Brittney Griner Verdict, MMA Fighter Takes Down NYC Assault Suspect & Nancy Pelosi Prepares To Visit DMZ With North Korea

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Russian court sentencing Brittney Griner to 9 years in prison for drug possession, an MMA fighter restraining an assault suspect in NYC, and Nancy Pelosi preparing to visit DMZ with North Korea.

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351. Andy & DJ CTI: Nancy Pelosi Departs From Taiwan, Capitol Rioter Gets 7 Years In Jail & Liquor Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Nancy Pelosi's departure from Taiwan after her 19-hour visit, a capitol rioter receiving seven years for bringing a gun into the capitol on January 6th, and the 80-year-old California liquor store owner shooting a would-be robber.

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350. Cultural Revolution - 2022 Missouri Primary Election Results

In today's episode, Andy reacts to the 2022 Missouri Primary Election results. He explains what these results mean to our community, the importance of getting engaged locally, and the next step we need to take to get America where we need it to go.

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349. Q&AF: Overcoming Procrastination, Struggling Employee & Transitioning From Manager To Owner

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what's the best way to attack & overcome procrastination, how to deal with an employee that's going through a rough patch in performance, and the best way to transition from being a manager into operating & building your business.

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348. Andy & DJ CTI: China's Military Launching Missiles, Banana Boat Recalls Sunscreen & Drop Box Tailgate Parties To Protect Fair Elections

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Chinese military launching missile strikes & attacks in another warning to Nancy Pelosi, Banana Boat recalling sunscreen products after detecting cancer-causing chemicals, and Arizona patriots setting up drop box tailgate parties to protect free & fair elections.

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347. Q&AF: Navigating Major Economic Hard Times In Business, Instilling Humility Into Employees & Building A Successful Business

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to operate your business through hard economic times, the best way to instill humility into your employees, and what the difference was from his previous attempts to get his business off the ground to the one that took off.

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346. Andy & DJ CTI: Disney Caves To Far Left, US officially Enters Recession & North Korea Threatens Nukes

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Disney caving to the far left by running Democrat ads on Hulu, the US officially entering a recession after the second quarter GDP comes in negative, and North Korea threatening to use nukes amid tensions with the United States.

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345. American Freedom: Now Or Never Ft. Eric Greitens

In today's episode, Andy is joined in the studio by Senatorial Candidate Eric Greitens. They discuss the current state of manufactured anguish happening in our country, why patriotism is mandatory to fight against tyranny, and what steps we can take as citizens to revive real American freedom.

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344. Andy, AJ & DJ CTI: Election Fraud In Colorado, Democrats Pressuring Disney To Run Abortion Ads & China's Warning To Nancy Pelosi

In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by AJ (@dreamrare). They discuss the election fraud that flipped the results in the Colorado election, Democrats pressuring Disney to run abortion ads on Hulu, and China's warning to Nancy Pelosi if she attempts to make a trip to Taiwan.

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343. Q&AF: Family Asking For Money, Making An Employee Partner & Fighting Wokeness In School

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to deal with certain family members who ask you for money once you achieve some financial success, if you should ever consider making one of your top employees a partner, and the best way to revolt against the woke school system.

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342. Andy & DJ CTI: $1 Trillion To Iran, Port Of Oakland Shutdown & Dave Chappelle Show Canceled

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss President Biden's poise to send 1 trillion dollars to Iran over the next six years, the Port of Oakland shut down after truckers continue to protest, and a Minnesota theater canceling Dave Chappelle's show after receiving 125 signatures & Antifa threats.

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341. Q&AF: Dealing With Yes Men, Using Loans Vs. Using Savings & Asking For Help

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what's the best way to deal with yes men, whether it's a smarter option to take out a loan or use money from your savings when starting your business and why it's crucial to drop your ego when asking for help.

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340. Andy & DJ CTI: Ukrainian Super-Soldiers, Climate Emergency & 76 Million Year Old Dinosaur Skeleton

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Russian lawmakers blaming losses on experimental Ukrainian super-soldiers, Durbin claiming climate change is more important than the current economic inflation, and a 76 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton being auctioned in New York City.

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339. Andy & DJ CTI: Biden's Climate Executive Orders, Antifa Vs. Bikers & Police Identify Victims In Indiana Mall Shooting

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Biden's plan to issue an executive order for the climate crisis, Antifa being chased away after picking a fight with a biker gang, and the police identifying the victims along with the hero bystander who killed the shooter.

