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REAL AF with Andy Frisella

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)


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62. #MindBlownEmoji - Part 2

Everybody outside of the United States looks at Americans the same, so why can't we look at ourselves as the same? Continuing the conversation from part 1, Andy and the crew dive deep into how the rest of the world views Americans, how the Coronavirus pandemic has positively affected our educational system, and how the mainstream media can manipulate the story to their benefit.

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61. #MindBlownEmoji - Part 1

With all the conflicts and controversies raging between different factions in America today, it is easy to forget that we are all human. That means we all make mistakes, we all fall short of our ideals, and we need to get a helluva lot better at humbling ourselves, empathizing with others, and trying to be better. In this episode, Andy and the crew dismantle the cancel culture, explain why it's a threat to unity, and identify some real good things that have come out of all the bad sh*t going on.

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60. Liberating Your Mind

You are a byproduct of the environment that raised you. The problem with that is, most of our parents and guardians instilled the wrong beliefs in us. On today's show, Andy shares four simple steps you can take to discover the truth and liberate yourself from the current beliefs that are causing you pain.

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59. Crabs In The Bucket

When did our society start to congratulate people on quitting and accepting a life of mediocrity? The truth is, we have been brainwashed and told mediocrity is acceptable by people who haven't accomplish anything. On today's show, Andy teaches you how to avoid being a crab in the bucket so you can live an extraordinary life.

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58. 1000 Days

Society tells us that success is not for us. Unfortunately, most people listen, and at the end of their life when they are on their death bed, they have nothing but a list of regrets. On today's show, Andy shows you how you can avoid the trap of small-minded thinking, and spend the next 1,000 days grooming yourself for the success you have been dreaming.

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57. The 2nd American Revolution? - Part 2

Americans will be free when Americans decide to be free. If you have been silent about the things going on, the time to speak up is now. Following up on the last episode, Andy and the guys discuss the statistics behind the Coronavirus, why more people need to be vocal about the shutdown, and the revolution our country is going through.

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56. The 2nd American Revolution? - Part 1

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't, and yet we are still shut down due to the false information we are receiving. How long will we continue to tolerate the mainstream media, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies feeding us incorrect information for their gain? On today's show, Andy and the guys discuss the political power struggle, mandatory masks, and the future of our children's education.

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55. Uncomfortably Comfortable Ft. Ryan Michler - Part 2

Are you chasing likes and comments on social media? Or, do you stand by your views regardless if it goes against the mainstream media's outlook? Without even realizing it, most people make decisions entirely based on emotions and disregard the statistics and data. On today's show, Andy and Ryan wrap up the discussion and teach you how to develop a more reliable belief system based on looking at the facts.

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54. Uncomfortably Comfortable Ft. Ryan Michler - Part 1

Finding your voice is not about finding your voice; it's about developing it through credible sources and the facts. On today's episode, Andy and special guest Ryan Michler of Order of Man, talk about how you can differentiate between your beliefs and the truth to make logical decisions.

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53. The Ultimate Happiness Hack

Did you know that you can control your happiness? Most people have the wrong idea when it comes to being happy and view it as a mystical force they have zero control over. The truth is, your daily actions contribute to your happiness. On today's show, Andy shares his top 5 steps you can do today to put you on the right path to creating happiness.

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52. America ... F*ck Yeah! - Part 2

Ever wondered what happened July 5, 1776? The Founders of America followed through with their plans and, 244 years we are. You might have listened to part 1 but now it?s time to cue up the sequel, listen to the end of the conversation, and carry on the fight for the soul of the USA. Andy and the crew finish strong in this one, and make one thing clear: if we keep fighting over the mistakes of the past and don?t find common ground in the present, our country has no hope for the future.

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51. America ... F*ck Yeah! - Part 1

While you?re poppin? open bottles of Miller Lite and lighting up Roman candles for the 4th, listen as the crew takes aim at the tyrannical threats to the future of our democracy; namely, the two worthless political parties, the woke mob, and the Media That Cried Wolf. You won?t want to miss Andy?s essential tips for reclaiming American greatness, or his shocking prediction about events to come. He hopes he?s not right, but...when has he ever been wrong?

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50. The Cure For The Sickness That Is Destroying America

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of all the division and hate happening in our country right now? We have people from other states pushing their political beliefs and agendas on the whole country, creating more division, more hate, and sabotaging America's progress. On today's show, Andy dives deep into how you can think for yourself and be a part of the solution to get back to the core values that made America great.

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49. The Complacency Trap

How do you react to success? Do you become stagnant after a minor victory? Or do you use it as fuel to continue on the road of domination and reaching higher levels of success? On today's show, Andy differentiates between the two reactions you can have to success, and how to set bigger goals to ensure you never find yourself in the trap of complacency.

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48. The Universal Law That Leads To Success

The universe doesn't care about what you say; it only cares about your intentions. If you are battling anxiety, dealing with frustration, and your goals are not materializing, then you need to shift your intentions. On today's show, Andy gives you the ultimate hack to changing your intentions so that you can accelerate your progress in business and life.

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47. Rules Young Entrepreneurs MUST Follow

Starting a business and building your personal brand is an extremely difficult uphill battle. It requires a lot of confidence mixed with grit, determination, and endurance to come out victorious. On today's episode, Andy tells you how you can avoid the foolish mistakes when starting your journey to building your empire.

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46. Hot AF Is Hot AF

What does it mean to be an American? This country has been built on a collection of diversity, brave men and women fighting for our freedoms, and our powerful unity. The narrative now is being manipulated into division and having hatred towards each other. On today's show, Andy addresses how working on ourselves can help solve the problems we're facing as Americans.

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45. MY Truth, YOUR Truth and THE TRUTH: America?s Battle Against Racism, Evil & The Karens

Originally published June 6th 2020, this episode was removed from all platforms after a couple of days for unknown reasons. We have been trying to re-upload since it was removed. If you are reading this it succeeded in posting. In the episode, Andy and the guys discuss the controversial events surrounding George Floyd, police brutality, and racism. The discussion continues into what is happening in our culture and how you can use the information provided to think for yourself independently of the MSM.

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44. My "Black Square"

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr. On today's show, Andy and the guys address the death of George Floyd, the protest & riots happening right now, and the role the media is playing in trying to divide and conquer us as Americans.

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43. You've Stopped Progressing, Now What?

Do you find yourself making these ridiculous mistakes after you get a minor taste of success? Most people do without even realizing it! Today, Andy shares common mistakes made among individuals that destroy forward progress and ultimately cause massive failure.

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42. Replacing The Habits That Keep Us Ordinary

Do the frustrations of not achieving your goals keep you up at night wondering if you'll ever be successful? If you're like most people, there's an excellent possibility you could improve in a lot of areas. Today, Andy gives you the solution you've been searching for to progress in the areas that keep you from reaching your full potential.

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41. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 3

Americans: It's time to wake up and see what's happening in our country. Now more than ever, it's vital that our voices get heard. In the final episode of 'The Land Of Opportunity?', Andy and the crew discuss how you can find the truth independently of the mainstream media, why the upcoming local elections are crucial for your future, and why Americans have to unify to take back our country ... before it is too late.

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40. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 2

?Speak the truth, even if it makes your voice shake. If you're afraid because you're going to get shunned...then that's the truth that needs to be said." In part 2 of 'The Land Of Opportunity?', Andy and the crew continue to discuss race, free speech, and why NOW is the time to make yourself heard for the sake of America.

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39. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 1

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you?re for me or Trump, then you ain?t black" is a direct quote from presidential nominee Joe Biden during his Friday morning interview with Charlamagne tha God. On today's show, Andy and the guys discuss Biden?s comments from The Breakfast Club, dissect the faulty mindset that really divides the races, and chart a course for a new age of national domination based on our common identity as...AMERICANS.