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338. Q&AF: Importance Of Core Values, Higher Class Clientele & Keeping Humility Through Improvement

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on whether there's a hierarchy of importance regarding your core values, how to take care of your current customers when attracting higher clientele, and the best way to keep humility when you notice yourself improving.

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337. Q&AF: Self-Starter Employees, Making Promises To Your Team & Advertising Your Business

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on the best way to build your employees into self-starters, how you should approach making promises to your team, and when's an appropriate time to start paying to advertise your business.

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336. Andy & DJ CTI: Baba Vanga's Chilling Predictions, Armed Veteran Gets Into Shootout With Burglars & 21 Confirmed Illegalities From 2020 Election

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Baba Vanga's chilling predictions that have come true so far & what 2022 holds, an armed veteran homeowner who got into a shootout with Burglars on his front lawn, and 21 confirmed illegalities proving the 2020 election was fraudulent.

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335. Andy, Malik Deshawn & DJ CTI: Favorite Big Booty Latina, Iran May Try To Assassinate Trump & Giant Marijuana Cloud

In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by castrologist Malik Deshawn. They discuss AOC being trolled by Alex Stein on her way to the Capitol building, the US intelligence report that warned of a possible assassination attempt on Trump, and the Colombian police burning 1.5 tons of seized drugs resulting in a giant marijuana cloud over the town.

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334. Andy, Eric Greitens & DJ CTI: Heartbreaking Video Of Kid Hitting Cop, Nuclear Attack PSA & Secret Service Responds To Hunter's iCloud

In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by former Missouri Governor & Senatorial Candidate Eric Greitens. They discuss the heartbreaking video of a kid hitting & swearing at a cop in Minnesota, a PSA issued by NYC providing instructions to citizens in case of a nuclear attack, and Secret Service responding to the reported hack of Hunter Biden?s iCloud account.

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333. Q&AF: Healthy Comparisons For Growth, Taking Care Of Employees During Inflation & Redirecting When Working Towards Your Goals

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how you should be utilizing comparisons when working towards your goals, what's the best way to take care of your employees during challenging economic times, and how to course-correct on your journey to success.

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332. Andy & DJ CTI: Twitter To Sue Elon Musk, Protestors Storm President's House In Sri Lanka & Hunter Biden's iCloud Hacked

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Twitter suing Elon Musk after he pulls out of the deal due to bot information not being disclosed, a hundred thousand protestors storming the President's house in Sri Lanka, and the disturbing information/ images found on Hunter Biden's iCloud.

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331. Q&AF: Battling Depression, Building Systems Inside Your Business & Handling Inherited Money

In today?s episode, Andy answers your questions on how to stay productive when battling anxiety & depression, how to create efficient systems within your business for peak productivity, and what to do when you inherit a large sum of money.

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330. Misconceptions Of Humility: How To Become An Effective Young Entrepreneur

In today's episode, Andy talks about society's misconception regarding humility, why being a good follower translates well into being an effective leader, and how to fast-track your progression by learning from other people's mistakes.

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329. Andy & DJ CTI: 62 Year Old Employee Prosecuted For Self-Defense, U.K. Prime Minister Resigns & Woke Coffee Shop Shuts Down

In today?s episode, Andy and DJ discuss a 62 year old Bodega employee in New York prosecuted for stabbing a career criminal in an act of self-defense, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party and woke coffee shop owners in Philadelphia shutting down the business after battling with woke employees.

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328. Andy & DJ CTI: 5 Million Oil Barrels To China, Uvalde Cover-Up & Criticizing Disinformation Board

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss President Biden sending 5 million oil barrels from the US national supply overseas to China, Uvalde Mayor accusing state law enforcement of orchestrating a cover-up in the school shooting, and Nina Jankowicz stating that the GOP did a disservice to the country by criticizing the disinformation board.

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327. Andy & DJ CTI: Highland Park Parade Shooting, In Mourning After Roe V. Wade & Transgender Monkeys

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the suspect from the Highland Park shooting wearing women's clothing after the mass shooting, a Universal Music Group employee refusing to work over the Roe v. Wade ruling, and Fauci's NIAID spending $500,000 to turn monkeys transgender.

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326. Pursuing Excellence: 4th Of July Special

America needs you to be excellent. In today's episode, Andy talks about the opportunities we have right in front of us, how we can help each other pursue excellence and why mental toughness & discipline will play a crucial role in the success of our country.

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325. Q&AF: Game Of Entrepreneurship, Innovation In Inherited Business & Life Guru Advice

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on his favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur, the best way to add innovation into an inherited family business, and advice from life gurus that you should avoid at all costs.