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38. Real Talk: Everything Is A Test

Whether you like it or not, from the second you wake the time you go to bed, you are constantly faced with temptations that ultimately shape your character and affect your future success. On today's show, Andy teaches you one simple shift in your perspective to build self-control.

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37. The Hidden Coach That Lies Within All Of Us

Success is extremely difficult. Everybody has days when they tell themselves they've done enough work and nobody will ever know if they skip out on the last rep, make that last call, etc. So, what separates the people who reach the highest levels of success from the average person? On today's show, Andy answers the question of how successful people are able to coach themselves towards reaching their full potential.

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36. The Ultimate Guide To Being Filthy Rich

"Hey Siri, make me rich and successful" ... This is how the younger generation views success because they see some 25 year old "entrepreneur" on social media selling a "Get Rich Overnight" course for $999.99. Truly successful individuals who have actually built a legacy for themselves, understand that success takes time and requires mental toughness. On today's show, Andy teaches you how to create a long lasting legacy filled with wealth and success through aggressive patience and mental toughness.

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35. Taking Off The Blindfold Part 3

Did you really mean what you commented on that last post? Or, were you just trying to get a reaction out of that person? As our communication has advanced, so has our focus to express our own 'individuality', even if we don't actually stand behind what we're saying. On today's show, Andy and the guys talk about how you can confidently use critical thinking to make your own decisions based on the truth, so you can live a more happy and fulfilled life.

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34. Taking Off The Blindfold Part 2

What does freedom and liberty mean to you? In the last few weeks, our ability to make choices as Americans have been diminishing. Diving deeper into this situation, Andy and the guys talk about the current state that our country is in, how our rights and freedom are being jeopardized, and how Americans should go about making decisions during these difficult times.

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33. Taking Off The Blindfold Part 1

How can we possibly know what the truth is? This coronavirus pandemic has put our country in a very unique situation ... where its become  almost impossible to know what the facts are and as a result what we should do. On today's show, Andy and the guys talk about how to decipher the misinformation in the media, learn to think for yourself, uncover the truth in murky waters and make the right decisions....not just now but in an any situation in life.

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32. Real Talk: It's You

It's You. You're responsible for your life not being the way you want it to be. Your life is not meant to be tolerated, it's meant to be lived to the fullest. On today's show, Andy explains how to get the most out of your life and how to feel more fulfilled.

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31. America's Battle For Power

Are you paying close attention to what is happening in our country? Influencers making fashion statements with protective masks, the media instilling fear and promoting oppression ... the truth of it is, people are using this pandemic as a way to promote their own personal political agenda. America has had enough. It's time to take our freedom back!

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30. The Last Dance: Developing Winning Tendencies Part 3

Are you being true to yourself? On today's show, Andy and the guys discuss why it's important to be comfortable with yourself for your personal brand, why you should be a voice of encouragement, and the positives that have come from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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29. The Last Dance: Developing Winning Tendencies Part 2

Did Carole Baskin really feed her husband to the tigers? In today's episode, Andy and the guys tackle the meaning of playing with a chip on your shoulder, why believing in yourself is the first step for inner peace, and The Tiger King!

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28. The Last Dance: Developing Winning Tendencies Part 1

From Michael Jordan to Dr. Dre, Andy and the guys discuss segments from "The Last Dance" documentary, what it means to have the mentality of a winner, and the regression of hip hop music. Andy also dives deep into why it?s important to nurture a battle mindset and prove all those naysayers wrong.

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27. Real Talk: Construction Of A Championship Caliber Mindset

Have you ever thought why some people are always negative in their thoughts and in their vocabulary? And why they are always stuck battling the same issues all their life? They always keep jumping from idea to idea and keep going through the same cycle forever. Listen to today?s episode to learn how to keep your negative thinking on autocorrect and how not to become one of those people.

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26. Real Talk: How Big Are Your Dreams?

Most people have it wrong ... when you make other people uncomfortable with your goals, you should take that as a COMPLIMENT.  You see, most people these days just want to be complacent, and when you tell them about your goals, they feel insecure because they selfishly don't want to be passed up. On today's show, Andy tells you how to deal with these type of people, and how to continue moving forward.

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25. Mental Toughness Is Not Optional

Strong leaders don't give in during times of situational crisis...they use their mental toughness to execute at their best, crisis or no crisis. In today's episode, Andy explains how you can avoid becoming the person who panics during uncertain times and executes beyond your true potential.

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24. Hashtag Fail

Failure is guaranteed. Most people fear failure so much, that they don't even begin what they want to do. They make excuse after excuse and never make any progress. In today's episode, I share with you the 4 steps you must know in order to understand failure, and how to utilize it, so that you can build yourself up into an unstoppable force that can accomplish anything.

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23. The Return Of America

America's coming back. After several weeks of being completely shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, President Trump unveiled plans to open the economy back up. In today's episode, we talk about opening the country, what's happening to our freedoms, and why financial literacy is important during times of crisis.

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22. Real Talk: The Ego Pandemic

Are your beliefs actually your beliefs? Most people resonate with a "tribe" or belief system at an early age and don't change it their whole life.  They get stuck defending those beliefs they developed 5,10,20 years ago, because they never took the time to learn more.  On today's episode, I tell you how to fix that mindset, so that you can start evolving.

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21. Real Talk: The Gift Of The Quarantine

What are you doing with your time during this quarantine? There was an article posted by Forbes Magazine, basically shaming those who are using the extra time to their advantage and progressing themselves, compared to those who are drinking more, smoking weed, and watching porn. In today's episode, I talk about how you can use this time to your advantage and come out dominating.

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20. Easter Special: What Now?

Is this really what we?ve come down to? Snitching on other people for being outside ... A battle of ego?s controlling what we see on the news. On today?s full length episode, we go in depth about these topics & much more, for our Easter special episode.

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19. Real Talk: The #1 Thing That Really Divides Us

What is it that really divides us? Is it sex, race, religion, political party, economic class or could it be something else? The truth is, none of those things really divide normal Americans. It?s a hoax used to increase ratings and consolidate power. In today's episode, I talk about the #1 thing that really divides us and what we could accomplish if we were united.

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18. American Pandemic: When Is Enough, Enough?

What does America's future look like? In today's full length episode, we discuss the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic that's happening, how President Trump & Dr Fauci are handling the outbreak, and what we can learn from this crisis.

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17. The Panic Pandemic: Are You Infected With These 5 Fears?

It seems everybody these days is infected by fear. The truth is, most people are afraid of the wrong things. In this episode, I share 5 things you absolutely should be afraid of; when you are, fear becomes a motivation?not just to make it through this pandemic, but to succeed in all of life!

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16. Throwback: Win The Day Ft. Ben Newman

A special throwback episode featuring bestselling author and performance coach Ben Newman. In this episode, we discuss how you can train yourself to be mentally tough, accomplish critical tasks, and set goals that stretch you beyond your comfort zone.  We also share our thoughts on everything from the practice of visualization, to my favorite tool: The Power List.

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15. Real Talk: What Winners Do In Times Of Crisis

Our country has hit some hard times recently. Fear and anxiety are sweeping the nation and a lot of people are experiencing adversity. In todays episode, I share with you what you need to understand about adversity and the opportunity it brings.

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14. #75HARD: A Tactical Guide To Winning The War With Yourself

I've spent more than twenty years figuring out how to master mental toughness and I'm putting everything I've learned into a program called 75 Hard. In today's episode, I tell you what it's all about and how to 100x the traits in yourself like confidence, self-belief, discipline, grittiness & completely transform your life.

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13. Real Talk: Don't Accept Yourself, It's A Trap

Today's society preaches being happy and accepting yourself without putting in the required work necessary. In today's Real Talk episode we combat the lies that keep us average.

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