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324. Andy & DJ CTI: Biden's Voicemail To Hunter, Hutchinson's Jan 6th Testimony & Serious Adverse Events

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the leaked voicemail message from President Biden to Hunter regarding his dealings with the Chinese, Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony describing Donald Trump's actions on January 6th, and the serious adverse events that have occurred due to the Covid-19 vaccine.

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323. Q&AF: Getting Offensive During Hard Times, Holding Team Meetings & Maintaining Positive Momentum

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what you should be conscious of when going through difficult growth periods in your business, how to hold productive team meetings inside your organization, and the best way to maintain the positive momentum you've created.

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322. Successverse

In today's episode, Andy talks about the undeniable power of the universe when you genuinely wish the best for others, the best way to adopt this mentality on your path to success, and how collectively we can improve the world through our intentions.

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321. Andy & DJ CTI: Crickets For Human Consumption, Nancy Pelosi Pushing Daughter Of GOP Rep. & Clarence Thomas Called The 'N-Word'

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss a Canadian Plant that plans to produce nearly 10 tons of crickets for human consumption, Nancy Pelosi pushing the daughter of GOP Rep. Mayra Flores during a photo op, and racist white progressives openly calling Clarence Thomas the "N-word."

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320. Q&AF: Paying Yourself, Instilling Mental Toughness In Your Child & Opportunities At Work

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on when it's an appropriate time to pay yourself after reinvesting into your business, what's the best way to instill mental toughness & discipline in your child, and how to find the positive opportunities within a new company.

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319. Andy & DJ CTI: Most Significant Gun Control Legislation, President Biden's Cheat Sheet & Dr. Oz Ditches Donald Trump

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Senate passing the most significant gun control legislation in decades, a very specific cheat sheet reminding President Biden how to act, and Dr. Oz appearing to ditch Trump months after he was endorsed by the former President.

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318. Q&AF: Developing People Of Character, Retaining Employees & Purpose: Innate Or Developed?

In today?s episode, Andy answers your questions on what?s the best way to hire trustworthy & hard working employees, how to retain those employees for the long term and whether your purpose in life is innate or it?s something that you eventually develop.

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317. Andy & DJ CTI: Money For Second Pandemic, Officers At Uvalde Waited An Hour & Texas GOP Declaring Biden As Illegitimate President

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Biden wanting money to fend off the second pandemic, officers at Uvalde having riffles but waiting an hour to enter the school, and Texas GOP openly declares Biden as an illegitimate President.

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316. Q&AF: Public Speaking 101, Communicating Honestly With Clientele & Attracting Supportive Customers

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on the best way to prepare for a public speaking event, how to communicate effectively with your clientele, and the most important thing to understand when trying to attract the right customers to your business.

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315. Andy & DJ CTI: Eric Greitens' Hunting Ad, Lia Thomas Banned By FINA & Disney's Lightyear Flops

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Eric Greitens' new RINO hunting campaign ad that has enraged critics across social media, Lia Thomas' dominance over female competitors coming to an end after being banned by FINA, and Disney's Lightyear flopping over a controversial lesbian kiss in its opening weekend.

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314. Q&AF: Leading Different Personality Types, Couples Supporting Each Other & Competing Against Larger Companies

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how leaders should communicate when leading different personality types, what's the best way for couples to support each other's individual goals, and how small companies can compete against larger companies in the same sector.

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313. Q&AF: Visualizing Long Term Goals, Voting Out Established Politicians & Leadership Through Inspiration

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on why you should take visualization of your long-term goals seriously, how you can get involved in your community to vote out established politicians, and why leading by example is the most effective way to lead your team.

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312. Andy, Vaughn & DJ CTI: SpaceX Fires Employees, Italians Drag Protesters Off Road & CDC?s Sex With Monkeypox Guidance

In today's episode, Andy, Vaughn & DJ discuss SpaceX firing employees behind the open letter that criticized Musk's comments over sexual harassment allegations against him, a video showing furious Italian motorists dragging extinction rebellion protesters away to let traffic pass after the group had blockade one of the busiest roads in Rome, and the CDC issuing bizarre guidance for having sex with monkeypox.

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311. Andy, Vaughn & DJ CTI: Environmentalist Groups Sue Biden, Compensation For Side Effects & Capitol Police's Jan. 6th Warning

In today's episode, Andy, Vaughn & DJ discuss environmentalist groups suing the Biden administration to block more than 3,500 oil and gas permits, a BC man receiving compensation for a vaccine-related injury, and an email warning the capitol police about violence two weeks before the Jan. 6th riots.

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